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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 14, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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you're out. after twisting in the wind for days, national security adviser mike flynn abruptly resigned under immense pressure. will more heads roll three weeks into the trump presidency? a new storm is threatening the nation's tallest dam as a second emergency spillway failed causing a race against time before the next deluge hits. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is being slapped with a $100 million lawsuit by the federal government. got back pain? new guidelines for anyone seeking relief from chronic discomfort. what's old is new again. "playboy" bringing back nude pictorials. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. breaking while you slept, a
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white house shake up. headlines across the country say it all. less than four weeks in office and president donald trump's national security adviser michael flynn is forced from the west wing. mounting pressure after reports surfaced that flynn lied over calls to russia's ambassador. he reportedly discussed lifting u.s. sanctions and misled the white house chief of staff, vice president mike pence and even president trump. flynn's resignation comes hours after the white house said it was evaluating his position. despite counselor kellyanne conway saying this to msnbc. >> general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president. >> by saying he enjoys the full confidence of the president are you saying you're satisfied that he did not have the conversations? that he did not mislead the vice president? >> no, those are two different questions. you asked me and i'll repeat the answer. does he have the full confidence of the president? yes, he does. >> overnight a statement from flynn, i am tendering my resignation, honored to have served our nation and the american people in such a distinguished way. nbc's chief foreign affairs
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correspondent andrea mitchell has more for us on this breaking news from washington. andrea. >> reporter: good morning, frances. this is so remarkable. michael flynn resigning after only 24 days in office. and in his resignation letter it's notable by what he does not say because in his letter released by the white house he writes, unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, i inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information and he sincerely apologized to the president and vice president and they accepted that apology. senior officials involved in the small circle around the president who decided flynn had to go are telling me a very different story. top official saying it was unsustainable for flynn to stay because he had lied. that's a quote from the official, lied to the president and the vice president when he said he had not discussed sanctions with the russian ambassador. the official also said the white
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house did not reach the decision based on the fact that he had been compromised by the russians, but that is precisely what the former acting attorney general sally yates and top officials did believe when they saw the transcripts of mike flynn's intercepted conversations with the russian ambassador. nbc has confirmed from officials that yates and the others wanted to tell the trump team on january 19th, the day before the inaugural when they got all their facts in order, but fbi director james comey objected saying that that would compromise his investigation. it was the following week after sean spicer said at his first briefing that flynn had repeated to him he had not discussed sanctions at all with the russians that sally yates did brief the white house counsel. what is not clear why it took so long for the white house to decide that flynn had to go. frances. >> still many questions, thank you. for now, lieutenant general keith kellogg will serve as the acting national security adviser. he's being considered for the post along with david petraeus.
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the former cia chief who resigned amid controversy himself. bob harwood is said to be at the top of the list. the department of homeland security said its agents arrested some 680 undocumented immigrants in a week-long roundup over several states far below the totals of similar raids by the obama administration. however, that didn't stop protestors that came out in full force. thousands gathered in downtown milwaukee for what they deemed a day without immigrants march. still, the president intends to zero in on criminals and not the overall immigrant community. >> we're actually taking people that are criminals, very, very hardened criminals in some cases who have -- with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems and we're getting them out, and that's what i said i would do. >> the president's comments came on the very same day he hosted canadian prime minister justin trudeau for the first time. the two held the customary oval
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office meeting before convening a joint press conference and held a women in the work force roundtable discussion. it's one celebrated by first daughter ivanka trump. in this viral tweet that has some celebrating and others protesting the use of the oval office as a prop. well, despite hosting one of the country's greatest allies, it was a social media firestorm over what happened at the president's private club after an international crisis involving north korea that stole much of the attention. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> reporter: president trump aiming to fortify his relationship with justin trudeau. the two leaders meeting for the first time. it comes as the president faces a major foreign policy test with a foe after north korea fired a ballistic missile over the weekend the president responded in his strongest terms yet. >> north korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly. >> reporter: but over the weekend questions surfaced after pictures appeared on social
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media showing the president dining with the prime minister of japan at mar-a-lago. a dinner that started after 8:00 soon after news broke about the launch. the dinner appeared to turn into an open air strategy session onlookers told cnn. top aides holding their flashlights illuminating documents. democrats wasted no time pouncing. house leader nancy pelosi tweeting there's no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater. the white house telling nbc news, president trump was fully briefed before dinner in a secure facility and their discussions at the meal focused on the logistics of an impromptu news conference they held later that night. >> the united states of america stands behind japan. >> reporter: still, some national security experts say the episode raises concerns. >> this is what happens when the team is inexperienced, when they haven't had to field too many national security crises.
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they take short cuts and they do things that in some ways could potentially compromise national security. >> our thanks to nbc's kristen welker for that report. native american activists say they're not giving up after a federal judge refused to stop construction of the dakota access pipeline. tribe leaders say they are disappointed their restraining order wasn't granted but promise to maintain a peaceful presence near the construction site. opponents have been camped out for months in cannonball, north dakota. they say it threatens the water supply on native american lands. a new hearing is set for the end of the month. good news coming from california. there were no signs of erosion on the oroville dam's main spillway after massive releases of water. according to authorities this reduces the chance of catastrophic collapse and flooding. yet, with more storms expected to hit by thursday officials are working frantically to get as much water out of the dam's reservoir as possible. in the meantime, california's
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governor has requested aid for 195,000 people who evacuated areas near the dam. new england is recovering from some wicked winter weather. a few parts received up to two feet of snow. that's on top of the foot many places got last week. that snow was blown in by fierce winds. it tore off the roof of this gas station as you can see. the winds reached new york where a tree was sent crashing into a home. and in maine the wind is complicating plow efforts leaving the state virtually shut down. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with details of a new threat. bill? yeah, as you mentioned, there's good news, but we have to watch the rain that flows in. it got up to 902, when we had all the evacuations. we are down ten feet in the main spillway. the equivalent of niagara falls is flowing down the spillway every hour. the next rain threat is going to come in late wednesday night
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into thursday morning, when the heavier rain will be in the oroville area. total rainfall near the dam, around three to four inches. again, i think it's going to be able to handle that, it's a matter of how many storms sprin all. 67 in fresno and 65 in sacramento. francis, one storm thursday and another other the weekend. another one next week. the threat remains high. >> oh, boy. back-to-back. thank you very much. how is this for a wedding streak. the university of connecticut women's division notched their 100 victory in a row. 66-65.
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naturally beautiful results®. bounty is more absorbent,mom" per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper developing this morning, jerry sandusky's son jeff sandusky was just charged with child sexual abuse. prosecutors claim that the 41-year-old asked two minors to send him nude photos and perform a sex act. he's one of the six children adopted by the former penn state assistant football coach. in 2012 jerry was convicted of molesting a string of boys. during the trial matt accused their father of repeated sexual abuse. leading the news, a new study found that the recent ebola epidemic was driven by what's called super spreaders. its analysis shows that 3% of
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ebola patients caused more than 60% of all infections. an author of the study argued that if doctors and public health officials identify how to stop these super spreaders, then they can stop it much faster. lance armstrong is facing a $100 million government lawsuit after a judge denied his request to throw out the case. the u.s. postal service is seeking damages after they paid 32 million to sponsor armstrong's cycling team from 2000 to 2004. he later admitted to doping in that time frame and was banned for life. the postal service says it would never have paid him if it had known he was cheating and wants its money back but armstrong's team said the postal service received substantially more value for his sponsorship than it paid. the case will now go to a jury. a big spoiler for bachelor fans. abc making a new announcement. rachel lindsey will be the new bachelorette.
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in today's quick hits. while parts of the u.s. are digging out this morning from all the snow, look at this. look how hot it is in australia. you can literally fry an egg on a car. that's what a police officer did in the australian desert where temperatures last weekend topped a record 116 degrees fahrenheit. get some bacon in there, too. "playboy" magazine is bringing back nude photos after getting rid of them in 2015 in an effort to reach a wider audience. new "playboy" executive says it's time "playboy" took back its identity. sometimes even astronauts need to let off steam. astronaut peggy whitson popped out of a cargo bag. she celebrated her 57th birthday. she is the oldest woman to step into space. investors celebrated after they reached another record
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level with the s&p 500 topping $20 trillion. what's in store for today? let's ask cnbc's landon dowdy. >> good morning. they will attempt to build on monday's gains. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at record highs. fed chair janet yellin goes before the senate banking committee to talk about the economy in her first appearance since president trump took office. a top apple executive says video will play a big role in expanding the company's streaming music service. apple music has more than 20 million users. one way of introducing video is reality show called planet of the apps. they will pitch to a panel of judges. winners get venture capital funding and their app is featured in the app store. the rise of the machines of
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♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ today, i'm going on a date with stewart. sarah is going to be there. she's rough around the edges. she's in the closet cat person and i'm 100% stewart, we are made for each other. stewart, i have something to tell you. stewart, i love you. you are the only one for me. basically, it's me that gets the rose. i don't think stewart would pick anyone else. >> who will he choose to continue the journey to finding a home. >> that's a tough call by stewart. >> if you are looking for puppy love, the santa fe animal shelter is accepting applications. they promote the search for love with pet adoption. well done, right? >> it looks like a professional
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video. it's a new way of adopting. >> it set as new bar when it comes to pets and dog shows, right? the westminster dog show has four front-runners competing for best in show. a german shepherd rumor looks cute. three category winners will be awarded. meanwhile, one distracted pup is getting attention after her performance. you can see maya on the agility course. she loses focus a little bit. hey, can't do that in public. delightful entertainment. >> maybe that's why she's doing it. all those eyeballs at her. >> look at me. >> exactly. good news if you are a chocolate lover this valentine's day. it will cost you a little less thanks to a booming cocoa supply. but, if you are looking for other stuff, this year is going to cost you more. the cost of love index breaks down how much you will pay.
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the biggest weather story of the day is what's going to happen around houston/galveston area. that's going to be from now to 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. we wish them the best. forecast in the west, nice. 74 in phoenix and l.a. tomorrow, rain in the northwest tomorrow night, california. >> thank you. want to bring you back to our top story. national security adviser mike flynn resigned amid controversy that he misled the president and vice president on discussions he had with russia's ambassadors regarding u.s. sanctions. for more, we are joined by nbc'sedward lawrence. what does this mean and now we're talking about the replacement for flynn. >> reporter: frances, this is ootd day for white house. we had a temporary travel ban,
4:27 am
now the michael flynn resignation and a wider intelligence investigation into what he told the russians. in the resignation letter, flynn says he briefed the president and others with incomplete information regarding his phone call with the russian ambassador. he says he doesn't 100% remember exactly what he discussed in that phone call. democrats are saying he may have talked about the sanctions that were put into place. this phone call was before president trump was sworn into office. that could be unethical, possibly -- keith kellogg who is the former 82nd airborne commander. also david petraeus, the former cia director. finally, the front-runner is considered the navy vice admiral robert harwood. he is friends with the current secretary of defense and was the
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former commander of the or the former deputy commander of the u.s. joint forces command. the white house saying they want to get this replacement in place quick tlou move forward with national security. >> edward lawrence in washington, thank you. health news, lower back pain. don't reach for the pain pills just yet. new guidelines say patients should try non-drug remedies first. that includes yoga, massage and acupuncture. if you need a painkiller, stick to advil, motrin or aleave. if it doesn't help, use open io as a last result. this deputy was challenged by a dance off by that boy. turned out good. it was posted with #welovekids. >> they are in sync.
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ha t . a "deadly crash" on 580- aftera
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h-o-v lane of the freew.we'll le a deadly crash on 580 after walking in the hov lane on the freeway. >> a spillway failure fear ahead of the next round of rains. the frantic efforts to reduce water levels appear to be paying off for now. a jail full of inmates are moved out to avoid catastrophe. so where did they go? today in the bay starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. good to have you back here on a tuesday. >> thank you. >>


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