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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i am asking all citizens to embrace this renewal of the american spirit. >> right now at 11:00 a change of pace for the president and many people say he scored big, more subdue and had more inclusive as he addressed congress for the first time. and a look now at the capital this evening. plenty of reaction and impact from washington, d.c. here to the bay area. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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a restained and more optimistic president trump delivered had i highly anticipated speech to congress. eliciting cheers from republicans and silence from democrats. ian, the president is calling on congress to undertake sweeping changes. >> yeah, jessica, reiterating a lot of his campaign promises. packing them into the hour-long speech, among them immigration and health care reform and he'll need congress to make it happen. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president trump opened his first address to congress with a softer tone, speaking of recent threats to the jewish community and pledging unity. >> we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> reporter: it was one of the few times both sides agreed. on the rest, a divided congress. as mr. trump urged lawmakers to support him on immigration. >> by finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save
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billions and billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone. >> reporter: also detailing specifics. >> switching away from this current system of lower skilled immigration and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits. >> reporter: mr. trump insisting congress replace obamacare, letting americans choose their own health plan. >> but it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government. >> reporter: and tonight in the democrats' response, the former kentucky governorer promising to fight for obamacare. >> in 2010 this country made a commitment that every american deserved health care they could afford and rely on. and we democrats are going to do everything in our power to keep president trump and the republican congress from reneging on that commitment. >> reporter: the president is asking for congress to a approve
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$1 trillion to improve america's infrastructure. also tonight focusing on boosting defense spending and helping disadvantaged students by giving them a right to choose which school they attend. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> ian, thank you. the emotional flash point of this night brought tears to the eyes of many people. president trump honoring a navy seal who recently died in the line of duty. his widow was in attendance. >> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. [ applause ] >> now, this ovation for karen owens lasted more than two minutes. her husband, ryan owens, died during a controversial raid that killed also 25 civilians and injured six u.s. servicemen in yemen. ryan owens' father is call on the pentagon to open an investigation. >> as president trump delivered his speech he looked out on many
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democratic female congressional law maker dressed in white including most of california i can't's delegation. the color meant to be a visual reminder of the sufficient raj ettes who fought for the right to voted. it symbolized the support for women's progress and also hillary clinton wore all white during her big moment during her presidential campaign. bay area democrat gave us -- also tweeting this is a repackaged campaign speech. the bay area democrats also say they are not impressed. >> yes, a lot of just kind of, i would say, arm chair thoughts. he has a lot of tweets, but he came to congress i think unprepared today to meet the challenges that people have right now. >> you can read the president's speech for yourself on our website at click on the top story box. we posted the full transcript of the president's address. and tomorrow on the today show, vice-president mike pence and senate minority leader chuck schumer share their thoughts on
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trump's address and his plans for the future. the today show begins at 7:00 in the morning. >> tonight as you saw the speech, later this week a new travel ban. mr. trump is expected to issue another executive order, but perhaps this time with concessions. the first version of this travel ban caused chaos as you might recall for thousands of travelers. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us from sfo. jean, what are the new rules we could see? >> reporter: well, raj, so far the white house is not revealing specifics about that new executive order and how it might affect travelers. but tonight a syrian refugee living here in the bay area says he is hopeful it won't shut the door on people seeking a safe life. >> anything will make you be arrested and arrested means this for you. it wouldn't be -- i mean, ura live that you will like to live. >> reporter: he lived a life of fear in syria after speaking his mind on social media. the 30-year-old left everything
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behind in 2011 seeking asylum in the united states. >> and every day is like a dream to me. i am in united states. >> reporter: he knows refugees from syria dreaming of a safe life in america. he says the executive order signed by president trump banning travelers and refugees from seven mostly muslim countries left people in danger. >> praying every minute to go out from this situation. >> reporter: a federal judge blocked the order. president trump is expected to issue a new one this week  stating his position tonight. >> we will shortly take new steps to keep our nation safe and to keep those out who will do us harm. >> reporter: he is hopeful the new order will be less restrictive. >> that's because i am syrian. i don't have feeling, you know. not because i am -- i don't have feeling. i feel it. i am a human and i know like
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they are a human, too. >> reporter: volunteers offered free legal services to travelers caught up in the first travel ban here at sfo. organizers of that effort say lawyers are already signing up for shifts and those shifts may begin as soon as the president signs that new executive order. reporting live at sfo jean elle nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. we have some developing news for you no. tonight we're hearing for the first time from the family of the san jose plane crash victims. the cessna went down in a riverside neighborhood monday afternoon. the family is sharing this photograph with us. that's dana and her daughter stacey pierce. hajasi died. pierce had burns over 90% of her body. the family says we would like to thank the riverside community, the emergency spopders and bystanders who helped in rescuing our family members and did all they could to save them. thank you to everyone involved. meanwhile there was a somber scene in riverside where first
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service and vigil were held for the two women and pilot cessna her husband. the plane went down moments after take off. earlier today the families who live in those homes destroyed by the flames came back to try to gather some of their own belongings. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney has more on the victims and what experts say could be the possible cause of that crash, terry. >> reporter: yeah, five people on board that cessna, the male pilot, four female passengers, their loss devastating the community tonight. now, the ntsb final report is a long-time off. tonight i talked to a flight instructor, a palo alto airport who has flown a cessna 3010. he says the problem may have been a blown engine and the pilot's reaction to that emergency. the cessna 310 crashed into a riverside neighborhood setting several homes on fire. the male pilot and two women killed, two women survived. we learned one of the deceased was a former preschool teacher at pepper tree preschool in
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los gatos. the mother in stable condition tonight the second survivor remains critical with burns over 90% of her body. all were returning from a cheer leading competition at disney land to see relatives opt union middle school cheer team. a student tells us the campus is in mourning. >> people were really upset about it and they were kind of depressed the cheer leaders couldn't enjoy their victory after that and many of the cheer leaders couldn't go to school. they were all like in a classroom depressed the whole day. >> reporter: while investigators piece together why the plane crashed, a flight instructor at palo alto airport says one possibility is failure of one engine which could produce a challenge to the pilot who was in his 80s. tea was a twin engine aircraft. if he were to lose an engine at low altitude, there is a lot ha that's to happen in a hurry. the pilot has to be on the job and do things correctly. >> reporter: the video of the plane going down appears to show smoke coming from the engines. >> seeing smoke people often report that when it wasn't really there. i would say that's not something we could take to the bank.
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>> reporter: prescott says it was an identical cessna 310 that crashed in 2010 killing four people on board. to give you an idea how long it may be until we get the ntsb final report, there was a cessna 310 crash in twol me county last summer. the final report on that has still not been issued. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. now we're getting a look now with some new video of a swift water rescue in arizona. this is just outside of phoenix. crews were able to pull this elderly man, you can see him in there, out of that car that was stuck in the rushing waters. now, initially there was about five rescue workers. they could not free that man that was inside so they ended up breaking the window of that car and giving him a life jacket and bringing him to safety. he was rushed to a local hospital. no word yet on his condition. >> what a video tonight. the water from anderson dam has stopped flowing over the spillway easing fears of more flooding. last week water floated over that spillway for the first time in 11 years and flooded coyote
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creek. this is footage taken from the height of the runoff. reservoir has reached full capacity ten times since it was built back in 1950. and the san jose city council made it official tonight declaring the coyote creek flooding a local emergency and that vote frees money and resources to the victims of those historic floods. pg&e has also extended bill deadlines by 30 days and the water company is going to give victims an eight-week break on their bills. as for accountability as to what went wrong, people affected say that's what they can't wait for. >> get the power and the gas on. pg&e says they're waiting for the city. come on. city, help us. >> city council will hold a series of public hearings to address the problems between the city and the water district. whatever mishap or communication issues they had, that led to this massive flooding in those neighborhoods. the first meeting scheduled for march 9th. >> new at 11:00, for years it's been named the number one public university in the entire
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country. but there is also a dark side at u.c. berkeley and the rest of the u.c. schools. ongoing accusations of sexual misconduct by faculty and staff. now cal says it's making some tangible changes on campus. nbc bay area cheryl hurd joins us from u.c. berkeley with these new details. cheryl. >> reporter: well, there have been a variety of changes as it relates to policy here on campus. one of them is how to say that a sexual assault has taken place. but new documents released today indicate that out of 250,000 people system wide, 113 of them violated some of those policies. >> 113 is 113 too many. so, you don't want it to start as an epidemic. >> reporter: brad bailey is a graduate student at cal berkeley and he's reacting to those newly released documents focusing on
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sexual violence on u.c. campuses. >> you have people who entrust these campuses with their children and, you know, and their lives. and it's important that, yes, they just get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: cal berkeley has made system wide changes when it comes to addressing the issue. >> i think that they are doing the bare minimum that they can get away with doing so that they can tell people like you that they are doing something. >> reporter: a spokesperson releasing this statement tonight saying, the cases were investigated under old policies. in the past two years, the university has taken drastic steps system-wide to significantly change and improve the way cases are handled. that former student we talked to, soef ee, she cofounded end rain on campus. she says the policies don't go far enough. reporting live on u.c. berkeley's campus i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, cheryl. the fight to keep the raiders in
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oakland has taken a step forward. the investment group has now submitted their stadium plan to the nfl. just to remind you, oakland city officials recently gave lots' group the right to develop a plan for a stadium at the current coliseum site. the plan gives oakland a viable option to present to the nfl owners before they vote on whether to allow the raiders to move to las vegas. and that vote could happen next month. >> potentially devastating news for the warriors tonight. kevin durant is injured and late tonight the warriors reportedly reached out to another player to replace durant. he injured his knee less than a minute into tonight's game. we spot shotted it. this is against the wizards. you can see him fall into durant. durant immediately left the game with a hyperextended knee. the results of his mri will be announced tomorrow. now, back to the story tonight, espn is reporting that the team might be signing former warriors player matt barnes. by the way, the warriors lost
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this game. we'll have more coverage in about 15 minutes. >> traffic finally back to normal in fremont tonight after road repair backed up traffic on 680. it was a mess. a look from sky ranger shows the traffic backed up. this is right at the height of the commute. large pothole opened up on north mission boulevard on the ramp to 680. the crews shut down the lane to fix the issue. the road finally reopened just a few hours ago, but it was slow going. >> a high school student has been arrested for taking a nude photo of a school administrator. now, we first reported this story last night here at 11:00. authorities say the teenagers from clayton valley charter high school is being charged for invasion of privacy. he allegedly videotaped david lyndsay shown here at a school campus near concord. he then posted that nude photo on social media. several other students have been suspended for sharing that photo. >> sftill searching tonight,
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police need your help identifying three men link today a string of armed robberies. you're looking at them on surveillance video. caught them in action last october. the men used a shotgun and asked for cash before taking off in a white or potentially gold suv. >> the parents of a san francisco art student are trying to find out how their daughter mysteriously plunged to her death off a cliff in marin county. >> so, the question is was it a tragic accident, a suicide, or something more sinister? investigative reporter jackson van der beck dug into the investigation and found the case was closed with many questions still unanswered. >> that's my beautiful daughter. >> reporter: linda is talking about erin gold birl, quiet b - goldberg. >> that's what she wanted to do with her animation, make people smile. she made people smile her whole life.
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>> reporter: what happened to the 24-year-old back in june 2015 is still a mystery. she took a cab to the marin head lands on that blustery night. she brought her camera along after researching on the internet the national park service's monthly guided full moon walk to the point beknit owe light house. >> she loved the full moon. she loved the golden gate bridge when it's a great opportunity to go and take photos and be in a safe environment because it's a national park to do that. >> reporter: still, a cab driver told authorities in a taped interview that he was concerned about leaving her there. >> it just didn't seem right to me, but i didn't ask any questions or anything like that. but to be out there in that, once it got dark, it didn't seem right. >> reporter: she checked her voice mail at 8:00 p.m. 20 minutes after the walk began. at 9:18 p.m., she texted good
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night, mama lama to her mother. no one heard from her after that. the worried driver came back at 9:30, but she was gone. a day and a half later a jogger spotted her body on a remote beach nearly 300 feet below the light house. investigators later searched, but never found her purse, glasses or camera. goldberg's mother says the investigator suggested her daughter had taken her own life, but it's not clear whether goldberg even went on the walk. investigators managed to track down three people out of the 50 there that night. only one remembered seeing goldberg before the tour started. but they saw the cab and a strange man loitering around the parking area. records show that most of the interviews were done within eight days and over the phone. by november, the park case was closed with no finding about her death. the autopsy was inconclusive. although it discounted suicide given that there were no prior signs and no drugs or alcohol
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were involved. >> the whole thing is a joke. >> reporter: the family now wants 800 more pages of case files to finally resolve the mystery for themselves. park officials are citing privacy concerns in withholding them. >> and they're fighting us tooth and nail in releasing information that shouldn't be difficult to release. >> reporter: authoties say they have already turned over everything they can by law. meanwhile, park officials no longer favor suicide. they sent us a statement saying they are thorough and comprehensive investigation sugds goldberg's death was an accident. no evidence of foul play ever surfaced and it's considered to be the least likely scenario, they told us. her roommate of two years, maggie baseler said the case should never have been closed in the first place. >> she's always really happy, very careful about everything. it doesn't lineup. >> a year and a half later, friends and family are no closer to knowing what happened to erin
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goldberg that full moon night. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit regarding this story or any other story, give us a call, 888-996-tips or >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the water no longer going over the anderson spillway. it is under control for the week. >> definitely. the next four days we should have dry weather in the mix. darren son reservoir, i checked that 99% right now. and with that sunny weather there is a side effect i do want to let you know about that tonight. the pollen report is in and if your allergies are aggravating you it is likely due to pine trees. right now that's in the moderate category. a grass mold and weeds currently low. so, watch out for those allergies as we head throughout the next three days. let's get you into tomorrow morning's forecast. i do not want you to be caught off guard. it is going to be cold right down to the tri-valley again tomorrow morning.
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37 degrees, sunny across the board all the way down to the south bay and 41 to start. for the north bay we'll begin at 38 degrees, jacket weather also in place here. san francisco not as bad, 44, and the east bay coming in at 45. as we get you into the into your microclimate forecast for wednesday, timely to the mid part of the week and temperatures to warm up 2 to 4 degrees, certainly noticeable down here across the south bay. los gatos 66 degrees, east bay 65, also mid 60s for gilroy. let's get you to the east bay for tomorrow. antioch 63, walnut creek 65, and 61 in hayward. sunny skies here and more sunshine right on over to the peninsula. 63 expected in palo alto and cooler 57 in daily city. san francisco winds a little breezy coming out of the west at 10 miles per hour. 56 in the outer sunset and warmer here in the mission at 59. for the north bay, one of my warm est temperatures tomorrow is right up here into napa and 66. now, we will stay dry as we mentioned right through friday's
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forecavity by this weekend we still have changes coming our way. the good news, it's not expected to be a big storm system and it's going to be dropping down sometime north. so, again, a dryer direction, the storm system is dropping down from. and it will still avoid the atmospheric river. so, overall as this moves in this weekend we are expecting a lower totals with the storm system. so, here's how we see it right now. rainfall returns by saturday night. it's scattered in nature. no big deal on saturday. then by sunday that's when we'll likely have our accumulations. tenth to a half inch expected more than half inch total up toward the north bay, tenth of an inch in the south bay. so far next week is trending dry. we'll watch next week real closely. long range forecast tough time fleshing out what we think could happen next week. it's been a little bit wetter then it's trending dryer. leave that up to me. right now the focus is the next three days and this incoming sunshine. we like it. >> who is in charge? >> jeff is in charge. >> jeff's in charge. >> when it comes to weather i got your back. >> we will leave it up to you,
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certainly. thanks. up next, an unexpected star at the oscars. remember him? hz past is raise something eyebrows tonight. the back story about that tourist who dropped in on the big show. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey guys, alicia keys is here for real, a musical. we have michael and shannon music from john melankamp. mcbride. do not change the channel. not just the big blunder -- t
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another issue is coming to lht from the oscars. okay. not just the big blunder, but another issue is coming to light from the oscars. one of the people who attended had quite the week. remember this guy? his name is gary allen coe.
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he's one of a group of tourists that jimmy kim he wimell introd. he was released from a chicago area prison just three days before the oscars. he served 20 years and had a criminal history dating back to 1975. he was joined by his fiance that we discovered, vicky, who says he is now a changed man. >> all about the red carpet in downtown san jose tonight. the grand opening of the film festival. film makers from around the world in san jose for the festival which runs through march 12, tonight the opening film is screening at the historic california theater. it is in the 27th year and one of the top film festivals in the country. >> the world is coming to silicon valley to celebrate not only sen ma, but also the technology that really empowers creativity. >> actors jane lynch was honored with the festival maverick spirit award. >> our own version of is sun
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washington, d.c. >> warriors are reportedly on the vernal of signing matt barnes to replace durant in the lineup. k.d. was out but the warriors a mile away from the capital where president trump was speaking tonight, warriors and wizards minute left in the game, draymond green hits the three-pointer. game tied at 106. the wizards would regain the lead so in the final second step, curry from way downtown, that deep three-pointer, no good. warriors lose 112 to 108. we'll know the extent, by the way, of durant's injury by tomorrow. >> okay. from the hardwood to the ice, the sharks taking on the maple leaf in the shark tank. came down to the last two minutes. scores, the game winner on a nice pass from patrick marleau. the sharks would add an empty net goal. they beat toronto 3-1. who knew i knew hockey so well? >> you're good with your hockey. back in a moment with the shortest flight in the country and it's right here in the bay area. stay with us. forget the traffic on 1-01. theo
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the north bay. butt'll cost all right. forget that traffic on 101. there is a faster way to get to the north bay, but it will cost you. united airlines announcing its newest flight today. it's also its shortest flight in
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the world. are you ready for this? san francisco to santa rosa. that's about 60 miles. it's going to be nonstop. so, you know, you don't have to stop over in oakland or anything. nonstop beginning this june. round trip tickets, $400. >> jeff and i are not doing it. we're going in the car and we'll do karaoke on the way there. >> collect $400 for our personal driver. everyone's uber. >> i'm taking that flight. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael shannon, alicia key


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