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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 1, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a warriors star sideled.kevin dg minutes of lt nit's game. warrior star sidelined. kevin durant injured to the horror of fans and the injury could put a dent in the warriors run at a chance for championship. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. he was the biggest acquisition, made -- out for a number of weeks after banging up his knee during last night's game in washington you see it right there spotlighted. he falls onto durpt's leg which is what causes that injury. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the oracle arena this morning. the team did release mri
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results, fans are hoping for success, but this is a huge blow to the team. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. the warriors say that kevin durant is out indefinitely because of a hurt knee, but that he will be reevaluated in about four weeks. you can take a look at this video. he got hurt within the first minute of the warriors' game against the wizards last night taking place in washington. you look up in your screen, you can see what happened. unfortunately it was a fellow teammate a as you mentioned who accidentally caused the injury. he inadvertently fell backwards into durant's knee. durpt left the game, was given an mri that revealed he had a grade 2 mcl sprain and bruise to the tibial bone. never a good time to get hurt but the timing on this is especially bad because the playoffs are six weeks away. >> kevin durant just put a stick in the spokes of the warriors' season. the question now how quickly the warriors can get back up on their bike. durant's bone bruise and mcl strain puts him out for a
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minimum of four weeks, probably more. so, don't expect him to be playing much in the regular season. but if he's ready to go by the start of the post-season, that will be okay. but any kind of set back or slow healing, everything is up for grabs. >> let him rest a little bit. they have the rest of the team and it's going to be good. >> i think it's actually probably good timing. it's going to give steph a little bit of a slump, an opportunity to step back up and lead the team and it's also going to get him back just in time for the end of the regular season. before the playoff starts, could be good timing. >> steph curry sending some love to teammate kevin durant this morning in a tweet. heal up, my man. we'll hold it down till you're back on the court with us. prayers up. draymond green, i'm hurt to see my guy go down but it's always strength in numbers, get well soon, k. comcast sports net is reporting
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that the warriors will sign matt barnes to fill in for kevin durant. barnes seemed to confirm that report with the picture he posted on social media. he played for the warriors between '06 and '08 with a caption that reads in part, coming back to where it all started. barnes is a free agent and a veteran forward who most recently played for the sacramento kings. according to comcast sports net and other outlets, the warriors are on the verge of signing him. reporting live here outside oral cal arena in oakland, bob redell, nbz bay area news. >> thanks, bob. high flying stunt in the city by the bay as a team of base jumpers para chute into downtown san francisco in a high flying dare did he have i dare devil stunt. two were arrested. pete suratos is at the hilton hotel. they're still looking for a third person, right? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you kris. that one person, female suspect is still outstanding according to s.f.p.d. i want to show you guys what
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we're talking about where this took place. s.f.p.d. say several people jumped off the backside of hilton hotel, landing in parachutes. two of those folks were arrested as a result. i was going to show you some video of one of those people taken into custody. that's the video, one of the parachuters being taken into custody last night, even blowing a kiss at the camera as he was handcuffed by officers. according to s.f.p.d., the assault took place around 111:30 p.m. there were two men and a woman using parachutes to jump off the roof of this 46-story hilton hotel in the city. when police arrived on the scene they found two male suspect in the area of ellis and jones where we're standing, not too far from where they would have land the. an officer was in the area that saw one . men landing and the other male suspect picking up his parachute as he was landing. there is no law preventling people from parachuting off a billion. here's what one local had to say about it. >> we've got should problems here in the city and we don't
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need people with stunts like that when you have other people having the police have to come out and investigate bomb threats. you got people killing each other around here. you've got drug issues. you know, we don't need that dumb stuff to bring more publicity into this [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: s.f.p.d. said the two suspects were arrested on charges of trespassing which is a misdemeanor and for conspiracy which is a felony. they are not releasing their names at this time. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, just in now, the wife of the orlando night club shooter has learned she will be released to her family during her trial. this development coming onto our newsroom within just the last few minutes. our reporter elise kirchner said
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she waved and smiled into her family as she walked into court. she is accused of helping her husband omar mateen and lying to investigators as well. prosecutors argued releasing her would create a danger to the public. elise kirchner was in the courtroom at the time. she will have an update in our 5:00 newscast. >> right now we also have an update to a heart breaking story, kris, that stretches from southern california to san jose. we're learning more about the family and friends involved in that tragic plane crash in riverside. a group that was returning from a cheer competition when their plane plunged into homes just after take off. the family of stacey pierce gave us this picture. she's on the right side of that picture and she is fighting for her life right now at a riverside hospital. on the left is her mom, dana who died in the crash. so did dana's husband who was the pilot of the plane. also killed in this tragedy, the adult daughter of a family friend. that woman's mom was ejected and is being treated right now in
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critical condition at riverside hospital. she is the second survivor. speaking on behalf of the family, stacey's sister-in-law says, all they wanted to do was go there to support their children. >> you see these things on tv and you don't think this will happen to your family. it's surreal watching it knowing these were members of our family. >> as for what caused that crash, the national transportation safety board, the ntsb, is looking at video right now of the cessna crashing into four homes as part of their investigation. we showed the palo alto flight instructor the same video. he said the engine likely failed and the pilot had to react quickly. dow jones hitting an all-time high, all that green on the board here. this is a live look at the big board. the dow jones not only crossed the 21,000 threshold this morning but right now it's up 311 points on the morning at
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21,123. the rally following president donald trump's speech last night to a joint session of congress which was more optimistic and restrained in tone than previous speeches. the dow is on a historic tear and on track for its best day since december 7. >> the mid which is was walloped by storms that killed at least three people that we know of at this point in missouri. by daylight you can see where the twisters ripped the rooftops off of homes. they snapped power poles and tossed cars like they were just toys. this is a town 80 miles south of st. louis. now, to illinois where this video shows several tornadoes swirling on the horizon, there at least one home was completely destroyed. and in arkansas, people told reporters there that they rode out these storms hiding in closets and hunkered down in bathrooms. in ohio it was all about the lightning show that lit up the columbus sky line. certainly something to see there. coming up at 11:30, more on the series of deadly storms including the reaction from people rolling video as those
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tornadoes and those storms were heading right for them. sam? >> pretty amazing there. thanks, kris. so, thats was the series of video kris just showed you. this is the sierra, latest happenings there, survey beginning. department of water resource is up in the sierra measuring the snow pack. this video comes from last month it's survey which found the pack at its highest level in two decade. electronic monitors tuesday showed the pack is twice its normal size. all of that, of course, courtesy of a historically wet winter season california has had following five years of drought. so, we can't wait to see what the results of that are. back here in the bay area, no snow, just plenty of blue sky. a live look right now at downtown san francisco and this week so far has been very sunny, if a little bit cold. >> that's right. meteorologist kari hall joins us now. kari, the weekend changes that forecast a bit. >> it does. we have enjoyed some sunshine and temperatures that have been very chilly to start, but then warming up during the afternoon.
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that's what we are seeing in progress right now. we are up to 55 degrees in san jose and it will continue to warm at least another 10 at the grizzlies in spots. so, looking at 53 degrees in oakland and san francisco, fairfield at 55 degrees. and we have been talking about the changes heading in, but as we enjoy today, it will be right at about average for the first day of march. and then temperatures dropping as we go into tonight. and looking farther down the line, looking at that rain that is affecting parts of the pacific northwest, this will be dipping to the south. we will talk about the time line and how much rain we can expect. it's come ug up at 11:21. >> thanks, kari. about an hour ago the santa clara county water district announced it will ask for federal assistance to address, reduce and prevent future flooding of the coyote creek area which impacted thousands of residents last week damaging homes and properties and valued personal belongings. meanwhile, the san jose, the
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council scheduled a series of public hearings to find out why so many people were caught so off guard. the first hearing happens on march 9th. some flood victims say that right now the city really should focus on the basic. >> get the power and the gas on. pg&e says they are waiting for the city. come on. city, help us. >> city council members made an emergency declaration and that will help free money and resources for the flood victim. >> up next at 11:00, it was a slow speed chase in southern california, but it came with a very violent ending. >> and the way wells fargo is making up for last year's scandal and the question, is it enough? >> plus, is san jose really the least affordable housing market in the whole nation? we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ angele just this rning--that driver lead police thugh new video now from south los angeles. just this morning that driver led police through city streets
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for almost two hours. police became more aggressive, ramming that suspect's car until he was forced to stop. then the chase became a standoff when the driver remained inside that broken down vehicle. the suspect reportedly car jacked someone and police wanted to be prepared in the event he had a weapon. that standoff is still going on right now as we look live. you can see some of the armored vehicles that are responding there in south los angeles. s.w.a.t. has now joined police to try to bring it to a peaceful end. >> all right, kris. we've been talking about the fact that history was made this morning. the dow jones broke the 21,000 threshold and just keeps soaring from there. right now as you see on your screen, in early trading it's up 314 points, at 21,127. seems that lately as if scott mcgrew's business report is more of a what has uber done wrong now report.
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>> here we go again, scott. more trouble for uber. >> uber is now in that category of companies where you hear their name and you say, oh, what now? like theranos. hewlett-packard was in that category. this morning uber's troubles involve the founder and ceo on tape using foul language as he argued with an uber driver over how much drivers get paid. this comes from a recording on a dash cam by the driver who gave it to bloomberg. check out to can see the whole video. ceo issued a public apology saying it is clear this video is a reflection of me and the criticism we have received as a stark reminder that i must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. this is the first time i have been willing to admit that i need leadership help, and i intend to get it. getting the leadership help may include replacing himself as ceo, a move that's probably overdue.
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it's not uncommon for start-up founders to step aside and allow more experienced leaders to come in from outside the company in order to take the company public. a new report says san jose is the least affordable housing market in the whole nation and the fifth least affordable in the whole world. hong kong gets the top spot. the median home price in san jose is above $1 million. now, the study uses the median home price and the median income which when you think about it is definitely the most solid way of looking as to whether somebody can afford a home. in odessa, texas, a house is three times a person's income. in san jose the median income is $100,000, but the house median is a million, so, it is it's ten time the income. guys is it >> new at 11:00, wells fargo ceo will not get his bonus for 2016, and that is the san francisco bank's way of taking accountability after more than 2 million accountants -- accounts were opened without customers' knowledge. seven other top executives will
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also go without their bonuses. those executive will also take a 50% pay cut and other rewards which will amount to about $32 billion in compensation cuts. shares of wells fargo started climbing after the announcement this morning. >> all new at 11:00, there is a flasher on the loose in palo alto. police there say the quick thinking of one of his victims was able to get a clue. take a look at this. the victim snapped this photo of the suspect as >> ran away. that crime happened monday at about 11:00 on park avenue and el camino real in a major area there. the victim says when the suspect was about 6 feet away, had i pants were down to his thighs and he was touching himself. he is described as a hispanic man in his early 20s and about 5'7". >> students and alumni outraged at santa clara university after reports that administrators forced the school newspaper to censor an article. here is the back story. as we reported in january, alumni john and susan sabrato donated $100 million to the
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university. but the mercury news reports that they also said the university needs a new dean of engineering, one that is more connected to the silicon valley. that was included in an article published last month, but then the reference was later removed. the university says the harm of the comment outweighed the benefit of it but that violates the first amendment. we reached out to the university. we are still waiting for a response this morning. while most of us may take it for granted our investigative unit found hundreds of thousands of our neighbors do not have regular access to safe, reliable, clean drinking water. tonight our investigative unit takes us to communities where the drought has literally left them with no water to drink. and we talked to experts about new data showing that as many as 1 million people living in california are exposed to contaminated drinking water. >> they are real serious health impacts to contaminants that can cause cancer, it can cause death in babies after a few days of high exposure. >> for some of these communities
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in crisis? >> they're all in crisis. i think one of the most frustrating things is if this is an emergency, i don't know what is. >> coming up tonight, senior investigator stephen stock breaks down the numbers and takes this into home where the only water safe to drink is being delivered in bottle shape by volunteers. that is tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 800-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> well, america wanted to know what would president trump's first congressional address look like. last night they found out during his speech, he called for unity and reasserted his commitment to america first. nbc's blaine alexander reports from washington, d.c. with national reaction and much more. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> the unconventional president speaking in his most traditional
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setting to date, and striking a tone to match. >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. but we can only get there together. we are he one people with one destiny. >> reporter: but democrat immediately reacted, calling it empty rhetoric. >> this speech will be forgotten in a day or two and where is the action? where is the actual doing things to helping working people? that's what we want and that's what we're waiting for. >> reporter: while some democrats did hear some thing they liked. >> paid family leave, let's go, let's do t. a trillion dollars in infrastructure. >> reporter: there is skepticism on both sides of the aisle on how it will get done and how much it will cost. still, republicans are praising the speech, saying president trump connected with the people who put him in office. >> i think the american people heard his heart. >> reporter: but perhaps the most unifying moment of the night was one detached from politics. >> ryan's legacy is etched into
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eternity. thank you. >> reporter: both sides rose to their feet to honor the widow of ryan owens, a u.s. navy seal killed last month during a raid in yemen. blaine alexander, nbc news, washington. >> shifting gears now, and turning our attention to the weather we'll get to kari in a he second. first, how about some spring break data just into our newsroom. csa is expecting a lot of college students and others traveling this spring. and, in fact, it could be the highest rate in a decade. csa projects 62 million people could be flying this month alone, so be prepared for busy airports. >> i have a feeling you're going to be able to pick them out in the crowd who they're on the airplane. the ones with the muscle tees and the floats. >> like normal people when we travel for spring break. >> at sometimes it's the parents with their children, the smaller ones. so, it's definitely spring break
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weather like that now. but this morning it wasn't at all. it felt more like winter. so, we have a high range in temperatures from the morning to the afternoon, ocean beach may be a popular spring break spot, right? it's looking nice and clear right now. and as we get a view of sunol, temperatures at 54 degrees, but we are heading up as we go into the rest of the day. look live now at the castro, 53 degrees, 55 in fairfield, napa and santa rosa as well as san jose, and we're also seeing those temperatures in the mid 50s, but heading up into the mid 60s later today. los gatos will be at 66 degrees and 63 today in danville and antioch. walnut creek 65 degrees, and 62 degrees for the high today in belmont. marina district at 59 degrees for the high and napa today a high of 66 degrees. we have enjoyed all of this sunshine, the dry weather, the warming temperatures, but there will be some changes as we head
11:23 am
into the weekend. going to see the clouds and the rain that's well to the north of us starting to dip to the south as we go into the weekend. so, a couple of more days of some dry weather and we will start to see that rain moving in for saturday. it looks like the time line has been moved up a little bit. by saturday afternoon we do start to see that rain moving into the north bay. the rest of the bay area sees it late saturday night into early sunday morning before that storm system rolls off to the east. and then after that, at this point it does look like it does dry out for a little while longer and we'll go back to some mild weather and some dry conditions. and look at early, an early look at how much rain we could see with this weather system moving through. the potential of half an inch to an inch and a a quarter. we're also keeping an eye on those reservoir levels. anderson reservoir has just stopped spilling over and we are still at 101% of capacity for the uvas reservoir and up to 95%
11:24 am
for the lexington, chesboro at 82, and almaden at 80%. we're not expecting many more flooding problems, but we may see these levels going up just slightly. so, something we'll be watching as we he head into the weekend and as you make plans to get out there, expect it to be cloudy starting out saturday morning for both the bay and the inland areas. and then seeing the north bay showers starting to move in by early afternoon. i'll have another look at that 7-day forecast and what to expect it's coming up a little bit later. >> all right, kari, thank you so much. coming up next, newly revealed documents that could tarnish the reputation of a prestigious bay area school. the claims against more than 100 faculty and staff members. >> but first happening now and trending on twitter, yoyo the fugitive who robbed five bay area banks in half a year's time was sentenced to a ten year prison sentence. her real name is yolanda brown. she committed all of those crimes while on the run from drug charges. and on our website, just
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moments ago we learned the car jacking suspect at the center of the los angeles police chase that we showed you a moment ago has been arrested. we have helicopter video of some of the wilder moments of that pursuit before it stopped. you can find that at we'll be right back. number one public universitin
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the country. for years u.c. berkeley has a been named the number one public university in the country, but there is a dark
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side at berkeley and for the rest of the u.c. school. >> ongoing accusations of sexual misconduct by faculty and by staff. now cal says it's making tangible changes on campus. nbc bay area cheryl hurd has more from u.c. berkeley with all the details. >> 113 is 113 too many. so, you don't want it to start as an epidemic. >> reporter: brad bailey is a graduate student at cal berkeley and he's reacting to the newly released documents focusing on sexual conduct on u.c. campuses. >> you have people who entrust these campuses with their children and, you know, and their lives. and it's important that, yeah, they just get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: cal berkeley has made system wide changes when it come to addressing the issue. >> i think that they are doing the bare minimum that they can get away with doing so that they can tell people like you that they are doing something. >> reporter: a u.c. spokesperson releasing this statement tonight saying the cases were investigated under old policies.
11:29 am
in the past two years, the university has taken drastic steps system-wide to significantly change and improve the way cases are handled." >> and that was cheryl hurd reporting. >> all right. coming up next, devastating damage across the midwest. a look at what people are waking up to today after a swarm of tornadoes strikes several states.
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two men are now in policustody t just into our newsroom this midday, two men are now in police custody in connection with the stabbing death of a popular san jose little league coach. police arrested robert ruiz and aaron vallejo for the stabbing death of frank na var owe. both suspects are from san jose. police say they were detained early sunday morning after na var owe was stabbed outside the restaurant in downtown san jose. that's where the victim worked security. police say bar workers including
11:32 am
the victim and a group of people including the suspects were involved in a fight prior to that stabbing. this is the victim here, 35-year-old navarro was a long-time coast for the east ridge little league team he also coached at over felt high school. >> truly a sadening story now. now we are turning our attention to the deadly weather system that caused chaos overnight in the midwest. severe set of storms spawning nearly two dozen unconfirmed tornadoes in four different states. >> nbc's blake mccoy is in hard hit ottawa, illinois with report on the damage. >> reporter: terrifying moments overnight giving way to damage and destruction. take a look behind me in ottawa, illinois. trees, power lines down. look at damage to this home, a lot of residents waking up today to find similar scenes in their neighborhoods. tornadoes ripping through the midwest overnight, leaving behind a twisted path of destruction. cell phone video captured the
11:33 am
fear. >> holy crap. >> reporter: and shock of seeing a massive funnel cloud touchdown. some people lost everything. >> it was all sentimental stuff, and there's no saving it now. >> reporter: here in the small town of ottawa, the damage is devastating. at least one person was killed by a tree ripped from the ground. in missouri, near perryville, a twister blew nearly a dozen vehicles off interstate 55. buildings and homes shredded by high winds, killing one person there. >> yeah, why does this always happen after night comes? so, it's very difficult up there, all the emergency vehicles, the lights, you're kind of blinded. >> reporter: and in arkansas recovery operations are underway this morning in white county after the storm up rooted trees and downed power lines injuring more than a dozen people. >> it's mind blowing. we've never had anything like this since i've been around and it's just pretty wild. >> reporter: and because of the wide swath of that storm today, we are looking at possible
11:34 am
flight cancellations and delays for a big part of the country. in ottawa, illinois, i'm blake mccoy, nbc news. >> all right. part of that where in the country those tornadoes hit, very vulnerable, part of it the season, kari, but that is a lot of damage there. >> yeah, and this is all because of a very strong cold front sweeping through the midwest. and it continues on its progression towards the mid atlantic states and the southeast. back behind us, a lot of very cold air and the severe weather situation is still unfolding. as i've seen over 200 reports of wind damage and some hail, we still have some of those severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watches in effect for parts of the southeast. but the good news is that a lot of these storms are weakening as they continue that progression across the southeast and we'll be keeping an eye on this. the good news, sam, it looks as if the squaw line is weakening. >> definitely something to keep an eye on. kari, thank you very much. happening right now, crews
11:35 am
scrambling to clean up dirt and debris from the base of the damage spillway at lake oroville. take a look at the damage there. it certainly looks even worse now that all the water is gone. they shut down the flow of water and you see the just sheer erosion in the middle of the spillway. you may recall that spillway was damaged three weeks ago and that's when the emergency spillway had to be activated into use for the first time ever. but that spillway was in danger of failing so the main damage spillway was put back into use. the water was shut off on monday, water level has risen more than 3 feet. the water levels are nearly 60 feet below the emergency spillway. and we continue to track the anderson reservoir in morgan hill. we just checked and as of ten minutes ago, kari was talking about this in her weather forecast, that reservoir is 99.9% full. it's down from about 103% earlier in the week. water has stopped overflowing in the spillway there which is easing fears of more flooding. this is video by contrast at the height of the runoff last week.
11:36 am
the reservoir is only supposed to be 68% full. look at that, just a waterfall coming over the side of the structure there. people were coming from all over the area to take video and pictures. >> you can't tell how bad it is until it's over, right? so, the angelina garcia torres murder trial continues today. he is the man accused of killing sierra lamar. the trial was suspended after a juror was sick. before that a santa clara criminalist took the stand. the testimony focused on how the evidence was collected. prosecutors say lamar's hair was found on a rope in garcia torres' car and his dna was found on her clothing that she was wearing on the day that she disappeared. those clothes were found in a bag a few miles away from her home in morgan hill. garcia torres claims he did not know lamar. defense is saying the evidence was collected improperly and is contaminated. >> oakland's new police chief has laid out some of her plans
11:37 am
to reshape o.p.d. media round table started 9:30 this morning. it is still going on. on monday anne kirkpatrick you can see was sworn in as the city's first female police chief. she made it her goal to improve safety in oakland. >> police in sunnyvale are looking for this man, officers suspect him in a home burglary last friday. pretty clear picture there. investigators say someone stole electronics from a home on azalea drive west of lawrence express way. >> the parents, kris -- that's a very clear look. the parnlts of a san francisco art student right now trying to find out how their daughter mysteriously plunged to her death off of a cliff in marin county. >> their question is was it a tragic accident, was it suicide or perhaps something more sinister. investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken dug into the investigation and found the case was closed with a lot of unanswered questions.
11:38 am
>> reporter: linda is talking about erin goldberg, a quiet but playful animation glad student at academy of university. >> that's what she wanted to do with her animation, is make people smile. she made people smile her whole life. what happened to the 24-year-old back in june 2015 is still a mystery. she took a cab to the marin head lands on that blustery night. she brought her camera along after researching on the internet the national park services' monthly guided full moon walk to the point benito light house. >> erin loved the full moon. she loved the golden gate bridge. what a great opportunity to go and take photos and be in a safe environment because it's a national park. >> reporter: still, a cab driver told authorities in a taped interview that he was concerned about leaving her there.
11:39 am
>> it just didn't seem right to me, but i didn't ask any questions or anything like that. but to be out there in that -- once it got dark, it didn't seem right. >> reporter: she checked her voice mail at 8:00 p.m. 20 minutes after the walk began. at 9:18 p.m., she texted good night, mama llama. no one heard from her. a day and a half later a jogger spotted her body on a remote beach nearly 300 feet below the light house. investigators later searched but never found her purse, glasses or camera. goldberg's mother says the investigators suggested her daughter had taken her own life. but it's not clear whether goldberg even went on the walk. investigators manage today track down three people out of the 50 there that night. only one remembered seeing goldberg before the tour started.
11:40 am
but dot han saw the cab a strange man loitering around the parking area. records show that most of the interviews were done within eight days and over the phone. by november, the park case was closed with no finding about her death. the autopsy was inconclusive. although it discounted suicide, given that there were no prior signs and no drugs or alcohol were involved. >> the whole thing is a joke. >> reporter: the family now wants 800 pages of case files to finally resolve the mystery for themselves. park officials are citing privacy concerns in withholding them. >> and they're fighting us tooth and nail in releasing information that shouldn't be difficult to release. >> reporter: authorities say they have already turned over everything they can by law. meanwhile, park officials no longer favor suicide. they sent us a statement saying their thorough and comprehensive investigation suggests goldberg's death was an accident. no evidence of foul play
11:41 am
surfaced and it's considered to be the least likely scenario, they told us. her roommate of two years, maggie baseler says the case should never have been closed in the first place. >> she's always really happy, very careful about everything. it doesn't lineup. >> reporter: a year and a half later friends and family are no closer to knowing what happened to erin goldberg that full moon night. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative it give us a call at a 888-996 tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at >> all right. today is the first day in march we are starting to get a hint of spring. it's right around the corner here, kris. >> i say i see daffodils. >> it's a beautiful day and did it looks very nice as we get a view of san francisco toward the embarcadero. i wish i could tell you this weather would last through the weekend. more on that coming up.
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your four-legged friend, fun but also a contractual obligation? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll explain why next.
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we should warn you, this video you are about to see from arizona is really disturbing. it just came into our newsroom and this now is body cam footage of a police officer in tucson, arizona. you see that woman protesting and the police officer takes her wrist and shoves her to the ground. then he takes out a pepper spray
11:45 am
can and sprays another woman right in the face. there's the first shove right there. you see that woman topple straight backwards. now, that video was just released. we are told both women are okay. tucson police say they are investigating this incident. >> so, moving to a different kind of story, pets, they are placefu playful, but they are big business. and guardians have to keep that in mind. >> chris chmura is here with story he's working on for tonight at 6:00. chris? >> you don't think of your dog or cat being bound by a contract, but you need to if you're considering insurance. tonight's tale is about a dog named tink. she took out a wellness plan to cover the medications. tink passed away but the insurance policy. the owner was required to continue making payments eefr after tink was gone. tonight at 6:00 an attorney weighs in with some advice for the rest of us pet owners.
11:46 am
also what happened when the responds team asked for an exception if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips. or i'll see you tonight 6:00. >> we have pet insurance. i didn't know it continued after the dog is gone. i'm going to be watching at 6:00. >> you have to tune into chris's report. >> i watch while i make dinner. >> of course you are. you're a viewer. weather is going on. you said you did not want to tell us it was going to change. do me a favor and don't tell us. >> some people want to make and plans, sam. it is going to be raining. >> i'd rather my in ignorance. >> it won't rain the whole weekend so i'll let you make plans based on my forecast. let's start it out right now at 53 degrees, with mild temperatures in the peninsula and it is feeling mucher than it did this morning. in some spots we dropped down into the lower 30s. we are making some progress here
11:47 am
in the right direction as temperatures warm up. we are at a 65 for the high today. in the south bay, 59 degrees. in san francisco. and we are going to see some changes after all of this dry weather we've high pressure kind of blocking the rain and steering it farther to the north. but then as the high pressure weakens and moves off towards the east, we'll start to see the rain dipping in from north to south. here's a look at the time line as we go through the week, going to see some cloudy skies starting to build on friday. on saturday it looks like in the afternoon we will start to see the rain moving in. and once again from north to south, a we go into the evening, the rain gets a little bit heavier, continue into early sunday morning. and then by sunday afternoon, the rain will be rolling out of here. and then we'll return back to dry weather early next week. so, with that quick round of rain moving in with that cold front, it looks like we'll have the potential of getting anywhere from a half to an inch and a quarter all across the bay area. this is something we'll be fine tuning as we closer to the
11:48 am
weekend. here's a look outside at heavenly, lake tahoe, maybe you're making plans to head in that direction for the weekend. and it will be a nice start to the weekend, especially on friday. but then on saturday and sunday while we get rain, they will be getting some snow there. and here's a look at the potential of up to 2 feet of snow in parts of the sierra. and it may cause some travel problems heading into that direction if you're going to be going farther to the south towards santa cruz, saturday is the day because sunday is when we will start to see the rain moving in and high temperatures on saturday reaching into the 60s. i'll keep you up to date as we head closer to the weekend with all of the plans and the forecast as it continues to evolve over the next couple of days. otherwise, we are looking at some dry conditions for today, tomorrow as well as friday, and once again starting to see those showers moving into san francisco on saturday evening into sunday. high temperatures reaching the upper 50s and then as we go
11:49 am
deeper into the forecast, once again returning to some dry weather and highs in the low 60s. and i'll have another quick look at the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, sam and kris. >> all right, thank you very much, kari. coming up next, doctors, they he don't even make house calls any more. but this principal is. the effect it's having on her students. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
11:50 am
"wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow: denial... - is this price right?
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- acceptance... and "boooyah." wait for it... "boooyah" has three os. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ stop by our bar bonanza event and save up to 80%! work of the educator you're learning doesn't stop outside the classroom and neither does the work of educator you are about to meet. she is on a mission to connect with her hundreds of students and their families one home at a time. >> nbc ellis introduces us to a principal who is inspiring america. >> have a great day. have a good day. >> reporter: before sunrise, principal elizabeth mcwilliams is on the move. connecting with students in raleigh, north carolina. but even after the last bell rings. >> how are you. >> reporter: that connection
11:52 am
continues. she's making house calls. >> i'm so proud of her. >> reporter: it's a practice she started back when she was teaching. startled after her first parent-teacher open house at school. >> nobody came. >> reporter: it was a teaching moment. >> sometimes we mistake hard working parents. we mistake their absence for a of interest. and i have found that that's not the case. >> reporter: so, instead of asking parents to come to her, she's going to them. more than 900 families in all her students' progress is proof it's making a difference. >> come to mommy. >> reporter: at first mariah whitaker doubted the visit could help her daughter who was struggling in school. >> get to knowing her on a personal level empowers her to do better in school because she feels that much more supported. >> this is my honor roll certificate. >> reporter: congratulations.
11:53 am
it's her first honor roll ever. she's also joined cheer leading and is excited about high school and beyond. >> she helps me see myself, i do have potential. >> reporter: a principal's personal touch helping more students focus on the future. >> i really want to be either a lawyer or an fbi agent. >> i'm so proud of you. >> reporter: nbc news, raleigh, north carolina. >> how many principals do you know that can play lacrosse? that might be the only one. >> i don't know. i bet there's lot of them. one of the fastest growing sports. >> it is, it is. we will be right back with more news right after this. let's talk about mold - no olikr
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
hoe or food let's talk about mold. no one likes it when it appears in your house or on your food. an auction house in london is banking on someone paying thousands of dollars for this particular bit of mold. that's because it was used to make the first penicillin antibiotic. that discovery was made by alexander fleming in the 1920s. the auction starts today. someone did pay $46,000 for a similar mold petri dish last year. >> they have been preserving that thing since the 1920s? how? why? all right. you don't want to put it in your home. maybe you want it display it if you're a enthusiast. >> yipee, just in time for lunch. >> we all agree we hate the mold story. we will freshen things up, if you will. give me something fresh. >> outside today it is going to be very nice. we're feeling that right now. highs in the upper 50s in san
11:57 am
francisco. for the inland areas up to 64 degrees, even warmer tomorrow. then we'll start to see those clouds rolling in for the weekend. rain moves in during the afternoon, continues into the evening as well as early sunday morning. and then once it rolls out of here we'll have more of this nice weather for the start of next week. >> all right. well, we've been recovering from all rain that we got not too long ago, a lot of the parks and trails are open again. so, that will be nice to get out early on saturday. >> i have to check. is south mark park open. it was closed. >> santa clara county parks on facebook, i bet you'll find your answer. >> you spend a lot of time hiking outside with kids, animals, let them loose. that's going to do it for us right now. we have a lot of needless energy. my mom did that. >> we're going to run you around like a hamster. [ laughter ] >> have a greet day. >> dear lord. >> you want to go for a walk?
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ such a good vibration >> are you feeling those good vibrations? >> yes. >> "dancing with the stars" cast just revealed and we will see if that's where nick has moves. he will be hitting the dance floor with peta, who had a baby two months ago, looks great. >> i am excited for this season. look at him right there. that's grandpa. this is a good -- >> erika jane. >> wonderful talk to her later. >> mr. t. sporting a cubs jersey. >> can he dance. >> i don't know. we will break


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