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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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what it could mean for people fearful being deported. the police chief is frank about what he'd like to see happen. >> the chief told me the main takeaway from this, he knows there's an open line of communication between the local ice office and san jose police. other than that, ice has a main jurisdiction to act in the streets of san jose. ♪ things are finally getting back to normal on story and king. after the word of the raid two weeks ago, everyone went into hiding. >> no one wanted to come to shop. >> they were scared? >> we. >> we can't be operating in the dark. >> the rumors were just that,
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resumers. the police chief met with the local ice office to ask for a clearer understanding of their mission in the south bay. >> i met with them to be an advocate for our community. >> here's what the chief says ice told him. they will call whenever ice is about to conduct enforcement action in san jose. when looking for a convicted criminal in a home. it reserves the right to detain other people inside that home, as they did on santa cruz. ice cannot establish checkpoints. they will not detain a victim or a witness of a crime. they warn that the rules could change at any time. >> there are no promises, and i certainly don't want to make it seem that we were able to tell the federal agency what they can or can't do. >> the chief also warned ice that they cannot count on his officers during sweeps. >> we're not going to be taking part in immigration enforcement
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as a police department. >> ice dwaz receptive to the idea of holding a community forum, where they can publicly explain their role and mission directly to the people. >> we did not hear back from ice today. if one time wasn't enough, the chief must have mentioned 10 times his officers will not participate in immigration enforcement. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> this is a big issue for so many people. after a three month investigation a second suspect has been arrested in a rolling gun battle that ended in a horrific crash. this all happened in san leandro. marcus jones is charged with attempted murder. harris was arrested in november. at jones apartment, police say they recovered an ak 47 assault rifle and three guns. they seized six pounds of marijuana and $300,000 in cash.
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one of the suspects crashed head on into another car. this was near macarthur boulevard and 580 in san leandro. this is a scene from that day. the couple in the other car suffered serious injuries. an unexpected decision by a federal judge in oakland today. the judge ordering the widow of the nightclub shooter to be released from jail while she allegedly helped her husband pull off that attack. >> there is a hold up on her release? >> absolutely. and right now, north solomon is awaiting trial to face charges of aiding in her husband's mass killing. earlier today, inside the federal courthouse behind me, a judge ordered she be released and allowed to temporarily stay at her uncle's rodeo home. the government is appeals the decision. >> the mother and sister of
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north solomon walk out of family court relieved. no cameras allowed inside. sketches showing the federal judge ordering the widow of the orlando nightclub murderer can be released and reunited with her 4-year-old son. >> she can be with her son. he's missing her a lot. >> a decision that surprised almost everyone, including her attorney. >> in most of the so-called terrorism cases around the united states. we've seen this in one or two 2 of those cases. this is extraordinarily rare. >> there's no evidence she has connection to the islamic state group or shares the extreme views of her husband who was ultimately shot by police.
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>> meanwhile, orlando police chief john meena calls today's decision disappointing. and said, i have full faith that she will ultimately be brought to justice. >> for now, she will remain in custody for the next two days so prosecutors can weigh-in, she will only be allowed to leave her uncle's home for court ordered meetings and will have to participate in mental health counseling. reporting live, i'm elise kirschner. how is this for a breath of fresh air, a colorful billionaire swept into town with a $5 million check. it's the largest individual donation in the history of san jose. he wants to help the flood victims. many of them vietnamese immigrants. robert honda has the story. robert? >> that's right, raj. the creek has been causing a lot
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of emotional and financial pain for flood victims. today's generous donation from a man known for his generosity really helps. >> the cleanup efforts have taken a big toll on flood victims. now that many home and property owners are starting to remove mold, it could get more expensive. >> how much does it cost to do all this. >> the mold damage is generally two or flee times the cost of a regular damage. >> people facing big bills may get more help. the owner of a napa winery and a stakeholder in big pharmaceutical companies presented a symbolic big check to the mayor, and then signed a real big check, $5 million. >> all right, mayor, thank you. >> we're not going to lose this one. >> donate to help san jose flood
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victims. thank you all. >> licardo praised haung as a true success story. he created a pharmaceutical empire and dedicates his life to helping people. >> he's demonstrated with his extraordinary generosity how we can come to the aid of community members who are suffering. we're so grateful for this. >> the mayor says the $5 million will be added to the $1 million already collected from thousands of other donors and nonprofits like catholic charities and sacred heart. the funds could start to be distributed as early as next week. >> following breaking news now in san francisco. this is a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene. this was a fire that's just been put out. a fire on olive street, just off
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of van necessary. five blocks from city hall. a little more than an hour ago. firefighters say the flames began in the second floor if you look carefully, you can see the burned out part of the complex there on the second floor. so far it looks good. this fire is contained and is out. no reports of any injuries at this point. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. big day on wall street. investors reacted positively to president interrupt's speech last night. the dow up 125% since election day. the last time that happened was during the dot com boom in the '90s. the dow closed at an all time high of 300 points, ending in 21115. the s&p up 32 points. the embattled ride sharing giant uber is reeling from another misstep.
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an embarrassing video involving its ceo, which has tonight led to an online apology scott bud man has covered uber since the beginning. it seems like these scandals just keep piling up. >> it wasn't that long ago, we saw the delete uber campaign. more recently, embarrassing claims of sexual harassment. and now the company's ceo caught on camera arguing with an uber driver. >> people all over the country are taking a closer look at uber. uber ceo travis calanek is confronted by one of uber's drivers. >> i lost $196,000 because of you. >> in a vlog posted tuesday, he wrote, to say i'm ashamed is an extreme understatement. and this is the first time i'm
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willing to admit i need leadership help and i intend to get it. >> it's always a positive step when someone takes responsibility for a mistake. >> an article on uber's culture, she says is damaged by the video. >> i do think you have to start asking yourself if there's fraud or reputational risk # for the company having this person as their ceo. >> the driver in the video has a point. according to bloomberg, uber black's fees went from $4.90 a mile in 2012 to $3.75 per mile today. >> the news is not good for the warriors, late today, kevin durant returned to oakland without his teammates. he suffered a knee injury during last night's game. here's the medical assessment. durant has a grade two mcl sprain and a bone bruise.
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you see how it hurt it last night in washington, d.c.. it's unknown at this time how long he'll be out of the warriors lineup. he'll be re-evaluated in four weeks, kevin durant will be out for at least a month. coming up, we'll see what steph curry is saying about the injury and who will replace k.d. while he's out of the lineup. >> new numbers are getting out of the sierra nevada snow pack. >> beautiful sun set here in berkeley, from our weather underground sky camera network. >> the chance of rain from this storm system by the weekend. my forecast in about 8 minutes. the two men accused of stabbing to death a man outside a downtown san jose canteen in a were in court today to answer to murder charges. coming up, i'll have the emotional response from the victim's relatives. our first look at the moth and
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daughter -- who were ott they never maditn riverside. our first look at the mother and daughter who were on that plane that crashed in riverside, they never made it home to san jose. the mother in the blue top had another round of surgery today, and remains in the icu. her daughter there was one of the three people who died in that crash, late today first responders described what they saw when they arrived on the
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crash scene. >> it was difficult many i was emotionally and physically exhausted. i dropped to my knees for a moment to catch my breath, and regain my composure, and almost immediately my next thought was, is anyone else in the house? >> heart breaking story for this family and friends from san jose. the firefighters add they were happy to be able to save the lives of two of the planes five passengers. a new twist in the stabbing death of a little league coach outside a san jose canteen in a. prosecutors have filed murder charges. mary ann favreau joins us with information about why their family believes that attack. why he may have been attacked, marianne? >> as you know frank worked security at that canteen in a, today his relatives told me, they believe he may have been stabbed after one of the suspects handed him an i.d. with a photo that didn't match.
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navarro confiscated that i.d. and his relatives believe that may have cost him his life. >> i just wanted to -- needed to see the people. >> yolonda came to court to see the two men accused of fatally stabbing her nephew. robert and aaron are charged with murdering navarro outside the canteen in a in downtown san jose, where he worked as a security manager. today another downtown club posted a tribute to navarro on a marquis. >> he would do anything for anybody. didn't have to ask twice. very soft spoken, an honorable man. >> more than 300 people attended a vigil for navarrnavarro. he helped hundreds of kids on and off the field. >> he touched a lot of lives,
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mentored a lot of kids. all the kids he helped. >> what they did to my nephew. senseless, man, senseless. >> the two suspects did not enter a plea this afternoon, one of them has a prior conviction for robbery and a strike that goes along with that. saturday night between 7:00 and 11:00. there's going to be a fund-raiser for navarro's family to be held at the san jose bar and grill. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. >> we apologize for losing marianne right there. >> police need your help finding this man, he's accused of exposing himself to a woman in palo alto. she was able to snap this photo of the man as he ran away. the man is described as being in his early 20s and about 5'7",
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snap incorporated is going public tomorrow the southern california based company priced its ipo at $17 a share this afternoon, giving them a $24 billion valuation. snap is not yet profitable but has 158 million daily users, ask your kids or grandkids. most are between 18 and 34 years old it will trade under the stock symbol, snap. experts made their monthly trek to measure the snow pack today. they declared recent storms have raised snow levels to 185% of normal. the last time there was that much snow, 1983. >> the higher elevation snow is going to remain for quite some time you're going to see a lot of very enthusiastic back country skiers who haven't had this for probably close to a
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decade. >> as long as the snow melts gradually, there should be no serious risk for flooding. >> what a difference from a couple years ago. >> i know, it's a stark contrast. the last time we had anything close to this, we had some el nino phases in effect. we are not in el nino or la nina. let's get a look right now -- a closer look at these numbers and the sierra snow pack. for the northern sierra. central sierra includes lake tahoe. in case you missed this number, i shared it the past couple days, 48 feet of snow has been measures so far. >> there's another way to look at things historically, that's the precipitation index across lake tahoe. the last time we had our record
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snow event was '82-'83, it was 58 inches on our way to a record setting season the biggest threat will be the possibility of the flooding for the sierra and foothills from april through july we'll be monitoring that closely as a lot of this water will continue down into the central valley. tomorrow morning's forecast sunny and cold. 35 in the peninsula kind of a carbon copy of what we've been dealing with lately. you need the sun classes as you head off into your commute we stay dry through friday, rain returns saturday night. rain accumulations sunday, a 10th to a half inch possible. dry for the start of next week. i'm back with another forecast update in about 25 minutes. two experienced base
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jumperses parachute off the san francisco hotel and right into police custody. we'll show you who they are coming up in a live report. ==reveal==
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a loof dage in the mwest --fter a seri of strong storms. hundreds of homes were daged inll happening now, a lot of damage in the midwest after a series of strong storms. in missouri, cars were literally blown off the highway, the images and video we posted on our twitter feed a french teenager who was given gene therapy for sickle cell anemia
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now has enough red blood cells to beat the disorder. first real look at the twoen,
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francisco eoff a san hilton overnight. within the past hour. we got our first look at the two men who parachuted off the san francisco hilton overnight. they jumped off the hotel, to land in the laps of police. i understand there was a third person involved as well? >> that's right. both weinstein and glovack are from the bay area. they may have picked the hilton because according to a local base jumper, that was a popular hotel to pick and try in the past. >> both men's facebook pages are filled with videos of various base jumps and sky dives.
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last night a nearly 500 foot tower in san francisco. trouble as soon as they touched the pavement. they dropped down in front of a couple patrol officers. >> they happened to be in the area, and as they were landing, they noted they were observing people that jumped off a building with parachutes. >> a witness told police there were three parashooters, two men and a woman. she managed to escape. >> how they accessed the hotel roof remains a mystery. police are reviewing surveillance video as part of their investigation. >> people are trying to do these extreme sports, taking into consideration there is a public to look out for and they need to remain safe.
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>> that's how you encourage these acts. if someone had gotten hurt, there may have been additional charges added on. >> while it isn't a crime to parachute, both men face misdemeanor counts of trespassing. reporting live in san francisco. >> thank you. the big dig began today. it will be dusty for a while. it should improve one of san francisco's traffic hotspots. the van ness improvement project. construction is beginning right across from city hall. the main feature is the installation of a center lane solely for buses. the project includes a lot of features for pedestrians. the $316 million project is expected to be completed in 2019. president interrupt's aggressive agenda.
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our political analyst joins us next to break down last night's address to congress. >> a political debate turns into an act of vandalism. the video berkeley republicans say, they're under attack. right now at 6-30: politictensi
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on theuc berkeley campus. mpusr practically political tension triggering new trouble on the uc berkeley campus. republicans say they're under attack after videos surfaces of
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someone showing someone van de liesing a sign. conservative students say they're increasingly becoming targets and they're calling on the school to do more to stop it. >> michelle roberts spoke with campus republicans about the abuse they say they're seeing almost daily. michelle? >> the university is condemning what they saw in that cell phone video, which was an act of vandalism here on campus. tonight some republicans believe the university could do more to stop future threats. >> members of the uc berkeley college republicans call this the freedom table. they say it's a designated space in the university's quad to promote their group and encouraged respectful debate with democrats. >> it's easier to just go on with your day, than to come and have a reasonable discussion with us. >> yesterday the man seen in this cell phone video did have a discussion with several republicans at the table and
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then decided to make a statement by breaking wooden signs that were on display. >> he said he was doing it for minorities by destroying our signs. >> campus police are investigating the incident. >> i've been spit on, had my personal information posted online. been called a neo-nazi. >> he's seen this flyer hung around campus. the wanted style poster describes them as baby fascists and goes on to accuse them as physically attacking liberal activists. the violence on campus has boomed since the cancelled speech of milo yiannopoulous. >> the university has sent out a letter to all students and staff
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contempting the vandalism. the university will commit and defend all our students first amendment rights and their right to freely engage in political activities across the ideological spectrum. i asked if they had plans to bring back miley to speak on campus. they say their offer still stands. >> plenty of positive reviews for president trump following his address to congress last night. he met with house and senate leaders to implement some of those plans. pence, mcconnell and ryan were on hand. you can also see around the table, reince priebus and steve bannon also sitting in. >> thank you very much. we're just here to start the process, it begins as of now, and we think we're going to have tremendous success. >> members from both parties continue to question how president trump intends to pay for the blueprint he's outlined.
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>> he laid out an ambitious domestic and foreign policy agenda last night. is it even doable. lar larry gerstin joins us with more. no off the cuff remarks, hardly. >> he didn't wander, that's for sure. this time for the first time, the president was gracious and inclusive there's no other way to look at it, he called for unity several times from both republicans and democrats. this was a major departure from his attacks on the press, the military, bureaucracy. >> lots of broad strokes, except when he talked about that $54 billion increase. a trillion for infrastructure, how realistic is that.
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>> well, only if the president is a magician on the side. >> he will be limited to find new defense money, he exempted service and medicare. it means squeezing money from sources such as the epa, the fda. foreign aid, national parks public education, food stamps and the national arts, all would come at a political price. >> what other initiatives caught your attention. >> there are two biggies. his trillion dollar infrastructure program, over 10 years would cost $125 billion annually. and according to the nonpartisan tax policy institute. his tax cut proposals would add another $600 billion per year to the national deficit. it can be done but only with the deficit of at least 3/4 $3/4 of
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trillion annually. which just is not what trump wants given his criticism of the national debt. >> the ball is in congress, what happens next? >> republican leaders in congress are going to hand trump a reality check. why? because house speaker paul ryan knows the political limitations and at the end of the day congress may adopt smaller versions of trump's idea, sure. even then, expect democrats to complain about the harm caused by program cuts. our coverage continues both on air and online. the speech is on our website in its entirety. click on the top stories. a powerful storm has delivered dozens of tornados to the midwest. now it's headed to the east.
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here's the latest from chris clackum. >> reporter: strong winds tore through middle tennessee wednesday. toppling trees, utility poles and other structures in a line of storms that stretch from the deep south into the midwest. >> the scariest experience that i've been through. never want to do it again. >> the system moves into the southeast after lighting up the night sky, knocking out power, and raking several states with 2 dozen tornados tuesday. hundreds of homes were leveled, hitting the illinois towns the hardest. >> to see the streets the way they looked this morning, first the way they looked yesterday morning that's emotional. >> illinois's governor surveyed the damage himself wednesday. comforting victims, some of whom lost everything. >> naplate has been devastated. >> this is just heart breaking.
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>> also devastated part of perry county, missouri. >> truck started shaking, i ran to the door, couldn't get the door open, the wind was blowing too hard. >> so like the month of march, to blow in like a lion. but hopefully leave like a lamb. chris clackum, nbc news. >> your four legged friend is fun, but also a contractual obligation. nbc bay area responds and explains next. an airline delay like you've probably never heard before. the critter that forced passengers to change planes on the way to sfo. they finally arrved this eningao
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they finally arrived this evening at sfo, about four hours late. what was the problem? a mouse on the plane. the british airways plane was about to take off from london/heathrow, when the passengers were told they had to change planes because the mouse was spotted. plenty of reaction you see here. one passenger questioned british airways friendliness. she did nothing wrong. that's what a white house lawyer is now saying about presidential adviser kelly anne conway's free ad for ivanka trump shoes. she acted inadvertently with no nefarious motive when she promoted first daughter ivanka trump's fashion line. conway is highly unlikely to do it again. conway urged viewers to go buy
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ivanka's stuff after nordstrom dropped ivanka's clothing line. it violated a rule, staff members are not allowed to promote their products for profit. trump did it, so why not? oprah? oprah commented on the idea that you don't need government experience to be elected president, but in the end o said no, she won't run. as for her fans, they are taking to twitter asking her to run in 2020. >> she might just change her mind. now from the red carpet to the doghouse, the two accountants responsible for the best picture plunders, they're not coming back. martha ruiz and brian cohen are seen here before sunday's oscars, which ended as you know. the result was la la land,
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mistakenly being announced as the winning film instead of moonlight. they're executives with the price waterhouse coopers accounting firm. they will not be fired but they'll no longer be able to work the oscars. >> see what happens when you're taking a selfie. >> that's whey say all the time. >> what do you have for us? >> a beautiful night out here. mostly clear skies across the bay area, let's take you to the east bay right now, 62 degrees, look at this. plunge in temperatures, 46 expected by 11:00 p.m. i'm back with the record breaking details on our rainfall this season. in about four minutes. pets, they are part of our family, but the law calls them property, and that changes everything with pet insurance. vital info for pet owners next. probably heard about petwellnesd
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if you're a pet owner, you've probably heard about pet wellness plans. >> they're often advertised as a health insurance policy. consumer investigator chris kamoro is with us with a valuable lesson. >> before you pay for a health plan for one of them. you want to read the fine print. >> she loved to go for car rides. >> this is a story about tink, a dog with a terminal disease. >> collette adopted her four years ago. knowing she was on borrowed time. >> she took out a policy. she called to cancel the wellness plan, to be told it was a one-year policy, so she'd have
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to continue paying for the next 10 months. >> why should i have to pay 50( for a month for a dog that isn't around any more? >> that's a good question. >> in the eyes of the law, animals are chattels, they're property. and you're buying basically property insurance. >> that means everything is governed by the policy. collette couldn't find her contract, it states even in the event of death or loss of a pet, you still have to pay the entire membership fee or the full cost of the care the pet received. after the response team got involved, banfield waived their policy and allowed collette to cancel with no additional charges. when weighing her next pet insurance policy, she will surely read the fine print. >> looking back, it's not the best decision we probably could have made for her. >> if you're considering pet insurance, shop around. different companies have different prices and different plans you can weigh against your specific needs.
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call us with your consumer questions. the number is 888-996-tips. or >> thank you, chris. here's a good list to be on. the top high schools in the country. the bay area is well represented. the survey is the nation's top private high schools at number 7:00, oakland's college preparatory school. the school and neighborhood website analyzed schools based on sat scores. it's rated -- it rated stanford online high school number 10, palo alto's -- and marin county and ross, the branson school checks in at number 23. on the peninsula, crystal springs and hillsboro is number 38. >> very impressive. >> we need to go back to school. >> i wish i could get in. >> are we going to stick to weather? >> yes.
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>> you would excel. >> you know, you guys don't underestimate yourselves. >> we have more beautiful sunshine coming our way. i have some new weather information to share with you, and it has to do with a brand new record for santa rosa, let's check it out. 2016, 2017 numbers for the water year, now, put this at 52.07 inches, that is the number one spot. it's never been wetter to date in santa rosa. number two spot is 1997-'98. during a very strong el nino event. the big takeaway from this, we do not need to be in an el nino year to have tremendous amounts of rainfall. we could use a break for the next several days. as you'll see in the scrolling 7-day forecast, we have a chance of rain coming by this weekend. let's take you right into tomorrow morning, more cold weather coming back, 38 in sunny
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skies. peninsula 45. and the south bay 42. 39 for the average in marin, napa county. awesome weather for tomorrow. there's a few spots expected to hit close to 70 in the south bay, this is one of them. 69 in morgan hill, also close to 70 in east san jose. the same thing for los gatos. downtown san jose at 68. we'll make it feel comfortable out there, when it kicks up under the sunny skies. 65 in vallejo. 68 in danville, and 67 expected in freemont. we have 59 expected at half moon bay. 63 in sang mateo, and town toward palo alto 66. definitely not close to 70 here, a beautiful day in the mission at 61. for the north bay, we will go close to 70 here in napa. also the same thing in santa
6:50 pm
rosa, mill valley, slightly cooler and 62 degrees. the only side effect is the pollen. pine trees are aggravating, so if you're sniffling and sneezing lately, it could be the pine trees as grass, mold and weeds all remain low. we have rainfall coming our way by this weekend. not a big storm system, dropping down from the north, doesn't have a ton of moisture with it, as you'll see here, by sunday's forecast, we'll see a tenth to a half inch possible. that half inch amount is likely up into marin and sonoma counties. let's get you to the interior valleys, stays mild with the mid to upper 60s over the next two days. we drop down to 59 on saturday. chance of rain by the afternoon, by sunday we get the rainfall moving on in. if you have plans for the weekend. it's going to be saturday morning, right up until the noon hour. that's the time to get outside and do whatever you have to do. >> we'll pick you up saturday
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morning. >> what's next for the warriors, kevin durant is out. who's in? and what does steph curry have to say about all this. newscast, kevin durant isain oa.
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as we told you earlier, kevin durant is back in oakland tonight without his teammates. >> his knee injury will keep him out of action for at least a month. the warriors superstar has a grade 2 mcl sprain and a bone bruise. >> he got hurt during last night's loss 234 washington, d.c., to the wizards. there's a good chance he will be
6:54 pm
back in time for the playoffs. that's the upside. the warriors are in chicago getting ready for tomorrow night's game against the bulls. steph curry tweeting, heal up my man, we'll hold it down until you're back on the court with us. who's going to replace him in the lineup in? >> welcome back matt barnes. barnes has played for nine teams during his career, and released just last week by the kings. he was born in santa clara and grew up and went to high school in sacramento. it appears the 49ers and colin kaepernick are going to separate and go their own ways. >> he voids the final year of his contract with the niners. even though he's looking for a fresh start with a new team. there's always a chance he could return to the niners, although that is unlikely at this point.
6:55 pm
>> the nhl trade deadline is today.sharks eye the playoffs, meet yannick hanson. they acquired him from the canucks for a prospect and a draft pick. he's a 30-year-old right winger who has six goals this season. leading women in various sports was held last night in san francisco. >> elevating the conversation about gender in sports. reps from the a's, giants, warriors and sharks, took 35r9 in a panel discussion before an audience of more than 100. it was moderated by joan ryan and it centered around the upcoming csn bay area documentary, tom boy. for ryan, having the town hall discussions is vital and alarming. >> i just thought, seriously? oh, my god, are we still doing this? and the answer is yes, we need to still do it. it is disappointing to me, i
6:56 pm
have to be totally honest with you. i thought we'd be way further down the road with this. tom boy debuts at 8:00 on march 10th. coming up at 11:00, what do you do when you can't trust the water coming from your fawcett? is it safe to drink? why thousands of californians don't have safe drinking water. the last word goes to jeff ranieri. >> rainfall coming our way this weekend. as you'll see in that extended forecast. it will be dry here, and mild. by friday a little cooler 66. saturday 59 with a chance of rain in the afternoon. we'll see our rainfall accumulation, a tenth to a half inch possible. >> is it my allergies, everyone's sneezing? >> it is. >> it's getting up there. >> thanks for joining us at 6 0 6:00.
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>> steve harvey gets the last laugh. >> well the man who famously announced the wrong ms. universe celebrates during the oscar debacle. now open extra. >> extra. extra. extra. extra. >> a year after his own live tv blunder, steve harvey sounds off today on the big oscar mix-up. >> i actually lit a cigar and got a glass of scotch. >> taking aim at faye dunaway. >> and the question i asked that left them laughing. >> new details on katy perry's surprise split from orlando bloom. the clues after he was stoted with kate been


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