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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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officer. people think the officer went too far. >> laura malpert has the details. >> reporter: this all happened right behind me here at this gas station. employees here tell me off camera the customer started acting erratically, so they called the police. keep in mind this video you're about to see did not capture what happened before the takedown. video captured by cell phone shows a vallejo police officer hitting a man on the ground who appears to be resisting arrest. the officer then pulls out what appears to be a flashlight and hits him repeatedly. seconds later another officer arrives. you can hear the suspect screaming, i am god. voices in the background are yelling police brutality. police in the neighborhood agree. >> regardless of what that gentleman did, he did not deserve that. i wouldn't even do that to my dog or any type of animal out there much less a human being. >> this is extremely excessive
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to hit him that many times. >> reporter: but a store clerk says the man was threatening people. >> at that time he was turning around with his fingers like he was shooting people. i was scared, like what if he really has a gun on him, you know? and what if he's not there and he decides to pull out a gun and start shooting people? >> reporter: she said the officer in question has helped her and many customers in the past and his actions surprised her. >> i thought it was police brutality. i wasn't sure what happened, but that was unnecessary force. >> reporter: the vallejo police department issued a statement that reads in part, it's important that no one make any assumptions without having all the available facts. just like anyone else, officers are innocent until proven guilty. again, that officer is on leave pending an investigation. reporting live from vallejo, laura malpert. following up now on a freeway shooting in the east bay, we have learned that the victim, a pinole man, has died. police believe the 24-year-old
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demarcus doss was targeted as he drove a honda minivan in richmond on thursday. two teenagers and a 24-year-old man are being held in connection with that shooting. it happened near san pablo avenue. the three suspects are yet to be charged but chp investigators believe one of the teenagers was the shooter and that the shooting was gang related. since 2015, roughly 80 shootings have happened on bay area freeways, most of them in the east bay. overnight high speed chase through the south bay ends with four people in custody. police saying some of the suspects are juveniles. around 1:00 this morning in milpitas. police say they tried to pull a car over for a dui check and the officer fled leading officers on a high-speed chase through campbell and then san jose. officers say speeds reached more than 100 miles per hour. the suspect surrendered in front of the s.a.p. center. nobody was hurt in that chase. tense moments outside a south bay mobile home park. at the friendly village mobile
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home park on dixon landing road. you see how smoky it was. firefighters say they found flames coming from underneath the mobile home. it never spread to the inside. people living there were able to get out safely. an outpouring of support for san jose flood victims who lost everything. right now they're picking up free furniture at selma olander elementary in san jose. marianne favro is live at the school with reactions from some of the evacuees. people just came today and donated their stuff. >> reporter: right, it has been absolutely incredible. more than a thousand people showed up here today to donate furniture and other household items including this leather couch. you can see over here people are loading up mattresses to take them home. many of the flood evacuees tell me they lost everything and they so desperately need all of this furniture. the furniture was brought here to selma olander elementary in
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san jose this morning. this afternoon the flood evacuees have been shopping for free home furnishings. many of the victims say this will help them take care of their family. >> we lost everything. i have no car right now. all our stuff on the first floor gone. all we have is some of our clothes, our bed, that's it. >> she and her family are still living in the evacuation center at seven trees the and have been there nearly a month. she has nowhere to put the furniture she received today. so u-haul is offering trucks where evacuees can store imts for one month at no cost. organizers say more than 200 people picked up donations today. this was all organized by kelly woodward. she lives near the flood zone, and she saw a great need. so she and her husband posted this on facebook and the community showed up and more than a thousand people have come
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here today. so you may be wondering, it's almost time for this to end today, what's going to happen to all this furniture? well, in just about a half hour, salvation army will come to pick up the remaining furnishings and these will still go to good homes. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> uplifting story, thank you so much. on top of that what a great day in the bay area. we're looking at the scene here at at&t park in san francisco. a warm spell even when the rain comes, it will be warm rain. >> cooling to the 70s. still nothing but sunshine. 75 degrees. cloud free from tiburon. look at dublin 76 degrees here along 580. san jose starting to cool a little bit. 73 degrees. the view from ocean beach cloud free but cooling off a little bit. look at all the folks out there on the beach enjoying some of
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the sunny weather. we have a kind of summer-like late sea breeze kicking in here on the coast. you can see the wind speeds around half moon bay and off the ocean at 24 miles per hour. that will transport maybe a patch or two of low clouds for the morning. still jacket weather as we start the day tomorrow, but as early as 10:00 at least in san jose, look at that. crossing paths san jose. mid to upper 70s around san francisco tomorrow and 80s for the next couple of days. a look at that and how long these warm temperatures will stick around in the full forecast at 5:17. >> the amazing weather brought plenty of people out to san francisco's ocean beach today. >> that's right. that's where we find nbc bay area's christie smith and a pretty nice day to be on the beach. bet you could put the mike down and join them. >> reporter: absolutely right. it doesn't get much better than
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this when it comes to assignm t assignments. it's absolutely gorgeous out here. you think of ocean beach and you think cool. but we're talking t-shirt weather. the high today in san francisco, 70 degrees. it is beautiful day to be out at ocean beach. san francisco hit 70, the last time a pair of 70s happened was in november. the average high about 62. this week the fire department tweeted a safety reminder about rip currents and sneaker waves. folks advised not to swim here but the weather is great for sitting and enjoying the sun. over at dolores park, good luck finding a park. we spoke to people from san francisco, from other parts of the bay area thrilled with this switch from the rain. >> i live in oakland, and we came out here just because it's so beautiful and we didn't expect it was going to be such a wonderful day, but yeah, we're enjoying ourselves. lovely. >> such a nice break from all that rain, thank goodness.
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>> now, one thing that isn't so great with all this is the traffic trying to get to some of these beautiful places but certainly a small price to pay. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thanks a lot. you can track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to get the latest updates for your neighborhood. it's been a very busy weekend for vice president mike pence who has been on the road pushing the republicans' new healthcare plan even as widespread criticism comes from both parties. it would leave 15 million people without health care coverage. some senators say they're outright confused about the new policy. >> i don't understand what their political strategy because this is bad politics. but deeper than that it's bad policy and bad process. >> democrats say that they are willing to work with republicans to draw up a new plan, but political experts doubt that the parties can come to an
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agreement. one local loader who has been very vocal about the plan to repeal obamacare is representative barbara lee of the east bay. lee is one of the local leaders who organized a group that was called the emergency town hall meeting in berkeley today. they're discussing neighbors' concerns. earlier this week the democratic representative spoke to msnbc about her issues with the plan. lee says the poor and elderly would suffer the most and that people's lives are at stake with the new health care plan. this is the fourth in a series of state town halls organized by the group fight for our health. they're drawing attention to what they say are the dangers of repealing obamacare. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is debunking rumors he's running for the senate. he said he's deeply flattered by all the people who have approached him about running for the u.s. senate, but his mission right now is to, quote, bring sanity to washington through redistricting reform. schwarzenegger has been speaking
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out about gerrymandering, saying it's completely breaking our political system. the former gov nfr says he thinks his best position right now is from outside washington. more coming up on "nightly news," a top trump administration official is speaking out about the gop health care plan and has a surprising stance. "nightly news" begins right after this newscast at 5:30. still to come at 5:00, a freak incident overseas. the developments in ethiopia after a landslide at a landfill killed dozens of people. the things we can do now to extend people's lives. >> plus an emotional push by the former vice president for health care that has a personal connection. it was just last weekend mt. diablo, mt. hamilton, we were tracking snow and hail. right now still 76 in walnut creek with clear skies. we'll let you know about our two chances for finding showers this week, what it means for
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temperatures and how much rain could come back when we have a look at the seven day. ethopian city tries cover
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from a devastatinglandslid rescue crews expected to discover more bodies as an ethiopian city tries to recover from a devastating landslide. it swept through a landfill on the outskirts of the ethiopian capital saturday night. so far 35 people have been found dead mostly women and children. earlier reports estimate that
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150 people were in the landfill when the tragedy occurred. many of these people lived on the grounds of that landfill to scavenge for a living. the city is currently discussing a resettlement plan with the victims. former vice president joe biden spoke at the south by southwest music festival in austin, texas. his cancer moon shot initiative asking people to get involved in cancer research so the next generation can know cancer as preventable and curable. >> i am unwilling to postpone for one day longer the things we can do now to extend people's lives and so should you be. we can make enormous, enormous, enormous progress. >> as many people know this is a cause very personal to the former vice president. his son beau biden died of brain cancer two years ago at age 46.
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coming up, beautiful weather in the bay area. that's certainly not the case in other parts of the country. >> the cold spell that has many people on the east coast bringing back their winter gear. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. bridge toll plazan it'sacked witcars! welcome back. a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland. you can see a lot of people trying to get into the city. as christy was talking about, a lot of people in san francisco went to soak in the sun on the
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shores of the bay or maybe even to dinner to hang out. >> still better to be here in sunny california than in other places. >> most of the area dealing with blizzard-like conditions. >> the storm is in the carolinas right now expected to move east overnight with 58 million people in its path that have been warned right now. we're talking about new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, all of new england really. under a severe storm watch. as much as 18 inches of snow is what they're saying could fall from tomorrow. that was in charlotte, north carolina, even at this beach, take a look at this. this is wrightsville, north carolina. boy. >> rob mayeda joining us now. you say people say that's so far away but that will interfere with flights here. >> nights into new york, boston, d.c., philadelphia. monday night to tuesday, big impacts there. as strong as the ridge of high pressure here we'll see temperatures in the next few days. the low we think will develop right off the carolina
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coastline. you see how that storm begins to come together, the low staying off shore should see a lot of snow inland. you'll be talking about more rain but that's how things look as we go through the day on tuesday. a foot plus snow and wind gusts. 60 miles per hour there possible in the northeast on tuesday. tuesday will be probably the warmest day right here in the bay area. a few spots climbing close to 80 degrees. not 80 now, but 73. sunol sunny skies. emeryville, 67. the cooling breeze across the bay. looks like summer. 64 in san francisco. around the bay, emeryville, san francisco, cooling off. 75 degrees in tiburon. clear skies in the north bay. this looks more like july then we get the late day sea breeze. winds at 24 mile-per-hour. wind speeds tapering off as we
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head to about 8:00 tonight. still have to dress in layers, mornings with those clear skies still chilly. low to mid-40s around the north bay. some locations warming as much as 45 degrees in san jose including san jose tomorrow upper 70s around downtown, los gatos and gilroy, close to 80. pleasanton 75. and livermore ranging from the upper 60s to 70 around palo alto and parts of san francisco again tomorrow will be the third day out of four climbing close to 70 or slightly higher. to is north bay santa rosa up to 80. and 70 degrees to sonoma and napa. looks similar to the day except inland spots may claim a couple of degrees with those warm temperature. then for tuesday, the bay begins to see a stronger onshore
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breeze. but valleys will likely see temperatures climbing for tuesday. high pressure keeping us warm for tuesday. around wednesday we'll see a chance of a few showers courtesy of that weakening system right there, then maybe a better chance at finding showers very early next sunday morning. rainfall projections here you see wednesday's storm really not doing anything. that late saturday into sunday system. notice the time stamp up there next sunday may be less than a quarter inch of rain. cooling temperatures around midweek. but mid-60s around san francisco. inland spots cooling only to the low 70s, rebounding back to 75 on friday. next sunday may see a few showers but nothing like we saw to start the year. >> rob, thanks very much. coming up, asking for action. >> i didn't realize how bad it is. >> what's being made in washington after our investigation uncovered the plight of deported u.s. military veterans.
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yet were deported .our recentnvo they served their country and yet were deported. the plight of deported u.s. military veterans. now proposed legislation in washington, d.c. >> steven stock reports, a lot congressmen wants to let those deported veterans back in. >> reporter: after our investigation aired last month we heard from many viewers outraged that the u.s. government policy would result in u.s. veterans who are noncitizens being kicked out of the country after running into trouble with the law. today several u.s. congressmen
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including one congressman from the east bay introduced a new bill in congress to change that policy. our investigation found dozens of families split apart like enrique salas and his daughter split apart by a policy that was first implemented during the bill clinton administration and upheld through three subsequent presidencies. >> these men are good enough to serve our country, but once they make a mistake, then, you know, they don't get any second chances. >> reporter: we found hundreds of deported american military veterans, veterans who had served the u.s. as noncitizens, who had been honorably discharged from the service but then later deported for committing crimes classified as aggravated felonies, crimes like drug possession, failure to show up in court or entering the country illegally. >> i didn't realize how bad it is and what a terrible injustice. it's really a very poor
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reflection on the united states that we ask people to do this and then the consequences, particular my of some of your stories. >> reporter: this congressman of walnut creek saw our investigation and said he had to act. >> it's clearly not acceptable and we need to fix it in a bipartisan way. >> reporter: he joined another congressman of arizona co-authoring a bill in congress that would require the u.s. department of homeland security to establish a veterans visa program to bring back to the u.s. all those who have served and were subsequently deported. >> it's a reflection of congress' inability to deal with immigration in a thoughtful way. and it's the extreme really example and people would serve this country, be here illegally, serve the country, then be punished. >> reporter: the congressman tells me several members of congress want to change procedure so that when someone signs up to become a member of the military, they also automatically become a u.s. citizen. he calls this bill a first step in trying to correct a problem
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that he says needs to be fixed. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. give us a call 888-996-tips. well an upset at the box office. a monster from decades ago is here once again. >> which movies came out on top at the box office. that's right. =vo=
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"kongskullsland" beatexpectatiop there's a reason why kong is the king. >> we're talking about "kong skull island." >> that's a bad move if you're in a helicopter near him, in my opinion. >> it did take the top spot at the box office earning $61
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milli million. logan came in second place and then the hit thriller "get out" stays in the top three for the third consecutive week. it earned more than $100 million. >> movies making a whole bunch of money. congratulations to all of you. >> today would not be a movie day. >> get outside and enjoy the day. but the nice thing about the weather, it will stick around a while. you'll need a jacket for the morning but probably don't need it by 11:00 as you get towards the afternoon the temperatures climbing again maybe close to 80 around los gatos. big sur at 81 degrees. that trend will hold up for the coast mild the next two days. a better chance of showers maybe in the north bay on sunday. but you know how the year's gone so far. cooldowns into the upper 60s and low 70s not all that bad and the chance of the showers not having a big impact on next weekend. >> to add to the weird weather, it will be a warm day for the rain. >> that's true. >> warm but rain.
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nightly news is next. . on this sunday night, blizzard watch. the snow and ice in the midwest as the northeast braces for a lot worst, a potentially crippling winter snowstorm, the biggest of the year, major travel and power problems anticipated. health care promise, the top trump official who says no one will be worse off financially under the republican plan. whoever board tragedy. a death and three others injured after a house fire sparked by a whoever board. safe space, the remarkably


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