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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm sam brock. it is a good morning. tod we have had good weather all week long. >> it is tuesday. >> can you count saturday, sunday, monday? today is warmer than we have seen, right? >> some areas will be 15 degrees above average. it's not supposed to be this warm. you step outside and you say, wow, i don't think i really need a jacket. you won't this afternoon. right now a live look at san jose. at 10:00, we'll already be 63 degrees. look at later on this afternoon. reaching the low 80s. and we'll start to see some changes heading through the week. i'll talk about that. it's heading up in a few minutes. how does it look as you approach the bay bridge. >> i want to make sure you remind me, kari, to send the
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text home. kari said shorts today. the weather is great conditions for driving. we're talkeding about the driving time. bay bridge toll plaza itself, no backup to speak of. cash lanes cleared up. everything ready and open for business. we'll see how things shape up so far. so great. back to you. let's hope it stays that way. to a developing story this morning. an investigation is under way after a police shooting in pap that. >> we are learning more about the moments that led up to a deadly police shooting in napa outside of a home depot on south napa marketplace. sharon joins us live from the sheriff's department with what witnesses are saying and the calls police were getting. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you guys.
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police say they shot and kuille a man because they wanted to protect themselves and others. they received numerous calls at 6:30 all reporting about a man holding a knife in front of the home depot and threatening drivers and pedestrians. >> they describe him as either crazy -- acting crazy or high. witnesses have talked the pap that sheriff's department investigators he began to attack them as pedestrians as well as attacking motorists and cars. police say the man, whose name has not yet been released, appeared to have gotten into an argument with someone in the home depot parking lot and made his way to the park nearby where two police officers shot him to death. the two officers had been placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure. now the sheriff's department is handling the case. back here live, if you have any information that can help,
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you're asked to call napa county sheriff's department. sharon katsuda, today in the bay. 5:02. this is the kind of story you don't hear every day because you don't. newark police looking for lee thieves who got themselves on pretty pricey lingerie. they stole $6,000 worth of bras and or items from a victoria's secret in newark mall. the suspects, all women, quickly began dumping items into garbage bags before running into a car. accused of carrying out multiple crimes and burglaries in cupertino. officers were called out at 4:00 yesterday. they found two suspects right away but the search for two others took six hours.
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the canine finally tracked down and brought down the final two suspects about 10:00 last night. now, to a developing story in the east bay. we're waiting for word if a merkley spill cleanup was cleaned up. it was found near antioch speedway. a hazmat team member says he doesn't know how it got there. >> it will take a while to investigate and try to find a source. we will do a big community education push and see if people want to talk about any mistake they may have made. >> it is not expected to be fully open until this afternoon. the full board has to approve a measure in order for it to pass. a vote is expected 4:00. the dakota access pipeline met
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fierce resistance across the country. but the trump administration is pushing that project forward. president trump's wall at the border with mexico still a long way from the light of day. the city of oakland is getting an early start fighting the entire process. they will discuss a preliminary plan to boycott those who agree to help build the pipeline. sure vicky hennessey will provide an overview on the san francisco sanctuary policies. last week they asked a federal judge. the small santa clara county city is holding a crime prevention meeting 8:30 at the police department. the department would introduce service officers and discuss strategies to prevent this outbreak of crime.
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we did research. the latest city data shows there were 381 crimes reported in that city. more than half of them were property thefts. city of brent wood is streamlining its police responses. they are cutting the ribbon on a new police dispatch center. for two decades, brentwood used antioch. it officially opens for business tomorrow. san francisco may take a big step on bike sharing companies. they are proposing new rules which would deal with dockless bikes. where members use apps to locate bikes and they can be locked up anywhere. it would allow public works crews to clear them from city sidewalks. supervisors will vote later today. it is 5:06 on this tuesday morning. we start out with 50s across much of the bay area.
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feeling much milder than yesterday at this time. it is 55 in oakland and palo alto. 51 in nap that. livermore, 50 degrees. as we go through the day in san francisco, going to see the temperatures going from the mid-50s at 7:00 to 65 degrees at 11:00. and 3:00, we will be at 71 degrees. going to see another beautiful, mild day with changes ahead tomorrow. i'll talk about that and where in the bay area we could see some rain. that's in about four minutes. as we head over to mike, an update on road conditions. >> great for your drive. it's early. it is nice, cool, and clear. things are moving well. so far it will be a great commute. a disabled vehicle. the big rig in livermore should make its way over to the shoulder quickly. over at isabel, you don't see any slowdown. three more will get you by.
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we are tracking this one portion of the tri-valley. under 25 minutes from grant line road to the dublin interchange. 680 down through pleasanton. we're looking to the live camera. we will end with our dublin camera. i don't see any problems. el chara continuing to 580 and 680. back to you. thank you very much, mike. >> an escalating fight over the fate of our nation's health care system. the battle brewing on capitol hill after that report we are learning about how much the new plan will cost americans. a closer look at the aftermath left behind after the shocking ordeal. >> a live look. traffic moving along the bay bridge. this is from our emeryville camera. temperatures inching up even more today.
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we are coming up on 5:12. if you are heading out to celebrate pi day today, a lot of places, explore tore yum, 73 degrees. the next several days, a lot of changes here as far as our temperatures. we'll talk about it coming up in five minutes. and i was just tracking a ladder on highway 87. cleared without incident in san jose. a stalled big rig as well. we'll track 580 as well. washington right now doing its homework this morning, poring over new numbers to see if americans can afford the republican health care plan and how many people would lose coverage. tracie potts joining us live on capitol hill with a look at what would win and who would lose in this new administration. >> reporter: they are actually
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still trying to sort some of that out as we look at the numbers from the congressional budget office. finally out. they were long awaited. cbo says this plan could save billions of dollars off the tphaugz nation's deficit but in doing so, millions of people could lose their coverage. the congressional budget office predicts it reduces the deficit by $337 billion over a decade. by cutting medicaid and subsidies that americans use to buy insurance, by getting rid of the mandate to buy insurance, another 14 million people would lose health coverage next year. >> the ceo is saying it happens on day one, which is absurd. >> it was wrong about obamacare and does not consider new regulations and more laws still in the works. >> we think it has it wrong. >> premiums would initially go
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up 15 tpe%, then drop 10% in 20. >> it is in decent and wrong. >> they should heed this warning and turn back from their plan that would be a disaster for the country. >> skeptical republicans want to go back to the drawing board. >> i don't think this is particularly good news. >> it is a big, fat, beautiful negotiation. >> president trump meeting with people struggling on obamacare promised republicans will, quote, save the day. and critics say republicans are just moving too fast on this. even some in the party say it is tomb to slow down, backtrack a bit. we know the house budget committee plans to take it up on thursday. back to you. >> a lot of new information to digest. tracie, thank you. >> tech leaders meeting with lawmakers on immigration and transgender student bathroom issues.
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it is an annual event organized by the silicon valley leadership group. in the meantime, president trump is signing an executive order to cut federal agency costs. >> for that and the rest before the bill, we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc world headquarters. landon, good morning. >> reporter: sam and laura, good morning to you both. futures indicating a lower open as day one of the policy meeting kicks off. about as widely expected to hike interest rates wednesday avenue. minor gains for the nasdaq and s&p. nasdaq higher for a fourth day in a row. the dow sinking for the first time in three days down 21 points to 20,881. nasdaq climbing 14 to 5875. in the uk, parliament passing the brexit bill. it paves the way for trees that may to lead talks to leave the
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european union. she wi nicholas sturgeon calls for a referen were dumb on scottish independence. >> another executive order from president trump. this one aiming to cut costs at federal agencies. the order instructing nick mulvaney to propose a plan to eliminate unnecessary agencies, components of agencies, and agency programs. the order gives agency heads 180 days to submit plans for reorganization. sam and laura, back over to you. >> he said he was going to trim up those budgets. >> we'll see what happened. new video shot on a security camera at a lightning strike at a church during stormy weather. wait for it. wait for it. there it is for the second time. it happened last thursday in georgia. it ripped a hole.
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it cost $30,000 in damage to church electronic equipment. fortunately no one was in that area when it happened. >> the electric organ could sound a little different. >> the sanctuary was fine. it's just the equipment. >> kari has a look at our forecast. is it spare the air alert day? >> i'll check on that. it will definitely be a warm day. with high pressure, we keep all of those polluteds trapped near the surface. we will find out about that. as you look out this morning, oakland as we get this tuesday started. and the seven-day forecast at the mom of the screen. check it out. we will have temperature swings as we two through the week. also some rain in the forecast. it is 46 degrees right now in santa rosa. 56 in san jose. and morgan hill at 51 degrees.
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looking at the highs today, up to 81 degrees in east san jose and gilroy. east bay, livermore, 79 degrees. 73 in oakland. 75 in san mateo, daly city. north bay, upper 70s to low 80s. up to 80 today in napa. dealing with the pollen as well, tree pollen is high and going to get worst the next couple of days. it is mostly pine, juniper, cedar and ash. make shr yure you take your all medicine. a chance of north bay showers. as it moves farther south, a lot of the rain will be drying up f. a couple of spotty showers late
5:19 am
tomorrow evening. then for the rest of the week, a mix of sun examine clouds. another chance of rain late sunday night. rather late saturday night, sunday morning. early next week, more rain in the forecast, which looks really good that we will see at least some more wet weather the next several days. going to see the potential in some parts of the pay area early next week of half an inch or more. as we head into the next several days, i'll keep you up to date. send out daily updates. as we go through the next several days, we'll want to make sure you're updated. look how the temperatures change. 73 today in san francisco to 60 tomorrow. slight chance of sprinkles late. and then for the north bay, we'll have a better chance of rain elsewhere. staying dry. temperatures going up and down. but warming up in time for the weekend ahead of the next chance of rain. as we head over to mike, updating the drive-through
5:20 am
livermore. >> the big rig trying to get out of the roadway. successfully done so. 580 should be a clear drive. the peninsula, south bay and the tri-valley, no delays. a little bit of slowing out of the altamonte pass p. we don't consider that a delay. we tr that normconsider that no. our live camera on the hayward side. back out to the system we're talking about the travel times as well. toward the bay bridge, 15 minutes for your drive. about the same. speed limit down the east shore. bay bridge toll plaza shorting to show the cash lanes and fast track. it is about the right time.
5:21 am
focus on the bay bridge and transit systems. great news for the rails. back to you. that crowd will be burgeoning in 10 minutes. the widening net. it could change how police collect dna evidence. if you get pulled of by police, your smartphone might save you a ticket. >> your car insurance company's app might be able to get you out of a $25 ticket. since 2013, california law allowed drivers to show proof of insurance electronically. if a police officer pulls you over and asks for proof of insurance, you can pull out your phone. otherwise, it is a $25 fine. 888-996-tips. or anybody else bay
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serious oral care made simple a new pu in califora to expand collecting-a evidee ..akes a firsstep today. 5:24 on your tuesday morning. a new push in california to expand collecting dna evidence. it takes a first step forward today. under the current law, authorities can only collect from felony suspects. a central valley assemblyman wants to include those whose crimes include misdemeanors.
5:25 am
under current law authorities can only collect from felony suspects. an assemblyman wants to include it to people whose crimes have been misdemeanors. critics counter that collecting dna from shoplifters and minor drug offenders goes too far. a similar bill ended up failing last year. the new measure gets its hearing in assembly committee. doctors are starting to do cartilage implants to cushion joints. it is the same material as a contact lens they would put in there. it is only be used on the big in the u.s. but european doctors are using it in knees and thumbs. nbc news spoke to doctors who say this works. ? this is a revolutionary type of product potentially is a lifelong solution to allow patients to maintain motion and decrease in pain they are suffering from. >> pretty interesting approach there. the implants have a 91% success rate with patients getting full
5:26 am
improvement in their ability to play sports and other activities. >> turn off the game consoles. too much screen time could increase the risk of diabetes in children. researchers gathered data from 4,000 9 and 10-year-olds. they were more likely to have abnormal glucose and insulin levels. also higher levels of body fat. this is one of the issues you worry about as a parent. some stress comes with having kids. you can probably attest to that. it could test your patience but help you live longer. a new swedish study of more than a million men and women found the risk of early death were lower among those who had at least one child. in fact, by the age of 60, the difference in life expectancy may be as much as two years. researchers suggest they may have less support as they age. so you have three times the
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support. coming up next, hundreds are still without a home after last month's coyote creek flooding. the steps san jose leaders are expected to take today to try and help people impacted. a sheriff's pursuit here in the south bay. the unusual way in which the suspect in add is vert epbtly caused his own capture. oh, dishwasher,
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a very good tuesday morning. 5:29. got to love the bay area. so many different vantage points. thanks for joining us. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> that is one of the best views of the cities. can't really go wrong here. today is national pi day. >> i'm wearing blue to support women and s.t.e.m. >> as you step out, you're like, hey, not that cold here. mid 50s out the door.
5:31 am
up to 80 in parts of the bay area. san francisco, up to 73 degrees. over the next couple of days, a big drop in temperatures. and even a chance of rain for parts of the bay area. more on that coming up in eight minutes. mike tracking the crash in concord. >> they held off as the ambulance was called. this is highway 4. rest of the bay looks great. nothing as far as any disturbance. good flow of traffic. approaching 242, 242 right here. port chicago highway. the crash is farther back over at pch. in fact, they may have just cleared the lanes because we see speeds recovering. it is only 16 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. we filled in all the lanes in the parking lot. fast track lanes quickly build. this is a quick build as the metering lights are turned on.
5:32 am
back to you stphraofp. >> thank you, mike. an overnight chase ends in the south bay. this is a story we have been following since we came on air. we are getting new information about that. >> bob redell is live with some of the new details that are just coming into our newsroom. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. the suspect didn't get very far it appears his own body gave up on him. deputies found him passed out in the east san jose neighborhood when they finally took him into custody. this initially started off as a car pursuit. the suspect was in a car, driving with a female passenger at 1:45. santa county sheriff tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. he refused. he led them on a pursuit in east san jose. he bailed out, hopped a fence, and hit out in a backyard. deputies called for backup.
5:33 am
some donned helmets and body armor. they armed up. at 3:00 this morning, they found the man unconscious in front of a home on the 3000 block of quinby, two houses from where he ditched his vehicle, one street over. don't know what caused him to pass out. he was taken into custody. he was unarmed but turns out had warrants out for his arrest. his female passenger was detained. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. bob, thank you very much. one of the suspects in a deadly east bay shooting is expected to face a judge for the first time. 24-year-old elliott johnson will be arraigned later today. he is one of three people held in connection to the shooting on i-80 some richmond that shut down traffic on the busy freeway for hours. investigators believe 24-year-old demarcus was specifically targeted when he was shot and killed by san pablo avenue. the other two suspects are teenagers. now to a situation that commanded our attention for
5:34 am
hours last friday. the san francisco woman here behind a seven-hour-long standoff in the mission on friday is facing two charges. 57-year-old samantha helstrom is speaking to us from her jail cell. as you saw that shelter in place. the building manager called police on her after she allegedly pulled out on gun on a pest control worker who was there to fumigate. she said she was intoxicated, doesn't remember doing that but says she owns a fake gun. she remembers officers were standing outside her door with weapons drawn. she does recall getting angry at them. >> i did say go ahead, shoot me. i wasn't technically referring to them to kill me. they said i said kill me, kill me. i don't recall saying that. i could have because i was pretty agitated. i mean, they were shooting at me. >> well, officers fired rubber bullets at helstrom and were
5:35 am
eventually able to take her into custody. south bay police agencies day plan to re affiaffirm stric laws against undocumented immigrants. president trump is still vowing to deny federal funds to cities or communities that do not follow federal immigration law. the police chief's association will hold a news conference at the mexican heritage plaza in san jose. leaders are expected to attend. all right. trying to deal with a crisis still this morning. happening today, san jose leaders are considering taking action to help people impacted after last month's coyote creek flood. this morning more hathan 500 victims still without a place to stay. the steps the city could be taking in just a matter of hours. kris. >> reporter: you can still see some of the homes where folks
5:36 am
cannot return home until major repairs are complete. it has been two weeks since they were evacuated when coyote creek rendered its banks. the homes will be unlivable for some time. the city wants to free up morehousing options and designate seven trees a temporary shelter. it is not an ideal situation either. some folks who were evacuated saying living in tight quarters with virtual strangers is making them sick. >> in the night you can hear them vomiting, coughing. it is scary. >> sleeping in a tight space like that, a few people have a cold. maybe a few have the flu. but everyone is being treated appropriately. >> the council will vote to extend emergency shelters for victims through may 31st at the seven trees community center. and they will consider hiring home first to mapping the shelter without a proper bid process at cost not to exceed
5:37 am
$297,000. kris sanchez, today in the bay. 5:36 right now. happening now. in fact, thousands of flights are canceled here and across the nation as a massive storm bears down on the east coast. here is awe look at flight you can see the impact it is having at airports right now. >> the nor'easter in the northeast making its presence felt. here are a couple live looks. that is chicago and michigan avenue on the top side of your screen. >> look at that all bundled up. it looks beautiful behind you. how are you looking up? pretty cold. >> yeah. it's chilly.
5:38 am
the snow has been falling since mid you night, missed with a little bit of sleet. for the most part, empty. we see the snowplows moving through the area on a pretty regular schedule. 1,600 have been deployed. it is really a losing battle at this point. the snow coming too quickly for them to get it all cleared away. that is going to intensify throughout the morning. they are going to continue the snow thaou the early evening. estimates 12 to 24 inches in some areas when things are said and done. we're under a state of emergency. a blizzard warning. schools have been closed down. a lot of schools and businesses said stay home for the day. you don't need to get out in this mess you hunker down.
5:39 am
this is something that when it is said and done will impact millions across the region which just of the last couple of weeks has been experiencing record high temperatures. it has changed in a hurry here in central park as the wind gusts at this point and the snow and sleet moving side ways. back to you in the warm studio.
5:40 am
very warm temperatures. near record as we start out on the day. following me on facebook and twitter, let me know what you think. we all have family out east. we are keeping an eye on the forecast and hearing updates from them as well. now as we head over to mike, changes for concord and bart. that's right, kari. we had the earlier crash for conco concord. no major issues. we should have no problems once that clears in the next couple of minutes.
5:41 am
bart right around coliseum. one train traveling north toward richmond. it has been cleared. we are recovering from whatever delay there was. should be okay at this point. back to you. thanks very much, mike. >> tracking new leads, new details we're getting about the investigation into a brutal attack on a bay area freeway as we hear from the victim from his hospital bed this morning. >> terrifying moments. a mudslide cascades down a mountain causing a bus to topple into a ravine. the recovery efforts happening right now.
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it's 5:44 on this tuesday morning. as you step out the door, nice and mild. clear skies. another beautiful day. as we get a live look outside at palo alto and the temperature trend for sunnyvale, going to reach into the mid-70s today. tomorrow, some changes heading in as a cold front moves across the bay area. more on that coming up in five minutes. and look here. we have nice travel times developing for the tri-valley.
5:45 am
smoother than a few minutes ago. no surprises. 25 minutes from grant line road to the dublin interchange. thank you very much, kari and mike. quart tore 6:00 right now. terrifying scene developing in peru. take a look. a bus was traveling through a mudslide and fell into a ravine, killing 18 people, including 5 children. it was like a waterfall of mud. it took place amid ongoing struggles in peru to survive heavy rains and flash flooding after the worst drought in decades. it took rescuers 20 hours to recover the bodies from the crash due to such poor accessibility after the bus plunged 1,600 feet. a different bus than that, down a ravine. this morning police are investigating new leads after a gang of dirt bikers attacked a lyft driver on 101 in san francisco. that was near cesar chavez.
5:46 am
from his hospital said, quintana said investigators seemed focused on one gang in particular and may have photos of suspects. >> they were having me look at pictures to see if i could rebney of them. and that brutal violent attack that you see there, alex's left leg was broken in three different places. chp say they are not ready to officially name any gang or any specific suspects. silicon valley workers are marking pi day. if you didn't know today is pi, mathematical formula pi, 3.14. technology workers are organizing a downtown event in palo alto. the group's facebook page indicate 2,000 people are
5:47 am
planning to attend. >> new details this morning on president trump's accusations of former president barack obama wiretapped trump tower. it is going to subpoena the department if it fails the provide evidence to back up the president's allegations the d.o.j. was supposed to deliver that yesterday. that was originally the deadline. d.o.j. asked for an extension. the d.o.j. has until march 20th now. that's when the committee will hold its first public meeting on russi intelligence. rex tillerson will represent the u.s. for the first time. there is quite a lot going on in the region. his week-long trip will include japan, soerbg soccuth korea, wh president was impeached, and china.
5:48 am
>> parts of federal lands here in the bay area and across northern california will be leased to oil and gas companies. today people will get a chance to see and comment on the environmental impact report. it was created by the you're of land management. there is a meeting at the bureau of central post office near mont a. bay area counties santa clara, san francisco, alameda, san mateo and contra costa. walmart's latest push against amazon will benefit the area with more jobs. they are in a pitched battle to offer faster shipping and better customer service for online orders. as a result, the bay area based online division is hiring hundreds of merchandise and category specialists. employs 2,000 people in the bay area. expect that to grow considerably. most jobs are located on the peninsula. >> goodyear letting the helium out of its fleet of blimps. a new, bigger, faster fleet, how
5:49 am
fast can they go? they will fly over the next super bowl, the world series as the giants go for their fourth championship since 2010. it's been a few years. you will probably see one the next time the warriors beat the cavs. it is a good year. >> one man's labor of love at his life lives on where it all came together. >> 70-year-old george drummond's wife elaine suffers from alz haoeueim alzheimer's. he tried to brink back happy memories. a vintage hi-fi where they could play records of glen miller. all of this meant to keep her
5:50 am
cal many and happy in an environment that makes per feel flooded with good memories. the hospital is keeping her room intact to help other alzheimer's patients. he is helping to decorate other rooms and spreading this great idea. >> isn't it amazing to have someone love that much to do that. >> so difficult for so many families. >> it is hard to see that. all right. let's get on to the forecast with kari. shorts and flip-flops maybe. >> especially this afternoon. now this morning, maybe not so much. it does feel warmer than it did yesterday at this time. we are seeing more of this weather moving into the bay area, feeling like spring. it is not officially spring according to the calendar. more time left this winter. a live look at san jose. we start out with dry
5:51 am
conditions. it may not stay that way. i think we need rain in the forecast the next several days. 46 in santa rosa. livermore and morgan hill, 53 degrees. it is not as cool. once again, we keep clear skies at recess. it is pine, juniper, cedar and ash. make sure you take the allergy pills as you head out. celebrating pi day in san francisco. some of the museums will be free like the exploratorium. at the bottom of the screen, rain in the forecast for this weekend. a slight chance of showers for
5:52 am
the north bay as this system drops from the north. unfortunately by the time it gets here, it a lot of rain with it. only going to see a couple of spot showers for the north bay. the rest of the bay area stays dry. this weekend, great chances in the forecast starting early sunday morning. then again early next week as well. we may get another soaker in the forecast. it will be good to see that heading into monday and tuesday. in the near term, very warm and dry today. and a couple of sprinkles in san francisco possible tomorrow. cooler air dropping in. we will tkrp it back 10 degrees before today and tomorrow. then going to see it warming back up in time for the weekend. now as we head over to mike, seeing predictable slowing. >> yeah. that's great. we plan for that. we're getting ready. tri-valley. subtle build for 680, 880 through hayward.
5:53 am
we have a little more slowing than you might expect for isabel. if you were paying attention, isabel adds a little congestion for that triangle. smooth drive across the bay and the approach. first the approach. 21 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. that's not bad. toll plaza finally filled in all the way. we have a nice smooth flow of traffic here. peninsula, take a look at palo alto. the lane shifts towards the left of the right. we saw a nice smooth flow yesterday. back to you. 5:53. up next, a cleanup that is in progress. mercury found in an east bay neighborhood. when the area will be back open. first happening now. pirates hijacked an oil tanker off the coast of kphal ya, the first hijacking of a large commercial vessel since 2012.
5:54 am
eight sri lankan crew members were on board. >> disney has decided to pull the movie in malaysia after they said they could cut to remove what they are calling a gay moment.
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will announce an uoming one-dayh 17th. nnounce an uoming one-dayh
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workers say they're ing one-dayh call unfair labor actes.y e-dayh three-peenhey've edenied a animal control officers announcing an upcoming one-day strike. it will be on march 17th. workers say they will strike because of unfair labor practices. they say they have been denied 3% cost of living adjustment. the workers going on strike help rescue animals. it will be announcedly in a few hurries at 9:00 this morning at the san mateo board of supervisors. hercules city council to discuss high-capacity transit study. they are talking about ways to ease some of the horrible congestion in the county, especially along busy interstate 80. they are talking about projects aimed at improving transit. >> if you're looking for a free checking account, head to a credit union. free checking has soared to a
5:58 am
new high at credit unions. they looked at the 50 largest in the u.s. and found 84% of them offer stand-alone free checking. all those accounts to free customers. that's up from 76%, well over twice the amount at the nation's largest. even though consumers save on free checking, overdraft fees are on the rise. researchers found topical antibiotics were no more effective than a practice see bow when treating eczema. they should use steroid creams and avoid antibiotics. dramatic video a massive fire broke out after a utility
5:59 am
truck crashed into a power pole. quite the weather to report. more sunshine across the area today. some changes in the forecast later this week we are getting ready for cooler temperatures. and also after a day of warm weather and sunshine, some changes mid week. more on that in the microclimate forecast. meantime, it is a different picture across the east coast. the city coming to a stand still as the powerful nor'easter pwhrafds the mid east. police officers on leave
6:00 am
after a deadly police shooting. what led up to the fatal encounter. good morning on this tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> it is a good afternoon. >> it will be bright and sunny and mild start to the day. we will be watching changes headed our way. the storm system is bringing some rain across the pacific northwest moving into the bay area by tomorrow. most live in the north bay with spotty showers. the rest of the bay area staying dry with cloudy skies. you'll notice a drop in the temperatures. a live look over san jose right now, all clear. once again, mild. los gatos seeing temperatures reach into the low 80s to


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