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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fog. awe live look outside at the golden gate bridge. may have to slow down that drive. we are talking about the fog along the coastline and what to expect as we head into the weekend in the microclimate forecast. stpwhraop questions question surround an east bay teenager after she was killed in an officer-involved shooting. what one witness says about the incident. travel ban is heating up once again. the last minute maneuver from a federal judge that blocks the president's revised travel ban. today in the bay now. very good thursday morning to you. thanks very much for joining. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. an exciting couple of here. we can feel it all the moisture in the air right now. >> as you step out, it's like a shower. >> funky hair day. >> and another day with sunshine during the afternoon.
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so we saturday out with changes. looking at low visibility and the fog mostly the coast line. as you step out the door 55 degrees in the tri-valley. 56 in the peninsula and south bay. 57 degrees. a nice mild start to the diaw. awe warm afternoon with all the fog clearing. we will get sunshine. highs in the 60s to lower 70s. mid-60s along the coast. heading into the next couple of days more changes in the forecast. i'll fill you in in seven minutes. head back to orinda. still activity going on. we're showing a little fog. fog along the coast. chp let us know about traffic around the area of highway 1. no detail. we'll check on what's going on. because of visibility. i'll let you know if anything else is the issue. this is the big issue of the morning. westbound 24. your commute out of orinda and
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oakland. four vehicle crash. they're trying to clear them all from the fast lane. a couple lanes getting by. the big distraction has you jammed up as far back as miranda road. that sticks out like awe sore thumb or red thumb. the rest of the bay looks good approaching the toll plaza. we will show you even though there was app earlier crash which cleared quickly, you have the left approach >> a lot happening in france. breaking news out of that country on several fronts. within the last 20 minutes, they have issued a nationwide alert after a shooting at a high school in the southern town of glass. we just learned a couple minutes ago, one student has been arrested. police say that student does attend the school. we will continue to follow the new developments. also, while that is happening, these are our pictures out of paris where a letter bomb has exploded at the french offices of the
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international monetary fund. one person was injured, but they don't feel it was serious. no damage to report so far as well. it a string of deadly attacks the last few years. >> support is pouring in locally for the family of a 16-year-old girl who was killed in a police shooting in hayward. she was a passenger in a car when the driver drove toward fremont police officers on tuesday. those officers opened fire killing her. >> pete suratos joining us in antioch where there is a vigil held for the victim. again, only 16 years old. police still looking for the driver of that car. yeah. good morning to you, sam and laura. police are still trying to look for the robbery suspect that they were looking for in the first place. family and friends are really trying to make sense of all of
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this. we know this started last night here in the park in antioch. candles still burning. plenty of family and friends out here for that vigil. our crews spoke with a teenager who said she was in the same car where the officer-involved shooting took place in hayward. >> i just heard gunshots. and i didn't really think about got hit in the car. so he made that right. my cousin grabbed her left side and shed screaming. >> 17-year-old arianna cabrera reporting. they drove up on the bmw they are passengers in on tuesday. undercover car was part of the
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investigation. when police approached the car, they say the driver awe robbery suspect, rammed into detective's car before fleeing the scene. shots were fired by detectives at that stolen car. one of those shots killing her. we're having some difficulties there. guys, we're seeing live this vigil we have been showing you guys. the stolen bmw at the of all of this is wanted in connection with 12 robberies spanning alameda, san joaquin counties. this is still an ongoing investigation. pete suratos, today in the bay. a lot of heart break, pete thank you very much. happening right now. we have been following a series of water main breaks in san francisco. what you're looking at is new
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video showing the largest of the three breaks. this is right near cal palace. the second one is at mission and. and then a third water main break at bay shore and lois lane. still not sure what caused the break. we are digging into that. we have calls into the san francisco public aoultutilityies commission. a live look at interstate 580 in dublin. traffic picking up. this is near the stretch of roadway where a little more than a year it has been available for commuters. two lanes event bound, one westbound. 14 miles through the tri-valley corridor alameda county leaders will provide feedback on how it is all working out. transit and chp will release findings 580 express lanes. we'll keep you updated. help is on the way for pleasanton homeowners whose homes are in danger of falling into an east bay creek last
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night at a water agency meeting. they made a plea for emergency repairs to a wall of mud. you see how the erosion has come right up to their wall there. this is the royal laguna creek. erosion has become a major problem. last month 40 feet of one backyard fell off into the creek. homeowners are blaming development farther upstream. >> we have absolutely lived a nightmare this last month. we can't sleep. i am not tend to go my kids at school. >> following a two-hour-long hearing, board directors approved $500,000 of immediate repairs. a longer term fix is still going to bedded. >> a live look from washington, d.c. president trump's revised travel ban was supposed to take effect at midnight. awe judge rejected the new ban just before it was put into
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place. in the meantime, nbc news was the only camera at the u.s./mexico border as gunfire broke out. tracie potts joins us live with reaction and exclusive photos from that border incident. good morning, tracie. reporter: good morning, sam and laura. video too, that will show you while that was happening, the president was talking about safety and security at the mexico border at our airports which is what this travel ban effect new this morning. another federal judge. this one in maryland has also put that ban on hold. the president's comments came hours before that incident at the u.s./mexico border. you see it here. -- danger overnight at the u.s. phebgsmexico border. >> seven bullet holes that you can see. >> reporter: shots fired from a boat from across the border. >> three people shot one fatally. >> reporter: it happened just hours after awe federal judge in high put a hold on president
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trump's travel ban. the revised travel ban that was supposed to go into effect at midnight. >> this ruling makes us look weak. we will take it as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. >> i have no doubt this will stand. >> reporter: the judge found the 90-day ban would likely discriminate against muslims. >> we will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of national origin or religion. >> reporter: it's another defeat, a the president tries to drum up support for his unpopular health plan to pave the way for tax reform. >> we are going to reduce your taxes. big league. big. >> the president lays out new budget details. a 10% increase for the military paid for by big at the state
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department. >> it allows us to be much more effective, efficient, and to be able to do a lot with fewer dollars. >> and here is that budget he was talking about. it just came out this morning. we have been looking through the 50 pages or so. in it, a lot of cuts to domestic programs that help the middle class, families seniors, after-school transit programs housing programs. necessary the whose says the president has promised not to touch the biggest parts of the budget social security and medicare. live from washington tracie potts, today in the bay. 6:10 now as you get ready. out the door quickly with a forecast of what expect. a lot more sunshine. morning clouds and fog. after that clears out, we are looking at a high of 70 degrees in san jose and livermore. 72 in concord and napa. oakland, 65. as you get out and enjoy all the
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sun and warm temperatures make sure you bring along the allergy medication if you suffer from pine per, cedar or ash. that is what is really in bloom right now. but we will have rain in the forecast that could help out with some of these allergens next week. that's coming up in five minutes. flashing lights in dublin. >> laura showed live look at dublin. we saw quickly flashing lights west towards the dublin interchange. scene of the crash moved to the shoulder. everything on the shoulder. just a distraction. most of the bay is typical. highway 24 continues to see a slow jammed out towards fish ranch road. still one lane blocked a&a number of vehicles to be removed
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from the crash. back in the spotlight again. in three minutes, the major development we are expecting today in the vallejo kidnapping case that was originally dismissed by police as a hoax. more layoffs at a troubled silicon valley company and big boom on youtube.
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6:15. warm temperatures and sunshine the next couple of days. weuf 243 inches of snow at the. looking at rain in the forecast this weekend. bay area will see rain too. talk about it in five minutes. east bay shows no problems for the tri-valley into hayward. we have big slowing through orida, highway 24. mike kari thank you very much. quarter after 6:00 on your thursday morning. a bizarre bay area kidnapping case is back in the headlines this morning. later today, matthew mohler will be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to kidnapping ava lay hoe woman in 2015. police initially called it a hoax. it was not. prosecutors are pushing to or a 40-year prison sentence.
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his lawyer it is too harsh for a man who served in the marines and is a harvard educated attorney. he added he lives with a mental illness. a report card covering english, math even the rate of suspensions at child's school. the department of education rolling out the new california school dashboard that rates five different areas using a color coded matrix. blue is best red is worse. the dashboard replaces the old index which gave a three tkeuplgdigit number grade for each school. some say it is still too complicated. mcdonald's started testing mobile orders in monterey and salinas salinas. the app uses gps data to determine when cooked.
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a full nationwide rollout later this year. >> faster burgers, faster into my belly. pretty great success. >> so much so starbucks is worried business could get too good. many people waiting for their mobile orders. they are adding baristas. let's take you out to wall street. dow hit its third triple digit gain in quite some time. just the third time since the financial crisis of 2009. gopro reports profits tonight. the company will lay off more employees. nearly 300. this is the second set of layoffs in four months. it is based out of san mateo. they didn't have gopros in the 50s and 60s but they had high-speed cameras when they were filming nuclear tests. they were secret until now.
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a test project was just completed. it took years to get them declassified digitized and on youtube. >> tesla says its balance books are running close to the edge. their words. going back to the well offer more stock, issuing more debt to pay fort machines and the technology tesla to build the model 3, the cheaper tesla. tesla, as you know as a general rule, you don't want to do this. you are diluting the stocks that's already out there. investors hate that. the stock goes up no matter how many times they cut the pizza. >> they are just so intrigued what elon musk does. >> boy, they come back to the well a lot. >> boy, do we talk about him a
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lot. x is calling today's launch of a satellite a success. it blasted off 2:00 from kennedy space center in florida. in this case the rocket did not make an attempt to land. instead, it burned up after reentering the atmosphere. it separated cleanly from its boosters and is now in orbit. we are looking at some fog as we step out the door this morning. a live look outside from at&t park. san francisco looking at low visibility in spots. is not every wrfplt now the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look. there will be changes heading into the weekend looking at some
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rain for parts of the bay area. looking now at 58 degrees in oakland as well as napa and fairfield, 55 degrees. as we go through the day, going to see the high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s in milpitas. it will be a nice and comfortable day. upper 60s to low 70s. right at 63 degrees in the mission you district today in san francisco. 68 degrees in santa sa. we'll start to see this storm system moving farther inland and creating rain for parts of the bay area. saturday afternoon, all of us will not see this rain on saturday. we will continue to see is a slight chance of rain on sunday as well. it may reach a little bit farther intern on monday once again for the north bay. we will see rain and more widespread rain in the forecast tuesday as well as wednesday.
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we head over to mike. slowing in the east bay, right? >> that's where the big pluck moves of to the peninsula, which isn't seeing any problems for the speed sensors. this is thursday. we tend to see a lighter flow of traffic. pleasanton south 680, hayward, the build across the san mateo. the big issue is getting to orinda. westbound 24 slowing as far as pleasant hill. and fish ranch road. toe trucks on scene. a quick look at the golden gate bridge. palo alto end with a quick shot here. slowing north bound. >> traffic one of those things we deal with in the area. we know the bay area is the
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great place live. is it considered the best in the world. coming up in two and a half minutes, the worldwide list of the best places to live.
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the lt of e wor's beplac to le-- iout ts morng welcome back. 6:24. the world's best places to live is out this morning.
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the u.s. didn't really do so great. it is topping the list for the eighth straight year. vienna austria. that's according to a u.s. consulting firm called mercer. it engages to expand work there. it ranks on easy access to transportation, quality of life economic stability. rounding out the top five for zurich auckland munich and vancouver you can see at the bottom there san francisco, at least compared to world cities. it was the highest ranking u.s. city at number 29 followed by honolulu, new york seattle. we still love it here. a newark woman scrutinized her receipt from a local cafe and noticed didn't add up. good morning. mary lie figured out a fremont cafe was rounding up her sales
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tax. check out her receipt. on a $13 order, she paid $1.25 in sales tax. she should have paid $1.24. it's just a penny. a few weeks later, she was charged too much sales tax again. a couple days after that she was again charged too much sales tax for awe milk shake. tonight at 6:00 we take her case to the state and ask what happens when you're charged too much sales tax. we'll explain you want to check your receipts too, especially next month. if you have a consumer complaint, call us any time. 888-996-tips. or logon to i'll see you tonight at 6:00. all right. we will see you then. thank you, chris. scary moments overnight in the south bay neighborhood. coming up next on today in the bay, at motive behind a standoff in san jose. on this day five years ago, sierra lamar disappear odd her way to school in morgan hill.
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today the trial of her accused killer continues. what you can expect in the courtroom today.
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heading towards the bay bridge easy flow of traffic. bart is a good option. san jose. easy flow of traffic. there you see the volume. pretty standard. back to you. starting to build. thank you very much. update to breaking news. a lot happening in france right now. first within the last 20 minutes or so an armed high school student arrested after a shooting at a school in southern france. so far police are not taking about what of weapon the suspect was carrying.
6:32 am
the student went to that school. in paris, a letter has exploded at the french offices of the international monetary fund. officials say one person was injured but they don't believe it was serious. no damage reported as well. today marks five years since teenager sierra lamar disappeared. the prime suspect in her murder is now on. lamar's mother called 911 five years ago frantically
6:33 am
looking for her daughter. it has been a long road for she and steve lamar, lamar's father. the suspect allegedly kidnapped before lamar disappeared. the face of the woman who testified that antolin garcia torres got into her car at safeway parking lot where she just picked up growers and where garcia torres worked. >> the other victims are the building pwrobgs of the prosecution's case to show mr. gore seay torres had the modus operandi to commit the sierra lamar kidnapping and murder. >> a lot of folks who is searched for lamar have been showing up here at the courthouse. tonight they will gather at
6:34 am
shakers piece ya where lamar lived most of her life. we will upindicate you on social media forms and also on air. in san jose kris sanchez, today in the bay. kris thank you very much. staying in san jose a lengthyoff coming to an end. police used flash bangs to get a man out of an apartment. >> what led up to the standoff and show how it all came to an end. bob? >> good morning to you laura. good morning, sam. this standoff was the result of domestic violence. an adult son attacking his mother who he lived with. this is what it you sounded like as police tried to get this man to surrender. police officers set off a flash bang inside an apartment on branham and monterey road where
6:35 am
the man barricaded himself. the police department was called out because the sun got into an argument with his mother who is in her 60s. the son allegedly attacked his mother in the bathroom and at one point tried to strangle her. she and her daughter were able to escape. he refused police orders to come out. officers surrounded the complex. the standoff lasted until 12:30, 1:00 this morning. he finally turned himself in peacefully. he has more than one warrant out for his arrest. >> bob, thank you. 6:35 right now. over to berkeley. a man is behind bars after taking police on a wild chase in four different cities and climbing on a rooftop to avoid being arrested.
6:36 am
it started in oakland 7:00 last night when officers tried to pull him over when he was driving a white pickup truck. he rammed his truck into a police car, leading police on a chase through oakland, san leandro, back through oakland, berkeley getting cars in the process. >> he said oh, my god, i'm hit, i'm hit. >> i saw people outside with guns. we locked the doors and went into the back. all the staff helped us hide and made sure we were okay. turned off all the lights. >> a frightening experience. there was a woman as well. she was also arrested. before the suspect came down from the roof and surrendered, he shouted out that he loves
6:37 am
her. new details, a legal for the city of san hoe saw. it has lost its bid to have a negligence suit tossed out after it got out of hand. one supporter ended up covered in egg. they claim police stood by and did not intervene. the judge denied the city's request to deny. >> 6:37. happening now, the trump administration reexamining obama era gas mileage standards in hopes of lowering them for american carmakers. that could mean a big blow to california. >> in 1970 congress gave a waiver to set its own standards because of smoggy skies. at least a dozen other states adopted those standards as well. now the trump administration is looking to create a national standard that experts say will be lower than california's. the issue will most likely be
6:38 am
settled in the court. >> 6:37. if you're planning to spend time it will be warm and sunny the next couple of days. spotty showers saturday. st. patrick's day music festival going on all day long at the cultural center. it will be a nice one. 67 degrees. on saturday the greatest garage sale on earth will be happening. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the subgsz.60s. as you get out there, looking at spotty showers, especially for the north bay. more widespread rain coming up in 10 minutes. mike has the ripple effect for highway 24. >> we talk about one thing happening and other things cascading off of that one event.
6:39 am
highway 24 very unpleasant in your westbound commute. crash at fish ranch road cleared a few minutes ago. but a big backup out of pleasant hill and walnut creek. a big rig may have run out of class. be careful out there in that area. the rest of the approaches highway 24 to the bay bridge just fine. 35 minutes for the east shore freeway. pretty standard backup. left approach getting a little break. awe call is placed to a poison control center nearly every minute in the u.s. because a young child got into medicine. in three minutes, the steps all parents need to take to make sure their children stay safe. the president lashes out as
6:40 am
he loses in court again. today is day # 6. all right. the post rate hike bump. a check how the stock markets are doing. 20,980. the fed announcing it was going to raise interest rates yesterday. the first of many expected to come. more news, traffic in two minutes.
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6:43 on this thursday morning. looking at clear skies around the bay area. here's a live look at palo alto. and sunnyvale, 10:00, 58 degrees. lunchtime, 62. overall, a beautiful day after these morning clouds clear. right at about average. into the mid-60s today and tomorrow. then changes ahead for the weekend. i'll talk about that and a look at when and where we will see rain at 6:48. the south bay, has started right on schedule. 21 minutes from 85 split. 87 in downtown as well. highway 24 coming up. >> 6:43. a study shows neglect by parents could lead a kids being accidentally poisoned because medicines were not put out of their child's reach.
6:44 am
nearly every minute in the united states the poison control center receives a call about children geting into medicine. less than half parents keep medications high enough on the shelf. this isn't because parents don't care but they aren't aware of what their kids are capable of. another factor, child resistant packaging may not mean childproof. >> parents, while they know their kids well, they can underestimate what they can do. ? other potential danger include vitamins supplements and eye drops. keep all these items away from your kids. new thopb, newis morning the airport last year opened up a brand-new state-of-the-art tower. that does not mean it is out with the old. it will convert the old tower into an observation deck. travelers, even visitors without a ticket can come and watch
6:45 am
planes take off and land. crews will have to make modifications before it starts its next chapter. that begins with the removal of the old top section. today president trump is hosting an annual tradition when former barack obama hosted mckinney last year. this afternoon the prime minister and president trump will head to the capital for a friends and ireland luncheon. he has pro claimed march irish-american heritage month. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 56. >> a busy day for the president. now that his travel ban has once again lost in court. let's start with the travel ban. remember the white house rewrote it after the first ban failed in two courts.
6:46 am
the second was supposed to take effect today. a court in hawaii said no. another court in maryland. here's the president's reaction over the hawaii decision. >> the order as blocked is a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with. >> the white house lawyers probably winced when the president said that. because the strategy was the first order and second were totally different. i think islam hates us he says. and you don't know who is who. and his budget to congress which has to approve it. big spending for the military
6:47 am
and the southern border. it money has to come from senior. you could borrow money. but the republican congress isn't going to allow that. so to make it a bigger part of the pie, you have to take it from senior. the president promised not to take it from social security or medicare, which means all the money has to come from here. this is everything else. the state department epa, meals-on-wheels, job training after-school programs. a lot that red states like west virginia needs. >> a working class county would do far less than. >> i know. >> a lot of things aren't consistent. but these are going to be negotiated. >> so he will take that to capitol hill today. we will continue to tore it.
6:48 am
>> he will continue to look at the tweets, executive orders throughout the first 100 days in office on today in the bay. scott would love to hear from you. share your thoughts on twitter. all right. a friendly reminder right now. and i do mean friendly. tip-off two and a half hours away. >> we are talking ncaa. this is all talk about the billions lost innist. another school of thought among human resource experts, let employees have fun. let it ride. >> it pays dividends. like i said it's out there.
6:49 am
>> companies are building events around march madness because it helps camaraderie. >> all right. you and i as we both know have our alma matters represented here. >> that's what we found out we're doing. >> the gales are marching again. i should say dancing again. bay area basketball fans including my very lovely co anchor here on the game this afternoon. that's at 4:20. that's when st. mary's is hitting the court to take on the rams, a very pesky team by the way. they are back for the first time in four years. >> that's right. such an exciting time to be a gale right now.
6:50 am
>> your team, ucla historically amaze. we have plenty. >> bring it back. despite the history. i guess i'll go for. >> the gales. why not. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> we are going to see some sunshine today. we have a lot of warm weather. we get a look at coastal fog that's been developing this morning. temperatures in the mid-50s right now in the peninsula.
6:51 am
59 as you step out the door in the east bay. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look. up to 67 degrees in the peninsula peninsula. 65 in the east bay. while san francisco enjoys a nice comfortable 64 degrees. we have a couple more days of dry weather. then we will start to see this storm system reaching closer to the bay area. it will start out with spotty showers especially for the north bay. on saturday afternoon, the rest of the bay area looks to stay dry. until sunday in the afternoon, a few spotty showers. it will not rain the whole day. the rain really getting in between monday evening, early tuesday. with that we're looking at widespread rain. next week foggy. off and on. several storm systems rolling in. enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. looking at the potential of half an inch of. maybe an inch and a quarter around the bay area. the farther north you go there will be a lot more rain.
6:52 am
if you're wondering how much rain do we normally get during the month of march, we on average get two inches in san jose. we have only had .3. then of course it starts to drop off. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up to date. let me know what you have going on this weekend. looking at spotty showers in the forecast starting out on saturday as well as sunday. very slight chances for the weekend. more significant and widespread. heavy rain next week. over to mike now. what's it look like in the tri-valley. >> so far it looks like a smooth regular flow of traffic around most of the bay. highway 2 orinda 24. the tri-valley, crash reported. no additional slowing has showed up the last five minutes. i'll track it despite the fact that the cars are on the
6:53 am
shoulder. highway 24 causing a big backup to continue out of pleasant hill and walnut creek. that has been a troubled commute all morning. shy of the tunnel is where it starts to loosen up. urn east shore under 45 minutes. slowing a lot through richmond berkeley. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. san jose and douglas northbound 101. standard flow throughout the silicon valley as well. >> coming up next the top stories this morning we're following on nbc bay area. a series of water main breaks in bay area city. a closer look at the mess left behind overnight. >> but first happening now, pennsylvania judge expected to give his verdict today. but it comes to the trial of a mentally ill woman charged with drowning two of her sons. also in pennsylvania police
6:54 am
calling free from a transport car. he led police on a high-speed chase. back in two minutes.
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6:56 am
beforyou hd outhe do -herere thtop sries nbc bay area. welcome back auto this thursday morning. the top stories on nbc bay area.
6:57 am
>> we start with stories we have been covering all morning long. an update to breaking news. this police scene right now of a school shooting in the city of grasse in southern france. they arrest aid student who was armed at the time. >> that's right. the 17-year-old student was armed with with a rifle and actually two handguns and grenades. there are conflicting reports how many people have been hurt. so far no deaths have been reported. in paris, a letter bomb exploded at the french offices of the international monetary fund. officials say one person was injured but it is not believed to be serious. there was no damage reported there. authorities say that letter contained fire. a string of deadly attacks over the last two years. questions in antioch. a vigil was held last night to remember the teen.
6:58 am
fremont police shot and killed her during the undercover operation on tuesday. hayward police say officers shot at the car she was riding in when the driver drove towards those officers actually injuring them. police are still searching for the driver of the car wanted in a series of armed robberies. >> new video into our newsroom. we have been talk building this crash in oakley all morning long. we have the video to go with it. you can see the hole in the house that led to a gas leak. the car crashed into the home around 2:00 this morning. the car crashed when a woman was sleeping there. it missed her by inches. her son tells nbc bay area she's doing okay and was not physically injured. there is an evacuation in place. a series of water main breaks in san francisco. new video showing the largest of the three breaks. the second at mission and college. the third is at bay shore and
6:59 am
weus lane. still not sure what caused the water break or how many people are affected. calls into the san francisco public utilities commission. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. we are talk building a little water coming from the sky as well. a slight drizzle this morning. more in the forecast kari. >> in the near term mist and drizzle along the coastline. we have the patchy fog. highs reaching into the upper 60s, lower 70s. 68 degrees today in the north bay. >> all right. let's check the morning commute right now. pretty good except orinda. very tough. 24 westbound. another 20 minutes until the tow truck will arrive. >> st. mary's college. >> i'm going to root for st.'s
7:00 am
until they play northwestern. we'll be back with more news in 25 minutes. go gales and wildcats. good morning. breaking overfight, a federal judge blocked the white house's revised travel ban and the president is none to happy. >> an unprecedented judicial overreach. >> so what's the next move for the white house? showdown feral prosecutors indict two russian spies for that massive hack into yahoo!. just the latest in escalating tensions between 2 u.s. and russia. this morning, a key member of trump's foreign policy team taking a harder line on moscow than the president himself. >> we cannot trust russia. we should never trust russia. we'll have matt's one-on-one with nikki haley.


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