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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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popular destination for spring training, and the faithful are packing every game to watch the giants in the cactus league. stay tuned for giants baseball as they take on the rockies next. ♪ >> it's out of here! ♪ welcome to the senora desert, even by cactus league standards it's unseasonably warm. temperatures in the 90s today,
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now the giants and rockies with some nighttime baseball. happy st. st. to you. i'm j st. patrick's day to you, i'm jon miller with mike krukow. matt cain, a long time star in the pitching rotation in the unfamiliar spot of trying to make this stat, this is a big start for him tonight. >> this is game 22 of the giants spring training, for matt cain, this is when he starts to stretch things out. they wanted him to go four, five innings st s tonight. his last outing he said i'm very, very close. he has not had a good spring, he needs a good start tonight. michael morse making his first start in the outfield and jimmy rollins in the outfield. jimmy rollins, veteran, former mvp, trying to make this team as well. stay tuned. we'll be back. the giants and the rockies, a cactus league friendly back with
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the lineups and the fist pitch aft first pitch after this.
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>> welcome back to cactus league baseball. your san francisco giants are taking on the colorado rockies. fans looking tonight at jimmy rollins because brandon craw ford is competing in the world baseball classic. he said while his focus is on team usa right now, he's
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checking giants box scores every single day, his focus is clear for this season, a world championship. up to jon and mike. >> jon: thanks for that update, amy. i'm jon miller along with mike krukow. jimmy rollins at shortstop. and let's look at the rockies batting order. charlie blackmon in center. lemahieu at stek base. trevor story, shortstop. jordan paterson at first base. cardullo in right. pat valaika at third. tapia in left field. tony wolters the catcher. and here is matt cain ready to work. first pitch on the inside. called strike. mike everitt is the home plate umpire. it is twilight time, mike, with the infield mostly covered in the shadows. back drop lit up in the bright sun. along the left-field line this could be trouble in the foul ground. no. eduardo nunez gave a long run
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for it. not quite. >> mike: on the hill tonight for the giants, the 11-year veteran, matt cain. his fifth start. the spring has not gone the way he wanted it go. 10 1/3, given up 11 earned runs. tonight is taking on a more important start for him. he needs to start getting better command of his fastball. he will be around the 90s with the fastball. curveball, cutter and change-up. they are trying to get him to extend out around 75 pitches tonight. four, five innings. this is a big outing for matt cain. not often you say that about an 11-year veteran, cain knows the deal. he needs a good outing. >> jon: that curveball tapped foul. dropped down and in, out of the strike zone. 0-2 to charlie blackmon hitting .462 in the springtime. this is a guy who's established himself as a very fine lead-off man.
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hit 29 home runs hitting lead-off last year. up the first base side foul. handled by tony diaz, the first base coach for the rockies. matt cain in his st. patrick's day cap, which we modeled during our on-camera open. >> it's a good one. of all the st. patrick's day hats they've had over the years, i think this one is the best. >> waiting for blackmon to get back in the batter's box is matt cain. base hit left center. able to cut it off is gorkys hernandez. >> mike: let's look at the giants defensively. from left to right, michael morse out in left field. joined by gorkys hernandez, hunter pence. jimmy rollins and eduardo nunez.
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hill and belt on the right side. hundley will be in the squat putting down the signs. >> jon: you get a look at center field, the hitter's back drop which is in play. that's about 35, 37 feet high. 430 feet from home plate. d.j. lemahieu now. national league batting champion last year. count is 0-1. >> mike: pretty begin conditions at the ballpark tonight. no wind at all. hot afternoon, hitting the 90s. just sort of feels like the evening is calming down, but a great night to play. >> jon: there you see the flag in deep center. this could be two. hill, rollins, double play. brandon belt takes the throw at first. couple of long-time veterans, aaron hill and jimmy rollins out there handling the double play.
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the two have many, many veterans with minor league contracts this spring. >> mike: ground ball, nice two-hopper at the belt to aaron hill. you have jimmy rollins and aaron hill, they've been around a long time, as would michael morse. you wouldn't know it around the batting cage. lots of energy, lots of life, lots of fun. this is not just a job to these guys. >> jon: story had a grade beginning of his season last year. hit seven home runs the beginning of the season. kept hitting them, then got hurt. missed the last couple months of the season. he gets a single to center. ended up with 27 home runs last year. less than two-thirds of a season. pretty impressive. story, he won't sneak up on anybody this year.
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they know everything about him now. he only played 97 games last year, mike. 27 homers. he looked like a guy who was going to hit 40-something homers for the year until he got hurt. here now is jordan paterson. the clean-up hitter. rockies acquired ian desmond -- remember ian desmond in the national league was a shortstop for the washington nationals and a pretty good one. signed as a free agent last year with texas in the american league. played mostly center field for the rangers. had a very strong year. the rockies acquired him in the off season and wanted him to play first base. 1-1 the count to paterson. he got hit with a pitch the other day, broke a bone in his hand. so he will open the season on the disabled list now.
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>> mike: they originally said 6 to 8 weeks which is the normal time for a broken bone to heal, but they think it will come back quicker. >> jon: there goes story. shallow right center. aaron hill in the sunshine now, inning over. matt cain couple of hits but gets through it nicely. nunez, hill and hunter pence coming up.
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>> jon: beautiful night here in the valley of the sun. as we look at the giants batting order. eduardo nunez, aaron hill at second base. hunter pence in right field. michael morse left field. for the first time this spring hitting cleanup. brandon belt, nick hundley, jimmy rollins hitting seventh. gorkys hernandez the center fielder. >> mike: on the hill tonight for the rockies, young left-hander harrison musgrave. he was an eighth round pick by the rockies in 2014. not going to impress you with velocity but moves the ball around well. everywhere he's been in the minor leagues, he's won. >> jon: that's ball one to eduardo nunez. nunez, who had some soreness in his shoulder when the cactus
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league schedule began and was limited to designated hitter duties. towards the middle. lemahieu. one away. nunez has been back in there playing second base for the last week, ten days. >> mike: the rockies defensively, tapia, blackmon and cardullo. story and lemahieu, musgrave, and nunez, fast catcher, very athletic. >> jon: he had an impressive rookie season last year. splitting time with a guy who is a giant now, nick hundley. aaron hill, .320 for the spring. ball one off the outside. >> mike: wolters will probably be the opening day catcher for these rockies. tom murphy is injured. had a lot of significant
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injuries in this rockies camp this spring. as you mentioned, ian desmond with the broken hand. chat bettis, starting pitcher, battling -- taking some chemotherapy for some cancer. we all wish him the best. >> jon: pitched one time and then they found a cancerous body in the testicular area. and that is what he's up against now. having to start chemotherapy very shortly. so we do send off along our prayers and best wishes to chad bettis, always has been impressive against the giants. last year he ended up winning 14 games for the rockies. hill, that's on the outside. 3-2. >> mike: the other significant
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injury is david dahl, one of their outfielders, has a rib injury. the rockies trying to overcome the injuries. this is a talented team. a team the giants will not take lightly. we thought last year the giants were the best defensive team in the west. you can see buddy black. >> jon: foul tip off the edge of wolters glove. buddy black, former san diego padre manager. a giants pitcher for four seasons. 1991 through '94. he was padres manager for a long time. a lot of people shocked that he got fired by the padres. >> mike: that includes us. >> jon: along the left-field li line. in foul ground. hill, after a long battle, is
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retired. two down. >> mike: bud black is known for pitching. he was the pitching coach for the angels when the angels won the world championship in 2002. became a big league manager with the padres. built a great bullpen, good staff over there. that's what he's expected to do with this rockies organization. they have a lot to of good, young talented arms. a lot in the rotation that will be very important if the rockies are going to do well this year that the starting staff with a lot of youth on it gets an experienced young bullpen. >> 0-1 to mike pence. mike pence with a couple doubles. has a new look. what do you think? is that beard starting the process of growing back in now? it is. here is valaike.
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that's all for the giants. matt cain will go back to work. 0-0 after one.
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heritage night, go . >> jon: matt cain back to work. michael cardullo, young right-handed hitter with power. mat valaika and tapia to follow. .333 average for the cactus league so far for cardullo. 2-0. the rockies share a spring training park with the diamondbacks, four miles from here, just up the street a bit in scottsdale. that ballpark, the die machine shuns are not nearly dimension are not nearly as expansive as here. here 430 to center. 360 down the left-field line. i asked about -- they don't list the die machine shun to right
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field. and guys who pitch here said right field? about 220. >> mike: seems that way. you don't have to have a strong wind to hit it out to right field. lots of carry to that side of the field. used to be so much fun watching barry bonds take batting practice in this yard. he would hit them where they would disappear into the night. >> jon: cain misses with the slow curveball off to the inside. 3-2 to cardullo. >> mike: key for kaine tonigcai don't be so concerned about velocity as you are location. >> jon: 88-mile-per-hour fast ball. we're used to cain being over 90 miles per hour, when he was much younger, way over 90 miles per hour. is that concerning to you, the 88-mile-per-hour? >> mike: no, it's not. if he can pinpoint it both sides of the plate -- >> jon: base hit to left. >> mike: -- he can get people
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out. we talk about hitting what is hitting? it's timing. what is pitching? upsetting the timing. that's what he has to rely upon now. mixing speeds, location and movements. it's in there. he knows he's close. he also feels when he gets more mechanically sound he will add some velocity. before, he was trying to overthrow, now he's -- what dave righetti has convinced him of, throw at a speed you can control it. don't worry about the velocity. control yourme movement. control your location. >> jon: here is valaika. 0-1 the count. what about the fact he's come down here for years, as a proven, dependable member of the rotation, working himself into shape, now he's actually trying to win a spot. is that a tough adjustment to make when you're a veteran and you haven't been in that mode since you were really a rookie?
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pence gave chase there. it's out of play. >> mike: it's what professional baseball is all about. it's talent. what you have done in the past has no bearing on what you're about to do. the season you're about to go into. every year you come into spring training you have to prove it to yourself before you can move it to your manager, pitching coach, teammates and opponent. it's something that renews every year. he welcomes the challenge. he really does. he's not afraid of it. >> jon: high and tight. fastball with a lot of movement running up and in to valaika. >> mike: it's the story with every pitcher. you will come in with a gunful of bullets. when you go out, you won't have much. what you get by with is what you learned along the way. you learned how to read hitters, learned how to pitch. you learned how to change speeds and movements. >> jon: right center field. caught by gorkys hernandez.
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hit right off the end of the bat by valaika and hernandez had an easy time getting to it. one away. >> mike: if you pitch long enough, eventually it will happen to every pitcher. unless you're nolan ryan. >> jon: nolan ryan, he was 46 and still throwing 94, 95-mile-per-hour fastballs. >> mike: can't even explain that. >> jon: mautd witt williams who in with the giants originally in the last couple months of the 2005 season, 12 years ago, a staple in the rotation for years after that. tapia. this is a guy who impressed the giants when they first saw him. he came up from the miners midseason last year. he got speed and creates a lot of difficulties for the defense. .265 so far this spring. a sharp foul right past tony
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diaz, the first base coach. the ball dude handles it. one ball, one strike. >> mike: in regards to cain, just one more point. when you come into the big leagues like he did at age 20 throwing fastballs across the letters, which is rare, that was his signature. fastball. he was as macho as you could imagine at age 20. now he's a different pitcher, completely. >> jon: change-up. 1-2. fooled him. >> mike: in a way, it's as rewarding, maybe a bit more rewarding when you're able to get guys out throwing change-ups, swinging at balls in the dirt. you think of yourself as a pitcher, not a thrower. dave righetti, 18th year as the giants pitching coach. >> jon: ball and two strikes to tapia. that's a base hit into right center. into the gap. hunter pence can't quite get to it. a run will score on this one.
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cardullo in to score and into third already, he was into third before cardullo crossed the plate, raimel tapia showing off that speed. 1-0 colorado. >> mike: i think cain's read on tapia is that he has len gth to his swing. just a leak out over the plate, and now all of a sudden it becomes a gift. tapia, to his credit, does not miss the cookie. >> jon: a triple for tapia. watch him run. >> mike: he was hitting three bags right out of the box. >> jon: he's at third, one out. here is wolters. giants infield comes in in the second inning. ball one to wolters. tapia's first triple of the spring base hit.
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right through the drawn-in infield. just a little bouncer by wolters. tapia scores. 2-0 colorado. >> mike: that's the problem. infield drawn in with a runner at third base, less than two outs, you lose range. in arizona, where the infields are hard, you just done have a lot of margin of error. >> jon: here's the pitcher, harrison musgrave now. touched up for a couple runs in this inning. musgrave already showing bunt. foul. charging in from third was nunez who was very shallow to begin with. belt, he had to hold against the runner. the pitch was thrown, then he came rushing in. musgrave from west virginia. 6'1" 25 years old. you wouldn't be surprised based on the way his trajectory has
6:28 pm
been in the minor leagues, to see him in the big leagues sometime this year. brandon belt goes to second. just in time. not in time at first. off the glove of hill any way, but also too late. musgrave runs pretty well, as you saw. he runs into a force play. >> mike: not many first basemen in an inning, already allowed two, one out, you would take this gamble to get the lead runner. this is a close play. wolters has good speed for a catcher. he's not a guy you think i'm going to second because he's slow. that was a great throw. >> jon: looked to me like an excellent call by the umpire, chris siegel. is that chris siegel or ramon dejesus. two umpires on the base tonight.
6:29 pm
strike one to charlie blackmon. the lead off man. runner at first, two down, two in for the rockies. one ball one strike. >> mike: one thing when you transition as a pitcher from a hard thrower to a guy who has an average or slightly below average fastball, you have to rely on movement an location. you have to be aggressive. you have to get strike one. the tendency is to anybodyinibb. >> jon: aaron hill, takes his time. inning over. rockies go ahead 2-0. michael morse, brandon belt coming up for the giants. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is,
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but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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>> jon: giants baseball brought to you by toyota. incredible savings at every toyota. visit toyota, let's go places. still a lot of giants in camp. 71 when the cactus league schedule began. still 47 are here. nearly half of them pitchers or catchers. 17 are not on the giants 40-man roster. they've already set out on
6:32 pm
several guys who are on the 40-man roster. they have many guys with major league experience or long minor league experience, including this face, michael morse. >> mike: a lot of pressure with every game, every about theed about the he takes. you just don't sense it around him. you feel like he's having the time of his life and playing with horse money. thhouse money. musgraves. and morse hits one high in the air to left center. playable. blackmon. one away. now let's go to amyg. >> i have madison bumgarner. good to see you, really nice to see your last outing where you were looking pretty good on the mound. coach gave you the ultimate
6:33 pm
compliment saying you're ready to go. what do you want to work on between now and opening day? >> it did feel good last time out. just as long as each game, each time we're out there it feels a little better, little better. by the time we're done here, your arm is in shape to throw 100 plus pitching, keep that sharpness and crispness on your stuff. that's really all you're looking for during spring or me any ways. >> you guys have been missing two key components with buster posey and brandon crawford in the world baseball classic. you have a lot of time with nick hundley. how is that relationship been developing? >> you know, we have to do that. it's much easier to do it now than during the regular season. it's good that it's working out that way. everybody is getting familiar with him. he's a really good catcher. he knows the league. he's smart. works hard. that's what you want. >> i will throw duane kuiper
6:34 pm
under the bus. i was talking to him before the game. he would like to know if you think buster is jealous that you're getting so much time with nick. >> no, he's probably happy about it. it's good to watch those guys. >> there's some good competition going down and the difficult decision of bruce bochy. you have to feel confident with whatever he goes with on opening day. >> yeah. it will be hard to make that decision. i'm glad i'm not in his shoes. you know, it's like you said, there's no wrong decision. so it's just going to be tough. >> even though it seems like you've been a giant for so long, you're still very young, and you're getting time with some seasoned veterans in aaron hill and jimmy rollins. do you get any time with them? have you had a chance to get to know them a bit? what do you glean off of them as position players and long-time
6:35 pm
major league baseball players? >> for sure. i look forward to seeing those guys, talking to them every day. trying to just get to know them. i've watched them play for so long from the other side. it's been fun. our team this year, it's as good as any one we've had as far as camaraderie goes and that stuff. we have a really good group of guys. you know, everybody knows that's what it takes to win. not many people can explain it. it doesn't make sense, but you have to have that. >> okay. this really is breaking news, matt will keep his hair long this year, but not as long as morse. it's a good look. >> i'll probably keep it long. who knows. i may cut it tomorrow. you never know. >> i like it. jon, mike, up to you. >> jon: thanks to madison bumgarner. amy g. mentioned at the beginning of that interview, six shutout innings in wednesday's game. nick hundley rips a base hit to
6:36 pm
left field. tapia hustling over to cut it off. that ball got out there in a hurry. it's a single for hundley. >> mike: giants fans will get to know nick hundley. one of his strengths as a hitter, he covers the mistake. you get that ball up to him, i don't care what speed you have on him, he'll barrel it up. they try to go above the hands, they leak it out over the plate. to left. that's nice control of the bat head. good mistake hitter. always has been. >> jon: hundley a native orgeg n oregonian. jimmy rollins hits into a force play on the first pitch to him. hundley forced out at second. we head to the third, 2-0 colorado.
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>> mike: the giants 2017 opening week, april 10th to the 17th is filled with amazing promotions and giveaways. fireworks on april 14th. brandon crawford kids backpack on the 17th. go to check it out.
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>> jon: matt kainsz bacain back. lemahieu takes a strike. 2-0, colorado leading. trevor story is on deck. curveball, popped up foul, out of play. >> mike: johnny cuedo shimmy bobble body. >> jon: i'm having a hard time picturing it. >> mike: i don't need to see it. i want to get that, i want to get that, i want to get that. >> jon: one ball, two strikes to lemahieu who grounded into a double play in the first inning against cain. . .34 8, the best batting average in the major leagues, and in the national league. this is a gold glove second baseman on top of that. this is for the cubs -- they won it all last year for the first
6:40 pm
time in 108 years, he was the one that got away. he was a cub, somehow they thought they could do better. rockies were happy to get him. home plate umpire, mike everitt. i guess he got hit by that ball in the dirt. 2-2. seems to be okay. check swing. did he go? yes. everitt made the call himself. strike three. >> mike: i think that's the general feeling if you're an umpire in spring training. if the guy remotely looked like a half swing, you're gone. did he go? oh, yeah. see you later. that's strike three in july. >> jon: now here is trevor story. 0-1. >> mike: takes a rip, doesn't he? he is not much of a two-strike
6:41 pm
interesting to see how he makes adjustments to how the league will pitch him this year. he took -- he beat up the league early. >> jon: ball and a strike. the first time the giants saw him, they handled him well. all of a sudden somebody made a mistake, boom. he wasn't missing any of those. giants brain trust looking on from the dugout. giants manager, coaches, they don't sit out in those folding chairs anymore since the new first base coach got hit right in the face, just a horrifying moment. sitting in one of those folding chairs. over in surprise a couple weeks ago. >> mike: awful. one of the worst sounds we ever
6:42 pm
heard. >> jon: up and in. foul tipped. held by hundley. strike three. >> mike: looked like a change-up that hung up there above the hands. set the target over the middle of the plate. this goes up. look at the elbows. you talk breaking this guy's swing down, there it is right there. second strikeout for cain. >> jon: two in a row to start this inning. here's the man hitting cleanup tonight, jordan paterson. 2-0. colorado leading in the third. darkness beginning to settle in over the desert. the count is 0-1. another change-up. we expected to see more change-ups from cain tonight. bruce bochy feels that's an excellent pitch for him. so does dave righetti. >> mike: she's feeling it. st. pat's day, come on. i think when you come into the big leagues at age 20, you will be pitching off the fastball. you will basically be setting
6:43 pm
your off speed stuff up off the fastball. it's kind of the other way around when you're in your 12th year. you lost your fastball. you set up the fastball with the breaking stuff, the soft stuff. once you establish off-speed hitters in mind, you can make an 88-mile-per-hour fastball look like it's 92, provided you have good location with it. >> jon: two down, nobody on. one ball, two strikes to paterson. .290 career minor league batting average for paterson. popped out to the second baseman in the first inning. foul. you look at great pitchers, our good friend, gaylord perry, hall of famer, is one of them. tom seaver, california native, operating his own vineyard and winery up in the napa valley
6:44 pm
now. another all-time great. hall of famer. guys like that who still had success all the way up into the late 30s and early 40s. that's through. the giants had theover shift o. paterson crossed them up. steven cardullo will come up now. but those guys adjusted. they had been real hard throwers when they were young, electric stuff like matt cain. you were talking about it. they adapted and came up with new stuff. >> mike: you transition. you show up as a thrower. don't understand how to read a hitter and take advantage of a mixture of speed. that's what you have to rely on as you get older. >> jon: fastball. 0-1 to cardullo. he led off the second inning with a single. >> mike: that's what pitching is all about, jon. >> jon: so matt cain trying to
6:45 pm
make that transition himself. ball, too low. the runner at first, paterson, took a couple of quick steps like he was taking off on a steal, and cain hit the deck after he threw that pitch as if expecting hundley to make a throw down to second. he started, and abruptly stopped. >> mike: i like that. i think you should do that in every secondary league. the catcher will react to it. if the catcher sees a base runner take a secondary lead with an aggressive couple of steps, oftentimes he will come up, anticipating he has to make a throw. when he does that, he's not as good at framing the low pitch. 3 >> jon: takes away the point of view of the umpire sometimes. >> mike: it does. >> jon: one ball, one strike.
6:46 pm
into right center field. pretty good hitting there by cardullo. ball that was down. pence cuts it off, and then loses it. and paterson will come in to score. cardullo heading into third, and in there. 3-0 colorado. >> mike: if you're a pitcher and relying on a mixture of speed, when a guy is going opposite gap, you don't have a lot of defense for it. that's the swing. that's the approach that allows a hitter to wait on off-speed stuff. that ball was down around the knees. he went back, drove that through the gap in right center. that's as good a swing as we've seen tonight. >> jon: here is pat valaika. smashed foul, right past stu cole, the third base coach. >> mike: watch how deep this ball gets into him. almost like he's hitting it off
6:47 pm
the back knee. if a hitter takes a swing like that, the hitting coach starts to drool in the dugout. >> jon: 3-0 rockies. they have seven hits in the first three innings. valaika flied out shallow right his first time. 0-2 the count. >> jon: when the rockies came into the national league, scott baylor was the skipper for the rockies. they were bankers. they used to go up there, they would collectively hunt for fastballs. when they got it, they didn't miss it. it kind of has been the philosophy through the years for the rockies. they've always been a good fastball hitting team. they take that mentality into the batter's box. they hunt. >> jon: 1-2. they were so good at slugging, they came up with a nickname, the blake street bombers.
6:48 pm
>> mike: boy, they did, too. i didn't know blake street was in denver until those guys came around. >> jon: curveball. got him. 75 miles per hour. but the rockies add a run. gorkys hernandez coming up. ♪ ♪ it's spring, and we can't wait to open our sheds and get working on our yards. scotts and miracle-gro are here to help. we make it easy to grow thick, healthy lawns,
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>> jon: let's go to arizona for spring training. i'm driving. >> mike: interesting conversation with jimmy rollins about the cactus league compared to the grapefruit league where he was for many years with the phillies, training in clear w t clearwater. >> jon: gosrkys hernandez takes ball one from musgrave. >> mike: for rollins, this is his third spring in the cactus league. one with the dodgers, one with
6:51 pm
the white sox, and this one here with the giants. he said he likes the cactus league better. he says the reason for it is the trips are shorter. you done have the overnight trips. and it's warmer. i think as you get to be an older player, you appreciate that. but he had fond memories of clear water, of course. spring training, the worst place in spring training is still wonderful. >> jon: rollins played in the one area in florida that in some ways comes close to replicating the density of teams in one area that you have in the cactus league now a days. you have 15 teams all in the metropolitan area. in clearwater there were a few, maybe six, seven, eight teams at the most.
6:52 pm
but within an hour or hour and 20 whatever. >> mike: furthest one was sarasota, that group. >> jon: that's a swing said mike everitt. that's all for gorkys hernandez. >> mike: for comprehensive coverage of everything orange and black, check out pregame and postgame live on csn bay area. tampa, st. pete, a lot of teams down there. >> jon: but still not quite the same as here. matt cain, who has some power. giants pitchers just started hitting in the cactus league in the last few days. the catcher, wolters, out to speak with musgrave. matt cain stands in. trailing 3-0 in the third inning. on a hot night. it was 90 degrees at game time
6:53 pm
here after 6:00. very comfortable now. the sun is going down. still tends to get coolish during the night. then it warms up quickly once the sun comes up in the morning. 2-0. >> mike: i think the one thing you like in spring training is consistency with weather. if you have rain and cold, it upsets your rhythm and routine, then that's the thing you don't like. >> jon: cain, foul. >> mike: that bat died a hard death right there. >> jon: giants will make the trip to peoria tomorrow to take on the seattle mariners. matt moore will get the start in that game. we'll have that on the radio, knbr, giants radio network tomorrow. then sunday, back here. 1:05 start in peoria tomorrow on the radio. sunday, the giants will take on
6:54 pm
milwaukee right here. and that fastball misses. so it's 3-1 now to matt cain. you and duane kuiper will have the sunday game at 1:00 on csn bay area. will you? >> mike: i think it's going to be jeremy affeldt with duane kuiper. >> jon: you only like to work with me now? >> mike: i'm all over kuip. >> jon: trying not to make a big thing out of it. you guys might still get together and have lunch. >> mike: well, if he guys. >> jon: 3-2 the count. blue blew that fastball by him. they are on knbr tonight, duane kuiper and dave fleming. giants baseball on the radio over there. on knbr tomorrow and sunday as well. jeremy affeldt will do the csn
6:55 pm
game sunday. all right. i did a game on the radio with the very first cactus league game back in february. he's fun and knowledgeable. he's jeremy affeldt, so -- >> mike: and he sees the game a little bit differently. he sees it from a guy who spent a lot of his big league life in the bullpen. it's really a rue neunique perse and is the same from javier lopez, who will be doing some games this year. just good baseball minds. they can twist a phrase. >> jon: nunez to story. that is a three up three down inning. three strong innings in from musgrave. we'll move to the fourth inning in the desert.
6:56 pm
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>> jon: got a consumer problem? get nbc bay area responds. consumer investigator chris coup kamura has recovered $500,000.
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nbc bay area, we investigate. i'm jon miller with mike krukow. here is raimel tapia leading off in the fourth inning. amy g. interviewed madison bumgarner. she comes up with the top guys. >> mike: she doesn't mess around. she goes right for the stars. aimer the gamer. >> jon: some of us in that role, maybe we build up to the top guys. >> mike: i'm talking to the assistant trainers right now. not amy. >> jon: 2-0 the count. she says first nbc bay area telecast, let's get bumgarner on. okay. cool. 2-0 the count.
6:59 pm
tapia tripled to knock in a run back in the second inning. later scored a run. wolters on deck here. 3-0, colorado leading matt cain and the giants. rockies, two runs in the second, one in the third. they had seven hits against cain. on the flip side, though wehe allowed a run in the third inning, he got three out in that inning. that breaking right in up and the hands of tapia. he fights it off. 2-2. >> mike: good crowd tonight. seeing linda pereira who brings a good group of san jose up. san jose giants, "a" ball team for the giants. cal league. been associated with that team for a long time. >> jon: 2-2.
7:00 pm
>> mike: so that's what spring training is you renew acquaintances from folks who have been with the organization or helped it in some way. whether it's the big league level, minor league level. always nice to say hello. >> jon: that looks like a cool spot out there on the hillside. >> mike: they're having a ball. >> jon: another foul ball running down and in on tapia. he gets it over the giants dugout. there it is, the grass-covered hillside on left center near the scoreboard. >> mike: just one big family reunion. >> jon: bring your blanket, beach towels. cain strikes him out. >> mike: good change-up. four strikeouts for cain. three have been swing and miss strike threes. change-up. see ya. thank for sts for


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