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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ro d rl pneechu ♪ >> right now at 5:00, breaking news. rock 'n' roll pioneer chuck berry died a few more hours ago. he influenced musicians and still making music at 90 years old. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. terry is off tonight. there's no one quite like chuck berry, he was called the father of rock 'n' roll and one of the most iconic musicians in american history. he passed away today at 90 years old. for more on that, we go to tom jensen live at the berkeley community theater with this breaking news. this is where he performed, tom. >> reporter: he did. relatively early in his career
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during his 30s, he appeared and performed here at the berkeley community theater in 1965 and 1969. think about what was going on here at the time. the peace movement. you had this explosion of rock 'n' roll across the united states. you know, his music was mostly with a fun beat but all of the political expressions that came through the music that he influenced really had an influence on the country. much of it born right here in the bay area. a huge loss according to music fans of all genres that we spoke to outside the theater this afternoon. >> he was a tremendous influence and in his own right, he also brought such a gift of music and witness through that. >> he's sort of one of the last era of musicians that really paved the way for so many different types of music that is
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fundamental to the american experience. >> berry had a spring of hits in the 1950s like "roll over beethoven" rock 'n' roll music" and johnny b good". he played to live audiences across the country well into his 80s. he even pinched and was making music when i he was 90 years old when he passed away. passed away today at the age of 90. what an influence on all musicians of all genres moving up through the 1950s and even today. live in berkeley, tom jensen is, nbc bay area news. >> we do have more on the death of chuck berry that continues across our digital platforms. head to to read more about his life and incredible music career. now to continuing coverage of that dramatic police shooting in san jose right in front of a busy shopping center. the scene very unusual as this mother encountered a nude suspect who began chasing her and several children in a nearby neighborhood.
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christie smith is in san jose with the details. obviously a very scary afternoon for that family. >> reporter: absolutely. this is the area where the shooting occurred, and it's busy with shopping centers on both sides of the street. but this all began a few more miles from here. a mom says she and her 9-year-old daughter were ready to get started with play date whether he out of the blue, a nude man came at them and sent them running. >> i was scared. >> reporter: a woman living near evae court tells flbz bay area about the frightening encounter that touched off a police chase and ended with a shooting. >> i didn't pay attention and then when i got out of my car and i said whose clothes. then he starts running toward our side. >> reporter: a nude man came toward her driveway yesterday. her 9-year-old daughter and friend were starting a play date. her friend showed up with two more children all scared. >> of course, they start crying, screaming. > when he chased the lady from here with the kids, yeah, he was
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endarrening her. >> the group ran and hid in the park across the street. he just come back, said come back. >> they watched his behavior. the woman believes he rents a room on the block. the police arrived quickly. >> he gets scared and starts driving his car and hit my neighbor's car and police car. >> reporter: he hit more cars as police pursued him. he stopped at a shopping center four miles away where police say he did not comply with commands and revved the engine. flee officers fired strike him at least once. we warn you, you may find the images of the video disturbing. the man was hospitalized in critical condition while the mother is still scared it started so close to home. no officers were injured in this yesterday. meantime, that mom said she's never had trouble with this man
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in the past. as for san jose police, they're expected to provide an update on the cason monday. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. now to a chaotic scene this morning for firefighters in the east bay after a brush fire there threatened a home. the flames destroyed an outbuilding on the board of baypoint and pittsburg about 10:30 this morning. the fire also destroyed a shed and fence before firefighters knocked it down. one home nearby was threatened by the flames. fire investigators say that the buildings in the neighborhood are often broken into by homeless people. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. now to our microclimate weather coverage. some parts of the bay area waking up to a few more sprinkles. more rain is on the way. other parts, just beautiful, rob. >> we had a lot of clouds to start the day and clearing during the afternoon. tive bureau ron 68. some sunshine there.
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mostly cloudy around ocean beach. 67 degrees and noon san jose, 73 earlier. now 70 degrees looking at high clouds approaching from the west. so the day did begin with a few more isolated spring ofs again. a lot showing up on radar. a lot of this drying out before it came anywhere near the ground. the skies cleared during the afternoon. another batch of clouds moving ashore for tomorrow. a system here will bring a better chance for finding rain as we get into monday. the changes ahead, sunday a few more hours possible around the north bay. spring officially arrives monday morning. so do increasing rain chances with storms that will bring wind and a chance of hail and thunder, as well. we'll look at the timeline of the weather coming up in a few more minutes. >> the state and local leaders met with homeowners this orange to assess the danch last month's flooding in san jose. senator jim bell was there to meet some of the victims and
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tour their homes and take a firsthand look at the damage. some of the victims talked how they were simply unprepared for last month's flood. >> nobody ever said you should be, you know, preparing for a flood or anything. so yeah. so i just assumed when i saw the water coming down the street that we were in trouble. >> wal-mart is one of the latest companies donating supplies to the victims at seven trees community center. another security scare at the white house to tell you about. this is one week after security breach there that triggered new questions about security. in today's incident, a man jumped a bike rack outside of the white house and tried to get over to the fence. the man never did make it on to white house grounds. secret service security guards there quickly arrested the man. the president was not at the white house at the time. this breach comes one week after a milpitas manmade it past two white house barriers. it took secret service agents
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nearly 20 minutes topts catch jonathan tran. he was carrying mace at the time. he has since been released and back in the bay area. a taller fence is set to be built around the white house next year. president trump was not at the white house because he's spending another weekend with his family at his florida resort mar-a-lago. it's a very busy weekend for the trump administration. chris pallone has the details. >> reporter: vice president mike pence in jacksonville, florida, saturday making the case for repealing the affordable care act, obamacare and replacing it with the republicans alternative. >> virtually every promise they made about obamacare when it was passed into law has been broken. >> reporter: the plan faces a battle with republicans in house. several already say they'll vote no with some complaining the plan be too similar to obamacare. >> yesterday, president trump made it clear, he supports the bill 100%. >> reporter: the president spent part of the day at his golf course near his resort.
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he insisted on t-shirt he had a great meeting friday with angela merkel despite obvious tension between the pair. . >> handshake? >> in his weekly address, he renewed his promise to bring jobs back to the u.s. and roll back regulations. >> let's buy american and hire american and create jobs in america. let's imagine new industry and lets build a beautiful future together. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson wraps up a trip to asia sunday. in beijing, the chinese foreign minister urged the u.s. to be cool headed when dealing with north korea. tillerson indicated the u.s. is losing patience with its current approach. >> i think we share a common view and a sense that tensions the peninsula are quite high right now and things have reached a dangerous level. >> reporter: china is north korea's largest trade partner. president trump wants to use that leverage to influence north
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korea's decisions about developing nuclear weapons. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. a paris airport the scene of a terrorism investigation after a man therein grabbed a gun from a soldier. this happened at paris's orally airport. the man grabbed the soldier's gun but was immediately shot and killed by other soldiers investigators say earlier in the day the same man shot and injured a police officer north of paris. before stealing a car and driving it to the airport. a terrorism investigation has been launched based on what the man shouted. >> according to statements from the soldiers, he said, "put your arms down, put your hands behind your head. i am here to die by allah. whatever happens there will be deaths." he apparently has an extensive criminal history. france has been on edge over a series of attacks over the past year and a half. millions of dollars headed to the bay area for roads and upgrades and repairs. we're going to show you what
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stretch of freeway will get the bulk of the cash. a big part of the oroville dam back up and running. there is another warning for the public that lives down stream. we've got it after the break. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to?
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(laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. pele arg in hiandun police in palo alto released the mugshots of five people charged in a hit and run yesterday. four of the suspects are 18 years old. the fifth is 20 years old.
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police say when an officer tried to pull over a driver yesterday, that driver sped around a corner and struck a bicyclist. two people in the car were arrested right after the crash, but the other three fled on foot. officers did find the suspects in a shed about an hour later. the bicyclist suffered major injury. california drivers and riders about to get a smoother ride. state transportation leaders allocated more than a million dollars to upgrade roads, bridges and rail systems. one of the big bay area projects is interstate 80 between the al meed dade county line and state highway 4. $43 million is headed to that particular stretch of road for the much needed improvements including new pavement and guardrails. highway 1 in marin keep the getting $3 million that will go toward a new retaining wall there and improving drainage north of muir wood. officials say they are committed to making the high
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speed railway happening. san jose's mayor tried to ace concerns at a community forum today. most of the concerns how the noise and rail line could affect people's property values. >> we know there are noise impacts. we know some people don't like the as they ticks. we're listening. we have an opportunity to change, to tweak and so this is the time to do it. >> federal funding for this line is still an uncertainty. the trump administration recently withheld a $647 million glant officials say would have helped the project along. still to come at 5:00, winter rains, they created a lot of problems for some folks. but they've also created a pretty rare sight. we'll take you to the vernal pools here in fremont. and around the tri-valley today, clearing skies this afternoon. 70 right now in dublin and as the st. patrick's festival weekend continues, we'll see overcast skies into tomorrow and
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rain chances making a comeback early next week as a series of storms starts to line up. the latest when we come right back.
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♪ ♪ thbayr thanks to the recent heavy rains an, nature is making a bit of a comeback. the bay area has not seen vernal pools in the past few more years because of the drought. now they're back. joe rosato junior tagged along with biologies searching for the species that call them home.
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>> it's a unique place. i love it. >> reporter: in nature, beauty is often fleeting. in fremont just off the auto mall parkway, the rain-filled winter has left vast temporary bodies of water known as vernal pools. >> they are seasonal. they are ephemeral. it's a place that you can discover things every single day. >> reporter: these temporary pools have reappeared each winter for thousands of years but not during account recent drought. >> for one year, there were no pools. >> reporter: but with this year's bonanza of rain, they have returned. >> it's very deep. >> reporter: biologist idona is up to her knees in science. >> so far, looks like it will be a great year. >> reporter: these unique pools have their own unique residents. endangered vernal pool tad foal shrimp, threatened fairy shrimp
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and tiger salamanders. >> today, we are assembly in the pools. >> reporter: so she sent her team to take inventory of the creatures. >> churning butter very vigorously in a pond. >> we are taking samples and measuring them. 29. >> we have numbers. >> got one. >> all right snore they want to live in this extreme environment. the specific colors. >> reporter: these animals lay eggs and remain in the land even after the pools dry up. >> so the cycle makes this place extra special. >> reporter: she says without these vernal pools, all of these species would varnish from the earth. but as beautiful as the pools are, they'll soon fadeaway. >> they're only here for a short amount of time. >> but if you come here in summer, you will not recognize the landscape. >> reporter: as the season turns
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over, so does this unique landscape. at least for now, a reflection of the little rain. joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. beautiful pictures there. as the power plant at the troubled oroville dam is back up and running now. the department of water resources which took over control of the flood control spillway at the lake restarted the power plant last night. this is a step toward managing outflows from the lake which was so full last month, that the dam nearly failed. tens of thousands of people down stream were evacuated as a precaution. now the dwr is asking the public to avoid the feather river all together just for the next week as it relations more water to make more room in the reservoir. we're going to get a little bit more rain coming our way. >> after a gorgeous week of weather. today not that bad. still 70s outside after a few more light showers moved through earlier today. right now, we've got partly cloudy skies and another system
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on the way early tomorrow that may try toy toss a few more showers towards the north bay. san jose gorgeous evening for you. 70 right now with high clouds on approach as we head toward sunset. dublin still 70. should be nice tomorrow. sunday as we wrap up the st. patrick's festival with the 5k fun run tomorrow morning. san francisco 67. mostly cloudy skies. up towards healdsburg, 62, a little bit cooler in places like healdsburg during the day tomorrow. we'll probably see a chance of a few more showers especially in sonoma county. highs around the north bay in the mid 60s. lake tahoe, 43degrees. it's been windy out there today with a few more showers at times. similar weather tomorrow with highs in the low 50s. heavier snow though likely to return to see era as we get into tuesday morning and later next week. morning temperatures 40s to low 50s. not too cold to start off your morning. for the afternoon, some mild temperatures here to wrap up the
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weekend. probably more cloud cover though for the afternoon. highs still near 70 around san jose and milpitas for tomorrow. tri-valley ranging from the low vempbs in pleasanton up toer 60s around danville. upper peninsula mid to upper 60s. san francisco mostly cloudy skies. highs in the mid 60s. for the north bay, highs in the mid 60s. best chance of showers into napa, sonoma and marin county. mostly cloudy during the day. notice on the hour by hour outlook, not a lot out there. the cloud cover, not a lot of rain in the forecast. the estimates for rainfall here generally less than a tenth of an inch of rain and most of it off to the north of sonoma county. monday we see changes. notice the rain starts to fill back in. this is a more substantial looking weather system than during the day on morning. will bring us the rain around midday noon into the afternoon. the rain makes a comeback. this is part of a pattern shift
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that will bring us more chances for rain at times. monday into tuesday. scattered showers midweek and then the strongest storm in the series right now looks to be right there on friday. notice the changes here in the seven-day forecast. from just a chance of seeing a few more showers tomorrow to rain at times monday. cool air, too. snow levels down to close to 4,000 feet which may set the stage for thundershowers on tuesday. thursday look to be the driest day and friday could see a couple inches of rain in the mountains as we finish off next week. so everything that this week was, the opposite. >> here it comes again. get ready. >> quick break. we'll be right back. toalkbouwhawilbeceofoncd
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>> community leaders and the public came together today to talk about what will become of concords old naval weapon station. more than 65% of the base has been set aside to become a regional park. that leaves a lot of space up in the air. so at a workshop in concord today, a special advisory committee gathered opinions. >> we're outreaching to our community to find out what they would like to see in more specific detail for face one. >> if you didn't quite make it today, don't worry. there's still time to weigh in on the project. two more public workshops set for june and september. then the city will develop is the region in phases and that will roll out over the next 20 years. but the entire base won't be gone, the mayor said that the military will keep the northern part of the station as an active port to ship supplies. and the clean-up is now over
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after a mercury spill in antioch earlier this week. on monday crews found liquid mergry in seven places on man za knee ta way after getting a tip about a silvery substance in the street. workers cleaned up every trace of the substance. health services says there is no danger now to the public. coming up, the musical that is taking this weekend's box office by storm. you certainly could call it
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a beautiful weekend at the box office. ♪ there goes the baker with his tray ♪ >> look at this, this is disney's remake of "beauty and the beast." it is headed for a record. sales have reaped more than $175 million by tomorrow. that would make it the best weekend debut fur a movie in
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march ever and the biggest opening for a pg movie in history. check it out. we'll see you back here at 6:00. on this saturday night, airport attacker. chaotic moments in a paris terminal as a man grabs a soldier's machine gun before he's shot and killed. a terror investigation now under way. attack by tweet. a man charged for sending a tweet the fbi caused a prominent journalist to suffer a seizure. what could be a new frontier in cyber crime. how they begin the day in a school where tradition provides an important lesson. "nightly news" begins now.


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