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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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no nr srina re wh ub. t right now at 6:00, no longer sharing a ride with uber. the company now looking for a new president tonight. and a big change on the way. we are tracking two storms headed for the bay area. we're looking at more rain. how long it will last. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening to you and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney has the night off. we are just six hours away from the first day of spring. the new season bringing with it rain, wind, maybe even a bit of thunder. meteorologist rob mayeda is standing by tracking the storm and also telling us what to expect tomorrow. >> right now we're seeing a lot of clouds around san francisco, cooling now, down to 57 degrees, but not much rain at least just yet. the view from sunol looks pretty gloomy.
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midlevel clouds, mostly cloudy skies, 63 degrees and similar conditions from the top of mt. tam to the bottom of the clouds. currently 61 degrees. as we widen out the view on the satellite/radar, you see a few lighter showers offshore, but the main event right there. that's the monday storm system that will move through. coincidentally on the start of spring, 3:28 tomorrow morning, rain making a comeback, gusty winds at times and a chance, especially by tuesday, we could be dealing with isolated thunder and small hail followed up by a second storm system thursday into friday. we'll show you the hour-by-hour impact on your monday morning commute. the full forecast coming up in 12 minutes. thanks so much. you too can track the incoming rain with our free nbc bay area app. click on our weather tab and use the live doppler raid for our
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neighborhood. that incoming rain had one family especially nervous and search groups too as they looked for a developmentally missing vallejo woman. christie smith did speak with the woman's family. a lot of people came out to help find her. >> reporter: yeah, and her aunt was so relieved, you could see it all over her face. she worried that someone had taken her niece. it turned out that the woman was walking by. some people driving by recognized her picture and her bright coat and got help. >> i just want to say thank you and praise god that my niece has been found safely. >> reporter: tomora hill said she was worried sick about 26-year-old alexis dupatty who wandered away from the family's vallejo home friday evening. >> we barely could stand, we never slept, we hardly ate. >> reporter: search and rescue teams were out last night. dogs picked up a track near lake
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herman road and blue rock springs. more agencies joined today. >> throughout the week it's supposed to be off and on raining. again, she had been out for two nights. that was our biggest concern was she has -- we were told she had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. >> reporter: they say she has left before briefly, but not like this. her picture was circulated and this afternoon a break. a passerby saw her in a bright jacket and turned around. >> they immediately made a u-turn, went back and were able to find her. they stayed with her, they managed to flag down one of our team. >> she was located safely. today her aungt t is feeling gratef grateful. >> i just want to give a shoutout to everybody who has supported us, reached out on instagr instagram, the highway patrol, the sheriff's department. >> reporter: after alexis was found sachly th safely this aft
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vallejo police reported another missing man, 74-year-old james christian. he had walked away from a store and didn't return last night. moments ago a member from the solano county sheriff's office had good news on that front. he was found safely too so for the volunteers and families a very good day, two people found safely. christie smith, nbc bay area news. uber confirming today that its president has now quit after just six months on the job. the company announced that jeff jones is stepping down. the move comes as the company deals with a range of controversies, including sexual allegations of harassment, allegations rather of sexual harassment and also a recent video of the ceo arguing with an uber driver. he recently said he would start searching for a coo to help uber which some tech insiders said would be a demotion for jones. on the peninsula a family
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forced from their home because of a fire. firefighters got the call about 11:30 this morning. this home is located on seal avenue in the old palo alto neighborhood. no one was home at the time, so firefighters had to break in to put out the flame. crews say that the roof is all tile. it was built many, many years ago which makes it very dangerous for firefighters. >> we're always worried about coming in, ceilings falling in. the ceiling did come down while firefighters were inside. no one was hurt at the time. >> obviously the family cannot return at this time. firefighters think that the fire started in the kitchen. right now hundreds of people have come together at the muslim community center in santa clara to send a special message to president trump. marianne favro is joining us from santa clara with more on this really unique event. >> reporter: more than 400 people came out here, held hands and wanted to show president
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trump the importance of including all americans. it was an interfaith event and they formed a circle around the entire mosque and held hands in santa clara. some sang songs, others chanted. they came to show their solidarity with muslims, immigrants and people from all backgrounds. participants say events like these are more important than ever after president trump's attempt to implement travel bans impacting people from predominantly muslim countries. >> we're trying to focus less on the politics and more on the communal services to be united, to be supportive of one another. to show that despite the political tension going on right now we're strong as one community coming together. >> people from 40 different organizations participated in this circle around the mosque, and afterwards they went inside to the hall. now some people are listening to speakers, while others are praying. reporting live in santa clara,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. well, what will the next four years hold for the state of california. former san francisco mayor willie brown offered his thoughts on that question today. brown was the featured speaker hosted by grace cathedral. one of the things brown predicts is that california will be a thorn in the side of the trump administration. >> california will probably be at the forefront of those who will resist the trump administration's recommendations, whether it be with reference to health care, whether it be wrerchith referen immigrant rights, whether it be with reference to climate control, whether it to be to any of the things that affect the lives of people. >> reporter: the series seeks to stimulate conversation about faith and ethics in relation to important social issues. a warning from santa clara police tonight, beware of phone scams. they involve money pack or greenery loadable cash cards.
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scammers call you up, pose as a city employee and tell victims, mostly in santa clara so far, that they need to make an immediate payment for a traffic ticket or utility bill. they suggest the victim buy a money pack or green dot cash card to pay that bill. anyone that receives this call should hang up and call the company that the scammer is supposedly representing. still to come tonight, another security scare at the white house. what we're learning about the third person just this week, trying to get inside. the nation and possibly the world focused on a house intelligence committee meeting hearing in the morning into russian election hacking. coming up in a live report, the role that bay area lawmakers are playing and what they're saying. and we're watching the winds pick up, clouds rolling in. 61 degrees in san jose. a better bet during the day tomorrow, especially in the afternoon, that we'll see rain making a comeback. just how much rain we can expect for the week ahead and next weekend when we come right back.
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bomb. the man approached the checkpoint, got out of his car and told authorities that there was a bomb in the trunk. he also was holding something in his hand at the time and told agents that it was a test. security was increased at the white house, although the president was not there at the time, he's in florida. this is the third security scare at the white house in just the past week alone. a federal judge has rejected the u.s. government's request to clarify his order blocking president trump's revised travel ban. today's decision says nothing wasn't clear about his order which was issued on wednesday. he ordered that the government cannot ask for a distinction that officials failed to make in previous briefings and arguments. the order was issued in response to a lawsuit from the state of hawaii which concluded that the ban was because of religious animosity. all eyes will be on fbi director james comey as he's called to testify on allegations of election hacking by russia. tom jenson is live in san
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francisco with more on this hearing. it is going to be very anticipated, tom. >> reporter: and also has bay area connections. of course democrat jackie spear is on the house intelligence committee as well as eric swalwell from alameda county. also central california republican, devin nunes leads that committee as the chair. his committee is expected to ask fbi director comey to confirm or deny those allegations or whether there is one or more criminal investigations into president trump or anyone on his campaign team and possible links to the russian election hacking. and he's expected to face pressure to end the explosive claim that president obama ordered a wiretap of trump tower. nancy pelosi said it's really important for director comey to say publicly that there is no evidence of the wiretaps or that
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president obama also did not conspire with britain to spy on trump or his campaign team. >> of course it's not true, so let's just grow up. the justice department, the fbi has to really clear this, because otherwise this administration has decided that they with impunity can say anything. >> reporter: comey could be limited in what he can say about possible collusion between trump's team and the russians, if there are ongoing investigations, but he recently said so far there is no evidence of a conspiracy. of course this is going to be an extremely hot topic when people get up in the morning, so you can tune into us, on social media it's going to be hot, tune into us on twitter, on facebook or on air. this starts at 7:00 in the morning our time. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen nbc bay area news. >> all right, thom, thank you very much.
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of course the big talker tomorrow, it's the first day of spring. will the weather feel spring-like or not? >> not so much. we had nice weather over the weekend in terms of the temperatures, 60s and 70s today, but big changes on the way. at least it appears for the second half of march if you wanted spring-like weather, really it was the first half of the month. you could see the totals here between rainy days and days without rain. really the first half of the month has been mainly dry. of course we had 80s last week. now, the transition moving through the last two weeks of the month, the things as they stand right now, most of the new week will include some chances of rain and probably one more system early next week. so, yes, more rainy days it appears to finish the month around the bay area. 61 in san jose, hazy skies. we've got some tree pollen numbers that were updated for oak, mulberry, pine and sycamore. also weed pollen probably seeing a pitt of a jump too. if you've been driving along 680 you've been seeing some of that.
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59 in emeryville with overcast skies. over san francisco, you can see the low clouds around the coastal hill tops, 57 degrees, and some misty skies. on approach to tiburon, 63 degrees, rain that for the most part has been offshore. still hugging the sonoma and marin county coastline. you can see a few returns off to the west of the golden gate. this is lighter rain out ahead of our main storm system still taking shape out here from monday night into tuesday morning. so short term continuation of these cloudy skies ought to keep temperatures up overnight mostly in the 50s. and for tomorrow morning, some areas of mist and drizzle and probably a little light rain, especially on your highway 17 commute or going across the golden gate bridge into the north way. temperatures will be in the low 50s to start the day. maybe south of san jose down around gilroy and san martin can have upper 60s tomorrow but as the rain begins to pick up, highs in the upper 60s to
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mid-60s around san jose. about the same around the tri-valley. inland, east bay, mid-60s and highs near 60 around santa rosa and low 60s for sonoma. so the main event with the system which we think will pick up by mid-afternoon, evening commute monday we'll be dealing with showers. look at tuesday morning right between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m., could have some isolated thunder as that line crosses through the bay area through midday tuesday. then tuesday afternoon into wednesday we'll see a few more scattered showers moving through. so the rainfall projections, pretty big gap between what we're expecting here in blue for most of the bay in the lower elevations, generally less than a half inch of rain compared to 1 to 2 inches in the sonoma county and the mountains likely seeing the biggest punch with 1 to 2 inches of rain. so unsettled through midweek. as we approach thursday, a brief break with increasing clouds and then the second storm arrives as we get into friday.
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that storm may have stronger winds. winds tomorrow at times up to 35 miles per hour, maybe gusts up to 45 there on friday. that will take us into the weekend. you'll see that we change from rain to scattered showers. that will be into saturday. as things stand right now, actually the weekend forecast, one thing that's changed in the last 24 hours, trending a little bit drier, so perhaps the first weekend of spring next weekend. sunday, a little more sunshine after a stormy finish to the weekend. coming up next, personal information exposed. the popular department store with a customer security breach. avue.==ta == te ofhoundsf eilad"
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a warning for customers of saks fifth avenue.
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phone numbers ip addresses linked to customers were accidentally posted on the website for anyone to see. that information was exposed by the canadian company hudson bay company. they maintain saks fifth avenue online shopping site. they also left shoppers pretty vulnerable to hackers if they were using an open wi-fi network. right now the pages have been taken down. and in the south bay, a tip led to the arrest of two people suspected of swiping packages from the front porch of a home. 27-year-old marcos cruz and 23-year-old amanda matsuo both from san jose were arrested wednesday in milpitas. they were seen basically taking packages from one area and going to a different neighborhood and also swiping packages there. now, police say the two warrants are out for their arrest. matsuo was also arrested for having drug paraphernalia. and all eyes will be in intense counterterrorism exercise in london today. british police and inflatable
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power boats voted a river cruise boat as part of a simulation of a hijacking of a tourist boat. this is the first time police have practiced a possible terrorist attack on the thames river which carries commuters, tours and freight through the heart of london. britain's threat level stands at severe, which means an attack is highly likely. of course right now everybody talking about their -- well, this. a spacex cargo ship returneding to earth today. it didn't come back empty. the dragon capsule detached this morning. you can see here it splashed down in long beach. hopefully we'll see that. now, you see that the capsule had been at the space station for about a month and brought back samples for scientific experiments. all right. it's an exciting day in the newsroom, also an exciting day at the ncaa tournament. we were talking earlier, everybody's bracket here in the newsroom, forget about it. they're all busted, including
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mine. >> mine is pretty much busted. it's in bad shape right now. michigan one of those that's been shocking everyone. they're on a mission. we've got highlights from the big dance. plus we're just two weeks away from opening day in baseball, but will justin be ready? giants/brewers action next in sports. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. giants starter has had a hard time staying in the yard. he gave up 24 home runs in 2016,
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a year after leading the majors by allowing 29 long balls. the good thing about spring training, they don't count. still a problem, though. we've got spring training action for you, brewers and giants. these ladies came prepared for the sun and baseball. already in trouble. that is a solo shot makes it 2-0 milwaukee. next up, more of the same. going opposite field this time. back-to-back jacks for the brewers. a rough outing for the shark who allowed six earned runs over four innings of work. on a positive note, this giants fan reaching over the wall for the foul ball struggled to get it but once he did, he decided to give the souvenir to a young giants fan. that's a win. the giants did not. 6-4 the final. in other giants news, closer
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mark melancon will don the red, white and blue as the u.s. plays tuesday. ncaa tournament action, seven-seed michigan against louisville cardinals. all tied at 55 when they bury the three to give michigan the lead. then later in the half wolverines up four. he glides to the rim. he had a career high 26 points. with under a minute left, a two-point game. derrick walton jr. driving, going high off the glass and michigan's season of destiny continues advancing to the sweet 16. 73-69 the final. in the south region, number ten wichita state taking on second seed kentucky. second half malik monk for
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three. wildcats by five. now in the final minute, shockers down one, monk comes up on the defensive end, this time blocking the three attempt to preserve the lead and then in the closing seconds, they need another three. trying to tie it up, but he's blocked and kentucky advances 65-62. they'll play the winner of cincinnati/ucla in the sweet 16. and some sad late-breaking news. 49ers legend dwight clark tweeted out less than a half hour ago that he has als. this is honestly a developing story right now, peggy, but certainly sad news regarding the niners legend. >> oh, boy, indeed. hopefully we'll have more on that since that just happened. kelly, thank you for that update. a quick break here and we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport
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during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. well, they are so cute but they have a job to do. two dozen puppies in training arrived at the oakland airport today and they're all adorable. they're going to become guide dogs and this morning the puppies were there with their trainers to practice going through ticketing, tsa, also boarding and deboarding planes. they're part of an ongoing partnership between guide dogs for the blind and also alaska airlines for future visits to airports with visually impaired travelers. adorable. >> absolutely. >> very, very cute. of course we'll have a little bit of weather tomorrow for the first day of spring. >> light rain in the morning and more substantial rain into the
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afternoon and probably more so for tuesday morning. >> we'll talk more about that at 11:00. we'll see you then. have a great night. o d ght oug mcconnell,
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and we've got some great discoveries for you along the open road. i'll share some of my favorite places in the golden gate national recreation area, and show you fun ways you can help care for our backyard national park. we'll get up in the sky to hike new sections of the bay area ridge trail, and meet up with photographers who share their love of nature and their secrets for making great pictures. [music] [music]


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