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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>. >> >> and new at six a motor psych lift is recovering tonight after he was hit by a police car. this crash happened this morning just before 8:00 at the intersection of 19th and broadway. officers closed that intersection after the crash. you can see there the dree bring and the damage to the police cruiser. the motor cyclist is in stable condition. the officer was not injured and no further details are being released. >> a lot of nervous raider fans tonig tonight. oakland city leaders tried to save the team. christie, the mayor had some salty language and a lot of emotion out there today. >> reporter: that's right. the mayor was very passionate and direct when she spoke about the raiders today. she spelled out a proposal for a
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new stadium here in oakland financing an infrastructure that's already here but can be improved while raiders fans talked about their own reasons that the team should stay. raiders fans made another plea to keep the silver and black in oakland as the mayor spoke bluntly that talk about stadium efforts were stalled and there is nothing new. >> and therefore the raiders have no choice but to leave. we are calling bull [ bleep ] on that. she described what they're asking of the notify. >> recognize your home market, recognize we have a viable plan, get the raiders back to the table with us and forget the temptations of sin city. this is your home. >> reporter: the las vegas stadium proposal on the table, it's proposing a $1.3 billion
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investment. 55 acres south of the coliseum. she said she has heard two concerns. >> the issues of the a's remaining in the existing col seal yum and the desire to have more choices as far as siting and again we feel that that is unreasonable and unnecessary since we are providing 55 of the best acres of sports facility, real estate in the world. >> reporter: the a's could have their own space. >> our deal is the best deal for the raiders. >> we love our oakland raiders. love us back, man. that's all i gt to say guys. >> reporter: some fans wonder if the message is even being heard. >> i guess my biggest question is at this point is the nfl even tuned in, are the owners tuned in. >> reporter: that nfl owners' meeting is coming up in arizona. we heard a handful of fans say they plan to flight to that
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state. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> now to our microclimate weather coverage. taking you outside right now for a live look here at san francisco. i think at&t in the foreground. after watching the giants down in scottsdale, many fans you were incredibly engrossed. >> i was watching. >> it feels like spring is here. people are itching for warmer weather. baseball season, meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now. >> of course our local teams coming back to town later next week so we're watching the end of the seven-day forecast very closely. right now in oakland you got temperatures in the low 60s right now. 61 right now. san francisco in the sunshine 57 degrees and you can take it over to san jose also in the 60s and one more stopped half moon bay increasing clouds off shore.
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cooler temperatures there in the mid-50s. right now just some high clouds on approach as we head through sunset. but here's the storm now starting to approach the coast and this will bring some rapidly changing weather. rain will develop as we go through the day. rain totals less than a half inch, not as powerful a storm we've seen so far but big time impact with the sierra where things have been dry today. snow making a comeback and gusty winds. the outlook here on rainfall that most locations up around the north bay maybe a third of an inch of rain. all these areas in blue from san francisco and san jose. right now squaw valley, lake tahoe but look at the snow that will be flying here over the next 12 hours or so. you could see another foot of snow in the sierra. that's going to be sunday
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afternoon into monday. sno levels lowering close to 4,000 feet and once this system clears on out, big changes ahead as high pressure builds in, north winds picking up and temperatures between sunday and wednesday could warm by 15 to 20 degrees. roller coaster ride ahead in the seven-day forecast. i'll look at when the warmup arrives coming up in our next half hour. >> lot to go over. >> thanks rob. >> you certainly can check that rain with your nbc bay area news jan. it's free. you can get updates for the forecast in your neighborhood. great day for bart and bart commuters. >> the new station finally opened just before 6:00 this morning. this project was nearly 20 years in the making. it sandwiched between 880 and the tesla factory and even after years of delays bart says that station will be a game changer for commuters.
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>> it's going to give people an alternative. they'll be able to get on bart five miles earlier. there's 2,000 parking spaces and there's good connections with ac transit. >> it will now focus its efforts on extending ten miles south to san jose but that project is now uncertain because the trump administration may cut funding. >> for more on bart news, head to our website >> after nearly a dozen arrests were made in connection with the deadly attack outside of the british parliament, only one person remains in custody tonight. the turn in the investigation seems to support what london police have been saying all along, that masood acted alone when he killed four people. investigators say the attack was likely inspired by the islamic state but they are trying to figure out masood's motive right
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now and people who know him personally are telling more. >> he was always very happy and friendly to everybody. i think he wanted to be liked. >> investigators say that he spent several years in different prisons before he was radicalized and became a jihadi. >> still ahead tensions in southern california when a pro-trump rally turns violent. we have the dramatic scene. cs h arona==voitapped tee ytery.h
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>> after a crash in arizona, this happened in tempe arizona yesterday. investigators say that someone failed to yield for the driverless car. it crashed right in to it. now the driverless car did not violate any driving rules but uber said two drivers were inside the car at the time. no one was seriously hurt. the company is grounding the driverless program for the time being. that's after a fight with the dmv over permits. >> supporters of president trump and counter protesters clashed today leading to several arrests. >> police say about 2,000 people came out for a make america
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great again march and rally. they were held around the country today. a few dozen counter protesters showed up as well and people were out in force. quickly broke up fights. sometimes with the help of police dogs. in the end six people were arrested on charges of illegal use of pepper spray. >> the family of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds invited fans to celebrate their incredible lives. the service was held at the forest lawn cemetery in hollywood. they paid tribute to the famous mother daughter duo and never before seen family photos. fisher died from cardiac arrest about three months ago. reynolds died the next day from a stroke. >> coming up next, star power in the bay area to promote healthy habits. >> the a list celebrity that
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wasn't immuned to sweat. >> 61 degrees. different story this time tomorrow as the clouds start to thicken up as rain chances return before the end of the weekend. we'll let you know hour by hour when to expect that rain, how much and some big changes ahead in your seven-day forecast when we come right back. whadyouay soonehohasav yo li?
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what do you say to someone who has saved your life? thank you. hardly seems you enough. >> a san francisco man has been figuring out what to say after the heroic actions of some very good samaritans. their emotional reunion. >> on a tuesday afternoon in february in some pretty lousy weather, three young people from
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is a homa went fishing for crabs. they didn't catch any of them. they did however do something much, much better. >> reporter: in this unforgettable city, it is an uncomfortable fact of life to get through even the simplest of days one must regularly turn a blind eye to people in crisis. >> i definitely saw. >> reporter: this tale though is about three people, very young ones at that, who didn't turn away and the one man who is forever grateful. >> it's not questioning or wondering. they saved my life. fishermen were around back over here. >> reporter: kevin is a long time member of san francisco's legendary dolphin swim club. on february 21st like so many hundreds of times before, kevin went for a swim in aadequate tic park. this past crazy winter has plaed
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havoc with the tides and current and he realized he was no match for the sea that day. >> my only recourse is i need to catch -- i need to crab a piling because i'm going under the pier. >> reporter: kevin grabbed on and called for help. unsure if anyone could hear him but 9-year-old aaron al-vera did. >> reporter: fishing for crabs that day, the three didn't rely on someone else to do something, they sprang into action. lowering a rope to kevin, calling 911 and waiting. they had no idea hype thermia had gun to set in. >> this is -- this is it. this is the day. and i'm kind of accepting the fact that i'm going to die today. >> a police rescue boat both
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soon appeared and he was pulled out of the water. the two things he wanted more than anything to get warm and to thank those brave kids. >> are you aaron? you saved my life. thank you very much. my name's kevin. >> the brothers and jennifer not only getting kevin's thanks, but that of an entire city. showing us all that sometimes getting involved can mean saving a life. >> not only were the three young people recognized by the san francisco fire department, furman the older of the two brothers had expressed an interest in one day becoming a police officers so there were members of san francisco's recruitment team there to meet him, gar vin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's cool. >> a health fair in san francisco boasted some star power this morning.
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>> love it. that's actor kevin hart. he made an appearance at the center sweating it out here, jumping rope, pretty impressive. very fit guy there. he tried to jump some rope there. this fair was hosted by the company called rally health. the goal is to encourage people to make healthier choices that have long-term benefits. yoga and boot camps and activities for the kids. he wasn't the only celebrity there. >> he's fit. >> he couldn't take on our own rob mayeda. >> i'm sorry. >> anyone who hasn't seen rob's facebook post, you are super fit. >> you are. >> you have to be to deal with the twin tornado doughs. we're hoping for some sunny or dry weather so they can get outside and enjoy some of the spring sunshine tomorrow. maybe not so much for your outdoor plans. dealing with more clouds and a little bit of rain.
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right now it's a nice evening to head outside. 61 degrees in san jose. partly cloudy conditions. and san francisco looking pretty good. you see the flag on the right side of the screen, like a sea breeze cooling things off. one of the warmer spots we're seeing, beautiful view setting up there with high clouds approaching from the west. nice sunset there. notice around the north bay sonoma and napa skies the earlier rain. one more stop for you shows where our storm ranger not finding much right now. we do have clouds moving across the bay area, but the rain producing clouds about 12 hours away from making an impact on the radar. you'll notice as we go into monday we're going to see gusty winds as this next storm moves on through. one thing to watch, we'll be
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those wind speeds after the storm we see on sunday crosses through the bay area. morning temperatures in the mid-40s, highs tomorrow, cooler day because we're not going to get as much sunshine as you can see. hour by hour mostly cloudy through the day and rain moving north to south for most spots. so on the future cast you'll notice a cloudy start and here comes the rain right around noon for the north bay and from about 7:00 in the evening, now your monday forecast shows a change. notice the opposite trend. clearing skies, few lingering showers, maybe a few showers for the early part of your monday morning commute. skies begin to clear in the afternoon and high pressure begins to build in. tuesday into wednesday temperatures climb one day to watch now thursday, see a slight chance of showers, more out toward the sierra before high
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pressure strengthens again. the timing may be not so good. the one best chance for rain we have is going to wrap up the weekend. that's for tomorrow. clearing skies. windy at times too. speaking of high pressure, how about high temperatures mid-to upper 70s on wednesday and rebounding again to next weekend. next weekend looks good and baseball starting up late next week. looks like nice weather returning to the bay area. >> that looks good. >> i hear there's been a very positive kevin durant siting, is that correct? >> absolutely. you talk about health. everyone wants to know how kevin dur ant's health is. he was seen dunking before the game last night. that's a great sign but when will he be back on the court when it counts. head coach steve kerr shares his plan for kd next on sports.
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ten games remain on the warriors regular season schedule but each of the next four is a hum dinger. sunday golden state hosts of the grizzlies who have already beaten them twice this season. they take to the road and then they return home to face houston again. kevin durant won't be back on the court for any of those games as he continues his rehab for a sprained acl. he's made enough progress that he could play before the regular season ends but steve kerr won't know for sure until doctors evaluate durant's knee on thursday. >> something will consult the training staff on and i imagine will ease him back by playing shorter minutes to start so he can build up his rhythm and conditioning. that obviously has a dom noe eflkt on the entire rotation and we'll -- when we get to that point we'll figure it out. it's not something i'm giving a lot of thought to right now
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because he's still at least a couple weeks away. >> a few things better than spring baseball, the giants were on tv earlier against the padres. buster posy going opposite field for his first home run of the spring. it's only second game back since he returned from the world baseball classic and crawford he was the wbc and his bat remains warm. the giants were down 7-1 but get the walkoff win 8-7 the final. split squad came for the a's but not for the dodgers, both teams honored aroundie bishop. he's battling cancer. first inning the a's top prospect unloads for a three run bomb, a former athletic rich hill. the a's lose 11-6. the other split squad team they lost to cincinnati, 11-6. mar shon lynch hasn't said if
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he's interested in coming out of retirement. he spoke at joe mixen's life camp today. >> so like this young man right here coming back and being able to push like this, this is a blessing for me. when i started at 20 years old, i had no idea i'd be going to somebody's camp who came through my camp and had their own squares, really. but i feel like -- but i feel like i'm a part of y'all just the way that these two young men do too. >> selfishly it would be great to see him back in an nfl uniform again. the sharks have to get something going. they trail 3-1 in the second period. they've already lost five straight. back with more news after the break. spnis fu blm, en thsouernalirni
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spring is in full bloom. i just got back from the arizona desert. >> was it nice? >> it was gorgeous and also gorgeous in the california desert. >> take a look at this and take a look at the desert. it's been missing for years because of the drought. but now with all that water, wild flowers are popping up everywhere there. the rains dig deep into the ground reaching rare seeds and creating all of these flowers. crowds of pouring in to see the
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flowers which only bloom for a few weeks. the park is about 80 miles northeast of san diego if you want to head that way. >> the rain is doing a heck of a lot of good for a heck of a lot of people. >> this might be the last in the series of storms. you can see it right there in the satellite view. impact tomorrow mostly cloudy. cooler finish to the weekend. few lingering showers into early monday and most of monday turns breezy and dry. should see mid-to upper 70s on wednesday. maybe a chance of showers on thursday. >> thank you very much. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a good night. burned to the frame. announcer: claims a device that cuts big rig pollution could spark a devastating fire. plus. evan mack: the school let me down immeasurably. announcer: he wanted a better life, but became a target of racism. we investigate a local student's fight against harassment
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that triggered a federal investigation. then. bob ingersoll: i would describe it as horror. announcer: we expose medical testing on primates that's happening here in northern california, and reveal records the federal government doesn't want you to see. but first. nathan fletcher: anyone willing to die for their country should have a country willing to give them citizenship. announcer: they served this country, but then broke the law. and because they're not citizens, hundreds of veterans once promised us citizenship have been deported by the very country they fought to protect. here's senior investigative reporter stephen stock. stephen stock: good evening, and thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes, "we investigate," telling stories about people, uncovering issues, and holding the powerful accountable. tonight, our special starts just across the us-mexican border, in tijuana, mexico. we went there to speak with deported us military veterans. a law dating back to president bill clinton allows the


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