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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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s jo poce t ifor... right now at 6:00, chaos before aç soccer match. police out in force after violence breaks out. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. >> and i'm peggy bunker. a fight broke out between soccer fans in san jose. several people there were hurt. >> nbc bay area is live outside the stadium where police are trying to find out what happened. bottles and flash bangs, he says his charter bus was pelted with rock.
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and we talked to one man who was hit in the head with rock. we are heading to the hospital. >> the fight was so violent that the two groups broke through a fence. policeç detained a few people, but made no arrests. this is a a soccer game between two teams from mexico. what's interesting is that at least four witnesses have told me that the violence was between fans rooting for the psalm team. now this is a sold out game with 18,000 people attending. police say they will be here at the end of the game for crowd control. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. another big story right now, rain moving back into the bay area. it's moved back in. a live look at san francisco.
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you see the bay bridge right there. raun coming down right there right about now. e we saw it earlier on the golden gate bridge. it is here. we'll show you here on the mobile doppler radar as we track the rain heading into the east bay. over towards emeriville and sboç oakland, this is the view outside. you see the rain flying there. 62 degrees and soggy view. but it's going to be moving out in the next 15 minutes. clouds eventually seeing showers crossing sbo the south bay. plus some gusty winds at times. middle part of the week, we could see wind gusts perhaps as strong as a 45 to 50 miles per
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hour in the had hills. approach the first weekend of april. we'll have a full look at when the rain moves out with our forecast in 13 minutes. the tickets are counterfeit. the warriors are telling nbc bay area news thatç the se ncenari played out a dozen times just this season is. tom jensen is outside of oracle where the warriors are making good on those bogus tickets. >> i imagine that sinking feeling. 20 people who showed up tonight for the game against memphis
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grizzlies came here with counterfeit tickets because on any ticket with 20 to 60 people show up with bogus tickets they took a chance to remind them about the dangers of buying tickets from second to third party sources and what a painful experience luk we talked about. and are allowing them to enjoy the game in some suites and remind folks that you can't be 100% tendsthaern you're getting tukts from a relubl source if you don't buy them from warri >> there'sç no way to guarante they are legitimate. the only way is is to buy from >> a couple weeks ago in boston in town, 58 fans showed up here
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r with with bad tuickets. all of them had to go home without tickets. some are here tonight in one of the suites watch iing the game. the warriors reminding people only to buy the tickets from they showed up with a game. the warriors flew them out to san francisco where they are staying. they are court side and also going to get stephon curry here. all a reminder for folks to buy those tickets from either reliable friend or a source that you know. not from second or third party sourc sources. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> they are saying it looks like it's all over, but the voting for the raiders. that's all that stands between leaving for las vegas. all 32 owners are gathering in phoenix to kick off the league meetings. at the top of that agenda is
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deciding where the raiders are going to be calling home. despite a last-ditch effort by the city of oakland, it appears the owners has enough votes to move them to vegas. they have to vote question to relocate in nevada. nfl commissioner roger goodell wrote a letter saying he believes a city has a viable solution to keep the team in the east bay. standing up to bullying, families coming together at an east bay high school and a show of solidarity after images were posted on social media. christy smith is live to explain what happened here. >> i can tell you that parents came out today, administrators, they held hands, held a rally. they talked about positive steps they can take to make sure this doesn't happen again.ç
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the steps of albany high school a large crowd gathered as some parents spoke out. >> a number of images trusted to an instagram account. >> we're conducting an investigation and then as the investigation comes to exposure, maybe we're still just building parts of the investigation. we'll determine what the d
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discipline is going to be. >> she talked about students learning lessons of inclusiveness and steps being taken to ensure a supportive environment. still one student said he wanted more openness and clarity. >>we really feel like they are tiptoeing around the issue. >> there are concerns of an anti-semitic incident. the crowd joined hands outside the school in sol didarity. >> i really would like to see it as a way to bring people together so we have a good base for starting to heel. >> today the message. >> a school board meeting is coming up and a number of parents here said they would go this to show support for programs that address racism and bias. reporting live in albany, crist ty smith, nbc bay area news. an early morning freeway shooting sends a a man to the hospital. officers say someone shot a man about 4:00 this morning on
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southbound 280 at the off ramp. he was taken to the hospital. no suspects at this time. a hut and run driver killed a man in san jose early this morning. the crash happening about 12:30 in the morning. theq celieve the man was in the road when he was hit. now police say they are lock in for the driver who fled the scene. this is the 9th deadly crash involving a pedestrian this year. a car stolen in livermore ended up at the bottom of the okay lee this morning. take a look at this video. firefighters with the fire department responded to reports of a car in the water at 8:30 this mork. it was 60 feet away tr shore between two docks. rescue swimmers sprang into action to see if anybody was inside that car. >> the car was submerged under the water. they swam out there, broke the windows out and searched and found no victims inside the vehicle. >> the swimmers then hooked a a
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toe chain to the car and the truck pulled it out. still to come at 6:00, a violent scene inside a nightclub. the latest on the shooting investigation. plus a dress code in the air. two teenage girls told they can't wear leggings on united airlines flight. why they were forced to change. at as e soteis thloe, t
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a developing story out of cincinnati at least one shooter is on the loose after opening fire inside a nightclub. hundreds of people were inside. they weren't sure if the shooting was terror related. late this afternoon police held a press conference to update what they found. >> several local men got into a dispute inside the bar and escalatedç into shots being fired. from several individuals. as a result, there were 16 people that sustained gunshot injuries. >> police say the club had security guards have searched people at the door. the venue does have a history of problems. we are learning more about a
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crash in london that left four pedestrians injured. cell phone video from a witness shows the scene. police say four people that were hit plb will be okay. they suffered minor injuries. officers say four men have been arrested and two knives were recovered at the scene. police are stressing this is not terrorist related. it did come as tensions are still high after wednesday's terror attack there. that's when four people were killed when a driver mowed down pedestrians on westminster bridge. two teen girls were kicked off a flight for wearing a. popular form of clothing. the gate agent would not allow two girls to board a flight because they were wearing leggings. the spokesman said they were not allowed onç the flight because they were traveling use iing a united employee pass. and the spokesman says they were not in compliance with the dress code policy for company travel,
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which is established. coming up next, hitting the pavement. the annual event that took over the golden gate bridge. right now, temporarily, the rain moving away from san francisco as seen through the eyes of the mobile doppler radar as we have rain falling around emeriville. how much rain can we expect and what about windy and much warmer weather ahead on your seven-day forecast when we come right back. a l ofpeeon spl inanfrcis toy.
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take a look at this beautiful view. a lot of speed as runners turned out for the united airlines half marathon. this is the fifth time that the race has taken place. beginners run it, 000 people actually ran that course. it highlights the most iconic landmarks including the great
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highway, the goldenen gate bridge before they finish at the steps of the san francisco city hall. what a view. tla would motivate you to run. >> it would be fun to be onç tt bridge. i did it one time. i walked. >> i was supposed to be there. we did have light rain. the heavier rain did come down in the last hour. in the mean event with a weaker weather system. we're finding it on the mobile doppler radar. the point of view still has rain falling. not as heavy as five minutes ago. take you from the east bay out down closer to the south bay, you can see this line of showers. hayward into the trivalley and will see some of this it try to approach downtown.
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62 degrees currently. you can see on the radar, wide angle view. this will be the story we think between now and probably about 10:00 tonight. back edge of the system approaching the coast. so hour by hour, showers moving through right now through 9:0. then ç11:00, most of this is already starting to clear the bay area. could see a few lingering showers around the south bay. we see the rainfall expectations out of the system. a a tenth of an inch of rain to maybe a third in the coastal mountains. we're talking about .05 of an inch of rain. may approach 35 miles per hour. morning temperatures, 40s to 50s. showers will shut down by about mid-morning around some of the south bay hills. into the afternoon, wub of the cooler days. mid-60s around san jose. and east bay, 65 degrees in concorde. low to mid-60s around the
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peninsula. half-moon bay at 59 degrees. and as north winds pick up late in the day, santa rosa try to get close to 70 degrees for tomorrow. hour by hour, gradually clearing sky. changes coming up on tuesday. notice the temperature trend now climbing into the mid-and possibly upper 70s. high pressure building çin, strengthening as we approach wednesday and things might get interesting thursday into friday. area of low pressure. may top a few showers away. they are early on thursday morning. but as high pressure is strong to the west, the area of low pressure strengthening to the east. a wind tunnel here. we'll see winds increasing between tleez two weather systems. could see gusty winds and the high is the story heading into next weekend. rise iing temperatures close to. could be possible in a few spots by next saturday. san francisco, warming up, could
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have a chance of getting close to 70 on wednesday. and saturday ask sunday could see 70s too. inland spot, thursday just a a slight chns of showers. but some gusty winds. that's probably part of the big weather story into next weekend. could sigh the warmest temperatures not only in the moving into the first few days of april. >> we'll take it. warm temperatures coming that makes me think of baseballç >> baseball is almost here. by the time we're at next sunday, the season will be underway for the giants short on right-handed sluggers. so perhaps this guy can come out of retirement. barry bonds back at it today. launching bombs at spring training. we have video proof. that story is next in sports. [cu ase as rord eliein enecas...heraersr
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welcome become to sorts. the raiders could know their fate by tomorrow when the owners meet in phoenix. friday in a letter sent to oakland mayor nfl commissioner roger goodellç appeared to be preparing the city for the worst. according to the mercury news, goodell said the stadium proposal is filled with uncertainty and part of the concerns center around the
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long-term leads. and while he thinks officials, despite the frtings, we have not identified a viable solution. they have express ed hope to kep the raiders in town. on a high level, we want the raiders in oakland. we think the east bay fans are the fwhes professional sports. to see the fans lose out is not something we're rooting for. he also noted the decision is not his to make and he will be waiting to see what happens. how about some basketball action in for the women. stanford taking on notre dame u. we cut right to the finish. cardinals down one. smith getting inside with the layup. so after being down by as many as 16, stanford rallies to go up 1. under 5 seconds left. notre dame with a chance to win it. mccall coming up with a ga game-saving block as stanford survives 75-76 to advance to their 13thç final four.
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>> a lot of prayers. i was talking to god the whole time. please make this shot. she came out and she's about to get the shot up. she took a dribble and was like i'm going for it. >> e we wanted to get it this year for sure. i started crying. it's an amazing feeling to be back. we're ready to play. >> great play there. let's get to the nba. griz lees in town taking on the warriors. posts a three, but misses it. carter, right there for the dunk. the putback to put the grizzlies up one. ask right now warriors up 56-54 going into the third quart. . how about spring training? giants and white sox, theç
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clooi horses. the dish double down the left field line. both runs come around to score. a two-run double. ty block on the bump fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation. and then later induces the inning-ending double play as they do work. giants win, 3-2. and how about this? 52 years old, barry bonds showing he's still got it. the home run king taking batting practice today. he had a couple out of the park. look at everyone's reaction. they see it. he was a special executive to the ceo. he's still got that power. by the way, later this week, the giants will wrap up exhibition play and head north. it all starts friday at at&t park and moves to saturday.
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the boys of summer almost here. >> that's such a way to get into the regular season. it's an exciting time. >> thank you. we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport
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>> the second straight weekend "beauty and the beast" is dominating hollywood. it brought in $88 million. more than double the second place movie. rounding out the top three, in theaters, the real life singers and everything really making it. i heard the radio that it's pulled in more than $6ç00 milln worldwide so far. >> that's amazing. >> it's sort of like that old school genera of film and coming back. >> it's popular. if it rains, good time to pop in and see a movie. >> or you might miss the rainbows. >> you forecast this. >> yes, and it happened. point towers. you went out there and got it. we have some showers around the east bay right now. good news, showers should be mostly done by the morning commute.
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temperatures climb and turning windy thursday into friday. sgln looks nice. thank you for joining us on nbc news. >> see you back here at 11:00. have a good night.
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