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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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move. today in the bay starts right now. >> and a good monday morning. glad that you're with us to start off your work week. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to look at the forecast. nice for eating lunch outside maybe. >> i think so. maybe long sleeves because it will be on the cool side for some areas, and yeah, still breezy, too. the storm system we had, if you want to call it that, that moves through overnight, brought about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain for some of the higher spots. some of the higher rainfall totals. but now as we look outside in san jose, we are seeing some drying conditions and los gatos, the temperature trend will be in the low 60s. as we head to mike, we head back to oakland. >> we had the debris in lanes that cleared from 24 approaching 580. let's show all of the commute, pretty much what you expect from the speed sensors. in oakland, the other issue is eastbound 580 at grand avenue. a crash reported. everything is off to the shoulder over there in oakland,
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but now we see a little slowing just past it. we'll check to make sure there's nothing else going on, but as we widen out the shot, no major problems. a little slowering at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> happening today, a live look at the oakland coliseum where in just a few hours, the raiders' future may be officially on the clock. nfl owners gather today for a make or break meeting on the team's future. owners are supposed to vote on approving a $2 billion stadium deal that would allow the raiders to move to las vegas. 24 of the 32 owners need to vote yes for that to happen, and sources say there is little opposition. it is possible that the raiders could begin play in vegas as early as 2018. pete suratos is monitoring that meeting in phoenix. he'll have a live report in about 30 minutes. >> a whole lot of buzz for years. now open for business. the fremont b.a.r.t. station up and running and this morning is the first true test, as this is
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the first morning commute. >> today in the bay's bob redell is live with how things are going so far. this is something that a lot of commuters have been waiting a long time for. >> reporter: yes, and just moments ago, one of the first trains for the monday morning commute just left the warm springs b.a.r.t. station here in fremont, but it has been a long wait. warm springs b.a.r.t. was supposed to open in 2015. because of software and electrical issues, it was delayed until this saturday when the station finally opened. so this, right now, monday morning, is the first time it's open for people trying to get into work for their morning commute. it is a brand-new station. you might recall on friday when we took you upstairs, you could see the open air design. another station, if you're not familiar, is sandwiches between 880 and 680. it's about five miles south of the free maund b.a.r.t. station which used to be the end of the line. >> how much time are you going to save? >> about two hours. >> save two hours? >> yeah. >> wow. is that why you're smiling? >> that's good.
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yeah, that's good. it's a relaxing train. >> what were you doing prior to today? >> going to fremont b.a.r.t. station. >> what difference does this station make? >> it took about ten minutes off the trip. it's great. >> less stress. >> yes, it is. very much. >> while the opening of warm springs bartz was delayed a couple years, b.a.r.t. said they did come in under budget at around $790 million. just underneath that. that's more than $100 million less than originally projected. the train schedule on the lines will be altered by a few minutes to accommodate the station. they have been altered. if you're taking b.a.r.t. from one of those stops, something to keep in mind. in december, that's when you look around ten miles south of here, the line will continue. that's when b.a.r.t. is supposed to open up. in 60 minutes, we'll tell you what the city of fremont says
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this new station will have in impact in terms of jobs and new homes in the area. reporting live here at the new warm springs b.a.r.t., bob redell. >> appreciate that report. happening right now, another busy week on tap in washington as the trump administration trying right now to move on from a stunning defeat over health care. tracie potts joining us live from capitol hill this morning with the blame game going on right now, and they have to get to other parts of the agenda, good morning. >> hi, sam. good morning. they do have to move on, and even though there is still some finger pointing here on capitol hill, and bay, its foggy, but the capitol is there, they are trying to deal with other issues like the president's son-in-law and a new assignment for him as of this morning. the judge neil gorsuch hearing. the committee vote that's supposed to happen today. and a big new challenge that the president is sending to capitol hill.
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america still fuming over the failure to replace or improve obamacare. >> congress just wasn't ready. >> the white house blamed lawmakers. >> this place was a lot more rotten than we thought. >> president trump shifting focus, tweeting just hours ago about success at the border and promising to do what congress hasn't in 30 years. tax reform. >> the president's vision on lowering taxes for every american is what's going to unite not just the republican party but i think some of those democrats are going to come onboard as well. >> if they do the same thing on tax reform and the overwhelming majority of the cuts go to the very wealthy, special interests, corporate america, and the middle class and the poor people are left out, they'll lose again. >> today, the president is expected to announce a new office of american innovation, led by his son-in-law, jared kushner, to make government run like a business. also today, a committee vote on supreme court nominee judge neil gorsu gorsuch. >> have not made a decision yet,
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but i was not pleased with his answers. >> new challenges for the same congress. >> we'll look very close. >> and a president trying to put his first defeat behind him. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> that was a funny washington picture, right? >> former presidential candidate hillary clinton is headed to the bay area. she's going to be in san francisco tomorrow to deliver the keynote address at the professional business women of california conference. she has kept a rather low profile since the election. kris, a school trying to hael this morning. they're coming together in a show of solidarity against racism and bullying. hundreds of families joining hands outside of albany high school as the parents of some of the students targeted in a racist instagram account spoke out. that account tarkted black opportunities and a black staff men. they hope the event starts a healing process, but some students say the issue is not met head-on. >> i would like to see it as a
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way to bring people together so we have a good pace for starting to heal. >> we feel like they're tip-toeing around the issue. >> the superintendent says some students have been disciplined and a title ix investigation has been launched which could lead to more consequences. >> a sunnyvale coach facing serious charges this morning for allegedly making inappropriate comments to girls on social media. police arrested 21-year-old moises martin on friday after a 13-year-old girl came forward. investigators say they then discovered a second victim. at least one of the girls was on the volleyball team that martin coached. he also volunteered at the community service and senior center in sunnyvale. >> police are blaming a three-car crash in the east bay yesterday on drunk driving. the passenger in one car was ejected in that crash. which happened about 5:00 p.m. on san pablo avenue. police say the driver of the car was later determined to be driving under the influence. the inskrred passenger suffered broken bones. there were thankfully no other
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injuries. an unusual way to make good for people who purchased bogus tickets. the warriors last night held a stop fraud night for recent victims. one little boy, you see them there, he was turned away from a warriors game in atlanta earlier this season along with his mom. when the warriors heard about it, they decided to fly the pair out, get them a room at the sir francis drake hotel in san francisco, put them up there, and they also got those courtside seats. the team has a message, though, for people seeking third-party tickets. >> there's no way to guarantee tickets purchased on those sites are legitimate. the only way to guarantee is to buy it from >> the team says hundreds of people this year have shown up at warriors games with counterfeit tickets and then they get turned away. march 8th against boston, nearly 60 fans were turned away at the door. that's a lot of people. >> tough to go to warriors daumg and buy the tickets when there's so much demand for them.
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>> baseball season officially begins next sunday, not that anybody is keeping track, but this week, the city of oakland is getting into the spirit. >> that is no joke. today is spirit week kicking off in oakland with a flag raising event at noon. then, later at 6:00, the a's unveil the new mural on the side of the downtown oakland pg&e building. this is time lapse video of the 120-foot mural being created. pretty impressive there. dominating that building. this year marks 50 seasons since the a's moved to oakland. all week, the team is offering a unique trade-in. fans can trade a giants cap for a new a's. cap sporting the green and gold. key could just root for both teams. >> we could. >> here's a look at our storm ranger. and as the rain clears the bay area, i want to show you what's happening around lake tahoe right now. still some snow coming down.
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a winter weather advisory in effect, if you know anybody headed in that direction or if you will be heading off to the east, we're looking at some more of those snow showers but wrapping up as we go into today. a look at squaw creak near lake tahoe. one of the resorts, 32 degrees. light snow showers and then the seven-day snowfall total of about two feet. sewing good there. and as we head over to mike here, checking in on the bay bridge. >> looking good in squaw valley. the bay, looking good for the speed sensors. we'll go back to oakland. we talked about the crash. still on the blotter here. eastbound, 588 grand. but all lanes reported clear getting away from the bay bridge. we pointed out a slowdown at the toll plaza. we'll give you a quick look. it shows a few noek folks waiting off to the right. no real lain off to the left. that will start to build toward the metering lights. back out to the travel times,
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the north bay, a light, easy drive. and folks heading across the richmond bridge, everything is smooth. >> thank you. >> it's 5:10, and come up, preparing for the worst. how communities across california this week are planning for the next natural disaster. >> plus, some controversy sweeping over social media this morning. an airline in hot water after telling two girls they couldn't board because what they were wearing.
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good monday morning. coming up on 5:14, and a clear look at palo alto after early morning rain. but at least the roads are dry heading up and down 101. the temperature trend for cupertino starts at 54 at 9:00. lunchtime temperature, 59 degrees. on the cool side with highs in the low to mid 60s. >> now, we see a slowdown over there at highway 84 and the construction zone. we'll talk about it more coming up. >> 5:14 right now. united's legging scandal is going viral this morning. now, celebrities are weighing in. in case you were disconnected and you missed the frommy, uniteds did not let two teenage girls get on a flight because they were wearing leggings. the girls were flying from denver to minneapolis over the weekend. the reason united says they were
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not allowed on is because they were traveling on an employee pass. and they have to follow the company's dress code policy to fly on that pass. john legend's wife chrissy teigen tweeted, next time i will wear only jeans and scarf while flying united. >> a lot tweets. when is that flight again? it's booked. >> more business and tech news. lyft verses uber. the ride sharing company trying to position itself as anti-uber. >> it seems to be working for them so far. we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc's world headquarters on this monday. good morning. >> sam and kris, good monday morning to you both. investors could take the opportunity to cash in some profits from the so-called post-election trump trade following the defeat of the health care bill on friday. asian and european markets in the red today, but by 1% or less. the dollar is at a four-month
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low against major currencies on concerned about president trump's policy agenda, including tax reform. and spending on infrastructure. on, the dow closed down 59 points. to 20,596, but the nasdaq rose 11 to 5828. meanwhile, amazon is exploring a physical store to sell furniture and home appliances. products many shoppers are reluctant to buy sight unscene. "the new york times" say they would access showrooms where people can view items in order to be delivered to their homes. amazon is also considering using virtual reality to let customers see how they would like in their homes. >> lyft is trying to position itself as the anti-uber following recent controversies for its ride sharing rival. they have a program if you opt in, rounds up your fare and donates the difference to a charity. causes include the environment, equality, and veterans. the initiative is being tested and will take a few weeks to go nationwide. back over to you.
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>> all right, thank you very much, landon. all right, happening today, parks camp grounds and big sur set to reopen. that's the canyon phifer bruj that finally went down a couple weeks ago. areas took a big hit in recent storms that includes roads and bridges. while most parks and camp grounds are set to reopen today, several areas are remaining closed long-term. it's best to check with park management if you're planning a trip down to big sur. >> happening today, preparing for the worst. it's tsunami preparedness week throughout the state. communities here across the bay area and across california are working with officials to edge people about tsunamis. the training will last through friday. >> that video from the santa cruz harbor, for a lot of people, that stirs up memories. so we're hoping that is not a repeat any time soon. what we are hoping for, and it looks like we're getting, is
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nicer weather. >> it was raining for some parts of the bay area overnight, but now everything is clearing out. we're going to have a pretty much dry week. we'll show you the exception of where we may see some rain heading towards the end of the week. other than that, you step out the door, it is all clear. 47 degrees in the tri-valley. 51 degrees in the peninsula. and it's 51 degrees in san francisco. north bay camera dropped out there, 45 degrees. it's going to be in the mid 60s in the peninsula as well as the south bay. all of us reaching into the mid 60s today as the storm system, if we can call it that, brought up to a quarter inch for some of those spots that had the higher rainfall totals. it continues to move off towards the east. but still seeing some rain and snow over near lake tahoe. while we're tracking just a few isolated showers offshore that did not look to make it inland. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll see we will have drier weather in the forecast. and storm ranger scanning around
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the bay area, showing that we will also see some drying conditions as we get a closer look at the red beam on the map, all clear. and the radar, the pollen report, showing that we will have a high amount of tree pollen in the air. so today, one of those days to make sure you grab the allergy medication before heading out. also, now we have some moderate amounts of mold in the air. the tree pollen, most of them, oak, pine, and birch, watch out for that if you're allergic to some of those tree pollens. looking at radar that shows this storm system moving out. some dry air in between, and then there will be a storm system toward the end of the week. it looks like it arrives on thursday. now, when it does get here, much of the rain stays well to the north of us. based on what a lot of the computer models are putting out at this point. and we'll keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast for the north bay. maybe even san francisco. but other than that,s like a mainly dry week.
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looking at that temperature trend going from the mid 60s today into the low 70s this weekend. it will be a beautiful one. you can make some plans to get outside, inland areas looking to reach into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. mike, how about that? how does it look for the tri-valley? >> a little better on saturday. we're looking over here right now, the tri-valley and much of the rest of the bay did see as kari said, a little rain. there were some slick roadways and a couple crashes reported overnight. no more problems. 580 over, this is where we're talking about coming off the alt amaunlt, a little slower, and then a 20-minute drive from here to the dublin interchange. a little slowing here as you would expect tloum the construction zone. keep that in mind. over here, we're looking at a nice, easy drive toward the bay bridge. a 16-minute drive over here, also 580 and 880 through
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oakland. let's look at the dublin camera i had been talking about. the smooth drive, and that's what lends itself to the easy drive heading to the dublin area, past the b.a.r.t. station, where we look at the travel times and delays. no delays for the transit system. we're having trouble getting the words out now. back to you. >> the heimlich maneuver. get them out. >> thank you very much. coming up next, most folks with allergies try to avoid nuts. >> new research that shows that might not be necessary after all. >> $200 shoes that never shipped. i'm consumer investigator chris kimora. nbc bay area responds next. in our suvs,
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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morning. nbc bay area responds toaicalble woman out $200 for a pair of shoes she never got. >> she reached out to our consumer investigative center for help, and chris chumura joins us with her story. >> last june, ann callahan ord a pair of $200 shoes from the store walk rite for life at a local mall. but she never got them. ann told us she repeatedly tried to get those shoes or a refund, but the store gave her the runaround. the stalemate, she says, went on for months. so ann finally asked us to step in. we contacted walk rite for life,
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then ann received a $200 refund. we wanted to know what happened, but the company didn't respond to our request for comment. we're glad we can help and we can also help you get your money back. the number is 888-996-tips or logon to >> thank you. 5:25. here's something nutty. just because you are diagnosed with a peanut alagy does not mean you are allergic to all nuts. >> safely test this out, maybe, but it turns out most people think they are allergic to all nuts, so they avoid all nuts. a new study finds about half people they studies were just allergic to a specific nut but not to every nut. researchers say it's important to get tested for specific nut allergies. >> in patients with multiple allergies, especially if we can liberate their diet, allowing them to eat other foods, quality of life is much better. >> kris, you know so many
5:26 am
people, it's the peanut allergies that get them. experts say most kids by age 6 months or so should have a taste of peanut butter or another understood with peanut in it. research shows babies exposed to peanuts by then are 80% less likely to develop a peanut aller allergy. and a safety reminder, never give whole peanuts to kids under 4 due to choking hazards. >> i thought it was a year. i thought we held off on nuts. >> fans clash outside a soccer match in the south bay, and a violent confrontation caught on camera outside avaya stadium, next. nfl owners roll the dice and send the raiders to sin city? the vote taking place today to determine the future of the franchise.
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coming up on 5:30 on this monday morning. we're looking live this morning at highway 17 and nice and clear start to this monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. right now, it's dark. it's a monday. you're starting off the work week at 5:00 in the morning. let's talk about something uplifting. i know you hate this when i move to the back end of the week, but
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it's going to be like 80 degrees at the end the week. >> never too early to talk about the weekend. we're talking low 80s here. so it looks really warm. and we start out cool this morning. our temperatures are going up each day this week. looking now at 47 degrees as you step out the door, so as you think about the weekend, some nice warm thoughts. 51 degrees in the peninsula. and in san francisco. 45 in the north bay. and highs today reaching into the low to mid 60s. up to 62 in san francisco. 68 in the north bay. and we will get a lot more sunshine, even though it's a little wet and slick as you step out now. that may affect the drive heading to the bay area. >> we did see a couple crashes, including a spin-out reported earlier for oak that cleared from 580. if you're going to the bay bridge, you're not the only one. the metering lights are on. there's a backup forming. it takes about minutes to fill in this entire area. we're looking to your approach
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on the maps and travel times which are great right now. still just 17 minutes but building coming down from highway four. the congestion through emeryville. overall, your commute is looking really good right now. watch for the damp roadways and a new crash reported on 17 in the campbell area. more details from chp. i'll bring that to you. >> thank you very much. we have been talking about this for months now. and today, finally the day in a matter of hours we should learn the fate of the raiders. >> right now, nfl owners are in phoenix, arizona, ahead of the big vote that could change sports in the bay area forever. pete suratos is live at the oakland coliseum this morning which the raiders currently call home, but thad can change and soon. >> good morning to you, kris and sam. the first day of the nfl owners meetings in las vegas today. that vote could determine the relocation of the raiders from oakland to las vegas. in order for that to happen, 24
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of the 32 owners would have to vote yes during those meetings. i just read in a local paper in vegas that the raiders will be presenting at about 10:00 a.m. in the owners meeting. a lot of reports indicate that right now that vote seems to be yes. that issue here are the two proposals on the table from las vegas and oakland. both stadiums would cost more than a billion dollars. however, the raiders would be able to use a much larger amount of public funding. if the raiders were to stay in oakland, there's also the issue of continuing to share the site with the oakland a's. roger goodell told libby schaaf in a letter this makes the proposal less viable. it's the raider nation who may lose out the most. >> i'm going to support the team but not the politicians. not marc davis. he could stay here but he doesn't want to. >> that's terrible. stay here with us.
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>> now, if the raiders get the 24 votes needed, they could have the new stadium in vegas by 2020. in fact, they may be playing football in vegas as early as 2018. we'll have more on this big vote in the next hour. live in oakland. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you, pete. stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage of the planned raiders relocation vote. we have a team of reporters in phoenix and you can find the latest updates in our twitter feed and also complete coverage in the midday and evening newscasts tonight. >> a hit-and-run suspect in custody after authorities say he crashed his car on highway 17. you see him being detained there. that's the car. santa cruz police say it all started early this morn when officers started chasing the man up 17. they soon gave up the chase over safety concerns. and then, according to the chp, the suspect crashed his car into the center divider. shutting down some traffic northbound.
5:34 am
that all reopened about 2:40 this morning. sheriff's deputies took him into custody and he's facing charges that include hit and run and failure to yield to officers. >> the man accused of killing four people in a sacramento home last week is expected to be arraigned today. authorities say 56-year-old salvador vasquez killed the victims in the home he shared with at least three of them. a new memorial sprung up outside the home there in sacramento. police so far are releasing few details about the crime, but we do know that authorities detained him last thursday in san francisco's western edition. >> 5:34. we're getting a look at some violence that broke out at avaya stadium on sunday. police say that everything went smoothly after the start of yesterday's soccer match between mexican clubs, club america and monarchs at avaya stadium. before the match, that was a very different story. things got heated when an angry crowd threw rocks and bottles at each other and at arriving
5:35 am
buses. one man had to be treated by doctors. >> comes from mexico city. >> you're heading to the hospital. >> the hp. >> how were you hurt. >> they threw a big rock. >> at your head? >> yeah, a my head. >> to quell the may lay, more than 70 police officers arrived in rye gear to calm things down. there were no arrests and no serious injuries. police say the rest of the day went pretty smoothly with just one other minor scuffle. >> we are getting new images of search and rescue efforts under way in japan after an avalanche took down as many as 50 high school students and a teacher who were on a climbing trip at a ski resort there. two of the students and a teacher remain missing at this hour. rescuers, though, did pull eight student out of the aftermath, but officials fear they did not survive. at least 40 other students and people are injured. all of that about 120 miles north ofio. >> today, water outflow from
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lake ora's spillway will be plugged up once again. officials will reduce the flow at noon today, bringing it down to zero. water officials will hold a news conference before noon to explain why they're taking the action. this was the same spillway badly damaged in the storms in january, prompting the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people. a live look right now outside at emeryville this morning. happening today, the first of four meetings on reducing air pollution in the bay area. the bay area air quality management district board is considering a proposal to tighten emissions limits. the group most impacted by the new regulations are the bay area's five oil refineries. the air quality district is holding four pollution workshops this week started tonight. the first one in coupe cupertino. also, california state treasurer is in oakland to examine possible solutions for the financial and cannabis industries. sales of recreational marijuana
5:37 am
start in california tomorrow. meernlt, the trump administration is signaling it may try to crack down on states where marijuana is legal recreationally. at this point, california's but-million billion dollar pot industry is mostly cash oriented. today, john chung is going to meet with leaders in financing, state tax, and regulatory groups to try to figure out ways to boost banking access for cannabis industries. closer to hole right now, a bay area animal shelter offering, and i know you love this story. >> i do. >> a -- for a familiar reason. >> look at the pictures. >> san francisco's animal care and control rescues several dozens of rabbits. authorities took them from a person trying to sell them as pets or maybe meat on craigslist. most of the rabbits are up for adoption and they have really glammed up. as an incentive, pet food express is offering a $50 gift card to the first 30 people who adopt the bunnies, perhaps offsetting the cost of care.
5:38 am
>> it does look like a professional shoot. >> so cute. >> dozens of dogs geing a new lease on life. 46 pooches are -- look at that guy. new york city, after being rescued from a south korean meat farm. >> those dogs were met with hugs from tears at the humane society. they will be taken to shelters throughout new york, maryland, philadelphia, and then hopefully they will find their forever homes. >> i have a couple of very small dogs. one of those big dogs, i would love to take that guy home. i need one. >> yeah. we have great dog walking weather, too. if you're able to take one of those animals home, we're going to have nice weather today. it's right now 5:38. live look outside at san jose shows the temperature trend that will start out in the upper 50s. lunchtime temperature at 59 degrees. and low 60s today. still breezy, but bright and sunny, and a little cooler than average, but we're going to warm things up as we go through the
5:39 am
week. coming up in about five minutes, we'll take a look at the school day forecast. but right now, as we head over to mike, crashes in the south bay and san leandro. >> it sounds dramatic, but it's not really the case. light traffic all around the bay, just starting to build. we'll talk about san leandro first. this is northbound 880 at davis street. at the top of the screen, there is a crash. rr scanning anywhere from marina up to davis. but no reports of slowing on our speeders. ee do have that crash just north of the valley. so we'll continue to follow that. as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. a 19 minute drive. still under minutes, barely. the metering lights are on. now back to the south bay, slowing for 101 northbound, and this crash at camden proves to be over on the shoulder. it was a hit-and-run so if you hear anyone say i saw a crash
5:40 am
near camden, have them call chp. >> thank you. 5:39. coming up terrifying moments inside a crowded nightclub. the search for a shooter who left one person dead and injured 15 others. >> plus, on the edge. quite literally. a man dangling off the of a building, how he is thanking his rescuers after this high-wire act. >> first, a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. and it's clear, and we can see it, and you can see the pavement is dry, too. that won't complicate your comult this morning, but you may want to grab aer before you head out the door.
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it is 5:43, as we get a look at your school day forecast. you're up early, about to wake the kids up. make sure they're wearing long sleeves and they will need sunglasses. no more need for the rain boots and umbrellas. as they head out for recess, a nice and cool morning. a lot of sunshine and temperatures reaching into the low 60s. follow me on facebook and twitter. let me know what you have planned and i'll give you the forecast. we'll take a look at what's ahead as we go through the week.
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that's coming up at 5:49. we're looking at these travel times for the tri-valley. a bit of slowing that started for pleasanton over there on south 680 and the castro valley. i'll show you the update for the san leando crash coming up. >> thank you very much. coming up on a quarter to 6:00 on your monday, and the search continues this morning for at least one shooter who opened fire inside of a crowded nightclub in cincinnati this weekend. one person was killed, 15 others injured. >> the gunshots erupted just after midnight at a nightclub called the cameo. police say hundreds of people were inside at the time. first, there waw worry that this shooting might be related to terrorism. but investigators later determined that wasn't the case. >> several local men got into some type of dispute inside the bar. and it escalated into shots being fired. from several individuals. as a result, there were 16
5:45 am
people that sustained gunshot injuries. >> 15 of them were injured. one did die, and police say the club does have a skaurt guard that searches people at the door. they believe several people, though, still were able to smuggle the guns into the club anyway. not clear exactly how they did that. >> time to review the protocol there. in this case, we're learning new details about the man accused of shooting and killing a tourist on the los angeles strip this weekend. 56-year-old rolando cardenas of las vegas surrendered after a standoff that lasted for more than four hours. a tour bus stopped and passengers were getting off the bus when he stood up and fired several shots from a handgun at them. you see the s.w.a.t. presence on scene. one man died as a result. another was injured but is expected to survive. cardenas then managed to hole himself up on the bus before
5:46 am
finally peacefully surrendering. >> a new detail now. authorities in tennessee release new video of a gung girl believed to have been kid natna by her teacher. >> you're going to see it like that. >> a little normal exchange. 15-year-old elizabeth thomas talking to her brother before her abduction. authorities say she was kidnapped by a former teacher who developed an intimate relationship with her. he is 50. she is 15. the teacher is also believed to be armed. authorities also now say that the teacher was recently suspended by the school after disobeying an order barring elizabeth from his classroom. >> some news from d.c. now. at 5:46. president trump's son-in-law is heading a new innovation office at the white house. that's jared kushner there. he's leading a group tasked with overhauling the government by using ideas from the business sector. kushner's new job was first reported by "the washington post." president trump is expected to
5:47 am
make it official very soon. kushner's wife and trump's daughter ivanka trump also has a west wing office but no official job title. >> speaking of ivanka trump, she's planning a trip to germany to attend a summit on the economic empowerment of women. a senior administration official says the first daughter was invited bine angela merkel during her recent white house visit. the summit is scheduled for next month in berlin. >> 5:47. if you live near the san leandro b.a.r.t. station, don't be alarmed if you hear sirens later this morning. it's just the fire department training drill happening in the neighborhoods surrounding the b.a.r.t. station there and starts at 9:30 this morning. it will run through noon. in that time, you might see helicopters flying overhead and lots of firefighters on the roadway, but again, just a training. we can be ready for anything. >> all right. don't say we didn't warn you. 5:47. an emotional reunion in south florida as rescuers met yesterday with the window washer
5:48 am
that they saved last week following a scaffolding collapse. this is an incredible story. that 63-year-old dangling on the side of key biscayne's grand bay resort for more than an hour in that position. you can them finally coming down. the hand shakes and hugs afterwards, after the platform had tipped and given way. that's why they had to rescue him. what makes this so heartbreaking or at least i guess nerve rattling in the process is his son was below his own dad, watching that process unfold. >> one of his sons was actually one of the other workers that were on the scene watching the whole thing. watching his dad dangling there for 45 minutes to an hour. >> while he was eventually, after an hour, was eventually lowered down to safety nine floors below with his rescuers attached, you see the three of them all coming down together, investigators have not announced what caused the collapse. no doubt he will value dinner at home that night.
5:49 am
>> and it was nerve-racking. >> absolutely. no idea what thoughts were going through that son's mind. >> new video this morning out of texas showing massive hail. all part of a storm that swept through the region this weekend. you can see some of it right there. that's egg-sized hail in a swimming pool. seems to be an odd combination. look at all the splash in that pool. heavy rain and hail coming along with a tornado warning. the national weather service is looking into reports of a tornado touching down in denton county near dallas. >> wow. that time of year when you start to see some of those really strong storms across parts of the midwest and the south. tornado warnings, all of that stuff. >> egg-sized hail? >> nothing that big. >> i know we said everything is bigger in texas. the hail as well. >> the last time we had hail, my girls were at a swim party. >> i saw that video. >> i put that video up on the top. >> was it egg-sized? >> no, but we tried to get them out of the pool. they said it hurts too much to
5:50 am
get out. >> none of that going on right now. >> no. it's all clear. this morning, we start out with some clearing skies. now, we did have some rain very early this morning. but now, all of that is getting out of here. and as we take a live look outside at san francisco from at&t park, you see the things are looking nice and quiet. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we start out in the peninsula, and we're going to have some mainly dry weather as we go through the week. and right now, in san francisco, it's 53 degrees with a high today of 64. going to see some warmer temperatures as we go into the next couple days. but it will be a little on the cool side today with breezy weather. it starts to warm up tomorrow, especially in the afternoon, with highs reaching the upper 60s. and we will continue to see some warmer weather and also drier, too. as we get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar showing there are a few spotty showers just offshore, but i don't think we'll see a lot of that as we'll go throughout the
5:51 am
day as the storm winds down. if you're heading out, going hiking today in some of the east bay trails, the will still be muddy in some spots, but lots of sunshine and nice cool start. at 2:00 this afternoon, once again, mostly sunny. cool and breezy, and a very nice evening. getting a look at some of those temperatures today. what to expect in gilroy, up to 67 degrees. up to 67 also in pleasanton. and danville today, 66 degrees. 63 in san mateo. in the mission district, 64 degrees. ing ingleside, 62, and 64 in novato. now we have a chance to dry out. there will be a storm system moving in on thursday it looks like as we go into the rest of the week, that storm system as it moves closer will stay well to the north of us, but we will still keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast for the north bay. possibly for san francisco, too, but it quickly moved off to the east. we continue on with some dry weather. so as we look at the seven-day
5:52 am
forecast, it will be warming up into the upper 60s to lower 70s midweek. slight chance of rain once again for san francisco during the afternoon on thursday. and then look at the weekend. looking very nice. low 70s. low 80s for the inland areas. and that chance of rain once again for thursday will be for the north bay. as we head over to mike now, taking us to san leandro. >> i'm concerned about this issue for northbound 880. overall, the bay, no real cause for concern, aside from maybe some damp roadways. i found some wet roads on the way into the office down here in san jose. ing at northbound 101, a little build off to the east bay, hayward as well. but again, northbound 880, at davis street is where i'm wamping this area. a disabled vehicle reported in the middle of the roadway, the middle two lanes. chp is not yet there. but the speeds don't show any slowing, so we think everything is off to the shoulder.
5:53 am
at least i do. we'll track it again and let you know about surprises. no surprise at crast rcastro valley. and 680, a slower drive nuto pleasanton. no incidents reported, but you see slowing all the way down to about sunol boulevard. we have a backup forming in the bay bridge. we have lanes, but look, the fastest lanes are moving. the rest of the lanes are backed up past west grand avenue. and back out to our map system, talking about a smooth flow of traffic. the transit systems, no delays for any of those folks. also the warm springs south fremont station is open. it opens saturday for business, but this is the first commute. so far, no delays reported. >> you and bob were out there on friday. thank you, mike. >> up next in three minutes on today in the bay, republicans claim the north carolina's controversial bathroom bill is not hurting the state's economy, but a new report says otherwise. the major financial hit the
5:54 am
state is taking because of the bill next. but first, happening now, we just you about trump's son-in-law, that he might have a new job title. we got breaking news about jared kushn kushner. there are reports that the senate intelligence committee is going to question him about his meeting with russians. the fbi, though, has declined to comment. >> plus, a russian opposition liter just appeared in court. he was arrested on his way to protest in moscow, and the kremlin is accused of organizing the anti-corruption protest and of provoking violence. tens of thousands of people took to the streets just yesterday. we' epi a oseye thweh
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
welcome back. we're keeping a close eye on the weather as the latest storm to hit the bay area is moving out. not much activity out there on the radar on your left is a live look at the golden gate bridge and as kris was talking about, very dry pavement. on your right is the live doppler radar. as the latest storm system moves out, things will start to dry up and warm up considerably throughout the week. kari hall will have the full forecast in just three minutes. >> 5:57. north carolina's so-called bathroom bill will cost the state more than $3.75 billion in
5:58 am
lost business over a dozen years. that is according to new analysis just leased this morning by the associated press. republicans assured that the law which limits lgbt protections is not hurting the state's economy, but north carolina has suffered major financial hits since the bill was introduced which includes cancelled plans for paypal facility. north carolina would also lose hundreds of millions of dollars because the ncaa is avoiding the state. >> all right, a new look right now at a local crash. there are no reports of injuries this morning after a car hit a house in redwood city. these are new pictures from the scene just to our newsroom this morning. the redwood city fire department tweeting this photo showing the aftermath of the crash. it looks like the car in someone's living room window. it happened about 7:00 last night in redwood city. investigators say two cars were involved in a crash and one car ended up hitting a home.
5:59 am
>> if you're planning a cruise anytime soon, you're about to be hit with higher daily fees on one major cruise line. norwegian is hiking its service charge by $3.6%, which about $14 a day for passengers staying in most cabins. that means a family of four in a standard cabin will pay about $400 in service charges for a typical week long cruise. passengers in suites will pay more. $17 per day, and the price hike takes effect on april 1st. >> we're cruising right into the start of your week. temperatures warming up. now at 6:00, tracking a change in the weather as the latest storm to hit the bay area moving out this morning. >> getting some drying as we get a look live right now at the bay bridge. we'll see more dry weather as we head throughout the week. also warming temperatures. more on that in the miroclimate forecast. >> b.a.r.t.'s new warm springs station finally open for the week day commute here in
6:00 am
fremont. the difference this will have on people trying to get into work. >> and moving to sin city? major vote happening today that will determine the future of the oakland raiders and all the nfl owners are weighing in. today in the bay continues right now. >> thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of news to get to. we saw bob redell out at the warm springs station. he had his jacket on. it's cooler here to start your morning. >> that's true. it is cooler. going to get warmer though. >> it's going to get warmer today and the next several days. that will be what we can expects over the next few days after a little rain over the weekend. now, we're getting a live look outside at san jose. the clouds are getting out of here. the roads are getting a chance to dry out. and we're pretty much done with the rain as we will see the high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s for the south bay. east bay up to 67 degrees. and for the pe


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