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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this was a big part of our lives they are going to be taking away from us. >> there is only so much you can take from me. that line has been crossed. >> right now at 11:00, raiders fans in morning mourning. their team is leaving for las vegas, will the fans follow the silver and black? tonight reaction is swift and emotions high. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm janelle wang sitting in for raj mathai. >> i'm jest ka aguirre.
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we'll get to the raiders in a moment. breaking news out of san francisco. in the last 30 minutes crews suspended the search for a man swept into the water. firefighters initially responded to a call of someone screaming for help near baker beach just before 7:00. when the crews arrived they found the man hanging off the cliff by a rope but he said he was trying to help someone else who had already fallen in. firefighters spotted the second victim but heavy winds and undertow prevented them from getting to him. the move approved today by a 31-1 vote of nfl team owners. terry, team owners happy. oakland city leaders not so much, in fact, critical of marc davis and the team? >> reporter: it didn't take long
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for the sparks to fly. the raiders moving in las vegas in three years. shortly after the announcement owner marc davis stepped up to the mike and oakland city officials teping up to the mike, both giving different versions why the team is leaving. >> reporter: celebration in las vegas after nfl team owners gave the raiders permission to move to sin city. at the nfl meeting in phoenix, marc davis. >> i have mixed feelings. i love oakland. i love the fans in oakland. i know there is going to be disappointment and maybe some anger. >> reporter: he says the breaking point came after his bid to move back to l.a. was denied by team owners. david said he negotiated a short-term lease at the cole see yum with the hopes of making a long time plan. that was yanked off the table. and then he was told. >> we were going to raise the rent on you. but we had to start looking elsewhere. >> reporter: reaction from an angry oakland mayor libby shall
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have. >> the manly thing for him to do is to at least admit that we had a viable plan and that he made a choice. >> reporter: the oakland a's flag was cheered on the annual raising of the roof on city hall but roger goodell says the a's sharing the stadium with the raiders complicated the building of a new football stadium. an oakland firlt official didn't want to hear it. >> i don't want them now. they can go to santa clara and play. they didn't want us, we busted our tails. they didn't deal with the city of oakland. >> reporter: vegas has $750 million in public money to go towards the stadium. it's coming from the hotel tax. oakland says they have fiscal priorities and a football stadium isn't one of them. we are also learning more about the raiders new stadium in las vegas. you are looking at newly
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released animation of the facility showing what it will look like when it's completed in 2020. the stadium will be right off the strip hyped mandalay bay near the airport. highlights, state-of-the-art retractable doors and a glass domed roof. >> what will fans do when the silver and black take their act to vegas. what will happen in the interim as they continue to play here as they wait for that stadium in nevada? will fans snub them or support him? ian cole talks with the raider nation to find out. >> reporter: at ricky's in san leandro, among the history showcased of a franchise was a small group of fans who lived through it now planning to see their beloved raiders leave towns. >> it's like my girlfriend cheated on me, my wife cheated on me. >> this was a big part of our lives they are going to be taking away from us. >> reporter: tonight the raid history feels ripped away, again. >> i'm old enough to prer the
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first time they left. there is only so much you can take. >> the raiders will move to las vegas but the owner says they will play at the call see yum the next two or three years. fans are mixed what they will do next. >> i won't renew after this year. >> i will go this year. >> i can't go to the stadium and pretend everything is great. >> reporter: this executive has dealt with moving franchises before. he expects fans will show up. >> based upon the way the team is playing even with their frustrations and under anger they will be coming to game at the cole see yum. >> reporter: while some pledge support, others are too heart broegen unerr sure of what the history will mean when the team leaves. >> i think the vibe at the stadium could be different. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> you heard what the fans have to say, what about the players. derek carr's message for fans is
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coming up in sports. in other news tonight, three people dead, one person still missing after a massive fire in oakland. an apartment building engulfed in flames. the cause, unknown. but nbc bay area has uncovered a history of complaints at that building. tonight pictures giving up a glimpse inside. a review of city records show a recent failed inspection, complaints of health and safety issues and an eviction battle. gene, we've learn there was an inspection at the building three days ago? >> reporter: that's right janelle. city records reveal fire inspectors were at this apartment building on friday and they found several fire safety violations before this apartment building burned giving the landlord a long list of fixes. flames roared through this apartment building on san pap low in west oakland. >> scary, chaos, people screaming, windows busting, flames, smoke in the hallways.
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>> reporter: this resident grabbed her girls at 5:40 this morning and got out before the three story building collapsed. three of her neighbors didn't get out alive. the alameda county sheriff says 64-year-old edwin anderson is one of the victims. >> upon arrival we had several occupants who were hanging outside of the window. >> reporter: oakland fire says 80 to 100 people were living in the 40-unit transitional housing complex. many were trapped inside when crews arrived. some stied bench seats to use as an escape. residents complained about the buildings for years. >> rats, roaches, bed bugs. >> reporter: city inspectors found a long list of violations at the building on friday including problems with the fire alarm, sprinklers, and smoke detectors. the lapped lord had 30 days to fix them. there is also an open
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investigation into electrical issues and tepests from decembe. these are recent pictures of a vacated unit filled with debris. a tenant was served an eviction notice earlier this month. tenants say their future in the building was uncertain. now after the fire that uncertain future is a reality. the search for additional victims will resume again tomorrow. the cause of this fire is under investigation. tonight the red cross and the salvation army are helping as many as 80 people who are homeless, helping them with a meal and a place to stay tonight. reporting live in oakland. new at 11:00 tonight a san francisco mall evacuated after a harmful substance filled the air. multiple people called in reports of some kind of pepper spray or chemical at the stonestown mall.
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firefighters evacuated the mall and treated people on site it's unknown where the spray came from. we have new video of a sick-car pileup on highway 4 caused by a cow walking in the fast lane. chp got the call. by the time they arrived, several cars had already hit the animal. the vehicles were badly damaged. one even flipped over. this happened on hoy 4 near martinez. chp says there are many farms nearby with livestocks roaming around. >> the ranchers do a great job keeping the animals detained. sometimes the cows get out. this happened at night. it was a black cow. >> one person was take tony the hospital. is expected to be. the cow died on the scene. the man suspected of killing four family members in sacramento made his first court appearance today for the first time. salvador vazquez owe leava faces four counts of murder. he was arrested in san francisco after his wife, two dids kids, and a the middle east were found
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dead inside their home. prosecutors say that they are all -- at this point they are not sure what drove him to kill his entire family. he is due back in court in april. hillary clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow. clinton will be the closing keynote speaker at the 2017 professional business women of california conference in san francisco. the annual event empowers within women through inspiring speakers, seminars and networking opportunities. this is the first time clinton has visited the bay area since losing the presidential election. devin nunes is under fire after admitting he was on white house grounds last week to find out information about surveillance. he said he received that information that the president and his transition team may have been caught up in u.s. surveillance of foreign officials. now key democrats are demanding that nunes be draw or be replaced as the head of the investigation into russians hacking the u.s. election. >> chairman nunes is falling
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down on the job and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says his behavior has tarnished the office and he should be replaced. a spokesperson for speaker paul ryan says he has full confidence in nunes. filing frustrated and violate. still ahead the south bay neighborhood on alert after a rash of car burglaries. it could be a life change he for patients. but is it safe in the controversial new drug showing promise against depression. >> 54 and clear in fran right now. i'll let you know how cold for tomorrow morning and where we could reach close to 80 degrees. that's coming up at 11:20 tonight. carreainsaketo othlel isunval
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new at 11:00 tonight car
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break ins taken to another level in sunnyvale. not one, not two, but nine cars broken into overnight. and victims of those car break ins say the number may be higher. who is to blame and what are police doing about it? cheryl jones us live from sunnyvale. >> reporter: there is no question cars were broken into in this area. look at all this glass. i talked to five people whose cars were burglarized and tonight they say they don't feel safe. he says his cars were included in the rash of break ins overnight on west road in sunnyvale. woibdsed shattered. glove boxes opened, some cases items taken. >> from the glove box there were a couple of items that were taken like our gps and then the goingels. >> reporter: car owners who live in two separate on the complexes
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say they woke up to the car break ins. >> we don't feel safe anymore because he it looks like it happened at midnight. >> smashed in this window right here. >> reporter: police are investigating. they say the number of brake ins reported here is unusual. what's not unusual, gangs of car burglars going from city to city. it's been a problem. sunny veil police say they have increased patrols in problem areas. >> we seem helpless. nobody is here to help you. you feel like no one is listening to you. >> reporter: tonight police say that they are listening. in fact, we just saw a police officer drive by. police say that these burglars are going after the normal things, electronics and other valuables. if you see something suspicious, call your local police department. reporting live in sunny veil, i'm cheryl hurd. an inmate is recovering after being stabbed in a violent attack at the santa clara county main jail.
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these are the shivs used by two inmates to attack him yesterday morning. the sheriff's office says he was attacked in the common area, he was stabbed in the head and back. >> there are other individuals who may have cooperated in aiding in this and that these individuals did this with intent, and they did this to create the most damage possible. >> the inmate was treated at a hospital and is now back in custody. the two other inmates were arrested. a san francisco man is expected to plead not guilty to charges he tried to kidnap and sexually assault a 13-year-old girl. he was in court today. two men say they stopped him from forcing a 13-year-old girl walking home from school into his car before they drove off. he will be in court next month. south dakota is on san francisco's banned list. san francisco is not allowing city workers to go on official business to south dakotaa because the state passed a law that refuses to place children
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with gay couples for adoption if it's contrary to their faith. today america's top cop took another swipe at sanctuary cities. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions repeating president trump's threat. cities who protect undocumented immigrants should have their federal unts funds cut. many of the bay area leaders criticized the comments. >> such policies cannot continue. they make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the street. >> i'm fearful of being a potential victim of a hate crime. >> santa clara county's lawsuit to block the president's attempt to defund sanctuary cities goes to federal court next wednesday. work to dismantle the bay bridge continues.
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the next phase of the project expected to be completed by the end of 2018 -- if you don't remember or haven't read about it. the bridge opened in 1936 and was officially decommissioned in 2013. i can't believe it's been four years already. let's talk about our forecast. we might have some 70s. i can see your excitement. both of you. >> i am excited about that. >> super nice today. tomorrow going to get even hotter. if you like even just a little bit of today, you are going to love what we have in store for tuesday. let's get you into our micro climate weather. clear skies across downtown san jose. looking beautiful tonight at 11:18. we'll take you to our current temperature of 53. tomorrow morning we will be dropping down to colder 49. let's bring you across the rest of the bay area. no problems at all as we start on the tuesday morning commute. 50 on the peninsula. trivalley, 46, mid 40s in the north bay.
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fogfree conditions from san francisco throughout the east bay. we will be on a huge warming trend for tomorrow. main reason why, high pressure is building in. it's going to push the storm track just to the north. we are barely missing this rainfall. it will be up in oregon. as this area of high pressurist builds in through tomorrow it's going to bring that hotter air. we'll show you that on the extended forecast and also here on the micro climate forecast. a 10 to 15 degree warm up fo tomorrow. 74 in morgue app hill. east san jose, 73. lass gatos, 71. east bay, 77. engo, a 15-degree warmup tomorrow for you. 74 in danville. 70 in hayward. humidity, much dryer, 33%. i think you will start to notice it on your skin tomorrow. feely dry, maybe itchy. over towards the east bay. 63 in half moon bay. ocean breeze there. inland on the peninsula and up to 72 in palo alto.
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70 for bell month. my warmest temperature in san francisco will be at the mission, 69 and sunny skies. for the north bay, 70 in mill valley. napa that's my warmest temperature tomorrow. 78 degrees. the only problem with this fantastic weather on tuesday will be the pollen. if you suffer from allergies, watch out. pollen, oak, and birch all in the high category, including pine. molds will be in the moderate levels. i really think the pollen is going to stay high at least into thursday's forecast. and then we could see a few spotty showers that could help to lower the allergy levels again on thursday. not a big storm system but possibly scattered showers. by friday the wind picks up under clear skies. and we could warm up in san francisco to 70 by saturday's forecast. a lot of you that are looking at thursday, maybe heading out to the bay original series. that's the first game if san francisco. i do think by first pitch we should have some dry weather.
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scattered shower chance on thursday would be for the morning hours. let's get you to the interior valley forecast. mid 70s for tomorrow. we will go down to 67 on thursday with that spotty shower chance. then possibly back up to 78 this saturday. i think that's probably one of my best weekend frks forecasts i have had coming your way in weeks, maybe even months. >> yes. >> if you approve, it is. >> you did a great job, jeff. something to look forward to. thanks, jeff. up next, why doctors are turning to a controversial club drug to help treat depression. but is it safe? and we have jimmy. >> johansson, michael kay, doug cammen is here for picks therapy. happening now on our facebook page strong reaction pouring in over the nfl's decision to move the oakland raiders to las vegas. how far would you go to get your hands on the new iphone?
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a woman dressed as a target employee in order to steal them. police say she loaded them in her cart and walked right out the door. back in a moment. bt kwn a ub ug.=v
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controversial new treatments for clinic kgcal depression it's known, best known as the club drug. drug is known as special k on the streets. psychedelic drug popular in dance clubs. it is approveds an animal tranquilizer lieser and anesthetic. but it has the potential to repair connections in the brain that have been damaged by so much stress that it leads to depression. doctors say they need to do more
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studies. the little girl staring down the wall street street sign has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership. the statue was supposed to be removed april 2nd. longer permit will allow it to remain there through february of '18. uber halted self driving car operations on friday after they investigated a crash involving one of their self driving cars in tempe, arizona. it appears the self driving car wasn't to blame for that crash. the driver of the other car involved was cited. up to 100 new emojis headed to your smart phone. among them a breast feeding mom, and the exploding head. emojis are oned most popular
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features on smart phones. the new ones come out on march 30th. my favorite is the one with the gritted teeth. harsh reality for raiders fans. they are certainly angry. the team headed to las vegas.
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ss. a live look at the oakland cole see yum. it will be home to the raiders for at least one more year. at most, three more. the raiders leaving town for las vegas. collin rex joins us now. raider nation has been down this road before. >> this is unprecedented. a professional sports team relocating from its city of origin not once but twice. first it was los angeles. now it will be las vegas. a tough pill to swallow for bay area raiders fans. after years of ineptitude they finally have a team they can be proud of, a team on the rise. >> we are particularly disappointed for the fans of the oakland raiders in oakland. this is something that i know will be seen with a great deal of disapimt by them. we understand that. >> disappointed fans, but tough on the team as well. raiders owner marc davis says he will talk to coaches and players and personally tell them why he made the decision he did.
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derek carr took the twitter saying quote oakland our team loves you and my family and i love you. we will be resilient and we will stay together. that's what true raiders do. what does the move mean for the 49ers? once again they will be the only nfl team in the market. john lynch said in joking manner said quote, raiders fans, we are open for business, come jump on our train. cal athletics tweeted the only football team the east bay needs. no doubt about it. today a crushing blow for oakland raiders fans. making it worse, they have been down this road before. up next, a traffic jam on a bay area frae. the reason stunned drivers.
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okay. check that out. yep. that's two horses on 680 stopping traffic in walnut creek this morning. can you imagine? the commuters were stunned. they reached for their phones to take pictures. the horses apparently broke through a fence about a mile away at a farm. police had to shut down 680 as animal control officers rounded up the horses. officers say the horses were scared but luckily none of them were hurt. >> man.
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>> good thing everybody just stopped their car and waited for the horses. >> in shock, you never see that on a bey area freeway. >> something out of a movie. >> a last check on the forecast. >> looking good tomorrow. mid 70s inland. a slight chaps of a shower thursday evening. dry offshore wind starts friday. and continues to build into saturday. we could hit 78 on the first part of the weekend. looks great each into sunday. >> sounds so great. >> it's lovely. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night, folks. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- scarlett johansson, richard dreyfuss, magician


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