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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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peggy bunker joins us with more. >> reporter: janelle and jessica, certainly that moment was one that got people to their feet. but there were several moments that had people standing up and applauding. he was also critical kaof the current administration. >> i'm thrilled to be out of the woods. >> reporter: hillary clinton back in san francisco for the first time today since the election. and telling a sold-out crowd of 6,000 there's no place she'd rather be, well, except for one. >> there is no place i would rather be than here with you, other than the white house. >> clinton says she's alarged at the shrinking number of women in politics and how underrepresented women are in the new trump administration, especially around health care. >> the number of women serving in the state legislature is at a 20-year low. >> reporter: women attending the pbwc said their support for clinton continues.
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>> in light of her loss and donald trump winning, i think there's a lot of people kind of like brexit, could have, would have, should have, if i could have thought about any vote i might have voted for hillary. >> reporter: clinton's largest applaud came after this remark. >> there was a recent study showing that none of my plans were publicized or talked about. that gives me something for speeches for at least a decade. >> reporter: and that really was the moment that got everyone talking. many people were chatting about that as they exited her speech today. now clinton said that discrimination against women has improved since her days as a young attorney but it's still something that all women, especially minority women need to be on the lookout for. in san francisco, i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> if you want to see more, you can watch it on ourstory box on
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page. fire crews in the east bay are trying to pig out what sparked this fire yesterday. it broke out at an oakland apartment building. today the fire department addition cover discovered the body of a fourth victim killed. fire inspectors found there were issues with the building days before the fire. >> reporter: there were violations with the sprinkler system. it's unknown if that contributed to the fire. it's currently under investigation. behind me you can see the crews are cleaning up outside the building. i want to draw your attention to the third floor. that's how somebody was able to escape by tying two sheets together. >> and certainly mourning the loss of life for our victims. >> reporter: this afternoon lynette mcelhaney met with those who lost loved ones in the apartment fire. tonight the sheriff's department
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has identified two of the four victims, a 54-year-old and a 64 yeeshld. >> these people didn't have to die. >> reporter: james cook is a lawyer representing a nonprofit organization that houses homeless veterans in this building. cook has been taking legal steps to force the building owner to make repairs for months. >> i describe the conditions as deplorable. you have water running down the first floor, exposed wire. >> reporter: the building had 20 code enforcement complaints and last friday several violations related to smoke detectors and the sprinkler system. by law the owner has 30 days to make the repairs. >> diligent fire investigation is going to be done her. >> reporter: today more than 35 hours after the fire started, crews continue to knock down hot spots that flared up during the day.
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meanwhi meanwhile, the city will be offering help to the victims. >> our focus is to ensure that vulnerable families find stable safe housing. >> reporter: if you'd like to donate to help the victims' families, we have a link on our website. reporting live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news check out video over pittsburgh after a man led deputies on a high speed chase across two cities. >> it started around 2:00 p.m. deputies asked the man to pull over because there was a parent for his arrest. the man drove off. the suspect crashed into another car in pittsburgh before knocking over a fence. the suspect and the driver in the ore car were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition or what charges that support may face. well the city of san jose is finally addressing one of the biggest worries for reshts, so-called no cause evictions.
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we revealed the city of san jose couldn't help them. tonight, though, nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from city hall and now i understand that the city is ready the take some action? >> reporter: that's right. it hasn't been announced publicly but san jose is ready to take on a big problem, property owners making changes that leave tenants in rent-controlled units out on the street. the reserve apartments in san jose is virtually a ghost town and this friday the last of the 672 people who used to live in 216 rent-controlled units here will be gone. the plan is for the property to be part of a market rate housing shopping complex with retail that will benefit the city but no help for those evicted. >> any owner can do this and it's legal and they know that and that's why they do that. >> reporter: but the city's housing director is planning to propose limited but significant changes to the council on april 18th, such as strict notification requirements.
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>> it provides a package of relocation benefits that a tenant can rely on and plan on and can use to move out of their house and to find a new home. >> reporter: the south bay tenant's union is concerned about landlords getting rid of rent-controlled units. for example at this complex on randolph drive, a new owner evicted rent-controlled tenants to convert to market rate housing for veterans. >> it's hard to lose rent-controlled housing. so one of the additions that we're going to ask the council to consider is to replace the rent-controlled units that are lost when a building is demolished. >> reporter: now even though the director acknowledges it would not help tenants who have just been evicted, they are brand-new policies and by growing so fast it addresses problems the city will have to deal with for many years. again, the housing department plans to make the proposals here on april 18th. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to cover that. well after months of closed
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door talks, the millennium tower homeowners association is heading to court hoping to force the developer to come up with a ix if. the tower has sunk 16 inches and is now leaning to the north and west. the suit will be filed as homeowners,000 out hope that millennium will agree to a settlement. another financial hit for the bay area's biggest bank. wells fargo will pay $110 million in a class action lawsuit. employees opened a million accounts without customers knowing to hit sales targets and receive bonuses. thousands of employees have sense been fired. it's a drone coming to your neighborhood but not to take pictures. this drone detects dangerous chemicals. business and tech reporter scott budman is in the newsroom. you got to see the drone in action? >> the goal is very terrestrial.
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fly around and detect the harmful gases. it's a lightweight space-age drone coming to a neighborhood near you to fly around and detect methane gas. >> we got another hit. >> pg&e is working with nasa to test this drone which is similar to a craft used to detect methane on mars. >> these experiments are important to demonstrate that this is a good technology that can be used for public safety and reduces pollution. >> this drone has sensors that can detect even tiny amounts of methane in the air as it flies. >> really trusting their measurements and saying confidently that this is where the leak is and we can then send boots on the ground to pinpoint it to find the true location. >> eventually the goal is to sell the drone so you and ki do
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our own testing. >> pg&e, nasa, everybody is interested in seeing this thing commercialized. >> if you're interested, no word on pricing yet. but pg&e says the drone was able to detect methane in very small amounts. the ones we saw today were much smaller to cruise through neighborhoods and parks. going for tv gold, nbc changing the way you watch the 2018 winter olympics. live coverage will be across all time zones. that means no more spoilers on social media, no delayed airings. primetime coverage will begin at 5:00 pacific time. mike tirico is stepping. in opening ceremonies is scheduled to take place on february 9th. bringing down the bridge, the final phase of this epic project when the last pieces of the old bay bridge will be brought down. caught on camera, the
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aftermath of a motorcycle crash that impacted bay area traffic. hope inside required nation. i'm rick boone live in downtown oakland. the option on the table right now to the raiders owner mark davis that could have him considering sticking around. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. after mid 70s in san jose today, down to 69 right now. i'll let you know who hits near 80 tomorrow when a few showers return coming up at 6:20 tonight.
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the end of an era. this morning crews removed the final steel section of the old bay bridge. the pieces were lowered onto barges and taken to the port of oakland. the support structures of the old bridge are expected to be removed by the end of next year. the bridge opened in 1936 and was decommissioned in 2013. there may be another round in the fight over the raiders future and this time it's likely to involve a courthouse. the city of oakland is consider suing the team. a $90 million stadium commitment by taxpayers. rick boone is life in downtown oakland where the city council is trying to decide if they want to keep up the fight to keep the team in down. >> reporter: what is it all about, the money. the city council just wrapped up in this building behind me, a private session working on the presentation to the raiders
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owner mark davis saying listen, you can stay, we forget about everything, or you have to pay up, every dollar spent to woo the team to keep them in town. >> now mr. davis, he can leave whenever he wants to. i'll pack his bags and give him a kiss good-bye. >> reporter: even though the team on the other hand has the vote, the raiders don't have the legal right to leave. >> when the raiders came back from l.a., the voters voted for a $220 million bond to keep them here to build their stadium. we're still paying $90 million of it. >> reporter: he wants the raiders on the other hand to pay back every dollar the city invested to bring them back to the bay from l.a. and woo them to stay. >> what has bothered me the most is that they just need to be honest. that oakland had a viable plan, las vegas had a viable plan. they chose las vegas. >> reporter: oakland's mayor insists the city bent over
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backwards to keep the team. now the day of the nfl vote for vegas, she says oakland feels betrayed by owner mark davis. >> the raiders are the ones that are part of this city's identity, our culture and legacy. no other football team brings that. >> reporter: but some raiders fans sate's not the team but the city who dropped the ball. >> we should have had a bigger stadium. they've been here for years. >> reporter: still as of now the raiders are set to leave the area and they're set to play their first game at their new stadium in las vegas in 2020. life in downtown oakland, rick boone nbc bay area news. well a crash shut down an east bay freeway in the middle of the morning commute in 880 in hayward. a driver rear-ended a motorcyclist. the injuredventually, stand up e was taken on to a stretcher. we don't know the extent of his
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injuries. >> last call could soon be a whole lot later. a new bill would extend sales at bar as late as 4:00 a.m. currently they have to stop serving at 2:00 a.m. opponents say it could lead to a rise in drunk driving. but san francisco senator scott weiner says it could help vendors. the fix is in the work. a repair to the oroville dam spillway should be done by november. the permanent fix will take up to two years to complete but repairs aimed at avoiding flooding should be completed before the end of this year. officials are limiting water flow to account for all of the recent snow melt. it's amazing to see all of the rain we had and the damage it caused. >> and as we look ahead to november, we may have el nino reform. there's no word on how much rainfall that could bring.
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but i'm sure folks who are fixing that are going to keep a close eye on the long range forecast. nothing but blue sky across the bay. we'll take you out to point rays. once again, beautiful weather. we'll take you to nearby nova to. relatively dry air at 46% humidity and a cooler 57 degrees and clear conditions by 11:00 tonight. now this warm weather most recently is all due to this area of high pressure sitting offshore. it's going stay in place one more day. so i think through the day tomorrow it will help temperatures raise a few more degrees and put us near 80 degrees. 79 in napa tomorrow, 78 in santa rosa, also 79 in concord, 75 for san jose and 78 in morgan hill. near the beaches we'll have 60s from san francisco to half moon
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bay. when it comes to the weather pattern we've been dealing with most recently, again the clear blue skies, looks like it's going to start to switch up for us and change once we hit 6:00 tomorrow night. cloud cover begins to increase and i think this could bring us a few showers by 58:00 in the morning on thursday. early morning commute we could get the roadways wet. we're expected to clear out fast by this at 11:00 in the morning on thursday, the sunshine returns. a little speed bump in the long range forecast on thursday with a chance of scattered morning showers, 3:00 to 9:00 a.m. temperatures drop in response to the system from 78 tomorrow down to 67 on thursday, then for this upcoming weekend we do have plenty of sunshine returning, close to 80 degrees on saturday and dry weather expected all the way into next tuesday's forecast. i'll have another update in 25 minutes and we'll take a look at
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the pal len follen forecast. fears beyond the flames. the health concerns being spread by a hay fueled fire. and lights, camera action. local teens makes a splash at a popular bay area festival.
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happening now we are tweeting about a richmond city council meeting tonight where tensions are high as the community members discuss
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appointing an investigator to look into complaints of excessive force and racially abusive treatment by police. and the fda approved a new eczema drug, a new price tag, $37,000 a year. more news in just a moment.
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well take a look at this. 420 tons of hay up in flames. this was the scene at a fresno ranch early this morning. firefighters say that the please started in a pile of wet hay. the fire was so big it could be seen from a national weather satellite and triggered a warning for people with breathing issues to stay indoors for most of the day. we're learning more about the scary situation at a san francisco mall that we first told you as breaking news late last night. happened around 9:00. fire farths say that someone sprayed an orange colored mist out of a canister. paramedics treated 16 people,
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three rushed to the hospital. everyone is okay. no word yet on who sprayed the chemical. tomorrow wine country will go hollywood with the opening of the sonoma film festival. >> joe rosa to shows us that some are from a local high school. >> reporter: it's probably safe to assume -- >> is the camera turned on? >> reporter: a high school whose high school is a dragon has a flare for the dramatic. and teacher peter hanson's media arts class at sonoma high school, drama is just a clap away. >> camera one needs to be turned on. >> once we roll, we're rolling. >> so last but certainly not least we have the student voice position. >> hanson's student run newscasts keep the campus apprised of its most pressing issues. >> we're going to have the fuzzy
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fashion show. >> these buddings bro broadcast become filmmakers. >> that's all they do is edit and film and they love it. >> for the last 15 years hanson has turned out young filmmakers who have gone on to work every place from pixar to hollywood. >> started off with a couple of cameras and computers and it's grown into what it is today. >> it may be one of the view classes students actually sneak into. >> half the time they're supposed to be in algebra or history and science and they're in here. >> in the summer they started making clay mags films. >> you're watching the movie as it goes frame by frame. and in a generation of broadcasting on youtube, his movie will make it to a movie theater. magic beans was picked to show
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this week many in the sonoma film festival. >> the guy is 17 years old. >> that's my brother. we have a chance to make a name for ourselves in this festival. >> my kids are the art kids. they're not the quarterback. they're not the star athlete. but for that one day when they're in the film festival, they are the quarterback. >> so maybe in a classroom amid rolling vineyards and hills, the next coppola or scorsese is drawing inspiration from the world around them. joe rosa that jr., nbc bay area news. controversy over climate change. the executive order signed by president trump that some say will undo nearly a decade of work to protect the environment. san jose flood victims say unscrupulous contractors are taking advantage of them. i'm marianne favro, coming up what the city council just
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decided that could help them. rit n at-30tang tioagast coracrn
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right now at 6:30, taking action against contractors. what the city of san jose is doing to stop those with bad intentions from targeting flood victims. san jose continue to clean up and rebuild following historic flooding last month, a new threat has emerged. scam artists. the san jose city council just voted to crack down on companies trying to scam flood victims. nbc bay area's marianne favro is
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live outside the city hall with how the city plans to go after the culprits. >> reporter: the vote was unanimous to direct the city attorney to pursue legal action against any businesses trying to scam or price gouge flood victims. ray is still doing cleanup weeks after water rushed through his house on 19th street during san jose's coyote creek flood. as they try to recover, they're hit with another threat, targeted by unskroup lows business owners using scare tactics to convince flood victim to hire them to clean up their property. >> they're going to tell the city that the house is contaminated. it's dangerous to go in. and if you do this, we call the city. >> joleen hired a company to remove the mud from her basement. told she said she felt he was price gouged. the company priced $1700 for the
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job but then turned around and tried to charge her $2200. >> and i think that they're predators who prey on people who are vulnerable. >> reporter: today the san jose city council discussed directing the city attorney to pursue legal action against so-called unskroup lows businesses taking advantage of victims. >> they're given an estimate of repairs of 2,000 dollars and they get a bill for $8,000. those kinds of practices are taking advantage of residents at a vulnerable moment and we're going to go after them. >> reporter: today's action makes pursuing legal action against any scrammers a priorit. but if the city attorney needs more many money to get that done, he needs to come back to the city council and ask for it. nbc bay area news. well he made international headlines for his part in a wine
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heist involving the legendary bay area french restaurant. now he'll spend 50 months in federal prison for that crime. he pled guilty last year to stealing bottles of wine. the heist happened in 2014. stolen wine considered some of the best in the world valued at $900,000. most of the stolen bottles recovered infrom a collector in north carolina. a deadly clash in vacaville. officers say the driver may have been speeding when he lost control of his car. the car flew off the road and crash into a fence splitting it in two. the man died at the zeen but investigators have not revealed his identity. congressional democrats say that the republicans are readily to sell consumer privacy to the highest bidder. they approved a bill to block online. it is the first step to allowing
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internet providers to sell customer's internet browsing habits. democrats say they're outraged. >> what is in your mind? why would you want to give out any of your personal information to a faceless corporation for the sole purpose of them selling it? >> so the message to the person people is clear, your privacy doesn't matter. >> republicans say google and facebook already use personal information for targeted advertising and say it's unfair to block internet providers from doing the same thing. international outcry tonight over what environmental advocates claim is president trump's attack on climate change. the president signed the executive order today eliminating environmental regulations put in place by president obama. the executive order on energy independence calls for a review of president obama's clean power plan, ending a moratorium on coal and identifying regulations
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that prohibit domestic insurance production. >> this is a declaration of war against wind, against solar, against all renewables. >> president trump says today's order means a reinvestment in the coal industry. but the u.s. energy department says automation and increased use of natural gas has been reducing coal jobs for decades. growing calls tonight for california congressman devin nunes to step aside from the investigation into russian election hacking. the house intelligence committee chair faces questions from both parties about whether he can fairly lead the investigation. today fire acting attorney general sally yates and james clapper and john brennan were set to testify before the committee. but last friday nunes abruptly postponed the hearing. the washington post has e-mails saying that the white house wanted to seal or prevent much of yates' testimony.
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the white house continues to say that the investigation is a witch hunt. >> if tpress secretary sean spi ad monished the press corps saying at some point they would have to take no for an answer on the issue of collusion with russia. new at 6:00, making california teachers work a little harder. a new bill makes teachers eligible for teen your after three years instead of the two-year process. teen your means that the teacher has a permanent job after a probation period. critics say it doesn't give enough time for giving a teacher a teen your. >> stolen guns in the hands of criminals. a peninsula lawmaker wants crackdown. last year surveillance cameras captured this. hours later they were arrested by oakland pd who liked them to
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other gun star heists. investigations by california nbc stations show a high rate of crimes committed with stolen weapons. state senator hill wants to make it harder for criminals to get weapons. >> if you have a gun store you have to take the guns out of the cases put them in a vault or a safe where they're locked. if you don't have that, you have to run a rod through or some chain or something through all of the trigger handles. >> state senator hill today introduced two gun laws. the other requires law enforcement agency to report their own lost or stolen weapon to the department of justice. the new technology that could change the way you get cash from the bank. it is more secure for customers and more convenient for people worried about losing their debit cars. our business correspondent shows us how it works. >> heather's atm card has been
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stolen twice in the past three years. >> it's unnerving when someone has access to something as personal to you as your bank account. >> she said that the number was recorded or skimmed while she used it at atms around new york city. atm fraud is a fast-growing problem, up 550% in one year. wells fargo is upgrading all 13,000 of its atms nationwide to process withdrawals using your smartphone without a debit card. here's how it works. download the wells fargo app on your smartphone, request an eight digit code unique to you and just for this transaction. enter that access code into the atm along with your p.i.n. and get your cash. the code must be used within 10 minutes. chase and bank of america are rolling out their own version of
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cardless atms too. >> this is a great piece of innovation. that said, you should never have 100% confidence in anything so you should always watch your statements very closely. >> if you lose your phone, experts recommend that you disabled your device and reset your passwords. more security and less hassle. >> all i want to do is go to the atm and get my money. >> nbc news, new york. amazon's new time saving trick for groceries. how and where it's changing up customer service. plus flying the friendly and convenient skies. the new option for the travelers who want to leave the bay area for london. sou balears e swinthr sporforhea
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south bay leaders showed their support for the transgender community with a flag raising this morning. comes ahead of the transgender day of visibility. that's on friday. it's global day of awareness that started eight years ago. you can see the flag at the county building in san jose. ford is hoping to rev up production in the u.s. after more than $1 billion investment. this money will be spent on three facilities in michigan including $850 million on a facility that prodruss newford rang -- produces new ford rangers and broncos. well tonight a mother is demanding an apology at the tsa. she claimed that an agent treated a 13-year-old special needs son like a dog. you see her son being padded down on sunday.
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a pat down that the mom calls excessive. they asked the agent to use alternative screening process because her son suffers from a condition that causes anxiety when they're touched. >> my son felt extremely violated. he left the area and was upset for quite some time. we've dealt with questions for several days now asking why that happened and what he did wrong. >> in a statement the tsa said they conducted a patdown due toen ato an alarm set off by a laptop computer. british airways is launching new nonstop flights from oakland to london four days a week. libby schafer welcomed the first flight this afternoon. this makes british airways the first airline to offer direct service to london at all three
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major airports. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> we'd have a good time. >> we're going. >> this is all daydreams. let's get back to reality. great weather. >> we could stay here and enjoy it. >> we don't have to feel guilty about the sunshine. 175% of normal of rainfall in santa rosa after 55.51 inches of rainfall since october 1st. we'll talk when we get our next chance of showers coming up in five minutes. a simple moving van rental costs hundreds of dollars more than a family expected. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next.
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on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service.
6:44 pm
we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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nbc bay area responds to a san francisco family that was on the hook for rental car damage that they say they didn't cause. >> they called our consumer investigative center for help and chris chmura is here with their story. >> this involves moving and we know that moving always go swimmingly. right? last summer the family relocated to the bay area from the east coast. at the same time they were sending their son to college in indiana. they rented a van from budget. now, roger's wife, she drove the van and dropped their son off at college on the way to california. while at indiana someone at the gas station pointed out that something was wrong with the rear tire. so she drove the van to the nearest budget office, explained what was going on and they swapped vans. done, right? wrong. two months later, they spot a $750 charge oar their credit
6:46 pm
card statement s. budget was claiming that his wife was responsible to the damage to the rear axle of the truck. he asked us to help. when we contacted budget, it reversed the $750 charge. we did ask them what's going on here, what was causing all of this, what was the confusion but the company did not respond to our request. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. consumer reporter's advice for moving, don't. >> no answers from budget but you got the money back which is probably the only thing that family cares about. >> we'll take it. well amazon is hoping a new perk for prime customers can help boost their grocery business. currently prime members in seattle can have their groceries delivered. today the company announced that the prime member consist order the groceries ahead of time and
6:47 pm
pick them up at no extra cost. if all goes well, amazon is hoping to expand to other cities in the near future. so the weather is pretty easy for you right now. >> a little cruise control going on the past couple of days. we do have a speed bump in the forecast. it's not all smooth sailing. let's take you to the microclimate weather right now. we have deserved this beautiful weather after the strong storms in january and february. the ballpark camera showing us clear skies along the embark dare radio. we have game two coming up this friday night at 7:15. back here in san francisco, currently 63 degrees. we'll see temperatures drop down to the 50s tonight with clear skies. tomorrow morning's forecast, no problems at all as you get going for the mourning commute. mostly clear, 50 for the south bay, 53 in the peninsula,
6:48 pm
tri-valley at a cooler 48. we'll be cooler for the north bay at 47 and fog free for san francisco and 53 degrees. fantastic weather again for tomorrow. wear kbreth real lucky here with the sunshine in the south bay. we'll be close to 80 degrees. 78 expected the morgan shil, 76 in milpitas and downtown san jose with 75. close to 80 for the east bay, 78 in antioch, 79 in concord and 78 in danville. for the peninsula, 65 in half moon bay, 66 in daley city. belmont, a woarmer 7 the. up towards the north bay, anywhere from 66 in point rays to 78 in santa rosa and right down toward sonoma 76. the thing you'll need to watch out tomorrow is the fact that
6:49 pm
the winds will stay breezy out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour. that will likely kick around the pollen in the atmosphere which is again off the charts. we're talking about pine, oak and birch all in the high category. allergy sufferers, you need to limit your outdoor exposure even with all of the sunshine outside. it's hard for you. but here's the good news. eventually the chance of showers this week and that will help to lower the pollen forecast. it's not a big storm system. in fact it really starts to break up before it gets here. but definitely could bring a few showers by thursday morning and also drop our temperatures. extended forecast definitely shows this for us. thursday, best chance of showers 3:00 to 9:00 in the morning and we'll lower down to 62 in san francisco and we warm back up with gusty winds on friday. by saturday we could hit 70 degrees in san francisco with a drier offshore wind. we stay sunny all the way into next tuesday.
6:50 pm
for the entire e interior valleys, 67 on thursday with the chance of showers, back up to 78 as we head into this upcoming weekend. best weekend we have had? a long long time. beyond this seven-day forecast we may see a few rain chances as we head into the following week. it's a little too early to tell how much rainfall. but right now it doesn't appear to be any of the major storm systems we dealt with the past few months. the stanford women's basketball team still dancing. hear from the team as they get ready for the final four. that's next. rnk istiloi for j.buravs hd cch hnhaaugsayia
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former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is looking for a job. but raven's coach says it's not because of his protest. the nfl executive spoke out today saying he doesn't have an issue with kaepernick's protest. kaepernick has said he will not kneel for the national anthem this season assuming he's on an nfl sideline somewhere. the stanford women back in the ncaa final four for the seventh time in the past ten years. >> they're going to play on friday in dallas. they left today but not before colin resch caught up with them. >> reporter: while the warriors have strength in number bs, at stanford it's about strength in sendoffs. the women's water polo team showing their support for the final four bound women's
6:54 pm
basketball team. tara vanderveer has done it again. this is the 12th time that she's guided the team to the final four. >> these young women get it. they understand the cohe'siveness, the team che chemistry. they believe that we're going to turn it around. >> it's arguably the grittiest team tara has ever coached. like they did against the notre dame, comebacks have become the norm. could this squad minus a star be a team of destiny? >> i'd love it to be a destiny thing. we've got room up there for 2017. it has been an incredible year. we want the best part to be ahead of us. >> if they get past south carolina, what's ahead would be top ranked uconn and a matchup that could pit carly samuelsony
6:55 pm
>> i'm happy to see her and her teammates. >> the real fun should they continue to dance would be another dance cameo from tara. >> you keep on dancing. i'll break out more and more the further we go. i'm not saying they're going to be any better. >> at stanford, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we want to see more dancing from her. tonight at 11:00, the search for a killer after a body is found at a south bay elementary school. why police are calling that a homicide and what we're learning about the victim. that's tonight at 11:00. a final check of the forecast and a little hiccup that might be arriving. >> a small chance of showers in the forecast but it's going to help to lower the pollen. it's going to happen on thursday, 3:00 to 9:00 in the morning, some of the scattered shower activity. it will cool the temperatures down from 78 to 67 on thursday. a drier warmer wind moving in friday and saturday and that
6:56 pm
could push us to near 80 on saturday. still looks great on sunday and dry weather into tuesday. the giants and a's fans are zooming in on thursday. it's not going to affect the game, the bay bridge series on thursday night at 7:15. we should have partly cloudy skies for the first pitch. and game two will be here on nbc bay area also at 7:00. >> we'll be watching. thanks. that's going to do it for us tonight at 6:00. we certainly hope you'll see us back here at 11:00. >> hope to see you back tonight.
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russell crowe, is that you? the front-page photos that have the oscar winner firing back. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪"extra" "extra" ♪ russell crowe then and now. extra husky in a tank top and head shaved as the headlines and howard stern take aim today. >> very nice guy, but he's big and fat. >> the gladiator star goes to battle with stern. cuba gooding junior under fire. the uproar after he lifted sarah paulson's skirt onstage. she laughed it off and social media is erupting. did cuba cross the line? new couple alert, ka


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