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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now at 4:30, the search is on for a shooter who sprayed bullets in a san francisco neighborhood. the victims, innocent bystanders, including this woman, a fixture in the community. today in the bay starts right now. good morning to you, thanks for joining us. it's thursday already a, i'm laura garcia-canon. >> and i'm sam brock. >> we're going to need hair gel. you say it's very windy throughout? >> it's going to be windy all day. in some spots we have mist and drizzle so going to see also a little bit of something else to mess up your hair this morning. as we get a look out there in
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san jose, we have mostly clear visibility but we've had fog in spots and as we look at temperatures now, it's in the mid to upper 50s heading out the door. we have visibility down to two and a half miles in parts of the peninsula but elsewhere it's fairly clear and we don't see much here but it's misty in some parts of the bay area. mike is already watching a crash in san jose. >> the flashing lights are crossing behind me. that's 680 traveling south to 280 north, the transition just a short distance on the scene. flares and a toe truck were on scene. they've just started to move the vehicle. a look at your map into south bay, the west moves well. there's the fog kiir ree wari wg about. the rest of the south bay out of
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morgan hill move very smoothly. >> sounds good, thank you, mike. developing story right now. the search for a killer in san francisco continues as the city is stepping up their patrol in the ocean view neighborhood after a triple shooting left a 65-year-old woman dead. >> pete s ruratos is standing b. pete, we understand two others were also shot? >> reporter: that's right. we don't know if they're looking for one or two shootings. we know this 65-year-old woman was shot and killed near a muni bus shot. neighbors say the victims were innocent bystanders. in fact, this specific corner has had three homicides in the past six months. we spoke with a whom who says her ex husband was one of those
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victims and shot in the leg. >> >> children and families, we don't deserve this at all. >> now, the injuries to her ex-husband and the other surviving victim are being called non-life threatening and police plan to step up patrols in the neighborhood in response to the shooting. a city official is saying the shooting may be tied to others, even calling it a turf battle. live in san francisco, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> 4:33. happening today governor brown takes his road repair tax plan on the road in the east bay. the governor is pushing a major gas tax proposal to help repair california's crumbling highways, roads and bridges. today he'll be in concord with other state leaders. it needs two-thirds approval the legislature. >> lower north carolina voting to repeal its controversial bathroom bill. the law requires transgender
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people to use public restrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. the repeal deal leaves the state of north carolina in charge on restrooms. it's not clear if the votes have enough to pass. >> a look at the bay bridge and happening today the fourth and final workshop on reducing air pollution. that's tonight at 6:30 at the richmond memorial auditorium in richmond. in may, air quality leaders will vote on a proposal to tighten emission limits. the most affected bay area's five oil refineries are in contra costa county. we may get a better sense of the impact from this winter's dem yuge of storms. state surveyors are heading to the sierra. the snow pack is critical to california's water supply through the summer months. electronic monitors are measuring the snow pack at 164% of normal so it's quite dense.
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coming up, consumed by something that looks like a tornado in texas but it's not. what's taken over the streets in midland causing more than a dustup in that area rocked by storms. and more than just a fire, an explosion first in an east bay apartment complex. up next, what triggered the blast that killed and elderly man who lived there? sa/d chk o th wi nevid fr miande
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4:37 on your thursday, check out this wild new video from midland texas. the good news, the giant twister-like cloud thing heading towards the camera is actually not a tornado, it's a gustnado. lots of dust caught up in wind gusts along with hail, that's how those are formed during thunderstorms. nobody was hurt in the gustnado. an investigation is under way after an explosion and fire ripped through an apartment in pleasant hill last night. it ended up killing an elderly man who lives inside. firefighters said the man turned on a propane tank and that caused the explosion. nobody else was injured. more witness testimony is expected today as the antolin garcia torres murder trial continues. yesterday a key witness for the defense took the stand. danny fernandez says he is the
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suspect's best friend and the two went snowboarding the day after lamar disappeared. his testimony comes on the heels who raised questions about why sierra's cell phone was reactivated more than 12 hours after she disappeared. here's steven clark. >> the defense is trying to establish that the cell phone is a sign of life. that it's possible sierra lamar was alive long after the prosecution suggested she was kidnapped and murdered. >> prosecutors suggest the cell phone may have turned on after it was exposed to moisture. the bay area's newest hov express lanes are getting closer to going live. for proof, drivers only need to look up. you can see test messages along the northbound toll signs for the 680 contra costa express lane between san ramon and walnut creek. those messages are expected to continue through the spring. >> the road i take to st. mary's. >> the long road there. how about a road out to sea, my
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friends? . buckle up maties. >> the "lady washington" and her companion vessel, the "hawaiian chieftain" are docked in oakland now. you can take a dockside tour starting at 4:00 today. the ships will be around through april. looks cool. >> i'll have to work on my maritime story telling. >> we'll get you a cool hat. coming up, sam calls it mystifying. is it mist? is it drizzle? is it enough to call it rain on the windshield, kari? >> you have to turn the windshield wipers on and that will make the difference for a lot of drivers heading out. temperatures reaching into the upper 60s today. cooler than it was yesterday. we'll talk about the temperature trends for the day right after this break. a quick peek outside. this is 101 through palo alto. the road moves well but there
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was a little mist on the lens as kari has been talking about. we'll check up on that crash in san jose. >> see? i'm not crazy. thank you very much. firefighters dodging a lot of things when it comes to flying debris and burning embers but these guys in the north bay are taking training the to a new level. we'll be right back in two and a half minutes.
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coming up on 4:44 on this thursday morning. here's a live look over san
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jose. you see the low clouds, the mist and drizzle. that's what you have to deal with as you head out for the drive. at 9:00, 56 degrees, seeing temperatures cooler than yesterday and making it just below our average high of 67 degrees in los gatos. as we head through the day, going to see more of that sunshine. as we go into the afternoon and a look ahead into the weekend coming up. and travel times through the trivalley, we are seeing more slowing than we did yesterday. us specially for 84 through that construction zone but also out of the altamont. no crashes there. we'll talk about the south bay coming up. business and tech news right now. snapchat is partnering up with nbc for the 2018 olympics. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, let's check in with kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, kate. good morning to you, wall street could tread water to start the trading day. it was a mixed session yesterday
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with the dow falling the ninth time in the past ten days. the nasdaq rising for a fourth straight session, stocks in general were boosted by the energy sector and as investors digested economic data. reports on unemployment and gdp. the dow falling 42 points while the nasdaq rose 22 to 5897. as you mentioned, snapchat is teaming up with nbc universal to make the messaging app the home for olympic themed content for the 2018 winter games in south korea. the deal with nbc saw olympic-related filters and lenses to advertisers for the first time. nbc, by the way, is an investor in snap, which is the parent company of snapchat. and lyft is testing a new fixed route shuttle service in chicago and san francisco aimed at commuters who regularly take busy routes. you'll see a shuttle option for line rides in the lift app but only if your pickup and dropoff locations are close enough to one of the test routes. the service is only available during the morning and evening rush hours but fares are set at
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a fixed rate so people can avoid surge pricing during those times. back over to you. >> they can no what to expect. thank you, kate. >> interesting concept. we'll cover that in our 6:00 hour. thank you, kate. jr. firefighters regularly training and exercising. this is an interesting take on it. a northern california fire station decided to take things to the next level. check this out. crews in orland are playing dodgeball in all of their gear. the equipment weighs more than 40 pounds. it may look like just another game of dodge ball -- though i don't think it does -- but it's an exercise to control breathing so air tanks last as long as possible. >> i'm so impressed by firefighters, they're amazing. >> plus you have to remember the five principles, dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge -- >> you saw the movie. >> very, very nice. >> i guess i'm m.i.a. because i don't get. >> it it's from the movie
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"dodgeball" it was vince vaughn or a guy named patches o'houlihan. you probably don't need to see that movie. >> show me the calendar and we're good to go the firefighters calendar. >> moving along. a little bit of a change this morning. here's the camera -- so silly. okay, here's the san mateo bridge right now. the mist, you can see it on the camera lens and as the drivers make it across having to deal with breezy winds and having to turn on the windshield wiper. there may be low visibility at times as heavier rain continues across the sacramento valley and moving towards the east. we will see rain but clearing out later today the wind will be the next issue we have to deal with. as the seven-day forecast comes up on the bottom of the screen, we'll have rain drops today but the rest of the forecast is dry.
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look at the wind speeds coming in from the northwest. up to 20 miles an hour at least the start along the coast will be higher, up to 30 miles an hour and that wind advisory continues throughout the day as the winds continue to pick up for the coast and the hills. we'll see the highest wind speeds and then calming down later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, still quite breezy. be prepared for the potential of power outages. in these areas the winds may be up to 45 miles an hour plus and we will see the potential also for some of those smaller trees being knocked down. high temperatures up to 67 degrees in morgan hill, as we head through the east bay, 68 in concord, livermore 69 degrees. 65 in belmont and bailey city 60 degrees. san francisco 60 in the outer sunset and novato 68 degrees today. as we look ahead to see what
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else is coming down the pike, well, not a whole lot as we will see weather systems rolling just to the north of us so it looks like we will have more dry weather in the forecast and as we start the bay bridge pre-season series today it will be at 58 degrees at 5:00 and a little cooler in time for the game to start so that if you're heading out there bundle up, not only will it be cool but windy, too. 63 will be the high in san francisco, warmer tomorrow as well as saturday and the rest of the forecast is looking good as temperatures hold steady in the lower 60s. heading over to mike updating the crash in san jose. >> i looked at the picture more closely and got better detail. most of the bay moves very well. looking at a little slower through 84, cutting through livermore, but this is the issue in the south bay, this rollover crash. no major injuries reported but it's the opposite direction from what chp originally had.
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the live pictures show you, because we have it on our camera at the overcrossing, that's the transition ramp off of southbound 101 and on to northbound 680 so that's the issue leaving san jose as you're moving up in toward the milpitas area. northbound 101 is fine. that's where the bulk of the traffic flow is. looking at san mateo bridge, water on the lens, mist in the air here. i showed you in palo alto no problems on this span or the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. some people think bus drivers should be rewarded for their patience on the job, especially when they're driving kids. this driver may go beyond that. the heroic acts that saved kids. you'll have to see it to believe. >> what she did is amazing. but happening right now, president trump is set to meet with the chinese president. they're getting together next weekend at trump's florida resort mar-a-lago. that will be the first in-person meeting between those world leaders. plus federal agents have arrested the mexican attorney general at the border because
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he's facing charges for allegedly conspiring to smuggle heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine into the united states. we'll be back in a moment with more news.
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welcome back on your thursday morning, a beautiful picture outside in palo alto. you see the trees all lit up there. a fairly clear picture but you can see clouds hanging in the background there. we'll talk about visibility issues this morning coming up in a couple minutes. a school bus driver is being hailed a hero. you see the car racing right by the bus there on the right side of the screen? that school bus in south
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carolina is stopped but what you may not notice is that the school bus driver sticks her arm outside the driver's side window and warns three kids not to cross the street. school officials say her quick thinking very likely saved those children's lives. happening now, a section of a popular road in castro valley is closed. part of it caved in and engineers believe it could collapse. it's happening at redwood road. it's about 80 feet long and more than five feet deep in some spots. engineers are working on a repair plan, no word on when it will be fixed. a historic launch for spacex, the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket spacex is going to launch is a used rocket booster the company recovered from a previous launch. this is the first time they've reused a rocket booster but they hope it's not the last time. the cargo, a satellite that will beam tv and data across latin america. forever 21 reportedly being sued by state attorneys for illegally requiring workers to
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speak english only. the department of fair employment and housing is suing the company from banning employees from speaking spanish at san francisco's union square store. when three workers complained, management retaliated. forever 21 did not issue a response before the chronicle posted the story. 4:55 on your thursday morning and seattle now the latest city to file suit against the federal government over the trump administration's threats to pull funding from sanctuary cities. on monday, attorney general jeff sessions warned that the government would take more than $4 billion in grant money off the table if cities didn't comply. san francisco has already filed suit against the same executive order. 4:55. kari has a look at our forecast coming up. as we take a live look outside at palo alto you see the streets are wet, we have mist and drizzle coming on now. you have to turn on the headlights, the windshield wipers and dealing with low visibility in some spots. the temperature trend will stay on the cool side today.
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we'll talk about what else to expect as we head into the weekend coming up. and kari, this live look over here -- yeah, first we look at the traffic because that's my gig and it moves very smoothly, that mist may be an issue on your windshield. but at the bottom of your screen, the flag flapping in the breeze moving our cameras around. that might catch you on one of the spans. plus, a welcoming feeling on bart. the new push to make sure everybody has a safe ride. but first, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and despite the clouds and fog, clear picture. we'll be back with more news, weather and traffic in two and a half minutes.
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good morning, we have some early rain, some light showers moving through the bay area v after this clears, it will be cooler and windy today as this cold front passes. details coming up in the microclimate forecast. plus, running out of options. why the clock is ticking for survivors of the deadly oakland fire. bart riders may have something else to read as they make their commute. i'll show you the poster campaign that is aimed at empowering people against hate.
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and a good thursday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. chris sanchez had her umbrella out this morning. enough to make your hair wet. >> it was blowing around, too. it will be windy today. we start out this morning with the windshield wipers turning on as you head out for that drive. you're going to see some spotty rain in some parts of the bay ar area. >> winds picking up, 54 degrees in the north bay with highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s. 23467 the peninsula and 69 degrees in the north bay while san francisco is 63. as we head into the forecast, we'll see this rolling out in time for a beautiful weekend ahead. more on that coming up in seven minutes as we head over to mike starting out in san jose.
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>> this view not so beautiful. this is san jose 101 northbound. a little glow, mist in the air. over near is northbound to 680 coming off to the southbound, tow truck still on scene. there's an overturned vehicle there. no major injuries and traffic is getting by. the map shows you down in the south bay it's moving well at that interchange and as we get a wide shot traffic does move well, low clouds and maybe fog developing in livermore and also in pitches along the coast. everyone likes to feel welcome out there and there's a campaign going on right now. bart riders may have changes. >> chris sanchez is at the brand new warm springs bart station in fremont to show us what they're doing. >> reporter: good morning guys, there are about 300 posters aimed at rethinking the way bart people react.


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