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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is san jose 101 northbound. a little glow, mist in the air. over near is northbound to 680 coming off to the southbound, tow truck still on scene. there's an overturned vehicle there. no major injuries and traffic is getting by. the map shows you down in the south bay it's moving well at that interchange and as we get a wide shot traffic does move well, low clouds and maybe fog developing in livermore and also in pitches along the coast. everyone likes to feel welcome out there and there's a campaign going on right now. bart riders may have changes. >> chris sanchez is at the brand new warm springs bart station in fremont to show us what they're doing. >> reporter: good morning guys, there are about 300 posters aimed at rethinking the way bart people react. by a area rapid transit is what
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bart stands for but bart wants it to stand for "by a area rides together." >> you might see 40 other posters from another group that wants to empower people to do something when they see hateful behavior. this was one of the posters born out of that idea to give people a plan of action. the poster shows a woman who appears to be muslim being harassed or yelled at by a man. leah groundy is one of the four friends who's behind the smaller campaign. she explains why she thinks it will be effective. >> i think most people want to push back and defend someone who they see being threatened or harassed but might not know how. >> they have a crowd sourcing funding pays where they want to be able to buy more of those
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posters showing people what to do. i will link you to that crowd sourcing page via my facebook, that's krisnbcbayarea. i'll tell you about that action in my twitter feed but i'll also tell you in my election live report at 6:00. in fremont, kris sanchez, today in the bay. after the historic flooding, despite finger pointing, there's one thing san jose and the santa clara water valley district seem to agree on. greater access may improve the chances of awaiting something like this happening in the future. both sides agreed to improving the lines of the communication. >> we're on the same page as you. let's resolve and move on. >> san jose leaders have argued know advantage situation orders will sent due to flawed data and poor communication. the water district disagrees. money from the victim's flood
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relief fund and catholic charities still assisting those families. the clock is ticking for victims of the deadly oakland apartment fire. victims have until tomorrow to figure out a place to live the apartment building that burned down was known as a housing of last resort. many people who stayed there had mental problems. they were newly released from prison or they had nowhere else to go. >> 55:03 and the search continus for a hit-and-run driver. the woman was walking along philbert street yesterday afternoon by washington square park when the car hit her. the driver fled the scene, obviously. police don't have at this point a detailed description of the car they're looking for. tragic story now, this out of texas this morning. federal investigators are combing through the sight of that deadly church bus crash in texas, you see the aftermath of it right there. 13 seniors were killed when the
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bus collided head on with a pickup truck. it happened yesterday about 80 miles west of san antonio. the lone bus survivor in critical condition and the pickup driver is in stable condition. happening today at 5:04, san jose leaders look at the future of the diridon station. not only is bart expanding but the high speed rail is moving forward as is the cal train electrification project and the diridon station will be the nexus. the study takes place at city hall. working for bikers and walkers, a new phase starting at the tunnel in marin. here's a map to show the various collection projects. today they'll begin drilling. the alto study is attempting to see how much work would need to be done to reconstruct the tunnel to be used for bikers and pedestrians. rates are going up, san
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mateo leaders holding the last of two public hearings discussing a rate hike that would improve the city's sewer system. city of san mateo wants to boost revenues to make capital improvements. sewage treatment costs could go higher by more than 30%. tonight's meeting is at 6:30. more and more people in the bay area are looking to move out according to a new poll by the bay area council. 40% of people surveyed say they're looking to move out in a few years. last year that number was at 33%. among millennials, nearly 46% are also looking to move. the reasons, of course, can you guess it? skyrocketing housing prices and traffic. >> i think those two things everybody can relate to around here. happening today, the bay bridge series is getting under way. >> you have to stick around for this. >> we see the fans gathering there, ace fans plan to meet there at 4:30 and take bart en masse to san francisco for tonight's first game at at&t
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par park. >> and the a's will host the giants sunday. >> the as showing off their trophies as well. they're not the only bay area giants. meet the bay area's newest internet stars rosie and richmond. their nest is atop a rusty world war ii crane and their life is on display for the world to see. >> the ospreys have their own web cams. fans can follow the couple as they start their new family. you can even listen in. a couple eggs should be in the nest in the next month or so. >> that's fascinating. i don't know about giraffe cams, but osprey cams, absolutely. >> somebody stopped to show me the giraffe cam. >> they're waiting on that. >> god bless that giraffe. >> i'm like is that giraffe ever going to have that baby? >> i'm turning my attention to the ospreys now. here's a live look outside at san jose. we have low clouds, mist and drizzle, a different start from yesterday morning.
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if you're standing in the closet, let me help you out. a view of what you may need, some suggestions here. we need the jacket heading out because it's cool, maybe a beanie to protect your hair because it won't only be windy but also very wet out there and once you get inside, of course, you can take it off. for ladies, boots because it will be chilly today and for the men, how about loafers? we are going to see more of this. cool temperatures heading into the morning but then warming up as this weather system continues to move on off towards the east producing light showers for parts of the bay area but we're only going to measure in a few one hundredths of an inch and it will be out later in the morning. mike, how does it look across the east bay. >> gusty winds will be kicking up. you're talking about a beanie, how about a propeller. it's very gusty out there.
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101 in san jose, traffic moving by there. redwood road, there's a crumbling roadway so that's closed. your cut through from castro valley to oakland not available. meanwhile, available cameras by the coliseum, you see it moving around. 880 by the oakland coliseum does shake from time to time as the wind develops and chp gives you the note across the san mateo bridge, be careful on the high-ri high-rise. up next, another legal blow. what's next now for president trump's travel ban after it's dealt an indefinite hold by a federal judge? the live in washington the latest. plus, what goes up gets to go up again. we'll look coming up in business and tech.
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it's 5:11. if you're getting ready to head over to lake tahoe, we are looking at light snow falling and right there where you can tell where the lake is over the radar because it's raining over the lake at this point, if you will be heading in that direction, allow extra time to get there. it will be a beautiful weekend once this weather system moves out. we are looking at warming temperatures is the snow we get
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today will be melting. as we go ahead in the forecast. going to see beautiful weather for the bay area. i'll show you that in about six minutes. about seven minutes, that's what the dry way says from highway 37 from novato to san rafael. perhaps the mist will affect your commute. you know there's another setback for president trump's newest travel ban. late last night a federal judge in hawaii placed an indefinite hold on the president's plan. tod today today in the bay's tracie potts live with what this means going forward. >> reporter: it mean this is issue is coming back to the ninth circuit court where they rejected the first travel ban because the judge in hawaii has extended his injunction, his hold on this travel ban. it's going to get appealed and when it gets appealed it's going back to the same court the
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hawaii judge said not only would he not extend the hold but he would not narrow the scope to exclude refugees, that's something the government asked for. it echoes a similar ruling in maryland that has advanced to a different appeals court so they're taking two different tracks on this. the government argued the travel ban banning people from six different countries in the middle east from coming to the united states was a national security issue. but hawaii and maryland and other states argued that it was a muslim ban and that it violated the first amendment. nothing changes, ban still on hold and it's headed back to the same circuit court that said no in the first place. >> all right, a circular route for that case. thank you very much tracie potts. we're talking about things going around. what goes up comes back down but sometimes it goes back up again. >> scott mcgrew , spacex is
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relaunching a used rocket. >> reporter: today is the day it gets to launch a previously used rocket proving it can be done we've showed you videos landing back on the landing pad. this afternoon spacex will relaunch one of those stages to put a satellite into orbit, 3:30 our time from kennedy space center in florida. samsung is hoping for a safe launch of its new galaxy 8 phone the company revealed the phone for the first time in new york wednesday. the most notable feature that wraps open the top. is the battery safe? we assume it is but we assume the battery was safe on the galaxy 7. police have released their report about a self-driving uber in tempe. the report says the automated
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car drove into an intersection legally under a yellow light under the speed limit when a human-driven car coming the other way turned in front of it. the dow fell for the ninth time in ten days wednesday down 42 points. amazon stock roared ahead. so much so that the stock that jeff bezos owned lifted them to the second-richest person in the world. he owned $71 billion worth of amazon stock. if you get trouble in work, maybe bring this up. the oscars are still going to use pricewaterhouse coopers as its auditors despite the fact that pwc employees messed up the big picture envelopes last month at the academy awards. this is a third person that will supervise the dissemination of envelopes and electronic devices will be forbidden because you remember that one guy got so wrapped up -- >> social media. >> he apparently switched the envelopes. >> i love the fact the more times we watch this you pick up on new things.
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the matt damon look alike, you see him with the envelope looking at wait a minute, wait a minute, what the heck is going on here? >> what does it take to get fired? yes, there it is. >> apparently a lot. >> but i understand the person directly involved won't be working -- >> wait for it, wait for it. there it is. wait, what have i got here? >> i love looking at everyone's reaction, too. >> now he's going to wander back then n there. >> then you're like what's wrong with warren beatty. >> priceless. the whole thing is priceless. for priceless to precious. >> absolutely. love these guys. it's a typical bit, we've seen it before. never gets old. jimmy fallon picking the winner. well, his dog surrogates are picking the winner of the ncaa tournament. who do you have in the final four? jimmy's puppies apparently like the oregon ducks. that's who they flocked to. they were equal opportunists in terms of getting the food. when you're that cute who cares about track record because as you look at them -- by the way, they picked the atlanta falcons
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for the super bowl. that was looking good for a while. >> they're just so cute and cuddly. oh, my goodness, what a litter there. >> all those puppies, every one, you want to find out where they are now and what they're doing. >> and the scientists just want to crunch the numbers and see how accurate they are. what percentage. >> i just want to adopt those dog dogs. >> we're going to have beautiful weather today for -- >> walking the dogs? >> walking the dogs later on today. as you head out now and you want to take the dog out it's misting and drizzling in parts of the bay area but not so much in san francisco. we are seeing low clouds in spots, low visibility and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen you'll see we will have a slight chance of rain today and after that it will be clearing out. here's the live look once again as we will have milder temperatures this morning compared to yesterday morning. the visibility is lowest in the
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peninsula and also for parts of the valleys but we'll see the winds kicking up as we go through the day as well. 66 degrees in free month, 7s in antioch. and san mateo 64 degrees. ingleside 59 and 69 in santa rosa while sonoma is up to 70 degrees. we see this rain moving through now. look at what happens at 10:00 this morning. we'll have rain and snow but the system winds down and for early tomorrow morning we start out with low clouds and fog, sunshine during the afternoon and then on saturday still bright and sunny several weather systems staying close to us.
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the winds will be the issue today so if you're wearing a dress like this, make sure you keep your arms down winds brushing in at 20 to 25 miles an hour. as we go through the day really increasing as we look at the coastline, half moon bay 30 miles per hour winds. there may be gusts up to 45 miles an hour gusty winds as we transition from low pressure to high pressure and warming temperatures for the weekend we'll still see the winds tomorrow afternoon at 20 to 30 miles an hour. today we have the wind advisory in effect for these areas shaded in brown. that mostly includes hills and coastline for today. still breezy tomorrow, 68 degrees and temperatures holding steady. for the inland areas, that's
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when we will see temperatures warming up as we dry out. as we head over to mike, checking in on some of those traffic cameras. >> shaking around just a tad and chp gives the advisory for the high-rise for the san mateo bridge. we're still tracking this crash in san jose but the crews seem to be hon the move now. transitioning from the transition ramp 101 southbound to northbound 680. no slowing, i'll check the progress and we'll bring you the live shot as things change over there. travel times haven't changed much. an easy drive through oakland. the camera shaking by the coliseum, the wind catching it. san a fell, the north bay, those travel times, you're at speed, knnovato down to this shot. low clouds along the coast. 101 does move smoothly. earlier mist was on the lens but
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there's your drive along the peninsula. back to you. up next, if you're in search of a new home, you may not be able to afford what you think you can afford. a disconcerting new report just released this morning. his apartment paperwork contains a signature, he says it isn't his. i'm consumer investigator chris comora. next. chmura. cck ur me ose.taet relli thsans
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court-martiming up, when yo chance today, check your game closet. target is recalling thousands of tic-tac-toe games. they're games sold only at target from december through february. the magnet cans become detached from the game pieces posing a choking hazard for a small children and a magnetic ingestion hazard. if you have one, return it to a target store and you'll get a full refund. just as we learned housing prices jump 5.5% in february, we're also learning that less people are buying homes. many people continue to rent rather than buy simply because they can't afford to. however, a new study shows that in more than half the country's housing markets they studied, wage growth was greater than the jump in housing prices, one realtor says it's just hard for people to buy. >> so this great mismatch between home price growth and income growth is bringing
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additional challenges to people renting and wanting to convert to ownership. millennials are turning away for a different reason. their life-style drives them to rent rather than own. 5:25, nbc bay area responds to a san rafael man who had a dispute with his landlord about a document. >> chris chmura is here with the story. >> reporter: last year, robert robinson moved out of a san rafael apartment. he anticipated getting back most of his $900 security deposit so he was surprised when he didn't. >> they said, no, you owe us. they were nasty. we were totally blown away because we thought, like, you know, yeah, the check's in the mail, this, that and the other, not that we owe you money. >> reporter: the apartment complex was charging robert to replace the carpet because of small stains but robert argued those were there when he moved in. the apartment complex then produced a signed document it says proves robert was responsible for the damage to
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the carpet but robert says the signature on that document isn't his. tonight at 6:00, we'll share that document, what it said and we'll put in the front of a forensic handwriting expert. we'll tell you what the apartment complex had to say. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, the number is 888-996-tips. or this next story has a lot of people talking because it has to do with arguably the most beautiful man alive, certainly one of them, and his likeness. >> let's get to the video. >> yeah, let's get right to that video. what could be more flattering than having an airport named in your honor. maybe the statue that comes with it. >> portugal renaming its airport for hometown hero and soccer star cristiano ronaldo. >> that's ridiculous. >> they unveiled the bust of renaldo. they're calling it a bust bust. side by side, you be the judge. >> it's busted up. >> the statue of the newly named
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airport sits at the capital. >> that picture, the one on the right, does not do him justice. very chiselled face and i don't know what they were chiseling on the left but that's notkr cristiano renaldo. coming up, a possible solution to the crumbling roads. >> the plan that could make the drive into work less bumpy. we have the details coming up in a live report. 5:27. >> reporter: a 65-year-old woman just an innocent bystander killed in broad daylight near a san francisco bus stop. why one city official believes that shooting may be tied to others. ad l li piure pa al
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strike up that music. it's thursday morning. that means it's friday eve, weekend right around the corner. why not head out to palo alto this weekend, visit the downtown area, beautiful like look, quiet right now, you can get down university avenue at least, nice start to our thursday morning at 5:30. good morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i knew they did that during the holidays but year round. >> a lot of cities do that, very festive. >> just walking down the street, just like really cool. >> spend money, kari hall, is what they're asking. >> yeah, might have to do that
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this weekend. check out the downtown areas. it will be a great weekend as we'll see more sunshine in the forecast but we have some clouds lingering across parts of the south bay and light rain. here's the radar and you may have to turn on the windshield wipers for a little while as you head out but as we go through the day a lot of sun. look at these high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it will be cooler than it was yesterday but still feeling very comfortable in livermore. 61 in the marina district. 69 degrees today in santa rosa so as we look ahead to the weekend, i'll get you ready, that's coming up in seven minutes as we head over to mike focusing on the lights again. >> we showed you the beautiful lights in palo alto where university add light traffic and light traffic just starting a light build around the bay. also a light mist. a look at san jose, the flashing lights we saw for the crash, 101 at 680, the overcrossing right
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there, they cleared a few minutes ago, no problems, just a light build for 101 at 680 as is tradition and the bay bridge toll plaza, these folks lined up because the metering lights are on so the backup goes back to west grand. standard for thursday. back to you. >> that looks right. thank you very much, mike, appreciate that. fixing california's crumbling roads, especially after the storms. take a live look outside, dublin on the left side, san jose on the right. governor brown is weighing a possible gas tax as a solution to the roadway woes. >> and he's expected to discuss that option more today in concord. today in the bay bob redell live with the flan will affect so many. good morning, bob. >> reporter: yes, governor jerry brown will be here in concord in a few hours to sell his plan to spend over $52 billion over the next ten years to fix roads here in concord. other roads throughout the bay area and the rest of the state. now to pay for this, he is
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proposing the first gas tax increase in the state in over 20 years. the governor wants a 12-cent increase on a gallon of gasoline, 20 cents per gallon for diesel, 4% increase in the diesel sales tax. he wants to install a new annual transportation improvement fee on regular vehicles that run anywhere from $25 to $175 per year, he's proposing a $100 annual fee on zero-emission vehicles and over $700 million from the general fund to repay loans for the transportation fund. that money would go towards fixing potholes, other highways, bridges and culverts would also help improve public transportation, walking and biking trails and the reduction of traffic on major commute routes. governor brown says his proposal would cost drivers on average less than $10 a month and would reduce the cost of repairs to our cars. >> that's what it's about, common sense, there's not a choice. the only choice is do we borrow from our -- the next generation
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or belly up to the bar and say here's what it costs, we're going to pay it. >> republicaning in sacramento are criticizing the governor's proposal coming up, why they think this plan is a bad idea. coming up, bob redell, today in the bay. a developing story we're following, a search for a killer in san francisco. police stepping up patrols in the city's ocean view neighborhood after a tripping shooting left a 65-year-old woman dead. pete suratos join us live with the details. a and two other people were also shot. >> reporter: yes, two other victims sustained non-life threatening injuries but sfpd are looking for one or two suspects in this triple shooting and there's a san francisco supervisor who represents that
5:35 am
district and believes the shooting may be tied to a turf battle but 65-year-old bystander lian xiu wu, you're looking at a go fund me page set up to help out the family. san francisco police say she was shot and killed here in a muni bus stop in the ocean view yesterday morning. as i just mentioned, the two other victims were -- that were involved in this sustained non-life threatening injuries. that san francisco supervisor talked about efforts by police to beef up patrols in this neighborhood where the shooting took place. >> the chief has committed, the mayor has committed to get the additional resources. >> >> reporter: they may be be looking for one or two suspects and where the shooting took place at plymouth avenue and broad street, it's had a history of deadly shootings just in the past six months. i'll explain that coming up at 6:30. live in san francisco, pete
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suratos for today in the bay. coming up on 5:36 and an investigation under way after an explosion and fire ripped through an apartment in pleasant hill last night. firefighters say that man turned on a propane tank and it exploded, nobody else was injured. 5:36. more witness testimony expected toes as the antolin garcia murder trial continues. he's accused of killing sierra lamar. yesterday, a key witness for the defense took the stand. danny hernandez says he is the suspect's best friend and the two went snowboarding the day after lamar disappeared. his testimony comes on the heels of a witness who raised questions about why sierra's cell phone was reactivated more than 12 hours after she disappeared. here's nbc bay area's steven clark. >> the defense is trying to establish that the cell phone is
5:37 am
a sign of life. that it's possible sierra lamar was alive long after the prosecution suggested that she was kidnapped and murdered. >> prosecutors suggest the cell phone may have turned on after it was exposed to moisture. happening later today, north carolina lawmakers are going to vote to repeal that state's controversial bathroom bill, now, the law requires transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to their birth certificate. but it t repeal bill still leaves the state in charge for public restrooms. the ncaa has moved several events out of the state because of this law. another controversial conservative speaker is coming to uc berkeley. social and political commentator ann colter is s ecoulter is set cal next month.
5:38 am
the milo yiannopoulos. coulter said "i hear they're nice people at berkeley and expect a is stimulating exchange of ideas." >> drivers only need look up to see the new test messages that are going to be posted along the northbound toll vines for the contra costa express lane between san ramon and walnut creek. those messages are expected to continue through the spring. not buckle up because that's not what we're doing here. >> walk the plank for that one. >> hopefully we're walking the plan. >> no, we want to swab the deck. >> this is what we're talking about. check out this. they're amazing. washington state's official tall ship the "lady washington" and her companion vessel "hawaiian chieftain" are docked in
5:39 am
oakland. you can take a dockside tour starting at 4:00 today. the cool thing is that if you can't go today, the ships will be around through april. >> all the more time to play captain jack sparrow. that work for you. >> that works great. it's going to be windy out there if you're heading to jack london square. we are going to have some high wind gusts today up to 45 miles an hour. especially in these areas shaded in brown. this i clouds the coast and the hills. not bringing a lot of rain but look at these wind speeds throughout the afternoon. by 6:00 in the morning we start out with wind speeds at 20 miles an hour and 30 near the coast and we will see that sustained as we go through the day. the valleys at 20 miles an hour and even later on this afternoon into the evening at once sea breeze kicks in we'll have high wind gusts. more windy conditions even for tomorrow as we transition from cool temperatures to warm air. if you're heading out to the bay
5:40 am
bridge, the pre-season game, bundle up. it will be in the upper 50s to start and dropping back to the mid-50s with those gusty winds it's going to feel chilly out there. as we head over to make, the chp has another note about the wind. >> you've been talking about gusty winds throughout, including if for giants game, orange tie, by the way. we're looking over here toward the san mateo bridge, chp warns about the bay bridge and they extend that advisory to the richmond center bridge for 580. no major issues across those spans. we are looking at the trivalley with a little build here. a little slower through livermore and pleasanton. a light change from green to yellow. for the east bay 14 minute drives from 238 to the dunbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge, this is the live look. this is a sturdily mounted camera but watch, there you go, from time to time it jiggles just a little bit as the wind catches it so be careful on the high-rise. back to you.
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>> good advice. thanks, mike. 5:40 right now. coming up, an east bay road caves in. it could collapse at any moment. there's a rush on to fix the big zi street for the next round of rain moves in. plus, with the house taking very little action, the senate takes the reins in this day seven. plus, it's possibly the best video you'll see all morning long. a face-to-face encounter, quite literally, that will make you nervous. what happens next? we'll show you after the break.
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5:44. it may be wet out there. we've had mist and drizzle. here's a live look outside at 101 through palo alto and the streets are a little wet. looking at the temperature trend for sunnyvale, it will be cooler today. lunch time temperature 60 degrees, low 60s later on. all of the light rain gets out of here early and we're in for more sunshine today. a look ahead coming up at 5:49. >> we're looking at travel times for the south bay top of your screen. that little traditional slowing north 101 right at 680 adds a couple minutes to your drive. things are shaking up. we'll take you to the east bay. >> thank you, kari and mike. happening now, a section of popular road in castro valley is closed. part of it caved in and engineers believe it could collapse. it's happening at redwood road.
5:45 am
it's 80 feet long and five feet deep. engineers are working on a repair plan now. no word on when it will be fixed. check out this new wild video from mid-laland, texas. it's called a gustnado. a lot of dust and hail are caught up in that. they're formed by thunderstorms. no one was hurt. >> you might want to do laundry after that but all is good. we may get a better sense of the impact from this winter's deluge of storms. you see the state surveyors out there. they'll be heading back to the sierra for their monthly snow survey. sierra snow pack, of course, is critical to the state's water supply through the summer months, electronic monitors are measuring the snow pack at 164% of normal. that's the highest level in years. also happening today, the fourth and final workshop on reducing air pollution. that will be tonight at 6:30 at
5:46 am
the richmond memorial auditorium in richmond. back in may, air quality leaders will vote -- i should say in may they'll vote on a proposal to tighten emissions limits. the most affected parties in this are the bay area's five oil refineries in contra costa county. 5:46. forever 21 reportedly being sued by state attorneys for legally requiring workers to speak english only. chronicle reports the department of fair employment and housing is suing the company for banning employees from speaking spanish at san francisco's union square store. the suit claims when three workers complained management retaliated. forever 21 did not issue a response before the "chronicle" posted its story. seattle is the latest city to file suit against the federal government over the trump administration's threats to pull funding from sanctuary cities. on monday, attorney general jeff sessions threatened to take more than $4 billion in grant money off the table. san francisco has already filed suit against the same executive
5:47 am
order. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office and today we're on day 70. >> on day 70, ivanka trump is taking an official position in the white house. >> that's right, good morning to you. by making it official, sam, the trump administration will be able to counter criticism the president's daughter is showing up in places that she shouldn't. here she is next to german chancellor angela merkel there. it wasn't clear exactly what her role was. now, there's nothing wrong with the president's family member working in the white house, kennedy did it, eisenhower did it, but by making her an official unpaid employee ms. trump now has to abide by white house ethics rules. ms. trump already transferred control of her clothing and accessories brand to a relative. her new title will be "assistant to the president." we don't talk much about the senate investigation into the russian connection. it's been pretty quiet but no
5:48 am
more. the two senators in charge, the lead republican and ranking democrat making a show of working together to find answers. >> we need to look at campaign contacts in either committee with russian government or russian government officials that might have influenced in any way shape or form the election process. >> that was senator richard burr, republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee flanked by mike warner, the democrat and vice chairman. they will be taking action while their counterparts in the house, devin nunes and mike schiff, are accomplishing very little. nunes has been under fire after he secretly met with a white house official at the white house. the worry is he is not conducting a fair and open investigation. so who was that white house official? white house press secretary sean spicer says he's looking into that. it does seem like a pretty easy question to answer.
5:49 am
the senate begins its hearings about an hour from now. guys? >> there will be a lot of attention on that. scott mcgrew, thank you very much. >> scott always examines the president's tweet, executive orders and speeches here on toad in the bay. you can share your thoughts with him on twitter, you can find him @scottmcgrew. examining what were you thinking in this situation. two little girls and their dad got the surprise at their house in lake tahoe. >> a black bear made itself very at home on their patio. the dad took a video just behind a sliding glass door of the home. the little girls say hello to the bear, he walks up to the glass slowly to say hello. all giggles and fun. the dad tried everything, he says, to get the bear to leave. >> banging pots and pans, stomping on the deck, i had the music up loud. he just wasn't phased and he wasn't leaving. >> looking for something to eat.
5:50 am
experts say it's very common for bears coming out of hibernation. people are encouraged to do everything they can to scare the bear away so it doesn't get accustomed to humans and homes but there are so many humans and homes in tahoe. i have seen multiple bears. >> you're talking from experience. >> the question is, do they hype nate and the answer is no, they don't. they come out every trash day. >> they're california bears. >> tahoe, they're out all the tim time. >> i was waiting for the parents to swoop in and pull the kids away. >> dad had the camera. >> a lot of bears, that i'll go tet snow survey up there. >> it will be good to see what they find as far as the manual snow pack measurements but it looks good as we see the sensors.
5:51 am
is temperatures are mid to upper 50s. oakland 58 degrees and the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we will have light rain this morning but it clears out this afternoon and more sunshine in the forecast. so as we get a look at today's high temperatures in san jose up to 69 degrees. also 69 in livermore. napa 71 degrees if you're about to wake up the kids, once again keep in mind it's wet out there. some spotty drizzle, also breezy and cool. we'll have gusty winds at recess today so the kids getting blown around the playground. we'll still have the sunshine and it will be a nice afternoon to get outside.
5:52 am
looking at the system that continues to bring snow for tahoe and clearing the bay area with only a little bit of light rain going into the next seven days we'll see a mix of sun and clouds but as temperatures warm up we'll continue on with dry weather early next week. we'll still see these weather systems well to the north of us and avoiding the bay area so expect more dry conditions. we'll see temperatures in san francisco staying in the mid to upper 60s. that's where we have more of a fluctuation with those temperatures. cooler today but up to 77 saturda saturday. some of that mist or wind may affect your drive. >> and i don't want folks to be complace complacent so even though it doesn't seem dramatic on your windshield, it may be an issue for traction.
5:53 am
we're looking for a non-dramatic drive around the by a. low clouds developing over the east foothills through san jose toward the livermore area. a smooth flow of traffic as well n northbound 87 shows a little slowing. that will ease up coming up toward the airport out of san jose. we're looking at the rest of the b bay. is this stretch of redwood road laura told you about is closed so use 580 if you have to get through oakland. our camera moves around from time to time and it moves around. higher winds across the bay area bridges. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. >> 5:53, moving along, it's being called a medical breakthrough. coming up, the ground breaking new drawing that could change
5:54 am
the way multiple sclerosis is treated. >> first happening, president donald trump is set to meet with the chinese president, they're getting together at trump's florida resort mar-a-lago. that will believe the first in-person meeting between these two world leaders. plus, federal agents have arrested the mexican attorney general, why he's charged with smuggling heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine back into the united states.
5:55 am
5:56 am
lbl is part of being a woman and having little leaks doesn't have to slow you down. the more we open up the conversation, the more women are like, "yeah me too." this is the solution. so note to self in the gym bag - water, towel and poise! (laughter) 40tusa
5:57 am
it's a disease that affects so many families. important health news for 4000004000 400,000 americans that have multiple sclerosis, a neurological illness that strikes between the ages of 20 and 40, mostly among women. the fda approved a new drug that doctors say could change the way multiple sclerosis is treated. in patients with a type of multiple sclerosis that reelapses, the drug cut the number of episodes by half. it stopped the disease from getting worse and slowed it dow down. >> for the first time we have a treatment that slows the disease. >> the drug costs $65,000 a year
5:58 am
but it's less expensive than the current medication and works better with fewer side effects. new video to show you. it's a shy speed chase in southern california. police say this driver led them on two back-to-back chases last night investigators say the man abandoned a car and witnesses say he got into a pick up truck. police arrested the man after he tried to run away. also new, could there be life on mars? there peru, researchers are using a simulator that mimics the harsh conditions found on mars and there are not hints of life. scientists managed to grow a potato in the frigid high carbon dioxide surround just like in the movie "the martian." steelhead trout running in the alameda creek swimming upstream to spawn but the rare fish need help to do this. you can see the volunteers, about a dozen of them with the alameda creek alliance and
5:59 am
several public agencies teaming up and working together to help that threatened fish get past the concrete barrier underneath the tracks that helps the fish continue their swim up r upstream to their spawning grounds in miles canyon. >> we have a limo and dating service going for these fish he here. >> speed dating, there will be a state-of-the-art fish ladder that allows the fish to get through the ladders on their on. lyft is texting a new fixed route shuttle service. >> you'll see the shuttle option for line rides in the lift app but only if your pickup and dropoff locations are closest to the test rounds to make it on there. the service is only available during the morning and evening rush hours but fares are set at a fixed rate and people can avoid pricing during those times. you could be coming across wet roads as you head out the door this morning, but those conditions won't be what you'll see through the day.
6:00 am
spotty rain this morning but clearing this afternoon. a look at the temperatures in the micro climate forecast. >> reporter: bart riders will have something to read on their commute and it could help to fight islamophobia. we'll show you the poster campaign you might see on bart. and a bay area exodus? the reason more and more people are looking to move out of the bay. today in the bay, you're staying with us, continues right now. don't go yet. >> thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. 6:00, you may notice drizzle out there but it won't stick around for long. >> this system is moving across the bay area and the lingering affects will be the gusty winds into this afternoon. as we get a look at our micro climates i want to get you out the door with the current conditions and what to expect through the day


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