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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> always have got to take a jacket. >> absolutely. and people like to bundle up in their giants blankets. more of that as we go through the day and a lot of sunshine, too. clear skies as you step out the door at 5:00. and in oakland, it's 54 degrees. 54 in fairfield and 55 in palo alto. today we bring it up to 73 there and 7 of in concord. san francisco, up to 69 degrees. we talked about all of the wind blowing. it's going to be blowing a lot of pollen around. high tree pollen right now. coming up in a few minutes, we talk about the weekend traffic. >> there was a fuel spill and there was activity on the chp report. as we look at the speeds, it's clear from 280 over to woodside. no incident reported. 280 has cleared as well on the
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southbound side. no more fuel issue down there and it didn't sound like there was any complication. toll plaza just about 15 minutes. we'll use that travel time right there. and no delays for b.a.r.t. with 39 trains running on time. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. did you feel this this morning? we spoke to several people in the south bay who said they felt shaking from a light earthquake about an hour ago about 20 miles west of hollister. the usgs says it was a 4.0 earthquake that hit just before 4:00 this morning. some people felt light rolling. no reports of damage or injuries. now days after this deadly fire, the intense fire that erupted inside an oakland apartment building, we're learning more details about how
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the flames ignited. this, as the survivors try to figure out where to move and what to do next. "today in the bay" pete suratos is joining us. >> reporter: laura, a bit of good news for these residents. the city is working on permanent housing for those that have been displaced. we're learning exactly what may have caused this fire. we'll show you some of the video from earlier in the week. the massive four-alarm fire taking the lives of four residents. here's what the city of oakland is saying. they are saying that the fire was accidental and caused by a candle. i know when i was there earlier this week, a resident mentioned this as a possibility the day of that fire so now that has been confirmed. now, that building that we're talking about on the corner of
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san pablo avenue had several code complaints for mold, exposed extension cords and not providing basic fire equipment to the tenants. now, the majority of the apartment building was used as transitional housing for the mentally ill and for those just getting out of prison. the lawyers representing the tenants have been vocal about the conditions inside of that building. i'll have more information in the next hour. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay". more now on the russia investigation. things are heating up. there are reports that the white house was involved in sharing classified information. at the same time, we're learning more details about the way that russia was trying to influence the election. tracie potts is live from capitol hill with what we know right now. tracie, good morning. >> sam, now an insider wants to talk, someone involved in the
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campaign, the transition and the white house. fired national security adviser mike flynn says he'll talk with one caveat. it's all part of this bigger russian investigation that has lawmakers asking questions about how information is getting out of the white house. "the new york times" reports two white house staffers, a lawyer and a national security official, helped congressman devin nunes seek classified information. "the washington post" names a third. >> are these the same white house staff that reportedly discovered them in the ordinary course of business. so why all the cloak and dagger stuff. >> and they are calling it evidence, information about americans was mishandled or leaked. >> we are willing to provide them with information that we have the materials that we have come across. >> reporter: a congressional official tells nbc that former national security adviser mike
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flynn now wants to testify in exchange for immunity. on the senate side, lawmakers are learning how russia tried to influence your vote. >> the russians employed thousands of paid internet trolls and botnets to push out fake news at a high volume. >> reporter: they say the president used some of those same methods. >> voter fraud, that soem nobam not a citizen and cruz is not a citizen. >> reporter: and wiretapping claims by president trump still not proved. new this morning, ladies, we all know that beauty products are very expensive and two east bay women weren't prepared to pay the price. here are the photos of the women who allegedly stole $4,000 worth of makeup. police say they took cosmetics from two different walgreens. one in vacaville and the other
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in concord on concord avenue. they fled in a maroon chevy impala. some students were posting offensive pictures in albany online and they were not expelled. instead, they were allowed back to class. you can see all of the people there sitting there for a staged sit-in. several of the students snuck out the side doors after school. >> when we all confronted them, a lot of people spoke out in the crowd, they called out their names personally and just basically told them how we felt about it and a lot of those people were very embarrassed and they were covering their faces and some of them were smiling and laughing. >> the superintendent of the school says that she's proud of the way the students and the community have rallied to fight racism. 5:06. new this morning, the show will go on in seattle after cirque du soleil avoided a serious injury during last night's opening
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performance. this is video just after it happened. during the premier of the show, a female performer had a hard landing on a swing act and stayed down. this is a photo showing her airborne just before getting hurt. now, she is expected to be okay. performances here were put on hold last november when a worker died. it was not during a performance. recovery efforts are conditioning in atlanta after a fire caused part of a major interstate to collapse. you can see the chunk of road that is missing. a live look at the scene this morning. that's what it looked like on i-85 during rush hour. no cars there, though. instead, foirefighters say that the fire burned right under the freeway. despite all of that, no one was hurt. the interstate will be closed for the foreseeable future. >> this is going to take time
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for inspection and then time for the engineers to go in there and assess what they are going to have to do to build it back. >> this is reminiscent of a scene in the bay area ten years ago as laura nods her head. >> i was just going to say that. >> you remember the tanker fire that caused a part of the mcarthur maze to collapse. the driver of the truck was the only person injured. >> it reminded me of that and also the collapsing of the bay bridge during the '89 earthquake. there may be new plans for a b.a.r.t. train station that fizzled years ago. this was considered more than a decade ago. they are voting to re-evaluate this option thanks to new funding options. it would be between midway and the new warm springs station. a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you take the bay bridge every
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morning or evening on your commute, you know it can be a time that is painful. a new poll out published by "the san francisco gate" finds that more than 80% of people in the bay area, eight out of ten, think the traffic on the bay bridge has reached a crisis level. happy chavez day. >> right back at you, pal. school officials are closing today to celebrate cesar chavez day. >> it's at the laborer's union hall and it's chavez volunteer day. you can help out at the alameda
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food store. up to 68 degrees by 1:30 in the afternoon. make sure you enjoy that. also, some of our hiking trails heading into the north bay. a chilly morning. 50 degrees to start out but once those winds kick in, it will be gusty. some of those gusts up to 45 miles an hour and lots of sunshine. temperatures today reaching into the mid-70s. beautiful weather for that but, mike, it's still windy out there. that may affect the drivers. >> that's right, kari. you're talking specifics. i'm talk generalities. it's windy across the bridges. a look at your overall view, a very light friday commute, as would you imagine. i heard about one incident for 680 coming down towards sunol. i'll let you know if there is a crash or any lanes are blocked. it's a ten-minute drive. and it's ten minutes here for highway 84, the construction zone over there. a quick look at the live shot
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for fremont. gusty in places as well as we talk about 880 when we come back. >> thanks a lot, mike. we have an investigation to tell you about. the warning to patients this morning after a man is charged with impersonating a nurse. our president has very tough talk ahead of a meeting today, coming up in business and tech. miktraic ase
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we're coming up on 5:14. happy friday. sunshine in the forecast today. here's a live look outside at palo alto. a few early risers already out there on the roadway. in sun vee venyvale, temperatur5 degrees. lower 60s midday and then highs in the low 70s for most of the bay area. a look ahead to the weekend where it warms up even more, that's coming up in about five minutes. and those travel times for the south bay looking great right now. no delays for silicon valley. we'll follow up with what we're tracking in the tri-valley. mike, kari, thank you very much. coming up on 5:15 on your friday morning, you can see video showing the strength of a quote/unquote weak tornado. that briefly touched down in western washington. you can see the trucks and vans and campers there rocking. that was 35 miles south of
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seattle. it was a small, brief twister, relatively speaking, that had the power to move those campers. you can see people running. thankfully, nobody was injured. a warning to patients about a nurse in san francisco who authorities say was only pretending to be legitimate. district attorney says 39-year-old chad litz volunteered as a nurse practitioner at city impact for four months treating more than two dozen patients. police arrested him in florida as he exited a cruise ship. prosecutors hope to talk to anyone who remembers being treated by him. >> we put a lot of trust into our medical professionals and anytime you have an allegation like this one, it really shakes that trust and shakes the confidence we have in the medical profession. >> he pleaded not guilty to identity theft and practicing medicine without a license. >> that is scary. a man right now accused of stealing google drive technology
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is going to stay quiet in court. >> scott mcgrew is joining us. he's taking the fifth? >> yes. he used to be in charge of self-driving cars at google. he's accused of stealing the secrets and taking them over to uber. goob g goob g google is suing uber. he will exercise his fifth amendment right so not to incriminate himself. google claims he took more than 14,000 files with him when he left google. wall street is paying attention to the troubles in the white house. if the trump administration gets bogged down in this russia investigation, it's going to have trouble moving forward with its planned tax cut. the dow was up 69. nasdaq gained 16. president trump has been talking tough ahead of his
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meeting with chinese president xi jinping. president trump said the meeting will be very difficult and american companies will, quote, have to be prepared to look at alternatives. president trump has said many times he plans to slap special tariffs on american goods made in china. here in the silicon valley, the most obvious example of that is the iphone. spacex was successful in launching a rocket into space thursday afternoon to deliver a satellite into orbit. history made. the first time spacex was able to take a rocket that had been used before. it's part of their plan to lower the cost of satellite launches. now, yesterday we talked about when they will bring the first stage back and i said i didn't think so because it's been used before but they did, much to my surprise. >> really? >> we don't have video of the
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actual landing because the darn camera wasn't ready to go but we have the cheering and whatnot. >> you're kidding. >> i know. it's so hard to land these things and the camera broke. >> yes. point being, i was entirely surprised and i got some messages into spacex. they don't normally land after something like this but i'm curious why they made that decision. but they did it again and it's been to space twice now. >> i'm curious as to why the cameras didn't work. isn't that what we do? >> but this was. as if this baby panda couldn't get any cuter. this is in china and that is a panda who is caught chasing around a female caretaker. you can see him running away. the video comes from a panda research center. >> it's like a video game. >> she's preparing bamboo for
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the cub. she was getting his food ready. >> we used to have a panda of our own here in the bay area. he's long since gone. >> i thought you were going to say a pet panda. all right. some gardening maybe this weekend. >> yeah, i think so. i've got my feet to the ground and waiting for something to sprout. >> you're doing the seed version? >> yes. >> i bought plants yesterday. >> i should probably do that. we have sunshine and warm temperatures. but, yeah, great time to get out there and get the garden started. the winds this morning, early afternoon, going to cause some problems. here's a live look at san jose. some of our cameras have been shaking around with the gusty
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winds. seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see that it is all dry as we go into the next several days. it's 57 as you step out the door. 54 degrees in fairfield. and it's 48 degrees now in santa cruz. heading up to 71 today. palo alto, 73 degrees and 76 in concord. santa rosa, a high of 76 degrees. we also have a wind advisory that continues until noon. some of the east bay hills, this is where we could have gusts up to 50 miles an hour. sustained winds at this point looks like it's going to be very high throughout the morning hours. a little stronger for half moon bay. throughout the afternoon, winds at 20 to 30 miles an hour and then it starts to relax later on tonight. so let me help you get started today as you look at the closet trying to figure out what to wear. a baseball cap is definitely in
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order and a jacket. and then as we go through the day, it will be sunglasses and flip-flops as our temperatures continue to warm up. it will be a very nice day today and also for the weekend, going to see more flip-flop weather. as you head out this evening for the bay bridge series, preseason game at at&t park, it will be very warm and bright and sunny at 5:00 as you're most likely sitting in traffic trying to get to the game. later on this evening, dropping back into the upper 50s. mike, as we head over to you, you're updating a crash? >> that's right, kari. the crash was reported on 680. i told you i'd check. no real slowing including 680 southbound past sunol boulevard. chp and everything is off to the shoulder. no slowing shows a light volume of traffic throughout that portion of the tri-valley and all throughout the tri-valley and east bay, we have minor slowing just off the merge with the 205.
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going towards the bay bridge, look, no slowing here. coming up through oakland for 880 and 580, just 15 minutes from 238 up through oakland hills. a live look at the san rafael cameras shows a smooth drive as well. you may see from time to time that it's moving around and there will be wind there. i guess it's hard to see the wind. back to you. >> certainly feel it out there. thank you. coming up next, would you let your child be sprayed with bacteria? and here's why. doctors say they are using it to treat eczema. we've had another successful week putting money back in people's pockets. nbc bay area spords, next. loingor ildn
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:25. a team of scientists are looking for a team of adults and children to help with eczema. >> it's bacteria that they are spraying on patients. the study from the nih hopes to return skin to its normal balance. it changes the skin's collection of bacteria and fungi and other microorganisms that remain on your skin.
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and consumer investigator chris kumora has a look at 25 new cases per business day. >> here's some of the most recent success stories. asking for help with a 2200 medical billing error that dragged on for months, with one e-mail we helped sort it out and save her that $2200. john in san francisco wrote us about a fiasco involving a car warranty. we spoke up and helped john recover the $1400 he says he was owed. and a local shoe store returned $200 to ann in campbell after we stepped in. she spent $200 on shoes but never received them or a good explanation about why she didn't get them. call 888-996-tips. or online at have a great weekend. >> you, too. speaking of which, we're
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almost there. it's friday morning. 5:26 right now. it's within your reach. meteorologist kari hall has your weekend forecast. >> that's right. we're in for a great friday. starting out cool but warming into the 7 o0s. we'll have a look at that coming up right after this break. giant flames in the night sky near san jose and what is next for the folks who live in this duplex.
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almost exactly 5:30 on this friday as we look outside. that is fremont. we're feeling patriotic. see the american flag on the left side of your screen? it's flapping around in the breeze because the wind is back for another day, as are we. good morning on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. people are getting out the door early this morning, maybe a jump on the weekend as well. it should be nice. >> i think so. especially today. temperatures are going to be warming up today. as you step out the door, you hear it go, woosh. i don't even have to step out the door for that to happen. and it's windy out there. that's what we're feeling, too. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. it's still in the mid-40s in the north bay and then heading into the north bay today.
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we'll talk about the winds, also, getting you ready for the weekend. that's coming up in seven minutes. mike has a couple of notes for the north bay. >> and that hair, whoosh. a smooth drive around the bay. sunol off the shoulder, 680, no slowing there. across the bridge into the north bay, reports of some debris, metal pieces on the span itself. a bridge crew should take care of that quickly. southbound across the bridge, you may find wind there. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. the ferry service at 6:00 and 8:00 out of vallejo have been replaced by buses this morning. it won't change your travel time but will change the pattern. >> mike, thank you. flames erupting at a san jose duplex while you were sleeping causing quite a panic for neighbors off south 11th street just after midnight.
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>> just look at the video there. this is not too far away from san jose's campus. kris sanchez is joining us. the names were so hot that people in nearby homes had to be evacuated. >> not only that, but these people who live here can't go home for a while. there is damage to the back of the building as well. we were here this morning as crews were cutting plywood sheets and boarding up the windows to help keep people out of the area. when the firefighters got here just before 12:30 this morning, some people were evacuated as a precaution. when it was over, both of the youn units were damaged. firefighters were on the scene making sure no hot spots flared up. this is 280 to the north and
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happy hollow park and zoo to the southeast. the good news is, though, no one was hurt. as these folks try to pick up the pieces as the sun rises around 7:00 this morning, the fire investigation will try to pinpoint the cause. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay". >> thank you, kris. it's 5:33 right now. daly city police are trying to track down a man who exposed himself to a young girl and teenager near a park. here are photos that police just released. they are hoping to nab the suspect. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning. police really want to catch this guy. it's a very busy park and area. this happened on monday. police have released a sketch of the suspect described as hispanic or white. he's 6 feet tall and may be driving a 2003 toyota camera
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with a sticker on the driver's side near the bumper. police say the suspect exposed himself to a 19-year-old woman who was walking around 6:00 p.m. here at the park on monday. he exposed himself also to a 12-year-old girl in broad daylight on wednesday around 2:30 in the afternoon. back here live, you can see how wide this park is and basically a lot of students will use this park to walk across from school and, again, one of the incidents happened at 2:30. police are very concerned. if you have any information, you're asked to call the daly city police department. reporting live in daly city, sharon katsuda, "today in the bay". a developing story for you today. the search continues for suspects connected to a stabbing in downtown willow glen in san jose. it's a crime that has a lot of people talking right now.
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a man in his 20s was beaten and stabbed by a group of men on lincoln avenue last night around 8:00 near a key restaurant. witnesses say the victim appeared to be okay and was talking to police. people we spoke with were shaken up about what happened. >> never had any problems, never any robberies or even suspicious activity. yeah, it's a little bit unnerving. >> the mr. is hapolice have not any more information about the suspects. a suspect has been arrested in connection with a fire at the mountain mushroom farm in half moon bay. san mateo county sheriffs say a transient, gilbert flores, intentionally set that fire. luckily, no one was hurt. happening today, a cincinnati nightclub will permanently close its doors.
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one person died at the cameo nightclub. the club owners planned to move back in may but instead they decided to shut the business down. police are looking for one man and have arrested two. three former forever 21 workers are suing the store for forcing them to speak in english. the lawsuit alleges that when the workers complained about that policy, the managers retaliated by reducing their hours. they took their case to a bay area workers rights group. >> one day they were speaking in spanish and someone from management came and told them english only and that was i am pli ne implemented during the work day but during breaks, too. >> the store released this statement. "while we don't comment on pending litigation, forever 21 is committed to diversity in all
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of our stores and does not have any policies with regards to the language spoken in our stores". happening pew day, a live look at at&t park. the bay bridge series is coming. it got under way last night. opening day for major league baseball is on sunday. the giants play their first game in the series. tonight's game also at at&t park and, even better, on nbc bay area at 7:00 p.m. watch it from the comfort of your home. tomorrow the series heads to the coliseum. >> the seagulls just come out and flock in. what is going on here? >> they are hungry. 5:37 right now. there's a pretty new thrilling roller coaster ride opening up tomorrow at california's great america. >> people probably have an
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appetite for this. >> hopefully not before. >> it's going to be the park's first floorless roller coaster. >> they are painting it. >> that's correct. this is previewing the exhilarating experience of the coaster. the bottom part comes undone. not undone. the floor comes down. not undone. not undone. sorry. didn't mean to scare you. today, the park is hosting a media day. they are trying to create larger rides, in general. all right. it's 5:38 of tand it's friday morning. some schools are closed because of cesar chavez day but my son still has school. it's cool and breezy. at recess, sunshine and warming. hold on to your homework coming home. it's still going to be windy. if you're heading to santa cruz this weekend, expect the temperatures tomorrow to start
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out in the mid-50s. highs in the low 70s. it's going to be a gorgeous weekend for hitting up the beaches in the bay area. the winds won't be as strong for tomorrow as well as sunday. it will be the warmest day on saturday. sunday, just a little cooler. we'll talk about that ahead coming up in about three minutes. heading over to mike now on highway 4, what is going on? >> we have a new crash in the same area as the earlier issue we were talking about. let me show you your map. no problems right now. 101 at 680, look, all of those factors are in place. westbound highway 4 slowing up towards railroad avenue. a crash there in pittsburg. that's the only slowing between antioch and concord and across the ven eechetia bridge. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the
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bay bridge toll plaza which looks like this live shot that we have. it's friday but the later traffic on the approach makes things more pleasant. right here, again, you get to have your morning meeting. >> thank you, mike. 5:40 right now. coming up, a neighborhood turned crime scene. a couple was robbed in their driveway in moraga. a former top inside man at the white house is ready to talk. we'll take a look on this day 71. also, a daring rescue to tell you about. the quick thinking about lifeguards that saved the lives of four people who were trapped inside of a boat tucked underneath that pier.
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it is 5:43. as you get ready to head out the door, there are cooler temperatures and breezy winds. a live look outside san jose, trees are moving around a little bit. as we go through the 9:00 hour, low 50s and rising up to 52 degrees in evergreen at lunchtime and highs in the low 70s. it's going to be a nice one and the weekend, even nicer. we'll look at that forecast coming up at 5:49. bottom of your screen, highway 37 shows slowing now. this is out of vallejo. we'll follow the rest of the
5:44 am
commute for the south bay. mike, thank you very much. new video right now at 5:43, this is from southern california. that's someone's boat rocking underneath the pier there. very scary to look at. it turned out okay. everyone's all right. this happened just before sunset in redondo beach. the boat capsized with four people on board at the time. witnesses were frantically trying to save them. lifeguards were able to mobilize quickly and they got all four out safely. >> that's good. police in morago are looking for suspects that drrobbed a couple in their driveway when two men rushed up and snatched the woman's purse at gunpoint. a neighbor heard the woman scream. >> one guy, they were grabbing
5:45 am
her purse. she was eld holding onto her pu. she was really frightened. >> they were quite aggressive. >> last year, a woman in her 70s was shot but she survived. the suspects in that case were eventually caught and arrested. coming up, the antolin case continues. yesterday, defense lawyers poked holes in the evidence. the defense has been claiming that a strand of lamar's hair found on a rope in sierra's car was planted there. they showed two photos, one from the crime scene which showed no hair. the defense showed another photo taken months later which showed hair. prosecutors say it wasn't visible because of the camera lens being used. quarter to 6:00, this is a
5:46 am
look at the body of kim jong-nam being loaded into a plane in malaysia. he's the half-brother of north korea's dictator. several people have been arrested for killing that brother by using a banned nerve agent at kuala lumpur's airport. malaysian authorities released the body in exchange for nine malaysians being held in north korea. former democratic candidate hillary clinton will be at the hillary clinton awards show at georgetown university. they will be honoring women. >> she was just in the bay area as well. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office. >> good morning. one of the most historic moments in the white house that's already had a lot of them.
5:47 am
one of its former insiders may soon be one of the white house's biggest opponents. "the wall street journal" was the first to report mike flynn who was, for a very short time, national security adviser, is willing to testify about the russian connection in exchange for immunity. flynn was the fellow who got caught lying about his meetings with the russians making him the shortest serving national security adviser in that position since it was invented. the story is full of irony because flynn was so vocal about attacking hillary clinton urge do the campaign, alleging she had committed crimes. here he is at the republican national convention. >> lock her up. that's right. yep, that's right. lock her up. if i did a tenth of what she did, i would be in jail today.
5:48 am
>> now, flynn's defenders are quick to point out, just because somebody asks for immunity doesn't mean they are guilty. president trump tweeted this morning, mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt by media and democrats of historic proportion. this was led by the republicans in the house and the senate. and there's an investigation by the fbi. the fbi director pointing out on wednesday that he's not on anybody's side. as for that idea that if you're asking for immunity that you're guilty, here's mike flynn talking about hillary clinton again on "meet the press" last year. >> she has been given immunity to her staff and that means you've probably committed a crime. >> flynn has asked for i am moo -- immunity and nobody has
5:49 am
granted it. of course, he has the option of taking the fifth. sam and laura? >> thank you very much, scott. >> pretty interesting dynamic there. scott will look at the first 100 days on "today in the bay." share your thoughts with scott @scottmcgrew. selfies are on their way to an art exhibit. >> they are looking at the history of selfies. they call it from selfies to self-expressions. this dates back to the 17th century. other digital celebrities will have their selfies there as well. >> ellen degeneres or kim kardashian? >> people take selfies to deal with their image.
5:50 am
>> it's how we would like the world to see us rather than who we are. it's more to do with our social standing and how we would like people to see us in an ideal world. >> i'd like to add, it's all about the lighting. the exhibition opens today and runs through may. >> a van gogh selfie. >> all in the same space there. mike took a selfie while we were reading that story. >> it's up to you guys, right? >> bradley cooper. >> hey, every time i take a selfie, i'm like, eh. >> it's angles and lighting. >> your iphone tells you how many selfies you've taken. you'll be disappointed in yourself. okay. you won't be disappointed in this weather today and may take
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selfies outside with all of this sunshine. if you're taking a selfie this morning, the wind will be blowing your hair all over the place. so probably not a good one. you can see this camera shaking and looking at looakland. 54 degrees. seven-day forecast, starting out in san francisco, that's what we're also getting the view of right now. as we go into the weekend, it will be a nice and warm one. we're going to see temperatures going from the low 50s into the upper 60s and 70s today. up to 75 degrees in livermore. 71 in oakland. and in napa today, 78 degrees. looking at the pollen count, it's going to cause a lot of problems, especially in the south bay. the trees are high and the grass is moderate. the pollen type, mostly from oak, mulberry and pine. those are the main offenders today. wind advisory for the north bay,
5:52 am
areas shaded in brown, including the hills, this is where we could have gusts up to 50 miles per hour and could cause downed trees and power impact. looking at the forecast for today, rushing offshore and we've seen a change in wind direction today from yesterday. still quite gusty, though, at half moon bay. the wind speeds sustained at 25 miles an hour for the inland areas and it could be up to 20 at times. and then started to calm down later on tonight. we also have the snowpack measurement yesterday, really great news coming out of the sierra showing that currently we have more water than we had for the record year of 1982 and 1983. right now at about 83.3 inches, looking great. and as we head into the rest of the season, we know a lot of that snow will be melting. now is the time to head to heavenly. more snow is melting and the sunshine and a little bit of
5:53 am
fresh powder from a couple of days ago. and more forecast coming up. mike is tracking two new crashes. >> that's right, kari. traffic is very light around the bay. but there is an issue right here in the south bay. it's a new we aer crash westbou 237. the slowing may be affected by some vehicles sticking out into the roadway. that's why we see this slowing off of 880 and eventually cleared by the time you get into the sunnyvale area. a little slowing for the north 101 wir hich is expected througt the south bay. things are looking great until about four minutes ago when a crash was reported along this high rise section. you can see it slowing on the flat section of the approach. use the dunn barton bridge. >> thank you, mike.
5:54 am
it's friday. you might have mentioned that you're getting ready to head out of town. the spectacular sight you'll want to check out in southern california that hasn't been seen in decades. but first, happening now, a federal lawsuit will be filed it again the state of kentucky by a louisville abortion clinic. it's the last abortion clinic in the state and it's suing to remain open. and auctioning off the largest pink diamond. it's called the pink star and it's 59.6 carats. that will weigh down your finger. it's an oval-shaped diamond. we'll be back with more news in a moment. it'ser cvezay.ste oicew
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marking a little history here at 5:57 on your friday. it's cesar chavez day. in oakland, the alameda county food bank is hosting community members for a day of celebration and community service. volunteers are meeting at 8:00 to package food for local families. also happening today, a push to employ more young folks in the bay area. san francisco mayor edly lee i launching his annual job
5:58 am
initiative in a few hours. this is to hire youth workers throughout the summer. happening right now, a spectacular sight in southern california's desert. wildflowers are in bloom because of the wet winter we've had. it's drawing record crowds and causing some traffic jams for the tiny desert town of borrego springs. as many as 150,000 people have visited that town in the past month. it's helping out their economy. didn't have to face off against simon cowell but a student is feeling motivated after appearing on "the voice". >> he came away unsuccessful but that's not stopping him. this 17-year-old gilroy teen was a finalist in the snapchat video
5:59 am
competition. he says his fear gave him confidence to pursue a singing career. >> i feel like i won because this experience is really eye-opening and it showed me -- it gave me a lot of confidence. >> look at that smile. let's listen to him a little bit. he sounds pretty good. he says his friends encouraged him to send in that video. he's going to continue to share his talent. >> he's got the voice to carry on. >> good for him. right now at 6:00, a windy morning commute as we head into the weekend. >> it's starting out with clear skies across the bay area. we continue to see the winds calming down, too. a look at the wind speeds throughout the day. right now, survivors of this deadly fire you're looking at are planning their next step after flames destroyed everything. this morning, the sign of
6:00 am
generosity coming from the community. >> and traffic headaches, quite literally. bay area commuters are feeling unhappy about the growing traffic problems. how much advil are they taking? "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's friday. >> it's going to be windy as you step out the door. really having one of those bad hair days. don't worry about doing your work until you get to work. winds gusting at 25 to 30 miles an hour. it looks calm as we look at palo alto. we see temperatures in sunnyv e sunnyvale. great way to start out the weekend. let's o


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