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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 2, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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fr beal igh time now is 7:00. you're watching sunday today in the bay. let's start you off with a live look outside. that's downtown san francisco from our camera. if you can see through. it's a bit of a hazy start to your sunday. good morning, and thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday, april 2nd. i'm vicka nguyen. we'll get a check of the microclimate forecast with vianey arana. beautiful spring weather. hoping it sticks around. >> it will. that's the good news. the hazy skies, i feel like it might scare some folks. we're not tracking rain yet. but we are expecting to see a little more cloud cover today. don't be afraid of the clouds because they should be clearing out by midafternoon, and then all of these 50s that you see
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across the board will warm up to the upper 70s and 80s for areas like the north bay. south bay, 51. peninsula, 51. tri-valley, 49 degrees. san francisco, 50. north bay, 46, and east bay, 55 degrees. now, one thing you're also going to notice is we're going to pick up northerly winds. it will be nice and breezy. breezier than yesterday, especially along the coastline, which is why there's a beach hazard in effect because we could see a few sneaker waves throughout the early afternoon. now, by 2:00, 74 degrees in san jose. san jose once again warming up to a high of about 77 degrees. and in san francisco, expect to see another great day of upper 60s. by 2:00, 60 degrees. 11:00 or 12:00, the hazy skies and clouds start to clear out nicely. hopefully you get a chance to go outside. i'll have a closer look at the highs throughout the day and what you can expect for monday. >> we were at a birthday party yesterday evening. absolutely gorgeous weather.
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i think everyone stuck around laungser than we were welcome, but the pollen is brutal. >> i'll have your allergy and pollen count coming up too. >> thanks. a car bumper laying on the freeway is the cause of a major crash that involved ten people, three of them children. the loose bumper was sitting on a westbound lane of highway 4 in antioch last night. a toyota sedan carrying seven people stopped after spotting the bumper in its lane. according to the chp, a minivan carrying three people slammed into the back of that sedan. both ground and air ambulances were called in to help the injured. >> we had several children that were involved. we ended up flying out three children to area hospitals. >> three children were taken to oakland children's hospital and uc davis. we don't know yet the extent of their injuries. the chp tells us a 14-year-old girl involved in the crash is listed in critical condition. >> this was the second major injury crash on highway 4
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saturday. as we first told you in yesterday morning's newscast, a minivan ran into the back of a fire truck in the eastbound lanes near summerville road. firefighters were clearing another crash when this one happened. the driver died at the scene. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. one year ago, a san francisco mother left her home to pick up her daughter and both vanished. the woman's body was found days later in a park, but her daughter hasn't been seen since. however, a new lead in the case is now lifting spirits as the family gathered for a vigil. about two dozen family and friends held a one-year candlelight vigil of remembrance for nicole fitts. they were hoping a car seized friday could help explain what happened to nicole and her daughter. her body was found in a shallow grave not far from where the vigil was found. arianna fitts would now be 3 1/2 years old.
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a babysitter was interviewed by police. her relatives say the babysitter has been strangely silent. >> the silence on her part and the part of her family has been staggering. >> you think she had something to do with this? >> i do. >> the babysitter's attorney told nbc bay area, we want the baby to be found. we are as traumatized and as concerned as anyone else. helena martin was not involved. once it was put out there she was a person of interest, it made her life very difficult. so far, san francisco police are not commenting on the babysitter. >> it was a bittersweet opening day for a south bay little league. they paid tribute to former president and coach frank navarro who was stabbed to death in san jose in february. parents said he treated the little like as his own kids. yesterday, one by one, the players left a flower in honor of now vario. his father also opened up saying navarro waiting for opening day all year. >> he loved baseball. he loved teaching kids.
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mentoring kids. everything was about the children. he was excited. he would tell me, dad, i can't wait to share the start. >> navarro was killed outside a downtown san jose bar where he worked as security. six people have been charged with his murder. police in vallejo are trying to find out who shot and killed a man early yesterday morning. police found the man near the intersection of murin and pennsylvania streets after midnight. emergency crews rushed the man to the hospital where he died. as of right now, no arrests have been made. >> another weekend of political demonstrations across the country. this time, the focus on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. in san francisco, protesters took part in the people's filibuster. demonstrators say democratic senators should block gorsuch's nomination or they'll risk losing ground on a host of issues. >> he decides against civil
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rights, and against human rights, against the environment. he decides in favor of corporations. >> got to make sure we have the supreme court actually operating to check and balance. >> gorsuch is expected to face his vote this week. president trump on the attack again. using twitter to denounce the investigations into russian contacts with his associates. kelly o'donnell has more from washington. >> the president's out of sight at the white house, steer his conversation back to media bashing. over the russian election interference investigation. lashing out on twitter. it is the same fake news media that said there is no path to victory for trump that is now pushing the phony russia story. a total scam. nbc news has obtained two sets of financial disclosure documents signed by michael flynn. he was forced out as national security adviser after he failed to fully explain his contact with russia. flynn, a retired general, reported earning close to $1.3 million. from dozens of companies for
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security consulting and speec s speeches. russia appears three times. one speech delivered in moscow and two for russian companies in the u.s. flynn also included an october speech for a turkish businessman with pro-government ties. and interestingly, he was paid as a consultant for the federal bureau of investigations. at a town hall meeting in south carolina, senator lindsey graham responded to concerns about flynn, who is seeking immunity to cooperate with the russia vision. >> i really didn't see this one coming. you know, flynn said himself, if you want immunity, you must be guilty. but in his case, he's requested immuni immunity. i don't know if anybody will take him up on it. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. tomorrow, senate investigators will begin the first closed door interviews with a list of 20 witnesses the committee wants to see. >> to a developing story now in
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colombia, a province in a state of emergency after a manslide killed nearly 200 people. hours of heavy rain caused rivers to overflow, sending an avalanche of mud and debris crashing into a small city on the country's southern border with ecuador. the red cross says at least 200 people are still missing. the clom been president has deployed troops to help rescue victims but rescue services say bad weather is making the job extremely difficult. >> much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, an arson investigation that caused a state of emergency in atlanta. what we're learning about the man accused of setting an interstate on fire. and setting sail. how a unique ship is benefitting a bay area community. stay with us.
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your time now is 7:10 this sunday morning. let's give you another live look at san francisco from bernal heights. still looking a little hazy. we're going to get some nice
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spring temperatures as the day continues. great day to be outside. >> an atlanta man is now charged with setting a massive fire that caused part of an interstate to collapse. the governor of georgia has declared a state of emergency after the fiery scene thursday. chris pollone has the story as the suspect made his first appearance in court. >> basle eleby made his first appearance in court as his public defender tried to block his face from cameras. the 39-year-old man was accused of setting the fire that caused part of i-85 to collapse thursday. he was charged with first degree arson and first degree criminal damage to property. >> i'm going to set $100,000 on each charge. >> the fire broke out in evening rush hour and left drivers stranded for miles. it was in an area used to store construction materials. >> over 700 feet of bridge that
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had to be removed and totally rebuilt. >> going to take months for them to fix it, which could take a lot of patience. >> about 225,000 cars travel the affected portion every day. the federal government has released $10 million to jump start construction. >> we're committed. this is a high priority to open section of 85 as soon as we can. >> eleby is due back in court april 14th. still ahead on today in the bay, bay area teens going hollywood. the local high school students now making a splash at a popular bay area festival. >> well, we're seeing some cloudiness along woodside, but overall, expecting to see another bring day. i'll have a look at your day planner, your pollen count, and your next chance of rain after the break. stay with us. gdenaterid==c/cu
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outside at the golden gate
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bridge. that's fog at the top of the bridge. traffic flowing just fine this sunday morning. you'll see some temperatures even reaching into the 70s across the bay area today. so a great day to get outside and enjoy the second day of april. well, there is a new chip on the waters off sausalito. this is the matthew turner. it's 130-foot-long tall ship. the first such ship to be launched in marin county in about 130 years. it was built primarily by local volunteers. it took three years to build and cost $6 million. all of it, though, from private donations. the matthew turner will mainly be used for school field trips around san francisco bay, for kids to learn about sailing and ecology in the bay area. today is the last day of the 20th sonoma international film festival. it featured a number of first-filmmakers and as joe rusotto jr. shows us, they're
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all from a local high school. >> let's get busy. we have tough to do. >> it's probably safe to assume -- >> is the camera turned on? >> -- a high school whose mascot is a dragon has a flair for the dramatic. >> we night a light on the back to create shadows. >> and in teacher peter hansen's media arts class in sonoma valley high school, drama is just a clap away. >> camera one needs to be turned on. >> once we roll, we're rolling. >> last but certainly not least, we have the student voice. >> in between science and algma, his student run newscast keeps the campus apprised of the recent issues. but once the broadcast lights shut off, these budding broadcasters become filmmakers. >> i found you. >> that's all they do, edit and film, and they love it. >> for the last 15 years, he has
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turned out young filmmaker whose have gone on to work every place from pix to hollywood. >> it started off humbling with a couple cameras and a couple computers and has grown into what it is today. >> it may be one of the few classes students actually sneak into. >> half the time, they're supposed to be in algebra or history or science and they're in here. >> student owen's summers began making clayimation. >> you were watching the movie as it goes frame by frame. >> in a generation broadcasting on youtube, summer's movie will soon make it to an actual movie theater. his movie magic beans was picked to show in the sonoma film festival. >> as a regular filmmaker and he's 17 years old. >> that's my brother. we have a chance to make a name for ourselves in this film fest. >> my kids are mostly the art kids. not the quarterback, not the star athlete, but for the one
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day where they're in the film festival, they are the quarterback. >> maybe in the classroom, the next coppola or scorsese is drawing inspiration from the world around them. joe rhizoto jr. >> love that story. it may be one of the few classes students try to sneak into. great piece. >> okay, we're going to check the weather with vianey. i think you're going to like what she has to tell us. >> we're going toend the weekend with a bang and a warm bang because we're seeing slightly warmer temps in the valley areas. and yes, we're waking up to overcast skies and some of that fog, especially along the peninsula and san francisco. but in the south bay, 51 degrees. partly cloudy and overcast in the peninsula at 51. nice and clear in the tri-valley. san francisco, 50 degrees. north bay, 46, and look at the east bay, beautiful at 55 degrees. your temperature trend right now is looking very promising,
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especially when it comes to the temperatures. by 11:00, 12:00, you're going to notice that a lot of the high clouds associated with the trough off the pacific northwest will start to break down and what's going to happen is that's going to make room for some sunshine. by about 2:00, 74 degrees. san jose is expected to climb into the 70s today. upper 70s, maybe even 80s in some areas again. san francisco, by 2:00, 68 degrees. we should clear out from the fog and the overcast skies. by 11:00 and 12:00. definitely expect a nice day to enjoy outside. look at the highs forecast for today. san francisco is going to be slightly cooler than what we saw yesterday by 1 or 2 degrees. 70 degrees is our expected high, half moon bay, 69. palo alto, 77. san jose, 77. then of course, for all of those wine drinkers, napa still looking good at yalth degrees. a very sunny day, but one that you're going to notice is the
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northerly winds are expected to pick up, becoming breezier, especially along the. expect the winds to pick up. sunday, today, at about 3:00, half bay expecting to see winds. by about 17 miles per hour. santa rosa, 11. napa, 12 miles per hour. and then areas like jose, to south bay, very light at 10 miles per hour. definitely expect to see breezier conditions. the breezy conditions will stick around. we'll see them pick up and go down just a bit by 6:00. redwood city, 10 miles per hour. half moon bay, 15. which is why there's. a beach hazard. we could see sneaker waves. if you have plans to head out to the beach areas, please make sure to be careful when headed out in the water. as vicky was mentioning, it is gorgeous, but any time the winds pick up, we see some high pollen counts, which is why your allergies are acting up. today's pollen report, trees are high. so make sure to take whatever necessary steps you need so it
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doesn't mess with your sunday. let's talk about the next seven days. now, we are tracking that high pressure that is dominating and that's what's keeping us nice and dry over san francisco. dominating into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. by thursday, we see the low pressure system start to move in, and that's going to bring some possible showers that will turn windy by friday, and into next weekend. so the next seven days we do have several changes coming. unfortunately, in the form of rain. look at that. friday, and saturday. for now, though, san francisco and inland areas expect to stay in the 70s through monday. tuesday, and wednesday. and then we do see a drop in temperatures thanks to a cold front, into thursday night, friday, and saturday. we're definitely going to enjoy the next couple days. maybe wash your car today and you'll at least get four dayoffs a nice clean car before we see the next chance of rain. >> thank you. you are watching today in the bay. coming up, a stanford grad vowing to bring more diversity into the tech world. the umeek way she's connecting
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would love to run themselves out of business by ultimately fixing the problem they're focused on. very few, though, put an actual date on when that will be. but a san francisco nonprofit focused on diversity in technology has accomplished its goal. today in the bay's garvin thomas has morning's bay area proud. >> lauren says code 2040 got its name because it's when minorities become the majority in the united states. she believes rr critical that they reach a similar milestone in the world of technology. when laura wideman powers entering the tech world close to a decade ago, there were a few things that made her different from those around her. her gender and race were the two obvious ones. >> i just found myself in more
7:25 am
and more rooms where i would look around and be like, there's nobody else that looks like me. >> the other thing that made her different, though, was laura's desire to do something about it. >> we knew that there were more talented folks from different backgrounds than were getting a shot to succeed. i think it's important that that's in there. >> qualified black and luo candidates were out there, laura was convinced. but technology companies just weren't looking in the right places to find them. which is just what code 2040, the nonprofit laura founded in 2012, does. their very first year, they worked with just five fellows. computer science students given a crash course in the tech world with summer internships at top companies. code 2040 has done nothing but grow since then. >> we started with five fellows, which was a five-person community, and we have about 5,000 people on our community
7:26 am
now. >> code 2040 now partners with the who's who of tech companies giving students of color a taste of the world that for many of them would otherwise seem out of reach. for her part, laura has become a sought after speaker and high-profile leader of the movement to get more black and latino technologists into the field. she says this is an issue critical for all of us, not just minorities. if tech companies want to become bigger and bigger parts of our world, they'll need to do a better job looking like the world. laura says it's going to be a necessity in the future for technology companies to cast a wider net in order to get enough employees to keep growing. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> straight ahead, using technology to fight immigration enforcement. the digital tool available for undocumented immigrants and that connection to the bay area.
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>> plus, millions of dollars in settlements. the troubling revelations about a populars host. stay with us. take ve ok tsi...
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your time now is 7:29 this sunday, april 2nd. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco from our camera. you can see the sun peeking through the haze, looking better than a half hour ago. we'll see some temperatures in the 70s. good morning. thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday. i'm vicky nguyen. we'll get to a check of the microclimate forecast with vieny. so beautiful this weekend. loved beingicide. went to a little party last night. >> perfect weather for a party. i bet all the parents planning birthday parties this weekend were very excited that it was sunny. the parents planning parties for next weekend, you're going to wand to stick around for my main forecast at about 7:45 because we have some changes. right now, overcast skies along the peninsula. 51 degrees. south bay, 51.
7:30 am
tri-valley, 49. if you're just waking up in san francisco, you're going to start noticing the hazy skies breaking apart, especially the patchy fog. however, i want to warn folks if you're heading out to half moon bay, visibility right now is down to about a mile and a half. so if you do have plans to drive along that area, please be careful out on the roads. remember to just take an extra precaution and dim those low lights. i know a lot of people when they're out on the road and there's a lot of fog, visibility becomes dangerous. all in all, the haze and patchy fog will clear out. look at our expected highs for today. napa, 80 degrees. palo alto, 77. livermore, 76. even san francisco, 70 des. out in the city, it's going to be good. there is a beach hazard. be careful in the water. it's going to be a great day to be outside. if you have another birthday party today, it's going to be perfect. >> early celebration.
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we're doing a dinner for my dad and then taking my daughter to a movie. >> oh, nice. that's going to be perfect. beauty and the beast? >> no, going to see -- i'll leyou know how it goes. >> well, ten people including three children end up in a high-speed crash on an east bay freeway. it all started with a car bumper left in the roadway. chp officers say that loose bumper was sitting on a westbound lane of highway 4 in antioch around 6:15 last night, a toyota sedan carrying seven people stopped. a minivan carrying three people slammed into the back of the sedan. >> we had several children that were involved. we ended up flying out three children to area hospitals. >> the three children were taken to oakland children's hospital and uc davis. we don't know yet the extent of their injuries.
7:32 am
the chp tells us a 14-year-old girl involved in the crash is listed in critical condition. >> this was the second major injury crash on highway 4 yesterday. as we told you yesterday morning, a minivan ran into the back of a fire truck in the eastbound lane near summerville road. firefighters were clearing another crash when this one happened. the driver died at the scene. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. one year ago, a san francisco mother left home to pick up her daughter and both vanished. the woman's body was found days later in a park, but her daughter has not been seen since. now a new lead in the case is lifting spirits for loved ones. about two dozen family and friends held a candlelight vigil for nicole fitts. they were hopeful a car seized friday would soon help solve what happened to fitts and her daughter. her body was found in a shallow grave far from where the vigil was held.
7:33 am
arianna fitts would not be 3 1/2 years old. a babysitter identified as helena martin was identified by police. the babysitter has been strangely silent. >> the silence on her part and the part of her family has been staggering. >> you think helena martin had something to do with this? >> i do. >> martin's attorney told nbc bay area, we want the baby to be found. we are as traumatized and as concerned as anyone else. helena martin was not involved. once it was put out there that she was a person of interest, it made her life very difficult. so far, san francisco police are not commenting on the baby sitting. it was a bittersweet opening day for a south bay little league. the young players paid tribute to former president and coach frank navarro. he was stabbed to death in san jose last month. parents say navarro treelted the little league players as his own kids. one by one, the players left a flower in honor of navarro. his father also opened up after
7:34 am
the ceremony saying navarro waited all year for opening. >> he loved baseball. he loved teaching kids. mentoring kids. everything was about the children. he was excited. he would tell me, dad, i can't wait to share the start. >> navarro was killed outside a downtown san jose bar where he worked as security. six people have been charged with his murder. in san francisco, demonstrators gathered to rally against president trump's nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. the confirmation vote is expected this week. here's today in the bay's christie smith. >> so important that we're all here today. >> they had a unified voice. >> a lot of the largest grassroots organizations in the country. >> san francisco, one of more than a dozen cities where organizers held rallies to reject president trump's nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> it is about getting people out to show the senators that
7:35 am
are opposing gorsuch that we have their backs. that senators that will support the filibuster, that we have their backs. >> in washington, democrats delayed action in the senate judiciary committee. gorsuch is expected to face a confirm vote next week. >> critical that our senators stand up hold judge gorsuch to a 60-vote threshold. >> they want a commitment from senator dianne feinstein. >> we want her to strongly oppose gorsuch. >> at his confirmation hearing, he said he didn't promise president trump he would vote a certain way on abortion. though the president's position was clear in the campaign. >> i am pro-life and i will appoint pro-life judges. >> demonstrators say they reject him. >> he decides against civil rights and against human rights, against the environment. he decides in favor of corporations. >> have to make sure we have the supreme court acoperating to check and balance. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a tech company giving
7:36 am
undocumented immigrants a sense of security through their app. oakland has partnered with an immigrant advocate who also happens to be undocumented to design this app. he said after being detained at the airport, he realized there was a need for undocumented immigrants to be able to quickly send a message to family, caretakers and lawyers. >> the only action they have to take in a moment of crisis, it is just push that button. >> a way you can take control in a situation. it's a way to have an added layer of security. >> the app stores messages that can be sent immediately and securely to loved ones and legal advisers. developers hope it will spark conversations and provide help in a critical moment. new video this morning of a large fire that raged at a high rise under construction that sits next to dubai's largest shopping mall.
7:37 am
thick gray smoke could be seen billowing over the heart of the city. dramatic fires have hit dubai and other fast growing cities in the united arab emirates in recent years. building and safety experts say it's due to a popular type of building material that covers the billings and can be highly flammable. no injuries have been reported. >> we're now learning the length that fox news went to settle sexual harassment suits against host bill o'reilly. "the new york times" says the network paid $13 million in five settlement cases. only two were previously made public. victims either worked for o'reilly or appeared as a guest on his show. o'reilly denies the claims. it's just the latest controversy for fox. fox founder roger ailes resigned last year after former anchor gretchen carlson filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by ailes. >> today in the bay is back after this break. coming up, opening day. the giants kick off their season today and the a's tomorrow.
7:38 am
both teams are ready to tart the new year. before then, we take a look at highlights of the final game of the bay bridge series. ta a ve ok t
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your time is 7:40. let's give you a live look outside. the oakland coliseum is ready for opening day. the a's begin their season tomorrow night. the green and gold host the angels. first pitch is set for 7:05. giants fans don't have to wait until tomorrow to watch their team's season opener. they open this afternoon in arizona. game tie is at 1:00. yesterday, the giants and the a's got together for the third and final game of the bay bridge series at the coliseum. matt joyce gave the a's an early lead with a two-run double, but the giants came storming back. backup catching nick hundley hit a grand slam deep to left field there. the giants go on to win and sweep their cross bay rivals three games to none.
7:41 am
>> a welcome sight yesterday. nbc sports bay area reports that kevin durant may have stepped up his rehab and competed in a half court five on five session. the scrimmage took place behind a curtain during the media session at oracle arena. durant has been with an mcl sprain since february, but the staff is confident he will be for the playoffs. when asked about his progress, coach kerr tried his best to keep his poker face. >> we did about 20, 25 minutes of station work, just offensive execution. he went through all of that, but it was not exactly strenuous. and i don't know what's going on behind the curtain now. intriguing. >> cleared for contact? like, he can play in a tournament? >> if indeed that's what's happening back there, i would guess he's been cleared. >> you're watching today in the
7:42 am
bay. coming up, with jerry brown in his final term, next year's race for governor of california is heating up. larry gerston joins us live and he'll give us an early look at who could be making a claim for the state's top job. policalbseersaveeentrsfid otherm
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well, we want to get to some news just in to our newsroom, that president donald trump has approved some federal aid for the areas affected by severe storms in california. the president declared that a major disaster exists in the state and will provide funding to home and business owners who suffered damages during the period of february 1 to february 23. and larry gerston is here with us this morning, as he always is. before we get to the topic at hand, what does this mean for california and was this expected? >> i think so. some people thought the president wouldn't come around because the antagonism between
7:45 am
california and the trump administration. when it comes to disasters like this, the government is pretty accommodating. this offer some relief to local government particularly in the way they manage relief for their people. it's a good thing for california. >> thank you. let's get to why you're here. political observers have been trance fixed on the drama connected with the trump presidency, but we have our own drama with the upcoming governor's race next year. candidates are already jockeying for position, and some have raised money. larry is here to talk about that. we know it's early, but what does the 2018 governor's race, talk to us about who is out ahead and why does it have special significance? >> all governors races are significant. they're very important. important because whoever wins in california or in the other states, for that matter, is a major national leader. but here in california, particularly, because we're so large, whoever wins here will be more than likely to be viewed as
7:46 am
a presidential nominee in some years to come. it's a big state. with that goes a lot of electoral votes. >> okay. the contest in 2018 does look to be a doozy. talk about that. >> yeah, absolutely. we have a lot of things going on in 2018. no question about it. a lot of people running. you know, but at the same time, we haven't seen quite as many as we thought. with california being the sixth largest state, it draws attention. so for that reason alone, we want to see who's running and what it's all about. >> who do you see right now? we know it's early in the race, things can change quickly, but we have front-runners emerging. >> let's talk of the democrats first. why do we go to the democrats? because they outnumber republicans almost 2 to 1. in the top tier is tenant governor gavin newsom who has tapped into some of the state's key social issues including same-sex marriage, gun control, marijuana legalization. in a poll released by the university of california's
7:47 am
institute of governmental studies just last week, newsome leads with 28% early, but still, the front-runner. second, we have state treasurer john chung. the only candidate who has served in all of the state's budget related elected officials. treasurer, controller, border legalization. very important considering how important the budget is in california. third, antonio villaraigosa who helped reduce violent crime. he's focusing on public education, poverty, and what we call the new economy. have to consider him important because he's from southern california. a lot of votes down there. fourth, former superintendant of public destruction, delain easton. who supports more money for preschool and all day kindergarten. among those potential democratic candidates, eric garcetti, venture capitalism tom stier,
7:48 am
and steve wesley. as expected for the californians, things are fairly robust on the democrat, side. >> a lot of familiar names. what about on the republican side? >> another story. oddly enough, the best known republicans have not declared. among those who have include john cox, an accountant who wants to overhaul sacramento by establishing neighborhood legislatures. and a surprise to many, cox comes up second in that uc poll released last week with 18%. i don't think anybody would have expected that. david hadley, a former state assembly member is focusing on poverty, high housing prices and costly energy. and then there's 84-year-old former nfl player rosey grier. in his first try for public office. you have to give it to him. the most prominent republicans remain on thes at least for now. a couple biggies. kevin faulconer, a moderate
7:49 am
republican serving a second term as mayor of san diego, in a heavily democratic city, he supports climate control and a pathway for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. and ashley -- if that name sounds familiar, she successfully managed pension reform in her city. both have potential to attract independents and moderate democrats. that's important. but they would have to get there to be among the top two candidates in the state's open june primary to pose that november threat. >> interesting names you have mentioned. many of them familiar. people have seen these names and some have been in the political arena for years. you also said, though, california is a very important state, and who wins here as governor may eventually go on to be a presidential candidate. it seems like we should have a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. do you think more will come out? >> it's hard to tell but there's reasons things are still on the
7:50 am
sketchy side in terms of bigger names coming out. first, there's some obstacles such as the fact it's early. it's early. that alone may mean something because a lot of people are waiting to see who else will run. should i get in? so that's number one. as far as early. and there's another reason. there's some candidates who we noted at top of the segment who are well known, but on the other hand, you need money. some candidates are saying can i raise that money? it will probably take at least $50 million. $50 million for a legitimate candidate to win this -- to run in this race. because of that, it's going to be very, very difficult for a number of candidates to raise that money. reminder, meg whitman in 2010, spent $150 million of her own money in a campaign where she lost to jerry brown. so money means a lot. and third, because democrats so heavily outnumber republicans,
7:51 am
republicans will be challenged to survive the state's open primary, where remember, the two highest vote getters run in november. so the popularity, the unpopularity, i should say, of president donald trump, you add that to the mix. it makes it difficult for some people, especially republicans, to come out and run in this race. >> thanks for your time, as always. stay with us. we'll be back right after this break wrk are.
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7:53 am
good morning, bay area. it's 7:53.
7:54 am
we're definitely seeing the microclimate effect. because some areas are seeing sunshine and others like the peninsula and san francisco are waking up to patchy fog and hazy skies. 51 degrees in the peninsula. 49 in the tri-valley. east bay, 55, and north bay, 46 degrees. areas like half moon bay, as of right now, it looks like that visibility is down to about a mile and a half. definitely be careful out on the roads. everywhere else, we're seeing about eight miles, six miles. not too bad, but half moon bay, be careful out there. overall forecast, we're expecting to see mostly clear skies by midafternoons. a high of 76 in livermore, palo alto, 77. morgan hill, 76, and the north bay, keeping the 80s alive. we have seen the 80s for the past couple days near santa rosa and napa at 80. estimated winds, northerly winds
7:55 am
picking up, 3:00, near half moon bay. 17 miles per hour. redwood city, 7 miles per hour, and we fast forward through 6:00, we see areas like the south bay and san jose pick up to 10 miles per hour. redwood city, 10 miles per hour, and then the half moon bay area bringing it down to about 15 miles per hour. it's not going to be too gusty, but we're expecting to see more of a breeze compared to yesterday. yes, you may have noticed your allergies have been acting up. that's because we do have trees right now, high pollen count. grass is low. mold is low. and weeds are low. tree pollen type now, what you may see affecting you most is oak, mull bberry and pine. grab whatever you need to enjoy the outdoors with your family because we're seeing a lot of changes in the pollen count. if you do have plans to head to the beach, i want to remind folks there is a beach hazard that as of now is expected to remain in effect through april 3rd. we could see dangerous surf. we could see rip currents and
7:56 am
sneaker waves between 10 to 12 felt in height. be careful out there. but santa cruz temps looking pretty good by about 1:00, 66 degrees. they should top out at about 67, 68. definitely pack on the sunscreen. don't forget your water because it's also going to be gorgeous here across the bay area as well. by 9:00, we're still seeing partly cloudy skies. fast forward through the lunch hour, we start to warm up nicely. 62 half moon bay, inland, 60, and 3:00, 67, 62, sunny skies. let's talk about the change over the next seven days. high pressure dominating through monday and tuesday. if we fast forward through thursday, we see a low pressure system that's going to bring the possibility of some showers as early as thursday. and then overnight thursday, into friday, if you pay close attention, we see rain and wind which means the weekend right now is looking like it's going to pack on a number of showers, especially considering the long reach models. it looks like we could get a
7:57 am
decent amount of rainfall as we head into saturday. if you didn't get a chance to enjoy this weekend outdoors, next weekend, you're going to want to bring it inside. seven-day, looking good. sunday, 70, for today. then we go down monday and tuesday because we see a cold front, and then wednesday, 70 degrees and thursday, cloudy skies. so we have some changes coming. definitely enjoy the sunshine while it lasts for now. >> you're telling me not to get my car washed because i keep putting it off because we keep getting warm days and then scattered showers. i dont want to get a car wash for no reason. >> you'll get about four days. >> i'll put it off again. >> this is a really cute story. getting your ducks in a row in santa rosa. rescue video from the santa rosa fire department. they got a call about a group of ducklings that fell in a storm drain. mom duck was pacing around nearby as firefighters lifting a manhole so they could reach the baby ducks. they rescued all 12 ducklings.
7:58 am
every spring, this happens. but thank goodness for the firefighters. thanks for making us part of your morning. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. this sunday, a presidency in crisis. new urgency in the russia investigation as president trump's former national security adviser mike flynn asked for immunity from prosecution to tell his story. >> flynn said himself if you want immunity you must be guilty. >> the president called it a pitch hu witch-hunt. a top republican disagrees. >> no, it's not a witch-hunt. it's mysterious why all of a sudden general flynn is out there saying he wants immunity. plus, supreme court battle. will senate republicans finish what democrats started? and end the filibuster to confirm neil gorsuch. russia, the supreme court and a struggling presidency.


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