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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  April 2, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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calirni thennocemt right now at 4:30, help from the white house for california. the announcement from the president that will be a relief to many communities and the state. >> for people in the south bay, concerns over the president's immigration policies. a new center opening up in san jose to ease immigration fears. and first a terrifying ordeal for a teenaged girl after she was kidnap and sexually assaulted. good evening, i'm carey mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker, and the 13-year-old girl is back safe with her family. timothy lee marble seen in this photo here, we will show you in a moment, was arrested saturday morning after calling 911 to say
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that his 13-year-old companion had jumped out of the the moving car and run off. >> that is only the beginning of the frightening ordeal. christie smith has the details. this all started as an en koucor at a gas station. >> yes, that is right. according to the investigators, the girl said that she had an argument with her mom and ran away from home, and in this area in the mid of the night. that is when the investigators say that the suspect pulled up and struck up a conversation and he convinced her to get into the truck. in two hours' later, she was in a different county and jumping from that truck running for fear for her life. timothy lee marble was arrested after he called 911 saying that his 13-year-old companion jumped from the car and ran. and she said that he had raped her, and smoked marijuana and she had rejected the sexual
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advances, and he tied her to a tree, and then later injected her with a methamphetamine and then scratched his initials into her skin. >> i give her respect to have had the thought to jump out on instinct i'm prit ti sure of it, but it is scary. >> i am glad that he was caught right away by the police. if he had just tried to get away right then, they might not have ever gotten him. >> reporter: the neighbors in the nearby napa neighborhood mobile home say they have relatives of his there and see him come and go, and they were stunned about this. they are told that after the girl jumped out of the car, he yelled for her and when she did not answer, he threatened to kill her and after no response, that is when he called 911. he is a convicted felon for drug charges but no sexual assault offenses in the past. the girl was treated at a hospital, but we are told has been reunited with the mother,
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and as for marble, he is in sonoma county jail and expected for a court appearance on tuesday. in napa, i'm christie smith. >> terrifying ordeal, christie. a birthday party turns violent in oakland. five people were opening fire, and this happened just before midnight on madeleine street a few blocks off of mcarthur, and men tried to get into the party, but they were asked to leave. that is when one of them started to leave. they are expected to be okay, and police say that some are in good condition at the hospital. and now, in oakland, a man j jumped from the fire complex in okayland. smoke was billowing out of the window there, and the firefighters say that the situation is so desperate that one man jumped from the seco
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second-story window to escape the flames. that man is okay, and firefighters were able to put the flames out before it spread. since president trump took office, the demand for immigration services has risen and now a community center in san jose has helped. maryann fis there where a new immigration center has been opened. >> well, you talk about the numbers i have them here, and before president trump took office they had about 200 are requests, but since he took office, they have 1,000 request s. today, they had fanfare and music as dozens came together to celebrate the new ammigas ga wa lieu pi scenter to help with paperwork. >> it is critical to have the
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services here, because in san jose, we have more than 80,000 undocumented immigrants which means we have thousands of families worried about their kids and parents and we are trying to do everything that we can to try to help families staying together. >> they will also help the children of the undocumented parents sign up for daka. and they were having to move out of a smaller building and now they will have one-stop-services for immigration help. maryann favro. thank you. an outspoken critic of the trump administration is having a rally called "take back america" in san mateo. and she is helping to organize groups to fight the trump
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policies. she is hoping to give democrats a majority in the house of representatives in 2020. and late last night, the president approved the disaster declaration for the state. this allows for federal assistance. the money is in addition to state and local funds allocated for the storm recovery. this declaration is going to cover any storm damage from february # 1st to the 23rd which is going to affect seven counties here in the bay area. well, certainly, no storm clouds today can and take you out live herer for the look at the golden gate bridge in san francisco. looking at the beautiful skids and the head winds there. and the now, looking ahead for the week we have rob mayeda. >> for april or august, take your pick, because we will see the similar numbers in the bay area, and now it is 72 degrees,
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and in san jose, more hazy, and 77 degrees, and the month of april, we will typically look at the rainfall averages falling off, and january to march, and in april, more than a inch of rain in san jose, and i u bring it up, because most of the bay area should see the rainfall, and the potential of the rainfall in the mountains with gusty winds and a different looking forecast for the next weekend which is going to involve some showers. and now, you can see the biggest brunt of the heavier rain in the north bay, and been a while to talk about two to three inches of rain, and the pattern shift from the temperatures to some that involve win wind and rain, we will talk about when the rain is going to arrive in the our full forecast. >> you, too, can track it on the weather app. make sure you click on the app to get the live doppler radar
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and updates for your specific neighborhood. >> after 100 days at sea, a coast guard crew is back in the bay after attempting to stop drug smugglers. the crew arrived back in alameda, and they spent time to patrol looking for smugglers and training exercises. nearly 100,000 pounds of cocaine was stopped by the crew. >> our intent is to get down south where the cocaine comes from colombia where it will never have a chance to get close to the border. >> the coast guard says that the street value of the cocaine seized is more than $50 million. the carmaker tesla is beating expectations for car sales, and the palo alto company says they have deliver ed up 69% of the cr s sold a year ago. analysts believe they will deliver between 23,000 and 24,000 cars after missing the
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target in the fourth quarter. they are on target to sell 50,000 cars in the first half of the fiscal year. still ahead this afternoon, the scity is buried by mud. the death toll is now rising in colombia after this devastating natural di ssaster. and the tonight a shocking crime shown live on facebook. we will be right back. whe alea 20peoe wekied a dsle
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we continue to follow the developing news out of colombia where 200 people were killed in a mudslide over the weekend. dozens of people are missing now that the flood water have receded. and the now, shg, rescuers are searching for people. the it came so fast that many could not get out of their homes and if they could, they waited by helplessly while their city
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of mocao was buried. this is the worst natural disaster in recent memory. >> and now, a alleged rape streamed on facebook live. police have arrested a 14-year-old boy for his part in the gang rape viewed by 40 people as it happened in march, and none of the people reported the crime to police. the investigators say that the victim knew one of the suspecs s and may have been lured to the house where the assault happened. a afterwards she was harassed on social media. thaw say that the investigation has gone slowly, because she has been traumatized. >> this is suffering so much more because of the facts of the case that took place, and the detectives are working with the state's attorneys and did several interviews with the victim, but she is having a very difficult time even talking about it. >> a second teenager is expected to be arrested soon and police are working on identifying more
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suspects. rising tensions linked to north e korea, and tomorrow night, there is unprecedented access by nbc with a special report from lester holt from south korea. still ahead, a bay area nonprofit is so successful they have run themselves out of business. >> the group focused on diversity and technology is making a big difference. nice day to be out at the beach with 72 degrees except for the wave heights, because it is 12 to 14 feet, and hazards for surfers today, but the attention is going to turn not only to big rain, but big totals coming back in the seven-day forecast. more with that in a moment. cosm. nalrepation
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oh, what a gorgeous day, and certainly gorgeous at the oakland coliseum with the final preparations under way as the oakland a's are getting ready to start the season. the home opener is tomorrow night when they host the los
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angeles angels at 7:00 p.m. before the game, rickey henderson is going to speak, and the playing field is going to be named after him. and ricky hnderson is one of the all-time greats and the gates open at 7:00. and now, the east bay was filled with runners for eighth annual running festival. >> this event features a variety of race, and get this, they have a full marathon, a half marathon, and now-person marathon rely and 5k and it all sounds exhausting. >> and not for everybody. >> right. and it is going to go through downtown and the rez dsidential areas, and past marist college. some came to run and others for a good time. >> one of my co-workers signed up to run with me, and i said, why not. so i have been running off and on and i ran in college for st. mary's, and since then, i have not been running as much, but i d decided to race for the fun of it. >> just for the fun of it. >> i have never said that
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before. >> how about running? >> i have only a couple of miles here or there, and the oakland running festival first took place in 2010 and so it has been taking place for a while. you can't think of a better day, although they may be hot. >> we saw mid-70s in oakland and a picture perfect weekend to start off the month of april, and big changes as you will see it go to the forecast, and speaking of oakland, it is opening night for the a's, and not as warm during the day, and you can see the first pitch around at 7:05 and low 60s, and light jackets and green and gold, and the first pitch time is low clouds. average high should be maybe about 68 or 69, and so that is 77 unusually warm. in dublin, 77 with hazy sunshine and all around san francisco, a little bit of the breeze to pick
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up 72 right now, and you can see the patches of low clouds around the peninsula coast. and there is almost a summer-like pattern and the northwest winds are clearing away the clouds, and the high pressure is at least for now, and holding control of the weather, and it is a dry start to the week, and one system here in the pacific northwest to drop back overnight, and east of sierra which is boosting the wind speeds as we wake up tomorrow morning. right now, it is not all that gusty, and notice the areas of the orange and red, and in napa, they are only picking up 20, 25-mile-an-hour gusts. and so, the fans of the bridges and perhaps along highway 17 could be gusty, and less windy as we head through tomorrow evening. and 40s and 50s and so maybe chilly to start the day.
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and high temperatures are running just a little bit cooler with more wind in the picture. east bay valley, upper 70s and mid-70s around the peninsula, and highs in the low 70s in san mateo to palo alto. in downtown san francisco, lower 60s and 70s in reach here for the north bay, and this is monday, and tuesday, and possibly wednesday with the dry weather, and then as it gets towards thursday now, and the first chance of showers arriving thursday, and friday and here is a storm to bring some wind and potential thursday night and friday and notice the friend here or not much of the friend here through the winter, the atmospheric river as you have been watch iing this, 30 times since october, and the reason of very big totals, not as big as we have seen briefly, but there is some historically heavy rain. and knnotice that there is unsettled not the sunny sky, but like we are seeing here today,
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and the showers in the forecast, and really two weather patterns we will be seeing this week, and warm and breezy through wednesday and thursday daind friday and dealing with the rain once again. and the stretch of weather from thursday to sunday is going to involve some showers at times, and one to two feet of snow possible, and we could see winter storm warnings for next weekend and it is april and going back to early march with the power of the storm coming on in thursday to friday. >> and looking for the news out of the forecast, and it is mid 60s. >> yes, not that cold when it is raining. >> yes. >> and cooler for next weekend and the next three days 77. >> okay. coming up next, a stanford grad is vowing to bring more diversity to the tech world. >> the unique way to connect the graduates with the companies. it is a story to make you bay area proud. they lo toun emsvesouof sins . y
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many nonprofits say they would love to run themselves out of business, but ultimately fixing the problems they are focused on keeps them there. very few put an actual date on when they will shut it down. >> but a san francisco nonprofit focused on u diversity and technology has done that. we have the bay area proud. >> reporter: code 2040 got the name, because 2040 is the decade when the minorities become the majority in the united states. she believes it is critical for all of us in the economy to reach a similar milestone in the world of technology. >> reporter: when laura wideman
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powers entered the tech world close to a decade ago, there were a few things that made her different from those around her. the gender and race were two obvious ones. >> i was in more and more rooms looking around and saying, there is nobody else that looks like me. >> reporter: and another thing that made her different though is laura's desire to do something about it. >> we knew that there were more talented folks from different backgrounds that were getting a shot to succeed. it is important that in their background -- >> reporter: black and latina candidate candidates were out there, but the companies were not looking in the right place to find them. that is what code 2040 that laura founded in 2012 does. the very first year 2040 worked with five fellows, and computer science students given a crash course in the tech world and summer internships with
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companies. code 2040 has done nothing but grow since then. >> we started with the five fellows which is a five-person community and now we have 5,000 people in the community now. >> code 2040 patter ins with the who's who of tech companies giving students of color a taste of the world for many of them would seem otherwise out of reach. for her part, laura has become a sought-after speaker, and high profile leader of the movement to get more black and latina technologists into the field. she says it is an issue critical for all of us and not just minorities. if the tech xans want to become biggerer and bigger parts of the world, they need to do a better job looking like the world. >> laura says it is going to be a necessity in the future for technology companies to cast a wider net in order to get enough employees to keep growing. garvin thomas, nbc bay area
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news. a 50-year-old napa man was arrested accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. coming up, how and where she got away. 1,000 people seeking immigration services in san jose are celebrating a new legal clinic to turn to for help. i'm maryann favro, and i will have that story coming up. we are enjoying the late day sunshine from half moon bay to squaw valley. right now, 56 degrees there, and new new snow, but things are subject to change. and sierra snow and gusty winds, and yes, the return of rain when we come back. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. right now at 5:00, a man under arrest in a violent kidnapping and sexual assault investigation. the terrifying ordeal that investigators say that a teenaged girl had to go through. >> the news at 5:00 starts right
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now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker, and a disturbing story out of the west bay where a man is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. >> timothy lee marble was arrested yesterday after the teen was able to escape the harrowing ordeal. >> nbc bay area's christie smith is in napa with the details. >> peggy, neighbors here in napa are stun and upset, and the investigators say that it happened here in the area, and the suspect and the girl were having a conversation, and he was able to convibs her to get into the truck for a ride. >> reporter: timothy lee marble was arrested after an investigation when sonoma county investigators say that he called 911 saying that the companion had jumped from his car in
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bodega bay. >> i give her a lot of respect for having the thought to jump out. on instinct, i'm pretty sure of it. but it is scary. >> reporter: in napa word spread quickly as the neighbors gassed up. the girl had run away, and he talked her into getting into his truck in napa in the middle of the night. >> i am so glad that he was caught right away, because if he had tried to get away, they might not have gotten him. >> reporter: when the deputies arrived in bodega bay, the girl suffering from road rash said that he had kidnapped her and then smoked marijuana and then he tied her to a tree and rape ed her and then scratched his initials into her skin. >> that is terrifying. >> reporter: and neighbors said that they do see him coming and going in the mobile home park. >> it is surprising being so


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