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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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bodega bay. >> i give her a lot of respect for having the thought to jump out. on instinct, i'm pretty sure of it. but it is scary. >> reporter: in napa word spread quickly as the neighbors gassed up. the girl had run away, and he talked her into getting into his truck in napa in the middle of the night. >> i am so glad that he was caught right away, because if he had tried to get away, they might not have gotten him. >> reporter: when the deputies arrived in bodega bay, the girl suffering from road rash said that he had kidnapped her and then smoked marijuana and then he tied her to a tree and rape ed her and then scratched his initials into her skin. >> that is terrifying. >> reporter: and neighbors said that they do see him coming and going in the mobile home park. >> it is surprising being so close. >> investigators say that after
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the girl jumped from the car in bodega bay, and when she did not answer, he threatened to kill her and with no response, he called 911. >> i am shocked. very shocked. >> reporter: now the investigators say that the girl was treated for her injuries, and she has been returned home. as for timothy marble, he is due in court tuesday. reporting live in napa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you. and early morning wake up for these people in oakland after flames engulfed the units there. this is the scene at 3:00 in the morning. the build on 39th avenue. the firefighters say that the situation was so desperate that one person jumped from the second-story window the get away from the flames. he is okay. and firefighters were able to get it out before it spread to additional apartments. since president trump took office, calls for immigration help are up.
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maryann favro is live there where there is a celebration of a new immigration clinic. maryann? >> yes, they did, terry. the leaders here say that before president trump took office, they had a request of about 200 people asking for immigration services. but after he took office, that number skyrocketed to 1,000. now, today, they celebrated the new opening of the amigos guadalupe declinic. the clinic is on alum rock road in san jose. it will provide legal services for undocumented men and women, and as well as pap ework. sam liccardo attended the opening. >> it is critical to have these service, because in san jose, we have more than 80,000 undocumented immigrants which means that there are thousands of families worried about the kids and the parents and trying to do everything that we can to
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try to help the families stay together. >> the clink is going to help children of undocumented parents to sign up for daka and what i happening is that the help is coming at much lower than the normal rate. >> and jackie speier held a r rally for "take back america" to organize grass root groups fighting against the president's agenda. she represents most of san mateo county and she says that she is committed to protecting the rights of people, and turning the rights of the house of representatives back over to the democrats. more help from president donald trump in the wake of the storms in california. late last night, he approved a disaster declaration for the state. this is going to allow for assistance of federal money, and
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the money is in addition to state and local funds allocated for the storm recovery. this declaration is going to come from the storm damage from february 1st, to the 23rd. that is going to affect seven counties here in the bay area. certainly a beautiful weekend, and no storm clouds to talk about as we take you over san jose today. and clear blue skies. >> electric blue. >>er have very pretty, but there are changes coming ahead for the work week. terry does not want the hear about it, but rob mayeda has the news. >> and i am the messenger of bad news with the storms coming in. good timing for the forecast, and summer-like levels when it comes to the temperatures, and now, in timber and walnut creek, 77 degree, and notice in the hillsides around mount diablo, and this time of the year, remember, we typically begin to transition out of the wettest time of the year, and then to san jose, an inch of rain from
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april to may and june and july, and they start to drop off, but we will see the one to two inches of rain in april, and that said, it is a reversal of the forecast over the next seven day days. we will see the wind at time, and the potential for the lower area, and for the mountains especially, we are talking about the north bay, and northern marin county is where we will get the shift of the patterns. coming up we will tell you how it plays out across the seven-day forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, rob. track the rain right to the neighborhood with the nbc a ae ya map, and tap on it to use our live doppler radar. the san francisco gay men's chorus is mourning the loss of one of its own. ryan nunes died on stage friday night. they posted this photo, ap they
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they he was not only a dedicated singer, but the administrative koord coordinator on staff meaning he was the voice to the world. he was just 39 years old. >> a coast guard is now returning to the bay area after confiscating dozens of pounds of cocaine. the crew is able to confiscate a staggering 4,000 pounds of cocaine. >> the intent is for the coast guard to push the borders off shore, and get down south where the cocaine comes down from colombia from the jungle so it does not have a chance to get close to the border. >> they say that the street value is worth over 50 million. >> and electric carmaker tesla is beating the car expectations for the car sales. the pal low al low company says
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that sit is delivering over 25,000 to customers in the first quarter, and new record for tesla. analysts expected them to deliver 23,000 after missinging the target in the fourth quarter, and the numbers are going to put tesla on track to sell 50,000 cars main the first half of the fiscal year. >> still ahead at 5:00 ax big week ahead for the trump administration as the push continues. the president's supreme court nominee confirmed, and we will v have the latest from the white house. >> and violent storms from the south, and the damage from the suspected tornado in louisiana. inlvenheediof ssi threasty bind
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president donald trump is again accusing the media of missing the real story behind russia's alleged involvement in the u.s. election. and meanwhile, the push is continuing to get the nominee for the supreme court neil gorsuch confirmed. j jennifer johnson has the latest from washington. >> reporter: republican senator rand paul is meeting president trump for golf and talk of replacing obamacare. >> the sides are getting closer and closer together. >> then the president took to twitter to vent about the media coverage of the russia's coverage of mettling in the u.s. election.
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and also, the the need for a special prosecutor to investigate. and devan nunes, the head of the house and chairman committee is near the house. >> and it is not necessary based on what we know now. we have a bipartisan investigation under way. it is the called the senate investigation. >> and the president has not once called me and said, don't beat up on russia. there is no love or anything going on with russia that we are getting our strength back and our voice back and we are starting to lead again. >> the white house is hoping for a victory when the senate judiciary committee nominates neil gorsuch, and democrats want to block it, but they are threatening to invoke the so-called nuclear option needing a 51-vote majority. >> when the nominee does not get 60 vote, you should not change the rules, but the nominee. >> the republicans say they will use that option if necessary. >> jennifer johnson, nbc news,
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washingt washington. >> and that is the showdown in the full senate is expected to take place later in the week, and if confirmed, gorsuch will take the place left vacant by antonin scalia who passed away nearly 14 months ago. >> and a tornado ripping through a town killing a mother and daughter outside of baton rouge. authorities say that seconds after a tornado warning was issued, that storm hit. the husband and the father of the victim was away at the time, and he came home to find the bodies of his wife and 3-year-old daughter. >> i can't, i can't, you know, because that is what i am saying, and i can't. i lost everything. i lost my family. >> and the national weather service is predicting more severe storm,s will hit late or the night. >> there is the active weather, and closer to home, we are
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beginning to see the changes where the high pressure weakens and that means that off to the west, it is a return to the forecast, and wind and rain and big waves on the coast, and the time line of the seven-day fo forecast when we come back. >> it is time to celebrate spring in mancini sleep world's mattress sale. it is the day time here and it is time to rotate the mattress, and if it is time, then rest easy for the top brand quality matches. >> and daydream, and you missed it. lead us down the same road. could you be the one for me, because that could be the one for you. here we go. >> in a moment, when it all comes together. new five-flavor shrimp at panda
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let's take a live look at the at&t park in san francisco, and the giants will open up the season there at the home park this season, and startinging a week from tomorrow, and before that happens, i am going to to
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get up on that lenses, and i'm going to get a squeegee to take that off. i am going to the clean that off and i believe it is a smudge. i won't speculate, because i know that there are seagulls out there, but it is a week from tomorrow. >> and let me know what day you do that, because i want to be there to heckle you. >> i thought that you were going to help. >> i might help with that friday. >> does it involve the squeegee, but just the wind and the rain. we may be cleaning off the camera lenses around the bay area, and gorgeous weather this weekend as the temperatures were changing. and so it does not seem like we should see the storms like, that we will see later in the seven-day forecast. and right now, 72 degrees in san francisco, and hazy skies outside, and it is a gorgeous weekend here. and? sunol, still looking very good.
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a what about this since october 1st, it is the second wettest year on record since 1895. so, the silver lining to all of this rain, and all of the snow is how the drought monitor looked on october 1st, and today, obviously, everything is cleared up in terms of the drought for california and the bay area, and with that said, we will try to put a positive spin on the weather changes ahead, and it is seeming more like mid-winter, and in squaw valley, we could see one to two feet of snow coming down, and by late in the week. and right now, no rain or snow coming across the state. and a few showers coming across the crest of sierra, and not bringing any rain, but we think some gusty winds to contend with for the morning commute. and looking at the wind speed out through the north bay, and the carkanis.
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and temperatures are chilly starting the day, but as we head into the afternoon, it is not as warm as today, but a pleasant monday afternoon in the mid-70s and the forecast in san francisco upper 70s and pleasanttown and suno, will. and we will see around san francisco and the bay highs of mid-70s. the warmer temperatures will be going through wednesday, and then thursday, things will get more interesting and the chance to to see the showers, and friday's storm right now, and all points are pointing to the windy storm that will have moderate to heavy rain, and especially in the northern bay, and the coastal mountain, and as we head in unsettled, it is everything that the weekend was, it is the exact opposite, and with the cool showers continuing, the pattern shifts big time by the middle part of the week, and look at san francisco windy, and the rain
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makes a comebacks as we are cleaning off all of the hd cameras, and there is the silver lining for you. i want to show you the long term trend here, and quickly, the calendar cast here, and the dates in green and that is thursday, friday and saturday and sunday and the giants' home opener would be monday the 10th, and stay home, because we hope that system is clearing out. we could be in the pattern of wetter than average day, and possibly through the middle of the month. once it gets started wednesday, things could get interesting here through the weekend. >> i love the calendar. >> and two weeks in view. >> and you keep thinking that the rainstorms are the last ones. >> not done yet. >> all right. thank you. >> and threats of jail time as scammers are posing as irs agents. >> the way they harassed, you get scared. >> we investigate a tax scam sweeping the country, and how it works and how there to avoid it. n acrdi tohe r-sbua gw
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>> could an itunes gift card help to settle a tax debt? the answer is no according to the irs, but a growing number of scammers are trying to use these gift cards to try to cheat taxpayers out of thousands of dollars. >> investigative reporter ter stephen stock has been covering these scams for years. >> some of these scams are so good they fool sometimes trained scam investigators. while this is coming to a close, state and federal investigators are saying that tax fraud has
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quickly grown into a year-round problem, and a consequence for all taxpayers. >> press the button. >> like most parents, kayla calderon of east san jose would do anything for her kids. so when she received a threatening call from somebody posing to be the irs, she feared for the family. >> the way they harassed, you get scared. >> reporter: she said that when they called they called armed with the detailed information about the background and the employment history, and add tin to the credibility, the callers demanded that she pay them $6,500 immediately or she would be pick d bed up by the local l enforcement and arrested by the irs. >> how do i pay my bills, because i don't have that money. finally we went down to 400. >> instead of paying by credit card or check or money order, she says that the callers told
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her to pay with gift cards from itune itunes at the local drugstore where she was supposed to give the itunes numbers to the scammers over the number. >> they said just do it. i said okay. and they kept telling me, do not hang up. >> while remaining on the telephone the entire time, they say she rushed to the nearby ri rite-aid and emptied the account. >> then they said that they needed more money, and that is when they started to get aggressive with them, and letting them know. and then i said, this is not right. are you guys really irss? >> reporter: that is when she realized that she was trick and falling for one of the latest tax scams in the country. >> it is a horrible crime. >> and tim kay mas serves as the inspector general's office in washington. and he says that a growing and surprising number of scammers are now turning to the itunes'
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gift card and swindling people out of millions of dollars. >> and 70% of people are convinced to pay this bogus bill. >> and the office has received 40,000 phone calls from the irs victims in the last year. it is a sharp increase from 12,000 similar reports in 2013. >> it is too easy. picking up the phone to pretend that you are the irs and threatening them into pay. >> the fbi and irs have been successful in shutting down illegal call centers, including one based in india where the bay area ties. and the threat to the taxpayers remains. >> the scammers are more sophisticated every year. >> daniel ta har ra who is a franchise tax board says he stopped 21,000 fraudulent returns worth $70 million and they are bolder. there are instances this past
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year where the scammers called us directly to inquire about status of the refunds. >> and even so, he admitted that more fraudulent schemes are going undetected as the problem is harder and harder to catch and to stop. >> with the amount of information these scammers have, they are finally finding that it is hard to differentiate between the scammer and the fraudulent return. if you compare the two, in some cases the fraudulent return will be better and contain less errors than the original. >> so they have stepped up the review process to take longer to check every return, and that is longer wait times for anybody who is ex-presidepecting a refu whether or not they are impacted by a tax can. >> kayla was able to get her money back after explaining to rite aid officials, but now she is speaking out to talk about
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how h she was fooled hoping that others will learn from her. >> stay alert. >> reporter: the inspector general tells me that the average amount lost is $500, but he has seen as much as $500,000 lost as a le sult of this latest scam. federal agents will never call youp and threaten you. they will also send you a notice in the mail first, and they will never take itune cards for payment. if you would like to know more go to our website at theunit@nbcbayarea. and now, what about "beauty and the beast" at the box office. ♪
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♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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proudly caring for northern california, well, did you see it? the box office this weekend, the movie "boss baby" was in charge. >> boss is the boss. and so, it is the comedy where alec baldwin is a baby on a strange mission. disney's live action "beauty and the beast" came in second place. and winding up the top, "ghost in a shell" with $19 million. and scarlett johansson is a s cyber-enhanced human to stop the world's most dangerous criminals. >> and it is so beautiful outside, who wants to go into the movies. >> well, next weekend, based on the trends of the seven-day forecast, should be good. and so, out of the north bay, highs are looking good, mid-70s across the inland valley, but changes thursday and friday with wind and rain making a comeback
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as the week wraps up. >> we will see you at 6:00. stay tuned for the world news. ♪ on this sunday night, crime on camera. a shocking incident streamed live on facebook and watched by dozens of people. tonight, the many questions it raises as police charge a 14-year-old boy in a sexual assault case. supreme court showdown, the battle over president trump's nominee and the extreme measure republicans might use to get him confirmed. north korea threat, the new call to rein in the regime as president trump prepares to lean on china. tonight lester holt in a region on edge. >> desperate hours. the search for hundreds still missing after an avalanche of water tears apart a town, killing at least 200. and royal intrigue. the british government spying on its love-sick king. the new documentary


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