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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rit n atix: kiappg . right now at 6:00, a kidnapping and sexual assault investigation in the north bay. the ordeal for a teenager girl. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. >> the girl is safe and her kidnapper is under arrest. >> we are live in napa with the details of the story and they are horrible, christie? >> they are. and deputies say it began in this area with the suspect convincing the girl to go for a ride. they say a few hours later she was in a neighboring county and then when deputies encountered her, she was coming out of the bushes and had road rash and told them about a kidnapping and
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sexual assault. >> timothy marble was arrested after deputies said he called 911 saying his 13-year-old companion moved from his moving car in bodega bay. she later explained she feared for her life and ran. >> i give her respect for her to have jumped out on instinct, i'm pretty sure of it. it is scary. >> reporter: in napa, word spread quickly as neighbors gassed up. the teen had run away and he talked her into getting in his truck in the middle of the night. >> i'm glad he was caught right away by the police because if he tried to get away right then, they might not have gotten him. >> reporter: when deputies arrived, the teen stumbled out of the bush and told investigators that she was sexual assault. they drove around and smoke marijuanaed and he tied to a tree and assaulted her and injected her with
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methamphetamine and scratched his name into her skin with a knife. the 50-year-old is a convicted felon on drug charges. neighbors say he has relatives in the mobile home park and they do see him come and go. >> it is very surprising. it is hard to believe being so close. >> reporter: investigators say they explained after she jumped from the car in bodega bay, he called for her and when she didn't answer, he threatened to kill her. and with no response, he called 911. >> i was very shocked. >> reporter: now deputies say that the girl was treated and has been reunited with her mom and we are told that the suspect is due in court on tuesday. reporting live in napa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a terrifying story, thank you very much. gunfire erupting at a party in pittsburg. someone opened fire at the party. it happened just before midnight at a home on madeline street just off of railroad avenue. a group of member tried to get
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into the party and when they were asked to leave one of them took out a gun and started shooting. the five people are expected to be okay. police say they are in stable condition at the hospital. the gunman was taken into custody. a fire in oakland forces one person to jump from a window. this is a scene just after 3:00 this morning at the building on 39th avenue near mcarthur boulevard. people were inside of the unit when it caught fire. one person was so desperate and jumped from the second story window to escape the flames and that man is okay. they were able to put out the fire before it spread to any other units. this demand for immigration services skyrocketing in san jose, a new community clinic opened today to meet the demand for legal services. marianne favro joins us from san jose and this is where people celebrated the opening of a new immigration clinic. >> reporter: they definitely celebrated, peggy. and leaders here say that the fear of deportation is really increased the need for services. they say before president trump
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took office, there were about 200 people that needed legal help regarding immigration. but now that number has jumped to 1,000. now earlier today was the grand opening and people celebrated the opening of the new legal clinic with dance and song. the clinic is located on allen rock road in san jose. attorneys will provide low cost legal services for undocumented men and women and paperwork for work permits. the san jose mayor -- >> we're here to celebrate the new home for the incredible organization that serves hundreds of families here in east san jose, helping to lift them from poverty, provide pathways to education and really to combat the fear that is so prevalent in our community at a time when men are concerned about the immigration enforcement policies in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the clinic will also help children of undocumented parents sign up for
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daca. another benefit is that the clinic will provide legal advice because there is a lot of fear in the community about i.c.e. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. more federal help on the way from president trump in the wake of damaging storming in california. the president approved a disaster declaration for the state which allowed for federal assistance. in addition to state and local funds already allocated for storm recovery. this covers any storm damage from february 1st to the 23rd. and effects seven counties here in the bay area. she is an outspoken critic of the trump administration. jackie speier held an event today. organizers say the goal was to connect people with organizations and grassroots groups are fighting against president donald trump's agenda. spooir said she is committed to respecting the rights of people
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and giving the democrats the majority in the house of representatives in 2018. the san francisco gay men's choir is mourning the loss of one of its own. a sunger ryan nunez died on stage during the intermission during a concert on friday night. they posted this picture on his facebook page with a tribute to him. the group said that he was not only dedicating to the singing but was the coordinator on staff which means, he was the voice in the world. he was 39 years old. after nearly 100 days at sea, a coast guard crew is back in the bay area after mission to stop drug smugglers. coast guard cutter stratton and crew arrived today. they spent 98 days patrolling the pacific ocean for drug smugglers and doing training exercises. nearly 404-thousand pounds of cocaine was confiscated by the crew. >> the intent is for the coast guard to push our borders off shore and get down south where
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the cocaine comes out of colombia from the jungle before it gets a chance to get closer to the boulder. >> the value seized was more than $50 million. a beautiful day outside. but a change is on the way. >> meteorologist rob mayeda is here to let us know when it will happen. >> still enjoying the late day sunshine. 76 degrees. a few clouds over the hilltops but no rain with the clouds. san francisco, a lot of sunlight reflecting off the buildings. a 71 degrees. a bit of a late day breeze picking up into san jose. temperatures in the mid 70. in april, it is still one of the months that we could pick up more than an inch of rain but notice the steady decline from january, february into march and beyond april, really does begin to dry out. so we've had a weekend with temperatures in the 70s to near 80. might feel more like summer today. but big changes in store. first winds picking up for tomorrow morning. gusty conditions at times and for the week ahead, rain will
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make a comeback and in some cases could be as much as the monthly average falling in about two to three days time across the bay area with big changes in that weekend forecast for next weekend. right now the only showers around the sierra, some instability showers there south of lake tahoe but the high pressure weakens an storm dooer door opens up and the seven-day forecast and the timing of the rain comeback and the forecast coming up in about nine minutes. back to you. >> you can track the rain with our free nbc bay area app, just click on the live doppler radar. still to come, rivers overflowing, homes destroyed. the latest on the devastating situation in colombia. >> plus driving way past expectations, the record number of vehicles delivered by tesla. don't put up with almost clean.
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finish quantum, proven to clean better than cascade complete gel. switch to finish quantum and get really clean dishes first time, every time. we are continue to follow developing news out of colombia where 200 people are dead after a mudslide this weekend. dozens of people remain missing and now if the floodwater have receded family members are combing through the rubble. that mudslide came to quickly many people didn't have time to get out of their homes. mudslides are common in southern colombia, this is one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory. president donald trump is again accusing the media of missing the real story behind
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russia's involvement in the u.s. election. the push continues to get supreme court nominee neil gorsuch confirms. jennifer johnson has more now from washington. >> reporter: republican senator rand paul meeting president trump sunday for golf and talk on replacing obamacare. >> i think the sides are getting closer and closer together. >> reporter: earlier the president took to twitter to vent again about the media coverage of russia meddling in the u.s. election, tweeting, the real story turns out to be surveillance and leaking. find the leakers. this is as senate republicans push back as suggestions a special prosecutor is needed to investigate. after concerns that republican devin nunes, chair of the house intelligence committee, is too close to the white house. >> it is just not necessary, based on what we know now. we have a bipartisan investigation underway. it is called the senate intelligence committee. >> the president's ambassador to the un denied there is any love between the president and the kremlin. >> the president has not called
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me once and said don't beat up on russia. there is no love or anything going on with russia. they get we are getting our strength back and our voice back and that we're starting to lead again. >> reporter: the white house is hoping for a victory in congress on monday when the senate judiciary committee voted on neil gorsuch. democrats want to block the confirmation but republicans are threatening to invoke the nuclear option, needing a 51-vote majority. >> when a nominee doesn't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules, you should change the nominee. >> but republicans said they will use the option if necessary. jennifer johnson, nbc news, wash. >> now that showdown in the senate is expected to take place later in week and gore such will take the veet left by scalia who passed away almost 14 months ago. tesla is beating market expectations for car sales. the palo alto based company said it delivered more than 25,000 model s. and model x. vehicles to customers in the first
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quarter. that is up 69% from a year ago, a new record for tesla. they expected about 24,000 cars after missing the target in the fourth quarter. now those numbers for tesla are on track to sell 50,000 cars in the first half of the fiscal year. >> that is amazing. >> maybe a convertible. top down, while they could do it. >> 70s and 80s around the bay area today. but changes showing up in the seven-day forecast. spring weather usually can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, if at applies to the seven-day forecast and we're about to see one of those through the week ahead. right now, san francisco 71 degrees. notice the flag there, sea breeze not too strong. the wind later tonight should be picking up out of the north. could get gusty at times, setting into tomorrow morning's commute around the mid span of the bridges for monday morning. right now still 74 degrees in san jose. we'll take you over to oakland where it is also 74 degrees right now. and tomorrow night, opening night for the a's, green color
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baseball and the weather icon to match, green and gold. first pitch 7:05, should see numbers in the low 60s. breezy with low clouds toward 10:00 out in oakland. right now, the sierra, pretty pictures from kirkwood. again it doesn't look much like april thanks to the snow. 55 degrees. and we've had clouds building up during the day. south of highway 50. we've seen a few late-day showers as the sun sets. we'll begin to see the atmosphere stabilize a little bit. now some of the showers triggered by a weather system dropping down east of the sierra. nothing really here about the bay area other than clouds building up over the north bay hills. the system drops down from north to south will help fire up another round of north winds. high pressure off to the west between the two, notice these wind speeds, as we head toward about 7:00 tomorrow morning, north bay, santa rosa, napa and fairfield, north winds at times, 20 to 30 miles per hour and around the santa cruz mountains and across the bay tomorrow morning, gusty conditions, wind speeds starting to taper off
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into tomorrow evening. so morning temperatures, wind shelders valleyed and santa rosa, the winds light. could see low 40s for the morning. low 50s to start the day and afternoon temperatures not as warm as today but mid-70s, above average for this time of the year. around san jose, tri-valley, around 70s and 75 in livermore and 76 in concord. peninsula temperatures in the low 70s, from belmont into palo alto. coastside temperatures in the 60s and upper 60s from san francisco and back into the mid to upper 70s again around the north bay with breezy conditions for monday. so temperature wise, the seven-day forecast shows right there at the bottom of the screen, not much change through wednesday but thursday comes the first chance of seeing some showers. >> and then friday looks to be the maybe event. a moderately strong storm, if all things come together, could have wind gusts of 45 miles per hour and possibly some heavy rain at times, especially friday morning and next weekend's forecast, well it is the opposite of what we're seeing outside right now.
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we're looking at mostly cloudy conditions and shower news saturday morning and might see a brief break early monday and then then the seven-day forecast shifts us back into an active pattern. once we pass wednesday, mild temperatures will continue through the middle part of the week as we see rain make a comeback for friday, next weekend, you just saw a shot of kirkwood. we could see snow levels down to 5,000 feet next sunday. so that is -- that snow pack sticking around for a while. could see one to two feet of snow in the sierra next weekend. >> they might be in memorial day. >> and beyond. >> thanks, rob. >> and coming up next, housing a huge issue in the bay area. >> and who wants more of it and would doesn't. we'll explain after the break. morhsinin e b ar. but
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a new study shows that there is growing support for more housing in the bay area. but there is still a gap when it comes to age. the bay area council found that 70 % of voters 18 to 39 years old do support the construction of new housing in their neighborhoods. but only 57% of the voters that are older than that support new housing. the over all trend, however, is clear. this year 62% of all voters said that they do support building new housing close to where they live, that is up from 57% in 2014. well thousands of runners filled the streets for the eighth annual oakland running festival. >> this event features a full marathon, half marathon, a four-person marathon relay and a 5 k. they went through the downtown and residential neighborhoods and it goes past merit and lanny
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college and some came for the competition and some came for kicks. >> one of my co-workers actually offered to sign up with me and i said, oh, yeah, why not. and i've been running off and on recently, i ran in college for st. mary's and ever since then, i have been run -- i haven't been running as much and i decided to race for the fun of it. >> st. mary's the alma mater of laura garcia-cannon and my father ed mcsweeney. >> distinguished. >> it took place on wednesday. >> since 2010. been around for a while. that is a lot of running there. we have the latest in sports. including today's giants game, mindy, i bet a lot of pitcherers would rather run a marathon than pitch to bumgarner. his legend continues to grow. the 6'5" left-hander hit two home runs so what went wrong for the giants on opening day.
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we'll hear from the team after their 6-5 loss in arizona, next in sports. ♪ sparkle paper towels are great for wiping up fingerprints without wiping out your savings. just right for cleaning up...jelly... ...water... and security camera lenses. just right clean. just right price. sparkle. just right.
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the giants led the majors with 30 blown saves in the 2016 regular season. then they blew yet another in game four of the 2016 nlds against the cubs. so the front office went out this off season and spent $62 million on a new closer. one of the best in the business. funny thing -- the giants open the 2017 season with, yeah, you guessed it, another blown save. the giants opening the 17th
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season with a four-game set in arizona. a beautiful day in the desert. but starty early was starter madison bumgarner, but not just what he did from the mound, but from the ninth spot in the lineup, against greinke, and he put the giants up 2-0. then in the 7th, bumgarner going up against chaffin is going to do it again. the first pitcher in major league baseball history to hit two home runs on opening day. that is his 16th career home run. most all-time by a giants pitcher. they are up by one. in the bottom of the 9th, still leading by one and their big free agent acquisition in to close the game. the bay area native, descalso, hits the two out rbi single to tie it up and then later in the inning chris owings with the dagger, flair to right and the giants lose 6-5 the final.
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>> i was hoping he would come up again so he could get one more at-bat, so he could go for three. he he was going to hit, but it is a big day. your pitcher hits two homers and pitches the way he did, that is what makes it touf not do to come -- tough not to come away with the win. but hey, you have to give the other team credit sometimes, they came back on us. the warriors hosting the wizards right now. first quarter, patrick mccaw misses the shot but saves the ball from going out of bounds so curry hits it from the corner. later in the quarter, curry is just toying with washington. he's going to hit another corner three. he had 4 threes in the first quarter and they lead by 10 in the half. sharks in vancouver and the first period off the rebound,
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hurdle puts the sharks up early. then later in the period, it is going to be hurdle again. he's going to score off another ricochet. his second goal of the game. near the end of the period, though, this is very scary moment, joe thornton, big joe, goes down after being hit. he had to bow helped to the dressing room. but this just went final. the sharks win 3-1. we hope to have good news later tonight on joe thornton. and peculiar things seem to happen to the patriots. the latest incident involved the vince lombardi trophy and a state troop fresh maine and a deer. and it happened. a pats employee had the trophy in the car when he struck a deer. the state trooper gave him a ride and posted this photo with the trophy on facebook. they are said to be unhurt. no word on deer. the patriots did confirm that the accident happened and we
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will have full warriors highlights for you coming up later tonight. and we have to admit, that is just crazy. come on. a deer. and vince lombardi trophy an the patriots. >> the fact that we had the deer updates the suspicion. >> of course it is the patriots. >> thank you, mindi. we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport
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at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. atheox ficthiweend,th"bo ba" w a at the box office this weekend, boss baby was the boss.
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>> the comedy where alec baldin is the voice of the baby. it took them $49 million. the disney live action beauty and the beast coming in second. this cast with emma wattson pulled in almost $50 million as well. and the sigh faction action film ghost in a shell, earned $14 million starring sky let johansson as a human devoted to stopping the world from dangerous criminals. i know it is one i could take my kids to, that is clear. >> good movie watching weather toward the end of the week. right now watching winds on the increase as we head through tomorrow morning. you'll notice that. temperatures not too bad. a bit cooler tomorrow. mid-70s in the warmest spots but notice thursday in friday, there is a change there. san francisco cooling off and gusty winds, rain for friday, showers and sierra snow for next weekend. lots of april showers in that forecast. end of the seven-day. >> thank you very much. thank you for choosing nbc bay
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area news. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a great night, everyone. e've got some
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great discoveries for you along the open road. we'll climb to the top of one of our region's most majestic peaks, and find where robert louis stevenson spent his honeymoon and was inspired to write "treasure island." we'll soar into the wild blue yonder, and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful bay area. we'll discover many ways people in the african-american community are meeting up to enjoy and care for the outdoors. and we'll see wildlife and wetlands in the fine photographs of one of their most passionate defenders. [music] [music]


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