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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 2, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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arianna fitts. right now at 11:00, the bay area teenager, the alleged victim of a terrifying kidnapping and sexual assault. tonight her dramatic escape and her kidnapper's bizarre arrest. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. a 13-year-old girl is home safe tonight after escaping an alleged kidnapper who held her more than 24 hours. >> nbc's marianne favro has the details. >> what's unusual, it was a 911 call the suspect himself placed that ultimately led to his arrest. investigators say this man, timothy lee marble, sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl. they say he met the girl, who
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had run away, at a gas station in napa early friday morning. that's where he convinced her to get into his truck. sonoma county sheriff's deputies say on saturday morning he called 911, saying his 13-year-old companion jumped from his truck as it was moving. when deputies arrived to check it out, the girl stumbled out from the bushes with road rash and said she feared for her life. she also said marble drove them around, smoked marijuana and when she rejected his sexual advances, he tied her to a tree and raped her. the girl also told her marble injected her with methamphetamine and used a knife to cut his name into her skin. >> it's absolutely horrifying. >> reporter: in napa, word spread quickly about the attack and the girl's daring escape.
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>> i give her a lot of respect. for her to have thought and jumped out, on instinct, i'm pretty sure, but it's scary. >> reporter: investigators said after she jumped from the truck and didn't answer her kidnapper's calls, he threatened to kill her. when he heard no response, he dialed 911. several people we talked about expressed relief the alleged attacker is now behind bars. >> i'm glad that he was caught right away by the police. because if he had just tried to get away then, they might not have ever gotten him. >> reporter: the 50-year-old has been convicted on drug charges. >> it's very surprising. hard to believe, being so close. >> marble is behind bars tonight, where he is being held without bail. the girl was treated at a local hospital, and she has been reunited with her mother. mar yane favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow this story as new information comes in. you can track the latest developments on our digital platforms, twitter and on nbc bay now at 11:00 president trump son-in-law is in iraq with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. jared kushner wanted to see iraq for himself and show support for the iraqi government. kushner is a senior adviser to the president and has been tasked with working on affairs. iraq's prime minister met president trump on march 20th and said afterward he was given assurances of more support from the u.s. when it comes to fighting isis. well, president trump's supreme court nominee is up for a critical vote this week, but it could come with a huge hurdle. the u.s. senate is divided and republicans are threatening a drastic measure to push the nomination through. rick boon is live in san francisco tonight with the details. rick? >> reporter: hey, peggy, this could all come down to the wire, this as tomorrow it could be a
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showdown in washington, d.c. as gorsuch's name comes up on the senate judiciary committee for a vote. this as folks in the bay area are delivering the judge a direct message. >> i am honored, and i am humbled. >> reporter: 49-year-old colorado bay federal judge neil gorsuch could beginning a lifetime appointment to the u.s. supreme court by friday. sunday the senate republican leader said the victory is already a done deal. >> what i can tell you is that neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week. how that happens depends on our democratic friends. >> reporter: eight democrats need to vote with republicans for a clear win, but experts say it's unlikely. >> if they try to filibuster and invoke the nuclear option, that will change the way superior supreme court justices are voted on forever. so the democrats and republicans both have a lot at stake. >> reporter: inside the nuclear option, it would call for adjusting the senate rules to not require 60 votes to confirm.
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giving republicans with much less numbers full power to even block floor debate. >> it's highly unlikely he'll get 60. >> reporter: one won't be feinstein. >> we want her to strongly oppose gorsuch and support the filibuster. >> reporter: and a look at the numbers tonight. right now, there's only three democrats who are going to vote for gorsuch, so it's very likely the republicans will likely change those rules. we'll know more tomorrow. in the meantime, in downtown san francisco, rick boone, nbc bay area news. thank you, rick. the demand for immigration services continues to skyrocket in san jose. a new community center opened in the south bay today. music and dancing filled the grand opening at the immigration clinic. the clinic will provide low-cost legal services for undocumented men and women as well as paperwork for work permits. leaders at the clinic say fear of deportation has increased the
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need for the service. >> so critically important that we have these services here. because in san jose, we have more than 80,000 undocumented immigrants. that means thousands of families that are worried about their kids, their parents, and we're trying to do everything we can to help families stay together. officials say before president trump took office, maybe 200 people sought legal help with immigration. now that number is roughly a thousand. an outspoken critic of the trump administration, congresswoman jackie speier held an event labelled take back america in san mateo today. organizers say the goal is to connect people and organizations with grass-roots groups who are fighting against president trump's agenda. speier said she's committing to protecting the rights of the people and to giving democrats a majority in the house of representatives in 2018. more help tonight in the trump administration in the wake of damaging storms in california. late last night the president
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approved a disaster declaration for the state that allows for federal assistance. the money is in addition to state and local funds allocated for storm recovery. this declaration covers any storm damage from february 1st to the 31st. >> you see that and it brings back the rain we saw in february. and we have another change in the forecast, it should impact our weather this week. >> i wonder if we'll get more flooding. rob? >> right now, no worries about any rain. golden gate bridge, tdry, f59 degrees right now. we should see temperatures through the 70s again. one change, though, we'll see, winds likely on the increase. not expecting any rain out of this first system. but you'll notice wind speed, especially in the north bay later tonight. for the morning commute, locally
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breezy at times, but a it's a preview of bigger changes later in the week. watch for stronger winds for the second half of the week. and by april standards, pretty impressive rainfall projections as we get through the second half of the workweek. mountain areas could pick up two to three inches of rain and a half inch to an inch of rain possible across the rest of the bay. sierra snow back in the pictures and showers for next weekend. i'll give you the timeline on the pattern coming up in the full forecast in 12 minutes. >> all right, rob, thank you very much. you can track the rain with our free nbc bay area app, you can also get updates on the forecast for your neighborhood. speaking of that monday morning commute, roadwork on interstate 80 is bound to tie up traffic tomorrow. caltrans will close the left three lanes on eastbound 80, that will be for emergency repairs. the work will start about 7:00
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tomorrow morning and will end around 2:00 in the afternoon. a birthday party turns violent in pittsburgh. five people were injured when someone opened fire about midnight last night at a home on mad line street off railroad avenue. a group of men tried to get into the party. they were asked to leave and that's when someone opened fire. the five people hit are in stable condition according to police. officers arrested the gunman at the scene. a dramatic fire in oakland forced one person to jump from a window. look at the scene here just after 3:00 this morning. this is at a building on 39th avenue near mcarthur boulevard. the residents were inside when it caught fire. firefighters say one of them jumped from a second-story window to get out of the way of the flames. the man is okay. firefighters were able to put it out before it spread to any additional apartments. tesla is beating market expectations for car sales. the palo alto-based company said
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it delivered more than 25,000 of its model s and x vehicles to customers in the first quarter. that's up 69% from a year ago. a new record for tesla. analysts expected tesla to deliver around 23 or 24,000 after missing a target in the fourth quarter. the numbers put tesla on track to sell 50,000 cars in the first half of the fiscal year. still ahead, it's a disturbing new trend. live streaming violent crime on facebook. tonight a teenager is under arrest. what police are saying you should do if you witness someone breaking the law online. plus, extreme weather conditions caught on camera, the dangerous and deadly situation in the south right now. and send in the drones. the new twist on aerial technology. why this new device doesn't need a pilot.
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patented technology for faster healing. a very disturbing new trend is emerging, crimes committed live on facebook. tonight chicago police say a teenager was viciously attacked and streamed live during that attack. there are so many questions now about who should be held responsible, and also how to prevent crimes like this from happening. nbc's morgan radford has this
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report. >> reporter: tonight a 14-year-old boy, facing charges of assault and child pornography, for his role in the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl. >> no woman should ever be treated the way this young woman was. the young man responsible, they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: police say the victim knew one of the offender. and on march 19th, was lured to a house, helt captive and assaulted while it was streamed live online. 40 people saw the video, no one said a word. >> it just disgusts me that people would look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911. > >> reporter: the victim's mother received screen grabs and ran to the police station. terrified, she showed the photos and explained that her daughter was missing. a day later, police found her. the mother has chosen to cover her face, because her daughter
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is now being bullied. >> it's been a lot of threats. it's just too much. >> reporter: the live stream of the crime, now compounding the victim's trauma and rape, and those who saw it and did nothing. >> in terms of the people who saw that video and didn't do anything, are they going to be charge? ed? >> it's a moral and ethical issue, it's not a law. >> reporter: in january, four suspects in chicago were charged with beating a mentally challenged teenager and streaming it on facebook. all have pleaded not guilty. in a statement to nbc news, facebook says it works with the police in cases like these, and that they do not allow this kind of content on facebook. >> it was not her fault. it's still not her fault. >> reporter: a new frontier for crime, and a new challenge for parents. >> that was morgan radford reporting. now the case raises questions about what you should do, if you witness a crime online. police say don't assume that someone else has reported it already. take a screen grab and call
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police. the search for survivors continues in colombia where more than 200 people are dead after a mudslide this weekend. dozens of people remain missing and now that the floodwaters have receded family members and search and rescue crews are combing through rubble. the mudslide came so quickly, people did not have time to get out of their homes. a new video is giving us a look at scary weather conditions in louisiana. someone caught this tornado in alexandria on their cell phone this afternoon. you can see it in the distance, so ominous, that funnel cloud and huge gray clouds overhead. this was at a mall. many people came outside of the mall to watch it. then everyone took cover inside the mall. 100 miles south, a tornado outside of baton rouge claimed the life of a mother and her young daughter. seconds after a tornado warning was issued this morning, the storm hit. a husband and father of the victims was away from the home at the time.
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when he got back home, he found the bodies of his wife and 3-year-old. >> i can't, i can't, i can't explain. i just can't -- it's something i can't -- you know, i lost everything. everything. i lost my family. >> reporter: nearly 6,000 people are reportedly without power tonight in the state of louisiana because of this devastating weather. a new study shows that there's growing support for more housing in the bay area, but exactly how people feel about it, depends to a degree on how old they are. the council found 70% of voters 18 to 39 support the construction of new housing in their neighborhoods. but only 57% of voters older than that support new housing. the overall trend is clear. this year, 62% of all voters said they support building new housing close to where they live, up from 56% in 2014.
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the san francisco gay men's chorus is mourning the loss of one of its own. ryan nunes died on stage during the intermission of a concert on friday night. the chorus posted this picture on its facebook page along way tribute to him. the group says that nunes was not only a dedicated singer but also the administrative coordinator on staff. he was a voice to the world. nunes was 39 years old. a coast guard crew is back home in the bay area after a successful mission of stopping drug smugglers. the coast guard cutter stratton and its crew arrived back in alameda today. they spent 98 days patrolling the ocean for drug smugglers and did training exercises as well. nearly 4,000 pounds of cocaine was confiscated by the crew. >> the intent is for the coast guard to push our borders offshore, get down south where the cocaine comes out of colombia, so it never has a chance to get close to the border. >> the street value, more than
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$50 million. you've heard of self-driving cars, but now there's a drone that flys itself. an israeli drone manufacturer said it was recently granted the first certificate in the world to fly a fully automated drone. they say their drone is one of a kind and that the sky is the limit. >> the future has so many possibilities using this, if you think about it. flying cities for emergency response situations or applications. being able to take off from one stand and landing in another. that extends the range dramatically. >> the drone is capable of carrying cameras, sensor, and also lasers which could make it pretty fun. and transportation, also useful in shipping or energy production. >> the future is flying into an area near you. >> all new territory, that's for sure. yeah, it's nice now, but -- >> good weekend to fly a drone. >> this weekend?
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>> next weekend different story. 70s and 80s this weekend. winds will be picking up overnight, especially the north bay hilltops and, yes, rain making a comeback eventually. but look at the lights on the bay bridge. 55 degrees, no fog, but tomorrow morning, have you to watch. could have some gusty winds at time, especially around the cokeenas strait. oakland, 60, an exciting night ahead tomorrow, weather wise. no problem for the a's home opener. temperatures in the low 60s, with a bit of a brez oeze out o the west. squaw creek, pretty picture there, 30 degrees outside, chilly. and this was the one spot today, areas south of lake tahoe, where during the afternoon, we had showers popping up south of highway 50. later tonight, and tomorrow morning, could see a shower or
11:20 pm
two. we're watching a system that is dropping down from the pacific northwest, it will dive in east of the sierra and like we saw a couple times last week, this should set us up for a brief return of some breezy conditions. notice wind speeds heading toward 7:00 and 8:30. we think the day will start relatively breezy and the wind backs off as the low pressure heads east of the sierra into tomorrow evening. morning temperatures, chilly. wind-sheltered valleys, lower 40s. hilltop locations, with winds more like the mid 50s. overall, still above-average temperatures, but not quite as warm as today. san jose tomorrow, mid 70s, upper 70s still possible south of downtown. trivalley temperatures, breezy, dry. upper 70s in the forecast. low 70s for belmont, into palo alto. san francisco, upper 60s to near
11:21 pm
sencht. north bay, mid to upper 70s. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures actually staying fairly warm. things begin to change on thursday. we'll probably see a few showers late in the day, and this system will be a deepening area of low pressure approaching the oregon coast. so we'll get rain making a big comeback, looks like friday morning especially, chance of gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour. then as we head into friday night and saturday, unsettled with scattered showers and the sierra could see snow showers down to 5,000 feet next weekend. really a tale of two weather patterns for this week. breezy, dry, warm through wednesday. thursday, chance of showers, thursday night through noon on friday could be the main event, gusty winds, locally heavy rain at times and unsettled weather taking us into next weekend. again, the weather pattern doesn't want to give us a break.
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more sierra snow for next weekend and maybe a chance, especially in the north bay. >> rob, thank you very much. still to come, listening in. >> the president's wiretapping claims have brought attention to the time that a government did eavesdrop on its leader. we'll tell you the connection to this scandalous affair. sueilncend re ppi,
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with all the recent claims in washington about surveillance and wiretapping, it's worth noting there's a long history of such activities. >> tonight a british documentary looks into how the government there decided to listen in on its own king in the midst of a scandalous affair. nbc's kelly cobiella reports. >> edward viii, the only british
11:26 pm
king to give up the throne. >> that's a decision i have made. has been mine and mine alone. >> reporter: choosing love and a life with american divorcee wallace simpson over power. family, church, and country, did not approve. now a new british documentary called "spying on the royals" dives into a government plot to eavesdrop on the king and his lover. top-secret documents unsealed in 2013, after nearly 80 years, show the king was under surveillance, treated bilike an enemy spy. the prime minister himself asking mi5 to tap the wires at buckingh buckingham palace. >> to ask an intelligence agency to bug, tap, surveil the head of state is unordheard of.
11:27 pm
>> reporter: agents disguised as utility workers opened a phone exchange box tied to the palace, tapping the wires, and listening in. >> as far as we can see, mi5 creates almost a little unit within mi5 to keep this secret from the rest of mi5. >> reporter: it was that sensitive. the year, 1936. europe o the ed europe, on the edge of war. the prime minister, worried about edward. was he under wallace simpson's spell? was he cozying up to hitler and a rising far right in britain? could he force a coup? but in the end, the biggest bombshell? an intercepted call, telling his brother he'd take wallace over crown and country. and the rest is history. >> what a story, that's for sure. >> let's check in with sports right now. >> a look at the giants dramatic opening day. >> hey, guys, here in the nbc sports newsroom, the legend of
11:28 pm
madison bumgarner continues to grow. he topped five perfect innings and hit two home runs. so what was wrong with the giants on opening day? well, we'll tell you, next in sports. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed.
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last year, the giants led the majors with 30 blown saves in the regular season. then they blew another save in game 4 of the nlds against the cubs. so the front office went out and spent $62 million on a new closer, one of the best in the business, by the way. but unfortunately, the giants opened up their 2017 campaign just like they ended it last year, with a blown save. yeah, giants open up a four-game set in arizona against the diamondbacks. the story early on was madison bumgarner. he was stellar on the hill and was also a beast at the dish.
11:31 pm
top five, bumgarner. adios, solo shot to left. put the giants up 2-zip. and guess what, folks. he was not done. in the seventh, bumgarner. what do you think he's gonna do? yeah, ridiculous. goes deep again. first pitcher in mlb history to hit two home runs on opening day. it was his 16th career homer, that's most all time by a giants pitcher. giants up 4-3 after that. bottom nine, giants up 5-4, mark melancon in to close, but oh, dear, daniel descalso hits the two-out rbi single, ties it up at five. later in the inning, uh-oh, scares one to right for the walk-off. giants lose 6-5. >> i was hoping the spot would come up again so he could get
11:32 pm
one more at-bat so he could go for three. big day, pitchers hits two homers and pitches the way he did, that's what makes the outcome tough. you should come away with a win. but give the other team credit sometimes and they come back on us. warriors/wizards. first quarter, steph curry just toying with gortat. nothing but net. he had four threes in the first quarter. check this out. in the third, curry drives. confusing the entire wizards team. that was magic. beautiful reverse lay-up. he finished with 42 points. warriors win. their magic number is now down to three to lock up the one seed in the west. sharks in vancouver final road game of the season.
11:33 pm
hertl lights up the lamp. sharks go up, 1-0. later in the period, hertl again. scores off another ricochet, his second goal of the game, but nearly the end of the period, this is going to be a skeary moment for the sharks. joe thorn goes down after being hit. it appears he injures his left knee. he needed help to the locker room, no official word on the extent of his injury, but the sharks went on to win, 3-1. we hope he's okay. all right, strange things seem to happen to the patriots. the latest incident involves the vince lombardi trophy, a state trophy and a deer. >> he had the trophy in his car when he struck his deer. the state trooper posted this photo on facebook. the employee and the trophy are said to be unhurt.
11:34 pm
no word on the deer, though. the patriots did confirm the accident. i really hope that the deer is okay, right? all right, that's going to do it for me. more news after the break. r par. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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could an itunes gift card help you settle a tax debt? no way, says the irs. but scammers are using this to cheat taxpayers out of thousands of dollars. >> stephen stock has been covering tax scams for years and uncovers an entire new level of sophistication on the part of the scammers. >> the irs and state tax agents both tell me that these schemes have become so sophisticated, so good so to speak, that they
11:36 pm
sometimes fool even trained criminal investigators. and while tax season may soon be coming to a close, state and federal investigators tell us that tax fraud has quickly grown into a year-round problem. a problem with consequences for all taxpayers. >> press the butson. >> reporter: like most parents, kayla would do anything for her kids. so when the single mother of two received a threatening call from someone posing as the irs, she says she immediately feared for her family. >> the way they harassed, you get scared. >> reporter: she says when the scammers called her, they called armed with detailed information about her background and employment history, adding to their credibility. the callers demanded that she pay them $6,500 immediately, or they said she would be picked up by local law enforcement and arrested by the irs. >> how am i supposed to pay my bills? i don't have that kind of money.
11:37 pm
finally, we went down to 400. >> but instead of paying by credit card, check or money order, she said the callers told her to pay using gift cards bought at a local drug store. gift cards from itunes, where she was supposed to give the i tunes numbers to the scammer over the telephone. >> they kept telling me, do not hang up. >> reporter: while remaining on the telephone the entire time, she said she rushed to a nearby rite aid and emptied her bank account to pay off her supposed debt. >> they told me that i had to pay more money. i said, i don't have that kind of money, i'm sorry. that's when i started getting aggressive with them, letting them know, this isn't right. are you guys really irs? >> reporter: that's when she realized she had been tricked, falling for one of the latest, most aggressive tax scams sweeping the country. >> it's a horrible crime. >> reporter: tim is deputy
11:38 pm
inspector general at the treasury inspector general's office in washington. he says a growing and surprising number of scammers are now turning to the use of itunes gift cards, swindling taxpayers out of millions of dollars. >> about 70% of victims are being convinced to pay this bogus tax bill using an jin tunes card. >> reporter: he says his office received nearly 40,000 calls from victims reporting scams in the last year, a sharp increase from just 12,000 similar reports in 2013. >> it's too easy. picking up the phone and pretending that you're the irs and threatening somebody into paying. >> reporter: the treasury department and fbi have recently been successful in shutting down several illegal call centers, including one in india with bay area ties last october. but he says the threat to taxpayers still remains. >> the scammers are getting more sophisticated every year. >> reporter: daniel ta hara said that last year, his office
11:39 pm
stopped 21,000 fraudulent returns worth about $70 million. >> and they're getting even bolder. there have been instances this past year where the scammers actually called us directly to inquiry about the status of their refund. >> reporter: even so, he admits many more schemes likely go undetected as the problem has been harder and harder to catch and to stop. >> with the amount of information these scammers have, they're filing returns that it's hard to differentiate between a scammer or the authentic taxpayer filing. and if you compare a fraudulent one to an authentic one, the fraudulent one has less errors. >> as a result, the state tax board has stepped up its review process, taking longer to double-check its return. that adds up to longer wait times for anyone expecting a refund, whether or not they are directly impacted by a tax scam.
11:40 pm
kaley was able to get her money back after explaining what happened to rite aid officials. she's speaking out despite being embarrassed at how easily she was fooled. >> stay alert. >> the treasury inspector general tells me the average amount lost is about $500. although he has seen as much as a half million of dollars lost in this latest tax scam. irs officials remind you that federal agents will never call you up and threaten you with arrest over the telephone. and they'll always send you a notice in the mail first. they'll also never accept gift cards, especially itunes gift cards, as payments. if you want to know more, go to our website. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. if you have a tip, give us a call, 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the -- us.
11:41 pm
no one likes getting stuck at the airport waiting, what the trump administration is proposing as a solution to travel nightmares.
11:42 pm
on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno.
11:43 pm
that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. it is spring vacation season right now. it continues to get busier and busier. it can bring congestion and delays. but the trump administration said that renovating many of
11:44 pm
america's airports and upgrading the country's air traffic control system could ease those backups. >> reporter: it is frustrating and all too common, your flight leaves the gate, but you're stuck in a traffic jam on the tarmac. >> you see people pull out their cell phone. they're saying, i have this meeting, and we need to reschedule. >> not very fun. usually there's not a lot you can do. just wait. >> reporter: while the faa has been upgrading systems to improve the flow of flights in the u.s. the reality is, airlines have been padding their schedules so planes have a better chance of taking off and landing on time. that means, the time set aside for flights like those from washington to new york, or las vegas to los angeles, is up more than 10%. >> those longer schedules are due in part to congestion, in the air and on the tarmac at some of america's busiest airports. a problem many airlines believe can be fixed by upgrading america's air traffic control system. >> ultimately, we want the pilot
11:45 pm
of the airplane, the air traffic controller, the dispatchers at the airline, to all have the same information at the same time, with which to make the best decisions. american airlines is already trying new approaches to improving the flow of flights at its hub. >> 4733, clear. >> reporter: but the big improvement for all airlines could come if president trump can convince congress to spend billions to fix america's airports, and by extension, the traffic jams clogging up airspace over america's busiest airports. >> i think there's a lot of work under way today and the things that are coming out in the next two to three years. there's some technology that can make a huge difference. over a ten-or so-year period. >> reporter: fixing it so travelers spend less time in a plane and more time at their destination. >> phil lebeau reporting. >> we are in for some major league changes. >> this would have been a good
11:46 pm
weekend to travel in the bay area. 70s and 80s outside. next few days, still have some 70s, but the winds will be picking up a little bit monday morning. then bigger changes as you can see at the bottom of the screen, on the seven-day forecast, later on this week. gorgeous evening right now, san francisco, 55 degrees, bay bridge there. mid spans of the bridges tomorrow, may get gusty as winds pick up out of the north. dublin, 580, looks empty heading westbound there, no issues on the road tonight. 57 degrees. san jose, 59 with mostly clear skies. a few high clouds out there. you can see some of that here on the satellite radar loop, as we widen the view for you. we do have a weather system dropping down into northern nevada overnight, that will help to boost wind speeds tomorrow. notice the future cast, it's moving. you can't see anything here. not a lot happening in terms of clouds through 7:00.
11:47 pm
we have winds for the morning and dry weather that should take us into wednesday. now, what's invisible, let's talk about the wind. they'll be speckipicking up, 20 30-mile-per-hour gusts, napa county, solana county. the commute could be breezy around the strait and towards the evening, win speeds back off as the weather heads east of nevada. morning temperatures, chilly for places that aren't seeing breezy conditions. chance of lower 40s for the morning and for the afternoon, highs in the mid 70s. maybe not as warm as the 80s, but again, it's dry conditions as we head through monday afternoon. things will begin to change tuesday and wednesday. temperature wise, probably not a lot of change. increasing clouds into wednesday, then thursday, that looks to be the first chance for seeing some rain. probably not until late in the day on thursday. then the main event with this system, and it looks like it has
11:48 pm
quite a bit going for it, gusty winds, picking up into friday morning. and potentially heavier rain. around midnight thursday to lunch time on friday. then friday into saturday, scattered showers, and we think cooler air will follow. so initially snow levels, maybe 6 tho 7,000 feet. next weekend, snow levels maybe as low as 5,000 feet. so the estimate right now for the places that will see the most rain, friday to saturday, northern sonoma county and mendocino counties may see more than three inches of rain. most of the north bay, less from san francisco southward. but a big impact on the seven-day forecast. weather opposite of this weekend. cooling conditions, windy and rainy. especially for thursday night on into friday. valley temperatures staying pretty warm through wednesday. even thursday, chance of rain, low 70s. friday, a gusty, messy friday
11:49 pm
morning commute and a chance to see snow showers and showers into the bay area as we move through next weekend. so big change says ahes ahead, holding off until late on thursday. >> hopefully you enjoyed this weekend, because the next could be rainy. >> and snow as well. >> thanks, rob. coming up, a bay area non-profit so successful, they've run themselves right out of business. >> how a group focused on diversity and technology is making a big difference.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
nbc bay area responds. we've recovered over $500,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit nbc bay side. --/responds. many non-profits say they'd like to run themselves out of business by fixing the problem they're focused on. >> however, a san francisco non-profit focused on diversity
11:52 pm
and technology has done just that. >> reporter: lauraed withman said they got its name because 2040 is the decade when minorities become the majority in the united states. she believes it's critical to all of us and our economy that they reach a similar milestone in the world of technology. when laura entered the tech world close to a decade ago, there were a few things that made her different from those around her. her gender and race were the two obvious ones. >> i just saw myself in more and more rooms where i would look around and be like, there's nobody else that looks like me. >> reporter: the other thing that made her different, though, was laura's desire to do something about it. >> we knew that there were more talented folks from different backgrounds than were getting a shot to succeed. i think it's important that that's in there. >> reporter: qualified black and latino candidates were out there, laura was convinced.
11:53 pm
but technology companies weren't looking in the right places to find them. which is just what code 2040, the non-profit laura founded in 2012 does. their first year, 2040 worked with just five fellows. computer science students with summer internships with top companies. code 2040 has done nothing but grow since then. >> well, we started with five fellows, which was a five-person community, and we have about 5,000 people in our community now. >> reporter: code 2040 now partners with the who's who of tech, giving students of color a taste of the world that for many of them that would otherwise seem out of reach. for her part, laura has become a sought-after speaker and high-profile leader of the movement to get more black and latino technologyists into the field. she said it's an issue critical for all of us, not just
11:54 pm
minorities. if tech companies want to become bigger and bigger parts of our world, they'll need to do a better job looking like the world. laura says it's going to be a necessity in the future for technology companies to cast a wider net in order to get enough employees to keep growing. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> pretty cool. still to come, lacing up the running shoes. >> the event that has people pounding the pavement in the east wbay. we'll be right back.
11:55 pm
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thousands of runners filled the streets for the eighth annual oakland running festival. >> they did what we never do, terry. >> oh, i do, i run.
11:57 pm
>> do you? marathons? >> how far do you have to go? if you add them all up, it's a marathon. >> over time. this race today included full marathon, half marathon. >> i've done that. long time ago. >> also a 5k. >> those are easy. >> the race leads runners through neighborhoods and past the college. some say it's just a good time. >> one of my co-workers actually offered to sign up with me and i said, why not? and i've been running off and on recently i ran in college for st. mary's, and ever since then, i haven't been running as much, but i decided to race just for the fun of it. >> and he's dropping the st. mary's name, which is a popular thing. >> that is. they've been doing this race for seven years now. >> that's how long it would take me to run a marathon. >> monday morning, just a couple
11:58 pm
minutes away. how are we looking? >> not too bad. you can see it's pretty dry. thursday into friday, changes there in the forecast. it starts thursday. let's take a look at the outlook through the middle part of the month. the date in green, rain chances possible. through next weekend. a's home opener tomorrow, no problems with the weather. giants home opener, the 10th. maybe some weather possible. >> thank you for joining us, everyone. have a wonderful night. >> and a great week.
11:59 pm
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that you win, regular season games coming back from down 20, that mean a lot. they're important. but there's nothing like a national championship. ♪ on a special episode of "in depth," we're sitting down with some of college basketball's greatest coaches. from duke icon mike kryzewski on one of the greatest games in ncaa history. >> i said when you come off the baseline, you know, will you catch it? and he said -- christian said, if grant throws a good pass, i'll catch it


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