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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a double stabbing in the south bay. investigators are combing through two crime scenes. we're there live. >> plus, an alert for muni riders. the search for a man riding buses in san francisco. what police say he's doing to other passengers. >> the north carolina tar heels take it all. you think they're excited? at the end, there was only one team standing. the ncaa men's basketball national championship comes to a close. today in the bay starts right now. all those brackets busted. >> lindsey did okay, one of our producers. >> all right. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you're putting a nice color on this. we lost to an 8-year-old did in our bracket. our writer rob, his son beat all of us. >> did he?
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>> yeah. >> second year. >> second year in a row. a ringer. >> good for will. a lot of fun, though. a lot of fun. >> i can't believe it's over. it's over? >> here's the highlights for you. >> happy about that. >> there you go. look at the crowds. you could tell how excited they would be as well. north carolina kind of a powerhouse there, but isn't it amazing to see? >> yeah, so there's obviously a huge tradition in chapel hill, as we're seeing students pouring onto the streets. they're probably just as happy that duke lost as north carolina won. this is their sixth championship. they're getting used to that sort of celebration. >> congratulations to them. for the other teams. there's always next year. >> including st. mary's. in the meantime, we have to soak up the sun while it's here. >> we have a couple more days of dry weather. even though it won't be bright and sunny the entire time, we will have a break and have time to get outside as we're tracking rain moving in by the end of the
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week. let's get a live look outside as you step out the door at 5:01. all clear, at least for the south bay. wree have seen some clouds and even sprinkles in the north bay. looking at the temperature trend for los gatos today. at 9:00, 54 degrees, and look how it warms up today. oh, it's going to be another nice one. but we talk about some rain that's coming up in a few minutes. coming up at about 5:08 as we head over to mike, what's going on in san rumome? >> we're going to head over to san ramon. we're looking at a smooth drive for the freeways, but today, reports of a number of cows on the road. very close to north canyon road and bullinger canyon road. that's a pretty good intersection. another report at wentwood that's more remote, so they may be on the move there. no freeway lanes are blocked and access is fine. we'll track what chp is going to do with the reports of cows there in san ramon. for the rest of the tri-valley, a smooth flow of traffic. a 25-minute drive.
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a little build out of the altamonte. that's fine. >> at 5:02, we're following breaking news. at least two people rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in an attack near a popular children's museum. today in the bay's pete suratos joins us near the discovery museum. what are you hearing from investigators? >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, i spoke with san jose police. they tell me they're looking for one suspect. the only description they have is that the suspect is a male. but they tell me there are no more active scenes involved in this double stabbing incident, but they expect to have crime scene crews here shortly for the cle cleanup. let's show you video from earlier when the scene was more active. they say this happened around 12:00 a.m. a double stabbing along the guadalupe river. we know two victims were stabbed. one person, that victim was found at locust street. that where we're standing now. another victim was found closer to the river. i'm also told by police that
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these may be transient we're talking about, but we're waiting to get more information on that. the victims were sent to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they are expected to survive. as far as the suspect, we know it's a male suspect, but that's as much information as we have at this time. it's still an ongoing investigation. we'll have another update in the next hour, see if we can get another update on exactly where the suspect search stands. live in san jose, pete suratos. >> thanks for the latest there. >> 5:04. new this morning, a robby at an apple store in walnut creek. police say three men rushed into the store off main street and took off with three laptops and 18 iphones. worth thousands of dollars. the suspect did not appear to have any weapons. police are still looking through surveillance videos to identify the men. >> right now, police are looking for a groper. there's a man accused of inappropriately touching women on a san francisco muni line. check out the surveillance photo of the suspect.
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that's him. police say he would inappropriately rub up against unsuspecting women. that case started when victims began posting warnings about that man on the app next door. eventually, one woman filed a police report. some riders say they're keeping more alert now. >> i'm definitely aware of my surroundings. i try to set in a position where i can see everybody around me and i can kind of monitor what's going on, try not to have my face in my phone. >> police say that man has been seen on the n judah line several times. >> happening today, a 50-year-old felon accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 13-year-old girl is expected to be arraigned. investigators say timothy lee marble met a young runaway girl at a napa gas station last friday. the next day, he called 911 himself and said the victim had jumped from his moving truck. when officers found the victim, she told them she had been drugged and repeatedly assaulted. >> continuing coverage this morning of a fire south of los angeles. the food processing plant went
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up in flames around 8:00 last night. the fire eventually burned through the roof of the building. it took nearly 170 firefighters to try to knock down the blaze. the fire burned until 1:00 this morning. >> metro stations back up and running after yesterday's terror attack in st. petersburg. a bomb tore through a subway train under the city killing 11 people and hurting nearly 50. the russian government says they believe it was a suicide bombing but will not release the name of the suspect. president vladimir putin was also visiting the city at the time of the attack. 5:06 right now on your tuesday. new this morning, the death toll of 58 now for an alleged chemical attack in northern syria. here's where the attack took place in the city of idlib. human rights groups say 11 children were also killed in the chemical attack, said to be the worst poison gas attack in the country in the six-year-long civil war. >> something you have to see now. we have been talking a lot about
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recent storms to our south. new video caught on security camera here. a small tornado. that's what's spiraling in the center of the screen, touching down. sending a car airborne. this happened yesterday at an auto repair shop in southern louisiana. the storm did damage the auto shop, but fortunately, not enough to shut down businesses that kept on going. more broadly, louisiana's governor has now declared a state of emergency. >> happening today, a proposal that could dramatically change the way it pressures criminal defendants to show up for court in the state. seven requiring suspects to post bail, county officials would decide whether to release them based on their risk to public safety. some groups oppose the bill. it is 5:07 as you get ready to head out, we have cloudy skies in the north bay. even a little bit of some light rain as we get a closer look. we have seen the spotty showers moving through, but this will be
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clearing out as we go through the day. and this is your daily reminder to take your allergy medication. we have a lot of pine, oak, cedar, and a moderate amount of grass pollen in the air. this will be the case for the next couple days as we continue on with more dry weather and a lot of allergens out there floating around. if you have that yellow coating on your car of the pollen, well, you just want to keep it there. we will still have some more of the dry weather for the next couple days. and then you can let mother nature wash your car for you. we'll be talking about the bigger storm system and some heavier rain set to move in on friday. also, a look at the timeline of the temperature trend today in willow glen. that's coming up at about 5:10 as -- rather about 5:12, as we head over to mike. a b.a.r.t. delay reported. >> that's right. but the pollen report comes in handy. my son was having a hard time overnight. we're looking over here toward b.a.r.t. harder time right now between
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south hayward and warm springs. some sort of mechanical issue. doesn't sound like it's related at all to the fact that warm springs is the newest station. just under ten minutes perhaps right 93 for your train. meanwhile, getting out of the rest of the bay, the roadways moving well. the freeways not having major issues. going to take you to earlier crash, 880 at alameda. that crash cleared. the debris was also cleared. no problems for the south bay. >> thanks. with everything going on in europe, nick sturgeon is coming to stanford later today. >> we'll tell you what she'll be discussing. >> plus -- >> fox news. pressure grows on the company as ads are getting pulled from the television. we'll take a look in business and tech.
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it is 5:12 on this tuesday morning, as you get ready to head out, all clear. here's a live look outside right now at san jose. the temperature trend in willow glen, the average is 67 degrees. we'll start out at 51 with sunshine, a few clouds mixing in. and reaching into the low 70s as you go through the middle of the afternoon. you want to make sure you head outside to take in that sunshine. that all comes to an end by the end of the week. i'll talk more about it coming up in four minutes. >> and here's your travel time for the tri-valley. 25 minutes right now out of the altamonte and in through the dublin interchange. no surprises there. we'll show you how things are
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chaping up as far as any choices you have to make. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. taking a live look at washington, d.c. on thistusing. president trump is hoping for a double win on capitol hill this week. he wants the supreme court nominee approved, and health care, you heard that right, the republican health care plan, is now back. >> today in the bay's tracie potts joining us live on the hill this morning to explain why. good morning. >> sam and laura, if you thought it was on the back burner, it is back with the vice president here just hours ago, late last night, trying to convince reluctant republicans to support a new compromise. revived? after flat lining less than two weeks ago, the republican health plan may be coming back to life. >> good to see everybody. >> vice president pence led a late night trip to capitol hill last night to pitch skeptical conservatives a compromise that allows states to opt out of
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obamacare mandates by covering maternity, mental health, and emergencies, and it would allow insurers to charge sick people more. >> we're encouraged by at least the idea, intrigued by the idea. but would certainly need a whole lot more information. >> the details expected today with a possible vote this week, covering pre-existing conditions and young adults on their parents insurance would stay. not everyone likes that. >> we're approaching this strictly from a public policy standpoint, i'm quite confident that we can do much better with health care reform that we're doing. >> compromise comes after an earl meeting with skeptical moderate republicans and weekend golf diplomacy with rand paul. one of the loudest critics. >> i think the president has made clear that he intends to work with anyone who wants to help him get to the number of votes. >> that number still in motion.
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but the number that lawmakers may not have if they vote this week, the congressional budget office number of what this compromise plan would cost. back to you. >> all right. we'll wait and see on that. tracie potts, thank you very much. all sorts of interesting speakers come to stanford. how about this? happening today, scottish leader cola sturgeon is appearing in the bay area. she'll speak on issues that include brexit and climate change. sturgeon opposes brexit for scotland, but now only a couple years after scotland voted to stay in the uk, now there's talks of another vote for scottish independence the works as a result of the brexit outcome. interesting time for her to be on campus. that forum takes place at noon and will be followed by a question and answer session. >> 5:15. tesla is now worth more than ford. >> that is big news. scott mcgrew, investors are excited about the electric car company. >> very interesting.
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ford has fallen. you add all the shares of tesla out there, multiply them by the price and get a mark capitalization bigger than ford. the nasdaq hit a high on monday before falling back. verizon said the new company that combines yahoo and aol will be named o. monday marked the beginning of the h1b visa application period, a time where companies mostly in silicon valley can petition the federal government to allow foreigners to come into the country to do specialized jobs. the trump administration has promised big changes and that seems to have started new rules say computer programming in and of itself is not a special enough skill to qualify for an h1' b. >> mercedes-benz and hyundai are pulling their ads from the o'reilly factor after new allegations of sexual harassment
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against the host and network. bill o'reilly and fox have paid out millions so car companies knew of this in the past, but the sunday "new york times" article brought the controversy back into the news. >> today is equal pay day, which marks the day when women earn the amount of money men earned last year. in other words, it took until today in 2017 for a woman to earn what a man earned in 2016. the day was created back in the 1990s. had a long talk monday with the woman who created it. she's retired now and living in virginia. she wants you to know the math behind it is far more symbolic that accurate. but the math, who knows. the day is based on the idea that women make 79.6 cents for every dollar a man makes. she's quick to point out that's based on census data. comparing all full time working american women with full time
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working american men. what they do is not in factor. they use a tuesday because it doesn't interfere with holidays but it's not based on exact math. they wanted to clear the day a year ahead of time for maximum impact, right? but they don't get the census data until just before the date, so they have to sort of guess. but she told me they got it right this time around. and again, while statistically the 79.6 is nonsense. >> more symbolic. >> the spiritt is important, and the organizer wants you to know that, in case somebody gives you push back, she knows it's a symbol. >> look at the conversation it's created. >> absolutely. >> an important conversation, and the fact of the matter is a certain percentage gap that exists, i don't know know whether it's 10 cents, 20 cents, you can't explain with anything, and why does it exist in the first place? that's why we're talking about it. >> exactly. we'll have continuing coverage this morning as well.
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kris sanchez is live along the peninsula. you know what is back? yeah, do i have to tell you? we were talking about this yesterday. baseball. baseball is back. a packed house cheered the a's to a 4-2 win. nice start over the angels last night at the coliseum. >> and look at that, by the way. rickey henderson, the man himself, coming back to a standing ovation. the a's, as you just saw a second ago, renamed the field after the hall of famer and oakland native rickey henderson. they also celebrated their ties to the city of oakland which fans say they appreciate. >> the raiders want to leave, let them leave. the a's, we're staying here, in oakland, in the east bay. >> i like the hat. >> exactly. the a's have launched a rooted in oakland campaign in the wake of course of the raiders deciding to move to las vegas and the warriors now building a new arena in san francisco. >> very nice to see. >> okay, baseball back. the weather to go with it has been extraordinary. kind of keeping with the season. >> yeah, yesterday, it was
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bright and sunny. the home opener sold out. if you're going back tonight, it will not be as sunny. so a little bit -- yeah, we're going to see some big changes as we head throughout the weekend. that will be the big story we'll be talking about this week. the rain comes back. but not today. if you're heading out to the game, here's a look at the forecast later on this evening. mostly cloudy skies. but hey, 65 degrees. you can't beat that. right at 5:00, put the game starts at 7:05 and it will be dropping back into the lower 60s. a breezy one, too. and then later on tonight in the mid 50s. as the seven day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you see a lot of rain in the forecast, especially starting out the weekend. but it won't be raining the whole weekend, so i hope you make plans there. as you head out the door right now in the peninsula, 50 degrees. 48 degrees in the tri-valley. ly clear skies for most of the bay area, but then you head to the north bay. we have some low visibility there and temperatures in the
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upper 40s. we also have a few showers moving through. and as we go into the day, going to see mostly sunny skies. 75 degrees in the south bay for the high. also 75 in the north bay. looking at the radar, we do see a little light rain moving through. this is just enough to wet the streets as you get ready to head out for the morning drive, but not seeing a widespread rain, and this will not have a major impact on the day today. but looking at this larger storm system rolling through the pacific, and as it gets closer, we'll start to see more clouds and then some rain eventually by thursday afternoon. for the north bay, the rest of the bay area not seeing it until late thursday night. but then look at friday morning. here we are just all covered with some heavy rain. this could cause quite a few problems with some gusty winds, heavy downpours and the potential in most of the bay area bringing at least a quarter to a half inch of rain, but it will be higher for the north bay where we could see an inch plus in the santa cruz mountains will
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get the most, i'm thinking, at this point, about 2 to 3 inches of rain for friday afternoon into saturday. looking at the bigger picture for san francisco, it will be fairly warm the next couple days, but then cooling down after the rain moves in. rain on friday. scattered showers opsaturday, and as you make plans for sunday, that will be the day to get outside. it will be all dry. as we head over to mike, some better news for b.a.r.t. riders. >> the earlier problems we had reported between south hayward and warm springs, mechanical issues have been resolved so there may be up to ten-minute delays for some of thefirst trains getting through the area, but no problems other than that. looks like a nice drive on the freeways as well through the same area. now, as you get a look at your drive, pretty clear, pretty much everywhere. we're showing a little build for west 580. at the dublin interchange, a little build. i'm going to track that closely no surprises, the construction on 84. we'll show you how traffic drives over toward the bay bridge. still a 15-minute drive from
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highway 4 to bay bridge toll plaza itself. that's great over there. let me show you where the build is. this is on the waze system. looking at highway 24, starting to slow through pittsburg. 30 minutes for that drive, as well as the cut through. that changed because earlier this morning, this was a longer drive. there you go, the change in the commute. you can join our waze community. go to the waze app, download it, click on the magnifying glass, click on your name, teams at the bottom, and join nbc bay area wazers and get this advantage anywhere around the bay at any time. you don't need me, but we need you. >> we do need you. thanks, mike. >> coming up next, what is the craziest thing that you have gotten a ticket for? here's a ticket one san francisco man got at a muni stop, and his crime, if you look closely in the fine print, eating pizza. we'll explain what happened next. also hanging out in palo alto this morning.
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live pictures from the stanford campus. more news in two. you're watching tb. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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>> today, workers and supporters of racial equality take to the streets. on this day, 49 years ago, dr. martin luther king jr. was assassinated. dr. king was killed during a strike for black sanitation workers. >> across the country, people will march to show support for
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the fight for 15 movement and the black lives matter movement. one hosting individual for dr. king, san francisco hosting its own rally today at 3:00 p.m. in yerba buena park. >> not quite eat a pisa to go to jail, but homeless advocates in san francisco are upset. a really interesting story. >> the chronicle reporting that police recently quote/unquote popped a man at a muni bus shelter for eating pizza. the $250 citation, $250, was tweeted out by an organizer for the coalition on homelessness. she said it's illegal to be eating at a muni stop, it's never enforced and a waste of resources. it's likely it will be dismissed once the man proves he's homeless. >> 5 twk 27. we're continuing to follow breaking news in the south bay this morning. a double stabbing near a very popular children's museum. we'll have the latest on what happened coming up next.
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you may see the hash tag 20 percent matters or 20 percent counts in your social media feeds today. i'll teyou what that means for inequality in california and across theination.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. we're following breaking news from overnight. police still at the scene of a double stabbing in downtown san jose. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report. 5:30.
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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. glad to have you on this tuesday. this past weekend felt like peak spring. people were out at the beach. we were just talking about this. you couldn't find a parking spot. >> gorgeous out there. >> next weekend, not quite as nice. >> hopefully you enjoyed it because i mean, this weekend is not looking like last weekend. i went to the beach, went to santa cruz. it was nice and warm. this weekend is going to be cold, windy, and wet. okay, so let's talk about changes here. as we get a live look outside, getting ready to step out the door right now at 5:31. i want taget you out with what to expect today. 41 degrees as you head out in morgan hill. it's 51 degrees in san francisco. 54 in oakland. already a spread temperatures. we will see that as we go through the day. some low 60s in san francisco and half moon bay. upper 70s for concord, as well as many of the valleys. we're also tracking some spotty light rain in the north bay. we're going to see a little bit of that wet weather rolling
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through fairly quickly out of here for the rest of the day. we'll talk about the storm system set to move in on thursday. into friday. that's coming up in about seven minutes as we head over to mike talking about hamilton. >> thought the musical, not the mountain. the avenue. down here in the south bay, wood debris reported scattered on highway 17 southbound just about the hamilton exit there, heading down through campbell. be careful. there mail a traffic break. i just heard about it so that's all i have right now. we'll track the south bay freeways, but so far, no major slowing. southbound 87 does show a blip as well. we'll check on the road crews. i think they're cleared from the area. we're also looking at the tri-valley times. a quick check of the bay bridge because the metering lights should be on at the toll plaza. there we go. we'll show it to you now. a light build off the left approach. no big deal. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:32 right now. we're tracking breaking news. i mentioned at the top of the
5:33 am
newscast this morning. a double stabbing san jose. these are live pictures. very active with police still on the scene. they responded off almaden close to the children's discovery museum just after midnight. two men were stabbed near the stairs to the guadalupe river. the victims were rushed to the hospital with major injuries but they are expected to survive. >> there's an ongoing investigation right now as far as collecting the crime scene, the multiple scenes. so there will be multiple officers collecting evidence for the next several hours. >> pete is at the scene. he'll join us with a live report at 6:00. >> all right. right now, it is 5:33 on your tuesday morning. making the country conscious of a gender pay gap. #20percentcounts is coming to a bay area near you. kris sanchez is live in front of one of those stores. what is the restaurant doing? >> this restaurant and several other bay area businesses are offering a 20% count to kind of
5:34 am
illustrate exactly how much 20% is in case you don't do the math on your own. it is a 20% that represents the pay gap between what men and women make. this is according to analysis by the national partnership for women and families, using u.s. census data. they averaged all women and men who work full year round and found across the board, women made about 80 cents for every dollar men make. some asian women fare better at 85 cents. white women make 75 cents on the dollar, black women make 63 cents, latino women make just more than half what men do for the same work. working moms make 70 cents on the dollar. the institute for women's policy research estimates that equal pay for women would add $513 billion in income to the economy. that's a lot of spending power. and we say, it would benefit everybody if the pay gap were
5:35 am
closed. scott mcgrew talked about the science behind the numbers isn't quite perfect, but the spirit is there. coming up at 6:30, i'll tell how you california stacks up in the big picture. in redwood city, kris sanchez. >> thank you very much. 5:35. in a few hours, the city of san jose will try to help the victims of the coyote creek flooding. after the streets were inundated with water, many residents were left without cars. san jose city council will meet to consider a new ordinance, if passed, the city's surplus cars would be donated to flood victims. the floods caused more than $70 million in damage. >> leaders take steps in exploring new ways to keep pedest rheeps safe while walking. it rolled out the vision zero commitment. at 12:30, city leaders plan to talk about what's already been done and what still must be done to achieve the goal.
5:36 am
>> all new this morning, palo alto is digging deeper at their new california avenue garage. the city began work on the garage two years ago. but some local business owners said they still needed more spots. last night, palo alto city council agreed to increase parking capacity. the new plans include two basement levels. hopefully that will help all the shoppers there. >> governor brown's bold $50 billion gas tax plan we told you about last week to repair roads and bridges has cleared its first major hurdle, but it faces another key test on thursday. state senate appropriations committee yesterday approved that measure in a rare legislative appearance, governor brown provided his own testimony about it, talking about the urgent need for funding. >> the roads are broken and they're getting worse, and they're not going to get better unless we get a significant injection of money. >> we should note, there is no way that injection of money is coming unless it gets two thirds approval from the california legislature. the governor last week introduced his plan in concord,
5:37 am
that's the video you're looking at. it would boost gas taxes about 12 cents per gallon and create a new fee for electronic vehicles. that measure will be voted on on thursday. >> the effort to permanently end scenes like this in san francisco's mission terrace neighborhood is still reportedly a long way from reality. that's according to the examiner which spoke with members of the public utilities commission. parts of the neighborhood along with the mission district frequently flood when there's heavy rainfall. while several improvement projects are under way, they won't be finished for years. follow up now for you. the city of san jose will take the first step in looking for a new independent police auditor. they're expected to vote on a recruitment timeline with a new hire expected this summer. the current independent police auditor is leaving his position friday for his job in chicago. his second in command is supposed to take over in the interim. >> in case you missed the news, april is normally the start of
5:38 am
abalone season off the sonoma coast, but this year, the depart of fish and wildlife cut back on abalone season. it's off limits until may. it ends one month earlier at the end of october, and the reason for the cutback, concerns about food supply. the allowable catch is down from 18 to 12 to try to preserve the stock. >> this morning, a price tag on the repairs from this winter's storms. intense flooding, road damage. the total estimated cost to fix the roads in california is $860 million. one of the largest being the phifer canyon bridge in surestimated to cost more than $26 million on it own. >> it's 5:38. as you get ready to head out this tuesday morning, in the north bay, a little light rain. mist and drizzle. as we get a closer look, not widespread, and this will not last all day.
5:39 am
so a little bit of some mist on your face as you head out, but then as we head through the rest of the week, we'll be talking about this big storm system. yes, the rain will be coming back it's been nice to have dry weather, bewe also need the rain. it will be here as we head into thursday afternoon for the north bay, starting out with light showers, and then getting more widespread and heavy between thursday night and friday. there will be some pockets of some heavy rain. we're also looking at the potential of gusty winds. it continues throughout the day on friday. and then finally starts to wind down for saturday with still some lingering showers through the morning and early afternoon. as you start to make those weekend plans, make sure you know that it will be wet and i'll be keeping you up to date as we will see the changes in the forecast. and coming up in about four minutes, i'll talk about the temperature trend for san jose. mike is starting with san francisco. >> that's right. but i'm also watching the changes for the weather. we're looking over here, changes, i just got a change in the south bay, but will be
5:40 am
jumbled for the report. we are starting in san francisco because i have been tracking this. a disabled vehicle at van ness, just as you're getting to the 101 and i-80 interchange. right around the curve where we have the hazard causing slowing. a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. it could be a problem off the bay bridge. hopefully getting cleared in a matter of seconds. i also told you i would track this. northbound 17. that's the update, at hamilton. that wood debris in the lanes. we had a lot of slowing. looks like there was a traffic break. things are recovering right now. jumping back over toward oakland, the approach to the bay bridge. that's an easy flow of traffic. metering light are on. now 18 minutes. still under 20, but a build for the upper east shore freeway. >> thank you very much. politics and religion. two things you're not supposed to talk about at the dinner table. now, apparently, not supposed to talk about on muni trains either. the reason the transit agency is getting rid of political ads.
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it is 5:43. as you get ready to head out right now, we have clear skies across the south bay. north bay, you're seeing a different picture. as we look at the temperature trend for san jose, well, you start out at 46 degrees with a high today of 75. the temperature trend shows you how those temps continue to warm up right at lunch time, at 66 degrees. you'll definitely want to take the lunch outside again. we will have some changes in the forecast. we'll talk about that.
5:44 am
what to wear, that's coming up at 5:49. and we're looking at the tri-valley times there, your suspected build for 580 and 680 lighter because of spring break in the tri-valley this week. i want to show you an issue and show you can make a choice. >> thank you very much. right now, coming up on a quarter to 6:00 on your tuesday. that's a live at the bay bridge from our emeryville camera there. today, the city council is meeting at 6:00 to continue discussing a sanctuary workplace resolution. a rally is also held by immigranters in support of passing the resolution. >> today is the last day for voters in woodside to weigh in on new funding for the town's only school. >> voters in the woodside school district are deciding on a mail-in ballot partial tax to boost revenues for woodside elementary school. the $290 perparcel tax would provide eight years of funding for school programs. >> south bay symposium centered
5:45 am
on creating positive school climates for children gets under way today. it is called positive behavior interventions and supports. it's hosted by the santa clara county office of education. >> happening today in marin county, fixes for a popular park that always seems to be bustling in the spring and summer months. the board of supervisors is getting an update on how plans are going for improving roads and traffic problems. with close to a million visitors every year, the county and park service wants to manage and improve overall traffic. >> we're getting a better idea of the rent situation in alameda today. city council will be receiving a report on rent stabilization and evictions at their meeting tonight at 7:00. the city approved a measure one year ago today aimed at protectic renters from the outrage price increases. also a rally to show support for the ordinance. as soon as tomorrow, political ads on the sides of muni buses will no longer be
5:46 am
allowed. the examiner reports today the leaders will consider a new policy. it would prevent ads that quote a concern or concern a public or political issue. some ads have caused serious controversies and transit agencies in other cities have made similar moves. the ban would take effect immediately. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office. and today, we're at day 75. >> we're three quarters of the way there, scott. plenty of scrutiny today. the president facing a foreign policy chaj challenge. >> good morning. reports say there has been a chemical attack in sear. you have been reporting that. we're still waiting on video. this puts pressure on the white house and the internalths community. we have video of saturday's air strike. this was a conventional air strike. the white house said recently through tillerson, secretary of state, it is no longer prioritizing regime change in syria. we'll have to see how the white house responds to the attack. lots happening today.
5:47 am
vice president pence is reportedly meeting with conservative republicans. the ones who killed the health care bill, to see if they would agree to a more conservative watered down version. one that does away with several oa era restrictions including one that prevents insurance companies from charging sick people more than well people. also, attorney general jeff sessions has ordered a top to bottom review of the way that the justice department is handling police departments and trouble across america. places like chicago and missouri. >> the obama administration uses the justice department or used the justice department to crack down on police abuses and civil rights worries. the trump administration will back off that oversight. this guy, the russian thing, continues to move at light speed. one of the secrets to come out, investment banker carter page, who donald trump once called his foreign policy adviser, once told nbc news he met with a
5:48 am
russian known to be a spy back before he joined the campaign, and bloomberg reports the white house has identified national security adviser susan rice as the one who unmasked the names of the trump team members recorded by the american security services talking to foreigners including russians. this would seem to support donald trump's contention that he and his team members were attacked, if inadvertently, because the nsa targeted foreigners, not americans who happens to be on the other end of the phone. that's a lot for day 75. >> no kidding. always a lot to talk about. we'll continue to look at the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days in office on today in the bay. he would like to hear from you. share your thoughts with scott on twitter. >> this morning, talking about sanctuary cities. california lawmakers are getting closer to making the entire state a sanctuary state. senate bill 54 also known as the sanctuary state bill, bars state and local law enforcement
5:49 am
agencies froemming their resources to help with immigration enforcement. it would limit state and local police from cooperating with immigration authorities. state senators passed the legislation yesterday despite threats from the trump administration. >> going to strike back at us? we don't know. we hope not. he's the president of the greatest country in the world. it's about bringing the country together, not tearing at the fabric of who we are. >> b 54 now heads to the california state assembly where it is expected to pass. >> 5:49. the city of san mateo is following the path of many other bay area cities, not just the sanctuary cities, but officials in san mateo saying they want to be an all inclusive place regardless of citizenship. the u.s. census bureau res there are 57,000 undocumented people living san mateo county. >> international news now. really an amazing survival story here. firefighters in china struggling for nine hours to try to save a boy from a well.
5:50 am
>> they used every resource they had to make sure that boy came out alive. the 2-year-old fell into a 30-foot-deep well. firemen used 21 excavators, four bulldozers. ropes. whatever they could to try to reach the boy. while getting closer, they blew an oxygen into the well, shouted down trying to comfort him before they eventually could miraculously bring him out. quite the rescue. >> we hear the expression, it takes a village. >> remember that little girl, little jessica? many years ago, yeah. >> so right now, i don't remember jessica, but i'll get up to date on my histwrae. we have been talking about the fact we're seeing changes. not all of them good. >> i think it's good that we'll get some rain. >> laura and i were talking about, we need water on the garden. >> i do. >> we don't want to get out there with the water hose. we will get some rain. but it may not be what you want for the weekend as you start to make the plans to get out there, and last weekend was so amazing.
5:51 am
but this weekend, hey, we'll have some rain. so what do you do? here's a look at the current temperatures as you step out right now in san jose. 46 degrees. so definitely feeling cooler. and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a couple more days of mainly dry weather, and then the really heavy, wet rain moves in on friday. we'll talk about that and the timeline. it's 52 right now in fairfield and napa. 51 degrees in san francisco. highs today, we'll have a widespread from the coast to ininland areas. upper 70s in concord expected today. palo alto, 74. san francisco and half moon bay at 63 degrees. we're also seeing a few of those clouds rolling in through the north bay. as we look at the school day forecast, the north bay seeing some sprinkles this morning, but all clear and cool elsewhere. at recess, it will be a nice day outside with a mix of sun and clouds. any rain in the north bay will be out of here and it will be a
5:52 am
warmer day with those highs reaching into the 70s inland. as you look outside and then we'll bring it inside, you're standing there at the closet trying to figure out how do i dress for all this? we have a hoodie expected. that's what you need for the morning because of the expected cool temperatures as you step out the door and a t-shirt as you'll take it off later on today as temperatures warm up. with all that sun, you need the sunglasses and jeans to keep you warm and also cool as we go through the day. looking at the next storm system set to move in thursday afternoon into friday, it continues into saturday. and we could have over half of an inch for most of the bay area. we'll also be watching the sanda cruz mountains. i think we'll get more than this with the potential of 2, possibly 3 inches of rain and widespread in the north bay. over an inch of rain. so this will be a pretty good soaker. and it could also bring in some high wind gusts. that could bring down some
5:53 am
trees. we also have an isolated flood concern. flooding will be on the streets and low lying areas, as the heavy rain rolls in. looking at the rain moving in during the afternoon on thursday, continuing through the day on friday. and still some spotty showers saturday morning as the winds pick up. it will cool as well. spotty rain also early next week. after that round of rain moves in we could have a weaker system moving in to start next week. as we head over to mike now, b.a.r.t. recovery continues. >> that's right. just a note, we had earlier delays between warm springs and south hayward. things are recovering but you may have five or ten delays. the bay area moving very well. lighter traffic expected. we have builds in a few spots. here a concern as well. southbound 680 at sunol boulevard. a gravel truck reportedly spilling gravel throughout the area. there will be clatter as you head down to sunol out of pleasanton. i'll track that. i also want to show you a choice
5:54 am
on the waze system. look at all the slowing for 580 and 205 where they merge there. the green line that is showing you, it shows you you can make a jog around there using mountain house as an alternate. takes about five minutes longer than the freeway route right now, but with the build over the next 20 minutes, than an option you might want to take. you can join our waze team and help make your own decisions. join the waze team by going to your app, clicking the magnifying glass on the corner, click on your name in the top, and scroll down to teams and select nbc bay area wazers. >> i don't know if we set the trend, but we're happy to be a part of it. >> a team together. 5:54 right now. coming up, we also investigate. >> it was one of the worst experiences of my life. >> a school teacher wrongfully kicked out of her home. i'm bigag shu bad. we'll tell you how our six month investigation into evictions in
5:55 am
san francisco is leading to changes for renters and landlords city wide. >> first, an escort convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection with a heroin overdose of a google executive has been detained by i.c.e. alix tichelman was released after serving half of a five-year-prison sentence and immediately turned over to federal authorities. she holds dual citizenship in the united states and canada. >> plus, bids for president trump's border wall are due today, and interested contractors want to know if federal authorities will rush in to help if workers come under attack and if workers can carry guns. we'll be back in two minutes with nor news.
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5:57 am
5:58 am
5:58. lawmakers taking action after a six-month-long investigation exposed what appears to be widespread abuse by san francisco landlords. >> bigad shaban exposes the laws aimed to better protect renter in san francisco. >> guys, good morning. the changes would make it easier for the district attorney's office to file criminal charges against landlords who wrongfully try to kick out tenants. recent investigation revealed that over the past ten years the d.a.'s office hasn't prosecuted a single landlord for abusing
5:59 am
these kinds of evictions. legislation would require homeowners to sign a declaration under penalty of perjury that they intend to move in within three months of evecting a tenant and stay there for at least three years. landlords would also by required to submit proof of residency after they move in like an electric bill or voter registration. that new legislation in san francisco gets introduced later today. supervisors erin pesken and jane timm will push another potential new law that would slap landlords with fines and criminal penalties if they wrongfully kick out tenants in order to charge tenants a lot more in rent. the full board and mayor will need to weigh in on both plans but the changes could go into effect by this summer if approved. >> thank you much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. you can always send us an e-mail to the uni. >> let's get something delicious
6:00 am
going. san francisco based geardeli chocolate teaming up with krispy kreme doughnuts. >> the new mint chocolate and sea salt doughnuts are made with geardeli ingredients. the doughnuts are available for a limited time at participating krispy kreme shops. sign us up. >> we're following breaking news out of the south bay this morning. >> search is under way at this hour for the person who stabbed two people in a popular downtown area. i just spoke with police. what they're telling me about the victims that may help them solve the case. plus, all new overnight, an apple store robbed in downtown walnut creek. much the thieves got away with and what police are doing to catch them. >> and bringing home the championship. march madness comes to an end as north carolina claims another title. today in the bay continues right now.


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