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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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fired. what started all of this. as for the conditions of the officers involved, none of them were shot. they did receive some shrapnel wounds. a lot of streets are blocked off. we're going to stay here and try to get some answers. this biggest is why did this happen? >> thank you. we're going to keep you there on site to continue to get more answers. >> this is off highway 29 near the lincoln exit. several officers involved in this shoot out. the man, the suspect, is dead. we will continue to work this story throughout the evening. a neighborhood stunned.
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a woman ambushed. shot and killed in richmond in front of her two children. this case could be related to domestic violence. tonight they are hunting for her ex-boyfriend. scott budman is live at the scene with the surveillance video. scott. >> reporter: the neighborhood is shaken up and police are still trying to track down the suspect. the video from the neighborhood's porch is chilling. it shows the gunman in the mercedes sedan cutting off the victim, 29-year-old franklin in the silver jeep. getting out of his car and shooting her. the woman behind her in the red car says she saw it happened. she's scared to show her face. >> i saw him getting out of the car. he had a gun in his hand. she drove away to call 911.
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>> i told them hurry up because i heard a shot. >> the officers arrived and saw a silver colored jeep stopped near the intersection and when they looked flds the vehicle they found a woman slumped over. >> reporter: they also found two kids in the backseat who saw everything. >> the kids are real young. one is a kindergarten age and the other is less than ten years old. >> reporter: the two children, we are told, are safe this evening and with family members. there's a $2 million warrant out for the arrest. he's said to be 5'9", weigh about 225 pounds. reporting live in richmond, scott budman, nbc bay area news. we're learning the charges against the napa man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. 50-year-old timothy marble has
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been charged with four counts of sexual assault on a child and four counts of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14. he was arrested early saturday morning after the girl escaped by jumping out of his car. nc she's back in the headlines. the escort convicted of giving a fatal dose of heroin now faces deportation. alex tickleman was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. she served half of her sentence. ice agents took her into custody. she's a canadian citizenship will remain in custody and could face deportation because of her prior criminal convictions. they lost everything but tonight an unusual and generous way to help the victims of the coyote creek flood. the city of san jose is helping families get cars and deal with the many hurdles they still
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face. >> reporter: six weeks after the flood there's still obstacles. many cars were under water and no longer run. many landlords say the city still needs to help them cut through red tape to make repairs. both situations are now being addressed. clean up activity is still going on today. while many residents are back to work or school, property owner kim says it hasn't been easy since all 28 of her tenants either lost or had their cars badly damaged. >> most of them are low income people. when they lost the car it's very difficult for them because they cannot go to work. >> reporter: the city council
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approved a initial do nation of 20 out of service vehicles such as this taurus or old police cars. >> we have 20 vehicles today. we know we'll have dozens more in the months ahead. >> reporter: while property owner applauds the car program, he points out to get people back into homes faster, owner still need city inspectors on sight. >> make the appointment and immediately sign it right off. >> we opened up saturday inspections to get more inspector there on the weekend. >> reporter: many were surprised to hear about the weekend schedule. the car replacement program is more vague. it will be incorporated into the overall assistance program being managed by catholic charities.
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thank you. we now have a price tag for the road repairs needed from all those winter storms. because of the intense flooding, ripped up roads and broken bridges, the total estimated cost just here in california, $860 million. headlining the damage, the canyon bridge that will cost $26 million to rebuild. another inmate took the stand in the trial of santa clara correctional deputies accused of beating and killing an inmate. the three jail guards pled not guilty to second-degree murder charge f charges in the august 2015 death. he said the accused officers beat him up. >> three correctional officers repeatedly hit him in the head.
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they twisted his arm. they bent his arm behind his back. >> defense attorneys were not immediately available for comment. trial continues tomorrow. another low point in syria. dozens of people, including children, have been killed in what activists are calling a chemical attack. the video you're about to see is disturbing. we'll show you video of the attack has it happened. eyewitnesss say it was carried out by jets operated by the russian and syrian governments. both countries are denying any responsibility here. nbc news has learned the attack killed 80 people. 25 of them were children. this is one of the deadliest attack in syria's six-year civil war. president trump released a statement that said today's chemical attack in syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehenceable and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. these heinous actions are a consequence of the past
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administration's weakness and ir resolution. nancy pelosi replying the use of chemical weapons on civilian s war crime that violates every standard of morality and civil sized behavior. children and civilians have once again been gassed in syrian while president trump cozies up to assad and putin. this comes after allegations that rice tried to learn the names of president trump's associates can caught up in the electronic surveillance and leaked names to the media. rice denies that. she said she requested identities all the time and always kept the name confidenti confidential. >> sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report and assess its significance tfrs necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. >> see that exclusive there with
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msnbc. some republicans are calling for rice to testify before congress. for the next step in the legal battle over president trump's travel ban, all eyes will turn to san francisco to the 9th circuit court of appeals. a federal judge halted the travel ban last month. the trump administration requested a speedy review and now we have learn eed the 9th circuit will hear the appeal in may. a picture from nbc bay area sky ranger in san francisco, there's a protest marking the anniversary of dr. martin luther king's assassination. demonstrators are calling for economic and racial justice. this is one of the protests taking place today in two dozen cities across the country.
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hait could be coming to an end. with mta board of directors just voted on, coming up. also an entire college essay containing just one phrase written over and over and over. why stanford decided to accept the student who wrote it. clouds increasing across the bay area right now. i'll tell you when the heavier rain returns. my full forecast update at 5:20 tonight.
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france is looking at banning hate speech from public transit. it's been an ongoing battle since ads like this one was posted on buses and trains. what did the city decide? >> reporter: exciting day for them because municipal transportation agency says this is something that's aggravated riders for years. we heard the board of directors voted unanimously to put a new advertising criteria in place. it will take effect almost immediately. >> we understand why people would be upset. they offended us as well. >> reporter: a new advertising policy that hopes to put years to offensive ads read daily by computers who bitterly complain.
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>> they have been offensive but the way the ad policy was structured in the past, we could not not run there. >> reporter: major cities across the country have dealt with similar problems. run the ads or get sued for violation of free spaeech. >> prohibiting ads that are degrading or demeaning in nature and could be disruptive to the system. >> i think political and maybe even religious advertisement should be eliminated. >> reporter: many computers say they think government run transportation shouldn't have politically sponsored ads. banning the ads will shut down conversation. >> while you're going to be banning these offensive speech you're going to be banning a lot of pro-diversity in speech as well.
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that could be damaging. >> reporter: new criteria will be taking effect quickly. it goes into action tomorrow. they will make sure all the buses have ads that comply with this new criteria. >> thank you. the owner of a construction company was sentenced today for the death of two of his workers. prosecutors don't like the extent of the punishment or lack of. he'll serve one year of home detention and three years probation. in 2014, two of his workers were moving large slabs of granite from a shipping container when the rocks fell and crushed them. an investigation revealed he was aware of safety issues at his business but he failed to take precautions. pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter. san francisco da acknowledging that prosecutors wanted him to serve prison time. >> obviously we thought that conduct would require stiffer
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penalty. it's determined this was appropriate sentencing under this case. we're fine. we understand how the system works. >> it's home detention. he'll perform some community service. we showed you earlier how the city of san jose is helping some of the victims of february's flood. they're not the only ones pitching in. >> one is going above and beyond. >> lacienda elementary is a magnet school. it draws students from all over san jose. though they're not close for the flooding, the flooding still hit close to home. >> who has the daily total figured out? >> woone of the math skills she expects them to master is how to estimate. >> what is that number? >> this past month it's jessica who needed to brush up because she clearly underestimated them.
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>> super proud of you. they absolutely surprised me, but in the best way. the best possible way. >> reporter: this all begins with two of jessica's students. both of whom live near san jose coyote creek. both of whose families were hit hard by the flooding. >> right now i'm living at my grandma and grandpa's house. >> reporter: they made a presentation about the flood. telling their stories and suggesting a flood fund-raiser. not for their family though. >> i think we both did it for help. they really need a lot of help. >> reporter: the council agreed and the school wide goal was set. $5,000. >> i remember when they said 5,000. i kind of wanted them to pick it achievable. >> who has donations? >> reporter: when spread out all jessica's students had to do to do their part wads raise a
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little more than $200. >> we thought, oh, my god, if we raise that much we're going to be awesome. now i don't know what happened. >> you're adding $21. >> reporter: what happened is they needed more and more sheets for their thermometer. more and more ink and their best multidigit addition skills. $1943.86. some students raided their savings. others gave their tooth fairy money. some gave two, even three times. >> i dug into my piggy bank and my grandma gave me some, yeah. >> i think it will help them. >> reporter: they might have started thinking about just their classmates but the money these students have raised will help many, many more showing that one type of flood can sometimes lead to another. >> they see neighbors in need.
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they see classmates in need and they just want to be a part of the solution. >> that's one of my favorite stories. >> school wide they texted me, $5,402. jessica's class well over 2,000 just from that one classroom. >> they surpassed their goal. very victory laps. >> that was great. one hashtag is enough to catch the attention of stanford's admission department. if you write it enough times. he tweeted a picture of his stanford admission essay along with the news he had beensay co, black lives matter written 100 times. it was his answer to the question what matters to you and why. a new jersey teenager is already quite involved in the activism
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community. he's given a ted talk on stereotypes he faced as a muslim team. he worked on presidential campaign for hillary clinton. he was accepted to prince ton and yale. he hasn't said where he's going. >> he might not even go to stanford. prin princeton, yale. we are tracking a storm system coming our way. heavier rain as we head throughout the next few days back in the mix. let's get a look at our microclimate forecast right now. you can see the cloud cover that's increasing across the bay area. that's going to be the biggest change as we head throughout the next 24 hours and some cooler temperatures as well. for tomorrow morning, specifically, no rainfall just yet. it will be overcast for the tri-valley at 50. north bay starts off chilly and 46. clouds for san francisco and 52
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and the east bay also at 50. micro climate forecast as we head throughout wednesday, it will be a bit odd here. we have the dark skies with us. the partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky but temperatures will be mild. 77 in san jose. also 76 in morgan hill. really not a huge cooldown for tomorrow. again, it's the clouds. 77 in concord and 72 for oakland. over towards the peninsula, we'll be at 74 in palo alto. san francisco, 60s. for the north bay, we're checking in with 70 tomorrow in mill valley and 73 in napa. every single forecast model that we look at is continuing to show this storm system lining up as we head towards the end of the workweek. i've advanced the future cast to when this storm system will be right offshore. we think by thursday night at 7:30, we should see that heavier pocket of rainfall out here in the pacific. we're going to see not one but
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two waves of heavier weather move in with the storm system. the first wave of heavier rain looks to move in as we head throughout friday morning. we'll see another round of heavy rainfall looks like once we head friday night around 8:00. in terms of the wet weather, we haven't seen huge changes on how much rainfall we'll get. about three quarters of an inch for lower elevations and one and a half for the north bay elevations and for the coastline. winds likely gusting up to 40 miles an hour. could still take down some trees. the good news, no major river flooding expected at this point. we still may have to watch out for isolated ponding on the roadways where the drainage is just not good enough. on the extended forecast, a few spotty showers saturday morning. we clear out saturday night into sunday. maybe some scattered rain as we head into monday's forecast. on the interior valley temperatures really start to drop once we hit friday down to 62 degrees with our storm system
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moving in. then we will get a little bit of an on and off break as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. >> all of something interesting. >> thanks. >> back in a moment.
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california is out of the drought but families are still conserving. water use in february was down 25% from the same month in 2013. just posted to our social media website, the california superbloom is in full effect. you can check out the wild flowers on our gallery. back in two minutes.
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♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. people who live in the high risk fire zone of the oakland hills will be getting a special visit or two. firefighters are trying to protect everyone from a repeat of this. oakland hills fire of 1991. they will expect to make sure people are clearing the brush around their homes. these visits will begin may 15th. houses not in compliance will be re-inspected about a month later and owners will have to pay a fee of about 300 bucks.
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it's not an original idea but san francisco wants to use it to clean up the streets. it's garbage cans. the city will track the results and add extra garbage placans i the plan works. we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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you could hear the gunfire. this is video from that deadly shoot out in napa. this is cell phone video taken by a neighborhood there. we've been following this breaking news for the past two hours. our reporter rick boon is on the scene. we'll have live updates on our 6:00 newscast. several officers involved. lester holt is in south korea. nightly news will take us inside the nerve center for all air operations. a place where cameras are usually not allowed. let's get back to jeff and talk about this rain right around the corner for us. >> it does look like heavy rainfall does return as we head into friday. likely by the morning hours. totals three quarters of an inch to one natand a half inches. i'll have a full look at 6:00 p.m.
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>> thank you. lester holt joins us now from south korea. thanks for tuning in. >> see you back here at 6:00. good night. tonight, chemical attack. children gasping for air, assad blamed for a grisly massacre on his own people. one of the deadliest of its kind in syria's six years civil war. russian investigation diversions, first the wiretap claim without evidence, now the trump administration accuses obama's national security advisor of dirty tricks. susan rice fires back only to nbc news. advertisers revolt on bill o'reilly. at least a dozen companies pull their ads following complaints of sexual harassment. internet privacy rules rolled back, internet providers allowed to sell your browsing history without your permission. tonight, how to shield your information. front lines here in south korea with


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