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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area's rick boon is in napa with a cell phone and the new details. >> reporter: yeah, i just talked to neighbors, and they tell me that as they heard those shots you just played there, they ducked for cover. that's what a lot of people on this trestreet, when they heard those bullets. this all began just before 2 che2:00 p.m. officers fired several shots at a reek aft a vehicle after the car first fired at police. neighbors called police after hearing shots near a home. police responded. that's when the altercation happened. it played out directly across the street from west park elementary. the school was placed on ho lockdown, parents showed up, worried, but couldn't get through baugh the streets are shut down.
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right now some of the streets are still shut down at this hour. what started the initial shooting, still not known tonight, but neighbors once again can't believe what's happened so close to their home. >> always, i saw a couple cops fly down the road. i saw them get out with a gun i wasn't used to seeing, a cop carrying, then maybe ten shots, spread out a little bit. >> reporter: that school lockdown has been lifted. but some residents along the street still aren't able to get into their house tonight, that's because that vehicle that officers fired on is still up the street, still waiting for the coroner to arrive. this is an ongoing scene that will be lasting for several more hours. live in napa, wre rick boone. we also have new information on that bizarre kidnapping in napa. the sonoma county sheriff's
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deputies say kenny marble could not be in court. he is accused of sexually assaulting a girl four times in the next 27 hours as he drove around with her. investigators caught up with marrable early saturday morning after he called 911 when the child got away. faster inspections. that's the promise from san jose leaders. they voted unanimously to donate surplus city cars to flood victims. robert honda joins us live from the rock springs neighbor hood. six weeks ago, that neighborhood was completely inundated with water. >> reporter: that's right. and after six weeks, there's still teach to do. many cars were under water and now no longer run. and the slow inspection process
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to make repairs also has them drowning in debt. many residents say the hard part is cleaning up, making repairs while trying to resume a normal life. property own earn kim nguyen says it hasn't been easy since all of her tenants either lost or had their cars badly damaged by the flood. >> most of my tenants are very low income people. when they lost the car, it's very difficult for them. they cannot go to work. >> reporter: today the car dealership association announced a car replacement program to offer vehicles to 300 families. the city council approved a donation of 20 out of service vehicles or old police cars. >> we know we'll have dozens more vehicles in the month ahead. >> reporter: while constantine approves the program, owners still need more city inspectors
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on site. >> for an hour, half an hour, here in the neighborhood. and then we can meet him at that particular time. make the appointment and he can come and look and sign it right off. >> we opened saturday inspebss. that helped folks out and focus on particular neighborhoods so inspectors can get to more homes more quickly. >> reporter: many told us they had not heard about any weekend inspebss, and they acknowledged they do need to do a better job informing them. residents will be able to get cars through the overall management program being run by catholic charities. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. tonight we have a price tag for the repairs needed from the storm.
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$860 million to fix the infrastructure. and head heinilining that is pf bridge in big sur. estimated cost for the new bridge, more than $26 million. as for the weather today,son su and beautiful, yes, but changes are on the way. we have a preview of rain coming back to the area. >> it certainly is. and the news here for the south bay, want to get that out first. there is is not expected to be any flooding along coyote creek. that is a shred of good news coming in for the storm system as people are trying to clean up. clouds increasing throughout the bay area, but we don't see any heavy rainfall developing it until in the pacific on thursday at 7:30. i think the first round of heavier rainfall gets here by 3:30 in the morning on friday and we'll likely see that continue being into 8:00 a.m. some of the top concerns i'm
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worried about would be gusty winds. a high risk of wind to 40, maybe 50 miles per hour, very slick roads. a moderate level of mudslides and lightning, there is a very, extremely low risk of any kind of major river flooding. he'll have i'll have an update at 6:20. >> you can access our live doppler radar with our app. a brutal crime this morning in richmond. tonight there's a desperate search for this man. he's accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in her car in front of her two young children. scott budman joins us from the scene there in richmond with the chilling surveillance video and a possible witness to all of this, scott in. >> reporter: yeah, raj, good evening. neighbors say they're stunned by the crime this morning. we have in to the newsroom a
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picture of the victim, 29 year old rashonda franklin. she was the woman shot and killed today. police are still looking for the suspect. the surveillance video taken from a neighbor's porch tells the horrible story. police say that's 43-year-old due shon mcbride in the mercedes sedan, cutting off his girlfriend in the silver jeep before shooting her. the woman behind them in the red car saw it happen. >> i saw him getting out of the car, and he had a gun on his hand. >> reporter: she then drove away to call 911. >> and i told him, hurry up, because i heard a shot. >> the officers arrived and they saw a car, an is silver-colored jeep stopped near the intersection, and when they looked inside the vehicle, they found a woman slumped over. >> reporter: rashonda frank lli
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was declared dead in the car. her two kids in the back seat saw it all happen. >> the kids are really young. one is kindergarten age and the other one is less than 10 years old. >> what do you do for the kids? that's a horrible thing pofor tm to go through. even the officers are upset. it's a tough day for richmond. >> reporter: there's a $2 million warrant out for the arrest of mcbride, 5'9", 250 pounds. the two children, we are told, are safe and with family. scott budman. >> reporter: with within the next 30 minutes, people will meet to talk about safety. it happened in the ocean view neighborhood. gunmen opened fire and bullets killed a woman walking by and wounded two men. tonight they will meet with the neighbors. among the topics, the reason why
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police released the man originally arrested for that shooting. did excessive force lead to the death of michael tyree? three deputies are alleged to have attacked another man. the three pled not guilty to second degree murder for the 2015 death of tyree. an inmate named juan villa took the stand. both were diagnosed were mental health issues. he said that the accused officers targeted him before going into tyree's cell. >> the three correctional officers repeatedly hit him in the head, twisted his arm, bent he his arm behind his back. >> defense attorneys were not available for comment. the trial continues tomorrow. the owner of a construction
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company was sentenced for the deaths of two workers. in 2014, two workers were removing large slabs of granite from a shipping container when the large rocks fell and crushed them. he was aware of safety issues at his business but failed to take precaution. he pled guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors wanted him to serve prison time. >> we thought that the conduct required stiffer penalty. but, you know, the court determined that this was the appropriate sentencing under this case, and we're fine. we understand how the system works. >> now pang who runs galaxy granite will perform community service. the oak haland hills will sn be getting inspected. they'll inspect to make sure
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people are clearing brush around their homes. these visits will again may 15. houses not in compliance will be reinspected a month later and the owners will have to pay a reinspection fee of $15. an explanation for why staying in oakland want a real option. also a change for muni that has nothing to do would the bus route. 62 and cloudy in san francisco right now. i'll show you exactly when that heavier rainfall returns, and how much snow we'll pick up across the sierra at 6:20 tonight. thfn t ac ====instit
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a bart agent is getting some big praise for catching a bike thief in the act. investigators say the agent noticed this man you see there in the surveillance video when he was trying to tale bike parts. the agent says he saw the man take two tires. the agent called bart police then arrested the man. there's been a 11% decrease in bike thefts within the bart system. san francisco just made a decision about hate speech ads. it's been an ongoing battle since ads were posted on buses and trains. >> reporter: just about an hour
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ago we heard from an mta represent testify th representative that said that their board of directors have decided to change the advertising criteria. they will end the hate speech aggravating riders for years. >> we can certainly understand why people were upset. >> reporter: a new advertising policy that hopes to put an end to offensive ads read daily by commuters who bitterly complained. >> they have been offensive. but the way the ad policy was structured in the past, we could not not run them. >> reporter: major cities across the country have dealt with several problems. >> there's been ads that depicted children with weapons and with offensive language. >> reporter: mta says they've studied other major cities that were able to create advertising criteria. if the ads don't meet it, they don't run. >> and prohibiting ads that are
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degrading or political in nature and could be disruptive to the muni system. >> i think all political and maybe even religious advertisement should be eliminated from muni. >> reporter: many commuters say they think public transportation shouldn't have politically-sponsored ads. many argue banning the ads will shut down the conversation. >> why you're banning this offensive, anti-muslim speech you're banning a lot of pro-diversity speech as well. that can be damaging. >> reporter: they're not wasting anytime to put it into effect. it will start tomorrow. in san francisco, i'm peggy bunker. he's finally telling his side of the story, and he's saying he did everything to stay in oakland. mark davis speaking with the flagship radioizati station her
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the area. >> they continually said they had $5 million. and we never got the help. and my dream is for us to be able to play out the next two and possibly three seasons in oakland. and i'd like to bring a championship to oakland. so i don't know how we're going to be able to do that, but i'm hoping in team thime that emoti will dry and we'll be able to do something of that nature. >> a disappointing move for so many in the bay area. oakland says they were never going to use public money to help finance the stadium. ultimately, they got $750 million from the state of nevada. that stadium won't be ready until 2020. it's not clear if oakland and the county will al how the raide -- allow the raiders to remain until then. players are mad. sharks players we spoke with are
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stunned by the news. >> it is the olympics and such a huge stage, but as players, and the experiences we've had, you know, it's disappointing not to have that opportunity. >> players deserve, not should go, i guess they should, they deserve to go. >> washington capital's super star alex yoe vetch kovechkin sl plans to play for russia because quote, it's my country. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i think we're going to need our umbrellas no matter what. >> the storm system continues to line up as we head throughout the next 72 hours. we haven't really seen any major changes on the timing or the intensity, as you get a look at our micro climate forecast. the clouds are overhead, 67 degrees, and we'll keep with the overcast skies all the way
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through tonight as we drop down to 57 by 11:00 p.m. let's get to the doppler radar and satellite. you can see the clouds on the increase in marin, sonoma and napa counties. it's part of a system in the pacific that eventually brings us rainfall. even through tomorrow i don't see any rain in the forforecast. 63 in san francisco. look, it's going to be one of those weird days where it's mild, we don't have the sunshine and you want it to rain already because the cloud cover's moving in. we eventually start to get scattered rainfall on thursday, temps go down to 70. then by friday, that's the form d -- storm day. i think three quarter inch potential will be for lower
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elevations. one and a half for the coastal mountains. snow here as well. snow level around 6500 feet. 1 18 e 18 inches at twin. thank you, jeff. a supreme showdown on capitol hill. a political analyst joins us next with why republicans are ready to go nuclear to confirm president trump's supreme court nominee. =evl==a lifniaawmer trng toix
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happening now, california lawmakers trying to fix what he calls a broken bail system. it would take into account how much a person makes when deciding bail amounts. they say it would make it fair to the poor. and the shooting threat may be over in napa, but you can see the situation from above. we posted the video on twitter. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. the next step in the legal battle over president trump's travel ban will once again take place in san francisco at the ninth circuit court of appeals. a federal judge in hawaii indefinitely blocked the travel ban last month. they requested a speedy review. and now we've learned the ninth circuit will hear the appeal in
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may. the judges will pore over the order to determine if the ban, by targeting countries that are p freed predominantly muslim. we're talking about the nuclear option. it would enable judge gorsuch to be approved with a simple majority. what's wrong with simple majority? >> nothing. until now, the senate has allowed unlimited debate on nominees unless ended by members, that's called a filibuster. it can stop all other senate business, literally coming to a halt. >> so the republicans do have a slim majority in the senate,
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technically and historically, the democrats should be able to block that gorsuch nomination. >> historically, all you need is 41 or more. and with 48 members, democrats sure enough have enough to fi filibuster. they could prevent anything from happen. but these aren't normal times, jessica, which takes us to the threat of that nuclear option, called so, because it represents such dramatic change. >> it does represent dramatic change. but it's hardly the first ideological battle between the two. >> timing, timing, timing. two factors come into play. republicans control the presidency and both chambers of commerce. that's important for policy-making, the coordination of policy-making. second, gorsuch would replace anton scalia who died last year and restore a 5-4 conservative majority likely to favor
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republican policies on such things as voting rights, abortion legislation, environmental rules and all kinds of other issues. >> so the comdemocrats are sayi it's not fair, but it's not the first time it's happened. >> the democrats are accusing republicans of tinkering with tradition, and normally, that might make the case for them, but four years ago, let's remember that then democratic senate majority ended the filibuster on appeals court nominees which republicans had used against democrats. so a precedent was then set, which, once again reminds us of something we can't say enough. elections have consequences. >> and we will see those consequences later this week. thank you, larry. up next, he's firing back. former national security adviser to president obama is responding to allegations that she played some politics with intelligence.
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it was one of the worst experiences of my life. >> a schoolteacher wrongfully kicked out of her home. we'll tell you how our six-month investigation into evictions is leading to major, potential changes for renters and landlords. me tstsn t institioofhe ssis mdo
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right now at 6:30. more twists in the investigation of the russians meddling the
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u.s. election. a top member of the obama administration is now under the mi microscope. susan rice is accused of leaking information about trump's confidantes. >> our janelle wang is following the latest for us. >> when names are incidentally collected by u.s. intelligence agencies they are masked, meaning the names are redacted, but they can be unmasked if there's an issue of national security. susan rice had access to those reports, and it's suggested she leaked. >> i leaked nothing to nobody. >> reporter: she denied she played politics with the names of trump associates caught up in surveillance. >> the idea that obama administration officials utilized information for political purposes is false. >> reporter: it comes one month after the president's explosive
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tweet, accusing former president obama of wire tapping trump tower. rice said those claims are false. as for unmasking, she said she requested identities all the time, but always kept them confidential, never revealing them publicly. in sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. so the notion that, which some people are trying to suggest that by asking for the identity of an american person, that is the same as leaking it is completely false. there's no equivalent between so-called unmasking and leaking. >> reporter: today president trump didn't speak publicly about the issue but retweeted this headline. and some want rice to explain under oath. >> it should be concerning for democrats and republicans.
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>> reporter: members of the house intelligence committee says rice will likely be called in as a witness in the widening investigation into russia's meddling. stay with us for our continuing coverage of this russian investigation. we're also updating all of our digital platforms with the latest, 24/7. trying to battle telephone scams. fake government agents call insent taxpayers, telling them to pay up or face jail time. the irs says it will start turning over taxpayer accounts to four private collectors. they will zesend letters alerti that they are being turned over to the collectors. this could change the landscape for renters and landlords. a new hlaw was proposed this afternoon. >> supervisor mark farrell introduced the legislation to
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make it easier to prove that landlords are wrongfully trying to evict tenants. >> they did some great shoestring journalism. >> an investigative reporter exposed what appears to be widespread abuse. >> and he explained how the move could impact a lot of people. >> if you've been paying rent, your landlord could be making a hot mo lot more by-kicking you out. we discovered people in san francisco are getting kicked out at an alarming rate. >> put your names on it, and then open the book. >> reporter: long-time teacher, nicole, says talk of the bay area's housing crisis has
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reached her fourth grade classroom. she's overheard students and their families chat about soaring rent and the fear of being evicted from their rent-controlled apartment. >> how often would you hear parents talking about it. >> regularly. >> reporter: but it still came as a shock when those fears became her reality. her san francisco apartment was sold to a new owner who decided to evict nicole about a year later. >> there's not a day that goes by i don't miss it. >> reporter: what was the reason he gave for evicting you? >> his brother-in-law was going to move in. >> reporter: it's perfectly legal for homeowners to keck out tenants so they can move in. and witness they live in the building, they can also evict other tenants to make room for relatives. it's called an owner move-in eviction. and san francisco was home to 413 of them last year, a 200% spike from five years ago.
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our investigative unit spent six months going door to door to find out if landlords really moved in after yoe vibting their tenants. we interviewed more than 100 people. and in 24 cases, nearly one in four of all the eviciouses we hook looked into, the landlord or family member was not living in the home, an apparent violation of the city's housing laws. san francisco supervisor mark farrell is one of three proposing new laws to fight illegal eviction. it would make it easier to file crimin criminal charges against landlords who kick out tenants. over the past ten years, they haven't prosecuted a single landlord for abusing these kinds of evictions. >> it was the great work of nbc to turn up the volume to talk about and identify and expose
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the amount of fraudulent practices that were happening in this area. >> reporter: farrell's legislation would require proof of residency after they move in, like an electric bill or voter registration. right now they don't have to provide any of that, which left nicole skeptical, since she was only paying $1450 for her one bedroom apartment. >> the people who moved in were paying over $3,000 for the exact same unit. >> reporter: to find out, the only option was to sue her ha landlord, which meant her attorney got to question the brother-in-law to see if he was really going to move in. >> i don't know anything about it. >> reporter: neither he or the landlord would talk to us. but when talking to her attorney, he couldn't answer basic questions about the apartment he was supposed to be moving into. >> have you ever been told about the layout in. >> no. >> have you been told how many
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barm bedrooms it is? >> no. >> reporter: mark cushman is nicole's lawyer. >> this is a way they're circumventing the rule. >> reporter: he ultimately won the case. she won't reveal how much she was awarded, but she says no amount makes up for being forced out of her home. >> it was one of the worse experiences of my life. >> reporter: nicole says she couldn't afford to stay in the city. she now lives across the bay in alameda but believes more oversight could have kept her out of court and in san francisco, her home of 15 years. >> until the laws are changed protect us, it's going to continue. >> the supervisors are now pushing another piece of legislation that also aims to make it easier to slap landlords with fines and criminal penalties if they wrongfully kick out tenants in order to charge new tenants a lot more
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rent. if approved, the changes could go into effect this summer. >> all right, excellent work. thank you bigad. if you have a question, give us a call at 1- 888-996-tips. up next, problems with that wedding photographer. nbc bay area responds to a couple on the peninsula having a tough time getting pictures from their big day. sk ia dfert w?a u
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okay, we all know about seasickness, but can the ocean make us sick in a different way? a california surfer may have that answer. he also happens to be a biochemist. he's looking for signs of
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antibiotic systems. they've collected samples from surfers and their boards. no definitive information yet. he wrote an essay along with the news that he'd been accepted to the university. it contained the message "black lives matter" 100 times. it was the answer to what means the most to you and why. he's already socially active and has given a talk on problems he's faced as a young muslim. he's worked on campaigns for hillary clinton and mike o'malley. no decision of where he'll be attending next fall. the music and arts festival headlines are out.
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full list is on the festival website. metallica, the who, gorillaz, lorde and a tribe called quest. >> it's going to sell out just like that. >> can we talk about the weekend already? >> why not? we are still looking at rain chances as we head to the upcoming weekend. but before that, a larger storm which is already pushing clouds into teb ron, ail have the full forecast coming up. wed oding photos are snappe but not delivered. nbcay ea spos..toa
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you got to get the photos. >> that's a must. >> san mateo newlyweds couldn't get the special photos from their day. >> that's horrible thaw couldn't get the pictures. >> you don't want to start out that day. they rented a photo booth from hotshot photo booth and paid the company $600. now their contract states they'd receive a flash drive containing all of those photos. but they say that flash drive never arrived. they wrote us and said the pictures from that photo booth were probably going to be the only photographic memory that they would have of many of their guests. the couple e-mailed the owner of hotshot photo booth and they neff got never got a response. so we took the complaint to that
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company. and next thing you know, they were delivered. here's one of the photos. the owner told us that she had mailed the couple a flash drive last summer and thought she had responded to the e-mail. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know, 1-888- 996 tips. i think we're off the hook. we don't have to get them a wedding gift now. $600? i'm in the wrong business. okay, what a view. check it out. speaking of photos, nasa just released these pictures taken by the international space station. flight engineers snapped the photos of bright auroras. at night there aren't many clouds but are breathtaking. they help learn about energy and particles from the sun. jeff ranieri back with us. the good news with the rain
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coming in. the pollen and our allergies, we get a little bit of a break. >> you're going to be happy about that. it's been bothering so many people across the bay area. after all this sunny weather, we're going to put an end to it. as you get a look right now, p doppler and satellite combined, it's spotty, but otherwise, we are looking at overcast skies on the increase. you'll see that on the closeup. the biggest difference, you won't need the sunglasses for the morning commute. we will be clouded in. temps starting mild in the low 50s. north bay at 46 degrees, the chill y chilliest spot. and micro climate forecast for tomorrow, it's going to be a strange day where we have the clouds overhead, but it's still a mild day out here.
6:48 pm
77 expected in san jose. 76 in morgan hill and 78 right on down towards gilroy. for the east bay, warm temperatures, about ten degrees above average, but we should ta start to see numbers drop out of the 80s, 76 in walnut creek and 73 for hayward. throughout the peninsula, 73 in belmont and mostly cloudy skies. san francisco, a cool one toward the marina at 66. the embarcadero just a smidge cooler. and for sonoma, 74. dry through the day tomorrow. once we hit thursday's forecast, that's when we think our next system will be heinilining up. by 7:30 at night on thursday, our storm system is here offshore. the thing to know about our storm as it moves in, it's not going to get here until friday morning. we think around 3:30 in the morning, that's when the first
6:49 pm
round of heavier rainfall gets here, and that will tcontinue through the friday morning commute. there will be a second wave the rainfall friday night around 8:00. it's a one-two punch on friday. and that's when we'll pick up the most accumulation on friday's forecast. we haven't seen any huge change in this. we think three quarters of an inch for the lower elevations, one and a half inches for the north bay and coastal mountains. winds also gusty. it could take down trees. no major river flooding, that's the good news at this point. let's take you to the extended forecast. once we get over this storm system on friday. i think we'll tart start to get break, drier weather on friday and spotty rainfall into next monday's forecast. for the intear -- interior
6:50 pm
valleys -- if you're really preparing for any of these large changes, again, friday, that's going to be the day you need to watch out for. everything else in between, i think we're going to be just okay at this point. >> that looks good. >> okay. >> i know you do not want the rain to fall, but bring on the rain. >> thanks, jeff. >> i'm being an occur munlen. two of the players are injured. what are they going to do? we are joined from headquarters in san jose next in a world of fast internet speeds...
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there's the best. and then there's everyone else. bombs away. holy. [ laughs ] get the fastest internet and the best in-home wi-fi from xfinity. and see fate of the furious april 14.
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in oakland, we're showing you a live look at the coliseum. and the oracle arena parking lots are full. both teams are in action. the a's play the angels. the warriors host the timberwolves, that game at 7:40 tonight. >> the sharks at home tonight. and the sharks might be in some trouble. two of their top players are injured. >> what happens now? colin resch is on the ice in san jose. >> reporter: first, it was logan couture. and then this past sunday, joe thornton. in a nine-day stretch, they watched their centers rush off the ice in serious pain. today head coach --
6:54 pm
>> it could be saturday, it could be a month from saturday. >> reporter: both couture and thornton were in the building for the morning skate. they did not participate. joe said he'll talk to reporters wednesday concerning his knee injury. >> the goal is to play hockey, so we're taking a, today was a good day for me, did some exercise, and feel good. we'll go on to tomorrow when we get there and see what i can do. >> reporter: what the sharks will do is use the absence of couture and thornton as a rallying cry, having lost eight of their last ten, they have no other choice. >> we're built for this type of adversity. we have depth, guys that can play multi positions. it's an exciting challenge. >> to get to where we were last
6:55 pm
year, on one guy, on two guys. if we can rally together, there's no reason we can't get the job done. >> reporter: the sharks finish the season with three consecutive home games. >> they need a final push for the sharkeys there. one of the most famous football players in the country is walking away from the nfl and going right into the broadcast booth. tony romo is retiring. he's going to join cbs sports. romo went from being a "undrafted" rookundrafted rookie. you will see him as an analyst for cbs. high-priced bail for a high-profile case. she's set to be released from jail after posting the largest bail ever. the grand total and where she got the millions from, you can hear that tonight at 11:00. and one last time, we just
6:56 pm
showed the live shot of the coliseum and the arena. there's fog coming in. >> big change across the pay area as the storm system is offshore. by thursday, scattered rain. friday, that's the big storm day with winds 15-40 miles per hour. three quarters of an inch for lower elevations, one and a half for the coast. higher elevations, we see things clear out. friday, that's the day where you have to take it slow on the commute. it's going to be a mess on the roadways. >> we'll be prepared for the wind as well. >> have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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against her ex. her explosive new court claims he beat her, blackmailed her with sex tapes and got the nanny pregnant. now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra ♪ extra, extra mel b covered in bruises. this shocking photo as she goes to court accusing her ex of physically beating her, forcing her into group sex, and extortion. all new details from her ugly $38 million split. what we just uncovered about belafonte's past. biggest loser trainer bob harper on surviving a cardiac arrest in the gym.


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