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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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her father. the intense search going on right now. >> it's a story we broke an hour ago right here on today in the bay. the new court documents we have obtained that reveal what may be next for the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter. >> plus, playoff fever is about to start in the bay area. find out when some hard-core warrior fans will be able to pick up tickets for the first round. >> they are fun to watch. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. they still have a few games left at home. we were just talking about that as well, including this saturday. k.d. coming back. we're saying on a rainy day, might be a good weekend activity. >> i have still yet to to a game. at least if you're going to be inside kn the rain should be coming down by the time you're driving home from the game. if you're just now waking up -- you have probably been up, but if you're just now waking the kids up, it is 7:00 a.m. we're seeing mostly cloudy
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skies, but start. by recess time, it's going to pan out to be an overall nice day with a combination of sun and high clouds. but by 1:00, it is expected to be warm today. we're still going to be in the 70s. so keep that in mind in terms of what to pack for clothing, light clothing. something they can shed throughout the day, and then of course, tomorrow and friday, going to see a change in the forecast because we're tracking rain. you might want to start whipping out the rain boots again, but mike, i know you're tracking an accident in fremont. >> that's right. we have one crash in fremont, which has been a bigger issue. 880 slowed down quite a bit. the rest of the bay, the freeways move well. we have a big crash in san jose we're also tracking, but this is blocking a major freeway. two lanes are blocked. two lanes are open south 880 atto mall parkway. look at all the slowing off the dumbarton bridge. waze tells us we can get a good advantage here from union city down past the scene of the crash to auto mall. it's taking 45 minutes.
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that's right over there. but it has a couple other ways. alternate ways on surface streets. coming down thornton or fremont boulevard. saving you almost 20 minutes. we'll show you how to join the waze team. nbc bay area wazers, later on in the show. for now, breaking news. >> we are following that breaking news out of the south bay this morning. these are live pictures that you're looking at. san jose police are investigating a deadly accident that happened not too far from the valley fair mall. again, a live look at the scene at moorpark avenue. >> a pickup hit a sound wall just before 4:00 this morning. the driver died at the scene. this is the 13th deadly crash in san jose this year so far. at 6:02, also following breaking news out of mountain view where police are looking for a missing 4-month-old girl. this is a live look at police headquarters where we have a crew stationed waiting to get updates. police are looking for michael
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leonard wallin, he's 45 years old, with full body tattoos. police say he took his daughter, madeleine, seen in this picture. she was last seen wearing a pink ballerina outfit with a white top. the chp has not issued an amber alert so far, but the baby is considered missing and in danger. kris sanchez will update us in a live report at 6:30. right now, a story that nbc bay area the first to break an hour ago. the orlando pulse nightclub shooter's wife will soon leave the bay area and head back to florida. >> noor salman was arrested at her parents' home in contra costa county in january. pete suratos has been sifting thou the court documents this morning that we obtained overmoy. he joins uv lice outside the jail in dublin where salman is being held to explain what is next for her. >> good morning to you. yes, those new court documents the have come into our newsroom this morning do indicate that noor salman could be heading to
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florida soon. it's no longer a matter of if she'll be released from the jail in dublin but more of a matter of when. we can't say exactly what's in the new court durhams. they were filed yesterday and it said she waived her right to a rehearing next week in front of a judge, and the judge also agreeing to cancel the hearing. this means she won't fight extradition to florida to continue her court proceedings. remember, just back in march, that oakland federal judge ruled she could be released on a $500,000 bond, but that was later revoked by a florida judge. now, salman is a native of the east bay, and she was charged for aiding her husband, omar mateen, the shooter responsible for killing dozens of people in that deadly pulse night club shooting in orlando last year. now, salman was arrested in january of year. now, whenever she is released from the jail we're standing in front of in dublin, she's going to be transferred to florida for further court proceedings. >> thanks for the latest there.
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6:04. a live look at the growing memorial for a woman who was shot and killed in front of her children. this morning, richmond police are look for a man who they say shot and killed her. it was his ex-girlfriend. he's considered armed and dangerous. the shooting was actually caught on vid. police say yesterday morning, 43-year-old lawyer dashon mcbride pulled his car up next to his ex-girlfriend. officers say mcbride then opened fire and drove away. two of the victims' sons were in the back seat of that car. nbc bay area spoke exclusively to a woman driving the car right behind franklin. >> i told him hurry up because i heard a shot. >> my heart is torn. i'm sorry. i'm broken. trying to hold up for my daughter and my wife and stuff, but i'm asking everybody, if you're out there and you know him, please turn him in. >> poor children. mcbride was driving a 2007 silver four-door mercedes-benz
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s-550 with paper plates. there was a $2 million warrant out for his arrest. heartache across the world as well as the middle east as the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting later today to discuss the chemical attack in syria that killed dozens of people and now a revision on the death toll. the syrian monitoring group has now raised the number of dead to 83 people from yesterday's chemical attack in northern syria. many of those victims were women and children. and it is unclear at this point who was behind the attack. though people on the ground say it was the syrian regime. now, russia claims it was the rebel forces. democratic leader nancy pelosi releasing a statement saying, quote, the of chemical weapons on civilians is a war crime that violates every standard of morality and civilized behavior. while president trump cozies up to assad and the russians, children and civilians have once again been gassed in syria. close quote.
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6:06 right now. and another developing story from overseas. we told you last night about north korea's latest missile launch this coming after the u.s. and south korean militaries have been conducting joint drills. now rex tillerson responded with this statement. quote, north korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. the united states has spoken enough about north korea. >> happening today in oakland, some of the people who were forced out of their homes after this massive deadly fire may have to leave a temporary shelter they were staying in. the shelter is slated to close today. but it was also supposed to shut down last week. but that was delayed. we'll let you know what happens today. we're also learning this morning the name of another victim killed in last week's fire. the coroner's office says 41-year-old ashanti key wilson died in the four-alarm blaze. wilson is the third of four victims to be identified. in the meantime, the city of
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san jose is helping flood victims get back behind the rail. >> this is something we reported on yesterday. so far, the city has arranged for 20 cars to be donated to families affected by the coyote creek flooding. those are the images for from a few weeks ago. each year, san jose puts 150 to 200 cars out of service. the city of san jose will deliver five of them on monday, but the rest will be given out over the next two months. okay, basketball fans, big day today as the nba playoffs are getting very close. there's talk of tickets in the air. as steph curry showing off some hops. the ws looking good down the stretch. won their 12th straight game last night against the timberwolves. presale playoff tickets go on sale today, which means season ticket holders can start putting in orders at 10:00 this morning. at 2:00, the priority wait lest gets dibs.
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after 2:00, more presale event, and tomorrow at 12:00, whatever tickets left over will be available for the rest of us. here's a live look at oracle arena. of course, there is no first-round playoff schedule yet, but the warriors are holding down the one seed in the west and they'll play games one, two, and if necessary. five and seven in oakland. the regular season officially ends on monday. >> okay, vianey, you were telling us you have never been to a game. we're going to go look and see what we can drum up. >> they shouldn't be too pricey, right? have to break open my piggy bank. >> today is going to be a great day to enjoy the outdoors. and it's going to be your last chance to do so, at least in dry conditions. if you like running in the rain, then the next couple days might be good for you. let's plan out your day. today's highs, oakland, 72. napa, 73. santa rosa, 73. san francisco, 63, and all along the coastline, weighing up to some pretty overcast skies. expect to see a combination of some sun, some high clouds in
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the area. but all in all, a fairly nice day. but if you suffer from allergies, maybe not so much. a quick check of today's pollen report. trees right now high. grass, moderate. mold and weeds are low. the tree pollen type that's going to be bugging you the most, as of now, oak, mulberry, and pine. i know we are tracking some rain in the forecast. so we are, of course, hoping that that helps out in that pollen report. but let's go out and get a check of the roads with mike. >> all right, we do have light traffic all around the bay. continuing for the spring break rotation. we see right now in the tri-valley, a lighter traffic because the schools are off. a new crash in san jose. i'll track that for 101, but mild slowing. a lot of slowing. one spot for fremont. 880 jams up all the way south to auto mall parkway. two left lanes blocked in both cases. it looks like they may have cleared the crash at auto mall.
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an easier drive for the rest of the tri-valley. 680 has no problem coming down to fremont and no problem toward the bay bridge toll plaza, but metering lights are on. >> one of your favorite subjects, mike, the bay bridge. drivers there may need to take changes into account this. >> 6:11. in three minutes, the reason you won't be able to use two on and off ramps at certain times this week. >> plus, pay problems for a new silicon valley start-up. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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it is 6:13. about to be 6:14. here's a quick check of your tahoe report. squaw valley is expecting major changes over the next three days. on friday specifically, expecting to see a blizzard. on thursday, they'll issue a winter storm warning because we could see 2 to 4 feet at the mountains of snow for the weekend. right now, still seeing 239 inches at the base. so if you're planning on heading up to tahoe, be sure to stay tuned. we'll have a look out on the roads, with mike. >> we're looking at the south bay. slowing for 101. a rumor of a crash on the bay shore freeway. we'll check on that. >> thank you very much. happening today, could be a traffic headache for some drivers on the bridge. they're closing two off ramps. the eastbound ramp to treasure
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island and the yerba buwinna island ramp, and on sunday, the off ramp to oakland will be closed from 2:00 to 9:00 a.m. >> one day, maybe faster transportation. high speed rail leaders in the area are hosting the first of three open houses tonight to discuss how the project is progressing. the rail authority has put out a new promotional video, although let's be clear, the rail project is still years from reality and still missing key funding. work is being done to prep a station just in case. today's meeting takes place at 5:00 in san francisco. other meetings are plans for next week in mountain view and san mateo. >> we won't be going to lunch in l.a. on the rail today. >> according to the mercury news, there's a new proposal for a 279-room hotel called the tribute hotel san jose. these are renderings of that hotel. it would be at the same site as
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the historic montgomery hotel, attached to the old hotel. preserving some of the history there. >> most definitely. 6:16. one of the most talked about silicon valley start-ups appears to have failed to pak payroll. >> scott mcgrew, nothing short of chilling news for employees. >> it certainly is. there are a lot ofs your company might be in trouble, but no bigger sign that payday comes and goes and you get paid. bloomberg is reporting le eco missed payday for its employees. we see le eco's san jose ribbon cutting just last year. this is a huge company. it was going to make tvs and cell phones. even cars. bloomberg says paychecks due last friday, payday, did not come until yesterday. le eco tells bloomberg it had trouble moving money from china to the u.s. le eco had planned a tech camp in san jose so big it was almost its own city.
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and just last fall, le eco had an apple-like unveiling of all its technology in an event in san francisco. bigger and more grand than anything apple did,ing in four languages and showing off the world's largest consumer tv. and that electric car was partnering with faraday future to build. speaking of electric cars, tesla continues to skyrocket on the stock market. the company's stock crossed $300 a share on tuesday. other auto stocks slipped on slower sales. we have a big jobs report coming friday, and our usual sneak peek is a happy one indeed. adp which prints out many of the americans paychecks says private payrolls added 263,000 jobs in march. that's very good news for friday'ses number. president trump has a peculiar relationship with the jobs number and the unemployment report. he often says the number is fake and said something similar yesterday in washington.
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the number is not fake. sean spicer has pointed out the president says it's a lot less fake than it used to be now that it favors him. even yesterday, he was getting a lot of details on how the jobs number works wrong. so we'll hope to continue to educate him. >> all right. >> we would like to see him hit it out of the park. thank you very much. >> speaking of hitting it out of the park, you know who does that well, madison bumgarner. he's donating the helmet he wore when he hit two home runs on opening day to the hall of fame. >> that was kind of the backup plan. he was asked to donate the bat he used. his golden bat. but he wanted to keep that for himself. i think i can understand that. he becomes the first pitcher ever to hit two home runs on opening day. he did it this last sunday. by the way, the giants minor league team, the san jose giants -- don't know why i screamed that -- kick off their
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season in sacramento. >> if you have never been to a san jose giants game, those are so fun to take the kids to. >> that's another one i have to go to. i have to get up on my bay area sports. >> how many baseball games do you go to? you have your little sluggers as well. >> i go to two games a week for little league. exactly. i work the snack shack. i love when people are like, waite, how do i know you. >> oh, we have the hook-up. i like that. you're not going to need snowcones, you're going to be able to make them at least in tahoe because with this incoming storm, we're tracking a lot of snowfall and strong gusty winds and rain. but first, let's talk about that temperature trend for san francisco. 54 degrees right now. if you notice, a lot of clouds on that temperature trend. that's because those overcast skies paired with high clouds and sunshine by midafternoon, by 11:00, looking at 65 degrees. by 1:00, look at this. 68 degrees. san francisco is going to warm up quite nicely. san jose right now, 55 degrees.
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warming up to about 70 by 12:00. then i just want to give you a temperature trend of sonoma and napa because we're going to see big changes. today is going to be a great day for that. 63 degrees by 12:00 in napa. then it's going to be your last best bet to head to the beach in santa cruz. with that rain, we're also seeing strong, gusty winds. ginn by 1:00 and then lake tahoe is really going to get hit the hardest. out in the sierra as well. today is going to be thebust best day to drive up there if you had plans to there this weekend because we're tracking the incoming storm expected to make its arrival as early as thursday night, and the winds begin to pick up overnight. by about 6:30, the north bay, san francisco, and the peninsula looking at rain, and then friday morning, as we're expecting to see all of that snow, anywhere between two to four feet by sunday. at the mountain area as well. so let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> and watch the sierra roads, two to four feet.
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locally, no major problems for the peninsula. light traffic all over. this crash in san jose, wanted to mention, 101, there is a fender bender creating a little backup. but look how light the traffic is. look how bad the east bay traffic is. southbound 880 jamming up out of union city all the way down. past the scene at mallory. another at auto mall parkway. let's show you the advantage. we have a partnership with waze. powered by google over there. you know that company. 880 frommian city all the way past the scene. 53 minutes registering. i can save you a half hour. so can waze. it will guide you to fremont boulevard. that's one off your major roadways through the area. a major advantage for you if you join the waze team, go to the waze app, click on the magnifying glass, click on your name at the top of the screen and then scroll down teams. you'll find nbc bay area wazers. that's your team. that's your community on the road, guys. take us with you. >> we need to get team shirts now. right? >> mike, the team leader.
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>> i'll be happy to be the back-seat driver. good news for anyone, a new way to fly, who dreads sitting in the middle seat of airplanes. >> coming up next, the new seat design that would make middle seats a little more comfortable. nbc y aa aampll n w boht
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welcome back. 6:25 right now on your wednesday. nbc bay area responds to a campbell man who bought travel insurance for an overseas trip and got problems getting the company to pay his claim. >> he's been waiting three years for the money, but our team put an end to that. chris chmura joins us with that. >> this man and his wife took a trip to india three years ago. when they booked the trip, they bought travel insurance, too. and they needed it. while in india, he broke his ankle and the doctor told him he couldn't travel for three weeks. they booked new return flights that cost them an extra $2100. when they got home, he submitted a claim to the travel insurance company. now, the company paid for hioverseas medical expenses but not the flight home. he said the company never addressed that part of the claim. he's been trying to resolve it for three years. so he finally reached out to us. we contacted alliant and they
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said he submitted the credit card receipt with had claim, but it needed itinerary as well. they asked him for it three times and never got a response. he said the never asked for his i10ry. regardless, they decided to the credit card receipt as proof of costs and they cut him a check for $2,100. they sent us a statement and said we are sorry this matter took so long to finalize, but we're glad we could provide this coverage. >> this is a great reminder to all travelers who buy travel insurance, save your receipts and itineraries if you plan to file a claim. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or online at >> glad you could work that out. thank you very much. new this morning, relief could be on the way for people who get stuck in the middle seat of an airplane. to records, the companies have come up with a new stagger seat.
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>> let me see. it offsets the middle seat. it offsets the middle seat from the seats on the left and right so they say people will be more comfortable. the design makes it harder for people in the window and aisle seats to steal those coveted arm rests. the company hopes to have the seats installed in planes in the next two years. >> i hate it when people steal your arm rest. i hate it when they put their seat back without asking you. >> you have long legs. i bet you do the. >> would not do that. >> we're learning more this morning about the new san francisco school superintendent and his paycheck. >> coming up next, the staggering amount of money the superfor tendant is making and how it compares to mayor ed lee. >> a 4-month-old baby is missing and endangered. mountain view police say taken by her own father ten hours ago. i'll tell you, though, why you won't see an amber alert as you hit the roads this morning.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. mo ra is right now at 6:30, keeping a close eye on your bay area weather as more rain is in store for the end of the week. hard to tell from this live look outside from downtown san jose. at least we'll have some nice temperatures today to enjoy. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i like nice temperature and enjoy. let's focus on that right now. >> yes, which is why if you're just now waking up and heading out, you're going to notice it's
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a little overcast especially along the peninsula and the temps aren't too bad. in the 50s overall. san francisco, 54. san jose, 55. but just a quick peek ahead at the next seven days. the storm is expected to make its arrival on thursday. if you notice on the seven-day, on wednesday, dry, and then thursday, friday, saturday, that all changes not just for san francisco but inland areas. widespread. i'll have a cloeter look at the timeline and how much rain and yes, even snow, we're expecting. >> i'm updating two crashes in fremont because those are the only real problems we have. the rest of the bay is a nice, easy drive. jam ied up from union city to the dumbarton bridge all the way to mowry and the second crash at auto mall parkway. this one at the bottom will take until about 6:45 to clear. i think they just need more tow trucks. six vehicles reportedly involved in that crash. no major injuries but major impacts to your commute.
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you don't hear me saying this often, it's a much easier drive out of the tri-valley. there's a little build on the upper east shore freeway. >> thank you very much. >> 6:32. we continue to follow breaking news out of mountain view where the search is on for a missing 4-month-old baby. police say she was taken by her father. >> kris sanchez has been in mountain view police headquarters since 4:00 this morning gathering information, talking with police, and looking for updates. what's the very latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. i just in the last five minutes got off the phone with mountain view police and the spokesperson and they say the baby was taking from the mother's home by her father who is from patterson. at this point, it's not an amber alert. that's because it doesn't meet one of the criteria, and the spokesperson is trying to figure out what criteria that would be. she is considered missing and endangered. likely because she is just 4 months old and has now been away
6:33 am
from her mother for ten hours. here is her father, michael leonard wallin, a 45-year-old white man with brown hair and brown eyes. he's 6'2", 220 pounds. he has full body tattoos and those extend all the way to the tops of his hands so even if he puts on a long sleeve shirt or jacket, you will be able to see those taus. last he was seen at 8:30 last night here in mountain view, he was wearing a white golden state warriors t-shirt. this is not the car that they're in but it is similar to this one. a 2007 nissan altima four-door sedan with paper plates. police say you might notice it on the roadway because it has front end damage and rear end damage from a prior collision. it also has paper plates. now, the baby is madeleine. she's 4 months old. about 24 inches long and 15 pounds. when she was taken last night, she was wearing a pink ballerina outfit with a white top. if you see the dad, the baby, or the car, you should call mountain view police.
6:34 am
as i said, the spokesperson is expected here in the next 15 minutes or so. we're hoping to have more information about that. of course, we will no longer be on the air after 7:00, but if there's an update, we'll post it to your social media platforms and also at the baby considered migging and endangered but you won't see an amber alert as you hit the road this morning. >> good advice to keep an eye out. thank you very much. it's 6:34. also new this morning, the scene has now been cleared after a deadly crash. the chp says may have involved a wrong-way driver. happened a little after 10:00 last night on westbound highway 84 in fremont. at thornton avenue. one person died in the head-on crash. another person suffered minor injuries. >> a school a neighborhood in napa this morning still recovering from chaos yesterday. police officers shot and killed an armed suspect. the drama unfolded a short distance from west park elementary school. police were responding to reports of a man shooting a gun
6:35 am
on bueno street after a fight with a neighbor. officers then set up a perimeter, then the gunman sped from his garage and fired at officers. officers fired back. terrifying parents who had already rushed to the school. >> we ran up to the school. and my mom actually got locked down in the principal's office at the school, telling them that there was gunshots. while we were driving away, we heard tons of fire, tons of shots. >> the driver crashed into a tree and died at the scene. his name has not been released. >> 6:35 right now. san francisco schools have reportedly hired a new superintendent. and the chronicle is reporting that board members authorized the three-year contract for vincent matthews. he's a former state administrator in southern california. matthews stands to make a little more than $300,000 per year. according to a city database, that's right in the same ballpark as the city's mayor, ed lee. well, right now, a former north bay private school master is being charged with embezzling
6:36 am
more than a million dolls. the woman was in charge of the school in mill valley for more than 40 years. the d.a.'s office in marin county has been investigating her for almost a year. she could face up to five years if convicted. >> helping parents help their kids. police officers teaching parents how to break through to their at-risk teens. happening today, redwood city police begin a 12-week course called the loving solution. designed for parents who may be seeing behavioral issues in their kids. police officers will talk about reducing conflicts, giving positive praise, and how to address problem behaviors. >> sonoma county leaders have taken the first steps in adding00offs new homes. the press democrat reports supervisors yesterday approved an initial plan to add 3,000 housing units in the next five years. about 1,400 of these yunts would be added in the santa rosa area. >> a lot of folks bought their outside lands tickets and had no idea who would were form. >> that's trusting it's going to
6:37 am
be a good one. here's the official poster shows the lineup. among the headliners, metallica, the who, and a tribe called quest. three-day tickets go on sale this thursday starting at $375. >> yeah. very cheap $375. we know there's going to be a lot of -- by the way, that was sarcasm. a lot of people come out for that event. golden gate park will be packed. how are roads right now, mike? >> great drive if you're heading over there now, get some parking as well. parking restrictions outside outside lands when it does happen. looking around the bay, very easy, light drive. going to pick up a couple spots. san jose and fremont. fremont is a big one, but san jose, a disabled vehicle reported north 87, causing slowing because it's on the right lane. a slight, easy light build through san jose. light traffic is what we're seeing for most of the tri-valley as well, because spring break is for the schools. we're looking at southbound 880 jammed out of union city to the
6:38 am
scene of a crash at mowry, and also auto mall parkway which should be in the lanes for another ten minutes or so as they get more tow trucks the scene. 80 is looking great. we have been tracking this with waze as well. i'll give you an alternate, if you're not signed up for waze, sign up and i'll show you how to join the team in the next report. you can also use b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. takes you down to the warm springs station. no delays reported. bus shuttles in place. sf ferry to vallejo, that shouldn't impact your travel time because traffic is right this morning. >> you know it, we have made it halfway through the week. now we're looking forward to the weekend. >> such a sense of acco accomplishment. made to wednesday. three more days to go. >>ee have big changes. they're expecting to arrive as early as tomorrow. you want to pay close attention. i want to show you this picture offenly lake tahoe. by friday, blizzard like conditions which is why a
6:39 am
warning is set to take effect for tomorrow, because of the incoming storm system. here's a quick check at the saturday planner. the strongest storms are expecting friday. that's when we're expecting wind gusts up to 50 plus miles per hour. it looks like the rain is expected to carry over into your saturday. i know there's the cherry blossom festival and a couple festivals in the area. deaf inly pack your rain gear. bring that umbrella. rain boots will be in order because the showers will be sticking around. unfortunately, it looks like through right above your -- right at the end of lunch and right above the evening hours. sunday, clear sunrise. cooler than normal, in the 60s. thanks to the cold front. then it all clears out and dries out quite nicely for sunday. although if you are planning to go hiking, you may see a chance of some muddy roads out there. and of course, once again, a reminder if you're heading to lake tahoe, check road conditions. i'll have a closer look at the timeline and how much snow and rainfall people can expect. but the weekend, sunday is good.
6:40 am
saturday, just that early morning rain. all in all, to be a very good sunday with a combination of sun and clouds. >> we can make the most of anything. thank you very much, vianey. 6:rig 6:40 right now, the orlando nightclub shooter's wife is getting ready to leave the bay area. >> a critical day for the white house with two major foreign crises on day 76. >> and a bump for the stock market this morning as we get a look at the adp job report private sector numbers looking good and so are the numbers for early trading. the dow jones up 80 points at 20,777. we will be back with more news, weather, and traffic in two and a half minutes.
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good morning. it is 6:43. as you're heading out, don't forget to grab that allergy medication because today's pollen report is showing high on trees. grass iserate, and mold and weeds are low. treen types. oak, mulberry, and pine. please make sure to keep that in mind as head outside. >> we're slow, slow, slow outside on 880 through fremont, and this isn't the worst of it from 238 to the dumbarton bridge. we'll give you some choices. very critical choices on your route through that area. >> thank you, vianey and mike. >> a live look at the santa rita
6:44 am
jail in dublin. that's where we're finding out this morning the wife of the pulse nightclub rampage gunman will soon leave and be on the move to florida. after sifting through newly released court documents overnight, we were the first to report that noor salman waived her right to an extradition hearing. she once lived in rodeo and returned there to be with her fam amshooting the shooting in orlando. salman is accused of aiding and abetting the gunman. >> happening, flood damage cleanup getting under way in the east bay. the alameda county publics agency is closing a road to traffic today and niles canyon road in fremont. there it is on your map. crews are cleaning up all the damage from flooding and stabilizing the road. the road is going to remain closed through may 5th. >> you know what to do if you fall victim to a crime? santa clara county wants to make sure you do. they're hosting a meeting tomorrow at 5:30.
6:45 am
discussion topics include steps in a criminal case, county resources and new developments in laws and policies. one of the larger issues is everyone has rights regardless of their immigration status. >> quarter to 7:00 now. wild nature in the middle of the city. a recent string of coyote sightings is leading leaders to hold a conference in san francisco. there have been frequent sightings in and around city parks. coyotes usually avoid humans but they can go after little pets. city park and animal control workers are joining this conversation group to try to teach you how to teach a coyote to go away, move away. it's going to be at the county fair building, talking about ways to coexist in a loving way with coyotes. >> following up on a story from yesterday, san francisco muni did vote to approve a new advertising policy that rejects ads about public or political issues. this coming after muni received
6:46 am
plaints about politically charged advertisements. >> happening today, the first couple meeting with royalty in the nation's capital. president trump meets with king abdullah jordan at the white house to talk about how jordan can defeat isis and advance peace between israelis and palestinians. we'll have a special report when it happens. >> scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days ipoffice. today, we're at day 76. >> undoubtedly, the most important day so far of the trump presidency. >> there will still be bickering and investigations into the russian connection. today and in the next few days we'll soowhat the president is made of as he deals with a chemical attack in syria and another missile launch in north korea. both could provoke a military reaction from the united states. in syria, a suspected nerve gas attack, we think by forces loyal to assad, against families and children. we are showing you the video
6:47 am
that we can. but there is video out there that lefmany of us in the newsroom absolutely speechless. it is awful stuff. the white house issued this statement. today's chemical attack in syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. these heinous actions by the bashar al assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution. president obama said in 2012 that he would establish a red line against the use of chemical weapons, then did nothing. the united states stands with our allies across the globe to condemn this intolerable attack. now, it is extremely rare for a white house, any white house, to issue a statement in the name one president that mentioned a second past president. it's also not clear from the statement what our policy is going to be. is the use of chemical weapons crossing a line? president obama drew a line and
6:48 am
ignored it. what will president trump do? past statements from trump indicate he's against taking action. president obama, he wrote in 2013, do not attack syria. there is no upside and tremendous downside. save your powder for another important day. meanwhile, north korea has launched another ballistic missile just days before president trump and ease president xi meet in florida. let me clear, this is a north korean test, but it's not the latest test. it takes a couple days for north korea to release the video. this changes the agenda for the two presidents. trump wanted to talk about trade. now, north korea has got to go to the top. secretary of state rex tillerson responded with this, the united states has spoken. enough about north korea. the state department's statement on the matter doesn't have a lot of words, but it speaks paragraphs. no more negotiations. all options are on the table. this aimed at much at china, guys, as north korea. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott.
6:49 am
scott, of course, looks at the president's tweets, executive orders, and speeches. so much going on throughout the first 1 hb days in office. you can as always reach scott to share your thoughts with h him @scottmcgrew. >> nice hair, beard. beautiful blue eyes. i guess it's me asking you to marry him. >> he's not talking about trump here. let's make that clear. >> to do with politics. it's uncle jesse stepping it up for a san francisco man looking to tie the knot. he was asking on behalf of someone else. and as you can see, that marriage proposal, he nailed it. >> turns out doug's girlfriend katrina is a huge full house fan. so when he wrote a letter to john stamos asking for merely a signed photo with a hand written proposal, he took it upon himself to take it a step further. he did the proal on the video. >> pretty cool. cox is a director and an editor.
6:50 am
that came in handy when he was documenting the whole thing. he says that stamos has been a big part of his life for three years. why? because there are pictures of him up all over their house. his fiancee put them up. i don't know if they're flamed, they're blown up, but they have been around for a while. >> that's great he could participate in that great memory for them. >> they showed a picture of the couch, and behind them, there was a framed picture. >> there you go. >> now that she's getting married, maybe those should come down. >> he doesn't age, at all. literally, he doesn't. >> all that greek yogurt. >> maybe. >> like rob lowe. >> and that hair is still wonderful as ever. you know? you're going to have to take care of your hair tomorrow. but today, you're going to be just fine because we're explthsing a nice, clear day. if you weren't here for the 5:00 hour, i mentioned kari gave me exclusive access to the weather closet. i decided to pick up some things for you to possibly wear today. now, of course, your choice on
6:51 am
the brand. that's your thing. i got this little spring number from kari's weather closet. so short sleeves for sure. jeans, white wash, holes in it, whatever color you want. definitely going to be in place. maybe even some for the ladies, and today is your last chance to wear flip-flops without needing rain boots because this going to change tomorrow. and baseball caps because i did mention that we're expecting some pretty strong gusty winds, so no caps, maybe just a hair tie for the ladies and gentleman, hold on to whatever hair you have. current temperature trend in san francisco, 54 degrees. if you have john stamos hair, you're good to go. by 67 degrees by 12:00 in san francisco. planning out your day in san jose, 55 for now. 70 and 73 by 1:00. so overall, going to be good. that storm arrives on thursday. i know, by 7:00, look at this. you'll see the yellow and orange pounding down in the north bay, becoming more widespread by about 12:30, and then on friday, it looks like that's going to
6:52 am
pack the biggest punch, especially right around the time of your early morning commute. and that's going to also carry on down through the south bay. so definitely that in mind if you're leaving really early for work on friday. can know it's only wednesday, but it's never too early to be prepared. friday at 6:00, it becomes widespread. it looks like the second storm system makes its arrival, but it's fast moving. all in all, today is a great day. let's enjoy that. i'm sure you're enjoying the calmer roads, right? >> for the post part. calm conditions for sure. and most of the bay showing lighter traffic flow. the south bay showing a gentle build. that's characteristic of spring break. that's what's going on for the tri-valley this week. over here, this is a big problem. 680 out of the tri-valley is great. 880 is jammed up through union city to fremont. the southern most crash at auto mall parkway, we don't know when they're going to open lanes. we got an update. the estimated time of opening,
6:53 am
don't know. that's a big problem. no problems for the b.a.r.t. system if you want to take that if you can. if you can't, let's look at the alternates waze has provided. our partners with waze outlining this. an hour and five minutes from dier down past the scene toward mission. that's if you stay to the freeway. that's the most common commute route. waze give you an alternate, fremont boulevard. that saves you 40 minutes. you can make a better choice as well by choosing to bow on our team for waze. that will go to your app and then clicking down to the magnifying glass there, enter your name and a team at the bottom. click on nbc bay area wazers. that will help you join us. we can help each other throughout the day, wherever you are. waze is with you as long as you have your phone and have it charged. charge that phone, guys. >> that's usually key. thank you very much, mike. >> coming up next, going to take a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay. that includes a deadly early morning crash in the south bay. what led up to this accident in san jose. >> first, happening now, we are
6:54 am
following breaking news. the search continues for a missing 4-month-old girl. police say the baby was taken by her father. and is considering missing and endangered. kris sanchez is tracking that story. also tweeting out updates. >> plus, government inspectors have found almost 24,000 safety defects along railroad routes used to ship crude oil. those defects are similar to a problem that caused derailments that led to massive oil spills. we'll be back here with more news in just two minutes. befo yoho
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
at 6:57 on your wednesday morning, welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> let's start with breaking news out of the south bay. a deadly accident near valley fair mall. it happened around 4:00 this morning. investigators say a pickup truck driver hit a sound wall. he was the only person in the car. and the driver did die on scene. >> more breaking news. nbc bay area learned there's been a plane crash fauving an f-15 near andrews joint military base in maryland. it's been reported two people inside ejected from the jet near camp springs, maryland. of course, when we get more information, we'll update you on the and on twitter. >> now live to richmond where
6:58 am
there's heartbreak most certainliy and a growing memorial for a woman who was shot and killed in front of her two children yesterday. rushonda franklin was driving yesterday morning with her kids when her ex-boyfriend pulled up next to her car, walked up and shot her. police identified the 43-year-old as a suspect in the shooting. he's still not in handcuffs and considered armed and dangerous. >> happening today in oakland, some of the people who were forced out of their homes in a deadly fire have leave the temporary shelter they were staying in. that shelter is slated to close today. it was supposed to close last week, but that was delayed to help the people out. at last count, 11 survivors are staying there. >> it is a busy day ahead on capitol hill. coming up momentarily on the "today" show, continuing coverage of the trump administration's surprising response to a new missile test in north korea. >> happening today, warriors presale tickets going on sale.
6:59 am
ws won their 12th straight game last night, beating the timberwolve timberwolves. >> we have spring favor, playoff fever. hopefully actually not fever. >> that was last week. >> yeah, no kidding. i shook that now. now hoping for a nice daw ahead. >> rr going to enjoy a nice wednesday, so even though we're in the middle of the week, one day left, because i count friday. look at the seven-day. friesz, expect heavy rain paired with strong winds and then a second system friday night into saturday. so rain ahead. >> quite the change. all right, pretty much all that starts tomorrow. in the meantime, mike, you're looking major problems right now. >> hopefully good recovery. we'll show you the map. we had a crash in san jose. light traffic there, but 880, the crash at auto mall cleared. the one at mowry still there. the jam, 80 out of union city is really tough maybe you can use fremont boulevard. >> some alturnatives for you. >> check your waze.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live update. >> join us at 11:00. have a great. buenos días, noticias de good morning. breaking overnight, north korea fires another test missile. the trump administration's response, no further comment. if they're done talking, will the next step be military action? monster. a massive tornado cuts a path of destruction through a missouri town. extensive damage to schools, homes and businesses. the south, now bracing for a new and what's expected to be more powerful tornado outbreak this morning. fleeing the factor. more companies pull their ads from bill o'reilly's show amid accusations of sexual harassment against the star. can he survive thero


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