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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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fountain alley here in downtown san jose and looking at the police stats posted by san jose police, there have been 60 calls for service in this area alone in the last 30 days. there are police officers on the corner ever fountain alalley, ad between first and second. police are moving in right here for good. you name the drug, and you'll likely find it here on fountain alley. crime happens here virtually daily. >> we see crimes, drug dealing, prostitution here and there. >> reporter: the city fish market says the crime has affected business. police have known about this aalley for years, they'll make arrests, but that hasn't stopped the problem. >> how is crime here? >> very bad.
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>> reporter: miguel contreras says his convenience store has been robbed several times. >> i report to the police and they catch him and then he's on the street again. >> reporter: captain jason dwyer just announced to his officers that they will be moving in to closer to the criminals. they opened this vacant space in the middle of fountain alley. they'll be able to hold meetings here and interview and have lunch breaks. >> it's not just another storefront and say i want to take a police report. >> reporter: the department had a soft opening of the office space. it's expected to be fully operational within a couple of weeks. >> that's good. i hope they clean up the area. >> reporter: this is the storefront here. it will not be emblazoned with the police department sign.
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it is all a donation of the police department foundation. they get the fund to refurbish the office. if they want to hang out in fountain alley, they'll hang out in with the cops. police are looking for a robbery suspect. this is at 33rd and market, not far from the 508/24 interchange. you can see the car down below. possibly involved in all of this and the windows are shot out. police tell us no one was hurt. we did see a man just a short while ago being taken away in an ambulance. officers are actively looking in this naked for the suspect. turning to our microclimate forecast, get ready for a big change over the next 24 hours, a live look at the satellite forecast where you can see the storm brewing over the pacific.
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kari. we've seen the clouds all day long and temperatures were heating up to the 70s, but we haven't seen the rain yet. it arrives early tomorrow morning for the north bay and the rest of us tomorrow evening and then to san francisco. here is a look at the satellite imagery and how large the storm system is as it continues to connect with some subtropical moisture. that will be moving in for the end of the week. we'll see some widespread wind throughout the night and friday. and a closer look, even though we have the clouds, none of the showers working inland just yet. santa rosa in the next 10 to 12 hours, you can see some light rain. the wind will be picking up and the north bay seeing it in the morning and the rest of the areas in the afternoon and some
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flooding in the poor drainage areas. a complete look of the microcast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, kari. click on the weather app and you can get updates on the forecast for your neighborhood. a new resource for the victims of the san jose floods. the floods as you might recall displaced about 14,000 people in february, causing more than $70 million in damage. the sanity a clara valley district and the san jose district is holding workshops to to inform the residents. it's tomorrow evening and they will answer questions. meetings fort rock springs and oleander areas will be held in the next two weeks. roadblock in castro valley, and the palmeres road closed
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again. families were forced to park down the street and walk to their homes. crews are currently bolstering the hillside. the road is expected to reopen on may 5th. new video into our newsroom of a suspect being led into jail. sean mcbride arrested after a 24-hour manhunt. he's accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend right in front of their two children. with the late breaking details, robert. >> reporter: that's right, janelle, about an hour ago richmond police took the suspect to jail after detectives requested him here. they wanted to show the man in custody to give the public and the victims of the family peace of mind. the man police called a ticking time bomb, mcbride was arrested at 1:00 at a fast-food restaurant and he denied being the killer of ex-girlfriend r h
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roshonda. >> what do you have to say for yourself. >> i'm not the one. >> reporter: police say they compiled a lot of evidence, including a surveillance video that appears to show the man stopped at an intersection when the man, cuts her off and shoots her. a witness talked exclusively to the nbc bay area. >> i told him hurry up because i heard a shot. >> reporter: the woman's family expressed gratitude and relief for the arrest. and franklin's father's plea last night on nbc bay area. >> my heart is broken. i'm sorry. i'm trying to hold on for my daughter. >> reporter: mcbride has been taken to the jail in martinez, and sheryl heard will have an
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exclusive interview with the family tonight on the news at 11:00. >> thank you, robert. new information about the napa shooting. one of the officers involved was hit by shrapnel. police responded to reports for a shooting. the gun man fired from his garage and fired as officers. the driver crashed into a tree and died on the scene. several officers are on administrative leave while the d.a. investigates. a baby girl, there she is, is back with her mother. she's four months old and was allegedly abducted by her father. an amber alert was issued and the father is on the run this evening. rick boone joins us from livermoor. >> reporter: that mom is
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relieved this hour. she can hug and kiss her baby girl tonight. this she thought she would never do that anytime soon. there was a break in the case which happened exactly where i was standing right now. >> what was it like. >> thank you. >> reporter: the baby back the arms of her mother after being allegedly abducted by her father, 45-year-old wallen. he abducted the child at this hotel. the mother was being dragged by the car. and an older son chasing wall len and the baby in his vehicle while he was bumped by the road. >> they were never married. they recently separated. they were in a relationship, but she took the baby, but she had custody of that child at the time that this incident occurred. >> reporter: the search fort child forced an amber alert. police finally got a break in the case some 34 miles away in
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this walmart pashing lot where michael's mother brought her here to hand over to police. a welcome home after a long stretch for this family but a happy ending. michael wallen is still at large. he's driving a 2007 t blue nissan altima with paper plates. they're hoping to get that arrest sometime soon. we're live nbc bay area news. take a look at the flames shooting from the home on rim street off sonoma boulevard. the car jumped the curb hit the gas meter outside the home sparking a fire. no one was in the home and the firefighters put out the fire. the two people inside the car suffered minor injuries. >> crews trying to clean up a
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chemical spill at the hospital. you can see the crews gearing up to get inside the building. they got the call at 1:00 about the problem at the medical care. formaldehyde and mixed with methanol was a health hazard. and thankfully everyone was evacuated and no one was injured. last week's dead lay apartment fire, after the temporary shelter closed today. it was set up at the youth center, which collected car loads of community donations. the city pledged it will not close until all of the residents had interim housing. the raiders could be out of oakland sooner or later.
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the teamos hundreds of thousands of dollars to the coliseum in parking dues. the news is according to an audit released today. it says the raiders have been making minimum parking payment dollars since 2013 and will not complete the payments before the move to las vegas. as a result the lakers could default on the coliseum. board members say they're working on a fix. new details on a mom who survived the 60-foot drop from a bridge after taking a picture of herself. and a staggering sum of bond bail expected to be posted tomorrow, more than san matteo county has ever seen. i've got the story coming up. as we get ready for this approaching storm now is the time to strap down the patio furniture and get ready for some
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high wind and the potential of power outages, more an that coming up in seven minutes.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. get out of jail, but at an incredible cost. tiffany lee of hillsborough facing murder charges could be out of jail tomorrow after posting $35 million in jail. it's the largest bail set in san matteo's county history. peggy bunker is at the san
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matteo courthouse in redwood city. that's a staggering sum. >> reporter: staggering and also record breaking. the lee family is offering $31 million of that in property. they needed to double that. handing over huge sums of property deeds here in the expensive peninsula area prosecutors say with all that carbon the table, they're still concerned she'll run. >> she has to surrender passport. >> reporter: tiffany lee, a hillsborough resident is expected to post $35 million in bail tomorrow morning, an unprecedented amount in san matteo county and the 8th highest ever paid in us u history. district attorney has expressed concern she's a flight risk, but after imposing restrictions on the bail there is nothing they can do. >> she's surrendering the passport so that will make it more difficult for her to leave the country, and as i said before she's being monitored. >> reporter: she's been in the jail the past year, accused of
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murdering her ex-boyfriend the father of her two daughter. she'll have to wear the ankle bracelet. >> we would get an immediate notification that she tampered. >> reporter: the brace, et cetera, -- bracelets could be cut. attorneys say if lee does flee the country the bail money goes to the county. >> she would forefeet the funds, yes. >> reporter: now, that monitoring company that we just heard from is the company that will be monitoring lee at her home in hillsborough, that jury trial is set to begin in september. in redwood city, i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. lee eyeingel seen in court
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is charged for kidnapping. witnesses say he grabbed the girl as she was walking to school. two good samaritans intervened and rescued the girl. >> he had never criminal record, never been arrested for anything in his life. my job is to do an investigation and understand kind of what happened. >> reporter: the attorney adds her investigation will include a mental evaluation. he has an engineering degree. a woman from sacramento area survives after falling 60 feet from the bridge near auburn where she tried taking a selfie and fell. the catwalk is closed to the public and illegal to walk on. she was airlifted to the hospital and the extent of her injuries is unknown at this
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time. new at 6:00 the bart elevators are so dirty it's a civil rights violations. they're regularly soiled with feces or urine or just broken. escalators are routinely out of service. the suit adds that many people with disabilities aren't able to access the trains which is a violation of the federal and state laws. the lawsuit doesn't seek any financial damages. we reached out to bart and awaiting for a response. a new proposal would make election day a holiday. the bill would establish a business holiday to coincide with every statewide and general election. evan lowe from the south way proposed the idea. he set treating a election day holiday would make it ease whier to vote. the most common reasons for people not voting is work and school. okay. out with the old and in with the
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new. a major makeover for a well-known shopping center in the south bay. includes a theater, cinemas and the shopping center will close this sunday night. this fall it will become a new luxury theater called prune yard cinemas, it will feature leather reclining seats, a restaurant, bar, and occasionally live entertainment. >> the market is changing, people are demanding more amenities for their entertainment dollar. >> the market changing and the ticket prices will be changing and going up. it was showing movies for the last 13 years. it will be part of a complete makeover for the entire shopping center. speaking of movies, you can check out a lot in san francisco. the red carpet rolled out nor the 50th san francisco film festival, it will screen for than 180 movies in more than three dozen languages.
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>> it's the oldest in the nation? >> i didn't know that. >> forget sundance. it's right here in the bay area. everyone is going to be talking about this. the rain. and with it coming so late this season, and it's going to be quite a bit. here we go into april and we're going to see a winter-like storm arrive in the bay area. the clouds are out there now at 68 degrees. even with the clouds it's been very warm today. we're at 68 degrees in the tri valley and 66 degrees in the peninsula, san francisco now at 62 degrees. with some cloudy skies and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we are looking at the peninsula. come on over and take a look. we will see the rain moving into the north bay tomorrow morning. so it holds off until then and the rest of the bay area will see it in the afternoon. hour by hour, we start out tomorrow morning at 9:00. we see some light rain moving into santa rosa and it will be
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cloudy and windy elsewhere across the bay area and maybe peaks of sun shine. the evening commute, the rain starts to get heavier in the north bay and the rest of us will see it moving in by the southwest peninsula by 9:00 tomorrow night. and looking at the possibility of heavy downpour, gusty winlds maybe 50 to 60 mils in the hills. and the expected rainfall totals for the north bay looking at 1 to 3 inches there. san francisco up to 1.5 inches. for the peninsula, 1 to 3 inches of rain and for the east bay, 1 to 2. the south bay .5 inch to an inch and the santa cruz mountains anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain by the time the storm wraps
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up on saturday. coming up at about 6:47 i'll talk about the snow in the sierra and it looks very significant for the late season storm. >> snow and rain. >> i love it. >> thanks, kari. the housing markets in the country in the bay area, no surprise. it's not san francisco or marine county or the silicon valley. we'll tell you where next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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happening now, an update to a developing story. oakland police have arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery there. nbc skyranger was up in and posting pictures to twitter. a judge in mountain view lim limits the rents and harder to get out tenants. we just posted that to our facebook page. we'll be right back. wrs t hoestousg maet thcoury?oe
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okay. where is the hottest housing market in the country? vallejo. it beats out san francisco, which comes in at number two. south bay checks in at number five. why vallejo? it's still affordable relatively speaking and it's a reasonable commute to san francisco and the east bay. pepsi is pulling its latest ad after a major backlash on line. the ad features model kendall
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jenner ditching a photo shoot to join a group of protesters, she offers a police officer a pepsi and when he accepts it the crowd cheers. critics have used pepsi to use the black lives matter movement to try to sell soda. pepsi released a statement apologizing for the ad. clearly we misted mark and we apologize. the company promised to pull the ad. it's a reality. youtube is hitting the small screen, officially launching a live tv streaming service. the $35 subscription service rolled out in the bay area, new york, chicago and philadelphia. the service offers about 40 live channels. it cost a lot of lives. president trump responds to the suspected chemical attack by the syrian government. after waiting nearly two years for her abuser to face justice, a young woman turns to the
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investigative unit for help. how her plea helped 50 suspected abuse victims throughout clara county. rit n at-30prosti thpreden..
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right now at 6:30 protesting the president. but now facing the consequences. the group of proetesters who wrecked the morning commute for thousands of people had their day in court. >> they say their case is sending the wrong message. >> reporter: the d.a. office
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says they're committed to protecting people's rights and what happened here could have been dangerous. in san francisco inauguration day for president trump was cause for protesters to hit the streets in opposition, including blocking train tracks. >> they're being punished and targeted. >> reporter: attorney emily rose jons spoke at the hall of justice. >> i think it says that san francisco isn't really dedicated to resisting the donald trump administration in the way that they've presented themselves by becoming a sanctuary city. >> reporter: they pleated not guilty and she says they asked for a chance to be heard on a motion on the charges to be dismissed. >> first, and foremost no one is charged for protesting. >> reporter: a spokesperson said they feel strongly about presenting the first amendment but it's a balancing act. >> the people that are charged were blocking a railroad and
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that is something that could be problematic and dangerous. >> reporter: cal train riders have mixed emotions. >> i don't think it's appropriate to block the train or roadways. >> this is an unusual time for us in the country and for what they were protesting, i'm with them. minor inconvenience. >> reporter: the protesters are due in court june 4th. nbc bay area news. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooting is headed back to florida. she's been in the east bay for months. she is accused of aiding and helping her husband omar ma tin who gunned down 49 people in orlando. she will be extradited. she is currently in custody at the santa rita jail in dublin. after the shooting she came to the bay area to live withler family in rodeo. the marshal will take her back
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to florida. justice delayed but not denied. a guilty verdict in a case the investigative unit first exposed last may. the conclusion, vicki. >> reporter: the agonizing wait is over. justice for this young woman. her stepfather convicted of molesting her. 11 felony acts and lewd acts and sexual abuse of a young girl. they waited two years for police to arrest the stepfather. two days after we started to ask questions, police arrested him. the police office admitted they lost the file on the case and apologized. they reviewed for than 50 other abuse cases to make sure they're not lost in the system. we're not naming the suspect to protect the victim's name. she feels justice is served and
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ready to move on with her life. if you have any tips give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. a staping jakup at the white house, steve bannon has been removed from the national security council. top white house official telling nbc news there was no power struggle that bannon was on the committee as a check against michael flynn and with flynn out bannon is no longer needed. bannon is the former executive chair for breitbart news. critics said it was inappropriate to involve him in national security matters. also strong word from president trump condemning the chemical attack in syria. as he prepares to discuss another hostile regime north korea. blain alexander has more from washington. >> reporter: standing beside the visiting king abdullah of
6:34 pm
jordan, president trump using much of the meet conference to issue his strongest words to date against the syrian regime. >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal -- >> reporter: but the disturbing images from syria flooding air waves here at home, prompting an emotional call from ambassador nikki haley. look at those pictures. we cannot close our eyes to those pictures. >> reporter: and shouts from capitol hill. >> mr. assad needs to be held accountable for his war crimes. >> reporter: the president himself vowed to make it a priority blaming assad but also his predecessor for not taking a stance. >> i think the obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when he set the red line in the sand.
6:35 pm
when he didn't cross that line after making the threat, i think that set united states back. >> reporter: in 2013 in a flurry of tweets then-citizen trump urged obama not to take action. do not attack syria, fix usa. on the eve of president trump's anticipated visit with xi jinping. north korea overnight launched another ballistic missile into the sea of japan. blain alexander, nbc news, washington. one senator talks that long to protest neil gorsuch. >> gorsuch dissented in u.s. versus raven. >> jeff merkley of oregon took the stand at 7:00 last night and until 7:00 this morning. he and other democrats are protesting the pick to the high
6:36 pm
court. the filibuster is expected tomorrow. and republicans say they need a simple majority to confirm neil gorsuch. killing obamacare is not off the gop to-do list. they huddled for two hours but emerged with no deal on the health care and the dropping the federal mandates. they used the same words to reporters, progress. paul ryan said there was no timetable but he's optimistic. a man in the south bay who has been waiting for years for his payout. we'll explain and show you how we helped him. new tls nig inlvi a shtinat s
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new details tonight involving a shooting at a south bay motel last week. a man was shot at the capri motel. the motel had to be evacuated. police say these two men are responsible for the shooting. merlin jones and calvin casttrio. they face charges of attempted murder and robbery and assault. the victim was shot in the stomach but expected to survive. >> a deadly crash in fremont was the fault of a wrong side driver. the driver was driving the wrong way on 84 last night. near thornton avenue, and the driver of the mazda died and the driver of the other car suffered injuries. police are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a part. caltrans is closing two of
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the eastbound offround to traes you' -- trez you're island from oakland web bound will be closed from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. bald eagles making a revival in the bay area. in mill pit as, stanford and san jose. the bird watchers were thrilled by the sight of the bird's six-foot wingspan and excited to see the count increasing with 9 nests counted in eight bay area counties. all eight ivy leagues and stanford, this is 17-year-old cassandra ciao from -- she has conducted oncamera interviews.
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her gpa is 4.7. >> that's 1.3 bigger than mine. if i could do the math right. okay. kari hall is with us. thank you for staying up with you. >> yeah, there will be a storm moving in and just off just in time, heading out of town, a great time for that right now. we're going to see this rain moving into the north bay early tomorrow morning. i'll have the timeline of when the rest of the bay area will see that in six minutes. a trip goes south, yet his travel insurance won't pay for the travel even though the situation is supposed to be covered. i'm chris ka mura. ta cpbe ma
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chmura. today nbc bay area responds to a campbell man who bought travel insurance for overseas trip but had trouble getting the company to pay. >> how did we help, chris? >> we had to make a couple of phone calls. three years is a long time to wait. they took a trip to india three years ago, and when they booked the trip they bought travel insurance. and while in india the man broke his ankle and the doctor there told him he couldn't travel home for three weeks. the couple had to book new return flights. that cost them an extra $2,100. now, when they got home the man submitted a claim to the travel
6:45 pm
insurance company, alliance global assistance. they paid for the medical assistance but not the new flight home. he says they never dressed that part of the claim. now after trying on his own for three years, he finally reach out to us. they told us the man submitted his credit card receipt with the claim but it also needed his itinerary. they asked him for that three times but never got a response. the man said no, no, no, the company never asked for his itinerary. alliance told us they decided to accept the credit card receipt as proof and cut him a check for $2,100. they told us we're sorry that this matter took so long to finalize but we're glad that we could provide the coverage. this is a good reminder for everyone who buys travel insurance, save your receipts, paperwork and itineraries for at least three years.
6:46 pm
if you have a consumer complaint the number is 1-888-996 tips. they're not the all the same. you have to dig into them before you find the one. >> keep all your receipts. >> yes. cars and cheeseburgers. >> random things in my head. i'm hungy. paving the way for up to 70 million bucks in refunds, related to an in-app purchase made by children. parents, you can get some money back. a judge ruled amazon didn't do enough to warn parents that some free apps could cost money. millions of americans under the threat of severe weather tonight. tornadoes and hill ripping through the southeast. for many it will be the second
6:47 pm
strong system to hit in just three days. much of georgia, people already dealing with flooding and severe winds. a practice kouround of the mast in augusta georgia was suspected because of the storms. >> talking about our little storm compared to them. >> yes, and i've seen pictures on twitter of funnel clouds and all of that stuff going on in the midwest. nothing like that for the bay area, but a fairly significant system considering that we're going to get the possibility of a couple of inches of rain here, and it's all dry as you head out and about this evening and here is a live look at san francisco. the calm before the storm and as you get a look at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen you'll see the rain move on tomorrow and continuous rain friday and early on saturday. as we see the cloudy skies rolling in in, we've had some
6:48 pm
fairly mild temperatures and we'll see the cooler temperatures rolling in. looking outside in san jose and seeing the cloudy skies. this is a fairly large storm system moving in, and it's already bringing the clouds but not yet the rain. as we get a closer look, it is really close to the coast but? dry air still in place. we'll fight back some of that rain until early tomorrow morning. and we'll see the rain working its way down to santa rosa by ear early tomorrow morning. at 9:00, starting out with light showers. the rest of the bay area will be cloudy. and peaks of sunshine. but there will be an approaching storm system as you can tell by just the way it feels in the air. and we'll start to see the rain move in during the early evening commute, and start to work its way to the peninsula.
6:49 pm
but late tomorrow evening, the south bay may still be dry. and it won't work its way to the south bay until tomorrow night and early friday morning and then a little bit of a break before the second round of rain moves in on friday. so we will have some breaks in between. some off and on downpores and on friday as you try to make plans to get outside, you may have rain coming down with cooler temperatures and breezy winds. the expected rain total looks to be 1 to 3 inches and san francisco .5 and 1.5 inches and the south bay will see .5 inch and 1 inch. the santa cruz mountain contains with a potential of flooding and winds that could bring down trees and cause power impacts. make sure you have the batteries and also something just in case
6:50 pm
you have a power outages to see the -- eat in you don't have electricity. and the high pressure and on friday we will have some gusty winds. looking at kirkwood right now, here is a live picture, 50 degrees and hard to believe that a big snowstorm is moving in this late in the season. we have the potential of getting 2 to 4 feet of snow in the sierra. yes, in the middle of april. and we are also going to see this rain wrapping up as we look across the bay area, for saturday. sunday is all dry as you make plans to get outside. sunday is the day to get out there. next week we also start out with dry weather, home opener for the giants on monday. >> 1:30 monday afternoon. >> perfect weather, it's going to be in the 60s and next chance of rain on monday. >> thank you kari, nice to have
6:51 pm
you here. speaking of the giants, they're turning to technology to help them be more successful. it's all about the headphones. colin shows us the state-of-the-art technique. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. newsuof theasbayyocane
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we are tracking some breaking news out of the east bay skyranger over lafayette. you can see deputies on screen. this is where a ups truck went off the roadway, and stuck on some brush. the contra costa sheriff's office says they got the call about an hour ago. you can see the ups truck there. someone called, reported seeing
6:54 pm
the truck. now deputies are not saying if they located the driver yet. of course, we'll keep our eyes on the situation and update you sloo as soon as we learn what happened. retired seattle seahawks running back and former cal star marshawn lynch spent the day in raiders quarters. he lives in the east bay and considering to come out of retirement to play for the hometown raiders. they would have to work out a deal. are you ready for a game-changing heat set. >> the technology has been around for a while but a san francisco company is the first to take it to the baseball field. here is colin rush. >> it's tingling like a buzz, like all over your head. it's unique, that i think if you didn't feel anything, you'd not
6:55 pm
think that it didn't do anything for you. >> after using it for the past year, tyler beedy is a believer. it is this pair of headphones, and halo phones. and they speed up an athlete's muscle memory. >> you see some special pieces here. we call those primers but those are electrodes, and they're creating a electric field that create a network. you wear it for an half hour and it will repeat the training repetition. it will acquire more muscle memory than you would otherwise. >> if it sound like this headset could become a performance enhancer and the ceo says that's
6:56 pm
because it is. >> it is a performance enhancer but there is performance enhancers everywhere, lifting weights is performance enhancer, you still have to train. if you used this and you sat on the couch you would get no benefit. >> the potential benefits as beety and the giants see it, a competitive advantage. >> i'm all in on it. so i like it a lot. >> reporter: in san francisco colin rash, nbc bay area. >> let's see if it helps the giants this season. after a good samaritan stepped in when someone tried to steal an officer's gun. that story coming up at our 11:00 newscast. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll you back here at 11:00. >> bye.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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the blonde nanny who allege saidly got pregnant with mel b's husband's baby. the secret affair and the $300,000 payoff. >> now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra ♪ extra, extra the other woman in mel b's ugly divorce revealed. how mel b found out her23-year-old nanny was was carrying stephen belafonte's love child. the were new details on the scandalous live triangle. kendall jenner under fire. attacked over her controversial new pepsi commercial. ivanka trump versus scarlett johansson.


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