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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the missing driver called police to report the crash. let's show you where this is happening. this is an active search area right now.
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our nbc bay area sky ranger was first on the scene. this is in lafayette, not far from st. mary's college. terry mcsweeney with some answers. and what's happening there? >> after six hours of searching they had cleared this area immediately off the road and basically a vertical drop about 40 feet down the side of this hill side. search and rescue crews are at the bottom of the canyon looking for the missing driver. a ups delivery truck towed back up to the road it went off of late this afternoon. the man behind the wheel, 44-year-old salazar of fair field not inside and nowhere to be found, even though he's the one who called 911 to report the crash. >> the driver had called in and said he needed assistance. the address was a little bit
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different than where we're at. >> reporter: but just like that the driver's phone died. lafayette police called in drones with infrared helicopters. as with well as skil60 members the search and rescue team to scour the terrain. >> most loikely he got out of te vehicle and walked away. they get up and get out. we don't know if he's hurt or not. >> reporter: search and rescue personnel propelling down the hill where the personnel was found. but no blood, no sign of any injury. pictures of dennis salazar have been sent to all the nearby medical facilities in case he turns up there. but right now we have a crashed truck. no sign of the person who crashed it.
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nbc bay yare iarea news. >> now to a big change in our weather. the rain and wind is just hours away. you can see it there showing the storm is on our doorstep. carry. >> we will start to see that rain making it into the north bay as we go into the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning with sprinkles to start out. but you can see how large the storm system is and it connects with subtropical as we head through thursday and friday. we will start to see light rain making it's way to northern sonoma county. but we will not see measurable rain until late tomorrow afternoon into the evening for the north bay. so now is the time to make sure you strap down the patio furniture, make sure those storm drains are clear and we may have the potential of downed trees
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along with brief street flooding. i'll talk about all of this in the micro climate forecast. >> you can track the rain with our nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to access our live doppler radar. you can get update s specific t your neighborhood. an update on the gruesome crime in handcuffs. he says he didn't do it but richmond police officers say he did kill his ex-girlfriend. he surrendered peacefully at a jack in the box today. the man hunt might be over but the heart ache and anger for her family continues. mcbride was -- she was shot to death inside of her suv in front of her two boys. nbc bay area cheryl hurd with the exclusive sit down interview tonight. how are the kids doing who saw their mother get shot?
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>> reporter: they're doing okay. the family is happy with the arrest but they're not happy with police because they say mcbride came to their home harassing their daughter and they didn't arrest them and they say they want justice , especially for the three little boys. >> i couldn't sleep at night waiting for them to give me that call. >> reporter: barbara harris got that call and telling her three young grandchildren the man accused of killing their mother was arrested was bitter sweet. >> the oldest one said good, mom. i'm happy. i said do you feel safe? and he said yes, because i don't want to see desean ever again because he killed my sean sean. >> harris and her family intent the day making funeral arrangements for franklin. >> we sticken together. trying to be support for each other. >> reporter: and going over what led up to the horrific killing
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in richmond. a killing caught on surveillance video. >> i asked the officer. i said is it fatal? and he said yes. >> franklin's parents say their daughter has been trying to get away from mcbride for months. >> there's a part of me that's been taken away. >> this animal -- i don't know what to call him. he just came and nothing but the devil. he came, killed and destroyed. >> there's nothing i can do to bring her back. only thing i'm looking for is justice. >> reporter: by the way mcbride is not the father of those three young boys. he's being held in a mar teens jail. i'm sharcheryl hurd. tonight a four month old baby girl abducted by her father is safe with her mother.
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you see them both there but the sufrp for the dad continues. he's accused of taking the baby without permission in mountain view as the family desperately tried to stop them. an amber alert was issued. gene, the baby is safe. what's the latest with the father? >> reporter: the mountain view police department says there's a state wide be on the lookout alert for michael wallen. they say he abducted his daughter, left her with his mother in livermore and hasn't been seen since. hours after police issue an amber alert for four month old baby madeleine, she is back safe in her mother's arms. they say madeleine's father, 44-year-old michael wallen abducted her from this hotel last night. >> the mother reached in -- >> he is the boy's father but does not have custody. he took her after an argument as her mother and brother tried to stop him.
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>> the suspect drove forward with the baby in his lap. the adult son of the mother followed the father. and he break checked the son, causing a collision and drove off. >> reporter: while they search for wallen and his nissan alt altima, madeleine surfaced with her grandmother earlier today. a very relieved mother raced to the police department to get her baby girl. now mountain rr view police say they met with wallen's mother to see if she knew where he planned to go. the search continues. reporting live in mountain view. new at 11:00. a good samaritan is honored for stepping in to help a san francisco police officer. he was applauded for his recent actions at sfo.
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a native of vancouver, washington saw a police officer wrestling with a man. that officer called out for help, saying the man was trying to grab his gun. dikeman jumped in, pulling the man away. the officer says mr. dikeman likely saved his life. >> who knows how the news would have read if it ended differentl differently. it's a very big deal for him to assist in that way. >> they believe the suspect was suffering from mental illness. two robbery suspects are under arrest after causing this chaotic scene in oakland. they closed in on the car on market street not far from the 580 interchange. one suspect refused to get out so they used bean bag shots to break the woinindows of that ca. a new call to get more
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answers after lasts week's deadly apartment fire in oakland. investigators blamed a candle for starting that four-alarm blaze. some are calling for investigators to dig even deeper. >> with all our suspicious timing and the fact this happened early in the morning and almost everyone got out of the building. there's a lot of things that look very suspicious. we're hoping investigators will look more closely at the situation. >> at least 80 people were displaced by the fire. developing, the death toll is rising in syria. you might find this video disturbing. a day after the suspected chemical attack, many of the victims are still struggling to breathe. they say it's consistent to expoesher to nerve agent. 80 women and children were killed. >> their deaths was an affront to humanity.
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these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> the president says he's not ruling out military action against syria. tomorrow a high stakes meeting for president trump. for the first time he'll meet with the president of china. they'll meet at mr. trump 's mar-a-lago estate in florida. mr. trump repeatedly accused of china sometimes unfairly capitalizing on trade practices. this amid allegations of business ties between trump tower in new york and china. a storm moving in tomorrow will bring in high winds, a high wind watch already in effect for the coast and the hills. we'll talk about the timeline and how much rain to expect at 11:18. when the big one hits, this could fail. the emergency plans being made
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in one south bay community tonight. should the anderson dam give way? and she fell about 60 feet from this bridge. the selfie -- yeah, selfie, that almost took her life. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
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we're going to update you on our breaking news. the search for the ups driver who disappeared after crashing his truck. on the scene in the east bay for us. and they found him so what happened? >> reporter: a happy ending to a bazar story. they have found 44-year-old dennis salazar in concord. he is fine and safe tonight. this is a man who drove a ups truck off of this road, down there, crashed the truck. they couldn't find him, even though he was the one who made the 911 call to report it. they suspect he may have left
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the scene. why? we don't know. but we know the driver of the ups truck has been found and safe in concord in the past 20/30 minutes. >> thank you. certainly officers and ups corporate will have a lot of questions for him. new at 11:00. what would you do if you had only minutes to leave your home before it was engulfed in a flood? that's what thousands of people in morgan hill could face if the anderson dam were to break in an earthquake. estimated to be under water in 20 minutes if that happened. here's ian coal. >> reporter: when she learned the anderson dam could fail in a major earthquake, she started planning with her neighbors. >> so that you can help others that might need help in getting out in time.
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>> reporter: flood maps show the worst case scenario, sending a wall of water from santa clara county's largest vez voer. cosau's neighborhood in downtown morgan hill will be under water in 23 minutes. it's kind of hard to say what direction probably drive in. >> to help kostas and other residents, they released a ruf guide to where emergency crews will direct people. >> we're always preparing for emergencies and considering the possibility. >> people should head for high ground but if there's time, most people should go north. >> because the water flow, based upon the maps indicate it wouldn't happen as rapidly going north as it would going south. >> people like kostas and her neighbors are already preparing for a worst case scenario. >> i would try to help as many people as possible.
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ian coal, nbc bay area news. lately a coyote could be on the list. they hosted a special community meeting to teach people what to do if they see a coyote. for many peep it can be a surprise. they want to remind everyone don't feed the animals and this time of year has certain significance. >> we expect coyotes to begin to have their pups and once they have their babies, they're going to defend their space and their babies. >> wildlife officials warn this could be especially dangerous for people walking their dogs. let's take you outside. . the raiders could be out of oakland sooner than later. a new report suggests the team owes close to a million bucks in over due parking dues. the audit says they've been
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making minimum parking payments since 2013. as a result, they could default on their current lease. board members are working on keeping the raiders in the city for the next couple years at least pnchts camera 7 cinemas will close and reopen and become a new luxury theater with a restaurant a bar, and occasional live entertainment. it will be part of a complete make over for the entire prune yard shopping center. how about that? carrie hall is with us now. >> a lot of rain. especially from friday to saturday and then it finally gets out of here on sunday. so we are looking at pretty sloppy conditions considering we're heading to april.
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we may get our average monthly rain all in one storm. we'll be talking about that. here's a live look out there right now. all of our microclimates showing temperatures in their 50s and 60s. we've been talking about now is the time to prepare for this incoming storm as we enjoyed the last little bit of our dry weather. also the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we will have three days of rain in the forecast before we get a little bit of a break there and this is the reason why. this storm system starting to move closer to the bay area, bringing in light rain to the north bay. now i do think as we look at the radar, we're seeing green on herer for the north bay bought lot of this is evaporating before hitting the ground. so we'll start to see the moisture working its way to the surface and working to get more measurable rain as we head towards the morning.
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by 10:00 in the morning spotty light showers still rolling through sonoma and napa counties. as we go through the day, it's just going to be cloudy and windy and all the sudden we start to see an increase in the shower and storm activity through the day with gusty winds and heavy down pours by late tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. and look at the colors here. a lot of bright colors showing the intense rain and heavy down pours that could be moving into the bay area. this is what the radar could look like. early friday morning still seeing rounds of heavy rain and breaks in between with cloudy skies and still pretty windy out there. even friday eervening, we're going to see pockets of heavy rain and a slight chance of thunderstorms before all of this starts to clear the bay area. we are looking at rainfall totals anywhere from 1 to 3 inches in san francisco. up to an inch 1/2 the santa cruz
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mountains. while the south bay will have up to an inch of rain. we're generally looking at one to two inches of rain. i want to show you when the winds will start to pick up. we will see the winds increasing from the south at about 20 to 25 miles per hour and calming down. looking at squaw creek, we're going to see this becoming very busy thursday into friday. look at how much snow some of the computer models are putting down. anywhere from two to four feet. squaw valley and alpine meadows report, snow cranking up between thursday night and friday. make sure you bring the tire chains. it is really going to be snowing hard and possible whiteout conditions, raj in parts of the sierra. >> wow. good time to go up for the tweekd ski. thank you.
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up next a walk with friends takes a tragic turn. the selfie that turned one woman's life upside down. and we have jimmy hanging out with a familiar face. an east bay native tonight. >> we're in orlando all this week. dwayne johnson 's here. nicole ricci is here. 99% do not change the channel.
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frightening moments in vallejo after this car crashed into the home and sparked that fire np car jumped a curb. and hit a gas meter outside of
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the home, spaking the flames. thankfully no one was inside at the time but two people in the car did suffer minor injuries. thnchlts bart elevators are so dirty it's a civil rights violation. that suit alleges the elevators are regularly soil would feces or urine or just broken. escalators are routinely out of service as well. many people with disabilities are unable to operate bart trains. it seek as court order that bart fixes the problem but does not seek any financial damages. well, a selfie that almost cost a woman her life. the woman fell about 60 feet off that bridge right there near auburn after tress passing on to a narrow area of the bridge and attempting to take a selfie. she was air lifted with severe injuries. the first vote is tomorrow
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and governor brown making a final push for his road repair bill. a plan that would raise gas taxes and vehicle registration fees. law makers and business leaders gathdered in rally to support the bill. it would invest $52 billion over the next decade to fix roads, bridges and freeways. 24 down side it's going to cost you another 12 cents a gallon that pump starting this november. increase between 25 and $75 each year for registration. we'll tell you what the warriors did tonight which impact the playoffs which begin next week. we continue to follow the breaking news in the east bay where we showed you police confirm a missing ups driver has been found in concord. terry mcsweeney is tweeting updates on our home page.
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three-day passes for outside lands in san francisco go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00.
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okay. all good for the warriors. this was no ordinary game. they clinched the number one seed in the playoffs and they now know their first round opponents almost. draymond green and andre iguodala getting a night of rest. you see them chilling out but not steph curry. he was all over the place. warriors win 120-111. warriors clinch home court advantage throughout the post season. they'll face denver or portland in round one which begins next week. a lot of bay area love in phoenix tonight. less than a mile from the warriors, the giants were playing the diamond backs but it turned ugly for the g-men. conor gillespie having fun before the game. the giants blow a 4-1 lead. matt moore gets roughed up in the fifth inning. right past brandon belt who boots it there. a run scores, diamond backs beat
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the giants, 8-6. a's and angels. this is one of the top young pitchers but like most pitchers, young or old, he can't shut down mike trout with the rbi right up the middle. angels win this game 5-0. well, she says it's completely surreal. up next, the california girl who's been accepted to all eight ivy league schools and also stanford. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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okay. how about this. you see that young woman? a los angeles teenager has been accepted into all eight ivy league schools and stanford. she's an inspiring journalist with a 4.7 gpa. she still hasn't made her decision yet. thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. ndo resort in the heart of sunny florida, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson, nicole richie,


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