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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a. a live look outside at san francisco and a look at a city skyline that's changing every single day. the transamerica building is about to be displaced as the king of san francisco skyscrapers. good morning and thank you for joining us on this thursday, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it will shrillwill still be . a new classic >> maybe right behind us right there. what's that? >> we'll get to that in just a little bit. at least it's clear. the weather is change. >> it's going to be very crucial the next couple hours. big changes on the way, the north bay already seeing some
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rain. the north bay always getting hit the first, it seems like, south bay 58 degrees, mostly clear along the south bay, peninsula 51 already overcast. the trivalley partly cloudy and san francisco is already overcast but the north bay is already seeing rain if we look at the doppler radar, santa rosa is seeing on and off again showers and we're expecting to see that continue before we see the biggest storm roll in, that will bring strong winds. we'll talk about the watches and warnings that are set to take affect tonight in a few minutes. let's check in with mike. >> you have activity in the north bay, vianey is showing you that. all around the bay, watching a slow roller. southbound 880 approaching wynton avenue, that was the report of a gas tanker on the shoulder. we'll check on what chp has to report.
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there's the san mateo bridge and we'll look at travel times across the bridges. to e-z are moving well. not even a problem necessary with the tanker. we'll find out why it's reportedly moving so slowly. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 4:32. an update on a strange story out of the east bay. a u.p.s. truck goes down an embankment and the driver nowhere to be found after alling 911. pete, the driver is found but nowhere near the embankment. >> reporter: yes, the driver was found atta a friend's home in concord after crashing his u.p.s. truck into a hillside in lafayette. . is we're working to get more information from lafayette police, here's what we know so far. let's pull up the picture of the driver. he has been identified as dennis salazar of fairfield. they say he crashed his u.p.s. truck 40 feet down a steep hillside in lafayette yesterday afternoon around 5:00 p.m.
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salazar is the one who called 911 to report this crash but was nowhere to be found when i know police showed up. that led to a six-hour search by search-and-rescuable into the rugged terrain of lafayette only to have salazar pop up at a friend's house in concord. authorities explaining how he may have ended up there. >> most likely he got out of the vehicle and walked away. it's typical in some types of accidents where they self-rescue. we don't know if he's hurt or not. >> if that were the case, it would have taken more than three hours to walk from lafayette to con scored that would be quite a walk and police say he was safe and uninjured when he was taken into custody. no word on if he's still in custody. we'll have another update on the developing story in the next hour. live in lafayette, pete suratos for toad day in the bay. $35 million, that's what a peninsula woman is expected to pay in bail this morning.
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she is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend. the bail amount if paid will be the eighth-highest bail in u.s. history. lee is if from hillsboro, she's accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend keith green. she will be under house arrest and will have to wear an ankle bracelet. some experts say that can be taken off. >> if you're in an emergency you need to get the bracelet off. in the hospital or something. you start to be able to cut it. >>ly's family is expected to post $4 million in cash and $62 million in property equity. if she pleas, all that money goes to san mateo county. stay with nbc bay area to see what happens today. you can get more information by downloading our free app. jerusalem's mayor at the very last minute cancelling his visit to san francisco state scheduled for today. he was scheduled to lecture on campus today but the examiner reporting he became upset about how the school is promoting his
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visit and the limited number of people allowed to attend. a similar appearance last year drew protests. the school leaders this time around tried to limit the audience because they say there wasn't enough time to prepare. soon you won't be able to buy fur in burke erkeley. the city council passed an ordnance to ban fur products. it makes berkeley the second city in the state to ban fur. west hollywood passed a similar ban in 2013 that survived a lawsuit from luxury retailers. this morning we now know what payless stores are shutting down in the bay area. the shoe company published a list of stores shutting down nationwide as a struggle with bankruptcy. vallejo, modesto, richmond, martinez and several stores in san jose will see stores shutting down. dealing with coyotes this morning. san francisco homeowners got lessons on how to handle the wild animals we were telling you about yesterday. the recreation and parks
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department hosted a special community meeting on the subject. they want to remind folks, don't feed the coyotes and this time of year has a certain significan significance. >> in a few weeks we expect coyotes to have their pups and once they have their babies, like any other parents, they'll defend their space and babies. >> wildlife officials warn this situation can be dangerous for people walking their dogs so stay alert there. >> have you heard them the middle of the night? >> unpleasant. coming up, a court surprise in the sierra lamar murder case. a long-contested runaway theory reemerges from the defense with a new twist. why the 15-year-old's sexuality was used to bolster a new argument. [ engine revs ]
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[ screams ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13.
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[ screams ] today more witness testimony in the garcia torrez murder trial. it comes as the defense is pushing a new perspective of the victim, sierra lamar. the mercury news reports the defense team is portraying lamar as a girl who ran from home over questions about her sexuality. a friend testified lamar was interested in girls and couldn't share those feelings with her religious mother. it ties to the defense's many main argument that the accused murderer didn't not abduct lamar
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at a bus stop. authority have rejected that. the family of a boy injured by a falling tree will be allowed to sue pg&e for damages. the free fell on him and nearly killed him. he had a leg amputated. the family will be allowed to sue pg&e. they argue the family failed to expect trees at the power lines near their park. an artist wants to light up the civic auditorium. here's a glance at what it could look like. the public art project was set the sides of the auditorium up with neon lights. the lights would spell out the word "zi vic" and it would be funded by the city's civic art trust. >> 4:40, new video to show you. caltran's crews supposed to be wrapping up overnight work on the bay bridge. work is supposed to be finishing up in the next few minutes or so. up next, taking it live, we do it everyday here on toad day
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the bay but now the most popular video streaming service is taking things a step further. and why ge is saying lights out to lightbulb sales.
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4:43 on your thursday. i got a tweet from you last night at 7:30, 8:00. "how are you getting to work?
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you going to walk?" it's walk to work today in san francisco. >> i suggested you start then because you might make it. >> i'd still be walking right now. would not make it. it's like 50 miles. >> the rain might catch you on the way back. >> precisely. at least it's nice right now. >> it's nice for most of the bay area. the north bay already seeing some rain. overcast along the peninsula. temps are pretty mild san jose 58. but let's talk about this radar because we're already seeing that storm system building up the pacific northwest starting to track in and if we zoom in just a bit, yup, we're already . we aren't under an alert now but we will be one in this evening. there asahi wind watch in effect and that's because the where i
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understand starting to pick up we're expecting those winds to take effect for most of the areas because we could see winds gusting up to 60 plus miles per hour with sustained winds of up to 40 plus miles per hour. it's going to be gustier along the coast and that can make for downed trees and power outages. but let's talk about this hour-by-hour outlook. we will see periods of on and off again rain in the north bay through 8:30. if you notice through the early morning hours the reason we're not under an alert is because it stays up there through the early morning and it isn't until about 1:00 when we start seeing this system moving closer towards the peninsula and then if we fast forward through 5:00, this is when we're expecting the biggest impact tonight. where you see the yellow and orange, that's where we're expecting to see moderate-to-heavy downpours from point reyes, santa rosa through santa cruz and remember on
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friday morning the high wind warn willing take affect at 8:00 tonight. 12:30 where you see all of that red down even through the south bay expect to see gusty winds overnight into tomorrow morning which is why mike is going to be on hoo i alert. by tomorrow the south bay will be getting hit with wet weather. we'll catch a break near san francisco but friday all day long expect to see on and off again rain the entire day and on friday night if you see there's another system so an additional system tomorrow at 9:30 and that is expected to carry over the rain through saturday keeping scattered showers but we clear out nicely and that will set us up for a good sunday. just a quick checklist, micro climate weather alert is expected to take affect tonight and that's because we could see the heaviest of the rain along the north bay.
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here's a quick checklist, drag down the patio furniture because of the high wind watches and warnings. clear out some drains so you don't have a chance to see that. we're not expecting severe flooding but downed trees may be possible. we have a slight chance of seeing power outages and brief street flooding. so let's get a check of the streets now with mike. >> the warning vianay has given us a wet warning. we're talking about the rain in the north bay, the road weather index shows that creeping down towards san rafael. traffic moves very well. a lot of it is dry from antioch and making the trek in toward the bay bridge, a lot of commuting through the by a area.
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vianey 1 it's longer through kirker pass so right now you'll use highway 4 but later today this will change dramatically but it's a light flow now you can track it by getting to waze and going to the magnifying glass and clicking that. we've talked about this all week. clicking teams and nbc bay area wazers is the place to be. thanks for joining us. we've had a number of folks joining us and they were waiting to get your reports and photos and help you out through the day. >> just don't take them while you're driving. >> our team is build ing buildi getting out of the lightbulb biz and youtube is going live. >> let's check in with landon
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dowdy live a at cnbc world headquarter, doegood morning. well, futures are slightly higher and staging a major reversal following the release of the minutes from last month's federal reserve meeting. officials hinting they plan to reduce their massive $4 trillion balance sheet this year and concerns about whether president trump's policies will boost the economy the dow closed down 41 points the. the nasdaq fell 34 to 58.64. general electric may turn the lights off on its lightbulb business following its founding by thomas edison 125 years ago. reports say the business could be $500 million. it's been selling most of its consumer-related businesses to focus on core industrial prod t
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products and youtube's live tv service is on the air. for now it's only available for people in new york, philadelphia, l.a. and chicago and has more than 50 channels for 35 bucks a month including the major broadcast networks and their cable channel such as espn as well as amc and bbc america. youtube live has a 30 day free trial for a limited time only. back over to you. >> why do we need that when we have you live right here right now every morning. >> everyday. >> always good to see you, landon, thank you so much. ford is plugging in. the car maker says it will launch a plug in hybrid car in china next year. and a fully electric suv in the next five years. the company says it's aiming to electrify most of its lineup by 2025. the announcement comes as fothe are focusing more on electric vehicles. big issue on facebook, cracking down on revenge porn.
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the company announced once a revenge porn photo is removed facial recognition programs will block it from being reuploaded. mark zuckerberg says using intimate photos to shame others is wrong and the new software would step up the fight against it. the backlash is growing against fox news star bill o'reilly. nearly three dozen advertisers abandoned the new show after millions were paid out to settle sexual harassment complaints. three people have been arrested in connection to the st. petersburg subway bombing. one of them is from kyrgyzstan. at least 14 people were killed in that attack on monday. plus, environmental groups are challenging the trump administration over a pesticide used on california crops. they claim that the pesticide is used on almond, pistachios and oranges and can affect the nervous system and is harmful to farm workers. we'll be back with more news coming up in just two minutes.
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proudly caring for northern california, toy. good morning, a live look outside at the san francisco skyline. a lot is happening in the city today. the entire skyline of san francisco will be changing. we'll tell you about that. it's also walk to work today in san francisco. vianey will have more on that weather. happening today in sacramento, governor brown pushing lawmakers to vote on his
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massive gas tax hike proposal. the bill increases gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon and creates a new vehicle registration fee. if the hike is approved it would raise $5 billion for road maintenance and repair. critics note california has the nation's highest gas tax. is president trump willing to go to war over the suspected chemical attack that killed 86 people in syria this week? the u.n. ambassador for the u.s., nikki haley, condemned russia for supporting syrian president bashar al assad in light of tuesday's attack. she hinted the u.s. may "act alone" if the u.n. fails to respond assad has been accused of ordering the attack. president trump called that heinous saying he had a responsibility to respond. when asked what the president would do, he told reporters "you'll see."
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meantime, health cakacare headaches continue for the gop. they head home on a two-week recess without a vote on the revised bill. policy experts say the latest version of the bill could result in higher premiums and fewer protection. >> even though tiesers by the dozens are abandoning "the o'reilly factor" he still has one man in his corner, president trump. >> at least 35 companies have pulled ads from the popular fox news show after newscorp reportedly paid out $13 million to settle five sexual harassment claims against the host. but as sam mentioned, president trump is defending o'reilly. in an interview with the "new york times," trump called o'reilly "a good person." up next, we know the weather is about to change. you're not wearing your rain boots right now. you've got some heels on. >> they're booties and that's because the rain boots are going to come on later tonight but doppler radar already active.
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just off the coastline, the north bay already seeing showers. i'll talk more about that. income rain and the timeline and the winds, when they're expected in the 5:00 hour. >> and vianey, we're looking at the live look, this is our san rafael camera and our road weather index shows rain on the roads farther north and a glow for the lights up here. we're watching as the rain creeps around your commute. we'll show you more. and the search for a missing u.p.s. driver is over. where he was found after his truck went down an embankment leading to a large search. crassis uck cas 91-1and
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so many question this is morning after a u.p.s. driver crashes his truck, calls 911 and disappears only to turn up six hours later. we break down what happened in a live report coming up. >> following the arrest of an accused killer, the family of a richmond mother shot and killed in front of her children speaks out. >> this animal -- i don't know what to call him. he just came and -- nothing but the devil. >> they share their pain and sorrow. and san francisco's rising new tower hits a milestone. today in the bay starts right now. a very good thursday morning, i'm laura
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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you mentioned it a second ago, laura, a new topping, a moment four years in the making. this is the look, you do the vanna white for us here. this is the sales force tower behind us. in san francisco at 10:30 mayor edley will be out there on hand for what is called the topping off ceremony with the installation of that final beam it will be the tallest building west of chicago. that would be at 61 stories tall. construction is officially supposed to wrap up this summer. >> that is changing the skyline of san francisco. is 2 clouds can do that as well and the weather is changing vianey. >> especially with the next couple hours so don't forget your rain boots and raincoat because this weather is going to change quickly especially for today. now we are expecting some stronger winds, i think the graphic might be frozen. the forecast is filling tha


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