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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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friday. >> i was going to say, rain and friday puts a damper on your plans but we have you covered. if you're just letting out ux r, it's very mild and you may notice a few clouds. doppler radar very, very active because a very strong cold front is expected to sweep in over the next couple hours into the bay area. the biggest impact will be this evening. the temperature trend overall in san jose looking good till 1:00. you may want to prepare by bringing an extra set of clothes if you're going to be out all day. you won't have time to change later tonight. san francisco expecting to see light drizzle but the heaviest of the rain is expected for tonight which is why we will be issuing a microclimate weather alert this evening ahead of the storm. that's because there will be strong winds. mike, how are the roads looking? >> the roads are looking great right now. the north bay is seeing damp roads. wet roads, in fact, vianey, as you talked about the rain farther north.
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santa rosa, petaluma, be careful in the south bay, highway 237 where the westbound direction had a crash. crews just cleared all lanes and the fire crews and paramedics arrived and said no major injuries. good stuff, slowing from 880 to great america parkway in your westbound commute direction. the south bay community besides that is looking standard but west 237 slower than you might like. remember those vallejo periods, their ear substituting by bus for maintenance, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike 6:01 right now. a lot of questions about what happens to a u.p.s. driver who disappeared after crashing his truck in lafayette and turned up hours later in concord. >> today in the bay's pete suratos joins us live outside the lafayette police department trying to get answers. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. yes we're waiting to get answers from lafayette police.
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we have not heard from them this morning but the main question here is how this u.p.s. truck driver who crashed that truck in lafayette ended up in concord. but here's a picture of the driver. we have that picture and he's been identified as dennis salazar of fairfield. according to lafayette police who is handling this investigation. they say he crashed his u.p.s. truck yesterday afternoon off hundr hunsacker road. the truck had packages in it. the police say salazar called 911 to report the crash but wasn't there when they showed up. this led to a six hour search by search-and-rescue crews into the night but salazar was located at r at a friend's home in concord. here's a deputy offering one possibility as to how salazar may have ended up in a different city. >> most likely he got out of the vehicle and walked away.
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it's typical in some types of accidents where they self-rescue. we don't know if he's hurt or not. >> that doesn't quite explain how he traveled ten miles to a friend's home in concord. if he were to walk to concord it would have taken three hours. now that driver was safe and uninjured when police located him. at this time lafayette police and u.p.s. are investigating the matter. live in lafayette. pete suratos, today in the bay. continuing coverage now, the manhunt continue this is morning for the father who triggered an amber alert yesterday. we bragt yought you this yester morning. it started when mountain view police say he abducted his baby daughter. a statewide be on the lookout alert had been issued for 45-year-old michael wallin of patterson. that four-month-old baby girl was found safe and unharmed with the suspect's family in livermore. mountain view police questioned the suspect's mother hoping for information on his whereabouts.
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he was last seen driving a blue four door 2007 nissan altima with paper license plates with front and back-end damage. 6:04. developing, the fbi getting involved in investigating the disappearance of a yuba city student. the girl's mom beliefs her daughter was kidnapped. alysha yeoman disappeared from yuba city north of sacramento. surveillance video shows her truck driving to a levy and then into an orchard. the truck was found there the next morning and investigators spotted a single pair of footprints leaving the truck and yeoman's cell phone. yeoman is a student at yuba college and her fellow classmates are worried. >> it makes me worried to go around by myself at night, she se seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders. >> investigators say owe's moth -- yeoman's mothers received text messages saying she was alive and had been kidnapped but
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officers could not trace the source. the man accused of killing a richmond mother in front of her young children wis in custody. they caught up to dushan mcbride. he was still driving his silver mercedes which had unexplained bullet holes he surrendered and told reporters police had the wrong man. the parents say their daughter was the suspect's ex-girlfriend and had been trying to get away from him for months. while they're relieved an arrest has been made. they're still trying to come to grips with what happened, their daughter killed as her two children sat a few feet away in the car's backseat. >> the oldest one he said i'm happy. i said do you feel safe? he said yes because i don't want to see dushan ever again.
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>> tragic. the suspect, mcbride, is not the children's father, the family says days before the shooting they asked police to detain mcbride because of his repeated airports. >> all new this morning, a new policy meant to help homeless veterans that will cost 35 renters their homes in san jose. the mercury news reports peggy demeo is evicting 35 of her 41 tenants so she can participate in a program that provides housing for homeless veterans. she can charge market price for the participants and she'll get a subsidy for participating meaning she'll make more than she was with her previous tenants. while she is not breaki ing any laws, the group says this was not how they expected the program to be used. the warriors going where no team has gone before. >> last night in phoenix the warriors become the first nba
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team ever to win 65 games in three straight seasons. you do the math there. the team can only lose 17 games in a season to reach that level. >> simply amazing. steph curry leading the way, he drops 42. they lock up the eastern and western conference. the tickets will go on sale for the general public. pre-order sales have been going on since yesterday. that would be a tough ticket in town, vianey, we have to look into this. >> definitely and as parents are getting kiddos wedry for school, i want to make sure you are prepared. we are a micro climate so we'll have different conditions across the bay area so if you're in the north bay, back rain boots because you're already seeing rain. san francisco can see rain around recess time. south bay not expecting rain until 4:00 or 5:00 tonight but
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if they have afterschool programs you might want to pack extra clothes just in case. you want to be on the safe side of things. it's going to be very overcast and we are going to see widespread rain along with breezy conditions taking us to a more windy pattern by this evening and into tonight and tomorrow as well which is why our hour-by-hour outlook looks like that rain is going to stay toward the north bay then we'll see moderate to heavy downpours spreading across the area. by dinner time we can expect to see heavy pockets of rainfall along santa cruz, the palo alto livermore area as well. it looks like the rain been heavy along the north bay and tomorrow we'll see the strongest of the storm moving in with very gusty conditions. this is going to be a big impact for commuters but, mike, how is everybody doing right now?
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>> so far, vianey, no problems for 101 through santa rosa and san rafael. most of the bay we're starting a typical pattern but this crash cleared from 237. slowing from 880 path that scene. all lanes are clear southbound 680 just learned about a crash which may involve up to your vehicles. they're on the shoulder, no debris reported. mild for the trivalley and we talked about trivalley schools having spring break. a little slowing but not bad 880 has more slowing from hayward toward union city. passing the may owe bridge, that's a commute building there. across the peninsula more traffic but nothing dramatic. watch for the window, it will develop today. >> we like when it's nothing dramatic. >> yes, drama free with. big blow for bart. the transit agency is being accused of discriminating against people with
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disabilities. in just three minutes, bart's response to a class action lawsuit. >> pepsi pulls that peculiar ad and turning the tables on bill o'reilly ahead in business news.
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today and tomorrow strong winds. if you have plans to head to tahoe, make sure to check all road conditions. we are expected to be under a wind warning in effect through
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tomorrow. we are going to see snow falling anywhere between two to four feet by sunday so definitely something to keep in mind. mike? >> definitely keeping that in mind. a little slower for the upper east shore freeway. we'll show you a farther commute because some folks are having to make a choice right now. >> mike, vianey, thank you very much. bart is facing a lawsuit right now that says the transit agency discriminates against people with disabilities. new this morning we're hearing back from bart. a class action lawsuit was filed this week and it says bart elevators are often broken, out of service or so dirty they're unusable. the lawsuit isn't seeking money but is asking the agency to make changes to accommodate people with mobility disability. bart issued a statement saying "the lawsuit touches on issues that go directly to the heart of bart's mother mission statement to provide seamless mobility for
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people across the bay area. we share in their endeavor for accessible services. twitter is launching a lit versi -- light version of its mobile service. it's called twitter light. it works through a web browser but looks identical to the mobile app. facebook and youtube have also released similar light apps. >> you're used to going live with me here, sam, but youtube ear leave tv service is on the air. for now it's only available for people in san francisco, new york, l.a., philadelphia and chicago. it has 50 chances but is $35 a month including broadcast networks and cable channels. youtube live has a 30-day free trial for a limited time. >> taking the wrong channel to reach consumers, pepsi pulling the kendall jenner after after people called it tone dpeaf.
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>> reporter: it's good business for future advertisers. after momentarily defending it, popesy said we didn't think this out very well, we'll get rid of it. the ad shows jenner apparently solving a conflict between a crowd protesting something incredibly generic and police by handing a police officer a pepsi. some thought it trivialized the black lives matter movement. pepsi says "clearly we missed the mark and we apologize. we did not intend to make light of any serious issue and we also apologize for putting kendall jenner in this position." you've heard advertisers are pulling their ads from the o'reilly factor on fox news after the "new york times" revealed yet more accusations against him. the internet passing around an old o'reilly video in which the fox news host creates his own call for pepsi, of all companies, to pull its ad because it features a rapper accused of mistreating women.
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>> pepsi cola late today capitulated. ludacris has been fired. with us now is expert jackson bane from washington, d.c. this just happened moments ago as you know. >> right. >> you disagreed with my thesis that it was irresponsible of pepsi-cola, a company who's made trillions of dollars in the united states, to hire a man to pitch their product who is, in my opinion, subverting the values of the united states. >> life comes at you fast. dozens of advertisers have pulled their ads from the o'reilly show. now those companies are still advertising on fox but not on o'reilly's shows specifically. the fed says the amount of debt american households are carrying is the same amount they carried in 2008 as we entered the worst economic collapse in decades, $12.6 trillion. now, understand some debt issed into. rising debt is a sign that
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people feel good about the economy because they think "i'm going to get that bonus. that's a good sign. too much debt is a crisis. we don't know where we are. we know it's the same as it was before. >> do we know where the debt is in terms of mortgages versus credit cards? >> the new york fed combined it together so, no, we can't unpack it the way we'd like to. >> it would be interesting. a lot of people live beyond their means. >> they do. credit card crisis. a lot of people book trips on their credit cards. >> they do and now is the time to plan. summer just around the corner and they say this is the time to think about where are you going to go? tripped a -- trip advisor's best time to zblo time to plan a trip. >> if you're heading to a caribbean destination, you can save 6% by booking within four months the sweet spot for
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booking european hotels in summer is between five and nine months out. that's an unspecific time. >> i've also heard booking on a tuesday night. >> oh, yeah. >> i've heard that, too. >> they change the prices on wednesday. >> you've done this before, haven't you? >> i've looked into it. >> if you don't like the rain and you want to book a get away, don't let it be in california. maybe your getaway should be overseas. right now. that radar is already showing rain in the north bay but san francisco might start seeing drizzle in the next couple hours but we're not expecting the heaviest rain in san francisco which is why when i was mentioning that school day forecast i made mention parents in the north bay and along the coastline should have a better chance of seeing rain as they pick their kids up from school. parents, be prepared. you're usually pretty good about that. santa rosa, a lot of rain is going to make for wed roads but let's talk about futurecast. the timeline showing the majority of that rain still
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sticking to the north bay. i want to put my focus on 5:30 because that's when we see the rain pushing south through san francisco, walnut creek, oakland, nay owe. another thing you'll notice is the winds picking up gusting between 30 and 40 and by tomorrow possibly 50, maybe even 60 in the forecast. by 9:00 becoming widespread so the evening commute will be a wet one. moderate to heavy downpours along san jose, some areas might have a chance of following along the rain shadow but overnight friday into early friday morning expect them to see a wet commute tomorrow so take the extra time and don't forget to pack that gear. now taking a quick check of the estimated rain total, we're expecting just over two to three inches along the north bay. other areas along the south bay and coastline possibly one to two inches. we're also tracking an incoming storm friday night into
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saturday. another thing that will pack a punch will be the sierra snow which is why a winter storm watch is in effect from tonight through saturday so we'll get that snow possibly two to four feet by sunday so overall strap down the patio furniture, clear the storm drains and get ready for the incoming rain. mike, how are the roads? >> much better than in 24 hours, vianey. but we're watching for the affects of the rain in the north bay. nothing appreciable. maybe highway 101, over here hayway 101 looks great. let's take you to the trivalley where we have this crash. we had slowing over the last couple minutes developing for southbound 680. it looks like they may have just cleared lanes. the four vehicles were on the shoulder but emergency crews slowed down as well. things have improving but i'm track that. that's the only slowing through the industry valley. lighter commute throughout that area. a smoother flow through hayward, a fender bender north 880 around
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238. no major problems. let me take you to the waze system. choose your way when your route would be highway 4 out of antioch toward the walnut creek interchange. an hour ago we said it was great. right now it's 42 minutes, that's the middle number. the purple route shows you if you cut through kirker pass, that's showing a five-minute benefit. you can benefit from waeze by taking your app and clicking that magnifying glass and clicking on your name and our team and picking our name, nbc bay area wazers at the bottom there and you can join our team and help out around the bay. >> we're saying don't go the wrong waze. we're trying to think of clever phrases. >> laura gets very excited at the thought of directing us, make. thank you. buying a used car, that can be daunting. consumer investigator chris chmura gives us one important
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word to understand -- certified. >> reporter: california law is clear about what a certified used car can't be. it it can't have frame damage, it can't be a lemon or one they were forced to buy back. so if you're at big name dealer that has one of their cars that isn't certified. you would be wise to find out why. send us your consumer question, 888-996-tips. coming up right after the break. would you feel better using ride shares if you could pick whether your driver is a man or woman? the new startup that aims to make everyone feel safer. it esciay fuseone seice ====it d
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welcome back, everyone. there's a new focus on making women feel safe with ride sharing services. the company says it has more in-depth background checks than other ride share companies. there's also an s.o.s. button you can link to an emergency contact as well as a list of trust trusted driver you can request yourself. >> women need to feel empowered to do the same things men can do
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without the fears. >> because it's illegal for the company to discriminate, men can sign up but there haven't been any takers. if they do, riders can request what gender that i prefer. all new you may think you may understand what your home insurance policy covers but we're here to tell you you probably don't. a new survey released by insurance quotes finds 56% of people mistakenly believe a standard homeowner's policy covers flood damage. >> a live look from the shark tank happening today. the start of the 13th annual usa disabled hockey festival. it's a festival that runs through sunday proi seeds go to the adaptive legacy hockey program which aims to make sports accessible to everyone. the first game starts tonight at 5:00 coming up next on toad in the bay. the city that will no longer allow people to sell fur items within city limits.
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>> a $64 million gamble, friends and family of a hillsboro mother charged with murder are betting she'll stay put for her trial. but we'll show you what happens if she skips town. tang livl
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right now, mostly clear but things about to change. already changing in the north bay. taking a live look outside from the south bay, downtown san jose, we're tracking rain moving
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into the bay area for tonight. it will be a pretty busy morning tomorrow morning as well. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have been mentioning that the sales force tower is being unveiled today. the topping will be the tallest building west of the mississippi. we should see that this morning. >> but then as we move into the later part of tonight we are not going to be able to see but what you will see is the rain. as you're heading outside you'll notice fairly mild skies. 53 for the trivalley. 56 for san francisco. look at the doppler radar. very active weather pattern moving in. we're also going see the winds pick up so it's going to be a big change tonight which is why
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we plan on issuing a micro climate weather alert so keep that in mind as you head out the door. mike, how are the roads? >> looking great right now vianey but wet roads in parts of the north bay. we're showing a smooth flow of traffic because of continuing spring break. but we've had this crash on 680 southbound. there was a minor distraction and things eased up but in the backup another crash, the ripple from the first crash. but light to the tri-valley. a new crash on the upper east shore freeway so a 37-minute drive popping up now. maybe slowing around the scene. i'll show it to you coming up. >> thank you very much, mike. happening just over two hours from now, a hillsboro woman is expected to post one of the largest bails in u.s. history.
6:32 am
-t she will await her september murder trial at home instead of jail. tiffany li has to pony up $35 million. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez joining us live where where the money is coming from and what happens if she skips town. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. that's a high bail, the $35 million. that's because the district attorney considers tiffany li to be a flight risk and even with that her friends and family both here and in china are betting big money and assets that she s will stick around. we expect she will post $4 million in cash and put up about $62 million in property equity. the state requires twice the cash requirement. i will i also has to surrender her u.s. passport and chinese passport and cannot possess those of her children. she has to be 100 yards away
6:33 am
from any airport. she also has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. in september, lee, her boyfriend and another friend will be tried for the murder of keith green, the father of lee's young daughter. until then, she'll be under house arrest wearing that electronic monitoring bracelet that will check her location once a minute and alert the monitoring company if it's tampered with. it can be cut off, though, and here's the head of the company to explain why. >> if she were to cut off the bracelet or attempt to manipulate it we would get an immediate notification she tampere tampered. >> reporter: if lee fails to make a single court appearance, she forfeits that bail, her friends and family lose big but those assets and that money, $64 million worth, goes to san mateo county. in redwood city, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> that's a lot of money. thank you very much, kris, a new
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ban for berkeley. the city council passed an ordnance bailing the sale of all fur clothing. the berkeley coalition for animals led that everyday. berkeley becomes the second california city to enact a fur ban. west hollywood passed a similar ban in 2013. an artist is proposing adding neon to the well known auditorium. the public art project is being designed and they would display the meanings and other gins of the word "civic" and "auditorium." public comments are being accepted on the proposal through april 10. >> a live look at the anderson dam in morgan hill which is at 76% capacity but still gushing water out of the spillway. officials say it needs to get down to 68% in order for it to be declared safe. >> if a major earthquake broke the dam, people in morgan hill
6:35 am
could lose anything. here's a map that shows how the water would flow. parts of san jose could see a few feet of water but downtown morgan hill could be completely underwater in 23 minutes. sally casas works with her neighbors to help them prepare for the worst. >> you can help others that might need help in getting out in time. >> last night, the city released details on its evacuation plan and reminded people that during any flood warnings they should immediately head to higher ground. new video just into our newsroom. caltrans crews have wrapped up their overnight work on the bay bridge, the eastbound ramp to yerba buena island and treasure island was closed. on sunday the westbound off ramp from oakland will be closed from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for similar work. a heads up for people who rely on bart. the lake merit station will be closed while bart crews working on track repairs.
6:36 am
there will be a bus in place to get around the closure but bart warns it could add 10 to 25 minutes to your trip. the station will be closed all day on saturday and sunday. so plan ahead. >> something we were talking about planning for, laura, yesterday. if bart isn't your thing, how about walking to work? in just about an hour and a half san francisco kicking off its fifth annual walk to work day. >> to mark the occasion a so-called big walk starts at whole foods. city leaders will head to city hall a mile away for a news conference with mayor ed lee at 9:00. an army of marchers or walkers out there maybe means fewer cars on the road, what do you think? >> perhaps but you have to be careful at the cross walks. both pedestrians and folks in vehicles respect each other around san francisco. we do that anyway. lighter traffic because spring breaks are rolling around the bay area. lighter flow of traffic. in the tri-valley we have
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schools off this week and we're looking at a recover for 680 south from earlier crashes around bernal. this crash westbound 80 is coming out of pinole. at appian way you may have a lane blocked and we have recovery as folks head past toward another crash around san pablo avenue. that adds to our commute time, about 40 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza but it's clear through berkeley. we'll get you a look at the rain through the north, maybe slowing for highway 101. no problem for bart lines. that ie ear dry enough to operate at speed but vallejo fairies are substituted again this morning as they were yesterday. back to you. 6:37 right now. just one day away from friday. >> always a good thing. we have had sunnier weekend forecasts but luckily people are like you. you have an entire wardrobe in the trunk of your car just in
6:38 am
case. >> i know ladies are always prepared. we just have it like that. >> thinking ahead. >> exactly. and we have changes on the way. we have the incoming storm and if you're wondering about tonight's incoming storm, if we fast forward through the futurecast we are expecting too see an additional storm system moving in friday night. it looks like that will tap into saturday morning's forecast. we're expecting showers through the saturday early afternoon but if we look through sunday, sunt won't be too bad. so different weather patterns saturday and sunday so if you're heading out we have the cherry blossom festival in japantown on saturday and we're expecting to start with early morning showers. temps will be cooler. that's thanks to the cold front. by the evening expect partly cloudy skies, we have san jose's rainbow park and expecting to see that holly festival of colors, we have one in co
6:39 am
cupertino. unfortunately from the start to the end at 4:00 p.m., you want to pack your rain gear if you're headed to that. we have an event in berkeley which is the bay festival and this might be affected with that incoming form friday night. we are expecting to see breezy conditions so let's check your day planner. as we see the rain saturday, look how sunday is looking. sunday is looking gorgeous. we get to see a break from that rain. just in time for us to dry out so if you didn't get a chance to head to us on saturday because the rain dampened, maybe you can do hiking on sunday. i think those will be my plans and hopefully it doesn't get too mud muddy. if it does, wear your rain boots for an extra day into sunday. overall we get 1-1, a day of rain on saturday and a nice clearer day on sunday. >> there you go. everything will be washed clean ad as well. a u.p.s. driver disappears after a crash in the east bay then shows up several hours later in a different city. coming up in just three minutes,
6:40 am
the reason search crews weren't surprised by the news. tough talk on syria. it's day 77. and president trump is meeting with chinese kpresident xi and investors want to see how this whole thing will play out. relatively light trading on wall street. we're checking the dow jones industrial average on the big board. 18 points up in early trading at 20,666. we'll be back at 6:43 with more news, weather and traffic.
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good morning, it's 6:42 and we are tracking an incoming storm already hitting parts of the north bay. expecting to see widespread rain by tonight which will trigger a micro climate weather alert i'll have a closer look at the timeline and what you can expect in terms of those strong winds in about three and a half minutes. >> and vianey, we're looking at this tri-valley crash. i'm tracking now the crash and the backup in the upper east shore freeway coming up. >> thank you very much, vianey and mike, some very big questions about a bizarre east bay accident. a u.p.s. driver crashed his truck 40 feet down a hill in lafayette and it was apparently thrown from the vehicle. he called in the accident but when police arrived the driver had vanished. they couldn't even get an answer on his cell phone. police started an hour's long search before finally getting a call six hours later saying the driver had shown at a friend's
6:44 am
home in concord. search crews say one possible explanation is he felt okay and walked away. >> most likely he got out of the vehicle and walked away. it's typical in some types of accidents we have where they self-rescue. >> the delivery truck still had packages inside at the time of the crash but there's no word why the driver left the scene or how he got to his friend's home more than 12 miles away. lafayette police and u.p.s. are both investigating. within the past 25 minutes, u.p.s. has responded to our question saying they're simply happy the driver wasn't hurt. they tell us they'll inspect all the truck's packages and contact shippers who report any damage. palo alto considering a plan to rebuild the city's four rail crass crossing so cal train tracks are separate fromty streets. palo alto on line is reporting the city schedule is adopting a new charter focused on separating the track. there will be a community meeting on may 20 for folks to weigh in on the best ways to separate the tracks from the
6:45 am
treat. palo alto city leaders say that change would improve safety along the rail lines. an estimated the 5 million people are in a direct path of severe tomorrows in the northeast and south. you're looking at horrifying images of the damage left behind by rain and wind in georgia yesterday. up with man explains he didn't know how bad it would be until homes were being blown away. if you're heads out of town, travelers are reminded to check with their airlines to confirm flights haven't been canceled. >> a moment four years in the making. this is a live look at the salesforce tower being built in san francisco. mayor ed lee will be on hand for the topping off ceremony. with the installation of the final people, this will be the tallest building west of chicago at 61 stories. construction is supposed to wrap up this summer. we'll have a look at that ceremony on our midday show starting at 11:00.
6:46 am
at 6:45, a private funeral is being held for john glenn. he died nearly three months ago but a service will be held today at arlington national cemetery. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth before moving on to a distinguished political career as a senator. he made history again in 1998 when he became the oldest person sent to space. he was 95 when he died. >> quite the life. has beening today in sacramento, a rushed vote on governor brown's controversial gas tax hike proposal. that would hike taxes by 12 cents a gallon and create a new annual vehicle registration fee. the hike would raise some $5 billion a year or $50 billion total over a decade for road maintenance and repair. chris i cans say the governor should be focused on more responsible spending rather than levying new taxes. senate republicans expected to change a long-standing rule that requires 60 votes to confirm supreme court nominees.
6:47 am
republicans don't seem to have enough votes to place supreme court nominee neil gorsuch on the highest court so senator mitch mcconnell may invoke the so called nuclear option to overcome a democratic filibuster. if successful, the process would require only 51 votes to confirm gorsuch. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office today. we're at day 77. >> scott, you have breaking political news for us right now? >> reporter: indeed i do. this was very unexpected. devin nunes, the head of the house permanent select committee on intelligence has stepped away from the investigation into russia. he is making the statement just now. "i believe it's in the best interest of the house intelligence committee and the congress for me to have representative mike conoway take over the russia investigation. this is something people have been asking for. it is unexpected but there you have it, breaking just now, devin nunes stepping away from the house investigation into the
6:48 am
connections between the trump administration and russia. let's talk about donald trump. he spoke outside the white house yesterday talking about the attacks in syria. he says he's changed his mind about bashar al assad. remember, it was just a week ago the white house said it would no longer push for the ouster of the head of syria. when the president was asked if syria had crossed the line, referring to president obama's unenforced so-called red line, the president said this. >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal that people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line, many, many lines. president trump back before he was president urged america not to strike syria.
6:49 am
a strike will be difficult for three reasons. one, hitting a suspected chemical weapons site would release the chemicals. two, we are overflying syria to strike isis in the eastern part of the country ult time and syria is not trying to shoot our airplanes down but they might if we start bombing the syrian government. lastly the russians. they are syrian allies. there are russians on the ground the syria. american bombs hitting russian assets could cause a far bigger war. looking ahead, chinese president xi is coming to america. he'll meet president trump at president trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida. this is not a formal state visit so pomp and circumstance will be toned down which is probably what president trump wants. he once criticized president obama for welcoming kmi. then-private citizen trump said "so wrong, barack obama hosting china's vice president xi jinping today at the pentagon with a full honor ceremony and
6:50 am
music and cannons." in domestic politics, president trump tells the "new york times" former national security adviser susan rice may have committed crimes, specifically what or what evidence he has of a crime he's not saying. in that same interview, sam and laurie, you said he thought bill o'reilly of fox had done nothing wrong and should not have settled the suit against him. we continue to watch all of this. devin nunes stepping away, recusing himself in the russian investigation. >> interesting. thanks for that update just coming into our newsroom. in fact, scott continues to look at the president's tweets, executive orders, so many things changing through the morning. all of his speeches throughout president trump's first 100 days in office. we'd always love to hear from you as well. share your thoughts with scott mcgrew on twitter @scottmcgrew. it's walk to work day in san francisco and you got your boots on. they're made for walking.
6:51 am
>> yes. let's head over to keri's weather colors closet so you can check and see what you need on the walk back from work. we have big changes ahead. already seeing some rain in the north bay but today's weather closet is going to include -- let me give you a hint it involves rain so raincoats and jeans are going to be need theed today and you're also going to want to bring with you for later tonight those rain boots and, of course, that umbrella. keep it in on hand. although you might want to bring a sturdy umbrella because we're expecting strong gusty winds. here's a quick live look at the doppler radar. you can see activity coming in off the coastline. this is expected to become widespread by tonight which is why we aren't under a weather alert right now. however, despite that, santa rosa has been seen already a pretty wet commute. which is why your temperature trend will not change too much over the next couple hours. so despite the rain, mild
6:52 am
conditions by 1:00. 65 in san jose, san francisco 58. over the next three to four hours, expect to see periods of occasional spotty rain along the san francisco area. we're expecting to see the moderate to heavy downpours. rain happening tonight by 9:00 and there is a wind watch in effect that should be shifting to a wind warning by 8:00 tonight and that's because those winds could be gusting up to 50 to 60 plus miles per hour. mike, you'll be busy tomorrow. how is everything looking tomorrow? >> better than tomorrow, vianey. damp up the peninsula. anywhere north of san francisco has had rain. nothing major for traffic reports there orb the south bay or peninsula. we'll take you to an issue which may dampen that mist and
6:53 am
drizzle. west 80 at appian way, your left two lanes are blocked. so about 40 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge, maybe growing to 45 minutes. the san mateo bridge over here, we're seeing a typical pattern, the build across highway 92, let's compare a couple ways across the bay. from hayward toward the peninsula, san carlos, san mateo, folks take that commute, that purple line shows you a 43-minute drive. this blue line going across the dunbarton bridge about 15 minutes longer but if you're south of hayward, an easy choice, much clearer. you can make that choice from wherever you are to wherever you're going using waze, that's the app you've downloaded to help you and the rest of the bay. looking at this operation here nbc bay area wazers. if you didn't catch the animation, go to my facebook page and i have a step by step slide show. let's help each other. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on today in
6:54 am
the bay and that includes a missing person mystery. the reason a northern california believes her missing daughter was kidnapped. first, happening now three people have been arrested in connection to the st. petersburg subway bombing. one from kyrgyzstan. at least 14 people were killed in that attack on monday. plus, tensions between the philippines and china. filipino president is ordering troops to occupy islands in the south china sea. we'll be back with more news in just two minutes. it ba..
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:57. welcome to you. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're following. we start with breaking news scott mcgrew was telling us about out of washington. in the last few minutes we have learned california representative devin nunes has temporarily recused himself from the probe on russia being conducted be i the house intel committee. nunes issuing a statement indicating he still intends to hold his seat as leader of the committee. democrats have demanded nunes step down from the investigation for weeks but he is allowing representative mike conway to take charge. in a statement, nunes blames his recusal on accusations from left wing activist groups that have been filed with the office of congressional ethics. a live look at the san mateo county courthouse where in 90
6:58 am
minutes from now a peninsula woman is expected to pay the highest bail in county history. tiffany li is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend keith green. i will i -- li is being held on $35 million bail. she'll put up 66 in cash. after posting bail, li would be ordered to stay away from any airport and would be required to wear a tracking bracelet. we have a crew at the courthouse all morning tracking the hearing. the fbi looking into the disappearance of a norther california student. alysha yeoman disappeared from yuba city north of sacramento. she was seen driving on the a levy and into an orchard car was, anyway. workers found her truck but she was nowhere to be found. the girl's mom says she received text messages saying her daughter was alive and had been kidnapped. quick check of the forecast.
6:59 am
changes in the works. >> that's right. it's going to happen over the next couple hours although the north bay seeing rain. san francisco expecting to see light rain over the next couple hours. we're expecting heavy rain tonight into early tomorrow morning along with strong gusty winds and an additional storm moves in on friday. now it will bring showers into saturday not just for the coastline but for inland areas as well. tomorrow overall strong winds and periods of on and off again rain all day. >> you talk about getting a little preview of the rain to come, you're tracking a crash with rain in pinole? >> traffic and weather will work together but we've been tracking this crash and the green highlighting appears. >> make sure you join us tomorrow morning as we have the big storm in the morning hours.
7:00 am
we'll be back today with a live lee cal news update in half an hour. >> yes, we will. >> and the tallest tower west of mississippi getting unveiled today. see you in 30. >>. good morning. . good morning. breaking overnight. a new tornado outbreak. at least nine in three states. the severe weather threat expanding today targeting more than 100 million people from florida all the way to new england. zbliefrmt ready to act. the president signals a major change of heart about syria after that suspected chemical attack on men, women, and children. >> that crosses many, many lines. >> so what can the u.s. do? with north korea posing an even bigger threat, the president sits down today with the one man who may be able to help. will china's president get tough on kim jong un? we're live with the latest. freak accident. dustin johnson, the world's number one golfer and favorite


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