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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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meteorologist rob mayeda. and do you expect the wind to knock down power tonight? >> that is the real concern. this does stack up possibly as one of the windyer storms in a while. right now 66 degrees in san jose. and seeing mainly lighter rain falling around downtown. but you notice here off to the west around saratoga, the west end of the santa clara valley seeing heavier rain. in palo alto, the commute along 1010, looks soggy. and 63 degrees. and further to the north now toward san francisco and the rain is falling pretty good for the last hour. across the golden gate bridge, temperature of about 56 degrees and a steady rain into the north bay. this system powerful looking when you see it on the satellite. the area of low pressure off the coast and a deep area of low pressure at 980 millibars and the front comes through and they boost our wind speeds probably up to 45 miles per hour and even higher just before 11:00 from the coast into the tri-valley
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and hilltop wind speeds have potential to get above 60 miles per hour. so the issue there, down trees on roadways and power outages are possible and in addition to heavy rain at times and isolated thunder and how much of this will stick around for tomorrow morning's commute in the full forecast in about eight minutes. >> thanks, rob. like so many local cities, it is tough in orinda, a string of trouble for the scenic east bay spot from sinkholes to mudslides thrk could be another -- this could be another frustrating few days. we are in orinda with the latest this evening. chuck? >> reporter: it is raining here steadily for the last 45 minutes. and a steady rain could only make this situation worse. a mudslide a month ago that roared into this house, turning it into a red tag property, is now just beginning to get some work done on it and now the storm comes and with a lot of work yet to be done. paul hopes this the new storm doesn't restart a mudslide that lambed into his home a month
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ago. >> it seemed like it took a lot of water to make it come down. it came down a couple of times. but i think unless we have three or four straight days of rain, i'm hopeful that it will stay where it is. >> reporter: this winter was specially tough. a huge sinkhole 25 feet wide and 20 feet deep is still months away from being repaired. >> we have to get approval from six different agencies, four of them are regulatory type to a fund related to reimbursement and we're making progress, but it is taking time. >> reporter: a pg&e transmission tower that is sliding has been secured temporarily. the work needed helicopters but the utility said crews may have to make a more permanent fix later. today east bay mud work crews replaced a water main ahead of the storm but with much more damage yet to be repaired, homeowners can only hope for the best. >> the slides that came down came from adjoining properties and we've asked them to make the hill safe. they haven't done that yet. so i'm certainly concerned.
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>> reporter: for the past month this mudslide has been drying out and now getting wet again. we don't know how deep the wattler penetrate and if it could restart. as for tonight's watch on this storm, the maintenance crews are on special alert throughout the weekend and as for the sinkhole repair, on minor road, the earliest we have from the city is summer by the time the repairs should be complete. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. and an alert for those in the loma linda area triggering mudslides. the mountains have been pummelled by rain and how is it looking now? >> reporter: the rain arrived about 25 minutes ago and it is steady ever since. but no winds at this point. you could tell by the top of the treeline up here in the summit of the santa cruz mountains that they are pretty calm right now. no wind. but this is a community that has
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been oversaturated by all of the storms. there are countless road washouts along bear creek road in the santa cruz mountains. this one is near bolder creek. a temporary stoplight now directs traffic around the slide. with no timetable for crews to begin repairs. >> we deal with it. fortunately i'm close enough that i can walk to work. >> reporter: the big slide is still on skyline boulevard near black road. the road gave way in mid-february and crews haven't begun the repair work. one problem is getting heavy earth movers through the narrow roads leading up to the slide. at 3000 feet, the wind bends the tall trees, some in danger of toppling on to the mountainside. the neighbors are understandably frustrated but others along neighboring roads in the mountains are taking it in stride. even with the delays caused by the erosion. >> the road? yeah, you know, it happens. nothing you can do about it.
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>> maneuver around it. >> maneuver around it and work with it and hopefully the county gets after it here shortly. >> reporter: and the county is warning the loma fire victims to keep an eye on scorched mountainside as well. reminding them of the dangers they face with every storm. and the rain continues to fall steadily up here on highway 17 on the summit of the santa cruz mountains. this is a resilient bunch up here on the mountains. but they've been drenched hard this year but they do remain resilient. live along highway 17, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> every time we are in a microclimate weather alert, we send out push alerts to update you on severe weather headed your way by downloading our nbc bay area app. a grizzly discovery inside of a home in san bruno. a body was found dismembered. this could be linked to a missing person's case this week
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christie smith joins us from rainy san bruno and what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, spoke withers here in san bruno and this started when they were looking into a missing person's case from about a week ago. >> that brought them to a home in the neighborhood where they made the gruesome discovery of a dismembered human body. now they are actually two homes on the block where we're standing. this is pacific heights boulevard. two homes that are behind police tape and investigators have not said exactly where the victim was found and they have also not said whether the person involved in the missing person's case is indeed the victim. we do know that started at around 11:00 this morning when investigators arrived in the area. neighbors tell us that police were asking questions and if anyone saw anything suspicious. they also tell us that there was a man living in one of the homes. they saw him occasionally but
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didn't know him very well. >> pretty shocking in my neighborhood. this is a quiet neighborhood. except for getting -- like the fourth of july when we have fireworks. but other than that, it is pretty shocking here. my neighbor right here and now we have all of this going on. >> reporter: shocking, that is certainly the word that neighbors are talking about this evening. as they discuss this and try to get more information. now one woman did say that she saw a lot of activity at one of the homes. investigators say that they are looking search warrants for both of the homes and for them it is a long night. i asked them if they had made any arrests and they did arrest a man. they say 50-year-old david stubble and i asked if they were looking for anyone else and they told me no. reporting live in san bruno, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new details in the gruesome crime in richmond.
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bail has been at $2 million for lawyer mcbride. there he is. he is accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her two young children. it was caught on surveillance video on tuesday. authorities caught up to mcbride at a -- in sacramento yesterday. he faces first degree murder charges. a gruesome death that has haunted a sea side community for decades. tonight an arrest in a 1998 case. we are live in the newsroom are the evidence investigators finally zoned in on. >> and janelle, prosecutors now have strong dna evidence that points to a man they suspected for years. a 13-year-old christina williams was walking her dog in seaside back in 1998 and disappeared. local police, the nib and the community -- the fbi and the community searched for her for months and the case gained national attention and seven months after she vanished her remains were found and today the
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da said he will fire murder charges against charles holyfield. >> we have a dna hit and we will not go into any more specifics other than to say that. and so it was a combination of 19 years of work. >> holyfield, seen here, is a convicted rapist serving 25 years to life in another case. he is from the monterey area and was suspected of similar crimes. the d.a. said he will sent from state prison and charged next week with first-degree murder and kidnapping for a purpose of sexual assault. prosecutors are also deciding if they will pursue the death penalty in this case. ian cull, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news in the state capitol. a vote is expected at any moment on the proposed gas tax. now if the measure is approved, a 12 cents gas tax would be added statewide, that is 12
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cents per gallon. the governor brown, and top democratic leaders are in favor to fund major road repairs and environmentalists and anti-tax crusaders are pushing back saying tax are not thence for hard-working californians and they hope to pass the bill before lawmakers go on spring break next week. lost and now found. the emotional reunion between a family and a dog lost on a capsized boat. >> it is the highest bail in san mateo county. and how the defendant came up with all of the money to walk out of jail. right now we're seeing a soggy and at times windy commute across the golden gate bridge as the radar fills in with yellow and orange indicating downpours and the potential for some damaging wind gusts ahead. as our storm aims in on the bay area. the time line of when to expect the strongest winds and heaviest rain coming up in a few minutes. e
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vote, with republicans acting out of a sense of partisan duty than principle. >> i think it's a bad -- this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good evening, we're coming on the air, because u.s. military forces have just waged a launch of cruise missiles, an attack on syria, hitting back at the assad regime after that horrific chemical attack on children, and deepening america's involvement in syria's bloody six-year civil war. we expect to hear from the president shortly, he's at his estate in florida. we understand it was a
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cruise missile attack against an air field in syria. hallie jackson is standing by, what are you hearing from there. >> reporter: the significant moment for president donald interrupt, a strike as you mentioned against an air field in syria, no northern casualties at this point. we're still waiting to get more information as it's coming in now. the president moving forward on this, he's here in palm beach at mar-a-lago, he just wrapped up the first day of a summit with the chinese leader, as he holds this crash course in crisis management here. there's not been an official good night yet. what that means is, we may yet hear from the president about this latest strike, lester? >> thank you. what we have here, at least 50 cruise missiles fired at an air field. believed to be the same base that launched the airplane that dropped the chemical weapon that injured and killed so many civilians. richard engel joins us now.
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what's the -- characterize this for us, if you will. >> this was a fairly limited strike. it was very specific. what we saw was these cruise missiles, tomahawk cruise missiles, more than 50 fired from the eastern mediterranean, on the same base that was used according to the u.s. military to launch the chemical attack, not likely to impact the regime. >> richard engel, thanks. continuing coverage on msnbc. we'll be back on the air as events warrant. for once again, a special report from nbc news, just to recap, that a limited strike from the u.s. military force into syria, this is in response to what happened this week. we are awaiting word from president trump, as lester holt just mentioned, he is in florida and so at any moment we could bring from the president and we'll bring that report as soon as it happens. >> we'll follow this online but back to more local news.
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>> and happening right now, a local high-profile murder case causing a swarm today outside of the county jail in redwood city. tiffanily posted a record setting bail of $70 million in total value. that is her walking out of the jail. she's accused of killing her ex boyfriend. nbc bay area's rick boone joins us from redwood city and from the peninsula to china, this iso china, this is getting a lot of attention. >> i was in the court clerk's office this morning when her attorney actually handed over the check to the san mateo county court and they say it is money that she had to borrow to get out of jail. 1--year-old tiffany li out of jail for the first time in almost a year. this after posting $35 million bail, the highest in san mateo county, the eighth largest in the nation. >> a very extended group of family members and business associates of my client and her mother put up their homes and
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their business buildings for this. >> reporter: her bail is broken down between $4 million in cash and $60 million in property and equity. >> the amount of money should not dictate the public interest. >> she's accused of arranging the murder of her ex boyfriend over a custody battle for the two children. >> nothing is right about it at all. it's very difficult time for his mom and family. >> reporter: his body was found along a sonoma county road in may 2016. >> right now, we're sort of dealing with the david and goliath situation in there with all of this millions of money and power. >> reporter: now that she is out, prosecutors say it is likely she'll run to china where she has family and wealth and comfort waiting for her but they disagree with the assessment saying she will not run. also part of the bail, she will have to wear an ankle bracelet
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and give up her passport. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, rick. new at 6:00, the san francisco swim instructor is jailed tonight on multiple charges of pornography. investigators say nicholas hodges up loaded and stored hundreds of graphic files online. he was arrested at his work place, swim school, located near christy fields in san francisco. school said it is cooperating fully. hodges is also accused of distributing child porn, sending harmful material to a minor and using a minor for sex acts. a prowler has palo alto police warning residents to lock their doors. this is a police sketch of the man. sunday night two women in the area said he was peering into windows and trying to open their doors. he might be linked to a third incident last month. investigators say he is into his 40s or 50s and tall with gray and brown hair. lost at sea but now he's been found. a yellow lab named yoda disappeared four days ago after
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the boat he was on capsized in marin county. and today he is back home. the boat flipped over in rough surf on monday and rescuers feared the word but today two firefighters spotted him at dylan beach, yoda was wet and shivering. be he was not hurt. a family member picked him up. how about that dog. >> sorry to hear about his owner. let's look at the forecast. things are changing drastically right now for us. >> right in the heart of the evening commute. it is a low commute any way this time of the night. but now you have rain ponding on the roadway from san francisco down the peninsula. we'll take you on a quick tour in our city cameras and also on the radar. 66 in san jose. the rain has arrived in downtown. and the view in palo alto. the water on the road, the reflection off the signs there illuminated off to the side of the freeway and into san francisco very rainy and the winds picking up a little bit. you could see on the radar, steady rain from san francisco throughout your east bay commute
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over to the tri valley and into san jose and mountains seeing moderate rain with the potential right along this line off shore of seeing the heaviest rain associated with this storm for the first half of the night. wind speeds right now mostly below 25 miles per hour. but notice the trend here. as you go hour by hour until 11:00, this looks like the main event in terms of the strongest wind speeds. we could get gusts at sea level close to 45 miles per hour in the higher hilltops and gusts up to 60 miles per hour. it looks like the bigger impact of the storm will be for the first h-- half of the night, before midnight and tomorrow morning we begin to see the rain showers taper off into the morning commute. so 11:00 through 4:00 a.m., notice the heavier showers passing through the south bay. morning commute impact, breezy conditions not as gusty as tonight. the scattered showers and a break in the action between the two storms. so for the morning commute, not as windy, but still scattered
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showers and wet roadways to contend with for the morning. and for the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and showers continue and the next storm arrives after sundown tomorrow. during the day, cloudy conditions and scattered showers at times an then after sunset, 7:30 on friday evening, to about 10:00 and 11:00, there you see the intense showers which may involve a slight chance of thundershower. so the second storm impacting friday, the first half of the night and possibly into the start of the weekend. we'll leave a chance of showers rain early on saturday but for your weekend plans, skies do clear and some chilly temperatures, look at the sunday temperature trend for inland locations an could get some patchy frost in the north bay valley and more showers toward next week. in the next half hour, hour-by-hour forecast and two to four feet of snow heading toward the sierra. we have a high county out look in your forecast in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you, so much, rob.
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there is tall and then there is really tall. the milestone just reached for the tallest building in the bay area. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes.
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on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. a stng ormovi in happening now, our top story tonight, a strong storm moving into the bay area. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking not just rain but intense wind gusts. he's got your hour-by-hour forecast on twitter. also popping up on radar, the raiders say former star and
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seahawks running back marshawn lynch may be making a comeback. the n fncio slincoinu toevve.weo
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well, you've likely seen it the san francisco skyline continues to evolve. we now have the tallest building west of chicago. today the final beam of the sales force tower was installed. this new high-rise reaches 61 stories into the sky. providing sweeping views of the entire bay area. >> it seems like everywhere i am in this city or around the bay, i can see this tower. are you having that experience, too? isn't that amazing? >> that is the sales force ceo. here is the view now from the 60th story. the building will eventually become the new global headquarters for sales force but you don't have to work for sales force to go to that top floor. the top floor is a conference room used for community groups and nonprofits around the bay
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area. well a few blocks away is the troubled millenium tower. a subpoena for an independent engineer to testify about his concerns about the stability during an earthquakement t. the tower is leaning and sinking. they want hard panu to talk about the build's out riggers or the steal reinforced concrete blocks designed to bind the tower walls to its core. recent tests using more sophisticated seismic models suggest that they will not work the way they are supposed to. our investigator unit revealed this year that panu questioned that design well before the construction started. >> it appears that those recommendations were ignored by the developer and their consultants and it also appear they were not insisted upon our own department of building inspection. >> this could be north big development. panu is being called to testify at a special hearing at the end of month.
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twitter is suing the u.s. government claiming u.s. leaders are demanding records that could reveal the people behind a twitter account opposed to president trump. twitter said its users are protected under the first amendment. and facebook is testing a new tool to help users spot fake news stories. the tool, which is featured at the top of the news feed will allow users to see tips about how to spot fake news and what to do about it. facebook said the tool is going to be tested out for a few days and it will be featured in 14 countries. the menlo park company has been working for a while to combat fake news on the social media platforms. well up next, we're following that breaking news. the u.s. launched a missile strike on syria in response to this week's chemical attack. ten joins us with more insight. and the winds will pick up and the rain too. we'll be back with rob mayeda. he'll show you where the hardest
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rain will reach your neighborhood.
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right now at 6:30, we continue our microclimate weather coverage. a look at our doppler radar. rain is coming down right now. >> we've seen from our crews around the bay area, it is coming down, certain spots harder than others and here comes more tonight. let's bring in rob mayeda with the time line on what you see with all of this. >> it looks like the heaviest rain and strongest wind will arrive for the first half of the night. starting across the bay area right now. san jose, some lighter rain at
6:30 pm
about 66 degrees. moderate rain into palo alto. 63. and further north into san francisco, a soggy view of the golden gate bridge. notice the temperatures here dropping off. 53 degrees in san francisco. and now 48 in hillsberg where the rain continues to fly across the north bay. steady rain toward the tri-valley into san jose as we see the system cranking up off shore for april standards, this is very impressive to see. an area of low pressure this intense, this close to the bay area, helped us fire up gusty winds and heavier rain coming in within the next three to six hours. so the story here with the wind speeds, higher hilltops and high-wind warning and gusts and could have an impact on trees and could see power outages across the hilltop communities and accompanied by heavy rain and a chance for thunder and now tracking a second storm system arriving right around this time tomorrow. so give you the outlook of how much rain we are expecting out of this and what you could expect in the full forecast in
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15 minutes. >> rob, we'll see you shortly. every time we're in a microclimate weather alert, we send out push alerts in certain neighborhoods and give update on certain heavy weather heading your way, so just download our nbc bay area app. >> the breaking news, the u.s. attack on syria and the last 15 minutes we've learned that the u.s. has fired more than 50 cruise missiles targeting an airfield in syria. president trump authorized this attack today. this is in response to president bashar al assad use of chemical weapons, that killed nearly a hundred civilians, including children. now the use of chemical weapons is against international law. no word yet if there were any casualties in today's u.s. military strike. that chemical attack a few days ago caused a uproar. now a fairly quick response and a change of stance for president trump. larry is with us. this air strike, significant or more symbolic, what do you
6:32 pm
think. >> it is both. the president happened quickly, and this only happened 48 hours ago and he acted resolutely right then and there. he hit an airfield, the airfield that launched the syrian gas attack. but only an airfield. so it shows a very limited response, although you have to give the president credit if you want to see something done because he did do that. >> he's making some action here. a few years ago citizen donald trump said stay out of syria and obviously a change of stance right now. >> he ran as an isolationist. it is not my problem to worry about the rest of the world. he said quite recently, i'm not president of the world, i am president, i hope to be president of the united states. so this is a major difference, if you will, but on the other hand, we have to see how far it goes beyond that. >> larry, this is happening in realtime. the announcement was just made 125 minutes ago. president trump is in florida. 9:30 in florida. he is expected to dress the nation in some way in the next 60 or 90 minutes. what will he say.
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>> that the nuts united states not stand back and watch innocent children and women destroyed by gas declared illegal by any every international organization forever that syria must do something. what we want to hear is whether the president goes ahead and mentions russia and iran, who are both players here. now the question is, if you mention them then he's getting involved. if he stays to syria, he is keeping it local and relatively contained. >> and last question. could this be a defining moment, we're only 70 or 85 days into the presidency, could this be a defining moment early on. >> this is a gift to donald trump. and i'm not taking away in the tragedy. but it is a gift because it gets him off the domestic problems that he's going through and get him off the russia thing and instead he could unite the country behind him and no doubt that will have affect an his public opinion standing. you watch, he'll have a bump this week. >> larry, thank you.
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and once again, 50 tomahawk missiles launched into syria by military forces just announced about 15, 20 minutes ago. thank you, larry. a follow up to a story we told you about. the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman is no longer in the bay area. she left the santa rita jail in dublin in the custody of u.s. marshals. we told you yesterday that she would not fight extradition to florida. she's accused of aiding and abetting her husband who gunned down 49 people last year at that orlando nightclub. after the shooting, she came to the east bay to stay with her family in rodeo. senate republicans karenied out the threat today. they invoked the so-called nuclear option to clear the way for neil gorsuch's supreme court confi confirmation. it jettisoned the nominee to be confirmed with a simple majority. a move likely to further polarize the parties. now before the vote, republicans and democrats continued the blame game.
6:35 pm
>> when a nominee doesn't get enough votes for confirmation, the answer is not to change the rules. it is to change the nominee. >> the opposition to this particular nominee is more about the man in a nominated him, and the party he represents, than the nominee himself. >> democrats say this is exact lip the same sentiment republicans had one year ago when they blocked president obama's nominee. that was judge merit garland. gorsuch's confirmation -- that vote is expected tomorrow. after weeks of pressure, california representative devin nunes is stepping aside from the russian hacking investigation. a republican from the central valley is accused of sharing intelligence reports with president trump and the media before briefing members of his own committee. and now he is the subject of an investigation over the handling of classified information. democrats are applauding nunez for today's move and looking forward to continuing the
6:36 pm
investigation. >> i'm sure it was a difficult decision for him. but it is in the best -- it would allow us to have a fresh start moving forward. >> nunez will stay on as chairman of the house intelligence committee but texas republican mike conaway is in charge of the russian investigation with the assistance of two other republicans. >> as we mentioned, trump authorizing air-strikes against the assad regime and hosting the president of china at his mar-a-largo resort in florida. it is the first face-to-face meeting since the president took office. in seeders say the president wants to look to china as an ally against north korea and its nuclear arms threat, however, the president might have some explaining to do after he was vocal about his america first stance. and attacked chinese trade practices. the president seems confident this won't be an issue.
6:37 pm
>> we've had a long discussion already and so far i have gotten nothing, absolutely nothing. but we have developed a friendship, i can see that. and i think long-term we're going to have a very, very great relationship. >> president jinping and his wife will return to china on sunday and as we mentioned, the president will speak any moment now from florida about his decision to launch an attack on syria. when he starts speaking, we will bring it to you live. >> up next on the attack again, arnold schwarzenegger's latest comments on president trump is fuelling their feud. form verr swarnegracsesresidt tf
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former governor schwarzenegger accused president trump of stealing from kids. that is how he described the proposal to slash $9 billion in federal education spending. it would also eliminate more than $1 billion in grants for after-school programs and summer programs. >> the president promised us he wants to make america great again. that is not how you make america great. by taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind. [ applause ] >> the president and the former governor have already had their moment those year, feuding over slumping tv ratings for the show celebrity apprentice. >> soon you will not be able to buy fur in berkeley. they passed an ordinance banning local sales of fur clothing products. the berkeley coalition for animals led this effort. this makes them the second city in the state to ban fur. west hollywood passed a similar ban in 2013 that survived a lawsuit from luxury retailers.
6:41 pm
a potentially ground-breaking health test will soon be available. the fda approving today the first home dna test. you could find out if you have a genetic risk for certain diseases. it was created by mountain view based 23 and me. the personal health risk test would provide information about your risk for ten diseases, including parkinsons and late on set alzheimer's. health experts point out that the tests do not diagnose diseases. >> the woman who suffered a 60 foot fall while taking a selfie on a bridge will not face trespassing charges. sheriffs are investigating the site where she fell from a cat walk under the foresthill bridgener auburn. it is off of limits to the public and the signs clearly state that. the women's condition is not released. she suffered several broken bones but she will recover. a programming novato. we are still awaiting comments from president trump regarding the air-strikes in syria. before that, we want to get to our meteorologist rob mayeda, our big story locally, that rain right now, not helping the
6:42 pm
evening commute. >> you see the water on the roadway. the storm just getting started. we have a high wind warning and we'll talk about the wind speeds and how much rain we're expecting when we come right back. andpda tohe eakg ns:thu-stta
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we have an update on the breaking news, the u.s. attack on syria. the president will speak from his mar-a-lago resort any minute now and he will explain. the attack happened one hour ago. 50 cruise missiles targeting an airfield in syria. this is in response to assad's use of chemical weapons, an attack this week that killed nearly a hundred civilians, including children. the use of chemical weapons is against international law. the group just put out a
6:45 pm
statement say it welcomes any u.s. intervention. the war has been going on for years now. and as soon as the president speaks, we'll bring it to you in a report. >> don rickles died today at the age of 90. >> his sarcasticin stult filled brand of humor earned him many nicknames including the merchant of venom. we have a look back at his career. >> mr. warmth, don rickles. >> long before the phrase political incorrect became popular, don rickles already was. for more than 50 years, he turned insults into an artform. he visited the "tonight" show with johnny carson over a hundred times. the fire works between the long time friends produced classic
6:46 pm
moments. >> the new york native stand-up career started after a stint in the navy but it didn't take off until he started taking on hecklers in his audience. >> i started making fun of the guy that yelled at me, making fun of the room, making fun of the people around me. >> the humor became his trademark. no walk of life or ethnicity spared. >> honduran. >> i'm in the business 25 years and i done have a jerk that is honduran. >> and including president ronald reagan. >> never hurtful. and it is always something that is sarcastic, but fun. >> in recent years, the new generation discovered his voice in the toy story film. older fans remember his roles on screen in movies and television. but it was that pen chant for putdowns -- his knack for
6:47 pm
knocking others -- that made don rickles a comedy legend. mark barger, nbc news. >> he will be missed, a smile just when i look at him. >> i know. i will miss that face. >> rob mayeda is back talking about the rain coming in. and not just tonight. we could have a couple of days of this. >> it looks like a second system arriving close to this time tomorrow evening. so this first storm, the rain spreading over right now and winds will be quite gusty, approaching midnight tonight. right now in san jose, you could see the view on the roadways, the evening commute impact, this is not helping. we're getting ponding on the roadways around the south bay. the radar shows you an area of yellow and orange, some briefly moderate rain at times, approaching the son ol grade, palo alto, you have the rain there. notice the roadways looking very reflective. a sign that some water is set up on theroad ways along 101 in palo alto and in san francisco a similar view. but the winds starting to pick up just a little bit in the last half hour. wind speeds up to 25 miles per hour and about 53 degrees.
6:48 pm
so the rain moderate at times, we think the band of heaviest rain is coming in just before midnight and take a look at that compact area of low pressure rotating off shore. that is also going to help promote strong winds at times. these areas in purple and the hilltops, locations above a thousand feet could get gusts between 60 miles per hour between 8:00 to midnight. even lower lying areas like san jose in the valleys could see wind speeds 20 to 30. so peek winds 9:00 to 11:00 and toward tomorrow morning commute notice the wind speeds begin to calm down, approaching 8:00 in the morning. now hour by hour, the rain most intense from the evening from the first half of the night and by 5:00 a.m. scattered showered for your morning commute and during the day we we see the showers taper off before the next storm arrives. morning temperatures in the low 50s. not as windy for the morning but showers to contend with. afternoon highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. a few scattered showers at times
6:49 pm
and into the evening, you notice hour-by-hour forecast, the rain picked up during the day, maybe not so much but here comes the next system. 7:30 to 10:00 at night and a chance of imbedded thundershowers and small hail could be possible. and this second system we think will impact the first part of the weekend. now rainfall totals, it will be the hiptop locations in the north bay and santa cruz mountains that have a chance to two to three inches between now and friday night. and check ott the view. across heavenly but not so heavenly if we have to drive to the sierra between now and saturday and we're talking a winter storm warning with snow totals two to four feet above 6,000 feet. we're winding back to january with the snow total so tough travel around the sierra. snow on saturday for the bay area, into the afternoon and the second half of the weekend is dryer and those morning temperatures could get patchy frost if the winds are light enough and the skies clear into sunday morning as you take a
6:50 pm
close look at your weekend forecast, saturday, plan on a few showers. sunday looks dry. into monday and tuesday we should see a relative break from the showers and then another chance of more snow in the sierra and more bay area rain through wednesday. so this is a little much. this is more than april showers. strong winds an power outages could be an issue given the gusts in the hilltops and the heavy rain coming down especially for the first half of the night. >> we'll be listening to the warnings. thanks so much, rob. >> up next, more updates on what is happening overseas. the u.s. launching the missile attack in syria. we're back in a moment. iseadto ay.
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6:52 pm
some big news out of
6:53 pm
warriors headquarters. he is back. kevin durant is ready to play. >> he will be in the lineup on saturday when they host new orleans. he has missed past 19 games after injuring his knee in washington. after struggle without durant, the warriors are back to the best team in the nba. they are enjoying a season high 13 game win streak. >> the playoffs begin next week for the warriors. now to golf. the world's top ranked golf ser out of the masters because he fell down some stairs. dustin johnson had to withdraw from the tournament today because of a back injury yesterday, he said he was wearing socks when he slipped on some wooden stairs at a house he's renting. let's take you out live to the shark tank. we're going to likely see a playoff preview tonight. the sharks hosting the edmonton oilers and the winner will most likely have home-ice advantage. playoffs starts next week and the puck drops in minutes.
6:54 pm
and if stanford was its own country, it would finish tenth. >> and if the american women were a country, they would have finished fourth. today on the farm, we caught up with a contributing member. water polo star maggie stephens. >> globally, she's the best women's water polo player in the world. this past summer, maggie stefan as proved it once again and left rio with another gold, her second in it as many games so why did she return to such little fanfare. because she returned to stanford. >> it is crazy how quick it all goes. i mean, one minute you're on top of the podium with your sisters and enjoying that moment that you've been dreaming of your whole life and then the next minute you're in the back of a classroom taking some notes on your notebook and just trying to pass mechanical engineering class that you are in. >> olympians are everywhere you
6:55 pm
look at stanford. >> that is what i love about stanford. it doesn't matter what you've done in the past, it doesn't matter what your going to do in the future, but it is what you are doing right now. >> after taking a year off to prepare for the olympics with team usa, what she's doing now is completing her senior year while trying to help the cardinal win the third national title in the last four years, standing in her way, the opponents this weekend and last year's national champion usc who is riding a 52-match win streak. >> i've losted a national championship. i remember it my freshman year to usc and so obviously that stings. but i also know what it feels like to win and i hope that we're on the top of the podium and holding that trophy. i dream it. i envision it. that is a long ways away and we've got a lot to do in order to achieve it. >> i wouldn't bet against them. at stanford, colin resh, nbc bay area news. >> okay. we want to continue to follow
6:56 pm
the breaking news. that u.s. air strike in syria. this happened about one hour ago. h which was in the 3:00 a.m. hour in syria. we're going to ate comments from president trump. he is in there meeting with the chinese president. he's going to speak to reporters, lester holt is standing by. we have nbc crews there in mar-a-lago if florida and we'll bring the comments as soon as we get them in. if we go off the air, we'll interrupt our programming which is access hollywood at 7:00, and we will cut in live to bring you the president's comments about the air strike in syria. 50 tomahawk missiles were launched into an air base there. no details on any injuries. but again we're awaiting for the president. >> we'll be following this all night and bring you the latest at 11:00 and updating this on our social media platforms. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a good evening. >> good night, folks.
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7:00 pm
mel b today hit good evening from los angeles. we are back on the air, because president trump has just made a brief statement after the u.s. military launched dozens of tomahawk cr tomahawk cruz missiles against syria hitting an area where they believe assad launched the chemical attack. tonight, the u.s. hitting back. we will have the president's remarks in a moment. let's go to richard ingle. what's the latest about this target and what we know that was hit? >> in was president trump's first significant act as commander in chief. as you know, a few days ago, there was a horrific chemical weapons attack in


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