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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now, 94:30, a microclimate weather urlurt. check out the radar along the golden gate bridge. look at san jose this morning. pretty soggy out there. we're tracking the rain and pretty strong winds reported overnight. thanks for joining us. you made it to friday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i like that message. by the way, we're tracking a major fire in san francisco where there are injuries to report. pete is on scene. we'll check in with him in a few minutes. >> but first, this rain that came just as you said it would. >> you know, the winds were really strong. >> howling. >> okay, can you believe this? mt. diablo had a wind gust of 74 miles per hour. you know, we were all feeling it overnight. the winds are starting to diminish. we're also seeing a decrease in
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rain this morning, but it's still very wet as you head out the door. here's a look at the storm system once again. the area of low pressure, the swirl of clouds to the north of us allowing more energy to work in throughout the day. most of the rain over parts of the south pay and the hills where we're seeing wet conditions as you head out the door. you see rain from san jose all the way down to gilroy. we will continue to see rounds of showers and another pocket of heavier rain this afternoon, so we're talking about the timeline. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now, mike is tracking the conditions and a crash on 17. >> that's right. because the conditions, the high winds are our worry as they have been all night. so far, traffic flows well and standing water reported in many spots. most of the wet roadway is registering in the east bay and south bay. we'll track those issues for slicker conditions and highway 17 northbound, there's a crash
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just north of summit road. saw slowing north for a few minutes. that did clear up. crews are still on scene there. and from our emeryville camera, this camera trembles a bit. gusty winds across the bay's bridges. hold on this morning even though traffic should be lighter. it's friday and spring break for the tri-valley schools. >> we have breaking news to get to this morning. three people injured in a quick moving fire that damaged alt least three homes in sfwran. you're looking at some pictures of it there. crews responded about a quarter to 2:00 in the morning in the richmond district near the intersection of geary and 23rd avenue. >> pete suratos joins us live from san francisco with the latest. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. it's a very active scene here in the richmond district on the 400 block of 23rd avenue, as they deal with this fire. it actually is contained. i just confirmed that with san francisco fire. we know that three people were
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injured. wip injury minor, the other two were burn injuries that sent folks to the hospital. the fire originated in this yellow three-story home in the roof area where the fire started, according to san francisco fire. i believe we have a picture to show you what the flames looked like, sent to us from a viewer. you can see the flames picking up. san francisco fire are saying there was heavy black smoke when they arrived on the scene. let's recap information we have. we know it happened around 1:45 a.m., just reporting heavy smoke in this home. it was deemed a three-alarm fire. we know the fire originated in the building i just showed you, but it did affect the two buildings on both sides of it that were adjacent to the building. as far as the number of people displaced, there were about two units in the yellow house that you're looking a and all together, san francisco fire saying there were about 15 people inside and then on the units of each side, an additional ten. we're looking at about 25 people that were displaced as a result
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of this fire. we're seeing red cross on the scene working with those folks. we know that they'll be here for the remainder of the morning looking for hot spots in the home. in the next hour, we'll hear from a wince and we'll gathing more updates and bring you any more updates in the next hour. >> good thing they got it under control. thank you, pete. >> now, let's get to breaking news in the oakland hills. this morning, families forced out of their homes because of a landslide. >> rick boone is there for us this morning. that area, so dangerous, they're not letting you or anyone else get close. >> reporter: yeah, we had to find a very safe zone to even do this live shot. we're going to try to move to another location if we can before this morning continues on. but i just said, very, very dangerous area. the rain is fueling this landslide that's threatening homes, four homes below banning
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drive. mud from the hill above has almost covered one house, and the ground is very unstable. breaking apart above this landslide. some residents are actually fear that their homes are gone, could be totally gone. they can hear their homes moving. several families have been evacuated. streets in the oakland hills remain closed this morning from the slide that began thursday night, and just ahead, as soon as the light comes up, since it's day break, emergency crews and pg&e crews will be here on the scene to assess the damage a little more. just as i said, we'll try to give you a better vantage point the next time i talk to you. we'll go on the other side of this so you can see some of the homes and hopefully we'll get daylight to show you the latest on the damage assessment. yeah, this area, very unstable and very dangerous for residents in the oakland hills. rick boone for today in the bay. >> understandable why they're keeping people out. >> as rick mentioned, pg&e crews there. at one point, 115,000 people
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without power. right now, that number is down to 55,000. this is an ongoing situation all morning long. stay in touch with the nbc bay area app or live doppler radar. you see all of the activity right now on the screen, and any other information you need we'll send to you via push alert. download our app. >> at 4:36 this morning, syria this morning is condemning the u.s. missile strike on one of its air bases. calling it an act of aggression. this is new video just into our newsroom from syrian television showing the aftermath. at least seven people have died. u.s. forces launched 59 cruise missiles at the air base in response to this week's deadly chemical attack. u.s. did give russia advance warning about the strike, but this is sure to strain relations because bashar al assad is one of russia's key allies. president trump called it vital for u.s. national security.
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>> explaining his rationale in a statement shortly after news broke yesterday about the strike. >> it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> russia news agencies say president putin believes the u.s. ordered the strike under a far-fetched pretext and that syria actually has no chemical weapons. russia has blamed this week's chemical attack on rebel forces. so far, no word of any russian casualties -- excuse me, serious casualties from the bombings. scott mcgrew will have a report in the 5:00 hour. >> developing overnight, another death to report weeks later in the london terror attack. now the fifth victim of the attack succumbs to her injuries.
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welcome back, everyone. we are in a microclimate weather alert on this friday morning. kari hall is back this morning as well. to tell us how long this rain is going to stick around, what's in store for our weekend. it is 4:40 right now. >> all new this morning, oakland firefighters are watching for hot spots after a building fire. here's a look right now at what they're dealing with. massive flames engulfing the building off walnut street ipoakland.
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the fire was wind driven. >> new information this morning on the reason terror attack in lond london. a fifth victim has been added to the teg toll. her name was andrea. she fell from the westminster bridge and into the river during the attack. she was rescued from the water but remained unconscious for two weeks. she was a romanian national vacationing with her boyfriend on the day of the attack. >> it is 4:41 right now on your friday morning. coming up, as we mentioned, a microclimate weather alert this morning. winds, rain, and strong winds. kari has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. and we're still tracking the rain across the south county right now. we will see some scattered showers as we go through the day. a look at the timeline of when the next round of heavy rain arrives coming up right after the break. and a quick look out here. san jose, look the water on the lens. definitely on the roads as well. winds are a big factor. we'll track your early friday
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commute and show you what's going on, a comparison over there.
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feels like a very busy friday around here with the rain, the wind. >> because it is. >> yeah. >> christmas colors right now. the red microclimate weather alert and lots of green on the radar which means more rain to come, at least for the next several hours. >> still on and off with the rain. just when you think it's over, more rain moves in. that's what we're going to see throughout the next couple hours and then a break before we get
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heavier rain later on this afternoon. as we get a live look outside right now, downtown san jose heading out the door, the roads are still wet. we still have trees blowing and kind of bending in the wind. looking at temperatures now in the mid 50s. it is cool with a high today of up to 64 degrees. the rain will haper off for a while with breezy winds and cloudy skies. we'll continue to see some rain in the forecast for today with some scattered showers and a few heavy downpours that will be likely later on this evening. as we head into the weekend, we'll have some spotty rain tomorrow morning and some late day clearing and looking dry all day on sunday. so that's the great news here. the storm system will be winding down. we can see the center of the low pressure here and still some energy seeping into the bay area and pockets of heavy rain. as we get a closer look, we're see aglot of that rain tapering off, which is great news as many people get up, getting ready to
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head out the door. we won't have the heavy rain we had late last night and the winds are starting to calm down, too. we still have these batches of rain moving in. as we get a closer look now at vallejo, we see scattered showers moving in there that will be wrapping up soon. then we also have some rain for areas like healdsburg as you step out early this morning. the high wind warning has expired, but still we have the impact through the power lines and power outages throughout the bay area, especially for the east bay. trees are also being affected as you drive this morning, you waument to watch out for some downed tree branches on the roads and the rain tapers off to showers. it will be less windy as we go through midmorning and another round of rain by this evening. let's get a look at the timeline here. looking at some of the rain that will be moving into the north bay. some of the heavier pockets, by early afternoon. and then this continues to work its way into the rest of the bay area. we'll even have a very slight
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chance of a few thunderstorms. this moves into parts of the east bay by late tonight, early in the morning, and then another round of some scattered showers by tomorrow morning. as you make the weekend plans, keep ipmind it still could be raining tomorrow morning and then the showers return on tuesday for much of the bay area. also on wednesday, we're not done with the rain yet. there will be more rounds heading into next week. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast, seeing the showers today, and part of the day tomorrow. especially during the morning. look how cool it will be. not only will the rain taper off, but we'll have cool conditions and some breezy winds. sunshine on sunday. monday is looking nice and mild. and more showers from tuesday to thursday of next week. we'll be talking more about this coming up as we head over to mike. a crash on highway 4. >> that's right. the conditions are also the main factor. wet roadways even if it's not raining where you are, and the high winds carrying over from last night may affect you in
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some of the spots like these bridges we're showing here. so far, the bridges moving very well, though. the crash in the santa cruz mountains looks like it's no longer an issue for highway 17. that's good for traffic. a nice flow of traffic on highway 4. a couple crashes, i think they're the same incident, reported around mccuen, but nay have the same details. that's a smooth drive despite the crashes on the shoulder. the carquinez bridge going to get gusty conditions. heading to the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic, and looking at the waze, if you're on the waze team, join us there because as you're comparing times, no major issues coming utout of the altamont pass. ifio want to join our team, go to your app, click on the magnifying glass, then your name, then go to teams and select nbc bay area wazers and we can help each other out, even throughout the weekend. back to you. >> sometimes. i might stay in tomorrow morning if it's soggy.
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>> sleep in. that sounds like a nice idea. thank you. as you're driving the road, if you drive a hyundai or a kia, there's a major recall to tell you about. >> that's right. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's check in with landon dowdy. happy friday. >> hi, there, sam and laura. happy friday to you both. we're getting a check of global markets following the syria news. the global markets appear to be taking the news of the u.s. missile strike in syria in stride. stock futures fell sharply, but have come off the lows. asian markets ended slightly higher. oil prices initially soaring, but there seems to be no immediate threat to supplies. some investors flock to safe haven access on the rise in geopolitical concerns. that being gold, gold hitting a five-month high overnight. also, wall street being keyed in on the u.s. jobs report this
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morning. job growth is expected to have slowed last month. that's partially due to the impact of the major snow storm we saw here in the northeast. the dow rose 14 points to 20,662. that nasdaq also up 14. and switching gears here. hyundai and kia are planning a major recall in the u.s. and south korea as the manufacturing problem could cause engines to stall. reports say the u.s. recall could impact up to 1.3 million vehicles. that's equal to the company's annual u.s. sales. however, hyundai and kia haven't identified the number of cars or models involved. and facebook wants to use artificial intelligence to improve your private messages. its messenger app will use an eye to suggest things to users based on their conversations. it can feature you book an uber or send money to a friend based on what you're talking about. over to you. >> listening in and making suggestions.
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interesting idea there. thank you very much. >> 4:50. waiting for jerry brown this morning. the fight for cleaning air and who pays what fines for carbon pollution. first, happening right now, we're learning it could take more than two years to fix the battered oroville dam spillway and the department of water resources says it could cost up to $200 million to do it. in a few hours, the senate is going to resume debate on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. a vote is expected today ubmidday. yesterday, senate republicans changed voting rules to get around a democratic filibuster. back with more news in two minutes.
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welcome back at 4:53 on your friday morning. we're in a microclimate weather
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alert this morning, as you see the storm clouds all over the san francisco skyline. that is the transamerica building this morning. this camera stable, but we're watching high winds as well. kari hall will get us updated on that. >> a garbage war brewing in the east bay. >> investigative reporter liz wagner exposes the unique hazards workers say they have faced every day for nearly a decade. liz. >> we went undercover for an up close look at the routes these sanitation workers are running. we watched workers carry bins up and down flights of stairs on piedmont's big hills and in and out of those big homes. we learned half of all residents are paying extra for back yard trash service. forcing workers to do the lifting that trucks would normally do. employees point to more than a dozen serious injuries and say for nearly a decade, they have asked for training on how to safely lift these big bins but never received any.
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we discovered that state inspectors cited the company last month, finding it did not correct unsafe conditions on the job. richmond sanitary service is appealing that decision and told the state in the past it has trained workers. now, we also talked to leaders in piedmont and found they're making some changes. while the city administrator says it's up to the company to protect its workers, he says the city is now making safety a priority in the new contract that starts next summer. you can catch our full investigation tonight at 6:00 or on our website, just head to guys. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. you can also send an e-mail to the unit. >> 4:55 right now. this morning, prepare to soon pay more at the gas pump. late last night, the state assembly approved a 12 centper
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gallon price tyke on gas. it's bigeen a big win for goverr brown. many say taxes are not the answer hard-working californians are looking for. this fuel tax hike will fake taekt in november. >> appeals courts judges have sided with california on carbon emissions. businesses filed a lawsuit five years ago arguing california's air board lacks the authority to collect fees from pollution producers. attorneys are expected to appeal that latest ruling. well, tiffany lee, the woman accused of ark straighting the murder of her ex-boyfriend is out of jail this morning after posting a record setting bail. li's bail is broken down between $4 million in cash and more than $60 million in property bonds. we have been telling you about the case for days now. prosecutors fought her bail, saying li is likely a flight risk and she can go to china
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where she has a wealthy family waiting for her. >> at 4:56. coming up, our micloclimate weather alert continues. rainy, windy conditions across the bay area. >> a lot of rain still tapering off with wet roads as you head out for the morning commute. we'll look at how much rain you had near your neighborhood coming up on the other side of this break. >> and both sides of this freeway, a little wet here through oakland. slippery conditions and standing water definitely a problem around the bay. we'll talk about the rails also when we come back. all right, mike. plus, two people seriously injured when a victorian house goes up in flames ipsan francisco. what may have led to that quick-moving fire. rht w a5 -a mrocmatweher
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5:00. microclimate weather alert is starting our friday morning. check out the radar along the golden gate bridge on the south there, not a lot of traffic there, but look how it's picking up in san jose. mike has tabs on the morning commute. kari is back on this friday morning tracking the rain and wind. >> yeah, exactly. good morning, by the way. laura garcia-cannon and sam brock here. happy you're with us on your friday. kari, you were working last night and then this morning? >> wednesday night. >> because that would be crazy. >> this wind has been crazy out there. you can hear it howling last night, and it's starting to calm down. not really rocking the house anymore. but we do still have some rain
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moving through parts of the bay area as we get a look at the radar now. some scattered showers. some of the heavier downpours shifting off to the east, and we do still have a pretty good pocket of rain moving through san jose and also for the south county right now. wet roads and also some slippery conditions with that and some trees down that may be impacting your drive to work or school this morning. looking at still some scattered showers moving through parts of the north bay. i want to show you how much rain we have had. santa rosa, 2.5 inches of rain. fairfield, 1.25. about the same in san ramon, redwood city, and in santa clara, a little over half an inch. we'll talk about this and the timeline of the next round of heavier rain moving in this afternoon coming up at 5:07. mike starts with a b.a.r.t. delay. >> b.a.r.t. has notified us there's a delay in the fremont to richmond line. right now, they're recovering from a problem, whatever the weather related


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