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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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but we do still have some rain moving through parts of the bay area as we get a look at the radar now. some scattered showers. some of the heavier downpours shifting off to the east, and we do still have a pretty good pocket of rain moving through san jose and also for the south county right now. wet roads and also some slippery conditions with that and some trees down that may be impacting your drive to work or school this morning. looking at still some scattered showers moving through parts of the north bay. i want to show you how much rain we have had. santa rosa, 2.5 inches of rain. fairfield, 1.25. about the same in san ramon, redwood city, and in santa clara, a little over half an inch. we'll talk about this and the timeline of the next round of heavier rain moving in this afternoon coming up at 5:07. mike starts with a b.a.r.t. delay. >> b.a.r.t. has notified us there's a delay in the fremont to richmond line. right now, they're recovering from a problem, whatever the weather related issue was.
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they're not being specific. we're trying to find out more. i don't know it was debris on the tracks or because the tracks were wet. things should be calming down now. the rest is moving well. no other issues reported. looking to the roadways. standing water will be an issue. be careful for pockets. no closures for the freeways. good news out of the altamonte pass as well. no major problems. a flooding off 880 and the wind advisory for the bridges and out of the altamonte pass. back to you. >> let's get to breaking news to tell you about out of san francisco, where three people were injured in a house fire. >> pete suratos live in the richmond district gathering new information for us. what's the latest, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. quick update on those who were injured. we reported three people were injured, all together in the fire, we know two of them had burn injuries. only one burn victim was actually sent to the hospital. that fire is contained on the 400 block of 23rd avenue in san
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francisco. and reporting to the unit where the fire started, you can see it started in that roof area. let's get to exactly what happened. san francisco friar is saying the three-alarm fire started in the roof area of the unit i showed you and affected the two units next to it. they had to displace more than 25 people altogether from this. we do know there were 15 people inside that unit when this took place. about ten in the home and then there's apparently a back unit in the area where another five people lived. there's no word on exactly what caused this, but we have talked to residents inside of that home. they describe it as a very scary scene. as you see in some of the images. heavy black smoke coming out of the roof. we plan to bring you some new sound that we just got in the next half hour. explaining how all of this looks this morning. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >> okay, pete, thank you very much. that was in san francisco. now this in oakland. all new this morning, oakland
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firefighters watching for hot spots now after a building fire. that's what it looked like at its height. that's what they were dealing with there, massive flames engulfing a building just off walnut street in oakland. crews say that fire was wind driven and no word at ths point on any injuries. >> we're still following breaking news from the oakland hills as well. in the east bay, at least five homes are evacuated after the earth started giving way during last night's storm. this is in the area between banning drive and atcon drive west of skyline boulevard. last night, our crews saw half of that road washed away. >> here's a look at the scene. firefighters tell us one of the homes has mud on its rooftop. that area is off limits right now, but we do know that everyone safely evacuated. crews were there all night waiting for daylight to assess the damage. >> rick boone is out there. he'll have a live report at 5:30. our team coverage continues this morning. we're going to take you to fremont.
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>> we were find kris sanchez standing by, where more pg&e crews are about to roll out tens of thousands of people waking up to no power this morning. >> yeah, well, they wouldn't know because they're not watching us right now, but we wanted to show you where we are right here in fremont. we want to show you the gusty winds. we thought a car dealership would be a good spot because they have plenty of flags. you can see them flapping in the wind. it's this kind of high wind and gusty wind that brings dow trees and power lines. that's what happened in los altos last night. this is video of crews checking power lines where a massive tree came down, bringing down a power line. power lines also came down about four miles away. and another massive tree came down over parts of 280, also in los altos. at one point overnight, 167,000 customers from pg&e were without power, bay area wide. the numbers are improving this morning. right now, about 55,000
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customers around the bay area have no power. the bulk of them are in the east bay, 45,000 or so. and there's about 5600 people in the south bay without power. businesses and homes alike. 2,200 north bay pg&e customers in the dark. 1,600 folks on the peninsula. 25 homes and businesses in san francisco. so, if you have not charged your phone or your other electronics at this point and you're watching us, this would be a good time to plug in because there is a chance you could lose your power at some point today. the gusty winds are going to continue. at 6:00, we're going to go into that yard where pg&e crews are deploying to fix that damage as quickly as possible and we'll take you along for the ride. >> thanks so much. >> we have much more to come. on our microclimate weather alert ahead, you can stay updated by downloading the latest on our app. you with watch our live radar right on your smartphone. >> now to the other store
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everyone is talking about. more breaking news on a story we have been watching develop over night. at least seven people killed in the u.s. missile strike on a government-controlled air base in syria. >> scott mcgrew is tracking the latest from the newsroom. weknow russia is reacting this morning. >> it is. good morning. it's called for an emergency meeting of the united nations security council. the bigger question will be what happens in syria. will the russians who have air defenses and fighter jets in syria, allow our aircraft to continue to fly into the area as they strike isis targets? there's new video into our newsroom overnight. we think it's from syrian television. let me point out two things. one, we can enough verify the authenticity of it, and the camera crew does not seem to be willing to get close to the base. that said, we do know 59 u.s. cruise missiles were fired near the base at homs.
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they also found a video news release from the russian military. this is the chief of the directorate of media services. basically, the press secretary for the defense ministry. he said this is russian drone video of the actual base. looks very similar to what we saw coming out of the syrian television. as we get this translated, he seems to be saying and pointing out how little damage there were to planes and the runways. and where they protect the planes seem relatively undamaged. again, we cannot speak to the veracity of the video. the strike on syria has all kinds of ramifications. there are legal questions, what does congress think, does the president have the authority? geopolitical questions as the chinese president is a guest at mar-a-lago. lots to get to. we take a look at the trump presidency's 78th day. back to you. >> a busy one at that. you mentioned mar-a-lago and the visit there. it is continuing coverage that we have this morning hathat the
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u.s. missile strike likely putting a spin on predtrump's meeting in florida with the chinese president. the two last arrived at the resort in palm beach. they plan to spend two days there in a an effort to build a better working relationship. the chinese president is expected to rurp home to china on sunday. >> it is 5:08, as we head out the door, we're seeing the scattered showers moving through the bay area. right now, rain in santa rosa, fairfield, and south of san jose. as we go through the rest of the morning, let's look at the rainfall totals in santa rosa. 2 1/2 inches of rain. mill valley, over 2 inches of rain. a fairly good soaker. walnut creek, an inch and a half. as we go through the rest of the day, we'll see the rainfall totals being added to as we get another round of rain. let's take a look at the timeline here. at about 1:30 in the afternoon, still some showers across parts of the north bay.
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but the south bay, east bay, and peninsula will be still fairly dry. look at 8:30 tonight. another round of heavy rain moving in. and some pockets of some heavy downpours carries us until about midnight until we see it tapering off. early tomorrow morning, getting ready to head out the door for saturday, it will still be raining at times around parts of the bay area, but getting clearing as we go through the afternoon. we'll talk about what's ahead as we head through the weekend. a look at today's timeline with the temperature trend in about three minutes. heading to mike, a crash in fremont? >> that's right. as well as standing water reported nearby. i don't think the two are related. in fact, you have wet roads around the bay. right now, just be careful. speed not so much of a problem, but lower them because traction is an issue. 880 coming out of fremont into union city, this crash reportedly on the shoulder.
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whipple, flooding near the target area, meaning the store, in the bay area. a smooth drive down the east shore, and the oakland hills where gusty winds were an issue over night. also the mass transit system. some delays for the b.a.r.t. line from fremont to richmond. recovering from some earlier what they're calling weather-related problems. no more problems. there's a little delay and starting out exactly with the weather related. >> 5:10. up next, if you're planning on taking b.a.r.t. through oakland, you need to prepare yourself. a popular b.a.r.t. station will be closed. the big impact you'll be feeling this weekend. we'll be back in 2 1/2 minutes.
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we still have lingering showers right now across the south bay. still dark and some wet roads as you head out. los gatos, through the 9:00 hour, degrees. highs today only reaching into the low 60s when the average high is 68 grees. it will be cool, breezy, cludy, and at times wet. go ahead and download the nbc bay area app. we'll look at the radar together coming up in three minutes. and right now, we're looking at a smooth drive through morgan hill. we're watching where kari had the earlier rain. no issues for highway 101. we'll talk about what has developed, a report for highway 17. >> pretty rough news for b.a.r.t. riders. happening today, the lake merritt station will close for the weekend. >> b.a.r.t. crews will be using
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that shutdown for track repairs. there will be a bus in place to help passengers get around the closure, but the agency is warning it could add between 10 to 25 minutes to your trip. the station will be closed all day saturday and sunday. the stock markets have all kinds of things to take into account today's, from the meeting with president xi to the strike on syria. >> and scott mcgrew, big job numbers. >> we nearly forgot about those. we deal with all the other things in the world. we're going to get a new supreme court justice today. that's going to be below the fold with so much going on we expect pretty good numbers out of the labor department this morning. this comes at 5:30 our time. 235,000 jobs were added in the previous report. that's the number to beat. we expect the unemployment report to hold steady at 4.7%. president trump has proudly been tweeting about jobs here. he tweeted a fox news report that claims to show all the different jobs added since
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mr. trump became president. one claim in particular that ali baba won caught our eye this morning. why? it's simply not any way true at all. the head of ali baba told the president he could create a million jobs, and fox news definitely repeated that claim. those jobs, though, have not been created. those jobs aren't even what we would think of as traditional jobs. he said he'll open up an online mall where americans can sell things from home or their small businesses, those really don't count. they bring ine, but they're not jobs in the way general motors creates jobs when it opens a new plant. they don't exist one way or the other. the big question will be how do the markets? there's no telling. we don't have the jobs number. i think investors will be more interesting in the meeting with president xi than the strike on syria. we trade with china. we don't trade with syria.
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one about how worried the world is with war is oil prices. they did spike overnight, about 2%. >> gold did too. >> they have since settled a bit. by the end of the day, we'll have a pretty good idea as to what investors think. >> curious how this is all going to unfold with congress as well and president trump's plans. >> and the world. >> and the world. you know. >> we're going get to that. >> a busy man, scott mcgrew. >> busy friday. >> buckle up your seat belts here, and by the way, did anyone else feel wind shaking the doors on their house or apartment last night? because we saw plenty of that going on. this is outside right now from our fremont camera. actually, fairly steady, but we have seen at points the flags in the background, you see the american flag in the foreground, flapping a bit this morning. >> nice and clear. clean things off, all the rain. check out the shark tank camera from the palm trees shaking in the wind as well. we had our camera rolling for a
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while, time lapsed this for you, showed the big sway with all the heavy winds we had. >> it's been blustery conditions here as we head into your weekend. that will certainly continue, at least in the earl apart of your morning. y hall is joining us to tell us more about that. >> keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. we have had high wind gusts but it's starting to calm down as the storm system moves farlth to the north and east, but we still have lingering effects. let me get you out the door with what it looks like right now. it's 55 degrees, still some showers coming down, and also windy the pinls. 54 as you step out right now at 5:17. 56 degrees in san francisco. now, the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see that as you make the weekend plans, we will still have rain in the forecast tomorrow. and then as we go into the peninsula today, a high of 63 degrees. 63 degrees also in the east bay and san francisco, 62 degrees. if you have downloaded the nbc
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bay area app, let's take a look at the radar. we're still tracking the showers moving through santa rosa. mostly some light rain. and then it will be ending here within the next few minutes. and then as you travel along 80, heading toward fairfield, we are also still seeing some of that rain as well. and then as we get a look now at the south bay, still some rain moving through the santa cruz mountains and some spotty showers between gilroy and morgan hill. so looking closer at all of this, this morning. still some times of rain coming through the bay area. so here's what to expect. the wind advisory, the high wind warning has expired, but we're still having impacts. power outages and trees brought down. a lot of rain now tapering off to showers and it will be less windy as we go through about midmorning to afternoon, with more rain expected this evening. getting a look at the current wind speeds. still very windy in san francisco. and those palm trees just bend
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and swaying right now in the winds. that's what you have to deal with heading out the door for that morning drive. if you are for the weekend heading over towards the sierra, look at the radar now. still some off and on rain. going to still see some snow showers. make sure you bring those tire chains. really travel is very treacherous. look at how much snow you'll get over the weekend once you get there, it will be beautiful, but we may have another two feet of snow in parts of the sierra. some really high snow amounts, especially for this time of year. usually we start to see some of that melting, but not with this storm. we will still see some scattered showers today as well as early tomorrow. it does taper off during the evening. sunday is looking all dry. that will be the day to get outside. as we head back to work next week on monday, still brielt and sunny. temperatures starting to feel better. for the inland areas, reaching to the upper 60s. more rain in the forecast between tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.
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i'll talk more about that. as we head to mike, a hazard for 17. >> you would think we were talking about a downed tree, which we saw overnight, as well as downed wires. neither are the case. but wet roads are an issue all around the bay, heading toward highway 17, the northbound direction where reports came into chp saying there's a coyote running around. be careful there. there may be a traffic break, but it sounds like the coyote is going back and forth across the roadway around bear creek road. there's the coyote, no lions or tigers. looking towards the rest of the south bay, slick roadways with rain throughout morgan hill and highway 101. no problems there. let's make a choice now. and we'll use the waze system. in a waze report, it's 26 minutes out of tracey and over to liveermore if you use the altamont pass. if you look at the purple line, only 21 minutes. if you stay on 580 through the little slower drive, a look at that, that's an issue for apple
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tv, we'll take you to waze and show you how to join the team, get you the advantage, make your choices before you hit the road. we go out to waze, magnifying glass. hit your name and choose our team, nbc bay area wazers. we can help you out wherever you are. you can help each other out. i can get your help. that's what i want. >> we can help each other. >> watching each other's back. coming up next, another crucial day politically on capitol hill. the senate is expected to confirm supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> that's after republicans invoke the nuclear requiring just a simple majority to approve gorsuch as the next supreme court judge. we'll tell you how quickly he could be sworn in. you're watching today in the bay.
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it's 5:24 on your friday morning. thanks for joining us for today in the bay as we take a live look outside golden gate bridge this morning, wet, soggy roads. a lot of people out there commuting. you have to take it easy because they're soggy out there and high wind warning as well. check the forecast in just a bit. >> 5:24. may be a matter of hours before u.s. senators vote to confirm neil gorsuch as our next supreme court justice. he may be sworn in a short time after that. confirmation is now essentially a done deal after republican senators invoked the nuclear option. forever changing the senate's filibuster rule for supreme court nominees. after that, all it took was a
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simple majority to end the debate. for the future, it means all presidential nominees for executive branch positions need only a simple majority. pretty major change. >> going to change things forever, no question about that. the giants not off to the best start. the good thing about baseball, it's 162 games. let's forget the five long days in phoenix. >> a 9-3 loss to the diamond backs last night. pitcher jeff samardzija pitches into the sixth inning, but then a three-run home rub. the giants have lost 3 of 4 games to the d-backs but we're just starting out. let's charge on to san diego. >> the giants home opener following this weekend's series against the padres. we are getting ready for it. here's a live look at at&t park, pretty quiet, but it will be packed and rocking come monday. >> got the tarp on out there.
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no surprise there. lots of rain. don't forget, we can watch the home opener right here on nbc bay area, plenty of festivities on tap. first pitch at 1:35. >> that's right. things off that morning with today in the bay. we'll have live reports from the ballpark. kari hall will be there as well. then the midday newscast, sam and i are heading to san francisco, joining kari live out there at at&t park. you get your fancy giants jacket ready. >> that's a good tease. i know what you're talking about. coming up next, by the way, several people injured by a quick moving fire in san francisco. we have been updating you. li piureof n je
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right now at 5:30, a microclimate weather alert as we take live pictures of san jose and the s.a.p. center. you see a little bit of movement on the treesthere. we have been tracking very heavy winds overnight. good morning. we're very glad you're with us here on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> we made it to friday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's take a look at that radar, in fact, rain came in to the bay area. really, we were prepared because kari had been warning us about it for quite some time. but quite the change as we were getting used to the spring-like temperatures. >> we could see it coming. we could hear it coming. i don't know about you. my doors were shaking last night. >> i kept hearing noises thinking trees were coming down. it was like some tree branches crawling where.
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>> i must have been tired. i heard nothing. >> we heard you snoring. >> exactly. >> that's a given. >> so busy last night, but the good news is as you get ready to head out for work or school this morning, things are starting to quiet down. even though we do still have rain, it's not as heavy. as we get a look at the radar now, you can see that we do still see pockets of rain across the bay area. but it's not really that heavy. and then you see some more rain just offshore. that will be working its way towards part of marin and sonoma counties within the next 20 to 30 minutes. getting a look at the timeline of the rain today. we will still see some rain across the north bay, but the rest of the bay area getting that pocket of heavier rain through late this evening, and into the overnight hours before this system wraps up another round of some rain moving through early tomorrow morning. put that in your saturday morning plans that it will still be wet. we will talk about how high
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those winds were and what you can expect as we go through the day. that's coming up in seven minutes, heading over to mike now. a weather related delay for b.a.r.t.? >> yeah, we had a delay for the fremont line. now it's spread system wide. b.a.r.t. says weather-related issueswork usually when there's wet tracks, they have to slow trains down for safety, make sure they can use the brakes in the properly amount of distance. that's likely what happened because it's a standard ten-minute delay. just expect a few extra minutes to work. if you want to take to the roads, they're wet and slick and windy at times. be careful and watch for debris. we also had wires down over the course of last night into today. but the issue will still be lighter traffic around the bay. we're still tracking an issue around alvarado, earlier activity has cleared from the lanes but there mail be vehicles around the shoulder. it's still dark in the area, but there are vehicles on the shoulder. >> thank you very much. 5:31. breaking news in san francisco this morning.
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several people are being treated after this early morning fire. these are new photos of the fire that were posted by the san francisco fire department on twitter. the fire broke out just before 2:00 in the morning in the richmond district near the intersection of geary and 23rd avenue. three people were injured with burns. >> yeah, that yellow victorian is the house where the fire started. here's what it looks like now. a lot calmer at the scene. the fire has been contained but the crews are sticking around to watch out for hot spots. the fire department saysly 25 people were displaced by fire damage. pete is out there. he'll have another live report for us. >> it's been a biz amorning on both sides of the bay. now the oakland hills where families have been forced out of their homes because of a landslide. >> rick boone is there this morning. area considered so dangerous, we understand they're not letting you or anyone get close. >> reporter: that's right. and i tell you, the reason behind the danger, you know, obviously, the landslide, but
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also this. we have downed power lines right now not far from where we're standing. these are off. pg&e are on their way at this point. this landslide, these power lines threatening a lot of homes. for the hokes below aiken drive. mud from the hill below has almost covered one home. on the ground, very unstable wrk breaking apart above the slide on aiken drive and down the hill. some residents are actually hearing their homes moving. several families have been evacuated and streets in the oakland hills remain closed this morning as the slide began thursday night. once again, pg&e crews are set to be here some time when daybreak happens. i guess that's coming soon as well as other crews to kind of clean all this up. but yeah, not a safe area to be. we're going to move out of here as soon as the crews get closer. rick boone for today in the bay. >> getting a sense of how dangerous the conditions were overnight. rick, thank you very much. >> right now, 10s of,000 of customers are without power. we just talked to pg&e.
5:34 am
they tell us that it's now about 44,000 customers who are still in the dark this morning. if you need to report a power outage in your neighborhood, head to pg& and click on the outages tab and then click on report and view outages. you'll see a section where you can enter the address of the outage. >> world news and breaking news. syria this morning condemning the u.s. missile strike on one of air bases calling it, quote, an act of aggression. this is new video you're looking at just into our news room from syrian television showing the aftermath. at least people have died. u.s. forces launched 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at the air base in response to this week's deadly chemical attack. the u.s., we're told, did give advanced warning to russia about the strike, but it's still sure to strain relations because bashar al assad is one of russia's key allies. president trump, in the meantime
5:35 am
calling it vital for u.s. national security. >> he explained his rationale in a statement shortly after the news of the strike came out. >> it is in vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> russian news agencies say president putin believes the u.s. ordered the strikes under a far-fetched pretext that syria has no chemical weapons. russia has blamed this week's chemical attack on rebel forces. russia says no russians were killed. new this morning, much closer to home, looking to find out more about why there was police activity along the railroad tracks overnight in san jose. there are reports that there was a large police presence late last night through early this morning. multiple agencies near the tracks over highway 87. not clear why they were there. we have calls out to find out more. 5:35 right now on your
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friday morning. appeals court judges have sided with california in a case surrounding the state's cap and trade fees on carbon emissions. businesses filed that lawsuit five years ago arguing that california's air board lacks the authority to collect fees from pollution producers. cap and trade permits are auctions off to allow companies to release greenhouse gases. stephanie li, the woman accused of orchestrating the murder of her e-girlfriend, is out of jail after posting a record setting bail in san mateo county. her bail is broken down between $4 million in cash and more than $60 million property bonds. we have been telling you about this case for days now. prosecutors fought her bail saying it's likely she'll run to china where she has a wealthy family waiting for her. >> questions surrounding a grisly discovery. a dismembered body was found in a home near sky line college. investigators are still collecting evidence on two
5:37 am
homes. officers made the discovery while looking into aing persons report but they won't say who is missing. people living nearby are worried it's one of their neighbors. >> to wake up and hear there's a dismembered body, it really messes with you. the man who lived across the street over here, that's who i don't know where he is. i haven't seen him in over a week. >> police have arrested david stubblefield who owns a house on the street. he's charged with murder. all right, some breaking news to get to this morning, and a whiff on the jobs front as you see. the latest numbers are out. 98,000 jobs added for the month of march. but there were 175,000 jobs that were forecast. so well below predictions. the march unemployment rate did go down to 4.5% from 4.7% in february. scott will have more on this. >> it's 5:37. look at this. gusty winds toppled a truck on
5:38 am
the bay bridge, blogging all westbound lanes at one point. oakland fire department tweeted out this video at the scene, happened about 9:00 last night. lanes actually didn't reopen until about midnight. all right, quite a scene there. now, a live look at the toll plaza this morning. still pretty windy out there, although nothing like what we saw last night. let's take a look at how things are going in our microclimate weather alert forecast. >> i wanted to show you how high the were around the bay area. as we're still seeing the blowing around, a little rain. look at the wind gusts in san francisco last night. 47 miles per hour. oakland, 54. mt. diablo, 74 miles per hour. those winds were rocking. half moon bay, 46. los gatos, 68-mile-per-hour winds. yeah, that's the reason why when you head out the door right now, it is just a mess out there with tree limbs down all over the place. but at least the rain is
5:39 am
tapering off. we're seeing some pockets of rain near santa rosa and fairfield. also as you head through parts of the delta and also the south bay. seeing that rain that will be returning in the next few minutes. and coming up in about three minutes, we'll take a look at the timeline of the temperature trend for today as we head over to mike, tracking the bay shore freeway. >> which is wet along with the other freeways around the bay area. that's a word of caution. the highways, we talked about that. so far, no other complications this morning. a little slowing, predictable through san jose north of 680. i want to take you to 101 in san francisco. reports of a disabled truck. sounds like a post vehicle at the connector with 280. that's getting into san francisco so there may be an issue as it's brocking the fast lane. meanwhile, no major flooding or problems for the area into or out of the city. and coming over from the oakland side, just 16 down the east shore freeway to the bay bridge. watch the gusty conditions.
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we continue to track minor delays, b.a.r.t. system wide. they slowed the trains due to the weather conditions. >> take an umbrella if you're waiting. >> up next, new information in the mysterious death of a bay area scientist. the reason a car could help investigators get to the bottom of what happened. >> brand-new video into our newsroom of the strike on the syrian air base. we'll show it to you coming up.
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it is 5:42, as you get ready
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to head out the door, this is what it looks like right now in san jose. the heavier rain has ended but the cars are still kicking up water. it will be cloudy throughout the day. we will still have a chance of showers and gusty winds, but mainly cloudy and temperatures staying very cool for this time of year. another of heavy rain this evening. we'll talk about that. a look at the timeline, and what to wear. that's coming up in about four minutes. kari is in the south bay. here's the north bay. drive times looking great for highway 101. highway 37, traditional, and slick roadways around the bay. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:43. new video of more doyned trees. this one is blocking moody road in los alt oesh. the storm winds were too much for it to handle. although it's not only fallen tree in the area. crews are at working roadways of debris caused by the storms. be careful before you head out
5:44 am
the door this morning. look around. >> power outages as well. >> we continue to watch the situation in syria and around the world after the u.s. launched a cruise missile attack on a syrian air base. >> scott mcgrew joins us and russia reacting. >> the russians want an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. the russians and syrians are allies. they're going to get the meeting but they won't get anything beyond that because we have the ability to veto whatever we want to veto. the united states launched 59 cruise missiles at the syrian air base from which our radar tracks tell us syrian airplanes involved in the gas attack came from. you have seen this video before. let me show you some new video, brand-new into our newsroom. this is from syrian tv, shot by a civilian on a cell phone of strikes landing at that base last night from a distance there. we also have video from the russian military. this is from a russian drone.
5:45 am
again, can't verify the authenticity. we believe it to be real. the translation of the narrator in the background said this is indeed the base. the russian military pointing out all the critical targets that were not hit. russia is syria's ally. they have air defenses on the ground. our missiles may very well have had to get past russian air defenses. the big question today will be was the strike legal. the white house will likely argue the president has broad authority given to original president bush in 2001 to prosecutor terrorism. that's the legal authority we're using to strike isis even though it was originally intended for al qaeda and the taliban. as for international law, attacking a sovereign country without u.n. approval may be against international law, but the president could make a very reasonable argument he was protecting u.s. forces. remember, we have boots on the ground in syria. it's hard to believe there are
5:46 am
things that not on the top of the news agenda today. president xi from china is visiting. we're barely talking about it. no doubt the two men's discussion about north korea are going to get way more urgent. and we'll likely get a news of the supreme court as well. the republicans thursday hit the button on the nuclear option forever changing the way the senate approves supreme court nominations allowing a simple majority of senators to end debate and push the nomination through. we're watching all kinds of things including syrian tv, russian tv, in contact with state department, u.n. we'll bring you updates as the morning progresses. >> a whirlwind day from washington, d.c. to the middle east. thank you. >> we have information to share with you this morning on a recent terror attack in london. a fifth victim has been added to the death toll. her name was andrea. she fell from the westminster bridge and into the river thames during the attack. she was rescued from the water
5:47 am
but remained unconscious for two weeks. she was a romanian national vacationing with her boyfriend the day of the attack. little past 5:45 on your friday morning. there are potentially new clues in the murder of a bay area scientist. he was shot and killed near his oakland home almost exactly one years ago. the killer and the motive both remain unknown. this surveillance video shows him, you're about to see it, walking home the flight he was killed. just released yesterday is a picture of a 13 to 2015 white chevy malibu. investigators would like to talk to the driver of that car. in addition, police want to talk with the driver of this 2003-2007 silver honda accord. >> 5:47. this morning, prepare to pay more at the gas pump soon. late last night, the state assembly approved a 12 cent per gallon tax hike, considered a big win for governor brown who has been pushing for the tax to fund road repairs in the state.
5:48 am
many republican leaders were against it saying taxes are not the answer many hard working californians are looking for. the hike will take effect in november. 12 cents a gallon. >> you'll feel that. a live look outside. we're keeping tabs on rainy conditions around the bay. you see palo alto on the left side of the screen, san jose on the right. this, laura, as you can see, in a microclimate weather alert. >> we all were gripping the steering wheel tighter this morning. people appear to be taking precautions, but wet roadways. >> lots of green we have our radar here. a lot of activity still hovering over parts of san jose, even south of that. but i guess we'll be seeing ebbs and flows throughout the morning. >> there will be more breaks in the rain. it won't be raining all day. we may even get sunshine in here, but then there will be another round of raining in later on this afternoon. looking now at that system. the bigger picture shows us
5:49 am
there's still some rain offshore and the center of low pressure still well to the north of us. we're still seeing the moisture drawn off the pacific, and you'll see that we'll have some rain today part of the day tomorrow before we get a little bit of a break into the start of next week. looking now back at the radar. if you have nbc bay area app, you can track the rain right along with me. and you can even zoom right into where you live to see where the rain is. much of the rain that we're seeing right now is fairly light. as we get a closer look at santa rosa, we're also seeing some of the rain coming down. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. let's bring it inside to look inside your closet as you're stending there trying to figure out how do i dress for this crazy snsz? we have a hat. we need that this morning, and something to help hold your hair down with the breezy winds. jeans needed, as you'll need that to help keep you dry and warm today.
5:50 am
rain boots also a big help, and the umbrella a necessity today as we'll see times of rain off and on. as you wake up and are about to head out the door, about to wake the kids up as well, there will be times of rain. still breezy and muddy as the kids go out for recess. it will be chilly, so make sure they have on a nice warm jacket. highs today will reach into the low 60s, and a break from rain by the time they head home. maybe that will be the time to head out and enjoy today. still some scattered showers this afternoon for parts of the north bay, while the rest of the bay area sees cloudy skies and still some gusty winds. another round of rain will be moving in late this evening, heading out to the movies, still dealing with rain later on tonight and early morning, as you get ready to head out for your saturday afternoon plans, it will still be raining during the morning, but then the rain tapers off and we'll get breaks between saturday afternoon and sunday before the north bay sees more rain on monday. the rest of the bay area seeing
5:51 am
scattered showers between tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. so there will be more rain on the way. you'll have to get out there and take advantage of those breaks while they last. looking at san francisco, expect the highs today to reach into the low 60s. cool this weekend. showers tapering off tomorrow evening. sunday, the day to get outside with some sunshine, but definitely a jacket needed. we will see some of the showers moving in early next week. the break will be on sunday and monday. and mike, what do you have going on on waze right now? >> looking at waze in the second hour. we want to talk about the waze for the b.a.r.t. riders. that's a ten-minute delay no matter what your ride is because of weather related issues. a lot of time they'll slow trains down for stopping and starting more gradually. no problems with that. bus service continues this morning between vallejo and san francisco for the san francisco bay ferry system. they're doing maintenance. the tri-valley schools are on
5:52 am
vacation. we're looking at an easy drive much of the bay. there's a wind advisory for westbound 580. now let's check waze showing here this morning, a 28-minute drive, that's what waze reports from out of antioch and over toward the walnut creek interchange. 28 minute. if you take this road, it's 31 minutes. actually, they're saying stay on the freeway this morning. great choice. you can make the choice this morning at home or wherever you're leaving. go to your waze app, click on the magnifying glass and your picture at the tom, and then teams at the bottom, selecting nbc bay area, nbc bay area wazers, and get the advantage wherever you're deciding which way to head to your destination. >> we'll follow you any way you go. >> a major milestone in san francisco to tell you about. construction crews building the tallest skyscraper west of chicago. that's the now finishing sales force tower. that's the final beam installed yesterday. city leaders along with sales
5:53 am
force ceo were onhand to celebrate. >> it seems like everywhere i am in this city and around the bay, i can see this tower. are you having that experience, too inisn't that amazing? it's inspiring. >> how about the views? topping off ceremony here, they had open air looks from the 60th floor just below what will eventually become the top floor, the 61st floor is expected to be a conference room that can be used by bay area community groups for free. >> a lot going on. you'll also be able to watch the home opener, maybe not from there, but right on the comfort of your couch in the nbc bay area. a lot of festivities on tap. >> i think you can see the ballpark from the top of the tower. in the meantime, start off early with tb. we'll have live reports from the ballpark. kari hall will be there as well. at midday, laura and i will yoin kari for all the action. >> in 2 1/2 minutes, we investigate.
5:54 am
>> what it's doing to your body kaunlsly. it's the lift and twist, lift and twist. >> the lifting and twisting is taking a toll on garbagemen in the east bay. up next, we investigate complaints that a perk for homeowners is leaving workers injured. >> but first, happening now, we're learning it could take more than two years to finally fix the battered oroville dam spillway and the department of water resources says it could cost up to $200 million to do it. >> a popular oakland seafood restaurant hit with a big fine. the seafood restaurant has to pay oakland $95,000 for limiting public access to the beach and holding unauthorized private events. aarbe w isrewg itheea ba satatn
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
welcome back. 5:57 on your friday morning. a garbage war brewing in the east bay. sanitation workers say their unsafe conditions are going unanswered. >> liz wagner exposes the unique hazards workers have faced ne nearly every day for a decade. >> we went undercover for an up close look at the routes the sanitation workers are running. we watched them carry bins up and down stairs on piedmont's big hills and in and out of big
5:58 am
homes. half of our residents are paying extra for back yard trash service, forcing workers to do the lifting that trucks would normally do. they point to more than a dozen serious injuries and say for nearly a decade, they have asked for training on how to lift these big bins, but they never got any they cited the company last month, finding it didn't correct unsafe conditions on the job. they're appealing decision and told the state in the past it has trained workers. we also talked to leaders in piedmont and found they're making some changes. while the city administrator said it's about to the company to protect its workers, he says the city is now making safety a priority in the new contract that starts next summer. you can catch our full investigation tonight at 6:00 or on our website, head to >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call.
5:59 am
888-996-tips. you can also sent us a tip to the unit. >> decision:00, we have all hands on tech. tracking a wet and windy morning commute. >> as you take a look at the radar now, you're seeing some rain tapering off. some of the heaviest rain behind us. and the winds are starting to decrease too. still a very wet commute. and another round of rain. the timeline and the microclimate forecast. >> some of our friends and family may be in the dark this morning. about 167,000 pg&e customers lost power overnight. we're here at the pg&e yard where the crews are gearing up and headed out to fix the damage. we'll give you an inside look at some of the work going on. >> and russia reacts to the u.s. air strikes in syria overnight. what president putin is saying about the show of force today in the bay continues right now. and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us on what is going to be a very busy day.
6:00 am
i'm sam brock. >> no doubt. i'm laura garcia-cannon. before we get to our microclimate weather alert, we're following breaking news out of san francisco where several people are hurt after a house fire in the richmond district. these are live pictures from the scene. we have been out there since very early this mrning. the fire started just before 2:00 this morning in a three-story house on 23rd avenue. these are new photos of the fire that were actually posted by the san francisco fire department on twitter. today in the bay's pete suratos is at the scene talking with fire investigators. he'll update us on the situation and the people injured all in a live report at 6:30. as we have been talking about, we are in a microclimate weather alert as we track very windy conditions, blustery situation. this is a live look at the doppler radar tracking the storm. >> a major problem spot this morning, the oakland hills. live pictures to show you here. some of the road closures in place right now because of a landsl


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