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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm sam brock. >> no doubt. i'm laura garcia-cannon. before we get to our microclimate weather alert, we're following breaking news out of san francisco where several people are hurt after a house fire in the richmond district. these are live pictures from the scene. we have been out there since very early this mrning. the fire started just before 2:00 this morning in a three-story house on 23rd avenue. these are new photos of the fire that were actually posted by the san francisco fire department on twitter. today in the bay's pete suratos is at the scene talking with fire investigators. he'll update us on the situation and the people injured all in a live report at 6:30. as we have been talking about, we are in a microclimate weather alert as we track very windy conditions, blustery situation. this is a live look at the doppler radar tracking the storm. >> a major problem spot this morning, the oakland hills. live pictures to show you here. some of the road closures in place right now because of a landslide. several homes have been
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evacuated. this is happening near banning drive today in the bay's rick moon monitoring the situation. he's talking to crews trying to prevent further damage. he'll join us with a live report at 6:30. >> in the meantime, we like to check in with kari hall tracking the timing of this storm. and when is it going to start to die down a bit? >> we will start to see a lot of rain tapering off right now as we speak. we're not seeing the heavy rain we had last night. the wind warning has expired but it is still breezy out there, and we're getting a look at what it looks like as you step out the door at 6:01 in the south bay. you can see the raindrops on the camera lens. the peninsula, the roads are still wet, and in the tri-valley, we have cloudy skies with light coming down. looking at san francisco, still windy. 56 degrees. in the north bay, you can see the clouds with some spotty rain. also as we go throughout the day, going to see cloudy skies and a bit of a break here. the winds will continue to die down. the showers still exed at times,
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but there will also be some sunshine coming through. looking at the radar now, seeing that rain still offshore that will be moving into the north bay, and for parts of the south bay, you're seeing some of the showers there. but for the most part, not seeing the heavy rain that we had last night. we will have a little break before the second round of heavy rain moves in this evening. we'll talk at the timeline and a look at the futurecast in seven minutes. heading to mike now, checking on some slowing in the south bay. >> some slowing. a pretty light traffic all around the bay, but the conditions, kari, we have wed rote ways all around the bay and gusty winds. be careful for your early commute. there's the slowing, the only real slowing for the bay besides the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on in san jose, and the wet reds. let's show you the picture close up. the water on the lends and kicking up on the roadways. that water will be a factor and
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you'll need to use the windshield wipers from time to time. friday morning is lighter traffic. we'll talk about the latest for the b.a.r.t. delays coming up. >> thank you very much. 6:03.tens of thousands of people waking up without power after the intense winds we have all been talking about. they knocked down power lines across the bay area. >> kris sanchez joining us live from pg&e's material distribution center in fremont. they made some progress since last night. crews heading out right now as we speak to repair storm damage? >> yeah, we're inside the yard right now where all of this work is under way. wearing safety glasses, of course. this is a very highly active spot. i got permission to take them off to read the script. we want to show wru what's happening here. one of the crew members loading up the transformers and wires that are going to deploy, not only around the bay area but beyond. there's a base camp in scott's valley as well.
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waw we hear about the trancer fires once in a while when the rains come, that's what we're talking about, what delivers power to your home and brings it to a manageable level so you home can handle it. this is new video of crews working elsewhere. these crews were in los altos where a tree came down on power lines. power lines about four miles away as well. at one point overnight, 167,000 customers were without power. bay area wide. the numbers are improving because the crews are headed out to fix the problems. right now, we stand at about 46,000 customers around the bay area. the brunt of the storm has really affected consumers and customers in the east bay there. about 39,000 customers in the dark in the east bay. about 3400 in the south bay. about 2,000 in the north bay. about 1200 in the peninsula. and about 300 customers now in
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san francisco. and crews here are working hard to get all of this equipment back out onto the roadways so they can fix the power situations. but if you're watching us now this morning, you want to make sure you charge your electronics, your tablets, your kindle, your smartphone so you have access to information should you lose power because this wind event is going to continue. we're going to poke around here on the yard, but we're also going to go inside for one of the safety meetings and see what's happening there. we'll bring you new video at 6:55. in fremont, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest. put those glasses back on. if you need to report a power outage in your neighborhood, head to pg&, click on the outages tab and click on the report and view electronic outages. then you can enter the address of the outage. >> we're talking about strong winds and downed trees. you can track the storm anytime and anywhere with the free nbc bay area mobile app. you can access our live doppler
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radar and get updates when rain is within 30 minutes of your location. >> at 6:05, following breaking international news kwep developing by the minutes. russian president vladimir putin is criticizing the united states launching dozens of missiles at a syrian air field. >> scott mcgrew is live in the newsroom to bring us up to speed on the many overnight developments. scott. >> good morning to you. new video into our newsroom from the ground from the target itself. the first video comes to us from the russian military. remember, they're on the ground in western syria. this is the chief of the directorate of media services, the press secretary for the defense ministry. he says he's got russian drone video of the actual base. let's show it to you. definitely a version told to us from a russian point view. as we get his words translated and you saw some of those attacks there, not much damage. but again, that's from the russian point of view. now, you're seeing syrian
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television, clearly shot on a cell phone. during the night, as the attack took place. and you see some of the explosions in the distance. i also have video for you from syrian television during the day. this seems to be more professionally shot. i want to point out on all of these situations, we cannot absolutely say these are true shots. but they look right. you see the frighter planes. the syrian tv crew not getting close to the base itself, and i'm not sure i blame them as the russians do bomb damage assessment and we detect that maybe not all of the targets were hit. we may very well strike it again. we'll continue to watch what's going on here in the newsroom. we have access to all kinds of video. we will bring it to you the minute we get it. back to you. >> thank you very much. ing by the minute there. >> 6:07 right now. new this morning, still trying
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to figure out why there was a lot of police activity along railroad tracks in san jose last night. reports of a large police presence near the tracks over highway 87. not clear why they were there, but we have calls in to police to find out what happened. also new this morning, we mentioned it's been a busy overnight. oakland firefighters watching for hot spots right now after a building fire. you can see what they were dealing with at the height of this fire. massive flames engulfing a building off walnut street in oektland. firefighters say that was wind drivp. >> want to get back to the microclimate weather alert this friday morning to get a live look outside, showing the stormy conditions over downtown. >> i think we can say that phrase will be used again here in the days to come. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the timing of your storm. >> good morning. we're looking at these very wet road conditions. look at this camera in san jose. you can barely see anything. that's what your windshield will
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look like. make sure they're working well. you'll see the water being kicked up from the cars in front of you, and scattered showers moving 33 as we speak. this is a large storm system. you can see the pressure well to the north of us and more moisture feeding into the bay area. we have had more breaks. as we go through the day, we'll still see breaks in the rain and scattered activity and winds calming down as well. some of the heavier rain will return this afternoon into the evening. look at 9:30, pretty much all of the bay area covered with a pocket of heavy rain. put that in your friday night plan. heading into the weekend, i'll help you make plans as we see this rain taper off. we head over to mike. >> the rain doesn't just fall on the roadways. if falls all over the place, including on the tracks. b.a.r.t. often has to ease on their start and stop. we have to watch for traction issues. might cause minor delays system wide. b.a.r.t. has given the typical
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notice. vallejo ferry replaced by bus. they're doing maintenance. the traffic is lighter this week. because of the tri-valley schools on vacation. and lighter traffic all around the bay. look at this great flow right here, all over wherever you're going. the drive time getting to the bay bridge, no problem. still just 17 minutes from highway 4 all the way down to the bay bridge. the toll plaza has a backup, but let me show you the emeryville camera. the wind may be a factor. shaking the camera, and it may move your car around. be careful of all those. back to you. >> a warning right now for b.a.r.t. riders in three minutes. the b.a.r.t. station closure that's going to have a big impact on folks heading to tomorrow's warriors game. (kad bs)
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it is 6:13. it's friday. we're making plans for the weekend. as you get ready to head out, the roads are still wet. here's a live look outside at palo alto. as you drive during that slippery morning drive, we still have some gusty winds and some cloudy skies. our average high, 68 degrees. will stay in the mid 60s today. and looking at some more rain this evening. i'll let you know when exactly that rain moves in at 6:19. >> and we have an update from b.a.r.t. in the last couple minutes. minor delays only for the east bay lines. again, this is because of the wet tracks. the weather conditions even
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causing the rails to slow a bit. >> mike, kari, thank you very much. coming up on 6:14 on your friday morning. bad news for b.a.r.t. riders, at least in the short term. the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station will be closed for the weekend after the end of service today. they'll repair tracks through sunday, but there is going to be a bus bridge to take passengers around the closure but b.a.r.t. want to warn you it could add between 10 and 25 minutes to your trip. that could cause some problems for people heading to the warrior games for tomorrow night at oracle arena. the return of kevin durant there. the ws are hosting the pelicans. tip-off is 7:30. >> facebook wants to use artificial intelligence to improve your private messages. its messenger app will use a.i. to suggest things to users based on their conversations. the feech can suggest you book an uber or send money to a friend based on whatever you're talking about. >> not artificial, but real jobs numbers this morning and they're
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startling about the state of the american economy. far fewer jobs created in march than expected. >> scott mcgrew, you say the number is worse than it looks. >> 98,000 jobs added in the month of march. a bad number by itself, far below estimates, but it gets worse when you consider it's not even enough to cover the number of 18-year-olds who entered the official market last month. in that sense, today's number is actually a negative number. now, we're crunching those numbers. poring over the report from the bureau of labor statistics to try to figure otwhat the estimates were so badly off. we were expecting something much better than that. unployment at 4.5%. i'll get to that in a minute. investors will hate this news. the only silver lining maybe is the fed holds off on another rate hike because of this poor showing. for the strike on syria, word to the wise. the maker of the tomahawk cruise
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missile. the unemployment rate, lowest since 2007, dropping a full two tenths of a percent. we expect that's what the white house will concentrate on because the actual jobs number is just awful. then, that's what white houses do. they find the number that reflects the best news they find. trump used to call all of these numbers fake, of course. he didn't last month. the numbers were really solid last month, and spicer and trump, spicer a little early, tweeted this is the greatest thing ever. make america great. i don't think they'll have that today. white house has a lot on its plate. >> no kidding. a busy friday. >> we'll find out. thank you, scott. >> 6:16. back to our weather alert over the bay area this morning. taking a live look outside from our palo alto camera. wet conditions continue on the roadways out there. >> we have been looking at, laura, in sped up time. a time lapse to show you from the s.a.p. center as you can see the camera shaking around.
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this is what was going on overnight. the palm trees going from side to side with all heavy wind and rain coming in overnight. things starting to calm down now this morning. >> on and off now today? >> yeah, the rain will be. can you believe the winds last night? we had sustained winds and some gusts at 40 to 60 miles per hour. so that's why as you head out this morning there's just branches and trees down all over the place. and it's still wet as we get a live look outside at san jose. can't show this shot enough because it really tells the picture. it's still very wet out there around the bay area, and it's 55 degrees right now in san jose. the high today, 64. and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen, starting out in san francisco. rain today and part of the day tomorrow. so we'll talk about that. as the rain tapers off, we will have cloudy skies and breezy winds. picking up from the gusty winds yesterday. this afternoon, more scattered showers moving in. and a few heavy downpours likely
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as you head out for dinner late this evening. for the weekend, spotty rain early tomorrow, but then we're looking at late day clearing and dry on sunday. here's that storm system, a very large storm system. still drawing in some moisture off the pacific with some scattered showers this morning. not everyone is seeing the rain right now. in fact, this is a little bit of a break. but where we do still see the showers and most of sonoma county moving through santa rosa right now, and then we're also seeing spotty showers across parts of the east bay and the south bay. a little bit of a break once again. cloudy skies. a look at the timeline. 2:30 this afternoon, the rain starts to roll back into the north bay. and some pockets of heavy rain. the rest of the bay area seeing it as you head out for friday night, going out to the clubs, the movies, dinner, we'll see the rain moving in once again. it will be pouring until about midnight, and then we start to see the rain tapering off. early tomorrow morning, another round of rain. but this one doesn't look as
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heavy. but still kind of putting a damper on those saturday plans. especially early in it day. cool and breezy late day on saturday and then monday the north bay may see another round of rain during the morning while the rest of the bay area stays dry. you're getting the picture here. we're not done with the rain. more downpours expected for the middle of next week. as your weekend plans take you over towards the sierra or if they do, we're looking at chain controls required in parts of the interstate 80 and 50 as well. and look at how much additional snow we could see this weekend. if you can make it there, it's going to be amazing. there could be another two feet of snow in the sierra for those higher elevations above 5,000 feet. looking at the forecast here in, 62 degrees. showers today. early tomorrow, showers. and dry on sunday. monday also looking dry as we head back to work. and for the middle of next week, we'll being more rain.
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and mike has weather delays on b.a.r.t. >> even b.a.r.t. gets affected by the weather. the tracks need starting and stopping so they'll often slow the trains down a bit. east bay lines only effected right now between south hayward and the warm springs station. you may minor delays. this is residual from the heavier rain earlier and also the vallejo to san francisco ferry is not running. the substitute would be the bus service. that is not weather related. they're doing maintenance on the ferry boats. meanwhile, the rest of the bay shows smooth traffic. standing water reported in many spots, but no full closures of any ramps or freeways. much better news than we often see in inclement weather. the north baysa a lot of rain earlier, also sees it now, and wind, that's the advisory for folks through the area. this looks great getting to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. some folks have to make this choice. what is their route? waze will help you. our partners at waze show you
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over toward the bay bridge, a 54-minute drive. folks can make that drive and longer so consider yourself lucky if you have a shorter commute. we have all separate waze all within ten minutes. and you can make your choice with waze by going and joining our team. choose to join us, going to the magnifying glass, clicking on that, then your name, then teams. our team of choice, nbc bay area wazers. and we can help each other as we do every morning join that growing community, guys, and we'll help each other throughout the rough times or sunny weather. >> thanks a lot. >> hopefully more of the latter. >> coming up next, continuing coverage of the storm activity sweeping through the region. >> taking a live look at the doppler radar. we're tracking the latest storm to hit the bay area. a lot of green out there. when will it turn spotty in your neck of the woods. closing cases and putting money back in people's pockets. i'm chris chmura. a recap of one great week when nbc bay area responds next. vec hadrin io arowofeop
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breaking news at 6:24. we're getting reports that a vehicle has driven into a crowd of people in stock home, sweden. according to the bbc and reuters, reports of injuries. nbc news is working to get more information on the story. we're also keeping a close eye on their reporting. we'll bring you more details as soon as iwe get them. >> in the meantime, nbc bay area
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responds delivered great news to several viewers this week. >> chris chmura joins us to explain the trouble they were having and the money we helped return to them. >> if you have been watching, you might remember our team successfully closed a $200 case of missing magazines. a $600 dispute over wedding photos and a $2500 travel insurance disagreement. here's more success stories. lou sent us a story and asked us to intervene over this plumbing conflict he had. the cost of a plumbing job he believered he was double charged. the company offered to return $239. mark in campbell, he needed help buttoning up $164 refund he said he was due from a clothing company. the request had gone unanswered. we sent one e-mail and within just a few minutes, he was credited the full $164. now, not all of our cases resolve that quickly. though i wish they were. some cases require weeks or months of back and forth with
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companies. we're working on wu just like that for ryan in san jose. he says hicar is defected and the manufacturer should buy it back. if you have a gripe with a company, let us know about it. 888-996-tips or online at have a great weekend. >> 6:26. coming up next, we're following several breaking news stories across the bay area. >> yeah, in addition to the power lines like this one, electric shut off to several homes. i'll tell you how much time crews have to save homes. >> thank you. also a live look right now at our doppler radar. tracking the wet and windy morning commute and we know that things are starting to taper off a bit for many folks. but the rain is coming back. we'll have more information for you right after the break. mo
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right now at 6:30, we're following two major breaking news stories at home this morning. on the left side of the screen is a live look at the scene of what was an early morning house fire in san francisco. at that yellow victorian right there in the middle, but it spread to two other homes. on the right side of the screen, we're live in the oakland hills where a landslide has forced evacuations and is threatening several homes. >> in the meantime, we'reulse in a microclimate weather alert this morning with heavy rain and strong winds slamming the bay area for the morning commute. this is a live look at our doppler radar.
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thank you joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're glad you're with us. many folks are not because they don't have power. all the heavy winds creating a lot of outages. >> that's why it's sorimportant to have the nbc bay area app. you can follow right along our your smartphone. you can zoom in to the radar and see exactly where it's raining. and any alerts that we're sending out right to your smartphone. so as we get a look out there at that big storm that's really been rocking the bay area for the past 12 to 13 hours, we are starting to see the winds calming down and some more breaks in the rain, as you head out, still a wet morning commute. especially for the north bay. the rain will being for marin county and sonoma county. you haven't seen much of a break there. expect more of those showers and a heavier dose of rain as we go into this afternoon. as we get a closer look, seeing the wet roads and also gusty winds continuing this morning. although the high wind warning
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has expired. we'll take a closer look at this radar. you can follow right along on the radar on the nbc bay area app. i'll have another look at the forecast i'm getting you ready for the weekend. that's coming up in seven minutes. mike is tracking the slippery conditions. they need to slow down, right? >> that's right. even though the roadways look clear, they're also wet. that's an issue for stopping that car or starting coming off a dead stop at the lights. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. the south bay shows only the slowing we see here, the only slowing we see, i should say, off the 280 and 680 interchange. no incidents reported, but definitely ponding and puddling reported. be careful at the off and on ramps. a note from b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. has had to slow, because of the wet rails often cause an issue for starting and stopping. maybe some minor delays in the east bay lines. nothing major. that's good news. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:31 right now.
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we continue to monitor breaking news in san francisco. this morning, two people are in critical condition after this early morning house fire in the city's richmond district. very active scene there. pete joins us live along 23rd avenue with more on what happened. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. that fire was contained a couple hours ago, and fire crews for the most part have cleared out. but we do know as far as the injuries go, that there were three injured. only two sent to a hospital. one was a 53-year-old man with burn injuries. the other was a 73-year-old man with a separate medical issue. i want to on the shot and show you where the fire originated. we're showing you video of the fire, but it started in a victorian home right here on the 400 block of 23rd avenue in the rooftop area, and there were ten people inside of that home when this fire took place around 1:45 a.m. we had a chance to speak to a person who was inside the home
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you were looking at now. here's what he had to say as he escaped the fire. >> yeah, so i opened the door and i saw our upstairs neighbor out there. and i could hear people coming down from the second floor. because, you know, our neighbor was yelling about a fire. that's going to get people running. >> definitely a close call. and this fire originally in the home affected adjacent units. 25 people were displaced. american red cross were on the scene, but they left not too long ago. we see that fire crews are still here. they're going to stay here to monitor any hot spots in the home. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >> thank you. >> we're also following breaking news out of the east bay this morning as well. several homes are threatened and people have been evacuated from a neighborhood in oakland hills after a land slide. >> this is hanning in the 6700 block of banning drive. crews will be back out as it starts to get light to try to
6:34 am
evaluate the situation. >> rick boone has been tying to get as close as he can to the scene safely. do you have any updates for us? >> i can tell you it's becoming daylight, so the crews should be showing up soon. that's one update. the reason, a downed power line right over our shoulder. this is off, but that's fueling the slide that's making this all very dangerous. a slide that is threatening four homes below aiken drive. mud from the hill above is almost already curved one home and on the ground, very unstable. breaking apart above the slide on aiken and on down the hill. some residents can actually hear their homes moving. some families have been evacuated. streets around oakland hills remain closed this morning as this slide all began last night. the rain has been coming down kind of light. at least that's the good news. still, this ground very unstable. we just saw a just over the hill, kind of a hard to see with the dim lights.
6:35 am
hopefully in had next hour or so, i'll get you better pictures. you can see it was covered by a tarp. those crews on the way. that's the latest from oakland hills. rick boone for today in the bay. >> thank you. 6:35. more breaking news developing by the minute. syria and its ally russia this morning are condemning the u.s. missile striem strike against the syrian air base. this is new video from syrian television showing ground images of both the missile strikes and the aftermath. syria says at least seven people died. now, we're hearing reports up to 13 people died. nbc has yet to confirm that. russian officials say so far, they do not know of any injuries or deaths among russians. but we doknow the u.s. gave russia advanced warning about had strikes which was in retaliation for a deadly chemical attack earlier this week. >> 6:35 on your friday. a follow-up now. it is official. tiffany li, the woman accused of orchestrating the murd of her ex-boyfriend is out of jail after posting a record-setting
6:36 am
bail in san mateo county. we first brought you the story yesterday on today in the bay. li's bail is broken down between $4 million in cash and more than $60 million in property bonds. prosecutors fought her bail saying it's likely li will run to china where she has a wealthy family waiting for her. >> 6:36. questions surrounding a grisly discovery. a murder suspect in is custody. a dismembered body was found in a home near skyline college. investigators are collecting evidence at two homes. officers made the discovery while looking into a missing persons report, but they won't say who is missing. people living nearby are worried it's one of their neighbors. >> to wake up and hear that there's a dismembered body, it just really messes with you. the man who lived across the street over here, that's who i don't know where he is. like i haven't seen in over a week. >> police have arrested david stubblefield, who owns a house on the street. he's charged with murder.
6:37 am
>> back right now to our microclimate weather alert and wind is the culprit for most of the damage in the bay area right now. there's a tree that came crashing down on a home in benicia. the homeowner had to be rushed to the hospital after the tree fell. also problems in walnut creek where power lines fell on a road. a tree branch crashed onto a moving car. we're told the driver is okay some people didn't know what to expect with this storm. but many were prepared. >> we need it. and we in an area where we saw the lake come all the way up to the water and we just want more water. >> i have my canned goods, my can opener, my water. i just don't have my kayak. >> she had a good attitude. >> seriously. cadillac. so we saw all the trees falling down. pg&e crews dealing with tens of thousands of power outages across the bay area. >> gusty winds top bay bridge,
6:38 am
blocking all westbound lanes at one point. oakland fire department tweeted out the picture of the scene. this happened about 9:00 last night. lanes did open about midnight. >> all things moving right now, but we take a look at the toll plaza, and moving is a relative term. it's a friday, mike. we do expect that kind of backup. what are you seeing out there? >> seeing a lighter backup, comparatively lighter, and traffic is moving well, but the gusty conditions, we watch for, expect that. light traffic will keep things moving well. over toward the bay brimg, still 20 minutes. that's a light, easy drive. we'll stick with maps and show you how things look around the bay. no major issues. slowing north 101 and north 280 coming off where they split in san jose. that's the only color change we saw aside from a little change across the san mateo bridge as well. in dublin, a crash, but noer concern as far as the drive
6:39 am
times. it looks like the crash is out of lanes, and only 24 minutes out of the altamont pass. back to you. >> cue thebusic, because it's friday. we made it. but we are tracking some rain heading in for the weekend. >> i like your attitude. kari hall joining us. we're excited for the weekend, and yes, it's. >> for part of the weekend. not the whole weekend. i'm going to help you out. as we look at the timeline for the valleys and inland areas of when the rain will be getting out of here, we will still have showers during the morning and at least through 3:00. and the rain ending from north to south. look at how cold it will be tomorrow. only seeing highs in the upper 50s, low 60s. on sunday, that's your day to get out there. nothing but sunshine all day long. a clear sunrise, but it will be cooler thannal, and temperatures reaching into the low 60s. if you do plan to head to santa cruz, i'll let you know when the rain ends. at 10:00 in the morning, we do still see scattered showers.
6:40 am
cloudy through noon, and look at 1:00. bright and sunny but only in the mid 50s. with the winds kicking up, it will be cool. looking at the chaira blossom festival. san francisco, you want to check out all of the events going obaround the bay area. morning showers, but partliy as we go through the evening. temperatures in the mid 50s. make sure you're wearing a heavier jacket. heading to berkeley for the bay festival. you can catch the dragon boats there on the bay. it will be a great egoing on from 11:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. it will be 57 degrees. showers early, but once again, tapering off as we go into the afternoon. in san jose, we have the holy festival of colors. this will be also a very fun event for tomorrow from 11:00 to 4:00. 61 degrees. the showers moving out. just be prepared that some of the powder you're throwing around may get a little wet. and on sunday, if you want to
6:41 am
check out the pirate ship going on at jack london square, my son would love this event. i think i'll have to take him to this. >> there you go. >> 59 degrees. and it will be cool, but at least we'll have some sunshine. if you are getting out of town, heading to yosemite, we'll have snow showers today and tomorrow. sunday as you get ready to drive back, we're looking at some cold temperatures, but at least it will be sunny. this weekend in napa, heading out to some of the vineyards, showers early. 59 degrees tomorrow, and on sunday, going to be beautiful with temperatures reaching into the low 60s. we'll bring you back home. we'll take a look at the radar, what you can expect as we make plans for today. that's in about six minutes. >> i love it. not just the forecast, but our weekend party planner. great news there. >> we do have continuing team coverage of all the rain. coming up in three minutes, some of the damage left behind overnight from the latest storm to hit the bay area. >> plus, the russians calling for an emergency meeting of the
6:42 am
u.n. security council after our strike on syria. >> also, an whelming jobs report for march out this morning. the markets rating early, and so far, slightly up. the dow jones up 11 at 20,674. big meetings going on today with president trump and the president of china. we'll have more news for you coming up at 6:43.
6:43 am
6:44 am
the door, grab the umbrella.
6:45 am
we still have rain moving through, and it's not as windy. the umbrella won't get flipped upside down. we're looking at some of the showers moving into marin and sonoma county. spotty shower trz the south and east bay, and a live look outside. we continue to see the temperatures that will be trending into the low 60s today with cloudy skies. i'll have a look at that weekend forecast again and how to dress for this. that's coming up in about four minutes. >> here are your travel times for this south bay. 280 shows a little extra slowing. just a short segment, but that makes all the difference. i'm sorry, for the east bay, i cannot offer you as many choices today. i'll shoi you what i'm talking about. >> thank you very much. >> well, that rain out there, look at this. new video to show you this morning. more downed trees. this one blocking moody road in the los altos hills. the storms were just too much to handle. although it's not the only fallen tree in that area, crews are at work clearing roadway of debris caused by the storm. >> a storm of a different kind globally this morning. back to breaking news.
6:46 am
russia this morning calling for an emergency session of the u.n.scurant council. this after the united states attacked syria with cruse missiles. >> scott mccrew, plams an emergency meeting of senate too. >> they're still in town. they have to approve neil gorsuch to the supreme court. the house has started to catch the ubers to the airport for the recess. nancy pelosi called for an emergency session of congress. everybody coming back. the russians, as sam mentioned, calling for an emergency session of the security council. here we see u.s. ambassador nikki haley putting the russians and the syrians on warning on wednesday. now, the russians may get their meeting, but remember, we can veto anything we want. on the security council. the latest video of damage on the ground comes to us from the russians. the defense ministry narrator here pointing out all of the points we missed. i think we're seeing some syrian video here as well, warning the
6:47 am
strike was coming so we could avoid killing russians. they knew ahead of time, but they may have helped with air defense. the russians telling the story from their point of view, but giving us helpful bomb damage assessment. >> as for u.s. law, the white house will likely argue today the president has broad authority originally given to president bush in 2001 to prosecute terrorism, originally attended for strikes against al qaeda and the taliban, but we expanded that to isis and now perhaps to the syrian government. as for international law, attacking a sovereign country without u.n. approval is against international law, but the president could make a reasonable argument that he was protecting u.s. forces. remember, we have boots on the ground in syria and remember, we bombed syria every day. sometimes more than once a day. here, we're hitting isis targets in eastern syria. the russians, the syrian air force have left our planes alone, as we do it, because the syrians and russians are also fighting isis. the big question, sam and laura,
6:48 am
is what now? the next military step may be to send a strike package against isis and see what the russians do when we overfly syria. that's probably going to happen today. >> this is an awfully complicated situation. thank you for breaking that down for us, scott mcgrew. >> this is a lot easier to understand. this morning, get ready to notice a difference in your gas bill. late last night, the state assembly approving a 12 cent per gallon gas hike. governor brown has been pushing for the hike to improve roads in the area. many republican leaders were against it, saying the taxes are not the answer the hard-working californians are looking for. the fuel tax hike will take effect in november. 6:48 right now. back to our microclimate weather alert out there. we have seen downed power lines, downed trees. wet road ways, rough. but it's friday. >> it is friday. hey, if we're looking at a
6:49 am
bright spot, that is it. it's not raining as heavily. if you notice the winds yesterday, well, i dote you didn't notice it. it was really rocking yesterday. we had wind speeds at 40 to 60 miles per hour around the bay area. and you can see the storm system. it's a large one. and we still have the center of low pressure. the swirl of those clouds still to the north of us. and we're seeing a lot of this energy still being drawn in off the pacific as we go through the day, still going to see off and on showers, but more breaks. and the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see the temperatures don't change much the next few days but the rain will be changing. off and rain in the forecast through the middle of next week. as we a look out there now, still some showers moving through parts of marin county, getting very heavy there as well as heading to sonoma and napa county. get ready for more rain there. looking live outside at san jose, and let's bring it in as
6:50 am
you try to figure out how to dress this cold and windy weather. you definitely need a hat. and you'll wand to hold on to it and make sure it doesn't fly away, even though it's not as windy as it was. jeans needed. something nice and comfortable. and something that will keep you dry. and also the rain boots. if you have some cute rain boots like this, hey, why not rock them today? and the umbrella needed. you'll wand to make sure you grap that before you head out the door with those off and on showers. get the kids wredy, there will be rain. and you want to make sure you have on a nice warm jacket. it will be muddy out there. later on today, there will be times of rain for the afternoon. let's get a look at the timeline, looking at the showers moving into the north bay. all of us getting rain later on this evening. so we'll be after the evening commute, but as you head out to din, it will be raining, and even early tomorrow, still some rounds of showers moving in before the storm system wraps up
6:51 am
and gets out of here, we're going to see some dry conditions in the forecast for sunday and then more rain possible early next week. the seven-day forecast shows that we'll have two all dry days in this forecast that will be sunday and monday. and then more scattered showers back in the forecast next week of course i'll keep you up to date on that, and mike has weather related b.a.r.t. delays. >> kari warning about muddy shoes today. over here, a minor delay for east bay trains. b.a.r.t. will slow them down when the rails are wet. so wear the caps and jackets for outdoor stations. vallejo, ferries are replaced by bus service as they have been for the last few days because they're doing maintenance. meanwhile, we have smooth. a couple minor crashes north 101 and north 280. those are both on the shoulder. that shows the only slowing we see in the bay. here we go off the split, and
6:52 am
just a tiny bid. 87 into downtown. that's how light the traffic flow is. let's stick to the waze system where i can't offer you a lot of choices bah you don't need them. over at the wazem, it shows you the purple line down the east shore freeway, 27 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the toll plaza where the metering rights are on. all the choices are in the same area because there's no need to go farther. en the surface streets move well throughout the area. you want to take less time, so ten minutes on surface streets, if not, stay on the freeway. make your choice using your waze system. go to your app, download it to your phone, click on the magnifying glass in the corner, then your name at the top, you're famous, and then at the bottom, it says teams. nbc bay area wazers is the team you want to join. if you're the member of another team, switch to ours. you have the levage, all of us around the bay. >> thank you very much. here's a team we can all behind. the giants are getting ready for their home opener following a series against the padres this weekend. a live look at at&t park.
6:53 am
might be quiet right now. but you can be sure it will be packed and rocking monday. >> the tarp is out there. monday, one of the few days that does not have rain in the forecast. don't forget, you'll be able to watch the home opener right here on nbc bay area there are lots of festivities on tap. first pitch is at 1:05. >> start it off early live reports from the ballpark. kari haul will be there, and then at the midday show, sam and i will join kari on the field. >> if we have to go to the home opener, i guess. >> coming next, a quick look at the top stories in today in the bay. that includes breaking news out of san francisco. several people injured after an early morning house fire in the richmond district. talking to investigators to figure out what led up to the fire. >> but first, happening now, we're learning it could take more than two years to fix the battered oroville dam spillway. the department of water resources says it could cost up to $200 million.
6:54 am
>> a popular oakland seafood restaurant hit with a big fine. reports that scott's seafood restaurant must pay the city of oakland $395,000 for limiting public access to the beach and holding unauthorized private events. we'll be back with more news in two minutes. befe y he outheoorhe artheop or.
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6:56 am
6:57 am
and welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories right now on nbc bay area. >> our breaking news we first brought you about 30 minutes ago. as soon as we found out, in sweden, reports a driver rammed his truck into a crowd of people at a department store. we have live pictures now from the scene to share with you, and within the last few minutes, we learned at least three people were killed. it's according to several news outlets in europe. nbc news has not confirmed the number. not clear how many others were hurt. we will continue to monitor the very latest developments. dm now, to the latest on casualties from the u.s. missile strike in syria. syria now says at least seven people have died. we're also hearing reports that up to 13 could be dead. nbc news has not confirmed that information. russian officials say there are no known injuries or deaths among russian soldiers. we do know that the u.s. gave russia advanced warning about the strike, which came in retaliation for a deadly chemical attack earl this week. >> closer to home, we continue
6:58 am
to follow breaking news out of san francisco. live pictures from the city's richmond district where several people are hurt this morning because of a fire. take look at this. this fire started in a three-story home on 23rd avenue just before 2:00 this morning. live to pg&e's command center in fremont this morning where utility true crews are staging and from there responding to some of the areas hit hard by the storm. high winds knocked down several trees and power lines. new video in to our newsroom showing pg&e crews heing out to repair storm related damage. all hands on deckases of people are still without power this morning. latest storm system packing heavy winds, knocking down all those trees and power lines across the bay area. here's pg&e. >> trees falling into the wire, taking it down. yes, the saturation from the storm and the past has really made it very suspectable of falling over. i know our crews are out there, been out there all night working
6:59 am
safely to restore power. >> he tells us his crew has been busy restoring power in the east and south bay all night long. they're busy at it. >> definitely got that dub. what we know is it was raging last night. it's calmed down a little bit. >> that wind warning has expired and we're seeing more breaks in the rain. here's a look at what to expect as we go through the day. basically, what we're seeing now for most of the day and temperatures reaching into the mid 60s. we will see another round of heavy rain later this evening. >> all right, so slick roadways. crashes to report. >> a couple crashes. light, but look at your map, and focusing on san hose. everything else is. green for go. north 101, the latest crash to clear, involved a motorcycle. that's tough conditions out there. as we take it back to the desk. we warn you slick conditions are out there even though it might not be raining. >> makes it hard to see sometimes. >> the kind of day where you want to be an nbc bay area wazer. >> that's right, join the team. >> thanks for joining us.
7:00 am
that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back in a half hour. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. >> great weekend too. good morning. breaking news, strike on syria. the u.s. launches dozens of missiles at a syrian air base in response to that horrific chemical weapons attack on civilians, the first action against the syrian government. president trump speaking out la last night. >> years of previous attempts at changing assad's behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. >> russia quickly condemning the attack, calling it aggression against a sovereign state. will the move help stop the cornage in one of the world's most volatile places? or is the u.s. being pulled into


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