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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 7, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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werfolwinbreingews--thcoa gud ri right now at 11:00, we're following breaking news. the coast guard responding to a capsized and sunken barge that is leaking fuel and oil into the bay. crews right now are executing a cleanup bay. this is sky ranger out over the scene which is south of the bay bridge. you can see the bridge at the top of your screen there. here is a photo now of the barge from the coast guard. we're told that they are in the process of deploying 3,000 feet of boom to contain that spill. no shore line or wildlife impact has been reported so far. our other top story now, the destructive spring storms rolling into the bay area and we're in a brief break this morning and homeowners are getting a look at the damage from last night's activity in daylight. in oakland a chunk of the roadways are missing as families
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are forced from their home. thanks for joining us on this friday. we also have big weather news in from the governor's office. governor brown just cancelled the drought state of emergency. we're going to get to that also in just a moment. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. we're packing a lot into our show. as we just showed you, a muddy mess from the oakland hills where a landslide still has folks out of their homes. more on how they are doing in two minutes. first, let's take a live look at current conditions outside. this is from our emoryville camera pointed out over san francisco. you can see a silhouette of the city's skyline and at times a shaky camera. >> we do have team coverage carting with meteorologist kari hall. kari, we're enjoying this break, but when does the second wave hit? >> we're going to see heavier rain move in later on this evening. it's pretty steady for the north bay. take a look at the san rafael camera right now. cars kicking up some water and some light showers coming down
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at this point. we'll continue to see this off and on for the north bay and then more hit-or-miss showers across the bay area. as we get a closer look, it's pretty much covering a good chewing of marin conte and across the bay and over towards vallejo as well. we'll see the rain continuing for the fairfield area and also farther off towards the south where we've seen some pockets of heavier rain. it lasts with 20 or 30 minutes before they move on. as we head over towards the marsh creek area and parts of the delta, we're also seeing some of those showers moving through right now. as we go through the time line of what to expect today. at 3:00 a lot of the bay area will not be seeing a lot of this rain. but then we start to see it returning in the north bay with some heavier downpours and the rest of the bay area seeing it with around 9:00 or 10:00 tonight before we also get a little bit more clearing, a little bit of a break before another round of rain moves in, so this is going to be off and on, all going through early
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tomorrow before we catch a break and this weather system gets out of here. we'll talk about how much more additional rain to expect, and i'll help you make some weekend plans with this forecast coming up into a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. the danger very we will, surge of rain, heavy wind and mud too much for folks in the hills. more now from in montclair where several families were evacuated. any idea when folks there might return? >> reporter: well, the fire department here in oakland and emergency officials are trying to assess chance answer to that question, sam, that you just put out there and a lot of residents are also thinking about that at this hour. especially residents up this street. a lot of residents are listening to what kari is talking about the weather pause when they hear more is coming rain-wise that's a concern. east bay mud has begun the cleanup. the rain fueling this landslide
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that's threatened about four hopes. these are the first daytime pictures of some of the damage you're about to see right now. this as mud from the hill above has already almost covered one home. the ground very unstable and breaking apart and some residents say that they can hear their homes moving several families that remain evacuated. once again, they don't know how long that will be, this while neighbors left behind are concerned. >> i want to think it's the risk of living up here. trees come down and hillsides come down and the risk of fire. >> if that could be your house down there, what would you be thinking right now? >> i would be thinking it's time to evacuate which is what we did when they had the big fire up he here. >> reporter: so two things will be happening. at this point people will be listening to kari be a all the meteorologists to find out whether or not there's more rain coming down which could be a big concern about more land moving. number two, finding out how soon folks can go home.
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that will come from emergency officials and crews throughout the day so hopefully they will get some of those answers. this is an ongoing situation and ongoing stretch for a lot of residents in this area. live in oakland, rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> i can only imagine what that sounds like. thank you, rick new numbers are in for the thousands of people in the bay area who had their power knocked out by this storm. here's a look at the outage map. pg&e says about right now about 22,000 customers still have no power. i was at pg&e's command center in fremont where they were deploying materials and also crews trying to tackle those problems. he >> trees falling into the wires and the saturation from the storm and, you know, that in the past has made it very susceptible to falling over. our crews have been out there all night restoring power. >> they will continue working around the clock until all of
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the power is restored. at the height of the outages there were 167 families and businesses that were in the dark. >> back now to the story that kris just told you about at the top our newscast with all of this rain just in. governor brown has ended officially the drought state of emergency. he's still warning that the next drought could be right around the corner and his executive order lists the drought emergency in all california counties except for fresno, kings and tulomi. the governor's office adds though although the severely dry conditions that afflicted much of the state are gone, damage from the drought will linger for years. well, an umbrella and our nbc bay area app are really what you need to stay ahead of the weather. download the app now and get push alerts when rain is 30 minutes from where you are. developing this morning in sweden, a manhunt is under way in the capital after an incident
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that carried all the hallmarks of a low-tech terror attack. a driver plowed a beer truck into the first floor of a department store killing at least two people and injuring a large number of others. that's a look from above at chaos in stockholm, a very busy part of the city with lots of folks around in the middle of the afternoon. this was the scene just after the attack there. sweden's prime minister calling it a terrorist attack and pointing to a description of the man that they are looking for. it's a man in a green jacket and hoodie with a mustache and beard. swedish police telling nbc news so far no arrests have been made and a brewery believes the truck used in the attack was stolen from the company earlier in the day. we're following developments out of syria also this morning where the u.s. fired 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at this syrian military base. this was just after it happened. the president says the air strikes are in direct response to the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 100 people, including many children. the pentagon confirmed that at
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least six people were killed by these missiles strikes did not -- president trump ordered that military action as he continues a bilateral summit with the president in palm beach florida. nbc's jay kay is traveling with the president and joins us now with the latest. certainly not what we thought we'd be talking about on this friday morning, jay. >> reporter: no, kris, absolutely not. as you've outlined, a really busy 24 hours. president trump right now meeting with chinese president xi, but that highly anticipated summit really being overshadowed by the u.s. military strikes overnight, president trump's first major action as commander
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in chief. first light reveals a syrian airfield in rurngs the aftermath of a u.s. strike overnight. at least 59 tomahawk missiles launched from u.s. warships in the mediterranean targeting the air fais where the u.s. president said bashar al assad launched an air strike that killed several people earlier this week. >> there's no question that chemical weapons were used. >> reporter: president trump approved the measure after discussing options under his national security team from his mar-a-lago resort. >> it's a signal that the president of the united states is listening carefully to the best national security team that i've seen. >> the military action also signalled a major shift in the mission in the u.s. troops in the region with the administration now clearly questioning and challenging syrian leadership. >> this morning bashar al assad
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and vladimir putin and iran and others have a very different cost benefit analysis. >> reporter: the white house says leaders from across the globe are applauding the action except for russia, an ally of syria, where officials have condemned the missile launch calling it ineffective and unnecessary. president trump will hear directly from chinese president xi jinping as the leaders continue their bilateral summit here today. >> reporter: and when the meeting ends this afternoon, president trump is expected to stay here in florida through the weekend. we're told he's in constant contact with both military and national security advisers as they continue to work this situation in syria. that's the latest live here in palm beach, florida. kris, back to you. >> thank you, jay. after saying good-bye to an old sinatra digs and abolishing the filibuster of supreme court nominees the senate moved ahead and confirmed neil gorsuch.
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not surprisingly it was a close vote and almost entirely hey long party lines. >> the ayes are 54, the nays are 45. the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> all right. vice president mike pence presiding over the senate as the vote came in. 54-45 in favor of confirming gorsuch. a 49-year-old veteran jurist of the tenth circuit of appeals in denver whose rules according to legal experts put him closely in line philosophically with the man he's replacing, judge antolin scalia. he won support of all the republicans as well as three democrats and the outcome was a major win for the trump administration. all new at 11:00, pepsi's latest ad controversy has a connection to the bay area. it turns out that the logo of the san francisco police department showed up in a promotional campaign video
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featuring kendall jenner. those commercials were pulled after many called them insensitive and tone deaf. pete suratos joins us live from san francisco. what is the department staying about this? >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with san francisco police not long ago, and they told me it was the own officers who noted the use of the sfpd badge in this controversial pepsi ad commercial. we'll show you a clip of the commercial that was getting a lot of attention even before this issue was reported. that badge was scene in the behind-the-scenes footage, not in the final cut that you're seeing here. tmz first reported that sfpd and the city attorney's office were looking into this matter to see if any legal lines were crossed by pepsi by using this and sfpd said they were aware of the matter and also had this to add.
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>> it's just unfortunate, you know, that people feel disrespected due to whatever the images that they are seeing from the advertisement. >> clearly still a developing story here. now we did reach out to the city's attorney office for a comment. we've yet to hear back at this time. we're live in san francisco. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. >> raging fire threatens san francisco homes and injured several people overnight. up next at 11:00, the fire fight that had the fire department rushing into action in the darkness of night. lousy unemployment numbers are actually even worse than we thought. we'll tell you why coming up in business and tech. baki ne --trainbro arstefordostt
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we have some breaking news to tell you about right now. tremain brock, the cornerback for the san francisco 49ers, has been arrested for some sort of domestic incident. now, we don't have much information other than that. our robert honda just breaking this story moments ago on
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twitter saying that sources tell him that santa clara police have arrested tremain brock for some sort of domestic incident. he's in custody at this moment. all we know is that there's no bail allowed in this case and this relates to something domestically. robert honda following up on this. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it to you. a check right now of the stock markets, and the dow jones, the s&p 500, nasdaq all up in trading. the dow up 55 points so far at 20,718. >> on the big economic story today, far fewer jobs were created than expected. >> yes. >> definitely below what was forecast. scott mcgrew, you say the numbers are even worse than it looks? >> yeah. 98,000 jobs added in the month of march. now that's a bad number by itself, far below estimates, but it gets even worse when you consider it's not even enough to cover the number of 18-year-olds
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who entered the official job force last month. in that sense it's actually a negative number. so we're looking at these numbers and looking at the numbers from the bureau of labor statistics trying to figure out why in the world estimates were so badly off. we were expecting something much better. now, unemployment is at 4.5%. that's super interesting because it's the lowest it's been in years, dropping a full .2 of a percent. we certainly do expect that's what the white house is going to concentrate on because the actual jobs number is awful. that's what white houses do, all white houses. they find a number that reflerkreflects the best news. mr. trump used to call the numbers fake and he didn't last month when the numbers were really, really good. we'll see what he does this month. back to you. >> all right. gas prices will spike in november because late last night the state assembly approved a
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12-cent per gallon tax hike on what you pump. it is a big win for governor brown who has been pushing for the tax to fund major road repairs in the state. many republican leaders were against it saying that the taxpayers are already hit hard by taxes. now the fuel tax hike though will not take effect until november. >> right now new details on a story that we first brought you as live breaking news on "today in the bay." we now know what caused the fire that forced two dozen people out of their homes in san francisco. aview posted this video of flames to twitter at the height of the fire and broke out before 2:00 in the morning near the richmond intersection. you can hear the fire engines sounding in the background. it was a lit candle that set a blanket on fire. that's what caused the situation. from there the flames spread to a couple other buildings. the fire cruise ended up evacuating residents and this resident recalls the moment he and his neighborhood were rushed
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out of the floor. >> i opened the door and i saw our upstairs neighbor out there and i could hear people coming down from the second floor because, you know, our neighborhood is yelling about a fire and that's going to get people running. >> two people were injured. we're told not seriously. one fireman was also injured and was released from hospital in good condition. the giants are ready to move on after five long days in phoenix and a rocky start to the season. >> they added a few losses, unfortunately, to that column. all ending pretty dismally with a 9-3 less. jeff samardzija serving up that homer to jake lamb, the throw-run homer, they go down 9-3. the giants have lost three out of four games to the diamondbacks. they move ow none to the a dramps as for the giants home opener, that follows the weekend series against the padres. a live look at at&t park. at least they took the tarp off of the infield. you can be sure that at&t will
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be packed and rocking come monday. >> hopefully it will be drier, too. don't forget, you can watch the home opener on nbc sports bay area, and there are a lot of festivities on tap. first pitch is 1:35 so get your work done early. >> and things start early that morning on "today in the bay," kris. leave reports coming from the ballpark and hopefully you're checking us out as you're getting ready. meteorologist kari hall will be there and we'll be headed to at&t park to give you the full breakdown ahead of the home opener. >> so excited. >> monday, by the way, one of the days that doesn't actually have rage in the forecast. >> yeah. we had a lot of rain here within the past 24 hours, especially for san francisco. they got the field covered out there and they will have to peel back that tarp and it will be nice as we head through the weekend into monday, but as of right now it is all gloomy. take a look at those tourists there on the side of the golden gate bridge. they are standing out there in the rain and it's been so windy,
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but at least now these winds are starting to calm down. you can tell by the flag. it's not moving as much so they are on the side. i want to show you the time lapse at ocean beach. this is one of the areas where we're watching for the high waves and the risk of some rip currents throughout the morning. we can see the waves just rolling in along with the cloudy skies and some kinds of showers as we've gone through some waves of rain throughout the morning and the past let's say 12 of 13 hours around the bay area at least. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll see that the rain will be tapering off tomorrow, all dry on sunday, but that's not the case right now. we're still tracking some rain moving across the bay area. it's been mainly across the north bay and over towards fairfield and then we've also had some pockets of some rain re-developing in parts of the east bay. as we get a look now at marin county that extends over towards the bay and then over towards vallejo as well, interstate 80 really wet at this point, and then we get a look at some heavier rain moving through just
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east of oakland over towards murago, a pocket of rain moving into your direction and especially for clayton. expect the rain to pick up in the next few minutes. tracking rain offshore that will be moving into half moon bay. within the next 20 minutes also in san mateo and a little bit later. looking at the time line of the rain, more rain on the way today and still going to see breaks in between. by 8:30 tonight we start to see the rain getting heavier in the north bay, and then the rest of the bay area also getting in on some scattered showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we'll still have some spotty showers and it will be getting lighter and the wind will be calming down, too, another chance of rain in the forecast for the north bay on monday. a lot of people heading over to the sierra for the weekend and it is still really coming down. a few of our cameras there showing some snow still falling, and we're looking at additional snowfall totals on top of what we've already had, possibly close to two feet in spots like kingvale so really a beneficial
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snow pack and more fresh powder for the sierra. i'll let you know what else is going on around the bay area. we'll take a look at the forecast here coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. >> testing your dna at home, sam. the bay area company that's making it easy for people to see if they might have a life-threatening disease or condition. >> first happening right now in washington, a federal aviation administration has restricted drone flights over 133 military facilities. the administration says it was responding to requests from the dod and other intelligence agencies to do that. and kentucky fried chicken will stop serving chickens raised on certain kinds of antibiotics. the fast food chain will work with farms to reach that goal by the end of next year. we'll be back with more news right after this. firoveigh he's looat at ey re di
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oakland firefighters still looking into what sparked a fire overnight. here's what they were dealing with as massive flames at one point engulfed the building just off of walnut street. you see it there on your map in oakland. crews say that fire was exacerbated by the wind no. word on any injuries. >> it certainly was windy, too. we do have bad news for b.a.r.t. riders in the east bay. the lake merritt station will be closed today through the weekend. crews need the time to fix the tracks there. you can still get where you're going by bus, but b.a.r.t. wants to make sure that it could add
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10 to 25 minutes to your trip. the station will be closed all day saturday and sunday. big health news out this morning for anyone who wants to know whether they might carry genes for a life-threatening disease or condition. for the first time the fda is giving a bay area genetics testing company permission to directly market those dna tests to the public. money van view based 23 & me order those tests for $200 and customers send the test back with saliva sample. they test the sample for more than a million markers for diseases like alzheimer's, parkinson's disease, celiac disease just to name a few. harvard geneticist dr. green talks about that test. >> we're moving as a society towards empowering people with health-related information, and i think this is a welcome step along that journey. >> the fda does warn those people tests cannot diagnose a disease and genetic risk is just
11:28 am
one piece of a bigger puzzle so you have to have a conversation with your physician. >> a lot of people it's enlightening for them. i'd be a little nervous about what i would find out. >> what it's doing to your body constantly. it's the constant -- i mean, the lift and twist, lift and twist. >> the lifting and twisting is taking a toll on garbage men in the east bay. i'm liz wagner. up next we investigate complaints that a perk for homeowner is leaving workers injured. the bathroom. when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well,
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you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child." trainbro arstefordostiincent
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breaking news that we've been following for the last 20 minutes or so much. this is a picture of 49er cornerback tremain brock who was arrested for some sort of domestic incident. robert honda the broke that news
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on twitter about 10 or 15, 20 minutes ago. here's a look at what he tweeted out specifically. one of the documents with his -- as he was taken into custody. a document that robert honda showing -- you don't see too much on there, but bail him out, no bail allowed and this is a document intake. tremain brock, cornerback for the san francisco 49ers taken into custody according to santa clara police for some sort of domestic incident. we don't know exactly what. robert, of course, will be following on this throughout the day. >> meantime, there is a garbage war in the east bay. sanitation workers in piedmont say they are pleas-- say their to fix certain concerns have gone ignored. >> reporter: they say they have sustained life-changing injuries on the job.
11:32 am
they show us scars from broken bones and multiple surgeries and rehab for a back fracture n.piedmont it's not a matter if workers get hurt it's when and you're about to see why. piedmont's rolling hills and stately homes make it a desirable place to live, but a dangerous place to work if you're a garbage collector. >> up hills, down steep hills, upstairs and downstairs. >> reporter: in most cities trucks make pickups curbside but in pied mt. mont any workers can pay extra for workers to retrieve bins from their backyard forcing these guys to do all the heavy lifting. mark godfried works for richmond public services, part of republic services. >> a perfect example of what we're talking about. >> reporter: point out conditions. >> taking it upstairs as we follow the route from our undercover van. workers pull transport
11:33 am
containers up flights of staffs and lifting empty bins over and over and over. and head back downhill carrying full loads. with unlimited recycling and yard waste piedmont residents can have as many as they want and half of them have back-yard accounts compared to mill valley a city of the same size where it's 8% or berkeley where just 1% of homes signed up for backyard pickup. >> it's the constant, lift and twist, lift and twist. >> god freed says the lifting wore out his back. he's been off of work for five months and in physical therapy. >> i believe something came loose and is still popping and is very painful. >> joseph brown has had three shoulder surgeries. >> the schar from here to here. >> reporter: and paul fernandez has gone under the knife four times crushing bones in his hand when he tripped coming down the stairs with a bin. >> i can't throw a ball to my
11:34 am
grandchildren or pick them up. >> reporter: the worker says their policy has come to a price and 15 people have been injured on the job and we talk to six who said they needed rehab or surgery. >> we're never trained to lift anything. you just throw a guy out there. that's how you do it. we wing it had. brown raised concerns to it the company in 2010 our issues with the lack of training and consistency are being unheard. in 2012 he told osha employees are getting injured when they left and the company said workers are trained to request assistance or leave the cart if it's too heavy and noted manual lifting is covered in safety meet >> there's no right way to lift these toters. >> reporter: but god freed says the bins called toters aren't meant to live theed by hands. they are only supposed to be hooked up to trucks. >> do you think this is a problem the company wants to ignore? >> i believe it is. >> reporter: he filed his own complaint with osha and earlier
11:35 am
this year inspectors cited the company saying it did not provide effective training or correct unsafe conditions. we requested an interview with richmond sante try service and the company is appealing osha's decision and won't comment until the case is closed. >> reporter: did you have any idea that these workers were getting hurt on the job? >> none. >> reporter: not only the city manager was alerted and he's looking for ways to minimize workers' kovm concerns saying that bins should be carried easily and without excessive strain. >> that gives us the ability to hold their feet to the fire. >> reporter: what adjustments can the city make to the contract now to minimize injury for the next year and a half of this contract? >> that's a good question. i actually don't have an answer to it. we're in a contractual
11:36 am
relationship and it's up to the company to protect their workers and to run their operations. >> toters just jam full. >> reporter: morning gotfried hopes this will force them to take a closer look at safety and training. >> there should be one uniform way to do it, and if there's not, eliminate it. bring everything to the curb. >> reporter: the city administrator says that's not likely to happen, but he says in the future residents will be charged per bin which could cut down on the number of these toters workers have to lift. now, we should also point out we found a recent office of trash service in piedmont. it doesn't discuss safety but notes the company's collection methods are consistent with reasonable industry practice. guys. >> liz, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call 888-996-tips. you can also always send us an e-mail to the unit at we now know why there was a police presence late last night
11:37 am
near the tracks at highway 87 in san jose. union pacific railroad officials tell us around 10:30 last night one of their trains struck and killed a pedestrian. that consistent happened near santa clara and cahill streets. investigators are still looking into how this happened. >> questions surround a grisly discovery in san bruno. however, we should say a murder suspect is in custody. this is after a dis-mohammed body was found in a home right near skyline college. investigators are still looking at evidence at two homes on pacific heights boulevard. you can see them collecting it there. officers made that discovery while they were looking into a missing persons report. they won't say who is missing. people living nearby are worried that it's one of their neighbors. >> to wake up and hear that there's a dismembered body, it really messes with you. the man who lived across the street over here, that's where i don't know who he is. i haven't seen him in over a week. >> we don't know the victim but
11:38 am
police have arrested david stubldfield who owns a house on this street. he's being charged with murder. there are potentially new clues in the murder an east bay scientist who was shot near his home almost a year ago today. the killer and motive remain unknown. the surveillance video shows him walking home the night that he was killed. just released yesterday, a photo of a 2013 to 2015 white chevy malibu. officials want to talk with the driver of this other car, 2013 to 20707 silver honda accord. >> all right. this morning, we had our microclimate weather warning in effect. the rain is coming back. i suspect we'll see more red this afternoon. kari hall is tracking those conditions. >> high winds and rain from last night and there may be still
11:39 am
more heavy pockets of heavy downpours. we'll talk about that time line coming up. >> closing cases and putting money back in people's pockets. i'm consumer investigator chris camorra. a recap of one great week when nbc bay area responds. next. 'n baareresndsdever grt ns tseve
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nbc bay area responds delivers some great news to several of our viewers this week. >> our consumer investigator chris chmura is here to explain the trouble they were having and the money we returned to them. >> if you've been watching this
11:42 am
week our team successfully closed a $200-case of missing magazines, a $600 dispute over wedding photos and a $2,500 travel insurance disagreement. here's some more suck sis stories. we were asked to intervene over this plumbing conflict, the cost of a plumbing job. he believe he was double charged within about a week the company offered to return $239 to lou. mark in campbell needed help buttoning up a $164 refund he was due from a clothing company. the requests had gone unanswered and we sent one e-mail and within a few minutes he was credited the full $1 is 64. now, not all of our cases resolved that quickly, though i wish they were. some cases require weeks or months of back and forth with companies and we're working on one just like that for ryan in san jose. he says his car is defective and the manufacturer should buy it back. i'll let you know what happens with ryan. if you have a gripe with the company, let us know about it. the number is 888-996-tips or
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online at >> all right. we want to stay on top of the forecast, kari. a little break right now. i was smart enough though to put my umbrella down on the patio. >> i can pat you on the back. >> i forget all the time. >> well, i mean, if you didn't, it would be all over the place. >> gone. >> yeah, we have such high wind gusts, 40 to 60-mile-per-hour winds last night and now things are calming down but we still have this lingering rain and here's a live look outside at oakland. we've seen the rain very hit or miss and taken a break in the south bay and parts of the east bay and north bay you really haven't gotten much of a break. the wind speeds now at 8 miles per hour. a live look outside at san jose. still cloudy as you get ready to head out there and looking at all of our microclimates and what it looks like as you step out and the highs today up to 63 degrees as we get a look at the peninsula, south bay as well. going to see the highs in the low 60s and breezy winds but it
11:44 am
won't be as strong and that's the good news here and the seven-day forecast is coming up in the bottom of the screen as you try to make some plans for the weekend and early next week. looking now at the radar and where we see this rain, there's a narrow band that cuts across the bay area from the peninsula over towards the east bay and extending up towards the sacramento valley, but as we get a closer look this, rain is not all that heavy, and it moves in. it moves out. we've seen some breaks in between. we also have some pockets of some rain moving just south of san leandro and over towards just north of sam ramon so the roadways are still wet. we have a pocket of heavy rain moving closer to antioch so get ready for that, and as we move down the peninsula we have rain moving onshore near half moon bay and that will be approving san mateo within the next few minutes. rest of the day, cloudy skies and times of rain, and as we go into late tonight, here we are at 9:00. the rain gets heavier for the north bay and this will be
11:45 am
pushing towards the south and off towards the east. by midnight we're seeing the activity tapering off, but there will be still lingering showers throughout the morning tomorrow, and we may still have to deal with that. a lot of festivities going on this weekend, too, and we'll get to the that, and on sunday we're looking at dry weather and on monday there may be some showers for the north bay, but the rest of the bay area will see mostly dry conditions until about the middle of the week when we'll have a better chance of showers. so looking at the forecast for tomorrow, we start out in the morning, only 49 degrees. highs reaching the upper 50s and low 60s and the rain moving out by afternoon. sunday all bright and sunny, but we'll only see the highs in the low 60s, and if you are planning to head to the cherry blossom festival in san francisco, mid-50s with some showers during the morning and also for the berkeley bay festival. there will be some dragon boat races in the upper 50s and some showers off and on for that, too. if you're planning to head up to
11:46 am
nap, a, our temperatures are reaching into the upper 50s tomorrow and all bright and sunny. 63 degrees on sunday, so i think that's the best day to head to the valley. and i'll have a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, kris and sam. >> thanks for planning our weekend. walls are going up on a special tiny house and album sales are up for a special musician. >> a couple of updates to good news stories that we've shared you in the past. garvin many thomas is here with those segments in our bay area proud segment. >> reporter: the bay area proud series is all about sharing stories of kindness and inspiration and success and highlighting the good that's happening around us each and every day. we've been at it for more than five years and one thing we've learned over that time is people don't stop doing good once their stories air. it's usually just the opposite. >> okay. you need to keep each other on track. >> reporter: we shared with you
11:47 am
in february how rita malt bihad challenged her students to redesign and build a tiny home on their school's campus. rita has yet to hear of kids so young tackling such a project anywhere and wondered at times herself if they would be able to do it and no more. >> and we have to put a building wrap on. this past weekend the students with the help of block construction got the walls and the roof finished and up on the house, and it's well on its way to being completed. we followed john preston's story for a few years now. the marine turned musician from the east bay has become a national crusader and a symbol in the fight against ptsd and veteran suicide. john's music and his message continue to get a big and bigger audience. his latest release "superman fall, requests "a song based on the suicide of his brother is in
11:48 am
an album called "battle cry, songs of american heros" which is raising thousands of dollars for his initiative. we've also recently heard some sad and some happy news from people we've met along the way. rex bauers daughter let us know that her dad passed away. he was the 95-year-old jazzer zeiss regular who was an inspiration to his lake county neighbors as they struggled to recover from the devastating valley fire. >> it's something that brings comfort. >> reporter: but we've also heard something wonderful from desiree reyes. she bravely shared the story of her death of her 5-month-old daughter jordan and what it meant to receive an angel gown, one of the angel gowns that are sewed out of recycled wedding
11:49 am
dresses. and now she's welcomed william, her rainbow baby to the family. >> if you like to watch the original versions of all their stories, just head to my facebook page garvin thomas nbc bay area and i'll have them all posted this. >> all worth checking out. thanks very much, garvin. coming up, remembering mr. warmth. hollywood remembers don rickles, the king of insults. a lock back at his colorful life.
11:50 am
on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. >> if you like to watch the the king of insults. a lock back at his colorful life. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including >> if you like to watch the the king of insults. a lock back at his colorful life. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, >> if you like to watch the the king of insults. a lock back at his colorful life. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center.
11:51 am
we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. >> if you like to watch the the king of insults. a lock back at his colorful life. knn a"mrwarh" foris a tributes are pouring in today for one of the funniest men in the entertainment business known as mr. warmth because of his brash brand of humor. he died on monday due to kidney failure. >> and no one was exempt from his insults. nbc's al roker takes a look back at his legacy. >> my wife would be with us and unfortunately she swam in our
11:52 am
pool today and drowned. >> my image is kind of strong and it's kind of aggressive. >> reporter: a native new yorker from queens, for more than 50 years his iconic brand of humor earned him a bevy of nicknames, mr. warmth, the merchant of venom and the king of insult comedy. >> you think insult humor is the easiest to come up with. >> standing next to you it is. >> reporter: don rickles was an equal opportunity offender. >> i make fun of blacks, whites, jews -- well, jews. >> reporter: a maestro of insults. >> is that your wife there? >> reporter: he didn't hold back even on the biggest stars. >> you live next to me at the beach. i'm living two blocks and come by and say hello. >> it's closer. >> you have no lines, julia, just nod. >> reporter: to be sure no one was spoiled. >> good evening, mr. president, nice to see you, sir. >> reporter: not even the commander in chief. >> is this too fast, ronny? anyway, he's sitting there
11:53 am
looking at the program where's the thing that he makes fun of me. where does it say this? >> i am blessed to have your friendship. >> reporter: as the story goes frank sinatra went to see rickles perform in 1957 and the rest is history. >> first line ever, stabbed up, frank, be yourself and hit somebody, and -- and all the guys with him went is that funny, frank? >> reporter: sinatra quickly became his biggest target and champion. the legendary rat pack welcoming ridges as its court gestor. >> would you welcome mr. warmth, don rickles. >> reporter: he was also a frequent guest of johnny carson on "the tonight show" and together they created some of the most iconic tv moment of the 1960s. later in life rickles became known to younger generations. >> hey, ham, pick so. >> i don't get if. >> you uncowl toured swine.
11:54 am
>> reporter: as the voice of mr. potato in the "toy story" series. last october rickles sat down with me to talk about his storied career. you haven't thought about retiring. >> no, unless a truck hits me. i keep going because, first of all, i have a great wife and wonderful, wonderful family. >> reporter: and what a wonderful career. back in 1983 bryant gumble asked don how he would like people to remember him. >> i would like the public to know that i was laughing hey long with them. >> i think he did enjoy himself. he was just 90 years old. he could have lived a little longer. we'll be right back. saa
11:55 am
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11:57 am
back to that breaking news, tramaine brock, the cornerback for the san francisco 49ers, arrested for domestic violence and an incident on thursday. this is his booking photo. robert honda is working this story right now. he broke the news on twitter. we do know that he is in the santa clara county jail and no bail has been set at this point. >> all right. we started off this day very wet, and we are going to end the day exactly how we started it. >> yeah. you want to make sure you have the nbc bay area app so that you can look at the radar. at any point today we can see some scattered showers moving through and also lingering rain tomorrow. sunday and monday all dry. >> all right. >> got all kinds of activities laid out for us this weekend. dragon boat racing. >> what else was in the little planner? >> all kinds of things. check it out. take your umbrella. we'll see you next week. live-stream your favorite sport
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. that's really insensitive. your kid's not out there. don't talk about anyone. >> i won't. >> and defend -- [ bleep ]! >> i'm sorry. >> it's all right. >> can you feel the drama? >> wow! >> today we'll begin to show what ta little housewife insanity. "the real housewives of beverly hills" delivered big last night. >> we're going to talk to anthony


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