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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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responsibility for killed 43 people, and injured about 100 others. the attack happen at a church north of cairo, and man inside of the church describes the horrifying scene. >> translator: i was sitting in the front and all of the sudden, everything went dark. i passed out and someone pushed me off of my seat. a few seconds later, i got up and i saw bodies all around me. >> reporter: the second attack was in egypt's largest city alexandria, and egypt's president has declared a three-month state of emergency in his country, and donald trump sent out a tweet condemning the violence. maryann favro joining us at the trinity church in san jose. maryann? >> well, mass let out here at the holy trinity and earlier this afternoon, people of all different religions came together to denounce the attacks in egypt.
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they came together to call for the community to fight for racial justice and religious freedom. some leaders specifically denounced the suicide bombers who killed innocent people at two coptic churches in egypt. one egyptian american talked to us about her reaction to the attack. >> and i am calling for egyptians in egypt to stand with the families of the victims, and to provide to make sure that the security is provided to the churches either by the physical bodies surrounding the churches and ill ploering the egyptian government to provide security at the churches there. >> reporter: earlier today, there was a procession from the church to san jose statet to holy trinity, and some question the timing of the attack in egypt just weeks before pope francis is due to visit egypt, and the start of holy week leading up to easter. most of the participants were from p.a.c., people acting in
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commu community together which is a multi faith grass roots organization. reporting live, i'm maryann favro on nbc bay area news. and we will continue to follow the developments and check our nbc bay area twitter feed. >> and now, for the developing story tonight, a potential break in the search for the missing college student, and family and friends and volunteers continue to search the area of the venetian bridge looking for the students. and kevin redrico was last scene there, and what have you learned, chuck? >> well, we are getting late word that there has bneen a sighting of this young man in vallejo where his parents live. he has been on a search for him has been ongoing since wednesday. where i am standing is where 40 searchers fanned out today looking near the highway bridge to look for him. they the used paddle boards and
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other ways to search for him. the san jose student missing since wednesday. with me is kevin, his brother, and what are you seeing now? >> we have an account that there was a sighting 40 minutes ago at 1405 georgia street, and then at 10 minutes ago a sighting at 2000 milano after knew and we have sent people out to verify if that account is true, and this is giving souse much hope that he is alive and out there. >> and have you been able to confirm it with police? >> not yet. we are working on it. from the numerous accounts, he has been disoriented significantly, and potentially unstable state. >> reporter: is he safe or injured? >> i cannot determine. >> reporter: your reaction to the fact that it may be your
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brother found safe? >> it is bittersweet and i don't know if it is him, but if it s it is incredibly relieving. >> jonathon, we are hoping for the best and i am sure that you are headed over there. >> yes. >> and this is where the searchers have been searching for the third straight day for jonathon's brother, kevin redrico, and so far we know that there has been a sighting of him in vallejo, and reporting live chuck copolla. >> we will keep up with that development. and now, police say that a car rearended another car forcing it to roll over which pushed a third car into the rail which burst into flames and
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killed the driver inside. the speeding driver who called the chain reaction was arrested for alleged drunk driving. another shooting on the east bay highway and now they are i is aing that a woman was shot in the leg yesterday afternoon on highway 4 in antioch. someone fired at two panhandlers and hitting one of them on the lone tree on ramp, and investigators are calling it a drive bye shooting. a woman was treated and released from the hospital. since 2014, more than 100 shootings have happened on the bay area freeway and most of them in the east bay. after ani alleged drunk driver crashed into a deputy's car after he was patrolling in mill valley. and the sheriff says that the driver passed into the on coming lane and hitting the deputy's car headon. the deputy was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and the driver has been arrested for du irgs. >> the weather is all but forgotten on this beautiful sunday and now, looking outside, and this is over emeryville
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here, and this is beautiful here. beautiful blue sky, but we are not done with the rain. rob, only the messenger and not, do not attack rob with this news news. >> right. we are hoping for more showers and not downright wind storms. notice the trend here for tomorrow. we will see a chance of showers early in the day in the north bay, and san jose right now in the 60s and partly cloudy skies and not the same kind of rain chances for the south bay. we will miss out tomorrow for showers in the south bay, and that trend is going to continue for the first half of the week. you can see it here, the rain on the north coast, and that is going to be dropping south as we head north, and a chance of a few showers, but it is going to be a north bay focus. the storms are not looking as windy as the thursday storm, but it is a chance of more sierra snow, and foot or two more.
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and overall, the rain chances are above average for april, and we will take a look at what is the best chance for bay area rain in the hour by hour forecast in 13:00. back to you. >> and thank you, rob. you track the forecast at the nbc bay area app where you can get the forecast for where you live. and a explosion rocked the martinez neighborhood last night. two cars broke into flames and it quickly spread to a home where a family was inside. the parents and the two infants got out safely, and neighbors say it is a close call, because the flames were spreading quickly. one man said he had never heard anything so loud. >> it was crazy loud. it en dull gulfed the car, and normally, a car would take a little bit to catch on fire, but that is torched in three minute, and i mean torched. >> the firefighters were investigating and no one is injured. >> a man under a arrest for sexually battering women at san
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jose state. a campus police sent out an alert to women yesterday saying that there have been several reports of clark hall and martin luther king library. females were reporting that they were inappropriately touched from behind. no word on the student or if he has any relation at all to the campus community. >> something similar reported on the stanford campus after two women were groped on campus within minutes. those attacked happened between 1 11:30 and 12:00 on the escondido freshman dorm road. and there is not a rule out of two possible suspects. students are thinking twice about walking ale loan at night until that man is caught. >> what it is doing to your body constantly. it is the skon staconstant lift
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twisting. >> the lifting and twisting is taking a toll on the garbage nen the east bay. i'm liz wagner and we investigate a kcomplaint that a perk for homeowners is leaving workers injured. >> and right there, tomorrow, the giants home opener at at&t park. we will have you covered. >> we will see how the weather cooperates. right now, partly cloudy to mostly clouds near emeryville, but it is moving down the coast, and the first of three chances that we could be dealing with rain ahead. a look at that forecast ahead. sitaon rke iniedntsathe pls tfis
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>> there is a garbage war going on in the east bay. sanitation workers in piedmont say that they are having unsafe conti contigss that are unanswered. >> they say those hazards date back nearly a decade. >> guys, the workers we talked to say they are not complaining, but they have sustained life changing injuries. they have shown us scars from broken bones and rehab for the back fracture, and they say in piedmont it is not a matter of when workers are hurt, but when. you are about to see why. >> reporter: piedmont's rolling hills and stately homes make it a desire place to live, but a
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dangerous place to work if you are a garbage collector. >> uphills, and steep hills and down the steep hills, and up and down hills. >> reporter: most towns require curbside pickup, but in piedmont, the workers are forced to retrieve the barrels. this is a part of the contractor. >> this is what we are looking at. >> and he is pointing out conditions that we see up close as we are following the route from the undercover van. the workers are pulling the transport containers up and down the stairs and lifting the heavy bins, over and over and over. and head back downhill carrying full loads. with unlimited recycling and yard, piedmont residents can have as many as they want and many of them have backyard accounts compared to mill valley
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say of the same town where it is 8%, and berkeley that is just as hilly where 1% of the homes p k picked it up. >> and it is the constant, lift and twist, and lift and twist. >> reporter: godfrey says that the lifting wore out his back and he has been out of work for five months and in physical therapy. >> i could feel something popping. >> reporter: joseph brown has had three shoulder surgeries. >> the scar is from here to here. >> reporter: and paul fernandez has gone under the knife four times and he crushed bones in the wrist when he flipped carrying a bin down the stairs. >> i can't throw the ball for my grandchildren and i can't pick up my grandchildren. >> reporter: the richmond sanitary service won the contract and while the company is delivering what it is promised, the workers sayt is coming at a price. they point to 15 people they say have been injured on the job, and we talked to six who say they needed rehab or surgery. >> we were with never trained to lift anything, and just throw
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the guy out there. that is what we do, winged it. >> reporter: and brown wrotet to the count the country the count the country -- company saying that works are being injured, and that they have not been trained to the leave the cart if it is too heavy. and they said it is covered in the safety manuals. >> there is no right way to lift the toters. >> reporter: but these are not to be lift ed by hand, but only loaded by trucks. >> reporter: is this a problem that the company wants to ignore? i believe so. >> reporter: and godfrey filed his own complaint, and they said that the company did not provide the proper training. we tried to interview the company, and they said they are appealing osha's decision and they won't comment until it is over. >> did you is any idea that
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these workers were being hurt on the job? >> reporter: that is until paul benoit received an anonymous letter. and he is now making safety a priority in the new contract, and asking the bidders of the ways to minimize the comp concerns and emphasizing that the bins should be carried easily and without excessive constraint. >> that is the ability to audit and hold their feet to the fire. >> reporter: what can the city do to contract now to minimize the injuries for the next year and half of the contract. >> that is a good question, and i don't have an answer, because we are in a contractual relationship, and it is up to the company to operate the company and the toters. >> reporter: he says he is going to try to emphasize working for those workers. >> there should be one uniform way to do it, and if there is not, eliminate it, and bring
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everything to the curb. >> the citystcity administrator it is not likely to happen, but the users will be charged for each bin which should cut down on how many they have to lift. but in piedmont, the contract does not discuss safety, but the collection methods are reasonable with industry practices. guys? >> if you have a tip for the invest gaytive unit give us a callt at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit. and coming up, hoping to carry the momentum into tomorrow. >> we are looking ahead to the giants' home opener. >> yes. >> and get that out, the home opener at at&t park tomorrow, and how the bay area will give you a behind the scenes look at what is new at the park.
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well, face it, it was a rough first road are trip for the giants and especially to the sart the season, but now they are headed home. >> headed home and the team is home nog or the home cooking is going to start a nice win streak, and that win streak started today. we will get back to that. a live look at at&t park, and imagine that 42,000 of your closest friends screaming. that is going to be happening tomorrow. they will be playing the home opener at 1:45 and hosting the arizona diamondbacks and a slow start, but the giants are turning it around there. that is buster posy who knock it
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out, and the batter before him, hunter pence hits one. and so the giants go on to win. melancon is going to get the win today. and so we will have wall to wall coverage and starting at 4:30 in the morning on "today in the bay." >> and early. and reports from what is new the ball park as we start the season this year. i am always interested in talking to terry about the giants, because he cannot hear me, and he is so focused from watching the game. >> i am tuned in. and i should tune in tomorrow to get the full nine-hour pregame leading up to this. >> yes, and some new food ites s which are looking amazing. >> it is on c sshsn as . >> early afternoon, we will look at the clearing skies, and right
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now, most ly the clear skies around the bay. and there is a pretty view from belvidere looking back to san francisco, and 57 inside of at&t, and we will see the temperatures inside there tomorrow. and currently, 61 with the winds off of the ocean. and 661 in emeryville and partly cl cloudy and 63 degrees with the fair clouds cover in san jose, and one more spot. 411 degrees at squaw creek, with the fresh snow. and this is not looking like april in the sierras and another foot or two in the country. and right now, no new snow, but up on the coast, it is this system that is dropping down around midnight tonight in the mendocino county and early tomorrow with the areas from san francisco northward and you could see the sprinkles and the light showers and temperatures are not as cold as we had this morn, and the temperatures in the north bay, and the east bay valleys and the clouds are coming in, and the blanket is presenting us from dropping off too much, and the highs are around the south bay tomorrow
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close to 70. especially around downtown san jose and around walnut creek, low 50s and 60s and near san francisco, highs of 60. and to the north bay, showers near lunchtime at the marin headlands you could see a few showers for the first half of the day. notice on the future cast, 7:00 a.m., and this is the main event right here. you can see the south bay doesn't have any clouds. midday a chance of a few showers north of the golden gate, and then trending dryer towards the afternoon. the giants' home opener is going to be cooling off. as skies are clear, we will stay dry and tuesday morning, knnoti the chance of seeing the showers moving into the north bay, and this is going to be the trend for the first half of the week until wednesday to thursday, and that is the main event for rain. and the thursday afternoon, the
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skies clear, and weekend ahead is dry and then sunday, more rain making a comeback and for now, not really seeing a big pattern shift away from the fairly steady supply of the late season storms, but the storms are not looking as strong and we will see the focus is north bay sen trick for the first half of the week, but wednesday and thursday, more rain and see jere ya snow coming back across. >> thank you, rob. and the search for the missing college student, we have gotten good news. >> and it is a search for that woman in northern california resuming. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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businessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'm craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave!
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jack: hey guys, try my guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich with all white meat chicken, guacamole and pepperjack cheese. businessman 1: thanks jack.... wait. we're on the 18th floor. how did you get here? jack: hard work. jack vo: you crave it, we serve it. try my new guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich. music: crave van! we are learning new information in the case of a college student that was
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kidnapped in butte county. >> the information is a ransom note or hoax. you are looking at the picture of alicia ohman and the family spoke publicly urging anyone with information to bring her home. they are doing everything they can to get her back. that is after the 20-year-old mother received several text messages asking for ransom for her daughter, and they were a hoax, and now police won't say what they came away from. and there was a car and cell phone found later in a orchard. could tonight be the night? >> why there is a excitement over the new giraffe that has been left alone since april. >> and we have new information on that coming up. clo toivi bih.aacookosthisorngih
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all right. internet sensation april the giraffe appears very close to giving birth. this is appearing close for months. >> yes, for months. >> and a facebook post this afternoon shows major movement and bulge ing ing in the belly. >> she lived in the adventure park in up state new york, and started to first stream since mid-april which may be the problem. giraffes are pregnant for about 15 month, and the zoo keepers are not sure about the due date, but they say she could have her baby tonight. >> and maybe she will have it. >> and then all of the -- all of us, you know, the people who are watching -- >> well, if we read this story in two weeks, which is possible. >> well, they don't name the giraffe. >> and we have showers mainly for the north bay, and wednesday and thursday, and this is the main event for the bay area, and not as strong as the storms last week. >> all right.
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>> and thank you very much. and nbc nightly news is coming up next. we will see you at 6:00. on this sunday night, palm sunday attacks. a state of emergency declared in egypt after deadly bombings at two churches, more than 40 people killed, many of them children, as isis claims responsibility. rising tensions. the new tough talk about russia and syria as the secretary of state leaves on a mission to moscow and another key white house officials is forced out. wake-up call for american cities after computer hackers triggered more than 150 emergency sirens in dallas, exposing vulnerability there and beyond. and dramatic improvement. the simple treatment for people with parkinson's that slows the disease and changes lives. "nightly news" begins now.


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