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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rit n atix.sechi foa msinsanose right now at 6:00, searching for a missing san jose state student. tonight a potential break through in the case. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney, we're following a developing story. a 23-year-old kevin red rico may have been spot this evening. he's been missing since wednesday. his car found in benecia. >> and chuck coppola joining us now with the latest. and there is new news about the search this afternoon. >> reporter: very late news this afternoon. right now i'm standing alongside the highway 680 bridge over the carquinez straight and a group of family and friends are still
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here packing up after the search began today. however a large amount of searchers have left for vallejo where they say he was spotted walking along the 1400 block of georgia street and in a business in the 2000 block of solano avenue. police have not yet confirmed this, but if true it is far from this location where he went missing on wednesday. the initial reaction, cheers that kevin red rico had been found but caution also because police had not confirmed it. >> thank god he is finally home and we could take care of him again and start over again and tell him how much he love him and care for him. >> reporter: today jonathan red rico gave instructions for those who widened the search for his missing brother. >> i can't tell you the mental state he is in. he is out here and i have no idea where he is and with the rooet sent storms that have -- the recent storm that have
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inundated us, i have no idea how he fared. >> they plan to comb the skyline but fisherman have seen no sign of the young man with flyers on both sides of the street. his father told me his son was taking antidepressants do you doubts that he is a danger to himself. >> we talked to him before, he said, dad, i'm not going to do that. i'm not that stupid. so in that waregard, i hope he just wandering around because of the medication. >> reporter: among the roughly 40 searchers, a long time family friend with his dog chester. >> yesterday i brought him out and i realized, he checks every nook and cranny in the field and i need him and just let him -- i think he is most helpful because he goes under the bushes and thinks -- things i would not get into. >> reporter: again, we need to
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add a measure of caution to the reported sighting. i just spoke with his father who is here a moment ago and he's been unable to confirm that his son in fact been found. law enforcement have been unable to do so for us as well. live in benecia, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> holding out hope. that is for sure. and now checking in with our microclimate weather coverage. it is a beautiful day out there. >> but -- but as we say about every week here, rain is about to return. here is rob mayeda. >> it has been that way since january 1st. a nice finish. 57 in hillsberg and one of the most likely spots to find showers, right there around sonoma and napa county. early in the day. rebounding to the 60s tomorrow. san jose partly cloudy and may miss out on the rain showers as we start the workweek. we have highs climbing close to 70 south of downtown. partly cloudy for now. it is this system that is
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dropping in. it looks like for the start of the morning commute. a chance of a few showers focused in on the north bay. so we'll see a few chances of rain arriving for the week ahead. more sierra snow and over all above average rain chances for the month of april. we'll show you the best in terms what we expect to find the most rain out of the week ahead coming up with an hour-by-hour forecast and how much rain we are expecting in the microclimate forecast in 12 minutes. >> and you could track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to get the updates for your neighborhood. we're following a developing story out of egypt. more than 40 people killed and 100 injured in two separate explosions, during palm sunday serviced. one at a church 50 miles north of cairo and isis is claiming responsible. a man described the horrifying scene. >> i was sitting in the front and all of a sudden everything went dark. i passed out and someone pushed
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me off my seat. a few seconds later i got up and saw bodies all around me. >> the second attack was in egypt's second largest city alexandria and the blast was so strong some nearby shops were destroyed. the egypt president has declared a three-month state of emergency. president trump sent out a tweet condemning the attacks and has confidence the president of egypt will handle the situation properly. people here in the bay area gathers to celebrate palm sunday and many spoke out about the violence in egypt. marianne favro joining us in san jose with that side of the story. >> reporter: well, peggy, right now people are heading into mass here at holy trinity church in san jose. but the fact that these bombings in egypt happened on palm sunday has certainly struck a nerve with parishioners here. earlier today people from many different religions came together to fight for racial justice and religious freedom.
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some broke down and cried as they denounced the suicide bombers who killed innocent people at two coptic churches in egypt. this is how one egyptian-american reacted. >> this is an obligation of religious people to stop oppression. not just to condemn, but to stop it. >> reporter: earlier today there was a procession from a church near san jose state. here to holy trinity and some question the timing, just weeks before pope francis is due to visit egypt. and at the start of holy week leading up to easter. most of the participants in today's events were from people acting in community together, a multi-faith grassroots organization. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow those developments in egypt. also on the air and online at you could also check out twitter
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feed for the very latest headlines. a deadly chain reaction crash in the south bay shut down all southbound lanes of 280, that is the scene at 2:00 this morning in san jose. police say a sped speeding car rear-ended another car forcing that to roll over and push a third car against the guard rail and it was that car that burst into flames killing the driver. the speeding driver who caused the chain reaction has been arrested for suspicion of driving drunk. another shooting on an east bay highway under investigation tonight. the chp said a woman was shot in the leg yesterday afternoon on highway 4 in antioch. someone fired at two panhandlers hitting one of them. investigators are calling this a driver by shooting. a woman was treated at the hospital and released. more than 100 shootings have happened on bay area freeways and most have happened in the east bay. and man is accused of molesting women and san jose
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state. they sent out an alert to students yesterday saying there were several reports of female students being inappropriately touched from behind in clark hall and martin luther king library. officers arrived and found the man and arrested him. no word if he is a student or any relation to the campus community at all. similar attacks on the stanford campus after two women were groped on campus within minutes of each other. both happened a little after 10:30 on friday night along escondido road near the freshman dorms and the suspect described as a shorter bald man. the police are not ruling out the possibility of there being two suspects. stanford has beefed up patrols in the area and some students say they are thinking twice about walking alone at night until the man is caught. a loud explosion novato, and after the blast and that sped to a home with a family inside. two parents and infants were able to get out safely but it was a close call because of how
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fast the fire moved. firefighters are investigating the cause. nobody was hurt. still it come, the white house on the offense after the air strike in syria. >> the message being issued to russia and north korea tonight. plus -- >> the economy of baseball. coming up in a live report, just how important is tomorrow's home opener at at&t park. >> closed captioning sponsored by airport home appliance and mattress. and spoils the experience. introducing air wick pure... ...with 9x more fragrance and less water. experience great fragrance with less wet spray. air wick pure: more fragrance, less wet spray. also available in freshmatic. keep your home fresh all day with automatic bursts of fragrance with no added water. air wick freshmatic. now available in pure.
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the white house is warning the leaders of syria and north korea tonight that the u.s. will strike back if international peace agreements are violated. this message comes as navy strike groups move closer to the korean peninsula. members of congress are calling for more sanctions against russia and regime changes in syria, as assad's war planes are back in action. d.c.s want approve before the president launches any more air-strikes against syria. >> here is what i think assad is telling trump, f you and i think he is making a serious mistake. the president doesn't just get to launch missiles against anybody they want to. >> reporter: the president's administration said defeating isis is a top priority. former president bill clinton paid a visit to his predecessor and he brought a gift with him. we'll explain it.
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here he is with george h.w. bush. and the tweet read, great to spend time with george h.w. bush and mrs. bush in houston today. we caught up about kids, grandkids and old times and new times and socks. socks. he brought him a pair of green socks with brown labradors on them and a pair of socks with bees on them. he said he was envious of his sock collection. who knew? >> how about that. well a big win for the giants today over the padres and a boon for businesses near at&t park, when the team will hold the home opener, that is going to take place tomorrow morning. we are going to be there early to get going. >> yeah, like super early, like 4:30 in the morning. we are live outside of the park right now and tom, bars and restauran restaurants around there have to be so excited about the season starting and 81 games at least of so many people coming out to
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the park. >> reporter: you know they are excited. for many, if not most of the businesses, as you know, the revenue that baseball brings in, makes up most of the income that they get for the entire season. especially right across the street at mo mo's. it has been booked for months, according to the general manager. every one of the bar seats will be filled tomorrow, they say, and people will be standing shoulder to shoulder during this game and most of the home game as cording to the folks here at the restaurant. the general manager said the ballpark has been bringing a lot of energy and money to the neighborhood for the past 17 years. but home game days, those are the big breadwinner. >> everybody benefits. especially businesses around this neighborhood. having baseball back, it's huge. it's huge. >> reporter: and they say home game baseball he's illy brings in more than half of the annual revenue. if you want a table for the home games, you should start planning now. during the baseball season, those tables are some of the
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hottest tickets in town. and the game starts tomorrow and we'll be here tomorrow against the arizona diamondbacks. come down early and get a seat if you want to go to any of the businesses, because it is busy tomorrow. live in san francisco, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> right about that, tom. thank you very much. and we're going to have wall to wall coverage of the home opener. super wall to wall. even before the wall went up. we're going to be there. starts early tomorrow morning with today in the bay and live reports from the ballpark and then at midday we'll join kari live at at&t so from 4:30 in the morning until -- just leave it here. we're covering that opening day like nothing else. >> but there might be acouple of people calling in sick tomorrow. the sound of the baseball game. how about the weather there. >> you might have some sprinkles or some light showers north of the golden gate early tomorrow morning, as we head through the afternoon, though, clearing skies expected as we managed to
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finish the weekend on a live look outside there at at&t park. i should say in side of at&t park as the sun sets on the west side of the stadium. you have 56 degrees. late day sea breeze cooling things off. the view of san francisco as seen from the belevedere point of view. 59 degrees. and clear skies to finish and close to 60 degrees. san jose mostly clear. a few clouds over the top of the santa cruz mountains. currently 61 degrees. the l.a. radar shows you a dry evening and as we move up the coast, you could see rain dropping from north to south, but this line we think will weaken considerably as it passes through mendocino and into sonoma. so you notice here rainfall expectations urk barely see them register on the map. the areas in blue could indicate areas in the hilltops and close to a quarter inch of rain but notice elsewhere, nothing to get the rain gauges moving south of san francisco. but for the morning with the extra cloud cover, could have a few sprinkles across the golden
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gate bridge into the north bay and temperatures warmer, thanks to the cloud cover, 40s to start off tomorrow. highs tomorrow south of san jose could climb close to 70 degrees. from san jose to son ol and pleasant ton, close to 70. and upper 60 noose concord and walnut creek and into san francisco, pretty nice day, partly cloudy skies, breezy by the afternoon, highs there in the low 60s. and into the north bay, you see the teams in the low 60s for tomorrow. so we do have the chance of seeing showers for the early part of the morning here. and then as we go into about early afternoon, 1:30, around game time, should see the temperatures around the ballpark a little bit warmer than we'll see toward ocean beach, 50s there but probably low 60s around early to mid-afternoon around at&t park and during the day gradual clearing through the afternoon and the next best chance for bay area wide rain will be on the tuesday morning commute, mainly light rain. no, sir really intense showing up there. and then tuesday afternoon, check this out, mainly areas north of san francisco.
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seeing the best chance of showers through tuesday. one change by tuesday afternoon, though. you may notice the wind speeds beginning to pick up on the coast. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts by tuesday evening so the hint at the biggest change we'll see this week. wednesday midday, probably into thursday morning, this looks to be the best chance for finding rain, an inch or two, maybe up in the north bay out of the system. that should be the focus of the storm. thursday afternoon into friday, skies clear and so at least the first half of the weekend looks dry right now but that is next sunday. it looks like we will see more showers. again the biggest focus here is in the north bay. areas around the south bay may not see a whole lot of rain except for the system coming in wednesday into thursday. so, active weather continues. again the north bay for four days, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, chances of seeing rain, for the rest of the bay area, it does look like that wednesday, thursday system is the main impact. and dry start to next weekend but we'll see snow and more rain likely by next sunday. >> man. >> here it comes. >> thank you very much. coming up next, the world
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cup, coxing back to the bay area. and the new bid set to be unveiled tomorrow.
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fans, family and friends, celebrating the amazing life of legend chuck berry today while paying respects while filing past his open cask casket. one of the guitars hanging above the casket. he died last month at the age of 90 and he was unducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. and a historic collaboration to host the world cup. there is a joint bid tomorrow to host the 2026 world cup. a successful bid for north
6:21 pm
america does seem possible and the continents have hosted the previous cup. the last time they hosted was in 1994 in several matches were held here in the bay area. they were at stanford. you remember. >> i remember it very well. >> that would be so great. and tons of soccer fans around here. it would be huge. >> coming up in sports, the giants avoid the sweep in san diego. >> and we have the highlights and the post-game breaks it down. we'll tell you what happened, after this.
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dropping five of the first six games is not how the giants envisioned their season opening road trip unfolding and to make matters worse, today they face a possible sweep at the hands of the padres. the padres. except that johnny cueto was on the mound and he pitched and he owns the padres. he also got a little bit of offensive help. and if you are having trouble beating an opponent, try distraction or blinding your opponent. plenty of giants fans. murero and shooting to white and posey comes around to score and crawford able to score on the flowing error to a left fielder got a hit to put them up 2-0. and next inning, pence staring down richard and he goes down and sends this one up and over the left field fence. a two-run shot, the first home run of the year.
6:24 pm
posey up next. he didn't have to go quite as deep. but he is like, i'll take the opposite field shot. his first of the year. cueto only gave up two earned in seven innings so doing well. and then in the bottom of the ninth, two on for will meyer and mallancen on mound and he gets the save. the 4-6-3 double play and the giants win 5-3. we get more now from our post-game live crew. >> thanks, mindi. with rich anda med and since opening day, he needed to pitch again and he did and he pitched pretty well. >> he did. he got the first save as a giant and mixed all of his pitchers in. it was good to see after having basically a week off from opening day in arizona. he hadn't thrown a pitch. so to get him in the game and get his first save out of the way before they get back home, it is a big thing for him. >> saw him pitch the other day but they couldn't get him in.
6:25 pm
>> and still a heartbeat situation but i'm sure it takes time for a guy to get comfortable with a new team and a new rule. >> and you have to win more games and be in the position to get your closer in. so he hadn't pitched in a while and a little rusty, but 47 saves last year. four time all-star, he is going to be phenomenal. >> offensively in the first seven games so far, pretty good. and i think maybe above what people expected this team to be able to do coming into the year. >> i think so. and today we saw power, added three and four hitters in posey and pence. and one hit down the left field and the right field line and to give the giants the early lead which was key for cueto, for him to have a lead to work with and he had leeway there. >> and nine home runs so maybe offensively they would bring that back and keep the momentum going because the diamondbacks do score runs. they have to hit with them. >> what does moore have to do to
6:26 pm
win the home opener. >> throw strikes and get early outs an the guys behind him have to play clean defense. >> and no runs. >> right. >> that would help. >> no runs. >> back to you, mindi. >> and sergio garcia won the masters on the first playoff hole. beat justin rose and captured his first major win. we'll have more highlights tonight at 11:00 and more news right after this break. it is live-stream your favorite sport
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. internet sensation april the giraffe, you know her and love her, and now she appears close to giving birth. >> they say. >> they say. >> we should add that. is this an old script from a month ago. a facebook post indicates there was major movement and a bulge of the belly. >> i bet april doesn't appreciate that. >> her is her chance to show it. watch her spit into the lense. >> and she lived at the animal adventure park in upstate new york and they started live streaming in february, april, as she is near the due date. the giraffes are pregnant for about 15 months. they are not sure when she will give birth but they think it could be tonight. >> and in the future, maybe they would pin point it better for her sake. what kind of weather is april going to half. >> our april, chances of showers in the north bay and the best chance for bay area will be wednesday into thursday. >> here comes the rain.
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>> thanks very much for joining us. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a great night. mcconnell, and we've got some
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great discoveries for you along the open road. we'll explore the rugged santa cruz mountains and see trails being planned in a new preserve to allow people and pumas room to roam in harmony. we'll drive into a lovely landscape and go underground to discover coal country in california. we'll find exciting new ways our latino community is getting outdoors and connecting with nature. and marvel at the magnificent art of john muir laws and be inspired to follow him into the field. [music] [music]


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