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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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xe=apparently really didn't care vrch about other people's properties. tonight the pricey careenup and nbc marianne favro any leads on social media about the kids. >> no not yet. this is a flash mob situation. dozens of people showed up here to this $1.7 million momi in san
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jose for a party saturday night. they left behind extensive damage including this broken window. . broken glass. doors kicked in. missing banister railings. this is the aftermath of a party held at the brand new luxury home on rose mar court in san jose. vanedless broke in the vacate home ripped on cabinets and wrote grafty in the kitchen with glue. >> somebody found out they were vacate and secluded and decided to put out information on social media went viral. all of a sudden i heard the number is around 50 teenagers showed up had a party np the scratches on the brand new wood flooring so extensive they need to sanded down and refinished. knell likely be doing much of the work. >> we just have to redo just the eabinets, some of the doors also irom the garage. a little bit of floor fixing. >> the partiers also broke windows in at least four other brand new homes in the rose mar
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estates. >> shacking upsetting, i mean nice homes. you know now are you -- i don't know it's just very disaping. >> neighbor al garcia says about to years ago vandals also broke into and trashed this home which was vacate at the time. now steps have been taken to make sure the new luxury homes are not targeted again. >> we've added security at night s e. es that damage to all the homes is estimated to be about $50,000. that realtor we spoke to said there have been similar cases l=ere teenagers post parties at vacate parties they do target y.gher end homes in remote locations like the one you saw. supreme court justice nooefl gorsuch was sworn in today. orsuch officially taking the oath of office at small ceremony with chfts roberts. the formal ceremony in rose itrden with rose garden the neil corsuch started his legal creature as a law clerk in
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justice kennedy. a justice serves with one of the former law clerk. le i've always heard the most apiortant thing that a president of the united states does is appoint people, hopefully great people like this appointment to the united states supreme court. and i. >> and i promise you i will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution laws of this great nation. >> justice gorsuch replaces justice anton zlalia who as you may know died last year. n> secretary of state rex tillerson met japan's fnlts today in italy petition told reporters japan supported the u.s. strike on the syrian air hese it will help spread chemical weaponsen. ghe two grood to work together on north korea. onllerson also expected to meet ea.h russia's fnlts later this week. thll one of the most festive days of the year processes
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iants home opener more than 40,000 people enjoying the sunshine a beautiful day more importantly the ball game. j> today a little bit different. phe ball park went silents in the first ining many here is why giants catch carefully hit ride er the head at a 94-mile-per-hour fastball. you could hear the impact even e e fans could hear it from pper deck. posy immediately taken out of the game obviously major soncerns here for a concussion. vere is good news though. he is okay but there is a good ohance he'll miss some games. -s for the rest of the afternoon well it was all good. live look now at at&t park the piants deemed the diamond backs 4-1. rick boon joins us with the tough assignment for the day opeside the ball park. rick take it away. >> reporter: yeah it's been a tough ray raj and jessia you know this location i'm right here at the players entrance exit. right now the exit who knows
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coming through here during my live shot i believe a little white johnny. he drove through here in the nice beautiful suv. but the giants fans they want a win. that is the big quest in season. they can't wait to continue this countdown now to the world series. and they're hoping at the end of the season place will be rocking as they walk into another championship. >> baseball in san francisco is always wonderful. >> the time the giants have kicked off a season in san francisco. >> it's a new season every new season is optimistic didn't wint laptop year in a even year let's start odd year tradition. >> some fans have been there for a lot of open zbleers 38-39, season ticket holder 40 years. >> there were many first timers here too feeling the vibe of baseball in san francisco. the first opening day right. >> yeah. >> what about you. >> mine too. >> yours too. >> opening day a family affair.
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>> the start of a new season, a lot of positive thoughts. >> this mom has been bringing her son to games since he was a kid. >> i was probably five or six. i it wasn't opening day, no now he is bringing mom and his girlfriend. at&t park full not an effort seat in the house. every direction you look, just a sea of orange and black. >> my favorite players current or former. >> either. >> my former player will clark and current bufrt. >> and commitment to see the first pitch of the season worth it to some to give up a day's pay. fans who say their dedication to the team is worth more than a paycheck. >> you got to love jobs that appreciate the request to let opening day. >> and before anyone starts their little twitter fight with me it's johnny kwad o got it correct. we'll see how the giants fans are kicking off their home team
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with unique fashion on this opening day. we're live here at at&t park. rick boon. nbc bay area news. >> you got a mulligan because t's home eepg day. mptk boon from the ball park. nce more coverage of the giants opener nbc bare area is. he'll have the impact and reaction from inside the k ubhouse regarding the bufrt poseio injury ahead on the 6:00 news cast. >> good will wasn't displaying ne at&t park. she jienlts and air bnb have teamed up to help homeless in frist. ==kanizations to doonlted a soeusand dollars no the cause nar every run the giants score at the park this season. >> the one child on average in every public school classroom, classroom of 25, is homeless, and at the end of school goes to a place other than a home to sleep at night. rhis is something we have to
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solve. t today donation, 4,000. the money will be donated to the ham ilten family center. >> my god. >> have you seen this yet? the viral video of a man being dragged off a united airlines ulight. =nited is now responding to the second time today. and making people even more upset. >> it's a beautiful day in oakland. the sun out rain has stopped why hasn't the cleanup started with the mudslide started up here where i'm standing wentdown hill slamming into four homes. that story coming up. >> i'm meteorologist jeff rain area but check this out a new storm system offshore i'll have details exactly when rain returns tuesday that's coming up at 5:20 tonight. >> at nbc bay area. thromeno hoowns itheakldhis
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>> first a river of mud slid into their homes. now home orange in the oakland hills don't know when the city will help dig out. the concern of rain in the forecast could blake. barry joins us liver in the neighborhoods. any updates on when anything will be done. >> well, let's go back to thursday. that's when the rain started coming down and then first in road aiken drive broke apart, broke away, gave way.
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leading to mudslide that roared down that hill, slamming into four homes. now home owners are anxious to get started with cleanup. but any can't. >> our concern is that enough mud might come down to break through and it would get into our home. >> frank stone balances on a narrow concrete ledge above more than two feet of mud, bowing the sliding glass doors of his home. >> this huge ball of treeses and mud, a lot of mud just came pouring down. >> but three days after the stone's home and three more on benning tagged to an too tankers to occupation near he or his wife have any idea when this will be revolved. >> we need somebody to come and move the mud so it doesn't break through into the house. it's not raining down the hill anymore. >> what's more they're not sure who is paying for it all.
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>> well, you know, sure we have insurance but the insurance says they don't cover this. and so that was pretty studenting. >> a spoke person for oakland public works says engineers were in the area today but gave no indication when the work begins. >> i can't confirm a time line for you i can tell you what you want to do in a safetiway situation. rush is we do recognize it's a urgent issue. >> they don't know when le the red tagged home will be evaluated they're doing something they haven't done in 40 years. >> we're couch surfing with friends at this point. >> one home owner said it was told rather it may be as long as two months before work can begin to clear mud from her home lifrl in the oakland hills bay area news. >> well a public relations disaster for united airlines. and tonight united is not budging. the ceo sent an email to
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employees saying a passenger was disruptive and belligerent. that passenger was forcibly taken off the plane. >> you can hear the reaction from the other passengers and the screaming from the man himself. they took him off because the flight was overbooked, four passengers were told they had to leave to make room for united airlines employees. no one volunteered. so a computer picked passengers who would have to get off the flight. the man refused to leave. security then as you see dragged him out now in a letter just release the ceo oscar munoz of united airlines says the man raised his voice and rfrzed to kpliet and more and more disruptive and belligerent. crew members were left with no choice about to call chicago
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aviation security. then stfrted the customers removing can this happen to you forced off an overbooked flight. our aviation expert mike mccarron formally of sfo will be in stoid with answers. >> turn things over to jeff ranieri. go back to the kerps of the people in the month clair neighborhood with the weather changing how much of it concern it the rainfall we're having. >> anybody near the mudslide they're going to have to watcher the weather extremely the days we're pinpointing would be wednesday and upcoming sunday for accumulations kbaking the bay area. as microclimate weather forecast beautiful day out here in san francisco for the home opener still a little bit of blue sky and currently 61 degrees. but notice the change here by nine abten and 11:00. cloud cover increases. that's out ahead of the next storm system already starting to line up. agency you get a look what i want you to know is the strongest part of the part of
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the storm system will be leading off to north the leading edge will give us the possibility of some scattered rainfall for tomorrow. now morning forecast it looks mainly cloud yoo here from the south bay toward the trooi valley but best chance of any rainfall would be for the north bay and also san francisco as we start off on that morning commute hour by hour forecast again, reconfirms that we're not looking at any kind of major storm system to start for tomorrow. there is the spotty showers near the defendant and also north bay at 8:30. 3:00 still the possibility of showers would be in north bay. but then tomorrow night looks like everybody would have the kmans around 7:00 for hit and miss activity. microclimate forecast as we head direct to biggest changes all of us impacted by will be the increased cloud cover and temperatures dropping about five degrees. that will put us as at 68 in the san jose for east bay going to cooler 66 in liver more. also 64 vallejo.
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peninsula, belmont, montana mid-60s. ma cool 62 long the embarcadero. also looking at low 60s for napa. so that chance of scattered rain for tomorrow but i really think the better chance of rainfall during the work week not going to happen until late wednesday night. we think by 7:30 at night rainfall lines up here across the north bay, then eventually moves down to san jose by 11:30 in the evening. we could show you all of this better on that extended forecast and you'll be able to see with the chance of rain tomorrowis trace amounts about a quarter ifrmg possible. a wednesday a better chance are 10th to half ifrmg. dry friday and saturday but the day to keep your eye on if you have plans upcoming weekend is sunday possibly easter rainfall coming our way. temperatures in san francisco in the 50s to low 60s, for the interior valleys also a cooler week for us with 60s through the next seven days.
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and again wednesday and also the in upcoming sunday those are the days we'll get the rainfall really starting to accumulate again. okay pass over and easter big week for a lot of people. >> thank you jeff np just ahead started out as dreep here in the bay area now reached historic new level. tesla's notable accomplishment. next. 35hound lla toix ero
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>> happening now the cocoa gorella foundation says it has collected $35,000 to fix the roof of cocoa's pen workers stay the leaking during the winner storm that story you can find tennessee home page fv a new. after allegations he belittled employees, most women more news
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next. . >> t jue fhti toeepisse afr t "bck
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. >> the judge fighting to keep his seat after the brock turn he is case is getting support from the top law enforcement fishl in santa claira credit union, judge aaron%ky received backlash across the world processor sentencing turner tos is six months in jail for sexual assault on the stanford campus there has been a movement to
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recall%ky and more than 50,000 signatures are required to put it on the june 2018 ballot. >> pool the a lot based tesla has surpassed general mortgagor mosters as the most valuable the mark in the u.s. tesla tesla has a value of over $51.3 billion that's scheidtly higher therapy gm in terms of the global auto makers the tesla has a long way to go before surpassing toityia which is valued at $173 billion. >> back with more in a moment.
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>> ton at six badges with some bling. the price tag for the new equipment of a santa claira county coroner's office and why some say over the top that story coming up 6:00 nurse cast. >> talk about blik bling could be most vamable pairing of earrings. niece are apool o emboli and art imhe is pink together worth together an estimated $68 million. million dollars international jewelers say not only is the color unique but the size make them phenomenally rare. these jewels will be sold as auction in geneva next month. >> jeff when jessica walks in
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with one earring we'll know where she is shopping. >> i got to find somebody. >> lester holt joins us neck. >> bye-bye. adults killed, elementary school students badly wounded and shock waves in san bernardino. struck by another horrific act of violence. dragged off a plane, outrage as a passenger is forcibly removed by police for forcing to give up his seat on an overbooked flight. united airlines under fire. governor scandal, facing impeachment, alabama's governor resigns brought down by secret messages with his mistress mistakenly sent to his wife. free college, new york becomes the first state to offer a public university education at no cost to middle class families. will other states follow? and welcome to the neighborhood. an important lesson in friendship as julia joins the gang on "sesame street." "nightly news" begins


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