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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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rit n --ow r right now at 4:30, rain creeping on in to the north bay as we speak. you see the activity right now on the radar there. how far is it going to spread and will it affect your morning commute? today in the bay starts right now. we'll have some answers to thundershower questions. not just posing them rhetorically. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is 4:30. it is early. we see the rain starting in the north bay. >> it's going to be spotty and light. as you head out this morning, the roads may be wet. we have even seen some sprinkles elsewhere. here's a live look at san jose where we only had mist coming through and low clouds at times. you can see the bigger picture
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where there's rain moving across other parts of the bay area, around the east bay. but it's enough to wet the wipers and the streets, but we won't see this having a major impact for the day. we'll talk about what to expect as another storm system moves in tomorrow afternoon. and mike has two kinds of green on the map. >> one we love. that's the green speed sensors moving well around the bay. light traffic, obviously, right now, and continuing for the spring breaks rotating this week in the south bay. there's the other green, the radar having shown activity come through this area, and now there's a chance with the road weather that you might get damp roads. upper east shore freeway, but despite that fact, minimal impact. we're showing your typical speeds and drive times. >> thank you very much. now we go to breaking news in santa clara where a driver plunged his car into a pool in a
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home there. >> bob redell joining us live to explain what happened here. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. as you can see, this happened behind me at a home at the corner of calabasas in the city of santa clara. we get a sense the driver was traveling fast. you can see this gate in the foreground. that was crashed through. the driver then went through a wooden fence, and in the back there, there is a swimming pool. with our own eyes, we can see that a vehicle is submerged in the pool. apparently in the middle of the pool. and because it's so deep, and it's submerged, it's going to fake some time to get the car out of there. it appears they're going to have to bring in a crane or something as a tow truck would not do. the homeowner was not at home at the time. the slanta clara police and fire department did respond to this call and they did talk with the driver. now, the driver did tell us that
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he, according to him, that he took too big of a turn and fell asleep at the wheel. according to a colleague who is here at the scene, he says his colleague tells us that the police did give him a breathalyzer and he apparently passed as there was no arrest made of this driver. a young man who was in this vehicle that crashed through the fence of this home. fortunately, he was not hurt. he was sopping wet but was not taken to the hospital, and again, it appears there have been no arrests in this accident that took place with this car now in the middle of this pool at this home here at calabasas. reporting live here in santa clara. >> thank you very much. 4:33 right now. grief and heartache in southern california as people are trying to under why a gunman went to his estranged wife's school and killed her along with an 8-year-old student. the gunman, cedric anderson, walked into a san bernadino
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class room and sought her point blank and without warning. two boys were hit by the gunfire. an 8-year-old boy died. we don't have an update on the 9-year-old's condition. anderson then turned the gun on himself. the emotional scars are hardly healed for the community. san bernadino was the scene of one of the worst terror attacks in u.s. history a little over a year ago. >> east palo alto police are looking for possible sexual assault victims of a self-proclaimed masseuse. he's accused of running an unregulated massage therapy business from his house. neighbors say they're shocked. >> i am appalled. i am appalled. i feel really sad for him because as i stated earlier, you would not want a better neighbor. >> right now, investigators are asking the public for any tips in this case. >> a large explosion rattles a city in turkey.
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at least four people are hurt. it happen today in a kurdish city today in turkey about 50 miles north of the syrian border. one victim is reported in serious condition. the cause is unknown. a turkish news agency says it happened when work was being done on an armored police car and caused part of a building to collapse. >> russian authorities have announced a string of arrests in connection with last week's deadly bombing in st. petersburg beneath the subway there. russia's intelligence chief said eight extremists have been arrested in a bombing that killed 13 people and injured doze dozens. 22-year-old man has been identified as the bomber. there are reports that he may have trained with isis. united airlines dealing with a growing pr nightmare this morning but standing by its actions after a man was dragged from an overbooked airplane. >> if you haven't seen it on
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social media, everyone is talking about this video that shows airport officers in chicago dragging the man from his seat. they took him off the plane because no one wanted to volunteer to give up their tickets. they say while the video is extreme, it is within the airline's rights. >> because the airline pretty much holds all the cards in this. when you buy a ticket, there's an implied consent that can be up to 50 pages long for some carriers and they have all the benefits of it. >> united's ceo has written a letter saying he's upset about what happened. he also justified what hamanned saying the man had been increasingly disruptive and belligerent. >> 4:36. a mask, a gun, and a robbery in the east bay. coming up, what help this surveillance video might play in helping police find their plan in an armed attack. thht ion r aask ard rbern ssuni
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the hunt is on for a masked armed robber. take a look at this surveillance video. this happened on sunday night. the suspect opened a smoke shop about 8:00 at night, using a gun, he demanded cash and got away with money and cigarettes. caught with four pounds of methamphetamine, sheriff's deputies arrested a suspected drug dealer during a possible sale. here's a look at the evidence. luis valencia was wanted by police in connection to a 2014
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drug sale investigation. the deputies contacted him. they found a half pound of methamphetamine in his car, and then another three pounds in a second car. he's now booked at the sonoma county jail. >> 4:40 on your tuesday morning. defense attorneys still trying to build up the possibility that sierra lamar may have run away from home and the ongoing garcia torres trial. attorneys yesterday calling two witnesses to the stand who talked about having contact with the suspect and victim in the days leading up to lamar's disappearance. first a teacher who taught lamar in a class before she moved and transferred schools testified about her returning at least once to her former classroom to visit old friends. >> cameras are rolling. >> starting this week, deputies in santa clara county will be patrolling the streets with body cameras. the sheriff's department plans to slowly roll out the cameras to its 1100 members on the force. >> the giants walking away with
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a win in yesterday's home opener, but player takes a hit along the way. buster posey hit by a 94-mile-per-hour fastball. ouch. we'll have an update on the popular player's condition. you're watching today in the bay. a sry men.. at ickdaenetheooduri
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look out. >> the kind of smack you don't want to hear. you like when they hit the bat. frightening moment quickly darkened the mood in giants' home opener.
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buster posey hit in the head by a 94-mile-per-hour fastball. he stayed down and eventually left the game. team said posey did nots suffer a concussion and is expected to be okay. the good news here, the giants beat arizona 4-1. >> hit him right square in the middle of the helmet. they're wearing the helmets, but nothing will prepare you for the 95-mile-per-hour fastball. >> a lot of people prepared to celebrate the home opener. a lot of fun. >> it was fun, and the weather was perfect. so nice. today, we're watching a few showers moving in. not as dry as it was yesterday. here's a look at the radar. ia see as you step out in some parts of the bay area, it may be misty. this is not a heavy rain. if you have the nbc bay area app, you can zoom in to where you live, and as we get a closer look at the north bay now, we're not seeing the rain everywhere. it's mainly over salono county as you head out this morning around fairfield, and then as we
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get a look farther to the south there, some spotty light rain. so this is kind of what we'll see as we go throughout the morning. some of those showers moving through cordelia. as you head to fairfield, it's a little heavier there, and now the seven-day forecast coming up on the bottom of the screen shows spotty showers today, tomorrow, and thursday. we'll talk about that. but as you head across the south bay, some light rain there as well. once again, just enough to make the streets wet and also around gilroy, you're seeing a nice little sprinkle coming down at this point. this is what we'll see throughout the day. off and on showers. some of the showers in the north bay may be just enough to measure in the few hundredths of everyone of rain today. not going to see heavy downpours. for tomorrow, we're going to start to see the winds picking up. still cloudy skies. a little bit of mist and drizzle. then some heavier rain moving through tomorrow evening into early thursday morning. we'll still see some lingering showers on thursday.
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it does stay unsettled with off and on rain for the next couple days. if you are planning to head out to the giants game tonight, be prepared for spotty showers moving through, especially later on through the evening and temperatures will be cool also, only reaching to the mid 50s. as we get a look at what's happening, a wider view, and also for the sierra, light showers and even a little bit of light snow. here's a live look outside at squaw creek. the temperatures definitely cold enough for some snow. it's 28 degrees. we'll start to see more moisture moving in, and look at how much snow we could see over the next couple days. at least a foot of snow in spots lieng king vale may have over 20 inches of snow. this epic snow season continues and we'll still see wet weather around the bay area. looking at san francisco, the temperature trend shows we will be in the low 60s today. upper 50s for the next few days, and then a little clearing between friday and saturday. and for the rest of the bay
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area, still going to see some scattered sprinkles inland. highs in the low 60s today. and for saturday, that looks like the best day this weekend. as we head over to mike, spring break is still in rotation, right? >> that's right. so this week, we're looking at least san jose unified. that will have a big impact on your morning commute. there are still other schools rotating around the bay as well. that's why we're seeing lighter traffic flow for the morning commute especially. afternoons and evenings still get a good volume of traffic out there. here, looking at the tri-valley and the east bay. looking over towards the bay bridge toll plaza, no problem. 680 flows nicely. hard for me to say that. i'll show you some choices you can make and you can look at the stream. no reason to stumble for your commute out of the altamonte pass. a smooth drive. 34 minutes, that's the green number over there. but the purple number at the top. that's if you take the 580. why don't you do that? it would save you ten minutes.
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that's how light the traffic is. you can make your choice on waze by joining the team. go to your waze app. if you done loaded this a long time ago, make sure you're on our team. go to the profile, click your name, then click teams and nbc bay area. make sure you select the one with the pink because you're watching it right now. >> that's a good point. i have used waze for a long time wrfrb and i joined the team. >> newly. >> thank you very much. and business news right now, ford is making bold predictions when it comes to the sales of suvs. >> for more on that, let's check in with kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, kate. >> hey, there, laura and sam. good morning to you both. wall street could start the day in the red after eking out small gains yesterday. stocks higher on low volume with energy shares leading the way on the back of rising oil prices. crude is pulling back today from a more than one-month high. nearly 2 points to.
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the nasdaq up three. a top executive at ford predicts the suv sales boom will roll on. market shares of suvs have risen to 40% of all u.s. auto sales. and they say automakers are responding to consumer demand. the company also plans to unveil a redesigned explorer. low gas prices and better fuel economy has prompted more americans to buy suvs in recent years. and comcast is reportedly planning to launch an online video service revolving around shows from its various networks. the aim is to launch in the next 12 to 18 months. comcast can do so before then in conditions set of its takeover of nbcuniversal in 2009. >> our big parent company there. thanks a lot. >> a big return on the court last night. if you were checking this out, we know the nba playoffs are right around the corner. >> the warriors 14-game winning
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streak history. >> utah jazz were playing up to the competition and played with a purpose down the stretch at oracle arena. maybe the ws were thinking ahead to their first round playoff series as they came up short last night, 105-99. this game was notable because it was the first time in six weeks that steph curry and kevin durant were on the court at the same time. >> coming up, calling it the great escape. the will and way a dog opened several doors, checking himself out of an animal hospital overnight. >> first, happening right now, the g-7 group of nations has failed to reach agreement over threatening new sanctions against russia and syria. this after the chemical attack in syria that left dozens dead. many victims children. >> also, later today, secretary of state rex tillerson is heading to moscow for talks on syria. he's on a plane right now. >> and a new report says the former superintendent of yosemite national park created a hostile work place.
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da don nubalker retired after belittling employees and showing gender bias to women. a li ok tsi atownwn sajos-
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welcome back. a live look outside right now at downtown san jose. pretty nice start to your morning here. and the south bay largely spared of the rain for now. some areas are getting it. we'll talk to kari hall in a couple minutes. 4:53 right now on your tuesday. rolling on. high speed rail leaders here in the bay area are hosting the second of three open houses tonight to discuss how the project is coming along. the meeting will focus on the project's connection between the san francisco transbased transit center and the station in san
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jose. this happens at 5:00 tonight at the mountain view success center. >> how far did the scandal go? wells fargo may have known for over a decade about its workers creating fake customer accounts. the bank has been under fire after a report uncovered harmful sales practice. internal investigators found an increase in customers creating new accounts. >> not enough workers. the country of japan facing a decreasing population and it may open its doors more so to foreign workers. they released an estimate projecting by 2065, the country's population is going to shrink 30%. japanese leaders are considering allowing foreign workers to fill their employment needs. >> every day with your pet is a special one, but today, one more reason to gif them love. today is national pet day. >> and the real message behind the day is to give special attention to pets who may be in need of special attention. that's animals living in shelters or still awaiting their
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forever home. >> love those shelter pets. >> we do as well. some pets to tell you about meantime can only be called break-out artists. you adopt them into your home, where do they go? they try to lev. you may know about this if you have a dog like general. general knows how to lead his way out of the hospital. he escaped after opening multiple doors. he opened the doors using his mouth. >> he's very creative there. he didn't stray too far, though. he eventually made it to a neighbor's yard and they found general resting in the front yard. i think he just wanted to go home. general is now said to be doing no worse for the wear. >> it's interesting. you have a shelter dog, and that shelter dog stays put in your house all the time. >> the other one takes off and runs all the time. >> the dog you had your entire life -- >> not my whole life. >> long time. yeah, so the dog leaves all the time. >> oh, yeah. unappreciative. >> no appreciation at all.
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>> i'm crazy running after him. >> that dog will be wet today. coming up next, expecting showers in the north bay this morning. kari hall with a look at your forecast. >> we're seeing spotty showers around the bay area, including the east bay as well as the south bay. we'll see this off and on. i'll let you know how much rain to expect over the next couple days. several storm systems move in. that's coming up on the other side of this break. >> we're checking both sides of 880 here in fremont. look how crystal clear the shot is. in the corner next to the m in morning, we have a flag that's sort of sitting there. yeah, much calmer, but the weather is changing. we'll see how that affects the commute.
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breaking overnight, you're looking at live images right now of a driver that crashed his car into the pool of a south bay house. you can see the top of the car sticking out there on the right side of your screen. now, the task is to fish it out. we're just getting new images into the newsroom of that vehicle under water. we're there live. >> plus, mourning in san bernadino after a special ed teacher and student are shot to death. what we're learning about the shooter this morning. >> and a south bay community looking to spend big bucks to enhance its image. today in the bay starts right now. and a good tuesday morning. thank you for so much for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. sometimes tuesdays are harder than monday to get up. >> we did have baseball
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yesterday. >> i think that's why. we can blame it on the barometer, perhaps. >> i don't know. yeah, it's hard. it's tuesday. i mean, maybe get an extra cup of coffee. and don't just stay in bed longer because that just makes it worse. right? tuesday, get up, get moving. we have a little bit of light rain. hey, i'm here to wake you up. as we are going to see some light showers moving across parts of the bay area this morning. it's not a heavy rain. it's just a little bit of mist in the air, some cloudy skies. and this weak storm system continues to move through. we'll have several waves of rain in the forecast over the next couple days. look how much rain we could see. we're looking to measure rain at about a quarter inch in the south bay. closer to a tenth of an inch in the try valley. not going to be really heavy, but for the north bay, you are going to measure quite a bit close to a half inch of rain. we'll talk about the timeline of when the waves of rain will move
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in coming up in about seven or eight minutes as we head to mike, monitoring the roads and the rails. >> because they're both moving pretty well. i'm happy to report, the traffic on these roadways, no major slowing. a little build out of the altamonte pass, and also in the north bay, seeing some of the radar activity travel through. so look at that. vallejo, still reporting some damp roadways on the road weather index. nothing dramatic. we have also a couple crashes. i think it might be the same incident reported on either side of 980. no slowing there. i'll continue to get updates as chp does arrive on the scene, and on the rails, no delays. b.a.r.t., muni, all on time. caltrain, remember, on time right now, but we do have schedule changes that we saw yesterday, so people may have to adjust. >> thank youerary much. have to adjust to this as well. breaking news, recovery in santa clara. a driver plunged a car into the pool of a home there. >> everybody is


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