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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in coming up in about seven or eight minutes as we head to mike, monitoring the roads and the rails. >> because they're both moving pretty well. i'm happy to report, the traffic on these roadways, no major slowing. a little build out of the altamonte pass, and also in the north bay, seeing some of the radar activity travel through. so look at that. vallejo, still reporting some damp roadways on the road weather index. nothing dramatic. we have also a couple crashes. i think it might be the same incident reported on either side of 980. no slowing there. i'll continue to get updates as chp does arrive on the scene, and on the rails, no delays. b.a.r.t., muni, all on time. caltrain, remember, on time right now, but we do have schedule changes that we saw yesterday, so people may have to adjust. >> thank youerary much. have to adjust to this as well. breaking news, recovery in santa clara. a driver plunged a car into the pool of a home there. >> everybody is okay, but bob redell is joining us with new
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pictures we just got moments ago. what a scene down there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. the driver says that he took too big of a turn and was falling asleep when he crashed through two fences, a metal gate and a wooden fence, into the backyard of this house on calabasas in santa clara. you can take a live look at the camera we have above the pool. you can see, he plunged right into the deep end of this swimming pool. it happened around 3:00 this morning. now, santa clara city fire department released photos that shows what it looks like. looks like it's a white -- behind the wheel was able to escape. was unharmed. not hurt. that's according to the fire department. our understanding is that he was given a field sobriety test and that he passed. that he was not arrested by the santa clara city police department. now, as i mentioned earlier, he said he was dozing off. mishandled, misjudged the turn
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here. lost control of his car. the homeowner was not here at the time. not clear if they're even aware yet of what happened and it's going to take more than a tow truck to remove the car without damaging the pool given that it's submerged. it could be possibly requiring a crane. reporting live here in santa clara, bob redell. today in the bay. >> quite an effort to get that out. thank you. it's 5:02 on your tuesday morning. not surprisingly, classes are canceled at a san bernadino elementary school. a combination of grief, heartache, and confusion for those in that southern california community trying to understand why a gunman went into his estranged wife's school and shot and killed her along with an 8-year-old student. authorities say the gunman, 53-year-old cedric anderson, walked into a san bernadino class room caught by karen smith and shot her point blank and without warning. two young boys were also hit by the gunfire. one, an 8-year-old boy, died. no update right now on the condition of a 9-year-old's
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injuries. anderson then turned the gun on himself. paints last night talked about more control. >> we have not talked to anybody at this point that knew there was that dynamic or he was a potential threat to the school. >> i'm sure the school office felt safe with him. i'm sure they let him in without even a question. so it just goes to show that everybody needs to be checked. there can't just be an open-door policy to anybody, unfortunately. >> incredibly painful situation yesterday. made more so by the fact this is a community that is still bearing the emotional scars of what happened about a year ago in san bernadino. of course, the site of one of the worst terror attacks in u.s. history. >> much closer to home, a live look at san jose's valley medical center this morning where authorities are reporting some kind of peeping incident. last night, santa clara county deputies tweeted out that a 25-year-old of san jose had been arrested for peeping. so far, deputies have not
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indicated if the man was a hospital worker or just what the men did to spy on patients. >> the search continues this morning for a missing teenager in fremont. this is kalen glass brg, 15 years old. she hasn't been seen since last thursday night. she's considered at risk. keep an eye out for her. authorities in the east bay fear there may be more victims after recent arrest of a former school worker. he's accused of sexual crimes against children. police last month arrested 60-year-old reuben gonzalez. he's accused in a string of crimes against four young people over a 15-year period. the victims all lived at his home. gonzalez worked for the west contra conta unified school district over six years in various roles. >> part of why we're putting the media release out is because if there are other victims, you know, they have the strength to come forward. >> gonzalez is held in martinez on $46 million bail.
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>> coming up right now on 5:05 on your tuesday morning. right now, santa clara county facing tough criticism this morning after launching their new independent medical examiners office with top of the line badges in silver and gold. it's the price thag that has people talking. the badges will cost taxpayers over $700 for one badge. that's three to seven times more than those worn pie most law officers. many are calling the badges excessive. >> i would never invest that kind of county funds for a symbol. it's not a piece of jewelry. it's a symbol of law enforcement orientation. >> county says badges are important to be able to identify themselves at crime scenes. >> it's not just badges bringing reports of big spending. the board of supervisors may pay a big price for a makeover. the santa clara county board of supervisors wants to rebrand. on tuesday's agenda, they may propose to spend more than a
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million dollars on public relations up grades. the goal would be to hire a pr firm to help the county's image with citizens. >> they could be taking planning power from livermore, they agreed to support a bill that would create a new authority. that new authority would plan a connection between b.a.r.t. and tri-valley rails or a new connection with the san joaquin county. b.a.r.t. extension to livermore has been planned since the 1970s. good tuesday morning. it is 5:06. as you get ready to head out the door, we're tracking some light sprinkles, but the roads aren't that wet. you may have to turn on the windshield wipers and we're going to see the rain off and on. let me show you what to expect as we go through today. still some showers, cloudy skies. some very light rain today. now, as we head into tomorrow, going to see more of the same. and then we'll have a better chance of some measurable rain later tomorrow evening, going to start to see the rain moving through north to south. this is 7:00 tomorrow evening.
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and we'll start to see this rolling on into the peninsula as well as the east bay and the south bay by late tomorrow night. and we will also still see some lingering showers throughout the day on thursday. so expect it to be very wet. off and on showers for the next couple days and you just want to be prepared for it all. we'll talk about what to expect as we head closer to the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. i know it's easter weekend so you have plans to get out there, and you want to wear a beautiful dwresz. well, i'll let you know what you may need to put over that in a few minutes at 5:11, a look at the temperature trend, and mike starting out with two crashes in oakland. >> that's right, but i'm listen for the dress report and also for my bonnet. a smooth flow of traffic in the south bay. east bay, focuses on the area right around the maze. we talk about two reports. one on 980, but it does turn out it's not 980 over here near the nimitz.
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it's over here off the 980 and 580. that interchange has one lane blocked by a single-car car crash. i was able to put that detail here. getting away from the maze is where that is. 16 minutes to the bay bridge. 14 minutes up past the coliseum and in toward the downtown area, and a nice easy flow of traffic on the rails. just remember, caltrain does have some schedule changes. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up next, 5:08. secretary of state rex tillerson headed to russia today. on a plane at the moment. a live report on washington on who he's going to be meeting with. >> it can only be called a debacle. we'll look at the united airlines passenger situation with the latest details. plus, it was a moment that silenced at&t park. buster posey hit by a 94-mile-per-hour fastball during the home opener.
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giants fans want to know if he's okay. story coming up on today in the bay.
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we're coming up on 5:12 on this tuesday morning. as you get ready to head out, cloudy. don't forget the umbrella. you may need it with sprinkles coming down in and around the bay area.
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55 degrees, going to see those temperatures today make it into the mid-60s. we'll talk more about the rain and what to expect in about four minutes. and lighter than you would expect here for the tri-valley unless you're used to the spring break pattern. a lighter morning commute shaping up. no problems out of the altamont pass. i'll show you what's going on coming out of antioch coming up. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:12. secretary of state rex tillerson visits russia today tensions grow over the conflict in syria. >> edward lawrence joining us live from capitol hill. tillerson set to meet with his counterpart, but will he meet with vladimir putin. that is the question. >> that's the big question, yeah, the big question, sam and laura. at the moment, there are no plans on the books to meet with russian president vladimir putin. the russians don't want that. rexerson hasn't asked for that. at the moment, it's just the foreign minister. this is a trip to find common
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ground to fight a common enemy, that's i. also to find a consensus on syria. syria at the top of the agenda this morning, with the secretary of state rex tillerson talking to g-7 countries and arab allies in the country. tillerson heads to russia after blasting the communist country for their ties to the syrian president. >> it is unclear whether russia failed to take this obligation seriously or russia has been incompetent. but this distinction doesn't much matter to the dead. >> the secretary of state clarified the u.s. position on a number of issues at the g-7 summit in italy, which ends today. >> we must eliminate isis. g-7 support will be critical to stabilize syria, we will need the g-7's direct participation. >> the white house backing that up from washington. >> if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people, you will see a response from this president. >> i thing it is clear that we
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see no further role for the assad regime longer term. >> the russians have dug in over the past few days, supporting bashar al assad, calling the u.s. an aggressor. >> i think secretary tillerson's message to russia in the end is going to be this is not the obama. >> the open opposition to the russians may have caught them off guard. this meeting with the minister is going to happen tomorrow. however, secretary of state rex tillerson will be in moscow in about two hours. the greeting at the airport should be an inas to how the rest of the trip will go. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. >> a lot of eyes will being. thank you. >> thank you, edward. >> right now, you were mentioning a lot of people talking about this. out growing after a paying customer was wrank yanked from a flight because he refused to give up his seat. >> united dealing with a pr disaster. >> absolute disaster. seems to make it worse, united
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does, with tone deaf statements, including the claim the passenger refused to volunteer his seat. you have seen the video by now. probably from several angles. a man with a ticket and a seat told he has been random lad selected to leave to make way for deadheading united crew members. witnesses say he explained he was a doctor and that he needed to get home. in its initial statement, united said the man refused to volunteer, which is an oxymoron, no one can refuse to volunteer. then, united called in the chicago authorities. one of those officers has now been suspended and the errors continued. chicago police in a statement said the man injured himself when he fell. and united doubled down with a public statement in which united's ceo said he was sorry the passenger had to be reaccommodated. thousands of people on social media rolled their collective
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eyes over the word reaccommodated. that wasn't video of a man being reaccommodated. munoz, by the way, was named pr communicator of the year just last month by pr week magazine. the judges said he transformed the fortunes of the beleaguered airline. true story, as people compare this to they disaster. munoz used to be anative at pepsi. there are still enormous aof questions. what did united tell the chicago police. would they have responded the way they did if they knew they were rejecting a paying customer to make room for an employee not removing a belligerent and dangerous passenger. and who was the passenger? we know he was taken to the hospital, but not more than that. i want to ask another question. what would you have done? s loudly objected. many videoed. that's helpful, but is there some point when they came for the man in 18-c where you would
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have stood up and said, hold on, if you need a seat so badly, don't beat another human being. i will get off the plane. >> did people know the situation of what was going on? >> they did because this had been a long drawn out situation wherenited said this plane is not going anywhere until we get four volunteers. then they started picking random people, three of whom got off. >> okay. and they needed it for their own united people? >> correct. they needed to get to the destination to fly another airplane. >> i understand he's said he was a doctor and needed to get home. >> he says. we don't know much about this guy. that's the next step, who is this person? >> i'm sure we'll find out. >> yeah. >> to answer the question, yeah, i think not one person on the flight did do what you just asked, which was to -- other than the three you mentioned, volunteer to give up their seats. let me say this, you are in complete awe and shock at what you're seeing. sometimes that can freeze you in the moment. you can't absorb what you're watching.
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but we did see the reactions. they were screaming, this man is bleeding. once someone starts bleeding, stop what you're doing. >> take my seat. i hope, i hope i would do that. >> all right. that's a talker this morning. >> refresh. so is this, by the way, because there was a scary moment at the baseball game that we were at. we're going to get to that right now. the giants home opener was everything fans could hope for, besides the gorgeous day, the giants won. they beat arizona 4-1. i think larry said you were it good luck charm, right? >> he asked me to come back today. a superstitious sport. >> thanks in large part to the error by the diamondbacks with the bases loaded, that blunder gave the giants a 3-1 lead. matt moore pitching a solid eight innings and that held up for the win. >> look out. >> oh, gosh. just hard to watch. a moment of fear for giants fans and players. star player buster posey hit in the head by a 94-mile-per-hour
5:19 am
fastball. posey stayed down and then eventually he left the game. team says he'll be re-evaluated today, but he luckily did not suffer a concussion. he's expected to return to action soon after the game, the manager pointed out there's added concern whenever posey does return to the field. >> he's a catcher. so now, he's even more at risk, if he's catching, takes a foul tip. >> for some fans yesterday, it brought back a game in 2015 when posey took a hard foul off his mask in florida. he was taken out of that game as well. he returned the next day after passing concussion protocol. i have to say, as a mom of a little leaguer, i just sit there and pray the whole time. >> tell them don't play catcher. >> he's little. >> they don't pitch 94 miles per hour, but they're getting there. >> we as about as nice of a day as you could possibly imagine for the ball game. >> today, we'll have a few
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sprinkles moving through. it won't be as bright and sunny, but then again, the game will be at 7:15 this evening, so it won't be bright and sunny. as we get a look at what you're going to see as you head out the door this morning, we start out with some busy conditions in oakland. and a little bit of some mist and drizzle. it's not raining really hard out there. but we are going to see some spotty light showers moving in, and next few days will be very unsettled with some off and on rain. as you get a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll see we'll have more rain drops over the next couple days. and right now as you step out in oakland, it's 56 degrees. in san jose, 55 degrees. and 54 in palo alto and in san francisco. highs this afternoon reaching the mid to upper 60s today. so won't feel that bad. you'll still need the long sleeves throughout the afternoon. some peeks of sunshine and up to 65 in danville and vallejo, 64. 62 in san mateo, and in san francisco, expect a high of 58 degrees in the outer sunset and
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novato today up to 64 degrees. here's a look at the radar. you see it looks really wet. but we're not getting a lot of heavy rain here. some spotty light showers, mist and drizzle. and we will see this continuing off and on. as we get a closer look at the north bay, a few of those showers that may be measurable up to a few hundredths of an inch. also green as you move to antioch and san ramon. a little heavier for sunnyvale and santa clara. light showers also making the roads wet for morgan hill down to gilroy. so we will see this off and on. it may help out with the pollen count just a bit. but we're still high on the oak, pine, siycamore counts. grasses are moderate, too. we'll still see a lot more pollen throughout the next couple days and then heavier downpours by tomorrow evening may help us out just a bit. looking at highs today up to 60 degrees in san francisco. mid to upper 50s for the next
5:22 am
couple days. notice the two completely dry days. that's friday and saturday. and then easter sunday, we'll have some showers returning to the bay area. inland areas will see the highs on easter sunday up to 65 degrees. and rain continues into monday. as we head over to mike, updating the crash in oakland. >> a slow of traffic around most of the bay here, but we have a little slow spot over toward the maze. all green over there, east bay, south bay, peninsula. but over here, we're watching a mini maze because there is that crash here on eastbound 580 onto 980. that connector is what is affected but no major injuries. just someone complaining about pain after a car flipped over. sounds dramatic, but again, minor injuries. minor backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a backup, just slowing. the drive from the north bay as well. let's take you to waze. it's an easy choice. any of your routes right within about three minutes. from antioch over to walnut
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creek, you see the three major routes are within three minutes of each other. later on in the morning commute as it builds, you want to make a choice between the three. you can join waze on your phone, just go ahead and download the app, as you probably already have. make sure you're on our team. click the magnifying glass and then your name at the top, scroll down to teams and look for our newly added nbc bay area wazers account. we joined waze and joined with you so we can get the power of the community out there on the roads. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. >> news after this break. ♪
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the night sky lit up in parts of southern california last night. >> the dazzling display had people wondering what caused it. >> went from -- did you guys see that? >> took people by surprise. residents reported the bright flashes. some caught it on camera. >> looks close, too. early reports that a plane crash is what caused that. fire officials say there's no evidence to support that. it's now believed those were flashes from a meteor shower. >> coming up, peninsula pursuit
5:27 am
behind bars. the charges he's facing after working from his home. plus -- >> two dogs leave a san francisco park vomiting and even foaming at the mouth. the chemical in the grass that the owners believe may have been the cause.
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right now at 5:30, rain creeping into the north bay. how far will it spread, and will it affect your morning commute?
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today in the bay starts right now. actually, continues right now. we have been on air since 4:30. join us early. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is great to have you today. you mentioned creeping in the north bay right now, but it's sprinkling, this ran, all over the place. >> it's not that dramatic as you head out. you feel the mist hitting your face as you step out the door. we're not only seeing this in the north bay but all around the bay area. light showers, just enough to turn on the windshield wipers. this will be off and on the next couple days. if you have the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to zoom in to where you live and go hour by hour and look at your chance of rain. as we do get a closer look at the north bay, we're seeing a lot of green here. looks dramatic, but it's not that heavy. we'll be measuring rainfall in about a few hundredths of an inch throughout the day. once again, off and on. put that in the plan as you head out for the day. we may need the umbrella for
5:31 am
just a little bit. we'll talk about heavier rain for the whole bay area coming up in about eight minutes. heading over to mike now, good news for oakland. >> for one spot in oakland, that's right, because we had that crash involving a car that flipped over. which sounded dramatic, but the forecast is really no big deal because minor injuries and now cleared from the mini maze. a smooth flow all every the bay. we show a little slowing for the upper east shore freeway. typical pattern, and bay bridge toplaza, we have the metering lights on. it's tuesday so this is no surprise. the maze does move well, so that's a treat. >> treat to meet a lot of your friends at the toll plaza. thank you. >> pet owners worried in a san francisco neighborhood after some dogs may have gotten sick after visiting a park. >> pete suratos live in bernal heights where that park is. pete, pet owners blaming a chemical that may have been
5:32 am
sprayed on the grass? >> yeah, that's right. and according to sf gate, the owners said they left a park in bernal heights and their dogs were vomiting and foaming at the mouth. they claim it may be related to a fertilizer sprayed recently here. but we're getting conflicting stories. we'll get to that in a second. they want to get some answers from their district supervisor. they sent an e-mail regarding this issue, and the specific questions they're asking are what fertilizer was exactly used in the park. what is the schedule for applying it, and how can they stop the use of it? she said she has been in contact with the san francisco parks and recreation department about this issue, but parks and rec says they haven't used fertilizer on this park in more than a year. we'll have more on their sblungz in an hour. >> thank you very much. 5:32 on your tuesday. east palo alto police looking for possible sexual assault
5:33 am
victims stemming from going to a self-proclaimed masseuse. 55-year-old jose plusense yeah is accused of running an unregulated massage therapy business from his house. some female clients have accused him of sexually assaulting him. neighbors say they're shocked. >> i am appalled. i feel really sad for him. because as i stated earlier, you would not want a better neighbor. >> investigators rights now are asking the public for any tips in this case. and another sexual assault investigation at uc berkeley. police say a student reported she was at a frat party saturday night when this all happened. at this point, police are releasing few details and no suspect description. >> a large explosion rattles a city in turkey. at least four people are hurt. it happened today in a kurdish city in southeastern turkey. about 60 miles north of the syrian border. one victim is reported to be in serious condition. the cause of the explosion is unknown.
5:34 am
a turkish news agency says it happen said while work was being done on a an armored police car can caused part of a nearby building to collapse. >> russian authorities have announced a string of arrests in connection to a deadly bombing in st. petersburg. eight extremists have been arrested in the bombing that killed 13 people and injured dozens. the suspect is said to be from soviet terriers in asia. a 22-year-old man has been identified as the bomber. there are reports thor may have trained with isis. >> climbers in southern california are being reminded of the dangers of trying to scale mt. baldy during the winter. wintry conditions can be treachero treacherous. the latest incident involved a 78-year-old man who reportedly has climbed mt. baldy more than 700 times. search and rescue teams have been combing for signs of him since friday after his car was found near the trail head. we'll continue to follow that story.
5:35 am
5:tloir right now. caught with four pounds of methammet fn. sheriff's deputies arrested a suspected drug dealer during a possible sale of the drug. here's a look at the evidence. luis valenzuela is wanted by police in connection to a 2014 drug sale investigation. deputies contacted the man thursday evening and found a half pound of meth in his car, then another three pounds in another car. he's been booked at the sonoma county jail. >> the hunt right now is on for a pacificed armed robber. check out this surveillance video of this robbery happen on sunday night. you see the man enter the store there. police say he came in a smoke shop on sunset avenue about 8:00 at night and then he used a gun, demanding cash and getting away with money and cigarettes. >> we're still waiting to learn the identity of a man who two fremont police officers shot and killed late sunday fight. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. officers say they fired at the
5:36 am
suspect because he fired first. it all started at a 7-eleven store on ducotto road. a clerk saw the suspect pull a gun on another customer. >> the city of santa clara is reportedly facing a lawsuit that may alter how it conducts elections. council members are currently elected through an at-large election allowing selections by all voters but minority groups say it blocks minority candidates from being elected. it calls for district voting similar to what happens in larger cities and all california counties. >> the road interchange would bring big changes to the intersection with the goal of easing some of the traffic. once completed, highway four would have new on and off ramps to maintain access. construction is expected to be finished by 2019. >> while the nba playoffs are right around the corner, the warriors' 14-game winning streak now history. >> over. 14 games is pretty darn
5:37 am
impressive. the utah jazz last night playing with purpose down the stretch at oracle arena. maybe the ws were caught thinking ahead to the first round series against portland which is only days away. they came up short. 105-99 last night. this game was most notable because it was the first time in six weeks that steph curry and kevin durant were on the court at the same time. >> it's 5:37 on this tuesday morning. cloudy skies and milder temperatures also some rain moving into the bay area. now this rain as you head out is not going to be really heavy, but spotty, light, and that's what we can expect throughout the day. as we look at all of this green here on the map, as you head out for the drive, turning on the windshield wipers and you may even need an umbrella for today. now, we also have the second game of the season, the home game for the. and it will be very cloudy and also some spotty light showers moving through. game starts at 7:15 and
5:38 am
throughout the game may be misting and drizzling. get ride for that. also more rain in the forecast for the next couple days, and i'll have a look at the temperature trend in about three minutes, heading over to mike, a new crash now in walnut creek. >> right, but light traffic overall. i'm able to pick out the crashes even though it sounds like there should be no appreciable effect to the free. the freeways are very light right now. tuesday just starting with a little slow, north 101 at 680. typical pattern. lighter traffic flow especially for the south bay because san jose unified is off for spring break. 680 just south of 24, i should add, just south, a crash that will affect the on ramp there, but it might not affect the freeway as all. we haven't seen slowing develop in the last last few minutes. i'll continue to follow that, but minor injuries reported initially. a smooth flow of traffic on the rails and roads. mass transit, caltrain does have schedule changes we told you about yesterday. keep that in mind.
5:39 am
check the schedule. and palo alto moves well. the bay shore freeway by university. there's your stop there, and a smooth of traffic past ravenswood. no problem. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> good to hear. an old memo that sheds new light on how long wells fargo execs knew about fake accounts. >> and the president of the united states this morning says north korea is looking for trouble, on day 82. >> and the great scape. wait until you see how this dog got out of a locked animal hospital. the must-see video of the day. .
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good tuesday morning. rr 5:42. mist and drizzle around the bay area. here's a live look at san jose. it's cloudy and you even have a little bit of some very light rain. it will be cloudy all throughout the day and at 9:00, a lot more people heading out. it will be 55 degrees, lunchtime temperature, 61. don't expect a lot of sunshine as you take the lunch outside and as we go throughout the afternoon, heading home from work will still see some cloudy skies and times of light rain. we'll talk about when heavier rain moves in and what to wear. that's at 5:49. >> and there's your tri-valley,
5:43 am
just a little bit of slowing coming over here from 580 out of the altamonte. it's tuesday, we it's also spring break rotation. >> all right, mike, kari, thank you very much. 5:43. rolling on. high-speed rail leaders here in the bay area are hosting the second now of three open houses. that's going to boo tonight, to discuss how the project is coming along. the meeting will focus on the project connection between the san francisco transbay transit center and the station in san jose bay. this meeting happens at 5:00 tonight. >> how far back did the scandal go? wells fargo may have known for over a decade about workers creating fake customer accounts. the bank has been under fire after a report uncovered harmful practices. the bank's investigators found a sharp increase in employees creating customer accounts. >> good news for parents of baristas in china. get this, you're covered.
5:44 am
starbucks has announced plan to roll out health insurance for workers' parents, covering about 30 serious conditions. in a press release the company called it a response to traditional values in china. 95% of the chinese government is covered by chinese government health insurance. >> japan has some problems of its own. not enough workers. that country facing a decreasing population and it may as a result open its doors to more foreign workers. the government releasing an estimate on monday projecting by 2065, the country's population will shrink 30%. now japanese leaders are considering allowing foreign workers to fill their employment needs. >>:44. attorney general jeff sessions moves to the u.s. slaex mexico border today. sessions will deliver a key address at the international association of chief of police conference. >> 5:44. the u.s. and south korean militaries running joint
5:45 am
exercises today. of course, this coming at a time of increased tension after north korea launched ballistic missiles. the exercise included nearly 4,000 combined soldiers between those two countries. >> quarter to 6:00 right now. president trump said this morning north korea was, quote, looking for trouble. >> all right. scott mcgrew watching for the latest from washington. good morning. >> good morning. sam and laura, on a day we thought we would keep a closer eye on russia, we pivot to north korea. moments ago, the president tweeting, north korea is looking for trouble. if china decides to help, that would be great. if not, we will solve the problem without them. usa. now, what he means by solving it ourselves is deliberately vague. the north korean problem is very different from the syrian problem. north korea has nuclear weapons. seoul, a city of 10 mlg million people, is 35 mile from the dmz. this can't be solved by cruise
5:46 am
missiles. russia, so angry about the cruise missile attack on syria, vladimir putin will not meet with our secretary of state, rex tillerson. remember, tillerson and putin know each other very well. this is the first time a russian president has not met with a visiting secretary of state on his first visit. tillerson arrives in moscow in a little more than an hour. there's also confusion over who is setting american policy on syria. we talked about this yesterday. sean spicer is walking back a statement he made on monday that the united states would take further action if syria used barrel bombs because not all barrel bombs are chemical bombs. tillerson this morning said it's clear to all of us that the reign of assad's family is coming to abend, despite the fact trump said last week it was not interested in jeem change. we have a number of different voices setting different red lines and talking about regime change.
5:47 am
not talking about regime change. we're trying to figure out exactly where the usa stands on this. >> one to watch. thank you very much, scott. >> scott mcgrew is looking at president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout his term. and he is going to have more for you on today in the bay. he would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts. @scottmcgrew. >> let's talk about something we can agree on. every day with your pet is a special one. today there's more reason to give them love. today is national pet day. >> the real message is to give special attention to pets who may be in need of special attention. animals living in shelters who are awaiting their forever home. >> look add those faces. >> some pets, the meantime, might be looking for attention or they just want to prove that they can pull off a great heist. this is general. and this video from the virginia vet clinic showing general using his mouth, climbing up and opening the door there, multiple doors in a bid for freedom. >> and makes the run.
5:48 am
general make it out the back door, didn't stray too far, though. a neighbor found the dog resting in their yard after all that escape. general now said to be doing no worse for the wear. just wanted to go home. >> didn't seem that urgent. >> you never want to be in the hospital for a long periodf time. you want to get out. >> stretch your paws. get back on the lawn. >> a dog that can take itself out to use the bathroom. as long as he comes back in. >> does he clean up after himself as well? >> we'll see about that. general seems to be a pretty smart dog. and if you're heading out today to take the dog for a walk, you want to do it during those breaks, but it grass will be wet in parts of the bay area as we'll see light rain moving through. it's also breezy. it's a little milder than yesterday. but kind of cool. it's 53 degrees in the triy and 55 in the peninsula and the south bay. 53 right now in san francisco and some spotty showers also for
5:49 am
the north bay. seven-day forecast now coming up on the bottom of the screen. you want to keep the umbrella close by, maybe in the back seat of the car over the next couple days. 63 degees will be the high in the peninsula. cloudy skies and temperatures reaching into the low to mid 60s today. here's a live look out there in san francisco. let's bring it inside to get a look at what to wear as we'll see the cool temperatures and also some off and on rain. you need a jacket over your long sleeve shirt. and some paints. definitely not a dress day or shorts. think it would be a little too cool for that. make sure you have the umbrella once again close by as we'll see the rain off and on, not only for today but the next couple days. helping you get ready to start out this tuesday morning. here's a look at the radar. if you have the app, you can look at what's happening right along with me. we're seeing some widespread very light rain. looks dramatic, but this rain is just causing some sprinkles
5:50 am
around the bay area. we're not going to measure a lot of this, but you do have to turn on the windshield wipers as you drive around the bay area, seeing some of the showers moving in napa county, sonoma, as well as marin county, extending to fairfield. as we look at the east bay, there are breaks. some spots are not seeing any mist at all, and then you head down to parts of the peninsula as well as the south bay and palo alto right now. we have some light rain coming down as well as sunnyvale. this is a very weak storm system moving through. even for san jose down to the south county, very light rain. this is what we'll see throughout today, tomorrow, and then some heavier downs moving in late tomorrow evening. looking at the timeline, all cloudy skies for tomorrow morning, and then a little bit of some light rain here and there. we'll start to see the heavier rain lining up in the north bay. making its progression towards the south bay by late tomorrow night. and then even behind that e, we're still going to see lingering showers.
5:51 am
you can see how unsettled it stays for the next few days, at least through the middle of the work week. looking at rainfall totals for most of us, about a quarter of an inch over the next couple days. this will not be a very heavy storm system moving in. in san francisco, expect the temperatures today to reach into the low 60s. upper 50s for tomorrow, and then mid 50s, you can see the temperatures will be cooling off and in time for the weekend, we get some and sunny skies. highs reaching into the low 60s on saturday. sunday, easter sunday, some showers moving in. i know there's a lot of parades and easter egg hunts going on. you want to wear a nice dress. you'll need to put a poncho over that as we'll start to see some showers moving in and continuing into monday. mike, any major surprises or crashes? >> nothing, that's the major surprise. no major crashes and no major slowing. we are talking about spring break rotating around the bay over the last month. so we're looking at san jose
5:52 am
unified. a major school district, they're off this week. we're seeing slowing northbound 101. a fender bender reported. we'll talk about the drive up there. a smooth flow of traffic. another disable vehicle toward the mini maze, but no major issues. and a little slower for the upper east shore freeway and richmond, no problem over here. a look at the traffic times for the south bay, despite the fender bender we talked about at north 101 around oakland road, still just 14 minutes. so it does nots show up on the travel times. let me show you the waze system. as the community tends to build today and throughout the rest of the day and the weekend even, we'll go to the tri-valley with a smooth flow of traffic down in toward milpitas. even that slowing that shows up on 680 doesn't delay you. in fact, that's the faster route. about a six-minute difference on all of your routes. you can make it decision on your phone before you head out on the morning commute, evening commute, or wherever you're
5:53 am
going. go to your waze system and click on the magnifying glass, then your name, then join our team. nbc bay area wazers so we can leverage this community we have here at nbc bay area and today in the bay, you're part of the morning show. be part of our commute. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 5:53. coming up, lunchtime shaming. the major changes that could be coming to your child's cafeteria if a few bill is passed. >> first, happening, the g-7 group of nations has failed to reach an agreement over threatening sanctions over russia and syria. this, of course, after the chemical attack in syria that left dozens dead. many victims children. later today, rex tillerson is heading to cow for talks on syria. >> a new out says the former superintendent of yosemite's national park created a hostile workplace. he retired last fall after facing allegations of belittling employees and showing gender bias against women. back with more news in two minutes. =sa1xvboxneandntee veo is
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
morning, taking a live look outside. golden gate bridge. traffic picking up. rain in the north bay this morning. where it will turn next. >> we have new and pretty intense video this morning to show you out ottexas. that's where three lubbock police officers are recovering
5:57 am
this morning after nearly getting run over. this body camera video shows you the moments when a suspect decided to floor it instead of getting out of car for officers. the suspect is also later seen dashcam video flooring his car in reverse, slamming into the police car behind him. of the officers are expected to be okay. >> cameras are rolling. starts this week, deputies in santa clara county will patrol the streets wearing body cameras. deputies at county jails will also wear the cameras. they plan to slowey roll out the cameras in the next year to the 1100 members of the force. >> defense attorneys still trying to push the possibility sierra lamar may have run way from home in the ongoing an toln garcia trial. they called two witnesses to the stand who claimed they had contact with the suspect in the days leading up to lamar's disappearance. a teacher testified about lamar
5:58 am
returning to visit old friends. >> 5:57. don't expect to make any phone calls from 30,000 feet above on airplanes anytime soon in the u.s. the fcc was considered lifting a ban on high-altitude calls. the proposal was pitch four years ago and is about to be thrown out. this week, their current chairman said americans should be able to value a moment of quiet and peace when they're in the air. >> 5:58 right now. a new mexico bill wants to help kids from feeling humiliated over not having lunch money. in alabama and arizona, kids were stamped to show they didn't have lunch money. other schools made kids wear wrist bands. cafeteria workers have quit over the practices. parents and activist groups were outraged as well. >> school meals happen in every district in the country. it's a humiliation that gets us nowhere. i think it's detrimental to a child's education, especially if
5:59 am
they haven't been able to eat. >> new mexico isn't the only state considering this ledgeivation. california and texas lawmakers are working on ways to end lunch shaming too. >> all right. breaking right now 6:00, a driver plunges his car into a swimming pool in the south bay. this is what it looked like. scary moments that led up to the scene coming up in a live report. plus -- >> and it's chaos. >> coming to terms with yet another devastating loss. the grief and heartache gripping san bernadino this morning after a gunman opened fire inside an elmary school, killing a teacher and student. >> and a disturbing arrest. the man behind bars accused of peeping at a south bay hospital. today in the bay continues right now. and it is tuesday, monday, check it off, in the books. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hopefully that hamakes it easier to get out of bed.
6:00 am
kari has a look at the forecast. >> it makes it easier to get up and get moving quicker, knowing that you need to drive and slow it down this morning with some wet roads around the bay area. so you need to hurry up and get ready so thattia can take your time getting to work or school, as we're seeing mist and drizzle around the bay area. looks like lot of activity here on the radar, but it's been very light. and this is the kind of rain we'll see throughout the day. you have to turn on the windshield wipers and the roads may be more slick in spots as we continue to see the rain moving through. as we get a look at what to expect as we go through today, light showers here and there. cloudy skies and breezy winds. also a little cooler than yesterday. we won't see the sunshine as we had yesterday afternoon. more changes down the line as we take a look at tomorrow's forecast some gusty winds and scattered rain. i'll detail that coming up in about eight minutes. heading over to mike, tracking a crash in san jo


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