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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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delayed reaction and it will be like oh the sexual assault hammond two taste ago we're look okay what's going doing for us
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now. >> we reached out uc berkeley police ha of the polls to reach the location of a sexual assault is made by case by case bases. they it not name a fraternity is if doing so could hamper investigation students we talked with said the alerts fall short and they want more information about a attacks on oh or near campus so they can better protect themselves. . universities are mandated by the federal clairy act to inform students aboutny major crimes on or near campus. they have to do in a timely manner. reporting live in berkeley marianne favro nbc bay area
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news. this tragedy has gas chromatographied not just the cool but the entire community. >> yaws hearing the stories. it was -- it's devastatesing, ewe guys. devastatesing. brave teachers. our staff here, so close. the parents are so close. the principle, everybody. it's so emotional for us we are just devastatesed. >> a bit of good news ton the other child injured in the shooting has been upgraded to serious condition in fact watching cartoons today. the elementary school remains closed the remainder of the week. >> a peeping tom case as a south bay hospital mp santa claira deputies say someone reported seeing a man peeping at a santa claira valley medical center through the window. deputies say they saw him. he works at the hospital witnesses said the room peering into this was the guy use the by security staff. there are not any patients in that area. could the weather be a
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foorkt making two dogs sick at the park i'm kim live in san francisco i'll flan coming up in a live report. >> also one man planting flowers has grown? a lesson for a third grade class. their story is part of the bay area proud series. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri a few spotty showers through walnut creek in danville track ago better chance on wednesday forecast at 5:20 tonight.
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some doing owners in san francisco are troubled tonight. they say no one knows why a couple of dogs got sick after visiting a popular neighborhood park. nbc is at the park where she learns the weather may have something to do with this it is rare but not unprecedented. >> it certainly is. now if informs right after a heavy rm storm regs at the park say they wouldn't be caught near here because 80s health hazard to dogs while no one can say for sure what caused two dogs to foam at the mouth and vomt over the week after coming to the park regs say they thefr a pretty good idea of what may have happened. >> it's called gearedia and it's a bacteria that can be found in moist soil the reason so pervasive here is because the retaining wall keeps the water in. >> regs say they know to avoid
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the park after heavy rain due to poor irrigation. they game girdia which is a par site found no onnen contamted water and soil. but the spmts of the dogs got sick don't entirely match up with girdia. >> that's not typical sign we see from girdia but it is a potential sign that we sometimes see. >> now that's they say foaming of the mouth is more consistent with something else. not of them seating something that would be disagreeable to them, not of girdia. now the original culprit was thought to be fertilizer. but an official with the san francisco park and rec department says they haven't treated this grass in over a year np reporting live in san francisco i'm for nbc bay area news. >> spring for many people time to focus on the garden in the backyard or front yard. but there a san jose man who
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thinks about gardening and flowers year-round. >> it is a passion led them to many unexpected places. . garvin thomasis. >> the if you remember the literary character. he was famous for embarking on quests that didn't end well np in spite of rich sorento o don't mind being compared to don kweeta. now so is rich. for the past four years up on this hillside nature has been teaching rich sand tor o a familiar listen. if at first you don't succeed, well, you know the rest. what rich didn't know until recently, though, is that the lesson wasn't meant for him at all. >> when she told me what she was doing it hit me on the way home that's the emotion welled up i realized i was having an effect. >> big hole for bulb. >> we first sbrused to you rich
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years ago, sharing how he plants more than 10,000 bulbs in the san jose backyard each winter then invites the public in for a free peek at the spectacular results the following spring. >> be careful slippery. >> we followed rich's story as he tried to bring the same magic to a bigger audience. planting thousands of bulbs on the hillside which when in bloom would spell out a message to passers buy. >> it was a disaster. >> except they never did. too dry one year. too wet another. and this year, well more than 6,000 flowers shot out of the ground. but. >> they eight the bulb on the bottom. >> ground squirrel took it from there. >> they had lunch, breakfast and the dinner i'm the bulb guy. >> from where rich stood it was yet another disaster. but from someone else's vantage point, it was something completely different.
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>> the poor guy does it all by himself. >> this woman lives across the street from the hillside watched rich for years try and fail to realize his dream yet keep coming back. >>. the children are coming maybe he will change the mind and he will leave the hill alone and go away. but he did not. >> she says rich inspired her to keep going when she suffered setbacks in her live and she thought she is isn't the only one who could benefit from the example. >> today i'm going to talk about a bulb guy. >> she made a bulb guy lesson plan for her students at the stratford school in santa claira. >> he is not giving up on his project. should you give up yourself any time? >> man. >> rich says tl be a while before he wraps his mind around the strange turn his story has taken.
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but he learned one thing, that the difference between success and failure is sometimes all in how you look at it. >> wow. >> rich is quite a guy. people are just attracted to him. he is very positive guy. got great sense of humor, funny np people come to him want to do something for him and with him. when she saw what he was doing. >> you've been following this guy for years i remember the story. >> years back in 2012 we did first bay area proud about rich each time there is a new twist to his story. >> now we know the lesson for all of us any time the day is a little hard remember the bulb guy. >> the bulb guy. >> that would make him so proud. >> we're going to start all doing thank you garvin. >> thank you garvin. a little gardening transition rooted in oakland thals the a's new campaign the makeover of the a's continues live look at the coliseum, the team announced a
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big change upper deck, third deck tarps are coming off. view from nbc bay area sky ranger. looks nice big demand from the fans the team is removing the tarps covered the third deck as a kid i sat in the third deck i appreciate the move in my tickets will be $15 each the team plans to donate to the organization a organization trying to increase number of college graduates. the. that's a really good community oriented move by the athletic. >> they do a lot. they take kids on field trips there all the time we do it in elementary school you go a's day' game in my sometimes it's the first time the kids been a baseball game the a's host them. >> it's fun. >> they do a lot of stuff. >> great move by the a's. >> we can talk baseball weather we can two view the tarpless
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decks. >> we got great weather coming into friday clear skies for the a's out there backup. bebefore we go to sunshine we do have showers talking about. take you right into the doppler radar scan and you'll be able to see it's not too much, a little bit approaching the santa cruz mountains also near santa rosea san francisco and east bay most consistent of the hit and miss light showers, really has been over the past 45 minutes from. as we continue up through tonight i don't expect anything in terms of heavy rainfall we may see moderate pockets with it acre through the eyeball east bay peninsula also the north bay mp. may get some pushing toward san jose one 10:30 at night. it's going to be hard to shake this possibility of the scatters showers as heading into tomorrow morning's forecast everyone starts with a little bit of rain drop activity. 54 for the sought bay peninsula 57 abthe trooi valley 53.
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same goes north bay. san francisco, and also the east bay. i want to take you back to the future cast because eventually things will start to pick up once we hit wednesday's forecast. now again for the morning nothing major for that morning commute. once we hit the evening though it's going to look a lot different for us. takes eyes up towards nap an sonoma counties likely heavier packets at 6:00 at night right through middle town down to santa rosea possibly san francisco. making it down to san jose we think at around 10:30 at night south bay about a 10/8 of ifrmg on average up for the north bay likely could see totals right around a half ifrmg. so in terms of microclimate forecast for wednesday tl say cool. the clouds linger again possibility of rainfall. 65 for san jose, east bay 66 in pleasant to be up to volume owe 62. the peninsula 66 in palo alto in cooler in daily at the.
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60 in the embarrass and for the ecuador o and north bay. . insomnia o and cooler. cooler the chance of rain for tomorrow and also the cloud cover continues to linger but also undergo another round of some gusty winds. i think the winds will be the gustiest once that rainfall arrives at night around 6:00, 24-mile-per-hour in san jose up to 26 in napa. and we likely could see it linger through about 11:30 on wednesday evening then after that it does start to calm down for thursday. so on the extended forecast once we get over to the storm system tomorrow we'll see the chance of scattered showers on thursday then we dry out friday and saturday. still looks like wet weather on easter sunday and the chance of hit and miss rain into next monday and tuesday. san francisco temps in the 50s to low 60s. for the interior valleys also staying cool as head throughout the next seven days. so i really think tomorrow 95 to about 11:00 378 that's the time
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to watch also upcoming easter sunday. >> easter sunday for all the lig easter egg hunts. >> a little bit of rain for that. >> never hurt anyone. >> early morning surprise how did this car end up in a swimming pool? i'll give you a clue. teenager.
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>> happening now first i stole a van then returned to the scene of the crime to steal a raise car and spenlsive tools sanity cruz police are on the hunt for the thief. a federal report reveals that california set a record by using solar energy to produce half of its power supply for three hours last month.
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well he took a wrong turn and landed in someone's swimming pool. let's show you what happened in santa claira. that's the pool in the backyard and that's the collar in the deep end. happened around 3:00 a.m. 3:00 in the morning on in a teenager said i lost control of this car, smashed through two fences went right into the deep end. thankfully no one was hurt here.
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toeing crew arrived. and well went fishing. they attached cableless to the bumper pulled out the car. a neighbor saw it all happen. >> well, i got there. and i saw him kind of clamoring out of the pool. he is like oh god -- thank god you're here. what should i do? should i call 911 in. >> someone might be trouble in his parents at this point it's unknown why the driver lost control of the car. the home owner was not home at the time of the crash. >> full speed ahead with high-speed rail leaders in the bay area holding open house right now to discuss how to keep that project on track. meeting started 20 minutes at the mountain view success center. the goal is to discuss the project's connection between the san francisco transbay transit center and deer don sfags? san jose. set for tleet meetings so far schedule. a healthy hart in middle age could be good for brain down the road. a new study found people with
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multiple restrictive for heart december? midland age years may be at risk for alzheimer's lart. the findings were presented at johns hopkins researches tracked weight blood pressure, cholesterol appear smoking status of more than 300 middle age people those with several heart risk factors have higher levels of brain hoe teend linked to alzheimer's t mer arrolng.==ke == detiei
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coming tonight at six the cameras are rolls deputies in santa claira county are patrolling streets with body cameras we'll show you them in action and show you why the departments have no issue wearing the equipment that and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> finally you see steph curry around the area and the country not only steph himself but everyone wearing the steph did yourry jerseys, the second year in a row the curry jersey is the number one sell ner the nba. >> we have curry jerseys. >> we have a couple in the house as well until cavalier sfar lebron james and rounding out the top three the warriors other superstar kevin durant durant. the warriors and calf leers were
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the two top selling teams for overall merchandise. >> we have four curry jerseys. >> hundreds of dollars in merchandise. >> bye-bye. >> be safe. tonight -- compared to hitler, as the trump administration juggles mixed messages on syria and assad, press secretary sean spicer with a major backlash, what he said about the holocaust. confronting russia. in moscow for a tense showdown as secretary of state takes a hard line and the u.s. accuses putin's government of a cover-up. growing nightmare for united. what the airline ceo is saying now that outrage grows, united stock takes a hit and nbc news obtains new video of the moments before a doctor was dragged off a plane. fighting prostate cancer. a new approach to screening for one of the most common and deadly kinds. live to tell. a medical student's miraculous


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