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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this mornings -- and there are good wednesday morning. we're waking up to cloudy skies this morning. wet roadways as well. that's a nice vista, san francisco, city by the bay. city with the rain this morning. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. city with dark clouds out there, kari. we're talking about fact you can actually feel the humidity and mugginess when you step outside. >> laura, your hair is still perfect. >> the humidity. >> everyone else may have to deal with a bad hair day because it will be misting. we're seeing that right now in san francisco. the south bay also cloudy and feeling the humidity. then as we go through the day, going to see at times light rain. the heavier downpours arrive later on this evening. as we get a look at our
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microclimates right now, it is muggy out there and temperatures near 60 degrees in the south bay and 58 degrees in the east bay. in the afternoon, expects a mix of sun and clouds and gusty winds. we'll talk about some heavier rain and when that arrives coming up. mike's checking in on a crash in oakland. >> i was worried about 880 and broadway. was going to tell folks about it. flooding reported through downtown oakland at the off ramp. probably a big puddle there. we're looking art north, right by the toll plaza where there is a crash reported as you're approaching the toll plaza off the berkeley curve. let me show you the live look. you see all that slick roadway here, and you see slowing approaching the toll plaza. i don't think the crash is here. i think it's back here around west grand avenue. chp is taking care of business, so we'll say advise you, watch for some activity. mild slowing on the approach. back to you.
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>> thank you very much. >> 4:31. new this morning. take acloot a this mangled suv after it was involved in a crash with a big rig overnight in livermore. we're hearing a police officer was injured in that crash. >> bob redell live at eden medical center in castro valley. what are you hearing about the crash and we understand an officer's condition? >> reporter: good morning to you. that officer, while hurt, was able to walk out on his own from the emergency room here at eden medical center in castro valley. it is very fortunate considering the circumstances that he is alive. last night, around midnight, he was on his way home from work. as a san jose police officer. when he crashed his personal vehicle into the back end of a big rig. stopped in the construction zone on eastbound highway 84 in livermore. this is near ruby hill. the off-duty officer became trapped in his suv, while his vehicle caught fire. it just so happens that there
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were two chp officers nearby working the construction zone. i spoke with an officer from chp, and they tell us that one of those officers was able to use the fire extinguisher to put out the vehicle fire while the other calls the fire department to have the officer removed from the wreckage. and then he was transported here to eden medical center where he was released about 20 minutes ago and is going to be okay. reporting live here in castro valley, bob redell, today in the bay. >> pretty dramatic video. >> no word on what caused a fire at this financial district building in san francisco last night. at least 60 people were forced out of their homes. it started about 9:00 last night in the basement of a three-story building on clay street. no one was hurt. a developing story to tell you about this morning. german authorities investigating a bus bombing that hurt one soccer player and canceled a champions league match. the soccer club was supposed to play monaco yesterday when three explosions struck their bus. one player was hurt but his injuries are not considered life
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threatening. a note found at the scene claimed responsibility. well, through sickness and health, those are the vows, and some bay area newlyweds are opening up about how they were infected by a brain eating parasite in hawaii and having to deal with sickness first-hand. they traveled to maui in january for their honeymoon. while they were there, they contracted rat lung worm disease. it's passed on by snailed and left on produce that when ingested can invade the brain and cause a rare meningitis. they're talking about it so others take properly precautions. >> i had several operations. two pneumonias, a blood clot, right now, i'm dealing with a kidney issue. all of which was spurred by the rat lung. >> after everything that couple has gone through, ben still in the hospital. his wife has now recovered.
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at least nine recent cases have been reported on maui and the big island. >> the south bay family demanding answers after a mysterious and deadly accident last month. a man died near the light rain station in japantown. authorities now believe a bta bus struck and killed the man. they said cameras on the bus were not working. an attorney for the family is now looking for answers. all right, it's 4:35 right now on your wednesday. we want to take you out live to boca raton, florida. their chopper there, pulling away, so hard to get a good look at the scene, but there's a semitruck dangling over an overpass. it's creating quite a traffic mess, although things seem to be moving right now. not clear what caused the crash. here's video from earlier. we also don't know if anyone was injured. delays are expected for several hours. >> a lot of people love in-and-out, but double double
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can spell trouble trouble. walnut creek is the latest battleground. that's where preliminary applications were recently fired for a new in-in-out and starbucks in downtown walnut creek. the fast food chain is a victim of its own success because neighbors are worried about a potential spike in traffic, noise, and pollution. >> there's an element of danger that the community is exposed to when you push traffic for such a cult following favorite like in-n-out in a residential neighborhood. >> they'll flock from near and far. the city's economic development commission is talking about holding a series of hearings on the topic. >> today is the last day people can apply for grants in the clean water program. the community stewardship grant is for projects preventing storm water pollution. >> loaded with talent but injured. the san jose sharks hit the ice
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for the first round of the nhl playoffs. >> they were stumbling the last few games into the playoffs, but here we are. tonight, the sharks facing off against the oilers in alberta, canada. first two games will be played there and then the sharks return to s.a.p. center for game three. that's on the 16th. the last time the sharks and oilers met in the stanley cup playoffs was back in 2006. >> see how they do. >> at 4:37 this morning, keeping a close eye on a barge sitting on the sea floor. we'll tell you the reason the sunking vessel might move, potentially creating a major problem for b.a.r.t. new details continue to emerge
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about the san be we have new details right now and continuing coverage about the san bernadino school shooter and his victims. court records indicating he a repeated history of threatening women. the new york post reports that cedric anderson had threatened a different ex-wife with a murder-suicide in 1996. that threat came when she refused to pay for their divorce. she in turn sought a restraining order against him after the incident but ultimately abandoned those efforts. the couple divorced in 1997. then another girlfriend was granted a restraining order in 2013 after she said he threatened to kill her. >> in the meantime, we're learning more about the student killed in the classroom shooting. 8-year-old jonathan martinez was a special needs student and a williams syndrome, someone who had that sort of genetic disorder. friends and family remember him as extremely affectionate.
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>> they needed someone to show her around, and jonathan told us, i can teach her. i can teach her where everything is at. >> parents, teachers, students, all of them leaving tributes for jonathan and for the other victims. >> we now know more about the inmate who died att a milpitas jail earlier saturday morning. patrick was a disbarred lawyer serving time for an armed stand-off with san francisco police last year. investigators believe he jumped to his death from the second floor of the jail. b.a.r.t. and the coast guard keeping a close eye on a 100-foot barge that recently sank to the bottom of the bay, went down in last week's storm. the problem is it's sitting on sea floor directly above the transbay two. there's some concerns another storm could cause the barge to shift and possibly harm the transbay two. they plan to remove that crash. >> coming up next, just the sunshine. california really is the golden state when it comes to setting
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records and the direction the state is taking to push solar energy.
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welcome back. welcome to wednesday morning as we take a live look at the coliseum this morning. home of our a's. the team is in kansas taking on the royals, but there's good news for a's fans back home. the a's will remove the tarp that covered the third deck for, gosh, more than a decade now. you're used to seeing it that way.
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tickets will be sold for $15 each in that section. 50% of proceeds from the sale will go to education programs in oakland. hopefully get a lot more people at the game as well. >> that will drum up some excitement. mike, you were mentioning, $15 seats and $1 hotdogs back in the day. >> my buddies used to go out there. >> i would, too. from st. mary's. >> maybe not quite as nice today as we have rain coming in. but still great to see some baseball. >> absolutely. and the rain comes in later on this evening. we'll start to see that moving in from north to south. as of right now, cloudy skies and mist and drizzle in san francisco. and it starts out really foggy with some low visibility in spots, including in the north bay where we do have that mist. you may have to turn on the windshield wipers and you're noticing the streets are wet there, too. then elsewhere in the bay area, not seeing as much of the fog and low visibility. here's a look at san jose as
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we're all dry here and getting some clearing in parts of the south bay. looking at those temperatures, it is 57 degrees in palo alto and livermore and san jose at 58 degrees, and 57 in napa. it does feel milder compared to the last couple days. heading into the mid 60s again today. 63 degrees in morgan hill and cupertino. and for the east bay, we're up to 67 degrees. and danville, hayward, 65 degrees. and 62 today in san mateo. san francisco today will be even cooler than yesterday. with all the clouds and even some light showers moving through at times. and up to 60 degrees today in santa rosa, while sonoma is at 63. here's the storm system that will bring about changes across the bay area. we see the throw of the clouds here and all of the clouds that extend out well ahead of that with the cold front moving through later on this evening. so it will be cloudy at times. some light showers. this takes us into about 6:30
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this morning. there may be some sprinkles moving through as well as parts of the north bay as well. as we go through the day off and on, some light showers. we won't see heavy rain until later on this evening. here we are at 8:00. we start to see pockets of heavy rain moving in. along with some gusty winds. that will be rolling into the south bay by 10:00 tonight. for us, we'll be asleep, but you may be awake and by that rain hitting the windows and the roof. and early tomorrow morning, still some lingering light showers, but we'll see the storm system tapering off. the winds will start to pick up tonight, looking at wind speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour through most of the day, and then as the rain arrives, we'll start to see the winds rushing in from the south at about twement, possibly up to 30 miles per hour. and rainfall totals do not look that significant with this system. maybe up to about a quarter to a half inch for most of the bay area. looking at the forecast as we head into easter weekend,
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showers returning on sunday into early next week. and our temperatures stay cool, too. only going to see those highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we're up to 70 degrees inland on saturday with all of that sunshine. and mike, as you're heading through the tri-valley, do we have slowdowned? >> a little slowing out of the alt amaubt and another area where you might need a word of caution. looking at 580 westbound as we're traveling to the tri-valley. we're looking at a little bit of an issue there. a disabled vehicle and then a crash at west 580 at hacienda drive. that will slow you for the distraction, but not enough to kick off the sensors. let's look at waze for folks coming out of the altamont pass. traffic flowing smoothly. from 58, that's great stuff, but if not, the altamont pass, adding 7 more minutes on to the drive, might save you time by the time you get there, but waze telling you to avoid the congestion. you can help make your decisions
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wherever you're heading out, even with rainy weather. perhaps if there's flooding to report. you join our team, go to nbc bay area wazers, that's the team you'll join by clicking on your profile and adjusting that within your waze app. we'll show you in more detail coming up. go to my facebook page. i have instructions there as well. >> have it your waze. >> by the way, you're making me want a hamburger. >> from waze to walmart. walmart ramping up online discounts, trying to pry away customers from amazon. >> for that and the rest of the news, let's check in with landon dowdy. she's back. >> good wednesday morning to you both. wall street may start the day off in the red. futures are sleetly lower and the market is closing negative yesterday, although well off the lows of the day. geopolitical concerns including rising tensions with north korea hung over the markets and tech
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stocks fell. data today on import prices. the dow slips six points. the nasdaq down 14 to 5866. meanwhile, walmart is adding another incentive to get people to buy online. it looks to compete with amazon, starting next week, the retailer will offer discounts on thousands of products on if you pick them up in stores. that number will expand to a million items by the end of june. walmart can also give discounts by delivering to stores because it saves on the cost of shipping them to your door. >> we're days away from the launch of samsung's newest smartphone, but the company says we have to wait for a key feature, their digital voice assistant won't be ready in the u.s. until later this spring. samsung isn't giving a reason for the delay, but the company is behind the curve with competition from google, amazon, and apple. back over to you. >> thank you very much. at 4:50 this morning,
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california sets a solar energy record in march. u.s. government estimates the state got half its electricity from renewable energy for three hours on the 11th. california wants 50% of its electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030. >> pretty impressive milestone. >> all right, so how would you feel scoring $10 hamilton tickets? who's going to the hottest show in san francisco these days and also getting to sit with the mayor. >> sweet deal. >> first, searchers believe they have found the body of a 78-year-old man who vanished while climbing mt. baldy. sam kim had hiked to the top more than 700 times before in his life and then went missing on friday. cause of death is being investigated. >> an associated press investigation found nearly 2 houn allegations of sex abuse by peacekeepers and were workers. back with more news in just two minutes. a live look outside - at the
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golden gate bridge -- a very good wednesday morning to you. can you make out where this shot is? that's the golden gate bridge. a little fog, clouds out there. precipitation in the air. rain continues to come to the bay area today. we'll check in with kari in moments. 4:54 right now. >> looks thick enough to cut through with a knif. >> the planned extension of a commuting line may get a financial boost after all. snema rail transit or smart is on plan to open its line some time next summer, and some time, they're considering setting aside $13 million in funding to make it happen. >> happening today, two pushes for affordable housing
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legislation scheduled for this morning. san francisco assemblymen set to announce legislation focusing on homeless shelters and supportive housing. he makes the announcement at 11:00 a.m., and at 11:30, a coalition of groups will visit steve glazer to call on him to support different housing legislation. still looking for rent control enforcement and more affordable housing. >> volunteer group wants to start rebuilding a home destroyed in the san jose floods. bank of america group will team up with rebuilding america silicon valley to rebuild the home. they'll also donate money for repairs the grew doesn't manage to finish. >> disturbing allegations made against agents within the u.s. department of homeland security. a group supporting immigrants says it's obtained the public records of immigrant detention centers around the country and here's what advocates found out in more than two years. over 1,000 complaints of sexual assault and sexual abuse were
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filed. those records do not provide specific details on individual cases or even how the complaints were handled. homeland security so far has not issued a comment. >> we are also learning the trump administration's weekly report on jails that alemgedly refuse to turn over immigrants for deportation is being temporarily suspended. you may recall the administration started the practice in order to get local governments to collaborate with i.c.e. several community listed in the reports argue that the information published by i.c.e. was inaccurate and unfairly targeted agencies. >> president trump's border wall project is moving forward. they say chosen bidders will erect prototypes of their walls in san diego. 450 builders bid for the wall last week. 20 will be selected by june to start building those prototypes. >> hundreds of bay area students getting a big treat today. they're among the first to catch the hottest ticket in town. >> you can only talk about one thing. >> alexander hamilton.
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>> yes, i'm not even going to try to sing it. several hundred san francisco students will see a special matinee performance today thanks in part to contributions from a national program. >> really bringing back a lot of history lessons. a great way to learn. >> 4:57. coming up, kari tracking the wednesday morning forecast. the rain we're talking about. >> we'll see the rain later on this evening. a live look at oakland. we have low visibility, some spots of mist and drizzle. that's what we'll see through most of the day. we'll talk about it on the other side of the break. >> here's some of the mist and the drizzle that we can clearly see the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup, but slick roads. we'll talk about what's going on if you're heading over here. >> plus, an officer nearly killed in a big rig crash. who saved his life in the early morning hours here. we'll have a live report right after this. after being involved in this
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a san jose police officer saved after being involved in this fiery crash in the tri-valley. we're just learning about the overnight rescue. >> plus, get out. that's the message from a bay area community to fast food joint in-n-out as the chain looks to build a new restaurant. >> and the sharks are on the playoffs and it all starts today. first, today in the bay continues right now. let's do it. let's go for it, again. sharkies. good morning toia. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. they got to the finals last year. >> did they? >> maybe this time. all right, maybe we should keep our umbrellas hapdy, kari. >> you will see the light rain off and on for most of the day. and then we'll see the heavier downpours later on this evening. but not until then will we have the measurable rain. as we get a live look outside at san jose. roads are still all dry here, but as you drive farther north, up close to oakland and san francisco, you have some mist coming down. so that may create some slick spots on the road. as you head out the door in willow glen, at 8:00, 58 degrees. and rising into the low 60s by lunchtime. as you get ready to drive home, still going to see some cloudy skies and then the rain comes down. we'll talk about the timeline coming up. mike is already tracking a crash near the tunnel. >> and kari, that's also an area where we have see mist on the live cameras, but not enough to trigger the road weather index for most of the sensor


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