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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tomorrow in berkeley. =vo= what the city's doing differently to try to prevent another violent clash. =jeff/wx wall= and from mild 70's to rain. the timeline for your easter weekend. =next close= nbc bay area news is next.
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>> reporter: four mothers, four dead daughters. there is sorrow, of course. >> when they killed her, they killed me. >> reporter: and a measure of solidarity to have each other, especially priscilla and herlinda. >> now that we know what's happened to our daughters, i know sh -- we will still be friends until the end. because she's walking in the same shoes i am. >> reporter: we ask them about julissa trapp. >> this case was solved because of her. >> to me, she's an angel in
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disguise. an angel that carries a badge and a gun. >> reporter: their own guardian angel, who brought all of them answers. but how, the moms wonder, did two men who were supposed to be under supervision by parole officers -- who were being tracked in real time via gps ankle bracelets -- how could they have committed the terrible crimes they were charged with? how could this happen? >> how can this happen? why were they not being monitored? >> reporter: but -- >> but it was definitely a hard question to get from the mothers themselves as well. why wasn't it caught sooner? >> reporter: jarrae's mother jodi sued the california department of corrections and rehabilitation, claiming it failed to adequately monitor gordon and cano. the state denied the claims, asked the court to dismiss them, and raised various defenses. jodi also sued the u.s.
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government and agents of u.s. probation. both cases are pending, but the administration office of the u.s. court did publish a report that said the federal probation officers followed policies and procedures. >> reporter: as for detective trapp, there was one last mystery to solve. because when she first talked to steven gordon, he revealed something she wasn't expecting. >> he looks at me and he goes, "you're missing one." which caught me off guard, and i tried not to show too much emotion. and i said, "okay." and that was the first time i learned about jane doe, was from him. >> reporter: jane doe. according to gordon, there was a fifth victim. >> did she say where she was from? >> she said she was from compton. >> i feel a responsibility, 'cause jane doe is not a missing person. she's -- she's an unknown. and i feel like if i don't look for her, who will?
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i know there is a family out there, wondering where she is. >> reporter: and so she looked. she combed through missing persons reports, she put up flyers, searched, prayed, and yes, bought another rosary. why is it so important to give jane doe a name to you, personally? >> i -- i just think because she's so helpless. you're on the street, you're working as a prostitute and you run into steve gordon and franc cano and your last hours on this earth are horrific. and then they discard you like trash. >> reporter: trash. detective trapp is still haunted by trash. and that keeps bringing her mind back here. >> even though it is a landfill, i mean, it is quite peaceful when it's quiet.
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>> reporter: somewhere under here, in addition to kianna, josephine, and martha, there was victim number five. and so detective trapp worked her sources until she had a name. it would be reasonable to say, "okay, that's her." >> absolutely. logically, yes, absolutely. >> reporter: and yet, when we spoke with her back in january, she couldn't quite bring herself to tell yet another mother her suspicions. >> i -- not only have to go tell her she's dead, i have to tell her that she's one of these girls. so that's -- that's gonna be hard, i think. >> reporter: out here with us, she seemed to be willing herself, pulling strength from the jane doe herself. >> i think in her own way, she'll help me. she'll help me. i don't think she wants to be jane doe forever. >> reporter: and then, just a few weeks ago, she let us know. she'd called on the fifth mother
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and delivered the news. that sable pickett, just 19 years old, crossed paths with gordon and cano on the streets of orange county, and did not survive. no charges are pending for her murder, but another family can finally stop wondering. homicide detectives often tell us they work for the dead. up here on landfill mountain, we understood that a little better. as detective julissa trapp gripped her rosary -- the one for sable -- we walked away. gave her time. and our microphone picks up something. >> hail mary, full of grace, god is with thee. >> reporter: mountains of trash, things we use and cast away. but for detective julissa trapp, this will always be hallowed ground. >> it's hard to look at that and know it's where you ended up,
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and i know you are in a better place, and i know that you're together and you're helping each other. you can rest now. i can take it from here. next ate holiday weekend for bart riders. =vo= the mysterious problem that still isn't solved tonight. =jeff/wx wall= and from mild 70's to rain to the holiday weekend for bart riders and the serious problem that still isn't solved tonight. from mild 70s to rain. the time line for your easter weekend. the news starts in 30 seconds.
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they have no direction. the people that are telling us where to go they don't even know what to do. >> fed up and demanding a fix. tonight a frustrating case of deja vu for bart riders after a mysterious power surge triggers major delays. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we are on a little late because of tonight he is giants win over the colorado rockies. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre, raj matthai has the night off.
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the bart propulsion problem is back disrupting service for riders. the problem started this morning and continues tonight. the last time it happened in march of 2016 it meant weeks of big delays. cheryl hurd joins us at the dart station is with why engineers can't seem to fix this recurring problem. we saw this last year. >> reporter: we z. i was in this exact locate. the problem is still a mystery tonight. hundreds of people had to take a bus from here to the pittsburgh bay point station. it's a problem that thousands of people are all too familiar w h with. test trains are running smoothly between north concord and pittsburgh tonight but late this evening the word smooth was not in this bart rider's vocabulary. >> she had to get her baby at child care. i had an appointment at 6:00. they are raising all the money. they are getting all the money paid. what are they doing with the
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money? >> reporter: at 10:00 this morning an unusual number of bart course experienced a propulsion problem in a section of track. by 1:30 bart decided to switch to shorter shuttle trains but the damage was already done. 22 cars were taken out of service. >> we understand the frustration that a lot of people are experiencing when they don't have full service. it's frustrating for us, too. >> reporter: last year, around the same time, a similar mysterious issues knocked out more than 50 rail cars and slowed service for weeks. commuters were forced to take shuttle trains and bus bridges to get between the two situations. rail grindsing and particle buildup underneath the traipse could be a factor but engineers still don't know for sure. >> it's not one thing that we are doing that's causing this or has caused this. it's a combination of factors. >> reporter: well, testing will last through the night. bart officials suggest that you
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check their website or your twitter feeds for updates. reporting live in concord i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope they pick it fast. a break from the rain today for sure, but do not get out the shorts. the satellite radar shows another storm is headed our way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking it. we are talking about easter sunday being soggy. >> it seems like we can't get a break. i think the silver lining is the fact it is not a major storm estimate right now it is a thousand miles out here from the bay area. the time line puts the rainfall just offshore by 8:30 in the morning on sunday. for any early easter activities we are going to be okay. at 11:30 in the morning that's when the scattered rain showers take over. temperatures in the 50s, overcast in walnut creek. and rainfall starting at around
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11:30 a.m. >> to track the weather on easter sunday you need our nbc bay area app. new details tonight about that football signed by hall of famer jerry rice stolen at a charity event. milpitas police released additional photos hoping someone recognizes anyone in the photos. the football was taken during a fund-raising dinner. the ball is believed to be worth more than $3,000. an update to a story our investigative unit broke last year. a long time san francisco firefighter is under arrest tonight accused of stealing thousands of dollars in fire fighting equipment. the investigation began after firefighterers responded to a blaze at business mitchell lee owned. they discovered $7,000 worth of hoses and brass fittings. when asked about it lee told investigators he found the hoses and the brass fittings at a flea
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market or that he picked up pieces left behind at fire scenes. a south bay church community is mourning tonight after a deadly high spreed crash takes the lives of two of their beloved parishioners minutes after they left services. we are live in santa clara where family and friends are learning the crash was caused by a suspected drunk driver. >> reporter: chp says it happened this way. they say that suspect drunk driver came off of highway 101 north bound, went off the off ramp and slammed into the victims' car as they approached the north 101 on-ramp here. members of our lady of peace church observed the stations of the cross, holy week tradition. two parishioners were killed leaving mass thursday night.
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the mass was dedicated to carina bontilao and her 92-year-old mother. >> this was the fires time we heard. they come to the service. for the last supper and then they go and get in an accident that night. tragic. >> reporter: the family in mourning was not available for comment. this parishioner hopes they find solace in the fact that their loved ones died after professing their faith during holy week. >> may be easier because it happened on a very special day. you know? so that way i think forgiveness may be easier. >> reporter: the sermon today focused on the christian teachings of forgiveness. it could take a lot of faith to forgive the suspect who chp says was drunk when his car crossed the median and slammed into the victims' car. >> at the time the pending charges are felony dui and
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vehicular manslaughter. >> the 26-year-old suspect of sunnyvale hasn't yet been charged with those crimes because he is still in the hospital with a broken neck and a broken leg. five other people in those cars were also injured but their injuries are not expected to be life threatening. nbc bay area news. >> thank you tom. a prayer vigil held for the san bernardino teacher shot and killed by her estranged husband. 53-year-old karin smith was gunned down monday at north park elementary school where she worked as a special ed teacher. an 8-year-old boy was also killed. tonight's vigil took place at the church where smith attended where she was also a worship leader. another boy wounded in the shooting is now out of the hospital and back home. his parents say the boy is recovering well. tension growing by the home. north korea celebrating its 105th birthday, anniversary of that country's founding with a massive show of force. the leader, kim jong-un made an
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appearance at an immense military parade. there is growing belief north korea will conduct another nuclear test or a missile launch to mark the occasion. president trump has said the u.s. would consider a preemptive strike to prevent that. north korea said it would respond to any attack with a nuclear response. concern is so high they are looking into ways to evacuate residents in south korea. they are hoping north korea will back away from any nuclear tests. >> it's bisquely trying to find some exit that will help them to save face. >> it's already saturday morning in seoul. the streets are quiet on this holiday weekend as the country waits to see what north korea does next. just over 12 hours from now, president trump's supporters and opponents will once again face off in berkeley. you may remember that conflict last month when the political opponents clashed violently. jean elle is live in berkeley
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where city lead remembers setting rules in hoepts of preventing a repeat performance. >> reporter: no one knows for sure what will happen here tomorrow. but the city of berkeley is hoping for the best and planning for the worst. trump's supporters and opponents faced off in berkeley a month ago and it ended in violence. cynthia was will is this calling him names and booting him with her umbrella. he turned a.m. around and slugged her in the head and blood started coming out. it was very scary to see this. >> reporter: berkeley police main ten arrests that day. now they are preparing for another round of competing demonstrations. trump supporters are holding patriots day at civic center park. counter-protesters are expected. ♪ cynthia is organizing anti-trump protesters but no one here plans to be part of patriots day. >> i don't see how that gains
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anybody anything. it seems infant i will to me. >> reporter: after last month's violence bun bank in the area boarded up windows and is closing early. officers will facilitate free speech rights for both sides, officers will also be prepared to make arrests. >> witness thing we have asked them to do peaceful protesters is to separate themselves from those committing violence. that not only keeps them safe but allows police to intervene in a way that is more effective. >> reporter: if anybody wants to bring a sign here tomorrow, they must carry it by hand. sticks, poles, things that can be used as weapons are banned and anyone vie it laing the ban will be arrested. reporting live in berkeley, jean elle nbc bay area news. >> good information. in san francisco there will be an anti-trump protest to mark
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tax day. they will call for the president to show his tax returns. similar protests are plan for sfl other bay area cities. a high-profile showdown in san francisco federal court over a lawsuit against the trump administration. san francisco and santa clara counties are suing the president over his executive order to defund sanctuary communities. in court this morning lawyers for the department of justice argued that the lawsuit was using the narrowest of terms to interpret the president's executive order and that both cities may not each be impacted. it's a move that surprised many and had some describing the president's attorneys as unprepared in court. the judge said he will announce his decision soon. >> let's turn your attention to chief meteorologist jeff rainiery. today was beautiful. look like we are going to have a half and half this weekend. >> that was well put. i like that. back to you. >> i'm learning jeff. >> half of the weekend has sunshine. the other half does get rain. the good news is that it is not
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a major storm system. let's look at the micro climate forecast as we are on the verge of our weekend. you can see tomorrow morning looks fantastic. we are starting off with mostly clear skies, 43 across the trivalley. 47 in the peninsula. and for the south bay, 45. we'll also be primarily clear here throughout the east bay. and a chilly start for the north bay at 42. don't want to forget about san francisco. 47. it looks fantastic still as we head throughout the day on saturday. and check out how warm temperatures are going to go. we think it will be anywhere from five to ten degrees hotter across the south bay. 's going to be good enough to put us at 73 in san jose. as warm as 74 in bill roy. air noticeably dryer as well. humidity at 34%. east bay, 70s as well. 74 in concord. 72 in pleasanton. cooler by the bay, oakland 69. peps la, 70 in beaumont and mostly sunny. mostly clear skies at the coast.
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san francisco, 64 across to mission and right up towards the north bay we'll go to 71 in santa rosa and 70 expected in novato. rainfall again by easter. it looks like this wet weather will start to line up offshore by about 8:00 in the, mo. for those easter egg hunts in morning we are looking cloudy. but it should be dry. then rainfall starts to move in at 11:30. we will see areas of showers linger in to about 5:00 p.m. we are looking at max totals of .35 of an inch. we can handle it just fine. it may be a nuisance. rearrange plans if you need to. as we hit 8:00 at night we will begin to dry out. on the extended forecast we will hold onto the chance for spotty showers monday and tuesday. eventually we start to get dryer weather building in here by wednesday, thursday, and friday. you will see for the interior valleys we have the same exact rain forecast. i really think by next friday
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with that 75 degrees that could set us off on what might be a two-week drying tend which i'm getting cheers at home for that one. >> i think everyone will be excited about that. >> yes. >> thank you jeff. up next, more fallout for united. the changes the airline just announced in the wake of the video of the doctor being kaged off one of their planes. and we have jimmy. >> norman reedus is here tonight. plus, morgan freeman. joe zimmer man, and thank you notes. do not change the channel. dragged off a united airlines
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plane, the company has just days after dr. david dao was vie lieutenantly dragged off the united airlines flight the company has changed the policy that triggered the confrontation. passengers will no longer be bumped off flights to make room for airline staff traveling for work. united has faced growing calls for a boycott. and backlash has affected the company's value by at least 2-million. it appears a beast is headed to the bay area.
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according to nfl insiders marshawn lynch known to many as beast mode is contracting with the oakland raiders. a final trade deal will still need to be worked out before he officially joins the silver and black. lynch is a oakland native and a former star running back at cal. a live look at the cole see yum where on sunday the hunt will be for another nba title. the warriors play game one this the western conference playoffs. they have two reasons to be comfort going into game one. >> we are not -- in theory we are not the hunted. obviously we have the best record but we are not defending a championship. there's no -- really, there is no pressure. >> game one tips off at 12:30 on sunday in oakland. it is a split, a frustrating night for the san jose sharks. we'll show it to you next. happening now, seven planned he can accusings blocked by an
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arkansas judge. the state planned all seven for the next two weeks, executions timed to happen before the state' supply of the lethal drug expires. we will have an update on that story.
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okay. it is a tough night for smarks sharks fans. on sunday, sharks fans will get their first chance to cheer on team teal. the sharks were hoping to pull away in tonight's game two. instead it was the home canadian team stealing the show. the oilers shut out the sharks 2-0. the series is now tied 1-1. game three is sunday at the shark tank.
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and the puck drops at 7:00. now to at&t park, where fans had a lot to smile about on this orange friday. the giants' bats were hot in a game that aired right here on nbc bay area. collin rush joins us live from the park with a closer look at that win. hey, collin. >> >> reporter: yeah we had a gem from johnny cueto. a first from chris more arrow. and a home plate salute from brandon crawford. it was good night at at&t park. and a buster posey sighting in the dugout. he is on track for a potential return to the lineup tuesday in kansas city. we will see about that. chris more arrow had never hit a major league home run. until tonight. two run shot to left for a 2-06 lead in the sec. brandon crawford playing with a heavy heart. sister-in-law passed away suddenly this week. watch as he crosses the played here. looks skyward. a poignant moment.
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giants cruise, 8-2 the final. >> clearly an emotional home run for you tonight? >> yeah. yeah. trying to get around the base as fast as i could. but yeah, i mean that was for jen, that was for my sister-in-law. >> everyone. my family, everybody. it was amazing, my first one. you think about single thing. >> what a night for those two gentlemen. giants/rockies tomorrow afternoon, 1:05 first pitch. back to you. things less rosie for the green and gold. oakland and astros. defense couldn't stop houston. a's fell 7-2. back in a moment with an important reminder for "snl" fans. (vo) love.
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==take vo== tomorrow night, it truly will be "saturday night live" for everyone. the show will air live across all time zones for the first time ever. tonight's show star jimmy fallon is returning to the show as this
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week's host. and the musical guest is harry styles. "saturday night live" is enjoying its most watched season in 24 years. you need to jump on the band wagon. it is funny this season. >> there is so much material. >> yes, and they are spot on with their imitations. it's fune. >> it's going to be cool to see it live. >> will it be raining saturday night? are you saying home. >> it will be nice outside but i think a lot of people will stay inside to catch the show. east you are sunday, rain starts about 11:00 in the morning. max total, about .25 of an inch. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you easter morning. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- morgan freeman. norman reedus.


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