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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 15, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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xfinity the future of awesome. rallies turn raucous in berkeley. arrests and demonstrators clash over president trump. ==terry/ cu== the news at 8 starts now. good evening, and thanks for joining us. we're on now because of the stanley cup playoffs. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker has the night off. at least 21 people were arrested and 11 more injured during violent clashes between demonstrators in berkeley today. one person was reportedly stabbed. ==boxes== nbc bay area's thom jensen is live in berkeley where violence is now almost expected during political protests that draw both supporters, and critics of president trump... thom? ==terry/1xvid== a massive tax day march in downtown san francisco this
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despite policests to keep the piece, it was another political war zone in berkeley then they want to hit me with brass knuckles. >> one man who found himself in the middle of the melee said it's like trump supporters wanted to start fights. >> they want to start things, roil things up. >> before it was over they had to request backup from the
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alameda county sheriff's department. some of these arrests were pretty serious, one, assault with a deadly weapon. b.a.r.t. closed down one of its stations and the farmer's market was canceled so the violence didn't pour over into the crowds of shoppers. >> thanks, tom. tens of thousands of people there demanding the president release his tax returns. they were quite vocal, asking what the president has to hide, some calling him a coward for not making his finances available, questioning what those finances might reveal and ties to russia and other national interests around the world. one person was pretty passionate about what he called a republican hypocrisy. >> you can bet if the shoe were on the other foot, they would be going crazy if obama had not released his tax returns. that's what i find so incredibly
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annoying about republicans. >> this protest was not vie lentz, the police did not arrest anyone. here's a look at other tax day rallies across the country. in west palm beach, florida, people gathered as mar-a-lago. and a large crowd gathered downtown. they say the president has an obligation to respond to the american people. mr. trump is first u.s. president since the 1970s not release his tax returns and to see more raw video of the protests in san francisco and berkeley, head to our website, you'll find continuing coverage of all today's demonstrations. we're following developing news out of north korea tonight. 24 hour after a massive military parade in pyongyang, north korea launched a missile off its east coast. the u.s. said it blew up almost immediately and that it was likely not a weapon capable of
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reaching the united states. they're concerned they may further escalation tensions. this was far below the nuclear test. it still shows a hostile north korea. secretary jim matusz said the president and his military team are aware of it. the president has no further comment. vice president mike pence and his wife karen boarded the plane on their way to south korea. a trip that's going to last about ten days. the white house says goal is to reassure them about their willingness to north korea. if you thought your easter plans would include rain, well, a change is on the way. he here's rob mayeda with the news. >> san francisco dry, at least
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for now. 58 degrees with mostly cloudy conditions into soeds. san jose. out ahead of a weather system that is approaching coast that during the morning hours tomorrow will begin to spread some areas of rain across the bay area. so the our by hour time between mud morning and lunchtime we'll see the showers crossing the coast. this is the first of a few chances of rain we'll see in the next few days but it could bring some 80s back to the bay area. we'll bring you more in 12 minutes. >> click on the app and get updates for your eeftd ter plans.
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well, you could see it for miles around. that smoke could be seen across the bay area. nbc rick boone is there live. >> reporter: they told me a couple of minutes ago, this is all still a mystery. fire investigators are here on scene inside this industrial park here behind me. there are still a few fire crews on sene as well as the investigators. this all happened at the insurance auto auction close to highway 880, a car lot full of vehicles set to be sold off. a guard noticed flames coming from a few vehicles around 4:30 p.m. and alerted fire crews. that fire as you talked about intensified and spread to other vehicles. more than 30 autos burned in a
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yard that has several hundred. the fire is sending thick black smoke into the air. new port park nearby and i found out moments before, no air quality issues with all this smoke. >> the business has been closed since about 1:00 in the afternoon. there's nobody in this particular area. this particular area has running and nonrunning cars. they put up a lot of smoke, but it's a nice windy day and it'sly it is pursed out over the bay in unpopulated areas. >> reporter: fire crews and investigators will be here for a little bit longer in case hot spots come up. they're going to try to figure out how this all started and the next decision when do they get some of the burned vehicles off the lot. rick boon fe for nbc bay area. >> let's take a look at this
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home that burned in los altos. the firefighters battled the flames about three hours ago. our nbc bay area chopper was there for the aftermath. they have not said what caused it or if there were any injuries. also a fire in oakland and this one is deadly. firefighters put out the flames on a two-story unit. it's not that far from oakland zoo. firefighters say once they were able to get inside the building they found a man dead on the second floor. everyone else got out okay. no word on the cause but investigators say it does not seem suspicious. in redwood city a rekindled fire in el camino real. they put it down for the second time. firefighters say the flames first broke out yesterday evening and then smolder and reignited early this morning. one woman whose family lived in
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home said it was a shock to hear it was on fire a second time. >> they started getting call around 3:00 a.m. another fire had started, and they came back to that. >> no one was injured, the cause so far is unknown. well, highway 101 this the south bay, a parking lot today after power lines came down across the road. it caused long backups in both directions. some drove through neighborhoods trying to drive around the mess. some 80 homes affected. still ahead, an east holiday tradition at the capitol. and reporting for duty, the u.s. military looking for soldiers with specific skills. >> you'll see the clouds intense for the next few hours.
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a different story setting up for easter sunday as our next storm arrives to wrap up the weekend. how much rain you can expect and when it will arrive when we come right back. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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traffic. you're looking at a military plane and a fleet ots it takes a sight like this to slow down san francisco traffic. if you look carefully here, if you look at that, a military plane and a fleet of jets releasing trails of colored smoke as they flew over the city this evening. it's kind of weird. you see it in the distance there. drivers were slowing down on freeways the figure out what the heck this was all about. it turns out the planes belong to the french air force. the pilots put on a demonstration to announce the 100th anniversary of world war i. brown granted 72 pardons atoday.
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most went to nonviolent drug crimes. three of the pardons went to immigrants who served honorably in the military and then were deported. he's been issuing them before major holidays since taking office in 2011. the u.s. military hooking for a few good sigh bore warriors to help defeat isis. it h include more than firepower. they want to bring them in. cataloging soldiers cyber-related skills. looking for those who have experience writing computer code. among the 190,000 in reserves, army estimates 15,000 of them have cyber skills and there need to be more. working to clean up before the next storm hits, volunteers were at the field. there's still lot of junk. volunteers say they want o clean
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up the park especially before the easter holiday as it's going to be a popular destination for families. >> i think it's important to help out as part of the community and this way you just -- you feel like you belong to the area and you see people around you helping out. you feel like you're part of the community. >> this is not the only san jose park still recovering from storms and flooding and we're not going to be getting any flooding. i'm hoping for what we got tomorrow. >> we're fine in that department. >> maybe easter eggs are going to be running a little bit. >> i think so. that might be a bit of an issue tomorrow because the weekend began with some nice weather. we had low 70s around san jose but you probably noticed the evening if you were outside clouds thickened up and a beg sports day around the bay area. right now we have 59 degrees. you have a giants game coming up and there you see the chances of
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showers so possibly a few rain delays out there at at&t park. 61 degrees. right now i have the warriors hosting them h game one. indoors, you're fine. as you head out to that game which starts 159 the:30, plan on seeing a few showers. you've got the a's taking on astros. notice temperatures around oakland close to 60 degrees. right now actually near 60 in san jose and toward tomorrow evening you've got the sharks hosting the edmonton oilers. similar temperatures around san jose, we may begin to see the showers decrease as we head through the evening. so tomorrow morning we'll wake up to mostly cloudy skies. showering starting to show up along the coast and high temperatures tomorrow obviously cooler with the chances of shower. highs instead of the 7 os, mid-60s around san jose. low 60s. a cooler finish to the weekend.
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50s from daly city and mostly upper 60s in san francisco and mid-50s many santa rosa. hour by hour as we head to 8:00, not a whole lot happening just yet but between about 11:00 a.m. and early afternoon, san jose, by about 2:00 that's when some of the heavier showers will push on through. at 7:00 as the sharks game gets under way, the showers start to decrease and probably seeing a few more showers heading into the monday morning commute. rainfall expectations higher. generally about a quarter of an inch there. notice the south bay, very light rain totals expected as we head through tomorrow night. so wednesday to thursday you'll see chances of showers ongoing, but look what happens toward end of the week, we've fwotd high pressure building in. it's the reason per the seven-day forecast. you'll see a big temperature swing toward the end of the week. we've got rain at times for tomorrow. most of it probably midday to
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afternoon and ongoing shower chances through about thursday, but by about next weekend and through the end of month, a long range forecast building. you could see 70s and 80s starting next weekend and possibly kauring on for a while. about tomorrow, showers. but if you like spring weather, you'll see a warmup. >> is this the end of it or you can't say? >> for april, this is what we can see. thanks very much. still to come, casting a spell on visitors. what you can expect in winter at universal studios. finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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the highlight will take place where visitors will be treated to what's billed as a special effects extravaganza. each night while visual projections are popular at disney parks, it's rare. videos that go viral often last for just a few seconds but for people involved the effects can be long lasting, often not in a good way. this story is different though. this woman says the video she shot changed her life and hopefully the lives of some endangered creatures. >> reporter: one of the great things about paddle boarding is how liddel you need to do it. there's a board, a paddle, and a wet suit. when viviana guzman heads out on the water, her equipment list is one item longer than most. there is always a flute. >> it's what i do. there's always a flute on me
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somewhere somehow. >> it's simple. viviana takes the flute everywhere because the flute has taken her everywhere. >> i wondered where it was going to take me. so far it's taken me to 126 countries. >> viviana is a class ukly trained virtuoso. she's used to drawing crowds everywhere she plays, indoors and out and not just with people which leads us o what happened one day last summer. viviana playing on her board off the coast of half moon bay when a very big fan rushed her stage. >> oh, my god. >> the video of viviana's
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encounter has been watched and rewatched more than 1 million times. >> everybody thinks i was scared, but no. there's something i feel. they are such gentle creatures that creatures viviana wanted to learn more about. her research leading to this cute cousin. this porpoise, the most endangered marine mammal last month. >> last year i heard it was don to 30. >> viviana is now passionate about saving them. producing an album right now, all the proceeds of which will go to saving it. viviana said if it weren't that nudge from the whale, her life wouldn't have taken h turn. her music once again taking viviana in unexpected directions. a live look right now at the oracle arena in oakland.
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the place running abu. the warriors will be playing there tomorrow. they're in a quest for the nba championship. for more let's turn things over to fallen smith. >> i'm fallen smith. coming up in sports, after an 9 82-game appetizer, we're ready for the main course. we'll see how lebron james and the cavs faired in game one of their series with the pacers, plus the giants look to the top rockies. that's next in sports. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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the gold about state warriors once again poised for another postseason. kevin durant missed a good chunk of the regular season but he and the dubs are ready for game one. >> i'm just excited to get this
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opportuni opportunity. one player wins the champion. one loses. you do it as a group. i'm excited. hopefully we get there. we've got to get there a game at a time. we look to playing tomorrow's game. >> coach steve kerr said forward matt barnes will not play in game one tomorrow against the blazers. barnes injured his right ankle and has not played since but kerr did say, quote, he's progressing and we'll see for game two. here's nbc bay sports bay area monte pool with a preview of gamt one. >> the practices are over, the game plan is in, the warriors say they're ready for the portland trail blazers in game one at oracle arena on sunday. this is not a team they take slightly. that's one in case he's able to play, one in case he's not able to play. in any case they made it clear
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forget about the predictions and forecasts or warriors accommodation, this is a matter of fwoeg on the court and proving how good they can be. i can't wait to get in front of the oracle arena crowd and see them do their thing. >> lebron james and the cavs hosting. kyrie irving, the beautiful alley-oop pass to lebron james. this came down to the final possession. pacers down one. paul george had the ball but the cavs double hand. he gives it up to c.j. miles. he has a chance. no. no good. 109-108. to baseball now, giants/rockies. buster posey taking some b.p. could be back as early as tuesday. top three, no score. nolan arenado, see you later. no-doubter into the bleachers
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makes it 1-0, rockies. now, that would be more than enough for rocky starter tyler chatwood. actually had a no-hitter into the sixth. he finished with his first career complete game shutout. he threw 105 pitches, gave up two hits and struck out four. giants, they get shut out, 5-0. they'll try to salvage a split tomorrow. a's hosting the astros. chris davis, deep to right and that one is gone. his sixth homer of the season makes it 5-0, oakland. but the bull pen couldn't make it stand. sean doolittle with the wild pitch and josh reddick comes home to tie it and later george springer crush this to left. adiós. two-run shot. astros go on to win, 10-6. and that's it. here's some good news for you. after months of suspense, april
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the giraffe has finally fwirch birth. more than 1 million viewers tuned in. the calf is 6 feet tall, more than 100 pounds. this is april's fourth calf. the zoo is holding a competition to name the baby boy. to enter the contest go to our website coming up next, truly it's going to be "saturday night live." for everyone the show is going to air hive across all time zones for the very first time. jimmy fallon and musical guest stiles. we're back here at 11:00.


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