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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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gain. and they need to enforce the laws instead of creating new regulations and other h layers, and that is from the department of housing. and while the strikers say no matter the weather, they will be here and as you see the green tent there, terry, that is where they will be sleeping throughout the night, and in shifts, and somebody awake and if somebody comes by to kind of talk about their effort, but yeah, that is the housing until this tuesday afterno afternoon city council meeting. we are live in downtown san j e jose. rick boone, nbc bay area news. a couple of nights to government rick, thank you very much. new details about this protest in berkeley h yesterday and that turned violent, and people are still looking for the people involved in the fight between the supporters and the opponents of president trump, and investigators are saying that they are going through pictures on social media to try to
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identify suspects. and tom jensen is live in berkeley, and tom, a pk chicturo has punch ad woman in the face, and received a lot of attention. >> it is all over the world, and bshgly pd is going to be look at it if the they have not yet. they have made about 20 arrest, and they are going to social media to look for video and picture, and this video is all over twitter and facebook. watch from the right of the screen as this man steps in, the man in the blue shirt, and he draws back to punch this woman squarely in the face. she is not appearing to look at him. a lot of people have identified the man online, but police have not confirmed the name, so we are not going to be saying it. we have reached out, but not heard from officials today.
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and also, the police are gearing up for ann coal ter -- coulter's speech, and any time a conservative speaker comes here, they believe it will be violent again. thom jensen, nbc news. >> and one down and 15 to go which is the number of games they need if they want to be the champions again. christie smith is going to join us from outside of the oracler arena, and i'm sure that or ra kl was true ti roaracle. >> yes, the fans came out of rar -- oracle, and they were talking about kevin durant and draymond green, and for the warriors' fans, they trach it one game at time, and of course
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sh, they would love the see another championship, but today, it is all about buying up jerseys and gear as the team faces portland trail blazers who did come out sflong the first half and the warriors did come out on top, and the fans are saying that they are willing to step up for the series. >> as their enthusiasm and the crowd's enthusiasm brushes out on all of us, with reare excited. it is a seven-game series. >> and we will do well versus the east in the finals. >> and the fans are feeling very, very confident wearing the new yellow shirts, and they say "defend our ground" and of course, the next games are back here at oracle, and from there, the series moves to portland. christie smith, nbc bay area news. so how did the warriors beat the portland trail blazers? we we go to roz gold-onwude. and we get this breakdown.
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>> who else but draymond green to spearhead the efforts of the warriors to pull a wway from th portland trail blazers. first, trying to stop the dynamic duo, and that is damian lillard and c.j. mccullom, and you think it is the guards in front, but the posts have to be engaged as well, and draymond green spoke to me post game, and said that david west did a great job to be engaged to the point of attack, and dry mondegreen did not -- draymond green did not shout himself out, but he should have, because he had some blocks that sucked the windt of the sails of the opponent. the defense led the way, and translated into offense, and speaking of offense, and draymond was 3 of 4 from three as well, and too much for the trail blazers. in berkeley h, f, families
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friends are mourning the death of a 21-year-old woman who fell from a third-floor balcony around midnight. she is connected to be connected to uc-berkeley, but more details have not been released. >> gun fire erupted outside of valet owe, and the scene was a lot more first responders to handle as you can hear from the dispa dispatcher's log. >> there is one down inside of the 110 calhoun, and there is more units needed for crowd control. it is 60 or 70 kids. >> and four teenagers were taken to the hospital with gunshot wound, and others suffered from injuries, and a group of teenagers were outside of the house when people across the street were seen opening fire. and all of the victims are expected to recover from their
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injuries. a teenager who is too young the drive is facing charges after driving on a freeway and crashing. a 14-year-old boy was driving with six passengers, including his mother and several young children. again 14. and the boy apparently overly corrected while trying to have a lane change and he lost control and hit a barrier wall. the teen and five of the passengers were badly hurt including a 3-year-old, two 6-year-olds and his mother. the crash shut down the freeway for hours. in the first interview since taking the job, homeland secretary jon kelley was on "meet the press" today. he says that the idea of criminality has changed with the trump administration, and it is tougher. >> there is a lot of people out there who need to be taken into custody and deported. and with the large number of illegals in the country that are in fact completing the target of operation, and going through the
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overstays, it is time consuming, and yet at the end of the day, they came here to the promise to leave, and we have to track them down, and the proceedings to deport them. >> and the people crossing the u.s. from mexico has gone down dramatically, and to give him the rhetoric, and there are an estimated 1 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. mike pence arrived in south korea today, and after a failed missile launch, and now, spend ten days in asia to talk about the ways to defuse the missile c crisis, and talked about new ways of kim jong un to display intercontinental ballistic missiles. >> this is the provocation from the north is the latest reminder of the risk that each one of you face everyday. >> even though it is a failed
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missile they get better and learn lessons. what is interesting is for them to stop the destabilizing methods. >> and president trump is not ruling out other preemptive strikes. he is also hoping that china is going to get involved with the solution. >> next at 5:00, we investigate two workers on the job. and you will see new surveillance video and shed light on how it happens when we come back. >> and now, the appliance of the spring event. state regulators want to fine
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the agency for tonight, the video that b.a.r.t. does not want you to s see. the state regulators want to fine the regulatory agency for the deaths related to two workerers hit by a train in 2015. only on nbc bay area, our inves gator has the only surveillance of the accident showing how a rookie operator tried but failed to sound the horn before hitting the workers. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. does not want you to see the following video, but we are only going the show you the portions that are evidence leading up to the death of two track workers behind me four years ago. that saturday afternoon in october marked the first day that the driver of b.a.r.t.
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maintenance superintendent had ever run a train on the b.a.r.t. system. dunn under a planned detail, he and others were trained to fill in for the striking workers. normal 14-week training time was to be cut in half. he and rookie managers would move around the rookie trains to allow the more experienced workers to operate the passenger train. then the trainee is driving 963 alo alone. the transportation manager paul liston is back in the passenger compartment instead of being by his side required by b.a.r.t.'s rules. the trainee has summoned his help repeatedly. >> hey, paul, i don't know what i am trying to do wrong, but i am trying to set the new destination code, but it is not wanting to take it. >> okay. in a minute. >> and liston is talking about his training needing some more
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attention. >> reporter: are but the records that we obtained show ed thed t was texting and talk on the telephonea and he is chatting with the colleagues about the upcoming world series. >> reporter: just after 1:00 p.m., b.a.r.t. issued a radio alert about a crew on the tracks. b.a.r.t. engineer christopher shepherd and lawrence daniels were here checking on a dip in the rail north of walnut creek station. they had ventured upon the tracks that allowed them to gauge the risk alone, but they did not realize they were behind a ongoing curve that kept them from being seen by a train until it is too late, and not the required lookout.
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at 1:30, b.a.r.t. was supposed to issue another radio alert and it never came. it is 1:44 as the operator heads into the blind curve. he spots the crew in the distance and not sure what they are doing, he continues into the curve at full speed 68 miles per hour. five seconds before the impact, the trainee sees the workers again and urgently presses the button. he said that he thought that he was pressing the electronic horn, but he hit the door hold close button above it. remember, it is the first time and the track. he then hits the break, but it is too late. we stop the video right before impact. >> b.a.r.t. emergency. b.a.r.t. emergency. >> b.a.r.t. emergency, go ahead, central. [ bleep ] >> central.
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this is train 963 and we have just struck some individuals at approximately 16 minutes on the track. >> reporter: under b.a.r.t.'s policy, the workers were individual individually responsible for providing their the own protection, but b.a.r.t. concluded that adherence to the rules would have prohibited the accident. >> they are blaming the victims. it is shameful. >> reporter: state solicitor jerry hill thinks that b.a.r.t. needs to be held accountable for what he saw on the video. >> nobody was doing their job. >> reporter: and the public utilities commission wants to fine b.a.r.t. $600,000 for having a poor and inadequate safety culture. the reg yu ulators say that b.a. should have banned the workers from the deadly curve or at least made sure that the trains automatically slowed for workers ahead, and b.a.r.t. abandoned the policy of having the workers
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largely responsible for safety and they met to the regulator's demands that it tightned lookout rules and improved communicationsb and stopped all trains when the workers are within six feet of the rail. despite the change, b.a.r.t. insists it has had a robust safety record all alone. the violations alleged by the the cp ux c concern an individual employee's violation of a b.a.r.t. rule, and not gap in bart's safety rules or a general failure of b.a.r.t. to enforce those rules they told us in a statement. even though b.a.r.t. broke several of the rules, the chief transportation analyst paul liston retired without discipline, and neither he nor the trainee got back to us for comment. nbc news recently the effort to fine b.a.r.t. suffer ad blow when the regulatory judge sided with b.a.r.t. and its attorneys and citing a dozen of due process
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grounding. the judge has yet to impose a fine. if you have more investigative stories you would like to have investigated send us a e-mail. >> and the heartbreaking story of a family who had the loved one's ashes stolen and the surprising ending to the story coming up next. right out of his family's rental
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car. the ashes-- belonging to "joe wilkinson"-- have been now, to follow up on a man's ashes stolen in san francisco
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right out of his family rental car. the ashes belonged to joe wilkinson have been recovered by police. mary wilkinson and her daughter were parked at a garage at fibberman's wharf ready to sc scatter his ashes up in the redwoods. the thieves broke into the car and stole everything. and yesterday, the police said that to a a man had dropped off the ashes earlier in day, and he was not arrested and mary and joe have decided to take the ashes back home with them in north carolina. a chopper flying overhead and eggs flying from the sky is not the typical easter or at least it was not at my house. this is west sacramento, and the project church came up with the idea to drop 20,000 eggs from the helicopter, and some of the eggs broke apart, but the kids did not seem to mind, because it is easier to get the candy that way. and the church said that thanks for the egg drop they had 800 new faces at church this
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morning. >> that is a different way of odoing it. >> i would like to be there and so much fun to see the kids racing out there, and get in on the action and get some extra candy. >> and yes, it is looking like it is not too bad, and in sacramento, we did find rain in the bay area, and most of it has moved to the east, and a few more chances seeing the showers for the first half of the week, and let's talk at the sierra and squaw valley like tahoe, and high elevation like 6,000 feet, and a couple off weeks when you will see the showers, and tuesday and wednesday where you need a break in the sierra, and monday, those could be close to 500 feet where you may have to try to en koucounter control hes we pass easter. in bell va devidel va -- belvid
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not too bad with san jose up to 15 to 20 miles per hour, and 23 at the oakland airport. scattered showers around the valley. and the heavier showers have moved on, and the richard sanderfeld bridge is still seeing some rain. a couple more systems to deal with as we head through the middle part of the week, and one more system on the week for thursday. so, for tomorrow, low 50s to start the day, and high temperatures tomorrow, and warmer than we had today. we had low to mid-60s for the high, and tomorrow, upper 60s is possible around san jose, and tri valley from danville to pleasanton should see upper 60s, and 67 in concord and through the peninsula, and around the coast, and highs to low 60s and for the north bay mid-60s, and everyone within a five degree temperature swing across the bay
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area, and tomorrow morning, notice we are seeing the scattered showers around the santa cruz mountain, and also up near the north bay, and monday evening into monday night, and part of tuesday morning, we will see another batch of showers going through, and tuesday into wednesday, we may catch a little bit of the break, but still one more system to get past as we get unto thursday, and mainly for the north bay, and high pressure building behind it, and this is going to be warming into the warmer temperatures big time. and we will see the highs 20 degrees warmer than today in a few spots. in the seven-day forecast, you will see the showers ongoing and tuesday morn, showers clearing through the second half of the day, and wednesday night, it is more showers, and now the 7-day forecast reflecting the pattern shift ahead friday and saturday and sunday, the mid- to upper 70s and that is what would is have been a good weekend for easter egg hunts, and helicopter
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drops, but we keep getting these stories of the rain that keeps on coming. >> and if you could not do it this sunday, do it next week. >> good point. and the benefits of running, and what two hours a week would buy you in terms of life expectancy, and you may be surprised. a new review and analysis of
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well, running might just be the most effective way to live longer, and the new review and the analysis of the studies done in the past show that runners tend to live longerer than people who don't run. and this is true even for runners who jog slowly or sporadically, and smoke, drank or overweight. it is the running. researchers worked with the numbers and said that running
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two hours a week over 40 years amounts to 3.2-year increase in life expectancy, and that is the reton of seven hours of life for each hour spent running. that means that rob mayeda is going to live forever. and this is menlo park downtown, and you can see the renderings of what it is going to look like after construction right there, and on friday, the contractor finished pour iing the slab, an the rain has delayed the project for two months, and still, the fire station is on track to be completed by the end of the year. and sections are expected to be constructed starting for the x next 50 to 60 years. and now, an unusual place, and we will explain all of that coming up. live-stream your favorite sport,
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activity. a man who decided to explore the san francisco sewer definitely not your typical easter sunday activity and a man who decided to explore the san francisco sewer system this morn morning had to be rescued by the firefighters, and we have a file for you, and don't be looking for this guy, and he would not want to be seen anywhere. and in a mission bay neighborhood, police heard cries for help coming out of the sewer grate, and the firefighters were called and the matter was over in minute, and it is not exactly clear with what he wdoing exploring the sewers is oeaston morning.
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hope to you later tonight at 6:00. ♪ >> breaking news tonight, a gunman on facebook live driving around cleveland taking aim seemingly at random. police on an intense manhunt to catch a killer who streamed a murder online. >> a failure to launch for a young dictate ser trying to flex his military might. did dus cyber warfare play a role. >> workers stumble on a hidden staircase under a historic church. a secret underground tomb hidden away for centuries. tonight what they found inside. and inspiring america, a champion overcoming life's challenges and living his dreams. cleared on by his hero, the most


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