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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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might have been a process. >> those eggs wet yesterday in the grass because we had rain that moved through right after you got out of church yesterday. and as we are going to start out the week, we have seen some scattered showers. here's a live look outside at san jose. those clouds still hanging overhead, but so far, mostly dry as you drive around the south bay, and the temperature trend for los gatos in the upper 50s and highs reaching into the upper 60s today. but don't expect a lot of sunshine here. a little bit of some rain from san francisco farther to the north. we'll talk about more rounds of rain as we go through the week. that's coming up in about eight minutes. vianey showing how we're seeing slowdowns across parts of the bay area. >> yeah, that's right, kari. the san mateo bridge already starting to see that early morning commute back up, and this is usually pretty typical, although they aren't reporting any accidents on the bridge, which is always good news. let's take a quick look of the maps and see what the drive times are looking like. the metering lights are on.
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bound 80 to the bay bridge, about 20 minutes. it did slow down. it was at about 11 minutes five minutes ago. westbound 580 to the richmond bridge, eight minutes. it updated automatically, now we're at 20 minutes, to san mateo bridge. about 12 minutes, westbound 80 to the bay bridge. about 20 minutes, westbound 92, looking clear. it looks like the metering lights are causing backups. back to you. >> all right, don't say we didn't warn you. thank you very much. 6:01. violent protests again in the east bay, and shocking video there. you see a woman being punched. 20 people have been arrested after pro and anti-trump demonstrators clashed in berkeley over the weekend. that video is going viral this morning, showing a president trump supporting punching a protester in the face. >> there could be more arrested.
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tell us why. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. berkeley police is handling this investigation. there could be more arrests because they're still reviewing a lot of evidence from video as you just showed and plenty of video from they posted on social media over the weekend. let's show you the scene. this was martin luther king jr. park plaza in berkeley, where all of this took place on saturday. and it was dubbed as a patriots day rally organized by pro-trump supporters, but that quickly turned violent. you can see in the video, a melee between supportering and destrekters of president trump. you see people being pepper sprayed. but so far, berkeley police are reporting that 20 people have been arrested, 11 people injured, and 7 people hospitalized. while all this is taking place next week, you're going to have o outspoken commentator ann
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coulter talking on the campus. police are hoping that doesn't turn violent as well. >> we're calling on faculty and students to realize the best way to handle this is if you don't want to hear the person talk, please leave. don't incite violence. >> police are asking anyone with video of the protest to turn it in to police. we're live in berkeley, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you. at the same time we have seen another violent protest in berkeley, the city's mayor and council members will be discussing their police force. it's a community forum called militarization of police. what does it mean for berkeley. that's at university avenue tonight at 6:00. >> in ohio tonight, aman hnt for a suspect. that video shows the gunman who
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police have identified as steve stephens getting out of his car, approaching the elderly man. he tells the victim he's about to die because of a woman. he shoots the man at point blank. the woman referred to in the video is apparently stephens' gunman. during a rant in a separate video, he talks about killing other people, too. >> hopefully, i'm going to try as kill as many people as i can. >> we want this to end with as little -- with as much peace as we can bring to this right now. >> after stephens posted his video, it waw viewable for about three hours until facebook removed it and deactivated the account. police so far have not released evidence of other killers. however, they are scheduled to have an update in 6:00 hour. >> happening today, san pablo man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her children is expected to enter a plea in court today.
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lawyer mcbride drove up to rushonda franklin's car and opened fire earlier this month in richmond. the in the vehicle were not mcbride's. >> 6:05. we're still awaiting more details from vallejo police on suspects whoened fire at a party full of teenagers. this is a chaotic scene over the weekend for first responders. here, take listen to the dispatch audio. >> we got three so far. there's one down inside of 110 calhoun. we just need more units for crowd control out here. there's probably 60, 70 kids. >> all of this happened early sunday morning. four teenagers were rushed to the hospital after they suffered gunshot wounds. a group of teenagers were standing outside the house when someone in a car opened fire. the only clue investigators have released is that the suspects were in a four-door car. all of the victims are expected to recover from their injuries. >> a man police say swiped a jerry rice autographed football
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that was netting thousands of dollars for charity is now under arrest. video seems to clearly show that man taking the ball, which was auctioned off last weekend at a milpitas restaurant. someone bid $3500 during an auction for orphans in china. police say this weekend this man, 45-year-old patrick lam of san jose turned himself in after learning about the video airing on local tv. all right, a pretty interesting weekend for our local sports teams here. what a start for the warrior who came out firing on all cylinders in game one of their playoff series. >> kevin durant fully recovered from a knee injury, scoring a time high 31 points. draymond green came up huge also, five blocks. including a key block down the stretch that led to a bucket from kevin durant. the warriors take game one, 121-109. afterward, coach steve kerred it a great all around performance. >> to me, the perfect way to win game one.
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you get a real taste for what you're up against. >> warriors nation now has to wait until wednesday for game two at oracle arena. >> the sharkies in the meantime once again facing an uphill battle to advance in the stanley cup playoffs. edmonton won a hard fought game three last night and they now are down 2-1 in the series. the only goal in this came with nine minutes in the third period. with the 1-0 win, the oilers regain control of the series two games to one. now they come back to the s.a.p. center tomorrow night at the shark tank. >> 607. we have cloudy skies and some scattered showers around the bay area. getting a look now at san jose. it's cloudy there but it's been dry. we're also seeing dry conditions in the peninsula. although we have seen a few showers in the try valley at 56 degrees and look at the visibility in the north bay and in san francisco. some of those cars are kicking up some water. it's gi55 degrees. as we go through the day, expect a high up to 66 degrees in the
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peninsula and 66 degrees also in the tri-valley. going to see some low 60s today in the east bay and san francisco. as well as some low 60s in the north bay. but then we'll see several more rounds of rain. might get heavier tonight. we'll talk about that and a look at the microclimate forecast and the temperature trend at 6:12. vianey is tracking some of the slowdowns. >> we're already seeing back up along the bridge toll plaza because they did turn the met metering lights on about half an hour ago. if this is typically what you take to work, you want to leave now because we're definitely seeing slowing about 22 minutes from the bay bridge. all in all, also starting to see some slowing in the north bay. drive times looking like they're slowing down along westbound 37 to lakeville highway, 34 minutes. also slowing along the peninsula as well. right now, southbound 101 to sfo, 13 minutes. southbound 101 to bowers avenue, 20 minutes.
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>> all right, thank you. >> all caught on camera, coming up in three minutes, dramatic video just in to our newsroom showing pretty wild weather slamming parts of the u.s., including some tornadoes. >> and still turbulent times for united as well. we'll bring you up to with the latest news in business and tech. (vianey ad libs)
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it's 6:12.
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hopefully you had a great weekend and the showers we had yesterday still linger across parts of the bay area. although we have seen much of the rain moving out, we still have clouds left behind over san jose. the temperature trend in evergreen will be at 61 degrees. a nicep by 10:00 and into the upper 60s today. it will be just below where we should be as far as average for this time of year. it's going to go well above this as we go toward the end of the week as the rain clears. more on the temperature trend for the seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. >> checking your east bay drive times, we are seeing slowing on southbound 680 to vargas road. a 22-minute delay. northbound 580, 3 minutes. >> all right, thank you very much. 6:12. we have new video to show you just into our newsroom of a tornado in eastern nebraska. there it is. this happened just about an hour
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south of omaha. at this point, no reports of significant damage, as you see, it does look like it's a pretty remote area there. there was severe weather across parts of the state last night. there were also reports of large hail in the area. >> 6:13. it's that time of year again when the bay area remembers the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire. the actual anniversary is tomorrow, the remembrance events are starting today. this afternoon, city officials will meet for a luncheon to mark the 111th anniversary. it will also include dignitaries, police, and fire officials. the ceremonies tomorrow begin at 5:12 in the morning when the quake struck. >> incredible that video has survived all these years. >> 6:13. a hunger strike continuing in san jose. a group of housest activists are refusing food until tomorrow's council meeting. they didn't eat all weekend either. tomorrow, they're voting on a protection measure.
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city of san jose is considering a law to require landlord to cite a just cause before evicting anyone. no -- what's the name of the evictions? >> unjustified. >> unjustified evictions. the proposal will also push them to be more attendant to complaints. activists are saying they're fighting for the vulnerable. >> it is the woman and children of color. it is our single mothers, our domestic violence survivors that are the most, most vulnerable to these no-cause evictions. >> the california apartment association counters with a statement reading that, quote, san jose already has laws to prevent landlords from evicting tenants for financial gain. the city needs to enforce nose laws rather than create new legislation, more regulations and additional layers of bureaucracy. >> delta may be taking another move toward its rival. the airline will offer passengers up to, listen to this, $10,000, to give up their seats on those overbooked
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flights. might make you think this morning. a company memo shows gate agents can offer you up to $2,000 to give up your seat. up from a previous maximum of $800. but supervisors have called in they can up nearly $10,000. >> quite a perk there. >> no kidding. >> united continuing to tweak its rules to make sure what happened doesn't happen again. >> scott mcgrew continues our coverage, and what a deal. >> united now says an employee can't take a seat from a paying passenger no matter what. it also says if the air crews want to fly, they have to show up an hour before the flight. crews often do fly as passengers, they call that deadheading, to get to a flight assignment somewhere else. in the case of the ill-fated flight to louisville, the crew shows up at the last minute after all the passengers had been seated. a young couple from utah claimed thad were forced off a united
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flight to costa rica. it would appear the couple sat in the wrong seats, upgrading themselves to a better part of the main cabin. united said they were repeatedly asked to set in the section of the airport they played for. the couple said they were pulled off the plane by u.s. marshals. the airline says there was no u.s. marshal. there's one of those stories we need more detail on. >> wall street is back to work after a long weekend. no trading on good friday. united news there. that company is reporting its profits. speaking of reporting profits, you have to do your own reporting to the irs no later than tomorrow. if you haven't filed your taxes, tuesday is the deadline. normally it's april 15th, but that was a weekend, and then it was a monday, and it was a holiday so it's now tuesday. >> it will bring mobile ordering to all of its stores by the end of the year. starbucks already does that. you order on your phone.
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it's so efficient. so many things make this true, it's job killer. you still need a few cashiers, but you need far fewer cashiers. >> that's true. >> a job killer. >> indeed. >> with your name hopefully spelled correctly, unlike starbuc starbucks. >> how can you mess up sam? >> this video, i love this. an easter bunny taking out one of our former past presidents. and he looks so insnlt. don't be fooled by that. george washington in the lead. he gets knocked out. wait a minute. what was that? >> down to the finish line. no. i don't think so. teddy roosevelt. as they hit the homestretch, as they do every home nationals game. the bunny leaping from the stands and knocking down tr, and i guess someone's disqualified.
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i don't know who they awarded the in withing race to, but the bunny -- >> that makes me worried about the white house easter egg roll. what if the bunny is there? >> hopefully they swapped out the bunnies. >> he stoop on the ropes like it was a wrestling match. amazing. >> all right, so hopefully your easter wasn't like that. we did have some rain moving in. we are still going to see the lingering showers into your morning commute. and here's the view right now in san francisco. going across the golden gate bridge, and i maums you, it's in there somewhere. we had low visibility in spots and the cars kicking up water. it's 56 degrees. not really all that cool. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, we'll have warmer air in the forecast towards the end. this is a look at the richmond bridge as you approach the toll plaza. you can barely see and the rain drops still coming down.
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that's what we're seeing across parts of the bay area. we have seen spotty light showers mouving through with much of the accumulating rain across parts of sonoma, marin county, napa county, as well as san francisco where we have gotten up to a quarter inch of rain extending into the east bay where the temperature now is at 58 degrees. 57 in san jose, and 57 degrees also in palo alto with highs reaching 66 this afternoon in morgan hill. also mid to upper 60s in the east bay. i think you still need long sleeves throughout the proon. up to 65 in san mateo, and don't forget the umbrella in san francisco as we'll see more rounds of light rain moving in and also that continuing in the north bay where novato will top out at 65 degrees. as we look at how to plan out the day, a lot of clouds, not much sunshine, and then another round of heavier rain becomes more widespread as we go into late tonight, into early
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tomorrow morning, and then we start to see it tapering off. clearing for tomorrow afternoon, and then another round of rain moves in for wednesday afternoon into early thursday. and then after that, we are going to have several days of some dry weather. and i know it's spring break for some schools. if you are planning to head over toward lake tahoe, we're seeing rain showers moving through. we haven't seen much snow with this system and temperatures now in the mid 40s, there will be some additional light snow showers in the next couple days but we had an epic season and it looks like it continues as the temperatures drop during the overnight hours. going to see some clearing here around the bay area. san francisco, upper 60s for the end of the week. look at the inland areas. on sunday, we're up to 78 des, vianey. so that's what we're dreaming about as we start out the morning out there on the roadways. >> i get to give the good news on the weekend wergd. at least for once. usually the rain has been falling on the weekend.
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palo alto, smooth commute along high 101. southbound and northbound looking pretty good and traffic maps starting to show that early on traffic at this hour. sun:21. 580 still seeing the slowing and it doesn't look like it's going to clear up any time soon. we're also spotting some backup along 101 northbound in morgan hill area. martin avenue, stretching all the way to main avenue. so we're definitely seeing backup, although they haven't reporting any traffic collisions at this hour. it looks like the south bay drive times aren't being affected too much but we're seeing some slowing. northbound 101, about 21 minutes. northbound 85, about 21 minutes. back to you. >> looking good. thank you very much. >> teens spending a lot of money on food. coming up after the break, find out where your teenager may be dropping most of the cash. a $600 purchase is never delivered. what about a refund? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura.
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nbc bay area responds next. hey allergy muddlers
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
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stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. 6:24 now. nbc bay area responds. a pleasanton man paid $600 for items he never got. >> he reached out to our consumer investigative team for help. chris chmura joining us now with his story. >> phil davis bought two cases of smoke detectors from the online company surveillant last
6:25 am
september. they cost $600. philip says he never received them. says he contacted the company several times but never got a response. so he finally asked us to step in. we contacted the company. and it refunded philip's money $600. surveillant didn't respont to our request for comment about the situation. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-99-tips. or >> thank you. teens are spending more money on food than they are on clothing. would you believe nat? that's according to a new survey conducted by piper jafry. teens spend more on food, particularly fast food. chick-fil-a took the top spot as the most preferred restaurant. starbucks and chipotle rounded out the three. in terms of clothing, athletic wear was the most popular. >> we know some of relief is on
6:26 am
the way for family who had their hearts broken after their loved one ashes were stolen from their rental car. >> how police were able to recover the missing ashes. >> connecting b.a.r.t. riders with a lesser known gem here in the east bay, the multimillion dollar project breaking ground in just a few hours. and a live look outside right now at a very crowded bay bridge toll plaza, as folks getting ready to break ground on their work week here. full check of weather and traffic coming up in just two and a half minutes. you're watching today in the bay. go, she's a dog. [ whimpers ] find ping-pong. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing!
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we're tracking some showers for the morning commute. coming up at 6:30, right now, tracking showers for the morning commute as we look live at a nice calm spot in san jose. we are now at santana row, before the bustle and hustle starts. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. vianey is in for mike this morning. she's tracking -- >> all week long. >> all week long, excuse me. tracking weather. give her her full due, and they'll be on and off for the next couple days. >> mostly dry conditions in the south bay, while san francisco, the north bay, and parts of the east bay start out with some rain moving through this morning. kind of lingering from what we had over the weekend. as you start out, let me get you out the door with what you're
6:30 am
going to feel right now. 56 in the peninsula and tri-valley, and sdpoiv degrees in the east bay, san francisco, north bay, look really wet. as we go through the day, only a little bit of sunshine. mostly cloudy skies. some times of light rain and highs today reaching the mid to upper 60s for those inland areas and low 60s along the coast. i'll get you ready for the weekend. that's coming up in eight minutes. vianey tracking a slowdown now in the south bay. >> yeah, the south bay starting to see fewer areas where we're starting to definitely feel and see the backup, especially on the traffic sensors right now. now along 280 northbound, appears there's a traffic collision and there appears chp is report debris across all lanes. that could be what's causing the slowing. they're on their way to clean it up. hopefully they clean it up before it gets worse than it siren we're also seeing severe backup on northbound 101 near east san martin avenue. and all the way towards main
6:31 am
avenue, in the morgan hill, san martin area. we're not sure what's going on there. chp isn't reporting any accidents. maybe there's looky-loo action, or maybe the backup as you're confused why people are slowing down. overall, the south bay drive times, slowing along northbound 101, 25 minutes. and northbound 85, toward 101, also 21 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. >> happening today, right now, b.a.r.t. breaking ground on a new multimillion dollar project that connects the concord b.a.r.t. station to the historic todos santos plaza. >> bob redell is live at the station to explain how the project is going to work and why folks might want to take it. >> good morning to you. b.a.r.t.'s riders will soon be able to connect to one of the east bay's lesser known treasures. in just a few hours, the transit agency will be breaking grounds on this new project that will connect its concord b.a.r.t.
6:32 am
station with the historic todos santos plaza. this plaza is a site of many concerts, businesses, festivals in the park. even though the plaza is only 2 1/2 blocks away, many b.a.r.t. passengers don't know what direction to go when they exit the station. the new project would build a new raised crosswalk to grant street, a bike lane, better lighting and landscaping. here's a concord city councilman. >> we're doing a lot of things with our corridors, lighting them up and adding stuff to the pavement. we're attracting new apartments. we're getting new businesses. we have four new restaurants downtown now. so there's a lot of vibrancy going on. >> this project is expected to cost $6.5 million. using money from prop 1b, measure j, and b.a.r.t. funds. completion expected in the
6:33 am
summer of 2018. b.a.r.t. and the city of concord breaking ground on the project at 10:00 this morning. just under four hours from now. reporting live in concord, bob redell, today in the bay. >> we hear the trains behind you. thank you very much. >> 6:33. happening today, sentencing for the man accused of striking and killing a san jose police officer in the line of duty last summer. officer michael cathm died last june when a car made a left turn and struck the officer's motorcycle in downtown san jose. hatherman was 34 years old. last month, rios pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter. >> we're waiting on now information on how badly several people were hurt in a head-on collision in rio vista last night. solano county fire tweeted two ambulances and a helicopter had to go to the scene at 9:03. the crash shut down the road for time. it's open again this morning.
6:34 am
we still don't know what caused the crash nor how the victims are doing. >> 6:33 now. hoping to learn more about the man killed in an rv fire on sunday in redwood city. firefighters found the 52-year-old man inside that burning vehicle in the north fair oaks neighborhood. that man later died at a hospital. investigators say they did find an extension cord running through the door for power and they say that likely started the fire. >> no word yet on what caused this plosion that destroyed a room at this san jose motel. that blast happened about 12:30 in the morning at the casa linda motel in san hose ar. two people were critically injured in the explosion. firefighters were able to knock down the fire about 20 minutes afterwards. a spokesman for the fire department said he could not comment on the source of the blast. he did say police could end up taking over the investigation. pretty incredible video to show youverb investigators searching for the cause of this fire that destroyed dozens and
6:35 am
dozenoffs cars. flames from the car lot sent up clouds of black smoke seen for miles. the flames broke out, jumped from car to car, burning at least 30 cars biez the time firefighters gained control of it. no air quality warnings. >> 6:35 now. just in to our newsroom in the last hour, we learned the identity of the woman who fell to her death from a third-floor balcony in berkeley. her name is kimberry si of elk grove. she was studying computer science and was expected to graduate in 2018. she fell several blocks from the cal campus. >> as for a follow-up on a man's ashes stolen in san francisco out of his family's rental car. those ashes of joe wilkinson now have been recovered by police. mary wilkinson and her daughter were parked in a garage at fisherman's wharf on thursday, preparing to scatter joe's ashes in the redwoods. but thieves broke into their
6:36 am
car, stole everything, including his ashes. on saturday, police called mary and told her that a man dropped off the ashes earlier in the day. man was not arrested. but now, mary and her daughter have decided to just take joe's ashes back home with them to north carolina. >> such a painful, painful ordeal for that family. 6:36 right now. happening today, cal trans will begin reconstruction work. caltrans says the goal is to ease bottlenecks and reduce traffic. there will be structural upgrades in the project that include a new retaining wall and wider ramps. crews will be working on week days from 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and that project is expected to take about a year to finish. >> good morning. it's 6:36, and golden gate bridge still looks muggy out there. not seeing much of the bridge. low visibility and then if you're driving at all this morning or any time, please remember to slow down at any given moment and don't text and
6:37 am
drive. right now, the traffic maps are showing a number of a few troubled spots. if we head to san francisco right now, we can definitely see slowing along highway 80. also seeing slowing in daley city and it looks like the drive times are also being affected. southbound 101 toward 580, ten minutes. and westbound 37, about 31 minutes. peninsula drive times southbound 101 towards sfo, 13 minutes. southbound 101 toward 92, 6 minutes, so we're definitely starting to see the traffic picking up, but still slow down. over to you guys. >> thank you. it is after a holiday weekend, it's monday. all the more reason to look forward to the weekend forecast. >> especially because it might be different from the day we're having today. kari hall joins us now with a look at that forecast. >> i know the weekend may have been cut short because we did have some rain yesterday.
6:38 am
but as we look ahead to this weekend coming up, you'll be able to get outside and enjoy both days. for the valley and inland yeahs, we start out in the morning on saturday at 60 degrees. look at those temperatures going throughout the afternoon. into the mid 70s. on sunday, more of the same. kind of a cool start. at least we will have a clear sunrise. we warm up to 67 degrees on sunday. for those valleys and inland areas and then up to 76 degrees. so let's check out some events going on. in oakland on saturday, it's earth day. so a lot of people going to the parks, volunteering. it will be bright and sunny. 67 degrees. we'll make sure you bring some sunscreen. also on saturday for earth day, redwood city celebrating at the marine science institute, maybe you want to check that out. 68 with sunny skies, and mirror oodz will have another free day celebrating john mere's
6:39 am
birthday. nice and warm as you het some of the trails. if you're hitting the roads, let me take you to national forest, look how warm it will be, in the upper 70s throughout the weekend with sunshine. no issues driving there orring home. if you want some hot weather, how about tasting some wine under all that sunshine? it's going to be up to 88 degrees on saturday. for caramel valley, a nice weekend to go to the beach. won't be as chilly as it normally is. in the mid 70s and going to see sunshine throughout the weekend. a little cooler on. then if you want a heavenly weekend, a little cooler there. upper 50s to low 60s, and going to see more sunshine there after getting a little bit of fresh powder early on thursday morning. we'll bring it back home, get a look at the bus stop forecast in three minutes. >> all right, thank you, kari. violent protests in the east bay. coming up, the viral video of the weekend violence in berkeley
6:40 am
and why police expect to make more arrests. >> donald trump hoping for luck in his negotiations with china to stop north korea. we'll take a look on day 88. >> no doubt, scott, what's going on across the world creating an unsettling situation for wall street investors, but stocks are up so far in early trading. the dow joins has risen 70 points at 20,523. we will be back with more news coming up at 6:42.
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good monday morning. it's 6:42. cloudy skies and still some light showers here and there. it's been mostly dry across the south bay. you want to grab the umbrella and the rain jacket from san francisco over toward the east bay and to the north. at recess today, the kids will still see some cloudy skies with some mild temperatures and heading home, there will be some peeks of sunshine with some breezy winds, but you'll be able to get outside and play later today. heading into the rest of the week, more rounds of rain, we'll talk about it at 6:49. >> seeing slowing in the east bay. delay of about 23 minutes. northbound 238 towards 880, three minutes. southbound 880 from i-238, about 15 minutes. >> all right, 6:43 right now. this is a live look at the berkeley police department this morning where we're standing by as police expect to make more arrests from the violent weekend
6:44 am
clashes in berkeley. police have requested more video to look at. pete is reporting that this morning. 20 were arrested in connection with a violent political protest on saturday. this all started at martin luther king jr. civic center park and from there it spread to city streets. pro and anti-trump protesters were involved. this clip going viral showing a president trump supporter punching a female counterprotester in the face. there it is slowed down for you. we spoke with another man who says he was punched in the nose for no reason. >> this is cowards who want to wear masks and sucker punch people for no reason. >> police do expect to make more arrests when they review more evidence and video. >> crashes on highway 17 spiked to their highest level in at least 13 years. the san jose mercury news reports 983 crashes happened on the route last year. a 34% increase from 2015.
6:45 am
traffic enforcement was reduced along the route for a number of reasons, but plans to add more troopers to patrol it. chp and drivers told the mercury more enforcement is necessary to bring the number back down. drivers said cameras could help with speeders, but the chp doesn't support that. when it comes to cut through traffic from mapping apps, one south bay town this summer is ready to turn lemons into lemonade. you may remember the problems we reported on last year in los gatos and drivers would bypass highway 17 by cutting through downtown los gatos. los gatos is going to close their main artery every weekend from memorial day to labor day. as a way to further discourage cut through traffic, summer events are planned in the town plaza. be aware of all that. >> stopping floods before they happen. the last of three public
6:46 am
meetings addressing flood and risk prevention in the south bay happens tonight at 6:00. this series of meetings is held by the santa clara valley water district in the three neighborhoods hit hardest by the historic flooding that happened around presidents' day. it's on east santa clara street, and there the district will field questions and provides answers on what it's doing to prevent future floods. >> no more problems finding a charge. new legislation that would install charging stations for electric cars all over san francisco. a new law would require all new construction projects and rote are fits to have charging stations. this would be a long-term investment in fighting pollution. 6:46. senator dianne feinstein will hear first-hand from bay area voters in a town hall meeting later this morning. this is the first town hall hauted by feinstein since donald trump took office. she has taken heat from critics for not holding more town hall
6:47 am
meetings during last congressional recess. anyone who wants to attend today's event needs a ticket in advance. it's planned for 11:00 in westport. >> north bay law enforcement leaders teaming up with school district members answer questions about immigration. the novato unified school district is hosting the meeting. tonight's summit is meant to address concerns about immigration law enforcement and safe schools. takes place at the hill edge center starting at 6:00 p.m. >> all right, an event that was long in the making, it's been going on for more than a century. if you thought president trump's first 100 days were challenging enough already they're having a difficult time pinning down the easter ail roll. now it's going on. that's because their hosting their first white house easter egg roll in this administration. you see the families and kids gathered on the south lawn of the white house. this is a live picture from the
6:48 am
event on for a couple hours and this is a tradition that goes very far back, nearly 160 years to 1878. more than 20,000 people are expected to attend. 6:48 now, and the president once again claims the media is out to get him in a tweet this morning. >> scott mcgrew being more specific, the fake media. he said every story is planted. >> every story. the president tweeting that out. he has been busy on twitter. tweeted a minute ago about his new approval rating. also tweeted the first 90 day of his presidency has exposed a total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy. the president has returned to the white house after another weekend in florida. this was his 13th weekend as president, 11 of those weekends mr. trump has visited a trump business property. his 18th golf outing since taking office 13 weeks ago. nbc estimates each trip to mar-a-lago costs you $3 million.
6:49 am
vice president pence is in the middle of an asian tour. he took a moment to visit the american troops at the heavily armed border that divides south and north korea. pence spoke about the massive bomb dropped on afghanistan and the strike in syria. we were worried, of course, north korea would test a new nuclear weapon over the weekend, but it did not. national security adviser hr mcmaster is in afghanistan. being interviewed on tv there. he says the u.s. will continue to fight al qaeda, isis, and the taliban. mcmaster is well thought of in washington. a thinking man. he wrote his ph.d. dissertation on america's involvement in vietnam. president trump, who authored a few books himself, tweeted out a book recommendation this morning. the tweet from the president, a great book for your reading enjoyment, reasons to vote for democrats by michael j. knoll. might be a bit surprised a republican president is recommending a book on reasons to votes for democrats. turns out the book is one of those blank books.
6:50 am
nothing inside. the kind of thing your uncle buys you for christmas. selling quite well. >> oh, uncle steve. >> how funny. thank you, scott. scott will be examining president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches every morning on today in the bay. he says it's a two-way street. he like to hear from you as well and it's easy to do. share your thoughts with scott on twitter. you see that his twitter handle is @scottmcgrew. >> 6:50 now. we know you had a busy weekend and you might have a busy morning as well if your looking for your umbrella, your rain gear. >> all that stuff. some parents aren't busy this morning because they're on spring break. and some of the kids just hanging out at home. maybe finding something to do out there, but hard to get out because we have light rain off and on. here's a live look at san francisco as the cars drive across the golden gate bridge. they're turning on the windshield wipers and going to see the light rain rolling through. at least the viz blth is
6:51 am
clearing than we have seen throughout the afternoon. a high today of 62, and looking at the raid, doesn't look that impressive. we have had showers rolling through since yesterday with that storm system that moved through the bay area, and some of the heavier rain has been across the north bay from sonoma county to napa county and marin as well. we'll continue to see some more waves of light rain throughout the day. and temperature wise, we're in the low to mid 50s for napa, and 58 degrees in oakland. 57 in san jose and palo alto. here's a live look outside at san jose, and then as we try to figure out how to dress for this, we talked about grabbing the umbrella. a nice warm jacket to keep you dry. that day where you're going to wand to keep the umbrella close by. we'll see rounds of rain, but generally cloudy skies throughout the afternoon and a few peeks of sunshine. don't expect a lot of that. as we go into tonight, another round of widespread rain moving in, especially for the north bay. in the south bay, maybe missing
6:52 am
out on that. we will get clearing for tomorrow afternoon. before another system moves in on wednesday. and that wraps up early on thursday morning. it is going to be a very busy week on the radar, and going to see rainfall potential at least with the next couple days. about a tenth of an inch. there will be higher amounts of rain for the north bay. a quarter to closer to an inch around ukiah. looking at the seven-day forecast for san francisco. looking at some warmer and milder temperatures in time for the weekend. there's a lot going on. check out the inland areas, up to 78 degrees on sunday. a big change from the weekend we just had, and vianey, as you head on the roadway, looking soggy in spots. >> definitely. we're definite starting to see the traffic kind of slowing down with a lot more cars on the road and the traffic maps right now showing a couple of trouble spots. the south bay still seeing some slowing along northbound 280. that's because they did report a traffic collision and it appears
6:53 am
there was debris on the roads. that's causing cars to slow down. northbound 87 is seeing backup thanks to a traffic collision. it looks like as of now, chp isn't reporting any major accidents, which is great news. also seeing slowing along highway 680 near foothill road. always typically see slowing around this hour, and it looks like it is due to a fender bender. east bay drive times, southbound 680 to vargas road where the fender bender is is about 21. back to you. >> looks good in palo alto. thank you. coming up, a quick look at the top stories today in the bay, including the massive manhunt for the man who killed an elderly man at random and posted the video of the killing on facebook. also, happening right now in our digital platforms. 12 people treated in hospitals after an acid attack in a london nightclub. police say the attack started with a dispute between two different groups of people and one man sprayed something
6:54 am
directly at two different men. and search warrants should be unsealed today in the death investigation of prince. nearly a year since prince died from an accidental drug overdose, butters still have not asked a grand jury to consider whether or not criminal charges are waurnlted. back with more news in two minutes. in the bay...
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6:57 am
. 6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories. >> we begin with a like at concord with b.a.r.t. is celebrating a big day. groundbreaking making it easier for riders to tap into the one of the east bay's treasures. b.a.r.t. will break ground on a new multimillion project to connect the concord b.a.r.t. station with the todos santos plaza just 2 1/2 blocks away from the b.a.r.t. station, but sometimes people have a hard time finding it. they'll build a new raised crosswalk, biking lane, and landscaping. >> in the last hour, authorities in ohio updated their manhunt for a man who killed an elderly man and posted the video on facebook. they show the approaching the man and telling the victim he's about to die because of a woman. stephen shoots the man at point blank range. he also talks in another video
6:58 am
about killing people. the coverage of the manhunt continues on the "today" show. >> it's time for the boston marathon. crews spent the past week preparing for course for the world famous. the women's elite race started and the men's race starts at 7:00 on the dot. the fourth anniversary of the bombing that took place near the finish line that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. >> don't fret if you haven't gotten your taxes done because things are a little different this year. you have untomorrow. also looking at santana row in san jose, chaking showers for the morning commute. >> just don't spend all that money before you know what your tax refund is. that be dangerous. it's kind of a drier day in the south bay. >> in the south bay, still dry. you see the clouds hanging overhead. every and then, they spit out a little right rain, but the heaviest rain has been from the east bay to san francisco and the north bay where you can see
6:59 am
the cameras. a look at low visibility. temperatures in the low to mid 50s as you head out with highs in the upper 60s. it's going to be kind of a cool d day. grab the umbrella before you step out. >> a little muggy out there. thank you. the roads are slick, but there's also lighter traffic because a lot of folks are on spring break. >> i'm here for mike all week long, and i know he's on a very well deserved vacation. it wasn't too bad today, at least so far. let's not jinx that. it's monday and traffic is usually an issue, but a quick look at the bridge drive times. westbound 580 to the richmond bridge, 15 minutes. that's usually verical around this hour for us. westbound 92, to the san mateo bridge, 22. even if we're not seeing heavy traffic, it's good to get ahead of the traffic. head on out. >> all right. thank you very much. you heard it here. that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news.
7:00 am
>> so happy to have you here this week, vianey, as mike is out. we'll be back for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight, a massive manhunt under way for an armed and dangerous suspect, who brutally murdered an innocent elderly man in cleveland and then posted the video online. >> right here. >> he claims there are more victims and says he's not done t. tensions rising. vice president mike pence travels to the dmz overnight and puts north korea on notice. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> telling kim jong-un to look at syria and afghanistan. and not to challenge president trump. >> north korea would do well not to test his resolv


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