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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 17, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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of snow tomorrow. then excellent conditions. >> people skiing. hr(t&háhp &hc jju for joining us lester >> have a great night. tonight, facebook murder manhunt. now spanning multiple states. a frantic search for an accused killer police say executed an elderly man seemingly at random, posting the horrific video on social media. north korea staredown. the vice president at the dmz delivering a warning from president trump. north korea now threatening weekly missile launches. stopping robocalls, a national nuisance for millions, many of them from scammers. tonight, tricks you may not know to get rid of them. hidden grief, prince harry opens up about seeking professional help to tackle the private pain he says caused chaos for years after the death of his mother. and breaking barriers, the first
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woman to run the boston marathon making history again today 50 years later. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening to our viewers in the west. there is great urgency to find and stop the killer that showed not even the slightest hesitation before the execution-style shooting of an elderly stranger on the street. and posting video of the horrible act on facebook. the city of cleveland is gripped with anxiety as police carry out a massive and dramatic manhunt for the 37-year-old suspect. this evening they're pleading with him to turn himself in. while the family of his apparent random victim grapples with his sudden and senseless violent death. ron mott is in cleveland tonight with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, cleveland police with the fbi say the search for 37-year-old suspected killer steve
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stephens recorded and uploaded a brazen daylight murder to facebook is a nationwide manhunt. >> our reach now is basically all over this country. we are not going to leave any stone unturned. >> reporter: with possible sightings as far away as philadelphia. none of the tips led to the man that officials say gunned down 74-year-old robert godwin. a memorial marks the spot where he lost his life. his two youngest children and mother were waiting at this home for goodwin to return from a quick trip to find aluminum cans. >> he didn't deserve to die. i hate that man took -- i hate that he took my kids' father. look at his baby. i don't think that they really have a fully understand what is going on. >> the people i'm going to kill, it's easter sunday, it's not my first. >> reporter: in the video, stephens with no previous criminal history bragged he
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killed multiples others that police have not substantiated. last seen driving this ford fusion, he says his motives involve an ex-girlfriend. >> she's the reason why this about to happen to you. >> reporter: police have been in contact and she is cooperating with investigators. stephens also references a fraternity brother. today gary jackson urged himself to give himself up. >> i know you are in pain, but brother you got to turn yourself in, because you already hurt other people. >> reporter: sunday's shooting is the latest recorded violence to make its way on facebook which has since taken the video down. tonight, a city unnerved by a senseless killing. and two young boys struggling to understand why this happened to their dad. late today cleveland's major announced a $50,000 reward for information relating to the capture of steve stephens. in the meantime, facebook says it has to do a better job of more quickly identifying objection material like this video and get it taken down. >> ron mott, thank you. overseas now.
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an ominous warning at north korea's doorstep. a surprise visit to the zone separating north and south korea and gazing straight in to the secretive and dangerous nation. pence whose father was a decorated soldier in the korean war offered a veiled threat to kim jong-un, one north koreans quickly responded to. nbc's janis mackey frayer is in seoul with more. >> reporter: a warning for kim jong-un, do not test president trump pointing to american cruise missiles fired against the syrian regime and mother of all bombs dropped on isis as proof of american resolve. >> president trump made it clear that the patience of the united states and our allies in this region has run out. >> reporter: north korea firing back, saying they are considering a preemptive strike. >> nuclear war may break out at any moment. >> reporter: the war of words ramping up. since north korea tested a medium range missile this weekend, it failed. and an embarrassment for the regime just
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hours after a massive military parade to flaunt it's might including what experts believe is the prototype of a new intercontinental ballistic missile. the concern, that even failed tests lead to advances. >> we're now in a period of urgency with the clock ticking, and a sense that these programs are making very real progress toward a threat to the united states. >> reporter: and tonight, fears they could conduct their sixth nuclear test at any time. just as pence is making his first trip to the region visiting the most heavily fortified border in the world, the demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas. pence looking towards the north emphasizing what the u.s. will do to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. >> we hope to achieve this objective through peaceful means but all options are on the table. >> reporter: more than 28,000 u.s. military personnel are still stationed in south
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korea. tonight, on alert and in range of north korea's arsenal. pence also raised the possibility of negotiations with the regime. this morning he meets with business leaders in seoul before moving on to japan. also facing the direct threat of north korea. lester? >> janis mackey frayer in seoul, thank you. back home president trump told north korea it's quote got to behave. his comments came as he hosted the annual white house easter egg roll with first lady melania trump. but as is often the case with his foreign policy, the president declined to give any specific details. we get more from chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. >> reporter: at the white house, a jarring juxtaposition. the president posing with the easter bunny. but on the rope line, new questions about north korea. >> got to behave. >> reporter: later on fox news. >> i don't want to telegraph what i'm doing or thinking. i'm not like other
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administrations where they say we're going to do this in four weeks. and that -- it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: that strategy of suspension a hallmark of this administration so far isn't sitting well with russia, where there's new tough talk. on russian state tv, a putin ally saying quote trump is more impulsive and unpredictable than kim jong-un. the white house tight-lipped on next steps in north korea. >> drawing red lines hasn't really worked in the past. >> reporter: president trump appearing to take his own advice in what you can call the art of the foreign policy deal. he's written negotiators should use leverage. in this case, that's his budding relationship with china, staying in close contact with beijing. rex tillerson in touch with the chinese counterpart this weekend. fight back the presidents advised reiterating now, all options are on the table including military action if needed. and while he said successful negotiators should deliver the goods, experts aren't
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sure how he will, in an intractable international conflict still unsolved after decades of diplomacy. >> so the danger is, of course, people see this as a bluff and great powers can't bluff. >> reporter: the president apparently wasn't bluffing on a different topic, tax returns. with the white house today not ruling out that he may never release them. other republicans like senator tom cotton are facing fallout defending that decision. >> i'm wondering if you'll take the initiative to release those returns. >> as far as i'm aware, the president says he's still under audit. >> reporter: senator cotton loudly booed there with new questions about transparency for a president that got elected promising to drain the swamp. lester? >> hallie jackson at the white house, thank you. there is late word this evening the u.s. supreme court is being asked to wade into a major fight over the death penalty. this time in arkansas, where the state wants to execute eight inmates by the end of
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the month. an unprecedented pace, before one of its lethal injection drugs expires. the accelerated execution schedule that was supposed to start tonight is hung up in the courts and nbc's gabe gutierrez has details for us from arkansas. ♪ >> reporter: after days of protests, today the first two of the unprecedented executions have been blocked by the arkansas supreme court. the state wanted to put to death eight inmates over the next 11 days and the attorney general is fighting to overturn the court orders. >> these sentences will be carried out and these families of the victims will be given closure. >> reporter: among the legal challenges, lawyers for the death row inmates say the rapid schedule increases the likelihood the executions will be botched and the drugs used amount to cruel and unusual punishment. drug companies are also objecting to the use of products in the lethal injection. arkansas's batch of one of those drugs will expire at the end of this month, so the state says the executions are
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necessary now. >> it's been a 25-year nightmare for the victims that have had to deal with this and now it's time for that justice to be carried out. >> reporter: complicating things, one of the judges ruling was seen joining an anti-death protest outside the governor's mansion. >> the judge never loses his or her humanity. and never forgets that the law has to be followed. >> reporter: today the state supreme court barred him from taking up any death penalty related cases. >> this is significant because at no point in modern american history has any state ever attempted to carry out so many executions in such a short period of time. >> reporter: arkansas now in legal limbo. but the executions are halted, at least for now. right now the state's attorney general is appealing trying to push forward these executions tonight. meanwhile, late today the lawyers for the inmates tried another option to make sure these executions don't go forward. they're now asking the u.s. supreme court to take up the issue, which it refused to do in february.
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>> gabe, thank you. tonight nearly a year since the passing of musical giant, we're learning new details about the death of prince, found unresponsive inside his estate. newly released documents reveal what authorities found inside his home amid a deepening mystery into how he got powerful painkillers without a regular doctor or a prescription. nbc's miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: the newly released search warrant reveals a troubling find inside prince's paisley park estate, a sizable stash of powerful drugs, for which the musician did not have prescriptions, discovered throughout his home. some inside bottles labelled vitamins and aspirin. detectives uncovering a suitcase next to prince's bed with the alias peter bravestrong and a powerful opioid and hang written lyrics for "you got the look." ♪ the mega star found unresponsive in his mansion a year ago this week killed by an accidental overdose by
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the powerful painkiller fentanyl. it's still a mystery where he obtained the drug and many others found in his home. >> this is indicative of someone who has a huge problem because once they start mixing these medications, that's when things can go south. >> reporter: with court documents claiming some medications were prescribed to prince under the name of long-time friend kirk johnson, the former drummer said he was unaware prince was addicted to pain medication. but a drug rehab center said johnson contacted them because the star was struggling with opiate use. today his attorneys saying johnson never supplied the drugs, which later caused prince's death. >> authorities seem to have indications there was prescription drug abuse, so they are following the sourcing, where did that come from? >> reporter: tonight in the death that shocked the world, still in criminal charges. and an investigation is that is far from over. miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york. in maryland, a routine army training
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flight went wrong when a black hawk helicopter crashed in flames on a golf course. one crew member was killed, the others taking to the hospital with injuries. one witness says the chopper appeared to lose control and flipped upside down before the crash. the cause is under investigation. still ahead as we continue here this evening, stop annoying robocalls. americans get more than 2 billion a month from scammers looking to rip you off. grab your smart phone. we'll reveal strategies to fight back in just a moment. also in a rare moment, prince harry opens up about the death of his mother, princess diana. why he says he was close to a complete breakdown.
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we're back now with a look at one of the top consumer complaints across the country, the annoying robocalls often from scammers. the big phone companies got the approval to block obvious robocalls, staying ahead of the scammers is a full-time challenge. here is nbc's tom costello to show us how. >> reporter: they have become a national public nuisance. >> hello, i have a message concerning important personal business. >> reporter: endless robocalls at home, work, on your cell phone. even as i was working on this report today, i got one asking for my credit card information. >> you are qualified for a lower rate. >> reporter: robocallers made 2.5 billion calls in march alone, that's 7.5 calls per month per person. many scammers, posing as credit card and
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bank debt collectors computer virus detectives, student loan and medical agents. what can you do to block the calls? first, add your numbers to the do not call registry, but that's only going to block calls from legitimate businesses that abide by the law. if you own a smart phone, you can block numbers that have called you by going into the call history then clicking on block caller. report spam texts by copying and sending the messages to 7726 or spam. you can also download apps, some free, some just a few dollars a month that block suspicious numbers. among the most popular apps, no more robo, privacy star and hiya. >> we analyze 3 billion phone calls each month to help consumers understand who is calling. >> reporter: another way to fight robocalls, protect your passwords so your personal information including your phone numbers don't end up on the web for scammers to target you.
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>> once your data is released, it's out in the world and capturing it, putting it back into pandora's box is almost impossible. >> reporter: in 2017, stopping the robocall on slaught requires a comprehensive approach. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> we're back with a highway headache for a major american city.
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the traffic nightmare in atlanta got even worse today, part of a busy interstate buckle this morning as crews worked on a gas pipe below. it launched a car and motorcycle in the air, the motorcyclist landing 200 feet away and is now hospitalized in critical condition. a whole section of the highway was shut down. this less than three weeks after a massive fire collapsed a bridge on another major interstate there. prince harry is opening up tonight for the first time about the private pain that
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haunted him for years after the dearth of his mother, princess diana. he was wracked with hidden grief and caused chaos in his life before he made the decision to seek professional help. tammy leitner has details. >> reporter: tonight prince harry going where few royals would have dared. >> i have probably been close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions. >> reporter: getting extremely personal, speaking publicly about the emotional impact of his mother's death on a daily telecast podcast. >> i can safely say that losing my mum at the age of 12 and therefore shutting down my emotions for the last 20 years had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but also my work, as well. >> reporter: this emotional candor, an unprecedented step from a new generation of royals. >> i think this was ground breaking, the fact he's talking about his own mental health. >> reporter: it was a rough two decades for prince harry, there was the wild naked weekend in vegas and
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even the public embarrassment of being sent to rehab. >> it was 20 years of not thinking about it and two years of total chaos and i just couldn't put my finger on it. didn't know what was wrong with me. >> reporter: prince harry credits his brother with getting him to seek help. he's been dating actress meghan markle for the last year and he formed his charity, heads together, which combats mental health stigma. >> once you start talking about it, you realize you have a large club. it's patriots day in boston. the running of the marathon, thousands taking part, in the incredible images of this day. jose luis sanchez. a retired marine, who lost the lower part of his leg in afghanistan. he ran the course while carrying the red, white and blue. it took him about six hours to finish. wearing a semper fi shirt and the nation's gratitude all the way.
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when we come back, she was the first woman to ever run the boston marathon. now she's back, and once again, inspiring america with her story.
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===janelle/vo=== how our investigation led to a federal lawsuit that could change how local deputies respond to welfare checks. ===raj/2shot=== plus ... the big payoff when nbc bay area responds to a customer who thought all was lost. ===raj/next close=== next. finally tonight, she made history half
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a century ago as the first woman to run the boston marathon. back then, officials actually tried to shove her off the course but today, she made a triumph return as a guest of honor. nbc's kristen daal grern dahlgren has our inspiring america report. >> reporter: sending elite women running into the streets, she remembers a time 50 years ago when that seemed impossible. >> it was thought if you did anything arduous, you were going to get big legs, grow hair on your chest and turn into a man. and your uterus would fall out. >> reporter: in 1967 when she told a men's track coach she wanted to run the boston marathon. >> he said, no dame ever ran no marathon. >> reporter: she registered with k.v. and pinned on bib 261. two miles in, somebody on the press bus spotted her and the race director ran on to the course. >> he grabbed me like this and he threw me back and said get the
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hell out of my race and give me those numbers and tried to pull my bib numbers off. >> reporter: her boyfriend knocked him away and she kept running. >> i said i'm going to finish this race on my hands and knees if i have to. >> reporter: in that moment, she changed the course of women's running. she since has run 39 marathons. and she founded 261 fearless, a non-profit for women runners around the world encouraging them to do the impossible. >> once i start running, they realize they can do so much more than they ever believed and get a better job or better education or leave a bad relationship. >> reporter: or even keep running at 70, like switzer, competing again today, a half century after the first time. >> i just ran the fastest marathon i've ran in 46 years. >> reporter: the woman who started it all, not finished yet. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, boston. that's going to do
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it for us on a monday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. poles sticks action stun guns bep process epper survey bear surprise. >> first the violence now the investigation the search for more protestors who broke the law in the weekend brawl. the news at six starts roun. good evening thanks for joining us i'm janelle wang. >> raj mathai. berk berkeley once again in the are national spotlight. the viral video sparked a lot of emotion. 20 people arrested so far after this weekend's protest. but they're looking for more people now it's turned into a
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digital hunt. nbc bay area marianne favro joins news berkeley. marianne. >> raj we just learned that of the 20 people arrested here saturday almost all of them are from the bay area. the youngist person was a 17-year-old girl. the oldest a 68-year-old man. and tonight of face batter charges. this punch caught on video during the berkeley protest has now prompted a strong condemnation from the president of kal state university. that's because the man shone hitting a woman during the protest saturday has been identified as csus student an alternative right leader by the name of nathan dimigo. the prolts at the park involved more than 400 people quickly turned violent. police arrested 20 people and they say they expect there could be more in the future. >> we're going to review video footage. anybody involved in criminal acts on april 15


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