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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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fresno motel last thursday. vrgs say muhammad who is believed to be homelessless has a criminal history which includes weapon violations, and terrorist threats. on his facebook page he made multiple refrpss to, quote, destroying white devil skunks. we reached out to the the santa clara account county kag lib charities the ceo told me his office has a security guard in place and plans to do more training on the protocol for active shooter situation. marianne favro nbc bay area. >> thank you marian left shut shift the attention outside more raining this morning more rain tomorrow. bring in the chief meteorologist jeff ranieri all sorts of changes this week joef. >> you got it weather underground sky camera network shows things really rebounded from the wet weather this morning more of a ploung sky here throughout a lot of the bay area you can see the current view in walnut creek look back
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towards mount diebl o just fantastic the radar will again show the dry conditions from santa rose aa toward san jose but as we've been talking about another storm system is lining up out here in the pacific. we'll goat you a wider view and show you this storm is about 70 oh miles off shore and again it looks like deent shot at some wet weather for certain parts of the bay area. so what i want to do is zbif us an early look what we can expect for tomorrow then you take you through the rain time line as we get a look at wednesday's forecast temperatures will stay near average. for the most part through the day mostly sun were partly cloudy skas 66 in santa rose awe 61 in sfriz a milder 70 in san jose and 68 back here for liverpool. in terms of the weight weather what we're specking nothing morning hours you got a great commute come your way a little bit of cloud cover near the bay. that's about it. as we head through 6:00 ab6:00
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and 8:00 at night. rainfall approaches the north bay. this is an even for the north bay as we head throughout tomorrow 90 around 9:30 into about midnight after that this really starts to fall apart as this wet weather tries to get done towards san jose. we'll talk more about how much rainfall out of the storm system i have several more updates coming up this half hour. >> okay jeff we'll see you shortly. also following breaking news in the eastbound bay at this hour. an 11-year-old boy is missing plesanton police say he was seen two hours ago the elementary school. romeo is 5 feet tall weighs 80 pounds brown hair brown eyes wearing a red jacket over a black shirt with jeans and black shoes. if you have any information please call the plesanton police department. >> inchts it was a pair of murders the shocked the bay area and tonight three drifters committed them on the way to prison with snnzs to keep them behind bars for life.
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the trio robbed and killed steve carter and audrey kerry in two separate attacks nbc bay area's mark matthews at the courthouse where the three were sentenced mark it was an emotional hearing today. >> it was today janelle because the families of the victims had their say in court we heard from the wife of steven carter, the mother of audrey kerry. but it was ms. carter's statement that gripped the courtroom. >> 24-year-old morsen lamply looked down his expression never changing. his former girlfriend, 19-year-old lyle la we said he is the man who pulled the trigger killing the canadian 10:30ist. because he and his girlfriend and third companion wanted to rob the young woman n. they then start shot and killed carter the
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trio wanted carter's car in order to make the get away. kerry's aunt fred a statement of her mother then the wife of steve carter had her turn the unbearablography and trauma your actions have caused caused me personally have been too much to bear. this here is the beginning of your very own private horror movie that's not going to end any time soon. >> the sentences, one hundred years to life for morsen lamply for. who held her down while shot and who selected steve skarter to die because she had seen his car, 50 years to life. and for sean inkle, 15 years to life. these are pictures of engle from a previous court appearance. >> that was seaneningle mugshot you say the judge would fwhot allow us to photograph in court because he testified against former companions in a preliminary hearing in order to
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get a reduced sentence that's the 15 years to life. reporting from sand rafael mark matthews nbc behrens. >> thank you mark. new details. the accused killer of the this world the court learned the defendants will not testify in his own defense. the attorney for the defendant will told the judge he will not take the witness stand. prosecutors say he killed the 15-year-old even though her body has not been found. she disappeared on the way to cool. garcia torres has pled not guilty to murder and attempting to kidnap three other women. if convicted he could face the death penalty. $10,000 worth of band instruments stolen from a high school in fairfield leads to a series of arresting police say 18-year-old jonathan oelia turned himself in today in connection. 20-year-old christian mckarlts of sacramento. the two men are suspected of stealing the instruments including a 100 year old antique
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horn. police also arrested a 14-year-old man from timely topic in the bay area. the city counts sell in the midst of a heated public debate over renters rights. as we've been reporting the fight over no cause eviction and rent control has been brewing months. robert handa first breck the story on the proposals that generated a lot of strong opinions. robert what could be decided tonight? >> reporter: well it will be decided -- well into the night. but a number of protections could be set up for tenants. but again there is a large group of landlords and their supporters who are fighting this. in fact it's a very emotional crowd that is packed the city council chambers thp they're using overflow rooms with monitors to deal with the large audience. throughout the day many supporters of the so-called tenant protection ordnance have been taking fight out in a very public way. >> i'd like to present in certificate of recognition to.
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>> renters rights activists started their day crashing a party at city haul displaying signs during ceremonies welcome the silken valley comic con2017 with city council members attending. the spon tanz zmonts came as activists start kind out a hunger strike. this is on proposal including no cause evictions as well as preventing landlords from kicking out rent control tenants for market rate renters. >> more than worth it. it is necessary that you know we take this action that we make this small sacrifice. >> this man says he got an eviction notice but no explanation. >> she doesn't have to give a reason for evicting us she can just evict us on the form itself there is no reason given for it one city council member says requiring juft cause for evictions won't work. >> sounds great when you put it
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into action it makes it very hard to get rid of people that are -- that are causing trouble in neighborhoods. >> landlord peter noonan agrees saying he kicked out a drug dealing tenant. >> the tenant moved out we've had no drug dealing in the builds since. i've been running my builds for years taking good care of them. >> and again each one of those issues within that ordnance is probably going to generate a lot of discussion. this is going to be a long emotional process we'll have an update on the 6:00 newscast. live in snair robert handa. >> robert thank you you across the bay in another passion knit debate in oakland the city council voting on whether to push employers into sanctuary declaring work places a rally in support of antingary workplaces. the crowd is showing up. this is a live picture. if approved this won't change any laws. but city councilman dan kal be says he is hoping the declaration will encourage
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businesses to protect low income and immigrant workers, specifically undocumented immigrants you see them passing the microen now addressing the crowd. tonight at 6:00 more from the rally and the votes. silken valley and the tech industry had been put on notice and often used visa program may be in jeopardy are you president trump signed an executive order today directing u.s. agencies to prevent prevent fraund. the companies will be asked to come up with changes so visas are offered to most skilled politics. the goal is american workers have the first chance at jobs. the tech industry has long called hi visa's important because they allow young people to stay in the u.s. after they goat degrees in high tech related fields. >> a lot of prayers for his family and the nation. president george hw bush is back in the hospital for the second time this year. mr. bush was admitted to houston methodist hospital last friday and diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia. the 92-year-old is said to be in good spirits. in mid-january you might recall
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president bush was hospitalized for two weks for newholm dwra. arrest made involving a elderly woman in san francisco. the food the arrest of this man of ronner park he was crossing columbus avenue when he struck the 86-year-old woman. she is recovering at a medical facility. we'll take a look new video in the newsroom this is a cliff rescue at mory point in pacifica. it happened yesterday. you see a man dangle from the cliff. he got stuck there after climbing up about 75 feet from the beach. theter inwas too dangerous for traditional rope rescue. so the chp called in the chopper and the save the made. the man hoifted to safety. i'm scott budman we are liv in facebook's world these days coming up the latest on technology and a sowers message from mark zucker berg. then birds nesting in an
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unusual place downtown oakland. the life or death situation is putting dozens of baby birds at risk. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri starting to clear out at the coastline. the camera sky network but i'll let you know when it turns back to rainfall you don't want to miss the forecast, 5:20 tonight. .
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one of america's most wanted
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no longer wanted. the facebook murder suspect killed himself after a brief chase with police. the a kmnlds drive threw worker in erie pennsylvania recognized steve stephens and the worker delayed the order to give authorities a chance to arrive. a police chase ensued after the suspect car came to a stop police say he shot himself. stephens has been wanted since sunday after he killed an elderly stranger about a hundred milestone away in cleveland ohio then posted the video to factual basis. facebook ceo mark zucker berg addressed the murder while speaking a a conference in san jose. a story from the floor of f 8. >> the biggest of gathering of techies every year but this year the facebook developers conference was dealing with the frightening story of a man who after killing someone povertied a video of the killing on facebook. >> facebook ceo mark zucker berg started the conference by recognizing the victim of the
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shooting. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin senior. >> then addressed the need for facebook to better monitor the content people post of, a fine line because most facebook users don't want more monitoring of their content for privacy reasons. >> we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> with the elephant in the room addressed facebook also showed off the latest in virtual reality. >> it was amazing. really engaged in the game. >> while pointing ahead to a future where you won't need a headset. your phone will be the augmented reality camera. >> in ar the idea is the camera is the next generation device. with vr it's a really immersive experience right but in the future we're seeing a lot of the worlds collide. >> you can expect camera effect, spaces, ai, all to roll out in the months ahead. facebook says it wants to give
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the technology to developers to make it even better. in san jose, scott budman, nbc behrens. a lot happening in san jose this woke for fv some unexpected visitors in downtown oakland a couple dozen baby birds with broken bones nursed back to health, good news black crowned night herrons, the spoefted to nest in march shall area pb the baby herron aren't strong enough to fly and are falling out of their nests. >> it's kind of our daily duty we have for wild life andnator, just knowing that we can help by helping one bird who fell from the tree and has nowhere to go we kind of populated an area where it used to be a natural setting but isn't any more. >> they are helping a lot of birds once the they are healthy and strong enough to fly the voluntaries are will release them to the wild good news
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happening in oakland. we are no the clear yet. another system on the way. >> small. it is very small. so that's the good news. i know a lot of people are going more rainfall. i know i got to be the bearer of bad news. we're get agonize reare previous in here as we head through the upcoming weekend. let's take to you the microclimate forecast right now and high definition camera pointed right on the coliseum tonight. the a's and the rangers going at it let's goat a current check of the conditions at the ball park. 65 degrees in mostly sunny opinion. for the first pitch after 7:00 looks like theically skies will be with us and eventually get clouds in here by 10:00 p.m. tonight but no rainfall as we head throughout this evening. we can show you that on the doppler radar right now as we have started to dry out all through the bay area not a drop in sight. i think it's staying like this into tomorrow morning's forecast. i think the biggest thing you might be bothered by as you head out the door on wednesday morning commute will be the chillier air. 46 for the trooi valley
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peninsula 50. also 50s for the south bay get you across the north bay 47, san francisco 49, and for the east bay also starting in the upper 40s. on the microclimate forecast as we head through wednesday temperatures stay near average. dry throughout the day and that's going to be good enough to put us as 70 in san jose. 68 for morgan hill. throughout the the east bay looking at 70 in antioch then a little bit cooler by bay, 66 in hayward with peninsula we have 67 tomorrow in belmont. and a much cooler 59 for half moon bay. under a partly cloudy sky. san francisco 63 along the embarcadero opinion up towards the north bay 67 in nevada o close to are 70 in napa. dry through the day throughout wednesday. but eventually get the chance of rainfall coming our way once we hit 5:30 for the extreme northern coat line imprisoning the biggest thing for the evening commute tomorrow tonight would be high clouds increasing. start to see rainfall develop by
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9:30 at night on wednesday. north bay no doubt has the best chance of in wet weather. watch what happens as i advance this thp this starts to fall apart by 1:00 in the morning on thursday. so not much left here for san jose. only trace amounts to about 15 hundredths expected for the entire bay area. down to trace amounts down across the south bay. the next largest thing i get a lot of questions about lately is when could we set into extreme drying trend? well my raj forecast does show a long stretch of dry weather above ample temperatures on fap. just maybe he will neen. extended forecasts after that system on wednesday we again dry out the upcoming weekend. stay with 60s here across san francisco. check out the interior valley forecast, going up to 78 on friday. and we'll stay with these
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mid-70s as we head into this saturday and sunday very happy to bring that forecast after the all the rainfall lately. jeff is exhaling now. >> i know. >> you got it. looking forward. back in a moment. stay with us. ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief.
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giants manager bruce bochy had a minority heart procedure and is recovering in zade tonight he'll rejoin the giants friday in colorado. boch judge had a history of heart problems also on the twitter feed officials in ron era man confronted a 11-year-old girl on her way to school the man showed her ray inappropriate pirngt on his phone before he hid
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. if you build it they will come construction is just beginning on the warrior new water front aaron in san francisco but already it's paying off. today the ncaa is saying the march madness is making return to san francisco in 20 years. will hoeft the krerpt in 2022. the bay area hosted to your honor mts before in.
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>> can we get tickets. >> let's bet our ncaa to the nba wear years in the playoffs before the game on easter sand, coach delivered a message had little to do with the game. >> you might have seen it might not have he urged everyone to try and bring joy and good will to the world a woman in burlg game already been doing that garvin thompson joips with tonight. >> speaking of basketball something alexander clift played since they was a little girl. one sport in particular is how she is choosing to give back. >> so it's got a little less air but feels well made so. >> for pretty much her entire life alexander kris the has been sowers about playing soccer still she never kicked a soccer ball with as you have purpose as she does these days. alex you see is testing them to see which one is the best fit for her ultimate goal. >> i'm one person with an idea.
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and i took action. and the action is snowballed into a beautiful project. >> alex's projects began of all places at the thanksgiving day table with her family a few years ago. syrian refugees had been in the news a lot around that time. a crisis half a world away alex thought. until her mother put it into perspective. >> mom said if your greater didn't come to this country as a small child we could all be syrian refugees. >> those refugees were no longer strangers from a distant land and they needed her help. but how? >> and so i just asked for some what is something i could do to help the refugees and make a difference. >> so soccer hit my consciousness. give way balls this is the very. >> afrlgs new from previous travels around the world that is a soccer ball can do magic when it comes to breaking down
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barriers and sparking joy. >> these are going to go to the camps and the kids. >> so she rounded up donations and arranged for 750 soccer balls to be manufactured in pakistan then delivered to a hotel room in grease where she and friends would personally deliver them to refugee camps. it was a lot of planning alex says that ultimately went just according to plan. >> we just started playing together the next hour. we just a bunch of boys came over and then the coordinator dame over we all started playing and laughing. it was great. >> brought you a football. >> alex understands that soccer balls are not necessary for a refugees survival. still she says they can be essential to their lives. she is already planning her next visit, her next donation. >> i want something that's tough and durable. >> just as soon as they finds the perfect ball to do the greatest good. >> thun with us of the stories
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where lots of large nongovernmental organizations help refugees doing the work if you have an idea and you're just one person you can make it happen. you can make it happen half a world away helping people in need. >> she has a personal connection with that part of the world really nice. >> exactly. very strong connection when her mom talked about they might be syrian refugees she might be if. >> that puts it in proeskt. >> she had to help. >> the kids come over with nothing fleeing with nothing just that one ball can bring so much joy thanks garvin. >> thanks garvin back in a moment stay with us.
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tonight at 6:00 an molden for emt student nbc bay area responds to a man in san jose having trouble getting degree from a university that story tonight at 6:00. >> at 5:00 hottest ticket in town and it's free. chance the rapper announcing and facebook today giving a free concert tonight in san jose but the catch is you got to have a ticket. hundreds the fans lined up outside the temple bar in downtown san jose for the free tickets. tonight's concert at pacific audio toerm is part of facebook f 8 concert. go over there tonight. >> i didn't know who he was until the grammy rewards. i'm like this guy is big.
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i need to get with it. >> good friends with steph curry. >> not any free tickets left. lester holt next with news. tonight, the manhunt's dramatic end, the facebook killer shoots and kills himself as police gave chase. mcdonalds employees credited with calling in the tip to 911. what they did to keep him at the drive through while authorities raced to the scene. >> mixed messages on north korea. the white house said they were sending warships as a deterrent but now we learned they were headed in the opposite direction. prescriptions for sunscreen, what a lot of parents don't know about their kids' schools that could be putting those kids at risk. tonight a mom on a mission to change the rules. >> and heart of a champion, how an nfl player's tragic death saved the life of a baseball hall of famer. an incredible story. "nightly news" begins right now.


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