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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i need to get with it. >> good friends with steph curry. >> not any free tickets left. lester holt next with news. tonight, the manhunt's dramatic end, the facebook killer shoots and kills himself as police gave chase. mcdonalds employees credited with calling in the tip to 911. what they did to keep him at the drive through while authorities raced to the scene. >> mixed messages on north korea. the white house said they were sending warships as a deterrent but now we learned they were headed in the opposite direction. prescriptions for sunscreen, what a lot of parents don't know about their kids' schools that could be putting those kids at risk. tonight a mom on a mission to change the rules. >> and heart of a champion, how an nfl player's tragic death saved the life of a baseball hall of famer. an incredible story. "nightly news" begins right now.
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>> narrator: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening to our viewers in the west. we begin with late developments in a deadly shooting rampage in fresno, california. at least three people were killed at multiple crime scenes. now police are investigating whether this was a hate crime. nbc's correspondent has the very latest. >> we are getting reports of multiple gunshot incidences in the downtown area. >> reporter: four crime scenes in fresno, california. >> we've got another victim near catholic church. >> 16 shots fired from a revolver inds in a minute. strangers gunned down in front of a church charity. witnesses say they heard yelling and the sound of gunfire. >> he was reloading his gun. it was a big gun too. >> i'm getting several people tell me that the shooter is wearing a white baseball cap, black male. >> reporter: police say the gunman, khali mohammad,
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30-year-old whose face book is filled with racist posts and unusual pictures including him with one holding what looked like a sword. investigators say he went by the nickname black jesus and yelled after the shooting. police are not calling this terrorism but looking into whether this may be a hate crime. all the victims were white. >> we know he has some posts that says he does not like white people. >> reporter: police say the shooting spree happened when mohammad opened fire on an electric company truck, killing a passenger. then shooting two others who died near a catholic charities parking lot. >> these were unprovoked attacks by an individual that -- that was intent on carrying out homicides today. >> detectives say he was wanted as a suspect in the killing of a motel six security guard sunday. a gunman with a criminal past, facing a total of four murder charges in yet another senseless rampage. there has been a dramatic
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and violent end to the hunt for the so-called face book killer. the man police say shot an elderly man in cleveland sunday and posted the video online was spotted at a fast-food drive through in pennsylvania today. quick thinking restaurant employees who staultd tlled the suspect and alerted police are credited with helping stop him before he could take an innocent life. the trail of a nationwide manhunt coming to an end on the streets of erie where the accused killer chased by police used his gun one last and fateful time. nbc's gabe gutierrez has details. >> reporter: the nationwide manhunt for the suspected facebook killer, steve stephens came to a dramatic end in erie, pennsylvania, just after 11:00 a.m. >> i was scared and now i'm actually relieved. >> reporter: a worker recognized stephens at this mcdonald's drive-through, where the manager says he ordered mcnuggets and fries. but they stalled. >> basically told him it would
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be a minute for his fries, which it wasn't, trying to make sure she got in contact with the state police. he didn't want to wait for the police. >> the unit's psp is behind a white ford fusion on buffalo road. >> reporter: stephens sped off. after a short chase, investigators say he shot and killed himself. >> there are a lot of questions i'm sure not only the family but the city in general would have had for steve. >> reporter: authorities had been scouring the area, about 100 miles from cleveland since sunday. >> knowing he was a gambler and there was a casino in close proximity where we located him today, we were doing patrols through the casino, the local hotels and restaurants throughout the last 48 hours. >> reporter: police say stephens murdered 74-year-old robert godwin at random in broad daylight on easter sunday and posted chilling video of his crime on facebook. >> she is the reason this is about to happen to you. >> reporter: he also blamed his ex-girlfriend for his action. seconds after the bloodshed --
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>> oh, lord, he's dead! came the horrified calls for help. >> ma'am, what's your address? >> oh, my lord have mercy. oh, my god. >> reporter: for this 911 dispatcher, it was too late. >> ask him is he breathing? >> is he breathing? no breathing. >> i lost everything -- i had, man. >> reporter: stephens had no criminal history but filed for bankruptcy. he worked almost a decade at a mental health agency and was a youth mentor. >> he was a sweet man at heart. >> reporter: jason clockman was stephen's fraternity brother. says his old friend called him minutes before the shooting. >> he told me to call him back once i saw the facebook post. i tried to call him back and he did not answer. >> reporter: tonight as robert godwin's family prepares his funeral, his daughter tells us they feel an overwhelming sadness and called her father's killer, a coward. in the video he posted on facebook, stephens had claimed to have killed multiple people. so far, investigators have found no evidence to support that claim. authorities here are just grateful the mcdonald's
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employees saw something, said something, helped bring this manhunt to an end. lester. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. an awful story that left facebook under fire from critics who said it took too long to remove the graphic video of the murder that sparked the manhunt. it's hardly the only violent crime shared on social media as providers struggle with how and what to censor. today, facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, responded to the controversy. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> she is the reason why this is about to happen to you. >> reporter: the killing in cleveland is the latest horrific crime performed for an audience on social media. among the many crimes -- the torture of a mentally challenged teen and the shootout with police. the world's largest social media platform, accused of failing to take action on graphic content. the cleveland murder suspect's video was up more than two hours before facebook shut it down. today, mark zuckerberg admitted there's a problem.
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>> we have a lot of work and will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: the company adding in a statement, this is a horrific crime. we do not allow this kind of content on facebook. facebook is the largest but not the only social media provider encouraging users to stream live, the newest way to build an audience and boost revenue. they now use algorithms, editors and users to help flag objectionable content. >> when facebook launched facebook live about a year ago mark zuckerberg gave an interview where he said he wanted to reflect humanity most visceral and raw. be careful what you ask for. >> reporter: while facebook can be exploited to empower criminals, citizens have also used it as a tool to seek justice. >> please don't tell me my boyfriend went just like that. >> reporter: diamond reynolds showed the world when her boyfriend was gunned down by police. >> i wanted the people to determine who was right and who was wrong.
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>> reporter: tonight, violence carried out for a crowd going viral. prompting outrage and questions over how to stop it. miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york. there is late word from houston of a health scare for george h.w. bush, the 92-year-old former president has been hospitalized since friday we have learned with what his spokesman says is a mild case of pneumonia which has been treated and resolved. he is now being held for observation while he regains his strength. we certainly wish him a speedy recovery. meantime, president trump hit the road today in wisconsin, talking about jobs and manufacturing and signing a new executive order as part of what he calls his buy american, hire american policy. that is raising question as but whether trump businesses should follow that message. our chief white house correspondent halley jackson has details. >> reporter: back on the road sounding like he's back on the
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campaign. >> buy american and hire american. >> reporter: the president signing a new executive order in wisconsin, promising to put america first directing an administration review to tighten up the h1b visa program which lets high skilled workers into the country, that's after president trump used different programs to bring on foreign workers at his own properties. all of it raising questions for one republican senator at her iowa town hall. >> shouldn't he be the first one to bring his company back and manufacture his products here? >> maybe he puts his money where his mouth is and brings some of those jobs here. >> reporter: the president has separated himself from his business and so has his daughter. but conflict questions linger. the ap now reporting ivanka trump's business was granted three chinese trademarks the very same day she joined her father for dinner with the chinese president. >> the question is whether that kind of award, trademark is a way for the chinese government to curry favor with the president or with the president's assistant, ivanka trump.
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>> reporter: an attorney for ivanka trump tells nbc news she has had no involvement with trademark applications submitted by the business. today, with americans talking taxes, president trump is too. >> tax reform and tax plan is coming along very well. >> reporter: that tax overhaul could be over before it begins with democrats warning they won't play ball unless the president releases his return. >> i think it's going to be hard for him to make people believe he's credible in leading some kind of tax reform. is he doing it to benefit himself? his friends? we don't know. >> candidate trump came under a lot of pressure to release his tax returns. president trump may have to relent because he wants to push through tax reform. >> reporter: watch for democrats to keep up pressure on this, particularly after protests this weekend. today, senator chuck schumer issuing a warning tying tax reforeign minister to the release of those returns. tax day may be almost over but not this white house, lester.
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>> and the trump administration found itself with explaining to do late today after warning north korea days ago a u.s. aircraft carrier was on its way to the region when in reality it was sailing in the opposite direction. also, today after days of tough talk, vice president, mike pence, now leaving the door open to a diplomatic solution with north korea. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: the question tonight, why were the white house and pentagon brass confused about the location of this giant aircraft carrier, the "uss carl vinson" last week saying it was heading toward korea as a show of force. president trump last wednesday. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. >> reporter: the secretary of defense. >> she's on her way up there because that's where we thought it was most prudent to have her at this time. >> reporter: in fact the aircraft carrier was headed in the opposite direction towards australia for military exercises, a confusing message in the showdown with north
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korea. >> it comes across your adversaries as a lack of determination, a lack of will, a lack of certainty about the signal you want to send. >> reporter: administration officials say confusing guidance from the pentagon as a ship tonight is headed to north korea. a reset in tone from vice president pence from japan only yesterday warning north korea to look at the missile strikes in syria. and the mother of all bombs against isis, and to not test u.s. resolve. today emphasizing diplomacy. >> with diplomatic and economic pressure we have a chance, a chance to achieve our objective of a nuclear-free korean peninsula. >> reporter: late today, the president also dialing down his rhetoric about kim jong-un with wtmj in milwaukee. >> hopefully he wants peace. and we want peace. and that's going to be end determination. but we are going to have to see what happens. >> reporter: likely a reaction to appeals from china and japan and south korea, all eager for a
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diplomatic solution, nervous about all the talk of war with their nuclear neighbor. lester. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. tonight, the eyes of the political world are on a congressional district in georgia where an upstart democrat is trying to win a special election in what has been a republican held district for years. democrats hoping to ride anti-trump sentiment to victory. the president himself apparently keeping a close watch. nbc's kasie hunt has details. >> reporter: voters in a deep red georgia district heading to the polls today. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: democrat jon ossoff seems to have come out of nowhere to become his party's first best chance to take on donald trump. >> the kind of country we believe in, one that is courageous and tough. >> reporter: it's just one house seat, but republicans usually win here by more than 20 points. a first time candidate, ossoff has raised $8.3 million and drawn volunteers from all over the country and big name celebrities and he's been attacked by name by president trump. >> only you can stop the super
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liberal democrats and nancy pelosi's group, and in particular, jon ossoff. >> reporter: what's at stake here? >> this is an opportunity for this community to make a statement about what we believe in. >> reporter: ossoff needs 50% of the vote to avoid a june runoff with one of the other 17 candidates in the special election to replace tom price, who left the seat to become hhs secretary. karen handleman is the leading republican. >> once we get through this, you'll see whether it's me in the runoff for someone else this district will stay in the hands of a republican. >> thank god for trump. >> reporter: some traditionally republican voters in this suburban atlanta district just can't stomach the president. >> he has brought the decorum of the presidency down so low i cannot bring myself to support candidates like that anymore. >> reporter: democrats far beyond georgia hoping this is just the beginning to energize their base of opposition. kasie hunt, nbc news, atlanta. still ahead.
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as we continue, sunscreen in schools. did you know students actually need a prescription to have it in many cases? a battle being waged to change that coming up. also, will anyone lose their job after that passenger was brutally dragged off a united plane? what the airlines ceo revealed today.
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we're back now as spring has sprung and temperatures rise across the country, there's a fight happening over something a lot of parents might not even know about their children's
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school that could be putting their children at risk. at the center of the battle is sunscreen and a mom on a mission to change the rules. nbc kristen dahlgren has details. >> reporter: when jessie's two daughters came home from a school field day event with second degree burns a few years ago. >> her shoulders looked like leather, it was horrific. >> reporter: she was outraged to learn sunscreen wasn't allowed in school without a doctor's note. >> their teachers were applying sunscreen in front of them. one teacher even said, oh, honey, you're getting so burnt. i wish i could share this with you but i can't. >> reporter: the reason the food & drug administration consider an over the counter medication, meaning teachers and nurses can't apply it and parents can't even send it to school without a doctor's okay. worrisome to parents who find out 500 children have melanoma every year. >> it leads to developing skin cancer including melanoma. later in life.
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>> reporter: the second most diagnosed skin cancer between the ages of 15 and 29. now washington state is one step closer to changing its policy. the governor expected to sign a bill that will allow school workers to help students apply sunscreen but won't require them to do so. california, new york, utah and oregon already have similar laws on the books. six more states are considering legislation. >> if you have a law that makes it so you can't protect kids we have to do something about that. >> reporter: parents pushing to shine a light on new laws that could help protect kids from feeling the burn. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a cool site that suddenly turned a small town into a tourist attraction.
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>> despite a massive backlash and threats of legal action, the ceo of united said no one will be fired after a passenger was dragged off a plane to make room for united's own employees. video of the incident quickly went viral, triggering a public outcry. united says it's too soon to know whether tickets have suffered as a result of the incident. now off the coast of newfoundland, so many people want to see it's causing traffic jams. an iceberg jutting out of the water to the delight of amateur photographers and looky-loos. makes for a pretty cool instagram. something a lot of tv fans wish they could get their hands on is up for auction the original bottle from the 1960s sitcom, "i dream of genie" will be put on the auction block this summer. it is a 1964 christmas edition jim bean decanter and could fetch $100,000, genie not included.
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when we come back. heart of a champion, the incredible life saving gift from one sports star to another.
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finally tonight, one is a
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baseball hall of famer and the other nfl. they come from different sports, different generations now they and their family share through a precious life saving gift. nbc's kevin tibbles has the amazing story. >> reporter: he was electric in the bigs. seven-time batting champ, 18-time all-star. i always felt like i was healthy until the morning that i had a massive heart attack on the golf course by myself. >> that heart attack threatened to strike out 71-year-old hall of famer rod carew for good. he desperately needed a transplant. turns out it was another athlete, a 6'6" 270 pound giant of a man that saved his life. konrad played for the jets and ravens in the nfl. >> he wanted to always help other people. that's the way he lived his life. >> reporter: last thanksgiving at just 29, konrad collapsed
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from a brain aneurysm and never regained consciousness. it was his mom, mary, who encouraged him to fill out his organ donor card. >> i told the doctors, i said, who ever gets this heart better deserve it because it was a good heart. >> reporter: in fact, carew was chosen to be the recipient of konrad's heart and kidney. his liver and second kidney were donated to others. >> the greatest gift we can give is a gift of life. >> reporter: today, the carew and reuland families gathered as one, urging everyone to get involved in the organ donor program. >> i promised i will take care of konrad's heart. whatever journey i take, he will be right there with me. >> reporter: now, when konrad's parents listen to carew's chest, they know their beloved son's spirit and heart beat on. kevin tibbles, nbc news. >> that will do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt for all of us on nbc news. thank you for watching and good night.
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these were unprovoked attacks by an individual that was intent on carrying out homicides today. >> right now at 6:00, three strangers killed at random in the central valley. tonight a man in custody and authorities looking to see in the murders are terrorism related. the news at 6:00 starts roun. good evening thank for ink joust janelle wang sitting for jessica aguirre. >> raj mathai a lot happening at this hour. we're specking new details about the tragedy in fresno. in just a few minutes the police chief in fresno is expected to update us about the suspected gunman.
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kori muhammad killed three people today and wanted for another killing last week. now among the primary questions we mentioned this is a it terror related nbc bay area's marian favro is in the newsroom has more on the behavior speckly online. >> fresno police has been studying the facebook beige of muhammad. he post-ed anti-government comments and wrote did he not like white people. all three of the victims shot and killed today were white men. police say the victims appear to be random. one was a pg and e kboe in a company truck. the second a man in the parking lot of a catholic charities offers. the third victim a man walking on the street nearby. investigators say all of the attacks appear to be unprovoked. fresno police chief jerry dire says in total muhammad fired 16 rounds from a handgun across four different locations, all in a matter of minutes. th


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